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10 Business Books You Must Have on Your Shelf

Ever heard the expression, leaders are readers? You can track the trajectory of a successful person by what's on their bookshelf.

If you spent any time with any successful business owner you would find that the vast majority are huge readers. Successful business owners or successful people of any type are endless learners and so are constantly refreshing and updating their minds with a broad range of books. Business books can reinforce the knowledge they already possess, or can open up new avenues of thinking in regards to their business. What follows is a quick list of ten business books that belong on your shelf, read, researched, marked up and revisited again to help anyone succeed in business.

  1. The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris is presented as a lifestyle guide that talks about how businesses should be automated freeing up the owner to run a more efficient operation.
  2. The E-Myth by Bill Gerber covers much of the same ground on automation, but shows how to implement systems that can be easily replicated.
  3. The No BS Guide to Business Success by Dan Kennedy is a no holds barred take on business that is a must read.
  4. Pair it with The Ultimate Sales Letter by Kennedy to learn how to write your marketing material, or to ensure your marketing material is doing what it is supposed to do, which is attracting highly qualified and motivated customers ready to give you their money.
  5. Yanik Silver put together Moonlighting on the Internet which allows the business owner to identify multiple price strategies, multiple revenue streams and other ways to increase profit margins from existing products and also helps isolate and identify how to develop more products from existing inventory.
  6. Any book by Seth Godin belongs on your shelf. Seth promotes excellence and value in all things and his books are no exception. Start with Tribes to find out how to build a group of "your" people.
  7. Work your way back to The Purple Cow.
  8. Don't forget Free Stuff Inside both of which all talk about building a connection with your market by providing a product worth talking about. He goes on to explain that the product can be customer service (a la Zappos) or the experience, or the product itself, but the point to walk away with is to know your market and how to get them buzzing about you. Read all of Seth’s books and revisit them often to keep your business growing and changing.
  9. Donald Trump’s The Art of Success is a great business book even for the non-real estate investor. Trump shows what gumption and outside of the box thinking can do to put together a deal. You may have to dig a little to find how the theories he supplies can work outside of real estate, but you should be doing that with each book you read. If you sell widgets from a roadside stand in Washington, chances are there aren’t that many books written specifically for roadside widget salesmen. If you want to be a successful roadside widget salesman, you have to learn to read from one source and apply it to your business. Take what you need and leave the rest.
  10. Finally, the number one business success book you should have on your shelf is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This classic book gives anecdotes and examples of how hard work, vision and persistence can help your business grow, and the message is timeless.

That’s it, a quick list of top ten business books you should have on your shelf. Of course, if you really want to be successful, those books should rotate out and you should read at least one business book per month to keep up with trends, technology and advances so that you may always look for future business success opportunities.

© 2019 Chris Lowry


Malong Bak Malong from Aweil, South Sudan on October 08, 2019:

Actually, it is amazing and rather inspiring to know the tips and trails the businessmen have left behind them. Such information are very important to us as humans, for we always fin ourselves aspiring for something, but lacked its realistic path.