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10 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Nobody in this world is born perfect. An individual does not learn the art of public speaking in their mother’s womb. Many people have a fear of public speaking. It starts in school when you are too afraid to say the mathematics tables or raise your hand to give the right answer. You may be a bright child, but you are too afraid to be noticed.

You are too afraid to speak up in front of others because you have a public speaking phobia. As we grow up, we are tagged as the ‘shy boy/girl’. You may have such great thoughts in your head, but you are not able to present them to the world because you are too afraid that people might judge you.

We are not here to discuss your fear of public speaking. We are here to give you 10 ways to overcome your fear of public speaking and win hearts. We have listed some very useful public speaking tips that will help you in the long run. Read on to find out.


1. Talk about personal experiences.

We have seen the greatest speeches from great thinkers. These thinkers did not read from a piece of paper. They used real-life examples. How about speaking from your heart?

If there is a topic which makes you think about your own personal experiences, you should always share them. When you speak from your heart, you are able to put across your point to others.

2. Avoid complicated language.

You do not want the audience to sleep when you are speaking. Use simple language that others can understand. The audience does not want to hear technical terms that they cannot understand.

The world does not travel with a dictionary in its bags. When you are speaking in front of an audience, make sure you use language that everyone is able to relate to. Keep it simple and sweet.

3. Breathe in, breathe out.

The "public speaking nerves" can make you nervous but if you breathe before your speech, you will be able to calm your nerves. You have to breathe in and out before the speech to feel better. It will help you to add strength and power to your speech. It will help you to build some confidence as well.

4. Practice in front of an audience.

Do not practice the speech alone because when you have to get on the real stage, you will not be able to speak. Ask your friends or family members to be the audience. They can sit in front of you and you can suit up and practice your speech. Ask them to be unbiased and give you true opinions of how your speech is going. Getting feedback from the audience will build some confidence inside you.

5. Public speaking is not a talent.

You can learn the art of public speaking. It is not rocket science. We have seen shy people becoming great public speakers. If your job requires you to interact with hundreds of people each day, you will eventually overcome the fear of public speaking.

Never let anyone tell you that public speaking is a God-given talent. There are stand-up comedians who could not even say a word in school. You can always learn and improve the skill of public speaking.

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6. The beginning should be the best.

If you start off with boring lines, you will lose the audience. Start with a famous quote or with some humor. You need to grab the attention of the people. It does not take too long to put the audience to sleep. You do not want your audience to sleep during your speech.

It is the same as writing an article. You need to have the best beginning and an interesting ending. You can use real-life experiences or involve the audience in your speech. You can ask thought-provoking questions to the audience. You can do so much to make your speech interesting!

7. Just be yourself.

It is important for you to be yourself in front of the audience. It does not mean that you should dress casually or start singing songs. But when you are giving the speech, do not be uptight.

If the topic is something that you are passionate about then you should be able to put it in front of the audience with great enthusiasm. If you are passionate about investment banking, it will show through your speech. You will be able to talk about it with great confidence.

8. Use pauses to avoid stuttering.

Overcoming public speaking anxiety is not an easy task but you can do that flawlessly with the help of pauses. It is very important to use pauses in your speech to avoid the problem of stuttering. You can improve public speaking with the help of adding pauses to your speech. This way you will be able to overcome public speaking anxiety.

9. Do not get affected by the expressions of the audience.

You should not get affected by the expressions of the audience. Some people may not be interested in the subject. There are some people who just join their husbands for the event. There will be kids in the audience who are surely not there to listen to your speech.

You have to come in terms with the expressions of the audience. It is important for you to NOT get affected by the expressions of the audience. Just focus on your speech and be easy.

10. Confidence is good but overconfidence is like the plague.

Once you have memorized the speech, you should practice it again and again. Some people get overconfident and they think that because they have memorized the speech, they will be able to shine in the room and win hearts. It is not true!

Overconfidence is not a good trait. You should practice the speech again and again. It does not stop at memorizing the speech. Your memory may be sharp but you have to practice it out loud to overcome the fear of public speaking.

It is important for you to wake up with a fresh attitude. The most important step which we did not cover is that you should never think that you could fail. Get a good night's sleep before the big day and wake up with fresh thoughts and a positive attitude.

We see many individuals who have a fear of failure. We do not fail unless we try. I am sure that if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to win hearts with your speech. All the best and shine!

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