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3 Tips for Creating a Productive Work Atmosphere in a Remote Environment

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How to be productive while working remotely

How to be productive while working remotely

Whether you are hybrid working or completely working from home, ensuring that you have the right setup to thrive in your home office will result in a more productive use of your day.

The typical office setup facilitates everything you need to get your job done in the most productive way. Creating a desk space and work setup that facilitates productivity at home may be a challenge for some, and establishing the ideal remote work environment for yourself is important.

1. Optimize Your Work Space

When moving your work to a remote space, this may not mean you have a complete home office, but making the most of the space you have is crucial.

Do you have a full computer setup or just a laptop for your work? What ways do you work best? Are you more productive in comfortable clothing, or do you think you'd perform better getting ready for work as you normally would?

Asking these questions about your routine and the way you work will reveal how to best use your space and ensure that you are being the most productive you can be in a work-from-home environment.

If you are able to establish a section of space in your home that you can dedicate to your work needs, then making that space work for you is important.

Even if the space is small, investing in something like a fold-out desk or work trolley will help you meet your work needs. It might even mean it's time for a little shuffle of your space.

You should first ask your work if they can provide anything for you, such as a desk or the right chair; if you don't ask for it, you don't get it.


2. Use Your Morning in a Way That Benefits You

Now that your space is established, turning back to yourself is the next step. You’ve most likely heard about the benefits of having a morning routine, but have you actually established one for yourself?

Just as you would when going to the office, there must have been little things you incorporated into your morning to make you feel ready for your day or get you started in the right direction. This now needs to be brought over into your remote working environment.

Truth be told, some habits that you established when working in an office may not bring you the same satisfaction or sense of stability that they once did. If working from home is a new way of working for you, then finding a morning routine that works for you is important too.

Start with the basics—energy, movement and hydration. If you centre your morning routine around wanting to feel prepared and relaxed for when you do delve into your work, then giving yourself ample time to yourself before you sit at your desk is key.

By ensuring you are fed and have started your day with water, you will have ticked off two things that you can aim to do in the morning. Getting in some morning movement doesn’t have to be a full-on weightlifting gym session.

If you like to get your exercise in later in the day, then doing a good morning stretch routine can be just as beneficial.

Starting with a basic routine means that you can assess what you can realistically build on it; this can range from listening to podcasts or reading to studying and working on a side hustle or even making a delicious breakfast or coffee.

Establishing a simple morning routine will allow you to thrive moving forward.

3. Bring Quality to Your Break Times

You've probably noticed a pattern in these tips for establishing a productive working-from-home space for yourself, and that is that it's critical to establish a pattern for your day.

From carving out a working space for yourself to creating a satisfying morning routine, this also extends to your breaks. Make sure you are taking them!

Ensuring you are having good quality breaks away from your computer or your workspace will mean that your brain has time to switch off, and then you can come back to your work with a fresh set of eyes.

Creating a productive atmosphere when working from home looks different to everybody, and taking steps toward establishing useful and productive routines will help you make the most of your work day.

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