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5S Training

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I am a trainer and consultant in lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, quality management, and business management.

Training for 5S lean Manufacturing

5S training is required if you want to implement a 5S program; a method of organizing your workspace to make it more ergonomic, efficient and safer for the people within it. 5S training is required if you want to implement this foundation stone of lean manufacturing. 5S is often the first place that many companies start with lean implementation as it is simple, easy to implement and everyone can quickly see the benefits of 5S and rapidly feel a return for their efforts.

To implement 5S you need to involve and train your employees, this is generally best done as in house training course so that the trainers both train your employees as to the ideas and process of 5S Lean but also coach them and motivate them to actually do it. This way you gain the benefit of both the training and the actual implementation of this foundation block of lean manufacturing.

The steps of 5S are;

  • Seiri / Sort,
  • Seiton / Set in order,
  • Seiso / Shine & Check,
  • Seiketsu / Standardise,
  • Shitsuke / Sustain

Finding a 5S Trainer

If you would like help to find a 5S Trainer in your area feel free to contact me through the "contact author" link above, and I will try to point you in the right direction or help you in any other way that I can.

Train in 5S

Understand the steps of 5S

Understand the steps of 5S

Learn about 5S before hiring a trainer or consultant

5S DVD or Video

There are a number of DVDs available as well as video clips on places like youtube (some of which are linked to on this page) which can help you gain a better understanding of 5S. The 5S DVDs are very helpful if you want to do a group session within your company to get peoples buy in regarding 5S.

The 5S Garage DVD is one of the best, it shows you how to implement 5S in an environment that most people can relate with, a garage. It has breaks in the DVD enabling you to discuss what you have learned within the DVD and see how you could apply it within your company. It is one of the better products for teaching 5S available in my opinion and well worth the investment.

I have been to companies where they have used this video as part of their training and the employees often relate what they are doing in terms of what they had seen done within the garage.

Training in the workplace for 5S

5S Training

5S Training

Where to find 5S Trainers and consultants

Trainers for 5S Training can be easily found by doing a search on the internet, but include your geographical region in the search and you may be more likely to get some more local providers rather than the purely national training providers. Also search for online business directories local to yourself or your industry as you may find training providers listed within here, many fail to make their websites descriptive enough about the services provided to be found by the search engines!

Use trade magazines and local business papers also, they often have many good contacts as well as the occasional case study that may be relevant.

Government agencies such as the business links, and the manufacturing advisory service in the UK can help with finding your trainers. They can also in some cases provide the training at reduced rates or provide funding or grants towards training. Many people fail to use these resources but if used carefully they can be a good source of free or low cost training. Local academic establishments can often provide similar services also.

Use your local bank, your business banker should be able to point you in the direction of anyone local or know of any other companies that have gone down this route.

Networking groups such as those run by chambers of commerce and other more commercial networking groups can also be a great source of training providers, often at an event you as a business owner will be outnumbered 10 to 1 by the service providers looking for your business.

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5S Training to Sort out the Clutter

5S Training to Sort out the Clutter

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5S Training to Set in Order

Benefits of 5S Training Identified Shelf Locations

Benefits of 5S Training Identified Shelf Locations

Approach to 5S Training

5S training is one that is best performed in house with everyone involved. Resist the urge to send a few individuals off on a training course at the local hotel, this tool is best learned in a large group whilst doing it in the workplace using an experienced 5S trainer or consultant.

The 5S training should cover the basic aspects of lean manufacturing and the seven wastes as a minimum as well as the actual 5S training. An understanding of the ideas behind lean and the seven wastes will allow your employees to better identify what is not adding value within your processes and how to better organize their workplaces. It is often worthwhile using one of the simple 5S games commercially available to demonstrate the benefits of 5S to those being trained.

The outcome from the training if conducted in house therefore should not just be a group of people that are trained but an area of your organization that has been improved according to the principles of 5S, hopefully a success that will motivate you and your employees to continue to all areas of the company, including 5S Office improvements.

The 5S training is normally conducted in more than one session, the first session will normally last one or two days depending on the size of the area being worked on and will concentrate on the first three of the 5Ss.

  • Seiri or Sort
  • Seiton or Set in order
  • Seiso or Shine & Check

The second stage of the 5S Training will normally be after a week or so when all required improvements have been made, the training will concentrate on the final 2 of the 5Ss, setting up audits and story boards and the like.

  • Seiketsu or Standardise
  • Shitsuke or Sustain

This will then normally be revisited after around a month to highlight any slippages and ensure that audits and so on are being continued as required.

This approach is equally as applicable to the lean office as to implementing lean production processes.

5S Posters

5S tTaining aids, 5S Posters and Pocket References

There are a number of useful tools available from the Gemba academy that I can recommend, 5S Posters as well as other relevant Lean manufacturing posters such as the seven wastes are always worth while. These should be placed where people are best able to consider them, such as where your team meets to discuss improvements or problem solve. Don't just put them up in a corner out of sight; put them where they are likely to be used as a reference and a reminder as to what you are trying to achieve.

The other Items that I recommend are the quick reference guides that you can slip into your pockets or into your file, I have had many of these over the years, many that I have created myself by simply printing and laminating the information that I need. The ones that I have seen from Gemba Academy are very well made and make an ideal quick reference guide for your people and yourself, always useful to remind yourself what the various steps are called within 5S and what you should be doing!

If you are going to be conducting training you may wish to consider using one of the many 5S games and simulations available as an easy way to guarantee your employees involvement.

5S Training Story Board

5S Board

5S Board

Training 5S Video

Monitoring 5S Training Performance

All training should have an objective that should be measurable so that you can ascertain if that training has been effective. You will be implementing 5S in an expectation that you will be improving your workplace efficiencies and reducing waste to increase profit in your business.

Therefore it is important that before you conduct your 5S training that you identify those performance measures that you are trying to improve. Be it parts produced per hour, space required per work cell, lost time accidents, etc. If you do not already measure them start to measure them to gain data prior to implementation so that you have a baseline to compare against. After all you want to show that the training was a success, not because people think it was, but because you have made measurable improvements.

Once you have conducted the 5S training exercise you can see how the measures have improved through your efforts, most measures will also be relatively easy to convert to a monetary saving so you can work out your return on your investment in training.

These measures should be displayed on the 5S “story board” as a constant reminder of what the team is trying to achieve. 5S is one of the foundations of lean manufacturing, if you want to realise the benefits of lean manufacturing then this is one of the first tools to implement,

5S Training Video

5S Training

Lean Training performance

5S Office Training Video

5S Training in the office


ram on August 25, 2011:

5 s process is very important of company so follow ups

5s on July 23, 2011:

Great stuff Leanman, in my experience whatever it takes to get individuals to get the big picture. I have tried more drastic off the wall things. At we offer a complete selection of 5s training materials.

Great stuff here, Leanman i like your post.

Rajanikant on December 10, 2010:

5S training for Port Industries.

Tony (author) from At the Gemba on June 08, 2010:

I must admit cartoons for business applications make me wince at times, but then I look at some of the people I have worked for and a Pokémon would have been more use...

Thank you for your comments

Sparhawke from Manchester on June 08, 2010:

Is it just me or does anyone else become concerned when training videos are made as cartoons? :p

What will be next, jet fighter pilots being dosed with liberal amounts of the Wacky Races?

I agree with your hub though, I like a super efficient workspace, so much so that i will often find my own quiet corner to make one from scratch :p

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