Employee Rights: Can I Sue My Former Employer For Giving Bad References?

Updated on April 21, 2016

Job Applicants Have Rights Too

Are you are working hard at getting a new job, sending out resumes, getting interviews, and being told you only have to pass a reference check, but then not getting the job? Multiple people have recently contacted me about this exact scenario wanting to know if the law provides them with any recourse at all. The answer is: YES! There are two ways that you can file a lawsuit against your former employer for giving out negative references about you. One way is by suing for defamation. A second way if by suing for discriminatory retaliation. Each way requires that you meet certain criteria, and neither way should be taken lightly. This Hub will cover suing a former employer for defamation. A second related Hub will explain suing a former employer for retaliatory discrimination. In brief, can sue for defamation if:

  1. Your former (or current) employer says untruthful things about you;
  2. To a company where you have applied to work;
  3. The company where you applied would have hired you had your ex-employer not said untruthful things about you; and
  4. You lose out on income as a result.

Number for may seem obvious, but if you were hired by a third company right away, for the same or more money, then you would not be “out” any income. You would not have a case because you would have no "damages."

Hiring Managers Often Avoid Calling the Former Employer's H.R. Department

What this means is that employers must give references that are completely accurate or they face being sued by former employees. This is the primary reason why so many companies today refuse to give out any information besides:

  1. Date of Hire;
  2. Date of Separation;
  3. Beginning Wage;
  4. Ending Wage; and
  5. Job Title.

Each of these five things is totally objective. A company can prove that it was completely accurate and truthful with your job references if it only releases these five things. Many companies refer all letters and telephone calls about references to their Human Resources Department, and the H.R. Department strictly follows the “name, rank, and serial number” approach to giving references. But many reference checkers purposefully avoid calling the human resources department because of this.

The End of an Employment Relationship Can be as Nasty as the End of a Marriage

What happens, then, is that a hiring manager from Company B will not call the H.R. Department of Company B, but instead will call around to get a hold of your former manager, or a lower level supervisor. Frequently line managers are annoyed by the H.R. Department always telling them what they can and can't do, and who they can and can't talk to. They feel put-upon by Human Resources, and they may also feel jilted by the fact that you left, or, they are still angry about your perceived short comings when you were working for them.

As a result, a lower level manager often decides on their own to tell the caller (the hiring manager from Company B) what a pain in the neck you were (not that you really were, but that's what the manager might wrongly believe). The larger the company, the easier it is to find someone, somewhere, who is willing to talk about you.  In this way, a bully boss or abusive manager can continue to come after you even after you have left the company.

Also, employment relationships are the closest thing we have to family relationships. Often companies proudly say “We're like family here.” And just like a divorce, the breakup of a working relationship can cause feelings of resentment, betrayal, anger, and a desire for revenge. A former manager will occasionally act on these feelings by “sticking it” to you through giving a very bad reference to a company were you applied, even though you don't deserve it.

Take Action and Dig for Evidence

If you suspect that a prior bully boss or abusive manager is trying to "stick it to you" by giving you bad references, you should take action.  Go to the company that did not hire you, Company B in our example, and ask for a copy of your application and all the notes that went with it.  Give them this request in writing, and specifically ask for interview notes and reference checks.

This will probably scare Company B, who will think you are about to sue them for discrimination because they hired someone else instead of you.  Keep a copy of your written request for yourself. If Company B does not comply, see an attorney about writing a letter on your behalf, or opening a case for you and subpoenaing your application records.

Another easier, cheaper, and sneakier way to check what is being said about you is to have a friend pose as a potential employer, and have your friend call and ask questions about you. Tell your friend to be chummy and not to take “no” for an answer. You can even find a friend who owns their own business do this so it is more legitimate.

After you establish that your former employer is saying something negative about you, you will have enough evidence to file suit, even pro se (meaning filing it yourself) if you need to. To win in court, however, you will need to prove each of the following elements to win your defamation case against your former employer:

The Four Legal Elements of Defamation

When you've completed your investigation compare your evidence (it does not have to be written evidence) to the following four elements that are required to prove that your former employer defamed you:

  1. "Publication..." -- this does not mean that your employer must write untruthful things about your past job performance in a book or newsletter. "Publication" in legal terms simply means "communication to a third party." Your former abusive manager satisfies this element by simply talking about you on the telephone to your potential employer;
  2. "...Of a false statement..." -- This is the element that employers try to avoid my only giving out name rank and serial number, which can be objectively proven true. But if some jerk you used to work for tells a potential employer anything negative about you that is subjective, then you can argue that it is false by using your entire employment record at the old company as evidence. You can also use oral testimony from your former co-workers as evidence. In other words, if your old manager describes you as anything other than a good employee then you will be able to argue that you were defamed.
  3. "...that harms your reputation..." -- This element is simple to prove. Just show that you did not get the job you applied for at the new company.
  4. "...and damages." -- Your damages are the equal to the salary of the job you did not get, from the time someone else was hired through to the present day. The only way you won't be able to prove your damages would be if you got some other job soon after finding you you did not get the one in question.

Defamation Can be a Powerful Weapon Against Your Former Abusive Boss
Defamation Can be a Powerful Weapon Against Your Former Abusive Boss

Conclusion: Defamation Can Be a Powerful Weapon Against a Past Bully Boss

As you can see, the four required elements of defamation match up almost perfectly with the process of a past employer giving you an unwarranted bad reference about you to a potential new employer.  This is what makes defamation such a powerful weapon that job applicants can use to keep a past bully boss in check, and ensure that he or she doesn't try to continue trying to hurt you even after the employment relationship is over.

What's Your Experience Been?

Have you ever suspected that your former employer gave you a bad reference?

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    • profile image

      Dann 8 weeks ago

      I'm suing my former employer for unfair treatment and bullying. I transferred to another location after being mistreated for almost 6 months. I tried to seek another transfer out of state along with my daughter who also worked with me.Her and I were denied transfers after moving West even though there were plenty of positions available. I also had a friend call and ask for references. I found out I was being defamed by my former employer and I am sure my daughter is as well. Any recommendations? I filed for unemployment and am waiting for answers.

    • profile image

      Metalguitarist 3 months ago

      I have a question. I went on an interview for a job and the 3rd party company that wanted to hire me after the interview was told not to hire any of my family. He was told not to hire anyone with my last name that was related to me. The person that said this was in charge of the 3rd party people and said this in front of other people. I have never worked for the guy that said this and he told someone he got into a disagreement with one of my sons. My son said he has never worked for this guy but did work for the 3rd party company and did get in a disagreement with the person in charge form the 3rd party company. How can someone discriminate against my entire family and get away with it? Can I sue this company that the guy works for? And if I can what attorney would take my case?

    • profile image

      Billy 3 months ago

      I have a question. I went on an interview for a job and the 3rd party company that wanted to hire me after the interview was told not to hire any of my family. He was told not to hire anyone with my last name that was related to me. The person that said this was in charge of the 3rd party people and said this in front of other people. I have never worked for the guy that said this and he told someone he got into a disagreement with one of my sons. My son said he has never worked for this guy but did work for the 3rd party company and did get in a disagreement with the person in charge form the 3rd party company. How can someone discriminate against my entire family and get away with it? Can I sue this company that the guy works for? And if I can what attorney would take my case?

    • profile image

      Glenn Gordon 3 months ago

      Why is so difficult to actually get information on this important issue? I have looked everywhere and all I'm getting are discussions and no real help. CAB are utterly useless. I need to know if I can get legal aid to sue a former employer?

    • profile image

      No Confidence 3 months ago

      I once was a confident woman full of passion and love for my position, but that has been slowly stolen from me by my bully boss. It doesn't matter if I have a suggestion, make a comment or offer a solution, I get made feel like I am stupid and dumb. I have worked in this hell hole for 5 years. I applied for a position back in 2015 and was going to get an offer until the spoke to my bully boss. When I complained to him about an employee that wasn't working out, I was threatened. When I got the call from the potential employer that they were not going to extend the offer, I asked why, his exact words of threat came back to haunt me. I have continued to look, had several interviews both phone and in person and not one job offer. This position would have paid me $25,000 more.

    • profile image

      Carl 3 months ago

      I left a large local Medical Center after almost 5 months. I gave notice and talked over with my supervisor that the job was not working out and that I was leaving. The job was misrepresented when I was interviewed. I thought that I was going to be working in a Doctor office type setting and ended up scheduling outpatient physical therapy for 16 offices and over 60 therapists. You can imagine the stress and pressure of that job.

      About a month after resigning I applied for a different position at the same Medical Center and was informed by the Human Resources recruiter that no manager will hire me since only being there a little over 4 months would show that I was unreliable and that if I could show her that I stayed in a job one year or more she might let me come back and work at that facility.

      I was pissed. Who is this recruiter to judge me and keep me from being hired. She is not a manager. I have tried to resolve the situation without spending money on a lawyer with no luck so it looks like I'm going to have to try to find a lawyer to help. I have been black listed and this recruiter is giving other employers bad references about me. Unbelievable.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 months ago

      I left my company of 8 years after my role was changed and my old job given to an outside hire. This new hire was a crony of the COO and CRO. When conflicts arose between the new hire and me, I chose to leave.

      I parted mostly amicably despite the bad taste in my mouth but embarked on a new job hunt. Almost immediately I learned of a job opening at a competitor to my old company. I was put in contact by a friend with the hiring manager and we got along like a house on fire.

      I subsequently had two more interviews and when I asked what was the next step I was told, “Just send over your references.” I sent 4 stellar references the same day.

      A little later my friend who worked at the company told me their big boss had reached out to somebody they knew at my old company and that “Somebody at X company doesn’t like you very much. Any idea who it might be.”

      I did have an idea and I believed with total irony that it might be the very person who signed a mutual non disparagement agreement with me.

      My friend and her boss tried desperately to figure out who had talked to their COO but he was tight lipped. I subsequently was told I didn’t get the job, a change of direction that made no sense considering the overwhelmingly positive initial recruiting calls.

      Clearly somebody high up at my old company had torpedoed my job offer.

    • profile image

      CEO 4 months ago

      I have worked for a major company and I was made redundant two years ago. The divorce was not nice. I have been offered a job at a supplier but before the supplier signed the employment contract with me asked the company (my former employer) if they have any problem me being the CEO. My former company has categoricly stated that they refuse to cooperate with the supplier should they hire me. Based on this answer the supplier withdraw its offer.

    • profile image

      Marianne 4 months ago

      I resigned from my previous company ayear ago and my husband did not want me to work but I got bored at home and started looking for a job.

      Went for thr interview and the training and then waiting for my references and found that my previous employer madecfalse allegations against me which I was not even aware of. Said I had a dicipinary...false...never had.,.no ketter no meeting no nothing...and two other allegations about ongoing investigations. If that was true why dont i have any letters, communication knowledge or any correspondence about that....??? How is this possible.

      I can now not have my new job....the new manager called me in for a meeting and informed of this. Never been so humiliated in my life. What should I do????

    • profile image

      Patty 6 months ago

      I have been trying to get a new job for months and found out today that a previous employer gave or has been giving bad references causing my chances of getting a new job or opportunity that I was told I was a perfect fit until they spoke with my previous employer. I was very excited for this opportunity although it was paying less than my expectations.

    • profile image

      elachiyakumar 7 months ago

      i worked the company called prashanth projects ltd an indian comapny working in kenya ,without any reason i got fired by MD Bharat and not even paid ,after 4 month i been interviewed by sunteck realty ltd ,but they need feedback from last company, but company doesnt reply ,truly i missed good company is because of previous employer

    • profile image

      Pam 7 months ago

      i was workin. At. Brothers resrtaut and his wife fired me bc someone said told her. I stole

    • profile image

      Alfred Moon 7 months ago

      Can an employer give you a bad reference if they have not dismissed you? I know a friend who was supposed to go to a disciplinary meeting for gross misconduct but he resigned before that happened. He was on a temporary contract.

    • profile image

      Frida 8 months ago

      Can I still proceed although I don't meet #4 of the list? I am currently working but am looking to work in my career field after taking a job to move counties? The potential employer alerted me that my former supervisors 'didn't have too many good things to say". The worst reference I know to be a personal issue with me, is a bully manager and nothing has been done about her.

    • profile image

      Lina 9 months ago

      I hv submitted my resignation n my employer forcing me to work... without willingness... can I do something about this... he says he will harras me for reference with new employer

    • profile image

      Lynn B 11 months ago

      If an ex manager makes loud negative remarks about you loudly so your new coworkers and yourself hear if it's based on some truth can he get by with this practice? It was my first day.

    • profile image

      Scott F. 11 months ago

      If I am under worker's comp and awaiting surgery, but actively seeking other employment opportunities and I have one possible employer call to get a reference. Can the current employer share that there is a current worker's comp situation if they do not give specifics?

    • profile image

      Terri J 13 months ago

      I have been looking for a job for almost two years. Yesterday finally one told me the reason she didn't hire me was because of something a place I used to work for told her. I worked for that woman for almost 8 years and she has even asked me to come back to work for her. But she is giving me the most horrible references you can imagine. None of which are true, but I worked for her under the table and she hardly ever paid me even when she did the checks would bounce so I was basically working for tips. Should I turn her in for defamation of character or should I just stop listing her as a place I worked for? It's hard though considering I worked there for so long.

    • profile image

      Unknown 15 months ago

      How can I file

    • profile image

      Vicki 16 months ago

      I was offered a job, start date, salary, benefits outline. Being excited, I posted on Facebook. The day before I was supposed to start my previous employer contacted the office. She made false accusations that resulted in the loss of this job. Do I have grounds for legal action?

    • profile image

      Carl 17 months ago

      I need help! I just got terminated due to my performance, they say. People can vouch that I'm a hard working person. Not only that, the performance issue they were referring was so shallow and minor. Example: "Using bullet points in my reports"

      I have reasons to believe that they took me out because a director in that office didn't like me associating with this other person who they also terminated few weeks back and they just looked for reasons to take me out too!

      What next steps do I need to do??

    • profile image

      Ashton C 17 months ago

      After i was let go from my previous job, my former supervisor reached out to my MOTHER and told her he thought I was on drugs.. which is far from the truth. I worked there over 3 years and I was a department manager. I had an outstanding record with the company up until my last 3 months there. The only reason i started having problems was because my dad took his life and I had a hard time coping, which resulted in many sleepless nights. I was depressed but The only issuse I had was getting to work on time. Matter of fact, after he told my mom he thought I was on drugs, he said I do a great job when I am there. I admit when I was still working there and first began having problems, my supervisor asked me if I was on drugs and i said no. I was taken back. I offered to take a drug test and he said it wasn't necessary. He actually told me a few days later that he only said that trying to motivate me. You have no idea how much pain and trouble this caused me. Everyone in my family started treating me different. I was distraught and became even more depressed. It even effected me financially as I was not able to work because of the depression. The worst part is that he never believed I was on drugs and he had no right to share anything with mother. Thankfully I've finally started to overcome it but my relationship with my family is still on the mend.

      Do i have a case or Is there any I can do?


    • profile image

      James 17 months ago

      I tried to get a new job was in the hiring stages when was told I couldn't get the job because my last job terminated me I was told they tried to get my ex employer to reverse the comment now I'm jobless I remember my ex employer last words we are like family I feel like I'm being bullied what can I do

    • profile image

      Alyssa Harolds 17 months ago

      My daughter was an IT contractor at the company X. During the time my daughter was working for her female boss, she asked my daughter to hem her pants that my daughter did not charge. Also she asked my daughter to look for the ivory buyers for her brother in law (sales of ivory is illegal). She made many promises to my daughter and contacted my other God daughter. My other God daughter gave my daughter the $65 silk fabric and my daughter brought the fabric to her boss because her boss wanted to make a skirt. All of a sudden, she let my daughter go for no reason and my daughter did not collect the money yet. On the final day, it took 2 hours for my daughter to go home because she had to wait for bus and train. She did not have a laptop or access to internet on that day. No internet on bus and at the train station. Recently my daughter asked her 15-year former boss to email her female boss about getting back the fabric or money for the fabric. It came to know my daughter's female boss talked bad about my daughter. She accused my daughter of false allegation for deleting the code after she left. How would she delete the code after she left and during the time she was waiting for bus and train and coming home without having laptop or accessing to the internet? She blamed that my daughter was a manipulator. My question is whether my daughter should sue her? Does my daughter has a defamation case?

    • profile image

      Wronged 18 months ago

      I was recently terminated from my job as a property manager. It was just 2 days before my 90 day mark.

      I had reached out to my boss and training person 2 weeks prior asking for an accommodation due to a disability. They refused to have a conversation or offer help at all. I also worked over daily 2-4 hours and worked on Saturdays, but wasn't paid for it.

      I was not a salaried employee.

      My final paycheck was short 18 hours besides all the weeks I didn't get compensation for overtime worked.

      Within 2 weeks of my requests I was terminated after missing 2 days of work because of my disability.

      I am getting calls from tenants telling me that the former employer is telling lies about me to them.

      I am also receiving calls about the new manager borrowing money from the tenants and not paying them back.

      The apartments are low income and the tenants can't afford to give money to the manager.

      What should I do?

    • profile image

      guddu sharma 18 months ago

      I worked for a company in kolkata for around nine years and had to leave or resign due to pressure in one day notice period. Everything started when a lady joined a branch as assistant manager.Initially i had problem with her but later i did adjustment and tried going together.I was then team leader having a team of 8 members. However, after six months of joining we started having problems on different branch related issues, then she along with one more lady started complaining about my behaviour to head office.This would happen quite often and i would come out clean with clarification. Then i was promoted to assistant manager and then the real picture started, lady manager along with another lady staff started harassing me by complaning to hr on my behaviourial issue,however i realized this things were happening because i started objecting on unethical issues for example manager was aware of tempering of client signature by another lady staff. I litterally informed head office on this and then i was ensured that action will be taken against them. However, when time came i was told that i need to leave as other lady manger along with other staff feel that i have behaviourial issue.At the time of leavinf i was told by GM that wherever you go i can give CEO referance for Job.I was provided clear relieving and expwrience letter.But when i tried for job in new company, at the time verification my ex employwr gave negative feedback.

      Can i sue against them.

    • profile image

      Marv 18 months ago

      My x boss told my new employer that I am unfit for my job and I am unreliable is there anything I can do towards the slander against me?

    • profile image

      Sarah R 19 months ago

      So on a different note my husband had quit his job as a correctional officer a few months back and just recently tried to get unemployment while out of work. Apparently the employer told the unemployment office they fired my husband and thus he cant get his checks. We really need the extra income right now because Im the only one working and we were hoping for those checks to help with bills. Now we are in a financial crisis because my husband cant receive the checks. Can we sue the previous employer?

    • Wiliam Hazadous profile image

      Wiliam Hazadous 20 months ago

      a lot of people dont really believe because you have a record doesn't make you a bad person,and regardless something i did far back as college shouldn't hunt me for the rest of my life.but the system is wrong about this and this need to be said.in my case after my DUI case and after college,i noticed each time my employers did a background check i was been let-go,i became really depressed,i couldn't work at the place i deserve or desire because of something i did years ago,which doesn't define who i am today.till a friend from work who had a similar experience told me i could have my records disappear,sounded like magic right? well it wasn't. she introduced me to a group of elite who actually got my records clean by hacking into every place that shows up i ever had a record and each time any of my employers check my past records now,its clean,you can try out eliterealhack((AT))gmail((DOT))com today to have your records deleted .you can thank me later.they guarantee 100% money back.this really helped me

      a lot and i think it can help someone here too.

    • profile image

      Not Finding Job 21 months ago

      In 2011 I hurt my back while at work. I was working 32-35 hours per week. The workers comp doctor put me on light duty. One day after being put on light duty the company I was working for dropped my hours down to 17 per week. Feeling that was not fair. I contacted an attorney.

      I was pushed out of company and settled for not enough money to cover my now life long medical needs or surgery to correct my back. I didn't want to settle with the company. Nor did want to go after workers comp since they were actually helping.

      I had sign papers that I could never work for that company again or any of its sister companies.

      A few months later I applied for a management position. It was down to myself and an potential hire. The DM who interview me said to me, She is pretty sure she has picked her manager and asked if I could start the following Monday. Also she needed to check my references and would get back with me.

      A few days later did not hear from her. Sent her email asked if she decided. She said she chose the other person.

      I do believe when she contacted my previous employer they painted me in a not so good way. I am 100% sure they told her I sued them.

      Is there anything I can do all these years later with no luck of finding job. All I hear is no..

    • profile image

      Barbara 21 months ago

      I recently left a job that I was at for 7 years, it was a sales job where I made Presidents Club twice and had the highest total sales the last 4 years. I left this company because I had been cheated out of commission money many many times, and when asked why they always came up with BS excuses. At my meeting with the big boss that I had to give him my 2 week notice, he said I didn't need to give the 2 weeks, he said he understood that I have a family and I needed to go where I could make better money. After the meeting, we shook hands and the big boss said he would give me a good reference and all he asked was that I did not say anything bad about the company. I have kept up my end of the bargin, I have not said a word, I started my new job and love it, my issue is that the old boss has called my new boss twice already telling him that he should get rid of me, that I am unmanageable and that I'm talking crap about his company. Can he do this? Can I sue him for defamation of character?

    • profile image

      david 21 months ago

      Hello I have a question my former employee told my recent employer that is untruthfull things about me but I get the job and I worked in the job nearly 2 monthe after I heared people talking about me things that is not true about me that is about my sexuality and I left my former job becouse of that I am not but some one try to nakr negative reputation about me so I left the job and now I changed city and no one knows me in tge new city and tge new job but the bad reputation about me I heared people talking abd the only source of that is the former employer so please what can I do help me I want to sue the former employer for defamation ?

    • profile image

      Jess 22 months ago

      My husbands ex-boss is calling his new job with lie and demanding that they fire him or he will go on social media and give his business a bunch of bad ranks. Is this something that he can do? I just don't see how you can call your ex-employees new place of employment and make up lies and try to get them fired. We don't want to cause trouble but the harassment is getting to be to much.

    • profile image

      Priscilla 22 months ago

      I had a bad feeling about a former employer- one of the women responsible for subs. So, my friend emailed her pretending to be a hiring manger. The woman thats responsible for putting in a good word for subs, actually LIED about me in four sentences. I emailed her and confronted her about it and she did not reply. I even emailed the President of the school district and no reply. Even personnel.

      I didn't care that the lady didn't want to put in a good word, but I did care about the lies she lodged against me. That's defamation and discrimination. I so want her ass fired from the job she holds right now.

    • profile image

      thomas 22 months ago

      after one year employed at a company i was arrested i could not continue my obligations to said employer . Not out of jail i am trying to get another job . my ex employer when asked would he re hire me says " No i would highly suggest that you do not hire him . what can I do this is preventing me from being hired

    • profile image

      Frustrated Girl 22 months ago

      I received noticed from the hiring resource department, the tentative position was recanted due to a reference. The HR representative would not elaborate but stated I would receive a letter in the mail addressing the matter. What recourse if any can I do? I have been with the company for over 30 years and over that time leadership has documented bullying, horizontal violence, and false allegations of sexual misconduct that was proven false. I truly believe leadership is attempting to find anything to terminate or push me out of my position. At this point and time, I am at my wits end because of what I had to deal with over the years. Can you please provide assistance and or guidance?

    • profile image

      john sudds 23 months ago

      did not see anything when the bullying is the CEO of company, and deletes meeting documentation, or manipulates it to reflect his favor. or that other employees can not speak up because shortly after, "whoops, cut backs". or that you can prove manipulation of documentation because you secretly recorded the meeting, and the documentation of his, that he wants you to sign, is 98% inaccurate. However. you can not seek legal representation because attorneys will not even listen to it without tons of money. Or that others who have contacted EEOC, the EEOC was stopped at the door and not allowed to enter building because it is privately owned. if entrance was granted, no employee was allowed to talk with them alone, and of course if employee did go ahead and talk, no job shortly after. Would like to see some comments on this.

    • profile image

      sam 23 months ago

      I haven't seen any responses from the under cover lawyer on any posts covering the past 5 years. Is this site still monitored or is everyone just posting their experiences?

    • profile image

      asd 24 months ago

      GFK Company dose that. They give bad reference in country s where the low dose not protect employer ( like Romania) They are full of lies and think that this will keep employees in place and discourage any one to live.

    • profile image

      Hardworker 2 years ago

      Hello I worked for a company for almost 3 years and almost 2 years in I became ill and had to have surgery. I was unable to go back to work and was under doctors care. After about 3 years I went back to apply as a rehire at the same company and I was told that my personnel file stated that I only worked a certain amount of months physically and I was terminated because of attendance. None of that is true. I have been applying for jobs everywhere and I have a degree and no one has hired me and I am wondering if it is because of that company giving bad remarks about the information they have in my file which is not correct. I worked at this company for almost 3 years. I was a hard worker. I have not been able to find a job and when I apply to jobs I would get an email back stating they have decided to pursue other candidates. I got an email from HR of this company when I applied for a rehire stating that they could not hire me back. I responded and asked them could they provide me with a specific reason to why I was not a rehire and they stated they couldn't disclose that information because the committee board do not disclose the reason. Please tell me if I have a case or not because I know I did not get terminated and I worked more than 9 months physically. The info in my file is incorrect and I know that I have people who can vouch for my length of employment at the company.

    • profile image

      Savannah 2 years ago

      My name is on my last company's business account and I left there 21/2 months ago. A month I left, I found that they are still using my personal information to maintain their bank in the US. I asked them to remove it and its still ongoing. I told them that I will remove my name and close out the account.

      To make the situation my complicated, they overpaid me on my last payroll and they wanted a refund.

      Please advise

    • profile image

      shej 2 years ago

      A former employer (A) has just sold his business to company (B). I terminated my employment with A, against the wishes of A. A's business has declined since I left, and he places blame on me for leaving. When I applied at B, I was told that A had stipulated in the seller's contract that I could not be hired by B for X number of years. Is this legally possible? Since I was never fired, can employer A require that company B NOT hire me, and make that legally binding in their seller/buyer contract? What can I do?

    • profile image

      Fatima 2 years ago

      My boss admitted to me that he was purposefully blacklisting me from advancing in my career; saying "You think I am going to allow you to advance or progress inside or outside of this company, no. I will make sure of it!"

      Although I have no proof other than this conversation, I have applied to over 25 jobs and no response back; two interviews and was denied the job after reference checks were completed. How can I figure out if this occuring because of the threat made to me?

      I have a masters degree and am employed in a position that only requires a HS diploma or GED. If this is true, and he is giving bad references defaming my character and work ethic, which proof is found and obtained, can I sue for loss of potential wages?

    • profile image

      MarieSavini 2 years ago

      How do I contact you or talk about hiring you?

    • profile image

      Kammi 2 years ago

      Hi there, I have a question.

      I have(had) two jobs but I was recently fired from one of them. We'll say the job that I was fired from is called "L" and the one I'm currently at is called "J"

      So, here's my story. "L" fired me because of something I did that was apparently "non tolerable" Okay, fine. But the day that I was handed the termination paper. I didn't sign it and asked for proof of action on video. They didn't comply to my request but they still claim that they have it on camera. "L" had called "J" today (8/18/15) at 10.15am and asked to speak to a hiring manager. Mind you, I've been with "J" for 5 years and only with "L" for 2. So they talk to a manager negatively about me as being "informative."

      Now, here's my question, is that legal to say things about me even though I'm already working there?

    • profile image

      Shocked and Praying 3 years ago

      Dear Undercover Lawyer,

      I was working for this non-profit company from 2009-2011, during that time I began having health problems because of my work hr's . my doctor had been writing to the HR managers to have my schedule changed for better health management. Long story short it took them 5 months to change my hours. Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks following being changed to new shift. As my doctor put it My health could wait and the company HR waiting to change it contributed to my health decline. I was under FMLA up until the day I was admitted in to the hospital. Well upon leaving which is another odd deal I was given a letter from HR stating I was eligible for rehire when the time arose and I was cleared medically. I recently applied for a position in a different department and the Talent Recruiter for the company stated they have me as Not Eligible for Rehire. Can I sue the company for the passive-aggressive HR manager who decided to check that box anyway.

    • profile image

      robin 3 years ago

      I work in the nursing field was at my job for over 5 yrs this time plus 5 yrs the 1st time I worked there..about 3 wks ago I quit..i have applied for numerous jobs just recently I found out that my old administrator told a reference check that they would not hire me back due to my attitude and that I had many med errors.. this has angered me..can anyone tell me what I need to do..someone said to call the better business beraue any suggestions on this matter

    • Robert Dmitriev profile image

      Robert Dmitriev 3 years ago

    • profile image

      megan clark 3 years ago

      What if you were fired based off of peoe sending emails to your boss saying you said things that you know you didnt but your boss ran with after you went to HR with a problem your boss was ignoring? I am a nurse and i was yelled at and kicked out of the nurses station by a lead in front of patients amd other staff members.... When i went back into the nurses station the lead began to yell at me again so i called the nurse supervisor.... This incident was following another and during the lead pretty much said it was in retaliation. The supervisor never got back to me so i went to the manager who,never got back to me so i went to HR. Then the supervisor and manager got back to me. Not more than a couple weeks later i was put on probation for the exact reason that the lead was yelling at me for. Not too long following i was gettung written up every time i turned around to the point where i was so anxious and stressed about work that it started showing in my work. Next thing i know i am getting fired for supposedly saying i could hack into the time clock even though i know it was a lie because i am not technologically inclined. I suck with computers. But now i am worried that they are going to continue to slander my name

    • profile image

      COK 3 years ago


      Recently, I applied for a position at one UK company. After getting the negative note, I have sent a written request asking for the copy of my application and all the notes that went with it. The hiring manager have just sent me the application (CV, cover letter and accompanying). He confirmed in a phone discussion that my application was turned down due to some negative comments provided by referees and shared these comments with me. Provided that the comments are absolutely irrelevant, is there any legal base to further insist on receiving the note details.

      Thanks a lot in advance.

    • profile image

      Dee 3 years ago

      Can I sue a former employer if they called my current employer and "advised" them to watch out for me 5 years after working for them by trying to harm my reputation?

    • profile image

      Chris B. 3 years ago


      I received an interesting negative letter of recommendation recently for a potential employee I am considering hiring. The point in the letter in question stated, "I personally feel ____ does not belong in ____. He has a rather odd personality..." Is it legal to describe a individual as odd, or is that considered defamation?

    • profile image

      david m 3 years ago

      Hi, i was about to join the police in 2 weeks but when they gave my employer a call about a reference he gave me a terrible reference according to the sergeant. The police have now postponed my appointment until they investigate more. I have worked at the firm for 6 years and have never had a written warning about any of the points in my bad reference. Is there anything i can do against my former employer

    • profile image

      Wayne Rutter 3 years ago

      I would like to add to the first comment ! In relation to the suspicion you have against your past employer whom you think is providing your prosoective employers a reference which refers to the defermation of your character

      You should be aware the allegation can be very hard to prove for instance if your past employer is stipulting ( They would not re-employ you ) this is NOT defermation

      This is more related to loss off opporunity

      This happened to me for 2 years I was dismissed from my job after 2.5 years in the care sector

      I was damn good at my job but because I didnt see eye to eye with my employers new director the first oppotunity he had was swung at me based on hearsay supported by a staff member trying to get up the ladder who was having a fling with him

      Despite this I took them both on to clear my name of such sick allegations after leaving the company they both continued with thier campaign to harrassment my future employment however after two years the time had come from a cropper I had waited to bounce on with joy !

      The employer decided to write a reference to a potensial employer who kindly gave me a copy !

      That was the end of his career

      I took my case to the civil courts who awarded me £12.500 in damages yhe director was sacked and placed on the barred list for mental abuse he had actually pulled ever straw he could because I stood up to him he thought he was god like some bosses do , but hrd picked on tje wrong guy

      In his reference he stated he would not re-employ me but the fact was the future employer never asked him such a question

      If he had swallowed his pride and admitted that niether liked each other it would have been his problem but he made it mine so I ended his career as director in care

      Served him right id done nothing wrong

      To round things up you can apply for the information from your potential employer but remember a reference has to be factual but outside these guidelines it can be derogetory in any manner whether descriminative or otherwise

      The best the employer could do to protect himself would be to provide a skeleton reference for you which would state your role, your time with the company and your salary

      These are factual and lawfull

      The risk of a lawsuit like mine was what my employer deserved

      But, some employers people have problems with should provide nothing more that a skeleton reference if he wants to keep his job and respect himself as a professional employer despite personal differences like my situation

      The information you recieve will highlight what claim you may be able bring against your employer and to be honest not many cases like this proceed to a hearing

      However good luck to you and others alike and stand your ground do something about it dont let the employer walk all over your rights


    • profile image

      subforfood 3 years ago

      An old employer refused to write a proof of employment letter for me so that I give to a new employer. I am hired already but I need the letter so I can go up a few steps in my salary. When I directly asked him he said that I need a power of attorney to obtain one from him. What should I do???? I need help :(

    • profile image

      Jane Doe 4 years ago

      I was recently terminated from my job as an RN for failing a drug screen. I have recently been informed that my supervisor that I worked under is communicating these facts to my former coworkers in the workplace. This has led to many unfair and unfriendly comments being made within the workplace about me. Isn't there something I can do about this verbal abuse and my private info being discussed by my former employer? I was never disciplined or investigated for any wrong doing prior to this incident.

    • profile image

      Laurie M. 4 years ago

      I quit my job and walked out (never have I done this before) 1 day before my 1 year probation period was up and I was to be covered under my Union contract, after they tried to extend my probation period for 3 months for no reason. They claimed my "co-workers" were complaining about me because I was too happy and polite, too helpful and used too big of words. I had been struggling for almost the entire year there trying to get along with a couple of the women, one being the niece of the supervisor the other being the woman I was hired with that just didn't like me because I apparently was learning the job faster than her. I don't know really! I am a friendly person, great personality, lots of friends. Now here I am a year later and I am afraid applying for jobs that this supervisor is going to give me a bad reference simply because she doesn't like me. Yes I know I quit without notice, had small coworker conflict but no job performance trouble, always on-time, always showed up, no problems otherwise, great employee. Very frustrating because I am a college graduate looking to apply for high level career jobs and I would hate to not get them based solely on her reference and bad attitude and worse not be able to find out and do something about it!

    • profile image

      John Doe 4 years ago

      Can you sue a future employer who has conducted a background check stating you have a felony but you have proof from the courts saying it a misdemeanor? As this company is using a false charge not to hire you.

    • profile image

      wifeofemployed 4 years ago

      I have a tricky situation where I need some advice. My family and I lived at a long-term rental resort type place. it was $1050 a month for 2 bedroom but included utilities except electric. We lived there one year. during the time we lived there we'd frequent the onsite restaurant/bar that was poolside. At one point I even worked for the owner as a bartender and waitress. After our lease was up, we moved.. and eventually moved back ..this time into a 3 bedroom. We'd still go to the restaurant/bar because every thurs evening they would have karaoke. On jan 11th, 2012, we went to karaoke and within 5 mins of arrive, I had suffered a terrible slip and fall (slipping on something that was not supposed to be on the floor). thinking at the time that I only must have just sprained my foot and that I'd be alright, come to find out that I broke my foot in a couple of places, the largest bone in the foot.. the calcaneus bone.. requiring surgery which ultimately resulted in screws being put into my foot.. wow.. some serious injury here.. and wait wait wait.. no insurance whatsoever.. hmm well I fell on the property of the restaurant/bar and by all rights they pay for a premises liability.. maybe they will be able to submit my medical expenses to their insurance company. That would be the true and correct and admiral thing to do right? given that we were told we were like 'family', given that I had previously worked there, and given that we were good paying customers every week. Well, it didnt work out like that. In fact, right after my injury, we learned that we (my family and myself) were completely banned from the premises.

      Okay I had to previs you with the background.

      About 3 weeks ago, my husband applied for a job at the liquor store... they had a sign up .. help wanted. Upon repeated follow up about the job, he was told that there were about 15 applicants which is why it was taking so long but that the guy would put a good recommendation in .. then another week and a half goes by, we get a call that we need to resubmit his resume to the main manager. We do that.. another week goes by and my husband is called in to do paperwork and told he can start tomorrow.. however, he would be starting at the 'sister' store.. which happens to be the store near the resort where we resided. Which also happens to do a great deal of business with the restaurant bar owner on which I had a medical claim. My husband shows up for work, and is being trained by the guy who had him come and do the paperwork near where we live.. so he's there, taking inventory, doing windows, waiting on customers, doing the cash register and getting a general feel for the job and grateful to have it. Later in the afternoon, the main manger comes in.. the guy training my husband goes to introduce him to the manager .. the manager says.. oh I know you. and soon the air was very chilly. the main manager goes outside.. makes a call.. soon the guy training my husband gets a call on his cell phone for which he had been getting calls all day and taking them while inside the store.. but this particular call he must have been instructed to go outside to "discuss" my husband. Not long afterwards, comes back inside and tells my husband he hates to be the bearer of bad news but they do not have a position for him.

      Husband asks why ? and the guy says, I dont know, sometimes they over hire.

      that is not the truth here.. they are opening up 6 stores and he was chosen out of 15 applicants for the position.

      The liquor store where he was to work his first day .. has ties with the restaurant in that the restaurant owner purchases liquor from the store for his restaurant.

      Wondering if there is a type of discrimination being applied here.

      Do you feel we are being discriminated against for employment because of a previous lawsuit ?

    • profile image

      uniquetanner 4 years ago

      I sued my former employer with workers compensation, and had to resign as part of the settlement. I have been out of work for almost 3 years. Last year I started looking for work.

      I have had 2 job offers, one I actually went to orientation, and they both fell through. I think my former employer is saying bad things about me and preventing me from getting another job. what can I do? I signed papers stating I could not sue my former employer again, or is this different?

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I have a question. Orientation period is 3 mos. I gave resignation after 2 weeks stating the job was not a good fit, come to find out two yrs later the manager at the time places "job abandonment" & company states no rehire. I try on several attempts to resolve this matter. Company states "edit job abandoment, still no rehire". Do I have a case ? Thank you.

    • profile image

      Ellen 4 years ago

      Please help! I quit my job voluntarily nearly a year ago. I gave a months notice and they let me fulfill the month, which is/was unusual for said employer. I left b/c my boss would not promote me after 5 years and the person hired to assist me became a liar and stole my ideas as well as making false accusations about me. I was constantly having to defend myself against the assistants accusations and did prove them false, as well as having to always come back and tell my boss(es) that the assistant stole my ideas. They chose to believe her nearly all of the time and all the time I was able to prove othersie. Additionally as previously mentioned, ny boss was a chest thumper and did not want my department to have a director, even as he was only there p/t as a VP and everything implemented was done by me. He also said I had to have a degree, but there were several directors that had no degree. After trying to discuss this with my boss(es) for two years, I eventually told them I quit. I believe (but don't know for sure or if it even makes a difference) that my assistant (who they told me they liked b/c she made them laugh...seriously) is probably up to the same antics as when I was there, only now I am not in a position to defend myself, now should I have to, since they loved my during my 6 years of employment. As I said I gave and carried out a months notice. All of my annual reviews were very good. I have excellent references on Liked In from Director, to managers to co-workers. I have now been unemployed for nearly a year and I STRONGLY suspect my prior boss or prior assistant is keeping me from gainful employment by giving me a bad reference. I also believe they are smart enough to know and to ask the prospective employer to keep hush about their bad reference. I have never been unemployed for more than a few months and I have always quit, never been fired. I do not think prospective employer will tell me I received a bad reference if they have given there word not to. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    • profile image

      kelly 4 years ago

      I believe that a former employer is slandering my name to potential employers. The background investigator has stated that my former employer said I had issues of what time to come to work and what time to leave work, but my performance evaluation states that I "meet the expectations of the companies policy when recording my time on my timesheet."

    • profile image

      Robert 4 years ago

      I believe in the first amendment and the truth is an absolute defense against anything an employer might say. For this, if the employer wishes to convey truth about an employee who was not great, he or she should stick to objective truths. Of course when they started, what their starting salary was, what their ending salary was and what their ending date was are all objective. Other things that are objective would include - but aren't limited to - "The employee was involuntarily terminated" (if the employee was indeed fired), "The employee was terminated for alleged theft" (not saying that they stole but that they were fired for allegedly stealing; if they didn't steal and they were fired for stealing then it might be a "wrongful termination" situation), "The employee was terminated for violation of our office's absenteeism policy" (this is tricky; you can't say, "They missed work too much" because "too much" is subjective; if your office has a policy, then you're referencing it and all you would need to prove is how many days they missed and how it was objectively more than allowed).

      For me, when I have a bad employee use me for a reference, I always ensure to ask if the conversation is recorded. By law, if the conversation is recorded, the other company (company B in your scenario) has to be truthful otherwise that couldn't be used as evidence in any case against you civilly or criminally. If the conversation is not recorded, nothing you say can be used against you as it is all here-say if it cannot be proven. What is to say employer A couldn't just say, "I never said that"?

      My thing is that if an employee is a bad employee (steals, misses too much, bullies other employees, is lazy or otherwise is bad), then you should be able to answer TRUTHS about the employee. In my office, I am always comfortable saying, "The employee started on x/y/z and started at $xx.xx/hr; the employee left on x/y/z and ended at $xx.xx/hr; we would not agree to rehiring the employee if they were to seek employment at our company in the future". Those are all truths. They are verifiable. And though it's simple - it tells a future employee what they'd need to know.

      FURTHER TO NOTE: If a terrible employee is looking for a job, it might help lower your unemployment burden if your ex-employee finds new employment.

    • profile image

      milt 4 years ago

      i have a question my former employer was called for a work ref, and what i was told by my new boss or questioned about was he was told that while i worked for the past employer that i did a tow job for free and when asked a few days later the money showed up. also when i was working for them me and my wife separated for about 3 weeks and and since i was working 24/7 for a tow company the main boss was ok with me staying in the shop for that time. but my new boss was told that also. is there anything that i can do about that since i have applied for 2 other jobs and when they called to get a work ref i never got hired.??

    • profile image

      celly campbell 4 years ago

      my previous employer is texting me threatening he will take the labour board dispute papers to my new employee, so I will loose my new job, what can I do.

    • profile image

      Debbie 4 years ago

      I settled a workcomp with a county position for pennies and signed documents for no reinstatement rights, however I was misled and am told I can not apply for any county job now. I was bamboozled. Do I have any rights to right this wrong done to me?

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 4 years ago from San Diego California

      Isn't proving defamation very difficult? What if the ex-employer denies giving out false information and then the prospective employer denies it as well out of fear for legal issues. It is then basically a my word against their word situation and we all know who loses out in that case. Great hub!

    • profile image

      mike 4 years ago

      I drive a truck and found another job with a different company. They went through a preliminary background check and scheduled me for orientation. So once they had me confirmed for orientation I gave my notice at my (now another former) employer. At the VERY LAST MINUTE, the Friday afternoon before I was to board a plan to go to orientation, they cancelled it because of what a former employer put on my DAC report at HireRight. Upon viewing my DAC report, they listed 7 accidents in the 1 1/2 years I worked for them. 5 of the 7 accidents entrie are incomplete. Either they have an unknown city and state or accident details just say "Misc". I was working for a Temp Agency for commercial drivers and after the 2nd day of work they let me go because of what this former employer said about me. Now prospective employers see the 7 accidents and wont hire me. I have recently disputed the incomplete information with HireRight. Am I able to sue my former employer for incomplete information listed on my DAC report that is preventing me from getting a job for the last 3 weeks?

    • profile image

      louise 4 years ago

      i have been unemployed for a yr now had 10 interviews and not 1 has offered me the postion , im getting upset about this as i cant provide for my family like i used to i left my job because they spoke down to me and was always one rule for one and one rule for another , i was taking into hospital badly from an invection when i phoned in my boss said whatever and hung up i was always in work coveruing shifts only to find out she has been giving bad refrences about me this is not fair please help ... i just want a job any job but the ex boss is ruining everything for me and my family .

    • profile image

      Trisha 4 years ago

      I started a job in which I am one female in the work place with 15 males, "I'm not against men" I am the mother of two son's and I love my husband of 24 years. When I first started the cussing was so bad that I asked them to watch what they say around me, that didn't go over too well, "I sence resentment by several fellow employes." Some of them have been telling on me saying that I am unsafe at work and other little things tthat are adding up really fast. I have been called into the supervisers office and told that I better improve or I am going to be let go. I work really hard, i show up to work on time and I have safety on my mind at all times they are making things up. I am now stressed out at work because of this. If I am laided off, that equals bad reference, then it will be really hard to find a job and what I do at work is a skill that I have to make my living, I don't have many more that would pay as well as this skill. I don't have a college education so I am at a loss. I don't know what to do. Help. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Trisha

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      I need some advice. I have been applying for jobs within my own neighborhood school district since about 10/12. I have applied for several, but have not gotten any interviews. I keep checking back and reapplying as I see postings go up, but still no interviews. Lately, the person in charge of filling substitute positions (non-certified staff) will not even talk to me - and I get passed off the the Exec. Dir. of HR. I know I am very qualifed for these positions (especially the sub pool), but the information that I have been given as feedback doesn't really tell me much of anything. Most recently, I emailed the person in charge of filling the sub pool via email - and she did not respond to me at all (found out she is still there, but in a different function in HR). I then phoned the new contact (a friend filled me in), and I was quickly passed off to the Exec. Dir. of HR. I have been persistant and assertive in my applications and follow-up (but respectful), but I am getting the distinct impression I am not liked. The answers I receive when I do look for feedback as to why I haven't been added have been random: need to maintain ratios of certified staff vs. certified, some seemed to have more office experience or recent experience in a school setting, etc. My latest explaination was that they have a large pool of candidates and can afford to be selective. I am the mother of a special needs child with Downs/Autism and have had 12 years experience caring for her. To make a long story short, I have always been encouraged by these contacts to watch for posting and that I'm welcome to apply - which I have over and over. Still, no interviews at all. I was even encouraged by the Dir. of HR to get some experience outside the district - then they could call them to see what type of employee I was. I did recently work 1 day in another district to give it a try. Over the past week, I inquired yet again as to the need for additional staffing this Spring. I was told that they would not be adding me to the pool. Here is the latest feedback from the Dir. HR (word for word):

      Ms. ---,

      As stated in my earlier e-mail I went back and spoke to Ms. --- to remind me of your particular situation. In this case when we received your initial application (10/2011) and she was conducting our screening reference calls we received feedback that did not align with the skills and qualities we were looking for in our position. This is what I referenced in my last e-mail. Based on these references you would not be eligible for employment in the --------- Area School District. In the Fall Ms. --- was trying to "be nice" and explain that other candidates had skills that were more closely aligned with what we were looking for.

      Now, this is the first I have been told that I am not eligible for any job within my own school district. I'm not sure what happened. I went from being "free to apply" to "not eligible for anything". The Dir. of HR also appologized for the lack of communication. My dillema is that I don't know if a former employer IS, in fact, giving me a bad reference. I called all 3 that I had listed on my app. today, and it seems like they are only answering very standard questions (beg. date/end date, title, salary) - and inquiries are being directed to HR or they are using another party to give out information (again, very basic info.). I also called the 3 other personal references who I listed who work for the same school district (mainly teachers) to verify if they have been contacted and to verify again that they would give me a good reference. All of them said no contact was made, and, of course, they would give a good reference. I guess I'm not convinced that the Dir. HR and the sub pool staffing person are being honest with me - or that what they are doing is on the up-and-up. My husband is an attourney, but his specialty is not in this area. He checked with a co-worker/attourney today who does know more about that area. His opinion is that someone with the school dis. probably does not like me and is handing me a bunch of crap. What should I do now? The email that I shared was from yesterday.

    • profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      My employer is trying to fire me. By giving me 4-9pm shifts knowing that I can not work passed 5 pm due to the fact I care for my 75 yr old mother who has Alzheimer's and get dropped off at home from the daycare center. When hired they knew about this. What atelier rights as an employee!

    • profile image

      Roxanne. 5 years ago

      my manager fired me because my ex co-worker and his friend said i was harassing me i told them i wasnt and they said what are they both lying? hes closer to me and is always talking down about me to other co-workers and my managers i felt very harassed and there has been many problems with this specific general manager im trying to fight my case but nothing seems to be working they tried getting me fired for making all these complaint they never looked into these. i also never recieved an team member handbook to know if i was being dooped till it was too late....and now im left without a job and unemployment hasnt approved or denied me im so troubled and i feel i have been litterally stabbed in the back sorry for the mumbo jumbo but from what you read here, i was wondering if i had a case

    • profile image

      JOHANNA 5 years ago

      I was promoted from being a receptionist to an administrator and on probation for 3monthd and that 3months has passed its now 1,5 months now and still havent heard anything from my superiors in regard with the probation

      the hr once came to me and told me that she dd send my supervisor an email regarding that and after that they never looked me in the eye the HR is now on leave and im still in the dark. what should i do because it seems lilke they are just waiting fro me to make a mistake or that they are looking for someone to fill this position. please help

    • profile image

      MC 5 years ago

      Started workin in a doctors office. 6 weeks later received a better opportunity in a diff job and also my wife who has not been working for the last 4 years. In my contract it says that any party could terminate the contract without any cause upon given 60 days notice. He told me to leave before the 60 days notice.

      I gave the notice but obviously my boss was not happy that I was leaving and he even ask me to pay him back the 6 weeks that he payd me. And ask me to leave before the 860 dasy.

      Am I in trouble? Can I or should I do somethng about this?

    • profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago

      My husband just got fired, they told him they were moving in a different direction however, they gave him a legal form to sign stating he would not sue them. He would have to sign the form in order to receive a severance package. He called 2 previous employees who had also been let go for the same reason and they did not have to sign anything, just received the check.

      Do you think they are covering something up? I think it is his age (63) and he has been sick this year as well. The most important thing however is that he is in sales, and every bid he brought to them, they outprice themselves so he wouldn't make his bonus/commission. I think they were wanting him to leave but didn't, so they came up with this legal document to scare him into accepting the severance package instead of suing them.

      Should he just sign the document and move on or is there a possibility he has a case against them.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Liza 5 years ago


      I am unemployed now and have tried contacting my previous employer to ask if they have any positions there. I am getting the silent treatment. How can I find out why?

    • profile image

      Joel 5 years ago

      I applied for a correction officer postion for the state of Maryland a few months ago,gave them my resume,took my background and finger printing.everything was going well.they were calling my refference and got to my current job after asking them my dates of hire I received a letter saying I was denied the postion.now I have no bad background not a felons,so after doing some research I found that my current employer gave my wrong dates of hire .see I work for this company before and quite for another job until 2004 then return and been there sence then.so I'm putting all my my job history on my resume,application and all and it's not checking out and I found out why today.i spoke to the hr lady today and she informs me the the only record they have of me working there is 2004 till present on there computer then she looks in my file and there it is every day,week,month and year I work there.so as I'm putting all the time I work there on my resume and apps,my current employer is basically saying I'm wrong causing me to loss any chance of probably working a state job ever.does anyone no what steps I can take to possibly suie this company for giving false information??? Thanks

    • profile image

      minni 6 years ago

      Hi ! i'm mentally tortured by my manager/area manager. iwas with the company almost 4 yrs, a good worker. new manager came & everything upside down, I trained the manager & went on maternity leave, came back & found things are different, CM never communicate with me, only RN on the flood 4 days a week, responsible for stuff after CM. when I Questioned CM/area manager false blamed me as rude & defensive. & gave me bad annual reviews & very low raise & almost insulted. CM talked about me to other employees that im not not supportive that is absolutely lie, CM is proudy & I never saw her on the floor to check on whats going on, sometimes I did not know thatshe is in the clinic, e.g. If we said that this scheduke is very tight difficult to handle for PCTs CM "I have to do it, figure it out" I took that on heart & depressed, it disturbed my sleep. I quit my job after 2 weeks notice. Im pretty sure she made every note what happened even it is lie/false. Im still under depression, I love my job/patients & dedicated to my work. pt. cried when I left & requested to stay there. I got new job but less salary, so financial loss too. so my question is can I sue my bosses??

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      I was working for a automotive company for a few years, never had any problems,worked my way up to Mgr. Helped Loss Prevention with few internal cases.One day a shoplifter came into the store( we have a few every day)and I ask him to leave the merchandise and leave He was considerably bigger and came up to me, the I show him my box cutter that was in my hand right next to my body and askim to leave the merchandise that I was not going to call the police. He left the store but another employee that was under investigation at the time for under ringing called HR on me and LP tricked me into signing a estatement about what happend and I was let go. I can not get any jobs no matter what they are or how low they pay. Someone close to me confirmed to me that that employer is giving me a bad reference saying that I am violent. With a family and bills to pay, how can I possibly fight this to clear my record or change somehow what they are saying. I will greatly appreciate your help! Thank You!!!

    • profile image

      Floridian2012 6 years ago

      After 8 years of working for Bank of America, I was targeted by management and then terminated after informing management, superiors and HR about code of ethics violation committed by another associate. It started in February 2012 when I was just 4 days away from getting a promotion and the manager wrote me up and kept me from the promotion. I had never been written up in all of my career at the bank. It continued until May when I was terminated and when I asked why and for proof, they said that they did not need to give me any at all. My concern is, I am applying for other banks and different companies. Can they keep me from getting a job elsewhere? Thank you so much and I look forward to your feedback

    • profile image

      Prashanth K 6 years ago

      Yes I had a similar experience now I am working as a security guard

    • profile image

      Skeeyer00 6 years ago

      15 years ago I was terminated from company A for a minor misjudgment, and mistake on my part. Company A a huge company with multiple business units. I currently work for company B which company A just bought. The business unit is completely different than the unit I was in when terminated from company A 15 years ago. Nonetheless, this previous company has bought my current company. It's not like I was searching for my previous employer, it's purely coincidence. I'm so stresses out now as if the deal goes through, I feel like I'm going to get fired again as soon as they process my SSN#. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I "toast" or will I be ok?

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      I quit a job recently because i was suffering from Anxiety I phoned the job next morning to tell them I wont be back, I was told over the phone "Thats ok because we were going to sack you anyway" I have tried to put in a new claim in social welfare for Jobseekers benefit, I recieved a call from a social worker telling me that i will have to wait upto 10 weeks because my employer told them i was sacked for gross misconduct. can u help me or give me some advice please thank you

    • profile image

      siki89 6 years ago

      I was working for a dr two years ago that treating us like his slaves and we would really nvr get any breaks until one day u just had enough of his abbuse and i decided to leave .now ive been unemployed for over a year and i have not been able to get a job another girl that worked for him is having the same problem and we susspect it was him giving bad reference one day i had my friend call the manager asking about me and she said nothing but negative things about it and the phone call was recorded.they tell me to take it to court but i wanna know if i cant and would i get in trouble for using a name if a dr here in town without their consent?

    • profile image

      kaao2 6 years ago

      hi i need advice , if i am a company driver and i hit a fence and damage it and i reported to my company and later i quit and a month after i quit the exemployer now wants me to pay for the damage to the fence can he sue me for the damages

    • profile image

      jay 6 years ago

      we had changed our company names and owners 3 times in the past 20 years, can an employee who's been working from the first owner and company to the third company and owner for hour dispute in the past 20 years? How far back in years can an employee sue a company for hour dispute? thanks

    • profile image

      Dolores 6 years ago


      No I don't have any financial interest in this company. I'm a satisfied customer. Twice in a decade.

    • profile image

      lilclub 6 years ago

      i wasn`t fired a year ago, but had a contract saying that company can`t say what i was fired for. Can I sue them for that and what else can i do to them

    • profile image

      n/a 6 years ago

      ok i have an issue in work where i am accused on stealing time and money as well, i have been told verbally by my manger i am to recieve a letter about having to go to a meeting, now i have resigned by does this mean now i still have to go to the meeting or do i wait, they said if i go i can have a representive with for the meeting but this was before i had resigned.

    • profile image

      SandyC 6 years ago

      I quit my job in Nov after 11years.I Was very dedicated for all those years.The pressure became so much to make the numbers, that I was changing them didnt steal anything I was not fired I resigned and told them exactly what happened so I confess to doing it.The shame of it all was worst then anything.I just found a perfect job offer after six months offer was on the table when.I got a call saying that one of my reference did not check out.I have a family to take care what can I do about them giving me a bad reference.Iwas always one of the top performers never had a problem or written up.I made a huge mistake what can I do?

    • profile image

      Kelly B 6 years ago

      I quit my job 2 yrs ago due to my ex husband ( who also worked for the same company) was harassing me at work. Our boss new this was happening but did nothing about it. I was great at my job but due to the harassment I quit I mentally couldn't handle it any longer. Now its been 2 yrs later and I can't get a job I have had interviews but wasn't hired. I know that the company I worked for has gave bad references on former employees. Is there anything I can do?

    • profile image

      Kelly B 6 years ago

      I quit my job 2 yrs ago due to my ex husband ( who also worked for the same company) was harassing me at work. Our boss new this was hap

    • profile image

      Alexandra 6 years ago

      Someone please get back to me. I work in a hospital kitchen while I was at college because it was good hours. That was 2 years ago I been trying to get a new job ever since. I recently had an interview for a healthcare assistant didn't get the job but they told me I was first reserve. 2 weeks later the lady rang me up and offered me the job so I said yes would love too. She then rang me 1 week later after I filled all my forms out saying your previous employer gave you a bad reference and I'm withdrawing my offer. I have been so good in my job I've never done anything wrong or bad and im always polite.

      All I want is a new job I hate my job and they are stopping me from leaving. The annoying thing is my nice manager left in nov 2011 and I have never met this new manager so how can she do this??????

    • profile image

      mc3a1100 6 years ago

      My past employer will not return my information to obtain a new job. I'm a truck Driver, the new company must have a past jobs D.O.T information before hire by law in Illinois. I have lost every job offer due to the fact the past employer wont return this information. Can I do anything?

    • profile image

      randy 6 years ago

      I was recently fired for a random drug test.The day i had to test i told my employer that i messed up and would fail the test.He then sent me out to work,driving a company vehicle for the week.I asked him midweek if i would need a ride home friday due to the results of the test,he said no.Friday came with my results,failed,like i knew i would.I called the office and told him the results and he said i would be let go.I argued with him that the company policy states first offense is 2 week minumum suspension and second offense was a termintation,and also that i couldnt believe that after i told him i would fail he still allowed me to work.I drove a company truck Dot required.He was not happy that i mentioned i thought he was wrong for this and instructed the quality control manager i was working with to lock the company truck and throw my stuff out and leave me there.The QC manager told me he felt it was wrong and told me to sue and ended up driving me down the road to a bus station against the Ceo orders.I was in north Chicago left with my 2 suit cases too get home to Michigan 9 hours later i got home.I applied with a company that week which sometimes worked along side the company that terminated me.I didnt put that i was fired and checked the box saying not to contact that employer.The guy who interviewed me told me i had more experience then anyone he hired in 20 years but i didnt get the job.I know i was given a bad reference.Im having a friend call tomorrow to see what kind of reference shes gets and also going to request my interview info from the company that didnt hire me..I had 0 write ups with this company and was a great technician.Can i sue for being left or for the company not following the drug policy.I also never recieved any type of right up or termination letter.He told me he had to wait for the results before letting me go thats why i was allowed to work,but to me if someone tells you that they smoke a joint and would fail why do u need the results.If i came in stating i was on acid does that mean they have to allow me to work until the results come in?Seems like he would suspend me at that time..They just wanted me to finish the scheduled work that week.

    • profile image

      Accountable 6 years ago

      I was terminated from a media News Co. due to a formal employee that took a lot of funds off a system that should have been shut down back in 2008. This media put their customer credit card at Risk. Here's my question, I was denied my annual increase. Later, I was fired and told the reason was due to unsatisfactory performance (which my current/all reviews were above satisfactory). I know that I was fired instead of laid off like my boss (of different race). The person that took funds is now in jail in CT. I on the other hand is trying to find work, but feel like my survivor ship, and my life liberty has been deprived- I was not given a due process and feel like I'm being rail- roaded. This is due to the fact that this company does not want me to air the details surrounding how this person was able to steal from a system that Sr. Mgmt knew should have been shut down- Please help me understand how a Company could due this and leave me unemployed. I'm aware of NJ employee at will. However; do I have any rights since I'm not in charge of making any decision? The person that was able to compromise a credit card system was given unlimited overtime by a senior level person at this Media company.



    • profile image

      Tracy Meyne 6 years ago

      Can I quit my job if I have a discrimination law suit against the company?

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      I started a new job on 27th Feb where I needed an airside pass, you need 5 year reference, my last employer who I was with for 1 year refuse to give me a reference so my new company had to terminate my contract is there any thing I can do?


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