Farewell Speech for Your Boss Who Is Retiring

Updated on June 23, 2017
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Writing a “Farewell Speech” for a Boss Who's Retiring

Your boss’s retirement is another chapter of their life. You can use that important event to bid adieu to them and to appreciate all their dedicated services to the organization, and also let them know how much you value their encouragement, inspiration, support, guidance, and leadership.

But maybe you’re having some trouble figuring out exactly how to write a great farewell speech for your boss or manager who is leaving the organization. Luckily, this article will guide you on how to go about the writing process.

Some of the things you need to consider and focus on in the writing process should include noting down all the beautiful memories of the past you have shared with them. Also, put down on paper all that you have learned working together, and all the skills and values your boss showed that inspired you and other colleagues at the workplace. Write from the heart, but be fair and honest enough when putting words together to describe your manager or employer that's leaving.

Now, how do you go about writing your own unique goodbye speech for your boss, manager, or supervisor who is retiring?

How to Write a Farewell Speech

Here are things you should have in mind if you are in the process of writing a farewell or goodbye speech to a retiring boss.

  • Opening: This is the introductory part of the speech presentation in which you need to greet your audience and state clearly the reason for the event. For example: “Good evening everyone. It is an honor and a great pleasure for me to deliver this farewell speech. Today, we are all here to bid goodbye to our great boss who retired from service.”
  • Body: Make your speech clear and understandable enough to the audience. Use short and simple sentences to express your important points. Remember to include some good qualities of the person who is leaving and some skills you have appreciated about him or her. Say something about how he or she has made a big difference in the workplace.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your strongest points and remember to show gratitude to your boss for all his or her time and efforts spent working in the organization. Also, wish him or her good luck in future endeavors.

Sample Farewell Speech

Good afternoon everyone,

I am delighted to welcome you to the farewell party. It is an honor and a great pleasure for me to deliver this speech. Today, we are all here to bid goodbye to our very good boss, an exceptional leader and a mentor who retired from active service.

It gives me great satisfaction to say that we must recognize, respect, and appreciate all the valuable skills, knowledge, and all the positive qualities that our amiable boss had instilled onto us and to thank him for all his time and efforts in shaping our profession. Of course, we all know how painful it is, to say goodbye to a very friendly boss and a father. However, we all need to express our sincerest gratitude to him for all his uncommon contributions not only to this organization but toward every staff career progression.

He spent 15 years guiding and inspiring everyone in the workplace; it seems like it was yesterday we started to work under him. Sir, you have given us so many opportunities to be thankful for. I see myself and my colleagues as lucky to have worked under your leadership. Words are not enough to express how much we are going to miss you.

You will be remembered for the great things that you have done not only for this company but for every staff in the workplace. If it had been possible for us to stop your retirement, or decrease your age and increase the number of years left to continue with what you know how to do best—creating a peaceful workplace for the superiors and subordinates to work together in harmony—we would have done that for you. However, it is your turn today. Our own retirement period is also waiting around the corner when someone else will have to bid us goodbye just like we are doing for you today.

I am also delighted to have witnessed today’s event, and proud to have worked under your leadership. Not only are you an amazing boss, but you have shown yourself to be a loving and caring person. I remember when I was sick and had lost all hope of ever getting on with this job, you counseled me, gave me moral support, and prayed for a miraculous healing from the illness. During that difficult time, all your words of encouragement, inspiration, and kindly support put me back on track for optimal job performance. I will never forget the positive influence that you have made on my life.

Through your compassionate heart and support, you have put smiles on many faces. Your leadership made working in the office easy and enjoyable. Thank you for opening many opportunities for me and my coworkers and for being so passionate about our well-being and career advancement.

I remember when the company was facing some financial difficulties, with your professional skills and knowledge in making quick decisions in a very hostile situation; you were able to bring back hope to the organization even beyond our expectations. Indeed, your exceptional qualities have inspired us in so many ways. For that, we cannot thank you enough — the sweet memories of ever working with you will remain in our hearts forever.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement, you are the best boss we have ever worked with. Your many contributions to our success are immeasurable. You have contributed immensely to the company’s success in so many ways. It is no gain saying that it will be difficult for anyone to surpass the good examples that you are leaving behind.

Our very good outgoing boss has put in great efforts in instilling values, such as determination, tolerance, equity, kindness, honesty, patience, and professional skills that are needed to get on with the job even in his absence. You have worked assiduously; now it is time to enjoy all that you have labored for all over the years and live life happily without any stress. As you join the seniors of this great country, I pray that God continues to grant you sound health, mercy and blessings. And may you find life after retirement a happy moment with endless sweet memories.

On behalf of the company and my colleagues, I wish you good luck and full success in future endeavors.

Thank you.

Some Ideas of Words to Use

You can use some of these words to describe your boss.

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