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Good Attention-Getters for Speeches

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How to capture and hold a crowd's attention with your speech.

How to capture and hold a crowd's attention with your speech.

5 Ways to Grab the Audience's Attention

Do you want to quickly capture and hold your audience's attention? Need a magic word to make everyone listen attentively to every single word that follows?

You must be able to get your listeners attention in the first few seconds of your speech. Good attention-getters for speeches do just that, and there are many different types to choose from. Below are some of the best examples you can use. Whether you are doing a persuasive or informative speech, these are all great.

1. Make a Bold Statement

"I have a dream!"

These are considered the most famous words in the world of public speaking, spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr. The energy and passion you use when you start off with a bold statement like this will cause your listeners to be instantly enticed. They will pay close attention to how you back up your leading statement. One attention-grabbing example is the opening line: "Anyone can get big biceps fast!"

2. Tell a Story

By starting off with an interesting story, your audience will want to know what happened next and how things played out. For example, you can say something like:

"Just as I thought, the boy did exactly what I said . . ."

Everyone will want to know what the boy did, and what it was that you said.

"Everything was calm, and then suddenly, a shadow approached . . ."

Who did the shadow belong to? Are you in danger? Guide them through your story so they are constantly on the edge of their seats, eager to learn what happens next. You could make up a story or use a real-life example, such as a holiday or something funny that happened to you.

3. Use Humor

Laughing is a sign that people are happy and interested in what you are saying. And whether you are in front of the class or behind a podium, this can make or break your speech. If you are able to trick people into laughing, you are getting them to think that they are actually interested in what you have to say—which is why funny speech introductions can be useful.

The perfect example would be something the group can understand, such as an inside joke. If you know the teacher tends to misspell words, you can try a lighthearted, funny joke to start with. For example, "Wouldn't it be nice if Mr. Johns could spell the word 'outrageous' correctly for once? That would be outrageous!" Not only would you get the class's attention, but you are guaranteed to get the attention of the teacher, who is the main judge and the one giving you the mark!

4. Help the Audience Understand With Examples

Starting off informative speeches in the right way is crucial. You need to ensure that you not only have the listeners' attention, but that they understand what you are trying to explain. Examples are a very useful way to do this.

Use comparing adjectives, similes and metaphors to help your audience understand what you are talking about, and try to relate your topic to your audience. Most people won't be interested in employment policies, but they will be more interested in how those policies could affect them personally. You could also use everyday items when making comparisons, such as: "Even warmer than a sheepskin jacket," or "More versatile than even the best set pots and pans."

5. Work on Your Delivery

Be enthusiastic in the way you deliver your attention-grabbing lines. Don't mumble or say anything without energy, or you risk the audience receiving your lines without any enthusiasm. Use your voice smartly, vary your tone and start off with a bang.

You could even yell the first sentence! This will cause everyone's neck will snap to attention as they try to figure out what in the world is going on. Whatever you do, don't deliver your speech in the same way as all the other speakers, or else you will be just that: the same as all the other speakers.

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