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Mail Handling: OCR NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Business and Administration

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How is mail handled?

How is mail handled?


This unit is a Group B optional unit at Level 2 with a total of three credits. This unit helps the candidate portray his/her skills in mail services. Candidates will have a good knowledge of following the safety and security procedures while handling internal and external mail, both incoming and outgoing, and the reason it must be handled so. They will have a good knowledge of the various services available, why those services are needed, and how they are used. They will know to choose particular services depending on needs and priorities, calculate postage, deal with problems, follow procedures, and report errors and problems.

A personal statement for this unit has been included as well!

What Is the Purpose of Security Procedures for Handling Mail and Packages?

Mail may have confidential information. It may include personal information about employees or contain business secrets such as the names of customers and confidential information relative to the business, customers, and clients. Mail and packages also have to be checked for suspicious features. So security procedures will have to be followed.

For example, when we receive mail or parcels from strange addresses or that come in suspicious forms, shapes, or sizes, security procedures have to be followed and reported to the office manager.

Why Should You Distribute/Dispatch Mail to the Correct Recipient Within Agreed Timescales?

Mails should always be dispatched or distributed to the correct recipient because they can be important and confidential information that should not be disclosed to others. They have to be also distributed on time so that the task specified in the email is completed within the timescale mentioned and the deadline is met so that we avoid complaints or other serious issues.

What Is the Organizational Structure and the Names, Roles, and Locations of Individuals and Teams?

I have not published my answers here, as it is confidential information. You can draw a flow chart for your organization or can take on off your organization's website if you have one. Start with the head of your department, then branch out to the different teams and managers, and finally end with your team members. Make sure you mention each person's name, position, and location, for a clear portrait.

What Internal and External Mail Services Are Available to Organizations?

The internal mail services available are for distribution of mail within the offices and departments of ______________________(removed for confidentiality purposes). They are collected and delivered daily.

External mail is sent via ___________________(removed for confidentiality purposes). External mail services are used, when mail can or does not cover the internal mail services criteria. For example, where mail has to be delivered to clients, other companies, or out-of-county correspondences. It is also delivered and collected daily.

Give Reasons for Selecting Internal and External Mail Services

External mail services are selected where delivery is out of county and where it is for other companies or clients. It will be areas that do not come under the ___________________(removed for confidentiality purposes) office areas.

Internal mail is used where deliveries need to be made to offices or departments that come under the ____________________(removed for confidentiality purposes). Internal mail saves time and money. So any mail that can be sent via internal mail is sent via that means and only the remaining is sent via an external mail system.

What Methods Do You Use to Calculate Postage?

The post has to be sorted according to urgency and importance as first class or second class. Any overseas posts have to be sorted out. One needs to know the postal charges for posts of different sizes, and also about postal charges for bulk mail. Mail services might give a discount for bulk mail and it can be applied only if we pre-sort the mail.

If we need to send an item and guarantee it will be delivered the next working day or the same day, or if mail needs to be sent on recorded delivery, we have to look for postal charges and the time frame within which the mail must be sent and send it accordingly.

What Problems Might Occur With Incoming and Outgoing Mail (and How Do You Deal With Them)?

The main problems that can occur are delays, missing deliveries, and suspicious mail. To avoid delays, we have to send the mail at the right time, with the correct postage. To avoid missing deliveries of an important document, it can be delivered via recorded delivery which lets one track the delivery. Any suspicious mail or package has to be handled with the utmost care and reported to the concerned person in charge.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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