Hostile Work Environment -- 10 Things Bully Bosses do to Cause Lawsuits (Part I)

Introduction: Learn What Bully Bosses Are Told by Attorneys

On the website I promised that since I’m a defense lawyer by day, I would bring you the latest legal information “from behind the lines.” This topic is one of the seminars top employment lawyers provide for their biggest corporate clients. You, as an employee, can now learn what it is that the most expensive lawyers say to managers about what those managers should and should not do, in order to avoid getting sued.

Each of the following 10 points starts as a nugget of advice for a manager or a boss about what they should do to avoid being sued by employees. So for each point, not only can you see what your boss should be doing, but you can flip it around in your head and see how you can use the advice to your own advantage.

This Hub is Part 1, containing mistakes 1 through 5. Part II of the Hub contains mistakes 6-10 (which are some of the juiciest). So without further ado, here are “The 10 Biggest Mistakes Bully Bosses Make that Cause Companies to Get Sued”:

1. Sloppy Documentation

Most discrimination cases really are not won with some kind of smoking gun evidence that proves the entire case. A single e-mail , or an audio recording of manager yelling and swearing at an employee rarely carry the day for employees who file suit against their boss. Usually, discrimination cases are proven with circumstantial evidence. Although you may have heard someone on television dismissively say “That’s circumstantial evidence,” circumstantial evidence is still evidence. And it can be very powerful evidence. You can use it in court and you can win a case using only circumstantial evidence.

There's an old lawyers' example of supposing that you are walking through the woods and find a turtle on top of a tall stump. You don't have any direct evidence that somebody put the turtle on the stump, but you have pretty persuasive circumstantial evidence for it. All of this is to emphasize the importance of documenting the little things as they happen, because all the little things can be powerful circumstantial evidence of something much larger – like a company-wide decision to get rid of older employees.

One very successful employer-side attorney warned a group of manager that when employees sue employers, they often use documents, particularly e-mail, to show the jury that the manager was acting toward the employee with discriminatory intent. So, the attorney advised, “Always speak and write as if your comments will be held up to a jury some day.” This is something that I tell employers and managers all the time as part of my “day job” as employer-side attorney. “If you’re going to write something to an employee, imagine that it’s blown up to poster size, and then set on an easel in front of a jury.

So likewise, as an employee trying to protect yourself from a bully boss, you should also imagine what your written words will look like to a jury when when you are responding to your boss's e-mails. Make sure you use a calm, professional sounding tone. Imagine a jury reading your words and then deciding who is the good guy in this situation: is it you, or, is it the manager? Way too often people spout off and lose their temper in e-mails. It will only come back and bite them in the courtroom.

Study Your Company's Personnel Policies
Study Your Company's Personnel Policies

2. Not Following the Company's Own Policies and Procedures

Rules aren’t used only to hold you, the employee, accountable. You can often spin the company's own rules around and use those rules to hold your manager accountable. Also, employee manuals frequently promise more than what the law requires. As a result, you can hold your manager to the personnel policies your company has issued, even if your manager isn't aware of those polices. Courts expect managers to know what your organization’s policies and procedures are. If a manager tells you that the policy is “A” and it's actually “B”, then it will look like your manager is making up rules in order to get you in trouble.

Let's say, for instance, that your manager says you must call in by 7:00 am if you’re going to be late for work. But the policy actually states that employees must call in 30 minutes before their shift starts. If your shift starts at 8:00 am, then a jury is going to view your manager as being purposefully deceitful, not just forgetful. It can make your manager look like he’s out to get you, which he or she probably was. Your manager should review a policy, double check that he or she has it right, and check with HR before taking disciplinary action against you.

If you know, then, that your manager has taken disciplinary action against you that contradicts company policy, then make sure that you careully document what happened and get a copy of the rule your manager did not follow. You will have a nice piece of evidence.

Does your boss consistently perform annual appraisals?
Does your boss consistently perform annual appraisals?

3. Inflated Employee Appraisals

This happens all the time. A manager spends years avoiding a confrontation with an employee the manager believes is under-performing. Rather go through the uncomfortable situation of giving a long term co-worker a bad appraisal, the manager just gives the employee “4's” on a one to five scale -- with five being excellent.

The manager might give a few 5's, and even a few 3's, but that is as critical as the manager will be. Now let's say your manager has given you some “3's”. On a 1 to 5 scale, threes are “satisfactory.” When you’re in front of a jury, what does satisfactory mean? It means satisfactory. It means average or meets minimum acceptable levels. It doesn’t mean “needs improvement or will be fired.” On a 1 to 5 scale getting a 3 overall means you’re doing a good enough job.

If your manager consistently gave you “3's”, or satisfactory, and then claimed that you were terminated for poor performance or that you were in trouble for poor performance, then your manager was contradicting himself or herself. This will undermine your manager’s credibility. In front of a jury in court your own attorney can say, “Look, here are years and years of positive appraisals that this manager gave my client” [you]. “And sitting here today is the same manager saying that my client has a history of poor performance.” Your attorney probably won't bother drawing the conclusion for the jury, but allow them to draw if for themselves: the manager is now lying to try to justify getting rid of the employee.

If your personnel file is less than all “Excellent” status, don't worry. But do work hard to keep your overall review score at least at a level of “3” or Satisfactory or Average or whatever is the middle of the road score at your organization. In truth, this should be fairly easy to do with most (but not all) managers. Do it, and you will have another powerful piece of evidence that the “real reason” you are being disciplined or threatened with termination is NOT your job performance.

The Bully's Boss Doesn't Want to Hear Your Complaints
The Bully's Boss Doesn't Want to Hear Your Complaints

4. The “Higher Up” Managers Shrug-off Employee Complaints

If there’s anything that I hear over and over again it’s that an employee complained about a bully boss to a higher level manager, and the higher level manager just shrugs it off, taking no action whatsoever. Defense-side lawyers are trying hard to train managers not to do this, but they do it anyway.

So what does this mean for you as an employee? You should complain to your manager, your HR person, or your boss’ boss. However, expect them not to do much, if anything, about your problem. You should carefully document that you did make these complaints. Send the boss's boss an e-mail confirming that you had a conversation with them.  Briefly summarize the key points and blind copy yourself to a personal e-mail address outside the company before you hit SEND.

This way you will have a copy of the e-mail that shows it was sent to your manager's boss with the date and the time. It will then be the company's burden to show (in court or in front of the EEOC) that it responded to you. Will they have? Probably not. Often a boss responds with comments like “I’m not a babysitter” or “boys will be boys” or “I want everyone here to act like adults.” They think that such a cursory response is enough, but it’s not. Their lack of responsiveness to good faith employee concerns is a big cause of employee lawsuits, and a big reason why employees win those suits later on down the road.

Juries Can Don't Like it When Someone Changes Their Story
Juries Can Don't Like it When Someone Changes Their Story

5. Managers Who Change Their Story

Another way that bully bosses cause and lose lawsuits is by changing their story. In an organization, sometimes the story of why an employee was terminated changes multiple times. When this happens, the company's credibility is shot.

At first your boss will claim that you are having performance problems, and that you face discipline or even termination because of these supposed problems. When, however, you address those performance problems your boss will change course, and say, “Oh well, there are the attendance problems you have been having lately.” Then you address those supposed problems. Then your boss (now probably with H.R. Involved) will say, “Well, we’re laying you off because your position is being eliminated.” Does it look like “layoff” is the real reason you've lost your job, after management proffered all these different reasons, and keeps changing its justifications?

No, it looks like the real reason was some discriminatory motivation, and your boss was determined to get rid of you no matter how thoroughly you shot down each performance issue your boss raised. That’s why your bully boss changed his or her story – because he or she was determined to get rid of you no matter what.

So although this can be horribly frustrating to you when it’s going on, take heart in knowing that courts frown upon companies that flip-flop on why an employee was let go.  Defense lawyers and companies both know that story-swapping by bullying bosses just causes the company to lose lawsuits. That's why defense lawyers are out in the business world training bosses NOT to change their story around once they start disciplining an employee with an eye on termination.

If this happens to you, there's no denying that the short term battles with your boss will be agonizing and frustrating. You'll probably feel like you are caught in a cycle where you lose no matter what you do. But you will know that the bully boss is unintentionally giving you the upper hand in the long term. You are the one who is going to win the war.

Now be sure to click through to Part II of this Hub, where you can find Bully Boss Mistakes 6-10.

You Won't Believe Mistakes 6-10 in Part II!

Read Bully Boss Mistakes 6-10 on Part II of This Hub
Read Bully Boss Mistakes 6-10 on Part II of This Hub

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emohealer profile image

emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina

Another great hub identifying things we all need to know in today's workplace environment. I will once again be forwarding and sharing.

You share this information in such an easy to read, non judgemental just the facts style, I enjoy reading. Thank You

Undercover Lawyer profile image

Undercover Lawyer 7 years ago from The Beautiful Northwest, USA Author

emohealer -- Thanks for the kind words about my writing. I'm just adding the photos to Part II. It will be live in just a minute. -Curt

gilw5 7 years ago

Great Information - positive that I'll come out a winner based on these points - cannot wait to read the next 5!

Robert Hill 7 years ago

My boss uses the term SHADY for a female co-worker , Im insulted and annoyed for her , every time they and call her that offensive , swear word behind her back .

Undercover Lawyer profile image

Undercover Lawyer 7 years ago from The Beautiful Northwest, USA Author

Robert, I suggest you keep a written list of the days and times the boss says this, and write down who else heard it. When you have six or more entries on your list, send a copy to H.R. If they take no action, let your female co-worker in on what is happening. Then the two of you together can file a complaint with the EEOC or your state's dept of labor.

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

I'm currently having some problems with an employee and your hub is a God-send for an employer like me who wants to make sure that she gets punished for her sins =). And she really committed these sins, I'm not being discriminatory (and I don't want this to be the cause for her being released). I'll read the next one right away. Thanks for this hub.

prepared 7 years ago

I am being harrassed at work and was online looking for help when I found your website. Your site has been so informative and helpful, I just want to say thank you. I Know it was a blessing to find this sight. Now with God's strength and this information I am winning the battle at work against harrassment. I wish I had known this information years ago, I have had bully bosses that have pushed me out of good jobs and benefits and because I didn't know my rights I let them, but no more! Thank you again.

polly 7 years ago

I have worked for a major bank for the last 7&1/2 years. Over the years, I have been subjected to harsher treatment then my peers and have been passed over for promotion despite exemplary performance. After I was there for about 3 years, I was pulled of to the side after applying for a promotion. I was told that I would not be allowed a interview because I would never promote as long as I was there because I was too young and emotional to ever be respected by my peers. I was 25 at the time. You should know that I have a type of muscular dystrophy and I have four children each with there own disabilities, something my work place is very aware of. Management has changed several times but the types of behaviors have not. I am afraid to address any of these behaviors or Evan to call it discrimination because I fear since the hands have changed so many times that this is a matter farther up the ladder then I can fight. Especially since my husband works there the retaliation could affect him and not me, and I fear it would be difficult to prove that it was at all related. Recently the new boss I have has defiantly made things worse and I am not certain that I can hang on much longer. I wake up having anxiety attacks at the very idea of seeing my manager I am afraid to turn in fmla paper work because anyone who has done so has been summarily dismissed shortly there after. Pretty much as soon as they can find an excuse. With my children and my medical expenses I cant, afford to be out of work right now help please. I know this is illegal. And because of the department i work in I am pretty sure they know its illegal.You see i work in the litigation department. If they are so willing to disregard the law what protection do I have ? it must seem funny for me to come hear but i am a very small fish in a very big pond.

any helpful suggestions would be welcome

Undercover Lawyer profile image

Undercover Lawyer 7 years ago from The Beautiful Northwest, USA Author

Polly, It sounds like you are truly in an awful situation, and deserve so much better. My hat is off to you, working while you have MS and taking care of kids that have disabilities as well. There's no magic wand to make your boss stop without you taking any action to stop it. But you know that. At some point, you have to decide that "having anxiety attacks at the very idea of seeing my manager" is worse than the process of filing FMLA and filing an EEOC discrimination complaint would be.

You are obviously a strong person. Talk over the next step with your husband, educate your self on using FMLA and filing successful EEOC claims, and then take action.

Angel 7 years ago

A friend of mine is currently in an unusual situation. He has been working for the employer for 6 months. They have tried multiple things to overwhelm him including harrassment, giving more work, providing inacurate and less information than to other employees, minimizing his work and antaganizing him to explode or quit. In other words because of the stress, he would says or do the wrong thing. The department and management has developed a patten of this type of behavior with other employees in the past. What is the best course of action. It is difficult to find another job. My friend is now sick.

jcmdream 7 years ago

I worked for a company for 18 months. During the first year everything was great; I was being given extra duties and responsibilities to put me in line for next promotion always received top reviews. Then at the end of the year there was a change of management and problems started to occur myself and a couple of other employees went to DM to voice concerns. DM did go to our manager. However afterward manager started to be vindictive. He would ask the whole team except us to work extra hours. He would make rude comments to us in front of other employees. He cut back hours when he thought he could make excuses for it. At this time I found out we were to open a new store in the area and I requested a transfere to go through as soon as it opened. When my promotion was about to go through manager told me straight out that I wasn't his choice that others were pushing me through and that he didn't trust me. I repeatedly asked to make sure promotion was to be for new store before I accepted it. I also asked for a specific person to replace me in my department when I was promoted which he refused. Instead with no notice to me he pulled me from my station I wasn't even given time to remove my personal belongings and he put in a co-worker that had been repeatedly reported by myself and others for policy violations and should have been fired a long time ago but she hangs around with management 24/7 literally they go to her house. She was very disrespectful towards me and when I complained it was ignored. When I was finally able to get my personal belongings out she reported me for stealing and i was pulled in the office but I had all the receipts taped to most the items and others were quite obviously not company property. But still I started getting my bags searched when I would leave. Manager would ask other employees if I was bad mouthing him. Manager then announced to all employees that I was going to be promoted over them when I had made it clear that I wanted to transfer. A friend of the aforementioned lady who was given my station then came over to me a quite rudely said you know you can't fire someone just because you don't like them, she then proceed to speak Spanish to another woman who was her friend, and that woman ran over to say something to the woman who was given my station; next thing I know I was pulled into the office because my manger said a few people went to him saying that i said I wanted to fire the woman in my station. I denied saying it but he was just looking for an excuse at that point and this gave him one so he blocked my promotion, sent me home on a disciplinary and told me if I didn't like it not to come back I didn't. But I did write him a 3 page letter explaining the situation and lining out some of his conduct which he never responded to. Two weeks later I found out that he gave my promotion to the woman he gave my station to. I then called the DM who told me I could return to work when the new store opens but since I was listed as a walk out I would have to start all over with benefits and I wouldn't be going back with the promotion in place; nor could I collect unemployment because I 'quit'.

Aivaras 6 years ago

Wow some comments here are pretty serious...

Anyway, my stepfather is planning to sue his boss and is going to use the recorded "yelling and swearing" as evidence. I just don't think that that's against the law for some reason. His boss is the owner of his company, which is technically a corporation, but has no board of directors.

It's a trucking company. The boss, however, used to do (and probably still does) some illegal things like making his workers work more. For example, the workers must rest for two days after they drop off the load from chicago to california (by law) but the boss used to somehow fake the documents and mark the time of the drop off with a 2-day old date, so that his employees could start driving back right away.

Neil Sperling profile image

Neil Sperling 6 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

Thanks - Been through Micro Management of the worst kind and appreciate knowing what I should/could have done.

kylie 6 years ago

My ex boss has had his books looked at and there was some miss management of funds now he is telling everyone that i did it even though i did not have access to any bank accounts or trust accounts only he did, Can i sue him and prove myself right.

gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

I have worked as an investigator in a social service agency for many years. You are correct in stating that many discrimination claims are null and void because the complainant in the case do not provide accurate documentation. In order for discrimination cases to be valid, the complainant must document his/her case thoroughly and provide veriable witnesses. Furthermore, the complainant must be calm and collected during interviews. Many a complainant crucify himself/herself by admitting evidence to the contrary. For example, during an investigation, the respondent in the case stating that a complainant called him a pejorative name. I asked the complainant if this was true, the complainant answered so what. This case was considered void. Good article.

Erica 6 years ago

im a personal carer and have been bullyed for over a year now. i was new and thought that it would stop but it hasn't.I'm about 23 and am having difficultys with an older lady who has worked at this facillity for a very long time.She says hello to the people around me by name and ignores me she picks at me every time shes on the same shift as me.She speaks to me rudley and abruptly ordering me about,She is not of a highr auothority either or in charge of me.she sometime witholds information from me and looks for my mistakes and lets me know about it in a nasty way.she hate me doing certin job and gives me a hard time when i get them. when im on the floor with her she makes me do alot of the heavier work while she dose bits and piecs. i have spoken to my superviser and the situation is now wores.As now the lady picks at me and claims im bulling her in the exact same way she is bullying now my supervise is sending out a memo to both of us to work more proffesionally with each otheir.I can asure you what she has told my superviser is untrue and has really fustrated me as this is just another one of her bullying tactics. i feel i need to leave my job but then she will target someone eles.Some people have left due to her behaviour towards them but they never spoke up the just left.I also have witnesses.

Les 6 years ago

I have been dealing with a bully co worker for the past 3 years. Here in the 6 months or so it has gotten extremely bad to the point that this individual started to bring his gun to work.I reported it to my boss but nothing was done.So I went to his boss and still nothing was done.Did I mention that I work for a public school so not only I was in danger but so are students and staff.Almost 3 months went by then the situation was reported to head Dean and the police. The individual was suspended with pay for two weeks then transfers. I left work two hours early and my pay was doct. I was then told not to never speak to anyone about this to take this to the grave keep it secret. There is so much more to this story just trying to keep it short. I was wondering if I could sue or what could do. Because this has changed my life it has effected me in a big way. I wonder if I need to relocate for the safety of my family. Or stay at my job. Does any one know what I should do. HELP

Fedup 5 years ago

Thanks Undercover, you are God send. I work for a coward boss who hides behind his desk and attempts to create a hostile environment for me by abusing policy and rewarding negative behavior against me through my co-workers as well as 3rd parties. Theses snakes are the vilest ever and it is amazing that the US economy is not non-existent due to these power mongers.

good worker 5 years ago

Hello! I love this site... recently I have been bullied by the office manager and the owner.. I have not been notified by the owner but he/she suposedly confronts the Office manager and has her/him repremend me for doing nothing wrong ... One thing that I was repremened for was not holding an employee's personal belongings for ransom until he or she returned some company belongings. Correct me if I am wrong but is that not a law that personal belongings cannot be held for ransom???? One other thing that I supposedly did wrong that he or she had the office manager repremend me for was that the owner felt that I was not looking out for his or her best intrest by reseraching the labor laws of holding personal belongings... Little does he or she know that I was looking out for his or her best interest but it appears it ticked him or her off and now I am feared that I might be headed out the door....Why? Because the office manager suggested that I should not talk to him or her about it until they cool off. Now do you see my awkard position I am in??? HELP!!!!!

TELars 5 years ago

have spoken with so many regarding my situation with King County as my employer and no one seems to understand that it is not alright to be verbally abused in the workplace by a bully boss. I have been verbally abused, lied to, set up for failure. I have endured this type of treatment for over seven years. I have spoken with my boss, I have been to his boss, I have been to my union, I have been to HR, ombudsman and I have been to eeoc. I tried to go to dispute resolution with him and boy was this a mistake. Since I have tried this he has retaliated against me in several ways. Poor evaluations, when I met for evaluation the first thing he said was I cannot believe you are taking me to dispute resolution. From that point forward he has done nothing but harass me. No lawyer wants to speak with me regarding these issues I have tried on several occasions to talk with lawyers. My boss is African American I am white. I am over 50 been employed with King County for almost 17 years with no college degree. This man has bullied his staff and me for several years. I have been told that King County is aware of this man’s behavior but they consistently overlook the things staff has been saying for several years. Does an employee have to endure such behavior due that the county is unwilling to deal with it because he has stated that he will sue if the county takes action against him? I am at a loss of words to explain how this has affected my work abilities. Does a white male over 50 have any rights whatsoever? What does it take for someone to get the help they need in these matters? I was told that there is nothing I can do to have the abuse stopped. Are there not laws that protect county workers from bosses who perceive themselves as untouchables due to their race? They use this to get away with what they are doing knowing that the county does not want a lawsuit and because of that the county allows this type of behavior.

Please help if you cannot please advise me on what I can do or is this just the same old thing I have been hearing for years. There is nothing you can do but to accept the behavior and deal with it.

steph 5 years ago

Um folks, bully or not, all your manager has to say is that the company has the right to choose the talent they think is the best for the company. They can twist and make things look any way they like. Attorneys want you to think you have a chance in court. You don't. This is an employer's market, not your dad's place of employment where he worked from teen to 60's and received appropriate retirement benefits for giving his life to his work.

I hope to be around to see the greed kill off these companies and continue to painfully punish anyone connected with the pile of criminal crap that has become corporate America. I hope they all go the way of the Lays, Scrushys, Kozlowskis, Ebbers, etc. who have been outted and jailed.

Lay was lucky to die. Maybe.

jen 5 years ago

my boss has bipolar (according to me) one day she will be so nice to my face and talk behind my back about my wrongdoings at work. my last evaluation came out perfect and i had absolutely no complaints. i show to work on time i do my job every day. and other times she will nit pick me about ANYTHING that she can find. i work in a kitchen and we have a bottle of had antibacterial something in it. i WATCHED someone use it right before me and she told me i couldn't use it because it was unsanitary. that is just a minor example. another is, my coworker is a male, and he is on probation for violence charges. a friend and i were talking about our weekend we had and my boss heard and confronted me with, ''you know your personal life reflects on ur job''. my coworker didn't even get suspended and she had to comment on me enjoying a friday night out?

DD 5 years ago

I am working for an escalating bully boss. It is really getting to me. I need help to know what my next steps / options & rights are. I fell lost- and the toll of my bully bosses tirades and threats have really kicked in. I am not who I was before. Sggestions very very appreciated. Won't HR just back the bully boss * help crush me? My personal email is

Last week she went on at length about being unhappy with my performance- examples included very trivial or fantasy problems- or things she won't calm down long enough to hear an explanation & let me fix. SO. I am getting extremely stressed. Since last week when she informed me she will not sign my security investigation form "because she does not know if she can say I am honest" I have really had trouble eating. I emailed HR over the weekend. This lady has really terrorized me- I am 58 and at my age- alone- being unemployed can be deadly in more ways than one. I am extemely afraid & really do not know how to proceed.

I heard nothing from HR till afternoon and they informed me they can meet at 4 PM Thursday (this is Monday)- with one of my bosses. I got terrified I would be fired on the spot- despite a 100% perfect review in December, etc.

I took a chance and went above her head to a higher up. I was a wreck with anxiety and fear and told him everything including her yelling. Telling me she goes from 0 to 100 in anger- but I have to take it because she is the executive (this was last week.) Also, she claimed I "nearly blew" a conf call with the White House because she was 1/2 hour EARLY due to the person on the other end last minute moving the time back. AND that person referred to me in her emails to my boss as "wonderful DD". I told him all this. But I am still lost and terrified. I feel like I've literally been thrown into the gladiators ring- for no apparent reason except this lady appears to want to trade me in- It is troublesome to her when I am unfocused and upset "over minor things. She actually told me that was one of my issues. Of course being screamed at, accused, threatened, etc. for months could make me un-calm. For that I was being threatened. Of note- I may be un-calm (I have cried at the worst of it and left my desk). But she is the one storming around and yelling at me.

J. Javadian 5 years ago

My boss intimadates me and if you complain they put you through all sorts of tests to decide of you are ok to work. Then if you complain to him he gets worse..

Done be bullied 4 years ago

After 7-1/2 years of great performance reviews with potential promotions on the horizon, being sent across the nation to start-up an associated company (Tennessee). When and after some of the original supervisors and management left (for unknown reasons) or retired. All of a sudden things changed, going down hill at break neck speeds. When the following happened for unknown reasons.

Not sure if Nevada employees have same rights as other states but the Starbucks roasting plant has bullied and been hostile with threats to my wife in every way possible. Before her cornea replacement surgery, she tripped and fell, hurting her wrist due to her not having good vision (depth of field) from a failing cornea. At one point her supervisor (Carrie) had mentioned to her that she (Carrie) wasn’t sure at her (Wife) age that she could handle the job. Isn’t this a form of age discrimination?

One of her supervisors looked at her wrist and said "it's sprained go back to work. She did and came home in extreme pain. But for fear of retaliation didn't see a doctor as her boss told her not to. Next day at work with very swollen wrist another boss took her to doctor telling (threatening) her not to ask for pain meds as then the incident would be a reportable accident and would ruin their safety record. She did not mention it to doctor as instructed by supervisor who insisted on sitting in on examination of wrist in doctors exam room (x-ray discovered her wrist was fractured). After threats from her work about her going to doctor she finally had her vision checked concerning her not being able to see clearly. Was told she had a virus in eye and to see a specialist. Specialist referred her to a cornea specialist. Cornea Specialist/Surgeon had determined that if she wanted to see again that the cornea had to be replaced ie. cornea transplant. She would have to be off work until transplant had for the most part healed. She applied for FMLA leave and was approved for 12 weeks, then had to apply for short term disability turning into long term disability. She was off work for just under 1 year. Upon returning to work was told that due to no specialist (operator, previously held) positions open they could only offer her a picker (laborer) position. That her wages would reflect by being dropped to the appropriate wages. She readily accepted as in order to survive in this down economy and with medical bills any work would suffice at this point. Letters were given out to all employees shortly after stating wages/shift differential and raises. She questioned her supervisor as the letter stated that she was making the wages she made prior to her sick leave. She was told that was the wages she was making, no need to question it. When a specialist position became open, she was told to apply for it as that was the only way to recover her original position. She applied, was granted an interview and came away very happy as the interview went very well with her lengthy experience as an operator and overall safety record. After patiently awaiting outcome was told that because of a PIP (personal improvement plan) over a year ago that she didn’t get the job. She was hurt by the outcome and couldn’t understand the reasoning as a PIP is only affective for at the longest, 90 days. She accepted the outcome by picking herself up and going forward realizing after being told that within a few months she would be able to reapply for a specialist position as the PIP would go away in a few months???, that her attitude was great and had a good chance to recoup her original position. 3 days later she was called into the office only to be told that her wages were being cut!!

At this point the supervisor and management collusion of bullying and abuses had gone far enough. How long does an employee have to deal with this type of perpetual slap in the face?? This is, in my eyes a hostile work environment and should be addressed. Please reply me with your advice or a direction to take.

Thank you,

claudia 4 years ago

I was told by my co workers that my boss was talking about how over weight my daughters are. What should i do. I've been at this job for 16 months and this woman does not know me except for i work for her! Idk what to do this is really bothering me because she be so two faced and ask me about them and smile to my face. I have been told stories horrible stories about her! What should i do!? I wish i could sue the heck out of them!

Unanimous 4 years ago

I have a boss/company owner who uses very foul language and especially when he's on the phone. He doesn't care his office door is open or patients passing by . It is very disturbing hearing it, well it wasn't as bad until one day we heard him on a personal call with a woman I assume because he said "why would I help you if you aren't giving me %#^#y " was I disgusted!! What can you do in these situations if there's no one above him? He also makes comments to some girls here that are very vulgar and unprofessional .

Kimberley Robinson 4 years ago

Hi I have recently been if work for 2weeks with a bad back I am a career on returning to work my boss has taken my hours of me and is only giving me about 12 hours work can she do this

Laurie 4 years ago

I have been reading these posted and they have made me feel so much better!!!

I was wrongfully dismissed from my job last week. I worked very hard for my employer for 12 years, I was a one man show and very deticated worker. I am in sales and it is a very unique set up where in most companies there may have been 3 to 4 people doing my job. When I was first employed there was no department to say I built it.

During my employment two men that did not work under me but under my Director where allowed to do whatever they wanted, and at times it made my job and several other co-workers jobs hard to do because of the situation he put us in. As I started to document stuff I thought no one should be able to run a company like this and I would go to my boss with compliants and he would make me the problem.

It took him 8 years to fire a person whom ws not working and stealing from our place of employemnt as well as drinking on the job. The man was allowed to be drunk, steal the and equipemnt among other things.

The other man it 11 years to fire and he would sleep in area's of our building and when I would go to my boss because the people he had me managing at his request where coming to me because of this, he would say:

It would help me if you would do this or that, or he would say how do I know that is true or I have to catch him. So.... next time you see it come find me our teh next person in charge.

It was a horrible, hostile and disresepctful place to go and work everyday when you are so overwhelmed. This man finally fired a few months back but this went on for years, after 100's of emails and people going to my boss. The first week of this year I had my goal setting and it was the same generic your doing great try to handle cleints a little slower which is hard to do when you have built a business and you have no support. Then I go on vaction and he walks in my office on the day I return and hands me a letter saying I was not working at the level for the poosition my employer.

When in fact I was working 24/7 at night on the weekends just trying to keep up with no assitant and checking my clienst on my vacation to make sure no one was missed.

So I guess you have to be drunk and sleeping and not be at the 78% of my budget and make your budget every year. Then I am made aware that our receptionist was put in my job for now. Does any of this sound like it is discrimination or hostile or just plan unbelievable??

Marcus 4 years ago

I work for the state of maryland, and one of my supervisor remind me as much as he can that he will fire me, and other employees, I let upper management aware of this matter and nothing has been done. What can I do, to correct this problem. And can this man be removed form the job site, for creating a hostile environment?

progrockmike 4 years ago

does anyone know if I can file a complaint or sue a company for the follwing?(1st, it may sound simple, but in my 30 years of being employed, I've never wirtnessed this) My manager didn't like something I said in the office and belittled me in front of my co-workers and said (along the lines of) "you can take a walk"(meaning quit). Other emplotyess were laughing at seeing me being embarrassed. Thanks!!

Joe 4 years ago

In my work place i left shift at 10 pm when it was the end of my shift and now my boss have got people to lie about what happened and i still face getting the sack a memmber of staff who was coming in at 10 ha phoned in sick but the office didn't bother to get any one in is this my fault do i deserved to be sacked i have writtting statements off people who were asked to lie

Do i have a case in court for this does any one no

wondering 4 years ago

A woman where I work was just fired for carrying a gun in the work place. Which they should fire her. But they told people not to talk a out it or they will be fired. Can they do that?

sharon 4 years ago

I pointed out a big mistake my boss made, resarched it and told him that it was an error, he countered with his own research, though he had a solution but it failed. So, he tells me to proceed with the process even though there is a flaw. That was about two weeks ago. One week ago I get my job performance and it is horrible. I cried in the bathroom. This piece of dung is trying to punish me because I found a big mistake he made. He is a lawyer and I am a paralegal. I know my rights and I am pissed. Just asked to be transferred out of departmemt and did write a strong yet professional and respectful response. Next step perhaps EEOC complaint and possible lawsuit. It may go no where, but I want him to be so afraid he will never mess up another persons evaluation because of his failure or his attempt to punish me.

Tammie Howard 4 years ago

I worked for a company for 9 1/2 months. My supervisor harassed me daily. I had no clue when I took the job that you could not use the rest room when needed. I only have one kidney so I was wrote up for taking 2 extra less then 10 min breaks to run to the rest room. So I got a detailed note from my Dr explaining that it was a health risk for me to continue holding it for long periods of time. I took it to Human Resource. Nothing was said until I switched bosses then the new boss kept writing me up and telling me I had to sign it for schedule adherence, I refused to sign. Then she starts dogging me out to the other supervisors, so I go to human resource who states well maybe this job is not for you. I said no I am good at my job but she as a supervisor should not be allowed to yell at me on the floor were everyone can here and continue to write me up. I stated I have had 3 bladder infections in 3 months due to trying to do what she ask and I can't continue or its going to ruin the only one I have. So the head supervisor pulled 6 of us into her office stating she was going to have to write us up and said I will deal with Tammie first and she did and I refused to sign it. She then stated she ran out of time and the other 5 would be talked to tomorrow well that day came and went and not one of them was ever wrote up. Actually one of them was promoted. My stats were great I surpassed our goals every month. Then my supervisor called me to the side and told me look I don't want you here I have tried to get you fired and so far it hasn't worked she stated that she had even went to the rest room and screamed over me. I said really why in the world would you do that? She stated you lack self confidence and I said well its not like you instill any. Then that evening we all heard her sharing her rampage about me with other supervisors. Then she called me off the phone again and said she was going to have to write me up for schedule adherence and I said look I took a note to human resource and she said I checked its not there. So I said I am not signing it period. Since it disappeared I will tomorrow bring in a copy. I didn't get the chance they called me to the back were others could see and hear and told me I was being fired because Directv said I made a mistake and there was nothing they could do. They proceed to walk me out then in front of everyone out front stand at the doors yelling get off the property, I was waiting on my husband to pick me up. I explained this to them and they kept yelling till I finally relented and walked all the way out to the street to the bus stop. It is a dangerous area and it was dusk and I am 50 yrs old and several people stopped including two buses to see if they could give me a ride. I was mortified. The next day I called Direct Tv and ask them about this and they said that would have not gotten me fired at all. That mistake was because another supervisor told me to transfer the call which I did and noted the account as well, the head supervisor told me they would speak with him but that I was still fired. Younger male employees who made mistakes got wrote up but kept their jobs. Then later they were promoted. I think all this stemmed from my lack of one kidney. Is this allowed just because we are a right to work state? I thought they could fire you for whatever reason but not bully you. They harassed me so badly my Dr finally put me on anxiety medication. One supervisor told me to learn to bend more. One told me to ignore them they were like monkeys in the trees just running their mouth. For the last 3 months of working there,I felt like I was having a nervous break down. I was neglecting my house my family but I had to have my job I was the only one working at that time.

michelle 4 years ago

I have worked for a food processing company for 1 1/2 years. In this time I have been floored by the things that go on there. A hostile environment to say the least. The owner gets mad and throws things ..curses on a daily basis. Employees send emails and copy everyone in the office while the curse each other out in email. It goes on daily. The co-owner smokes a cigar in the offices and break room and meeting areas. All of wich are illegal in the state of CA. I could go on and on.....the stress level is beyond belief and today I couldn't take it any more. When I got to the office the owner was telling a co working to go "F" himself and then turned to me and started I quit after listening to him for about 15 min. I got up and took my things and left. Do i have the right to file a claim? Can i get unemployment?

Darlyne Jones 4 years ago

I reallly ned a web sight to contact the hud people here my work sight has become so unbairable please heil 270-307-5529

bugjuice 4 years ago

Y'all have been helpful my boss I believe is holding my relationship with my better half against me, they also pry into my personal choices outside of work an hold my life against me..thanx ....

b.gwyn 4 years ago

My mom works with someone at Quality Suites in Hickory, North Carolina. And, these people thats from India took over not just a little of a month ago. and, they have fired and hired so many new people. but, kept the good people that know what there doing in the housekeeping job. and, they fired everyone that is on salary also. but, thats beside the point. they fired the executive housekeeper and made the assistant executive housekeeper the new one in the place of the fired one. and, the woman has took it to her head and back. because, she sets behind a desk now. she yelled and told of the housekeepers to shut up and, that she didn't know how to make a bed.. The woman went to the new people that took over the hotel. And, She told her that she could talk to her that way! but, I don't think she can. It states in the Company Handbook that they have to be respectful toward the supervisor and the supervisor has to do the same back! Is there anything that this woman can do about this supervisor's actions?!

trisha 4 years ago

Hi My name is trisha I am working in a hostile bullying workplace for several months My story is that I have know where else to go there is no human resources department In my case i am always being call a slut a whore the owner has call me a slut in front of other employee and customers were in the dining room and also heard him the manger is the leader in all this every employee has address me that why i was call out into the parking lot of my employement with several others employees which all team up on me I started crying I was so stree out I wanted to just died i have talk to aattorney stated there nothing I can do i thought there were laws to protects employees. Please help with advice

lvc 4 years ago

I found the info you posted very helpful. I have worked for government agency for 22 years. Two years ago I was struck by a government vehicle while I was walking in a parking lot. This resulted in multiple physical injuries and ptsd/depression as I could not get the image of the vehicle almost running over my face out of my mind. Recently I was placed on leave, since then I have heard my that my supervisor has been making fun of my work restrictions and my medical condition. This has brought about even more anguish. I feel so upset about management not taking me seriously, when I complained about this the first time. Now management has assured me that they did investigate and took appropriate action the first time, but then why has it happened again. Why do supervisors think they belittle a persons medical problem? I had never had problems at work until after the vehicle hit me, then all of a sudden it seemed like everyone wanted to judge me and my medical issues and managers would make comments as if they thought that I actually threw myself in front of the vehicle. I find the company's behavior unprofessional. I also feel that the comments to my co workers is only causing me to look like I am a lazy ass. I am not, I worked there for 22 years and the only thing that was my fault the day I got hit, was that I was on time to work. Advise would help. Thank you.

mort 4 years ago

I have a question: in my work we have a case ,my boss and managers , pushing us to promote and sharing flyers on facebook , one of the text message said " mandatory" , it's that legal?

kemmy frier 4 years ago

Hello i received a phone call from my regional manager,when i got home from work. she said i am on paid suspension and i am not to set foot at work. I asked her what it was about and she said call so and so in HR dept. She will let you know a letter came in from a customer and we are doing an investigation on you. Is this the correct way to tell me i am suspended from work? By the way i had to wait the next day for an explanation from HR. I recently to put on 90day probation for an inappropriate email to my boss, in response to something i had did. i just completed my 90 day probation with no problem..3 weeks later i get hit with upset!

marvinmartian 4 years ago

I work for the man that owns the company. He yells, rants and raves and 'cusses a blue streak.' He's uglier to other staff calling them names and berating them all day long. He tries to be very careful not to let me hear this, but I have, and a very different person out of the office - people thinks he great. But the GDing and Effing at the staff is taking it's toll on them, along with severe micromanaging. He very condescending to everyone, including me. Then, there are times he doesn't care who hears him. It's all very strange, but I feel definitely intentional bullying. Of course, we all feel like we have to put up with it in this day of very few jobs out there.

Dinky 4 years ago

I have been doing same job for over 4 years and no one critizes my work now got new line manager and now keep gettong pulled into office saying I doing rhis wrong that wrong I could lose my job ovenr all the.mistakes he says I am making what do I do I doing same now as last 4 years no diffeerence

poppy 4 years ago

When I told my boss I was 15 weeks pregnant he said that I can't work in the cafe with a pregnant belly. Ever since then he has reduced my hours and shifts and complains on my performance when I'm doing everything I was trained to do and I've asked him what can I do to improve and he says nothing. Calls me stubborn about it. Am I just taking it the wrong way or can I do something about this?

nanci 4 years ago

I work with a supervisor who would tell me something, but when it turns out to be trouble, he would lie that he never told me. He gave me so many warnings, then told me one day, the days of me being at the company, my days are numbered. I finally left early one night because he told me I could leave, but when I was fired for it, he said he never told me, now I have to appeal my unemployment benefits. Was his behavior harrassment or just a bully supervisor.

Richard 4 years ago

Can I be punished for not following a procedure that I wasn't aware of. A friend of mine has just been given a written warning for not "reviewing" an accident invese tigation. He has never before been asked to conduct a review of any of the countless investigations that he has conducted so I see this as unfair. How can you be punished for not following a procedure that you was unawre of in the first place??

Any help would be appreciated as I am also vulnerable to this type of punishment!!

irma martino 4 years ago

we have been dealing with this kind of harassment and bullying from our company for the last 3 years, and yet no government agent has helped us, we are formers transit and school bus drivers all terminated within the last 3 years in which the new company took over, they went as far as fabricating an accident which led to my termination, they went as far as getting the police to charge me with 3 separate charges all of wich didn't even make it to court as it was proved i did not hit this vehihcle(parked vehicle), the amount of drivers they have done this to and still continue with the employed drivers is incredible, so how on earth does a company get away with this.

Bad Supervisors 4 years ago

Sure am glad that you have this website. It's evident workplace bullying is alive & well. The management/supervisors at the organization I work for are "master manipulators" - lies, false accusations, stealing other workers ideas and projecting it as their own, micromanaging that creates additional work so routine work cannot be done in a timely manner. There is huge turn-arounds-people always leaving because of the abuse they have been subjected to - I have observed managers/supervisors be so abusive employees were brought to tears in front of customers & other co-workers. Top administration has been aware of this for years, as has the HR department - yet nothing is done. Employees are terminated for lesser actions (which are probably lies to begin with). Managers/supervisors ask employees to falsify documents but then don't stand behind their requests. Have seen numerous employees suffer from ill health because of this environment, employees told there are no Federal laws regarding health (another lie because there is FMLA and ADA). This organization does everything it can to ruin good workers. They have their favorites (generally the slackers who sit in the office all day discussing their social lives while the hard-workers do the jobs they are supposed to be doing) - and who gets the recognition - the slackers - they also get kudos for doing the most work. Again, nobody will do anything because most people are fearful of losing their jobs. In the last year, I've heard that some employees (for whatever reason) have been asked to sign documents (in front of company attorney & supervisor) without having the opportunity to review and then told "they are subject to termination" if they do not sign (some of these documents the employee would waive their rights to make any claims whatsoever against the organization). Guess they know they are in the wrong but are trying to intimidate and coerce employees to sign documents not knowing they would never be able to go against the employer. It would be a huge welcome if these administrators, managers and supervisor (including their cronies) be shown the door (and don't let the door hit them in the butt on their way out) for the success of the organization. Their mission is "Management by Fear", intimidation, coercion, fraud, document falsification, lies, minimizing employees who go above & beyond their regular responsibilities. Too much to go on - this is just a short version.

Azadeh 4 years ago

Very useful. Thanks for sharing

anonymous 4 years ago

I am having issues at a job that I've only been with for three months. The guy that hired me seemed like a good guy during the hiring process. As soon as he hired me he said, "I'm gonna have so much fun picking on you." Two months later he told me over the phone that he was gonna "beat me up." I tried to make a joke out of it but his underlying message was "I have no respect for you and I'll treat you however I want." Then today I had to leave work early because Today, I had to go to the doctor to have a torn ham-string worked on. The injury has in no way gotten in the way of my work duties. My boss threatened to fire me, even though the injury has in no way hampered my job performance.

I've been around people like this before and I have found that once it goes down the bully path it doesn't stop it usually just gets worse. However, I am in a bad predicament. The last company I worked for was stealing money from our paychecks. I couldn't work for a company that did that so I left. I had only four months with them, and now only three with my new job. I feel like I'm stuck, and now after being threatened I am concerned that he might find a way to get rid of me.

I am concerened that this might be racially motivated. I am a white, bald guy. I have the look of a "white supremist" even though I don't believe in any of that. My boss is a black guy. I hope that he's not taking any thing out on me as I am not racially motivated in any sense of the word.

Teri In Ohio 4 years ago

I am being bullied at work by my immediate supervisor and my assistant manager. I have had exceeds on my yearly reviews these last 2 years and took another position with the company as a dept manager over a large section of the business! I am doing this department by myself with little or no help! I am expected to do the impossible most days, I am belittled in front of customers, I am constantly called into the office being told that I am a disappointment and that he doesn't know where my head is these days! I am told by my immediate supervisor has told my assistant manger that I am not doing my job, but when confronting the accusation, she claims that I am doing all I can with what I have to work with and that everything is ok. I have requested an open door with all management, but was ignored on the latest one which is with the district manager of the company. He has denied 3 others as well! I am being forced to work past my scheduled hours of work on some days and told that I cannot go home till everything is done, which usually takes 12 hours to finish. They give you no heads up on this, so if you have a family, it doesn't matter....I have almost lost my marriage to this. I have asked to step down, and they won't allow me to. I don't know what else to do.

TimetoPlay 4 years ago

I have a question if anyone can help I appreciate it.


I was on medical leave and I am on restrictions. No bending, twisting, etc. I had surgery for my back and am under care with these restrictions until further notice. My employer made me break those restrictions and put me in the bindery doing handwork even though I have the document saying I can’t.

Then the next day, 05/30 I was laid off due to supposed company downsizing. I was out on medical leave for 2 months and back on the job for a week. I feel I am a “Lame duck” with my injuries and can’t work to the company’s standards and that is the real reason I was let go. My department has been given double duties and I am the only one with the injury preventing me from doing the hard manual labor.

I even just had my yearly performance appraisal and got a raise. I feel like this is not right and I want to know what my rights are.

If anyone can help, thanks-

Marsha 4 years ago

Up until last week I worked in a dr's office for almost 3 yrs. In Aug. 2011 I fell and broke both of my elbows and was off work for a month. When I came back the dr started nit picking at everything I did and would disrespect me in front of co-workers and patients. A few months ago he started having me give xanax and halcion to patients before procedures and I found out it was illegal for me to be doing that I told him I was not comfortable doing something illegal. He new I did not have any medical background from the beginning as I was hired as a receptionist. So when I told him that he said that I would have to go home because there was not enough work for me. There was plenty of work. The next day after work he called me into his office and asked me fro my keeys to the building and cut my hours down from 35 a week to 13 a week so I quit. Who do I report him too.

antoinette 4 years ago

hi my name name is antoinette i work in a hospital the past ner 6 years i was auxily for three years then that all stoped when the healthcare asissts came into place it worked i wasn't one and my boss called me on my mobile phone one month bfor xmas to tel me there was no more work for me i had two small kids no husdand i was so up set didn't no where i was going to get money from for my kids for xmas from the started she never liked me she call me given out saying dont be talking i dont do my work calling people which were women hun or love which meant it was a saying didn't mean what she thought it meantshe told me to save the love for at home told me to cut me trouse that they were to long long given out to me all the the time my hear was broken with her ,so a few months after that i got my job bk and doing the even teas and cleaning clincs then went do my coures ner three years past them all and she still has me on them iv told her my family are falling out with me coz they cant mind the kids every night and shes like not my prob and there is girls that have only started and there in on the floors theres blacks chiness all sorts and its not very fer to me being there that all and she will do noting for me and im still working 5 days one week and 7 the next and there all evening work and me and the kids are wore out im only 29 and the kids are 8,9 can you plaz help thank you

Felicia Addison 4 years ago

My son works at Macy's dept store , he's agreat worker he just started about a month ago he has another employee who works with him in sells she jumps in front of him and always trying to take his customer ,he went and report to the manager , nothing was done beside that she try and insult himn.the next day same thing this time she hit him with jacket he went to complain to manager he blame him it seems like every job he gets it ok for a short time then the harassment starts he's a very nice young man he's tired of the bull what can he do

Kayla In Texas profile image

Kayla In Texas 4 years ago from Texas

Felicia, your son at Macy's is gonna have to handle this sassy b* on his own. He needs to do this for himself anyway, to prepare for what we all now know to be CORPORATE AMERICA.

I read almost all the posts and have mixed responses and feelings, ranging from pure anger, to relief to read that I am not the only one experiencing this crap, to outburts of laughter when someone makes a really good comment about their BS boss.

Right now, your son needs to know he is to handle this head on. There is but one way to handle a bully...and that is head on. Eye to eye. He has to dismiss ALL THOUGHTS OF ESCAPING THIS. The escape is his awareness that this WILL NOT GO AWAY. There is no HR rescue coming. There is EEO help coming. There is no MANAGEMENT help coming. He is his own help.

He has to throw away misdirected thoughts of "being a good employee", "just gonna go to work, mind my own business and go home." He may make it home but will be frazzled in a million pieces.

Educate him on what's he's up against.

Have him read these posts.

He has to become aware really fast of what he is dealing with, that will cause him to dismiss all false thoughts that this girl is gonna stop.

This girl has sniffed out some hesitancy in him, some fear, some timidity. He will be swallowed alive. He must learn NOW and go 'toe to toe' with anyone who thinks they're gonna make his life a living hell, anyone who thinks they're gonna turn his day upside down. He has to face FEAR NOW.

The power is within him to do this. Equip him with knowledge that he has entered REAL AMERICA.

Kayla In Texas profile image

Kayla In Texas 4 years ago from Texas

Except for the case of the lady who worked for a Dr. who told her to illegally dispense a drug, in my experience and understanding, the rest of our posts are simple BULLYING BY WORKPLACE ASSHOLES.

(In the medical field, there are certainly things for you to do/file when this type of thing occurs. I am not familiar with exact steps, so do some online searching and then nail that SOB.

People, people, people..wake your eyes...get your head outta whereever you've hidden it in order to avoid seeing and believing the exact things that are right before you.

Employment IS NOT legal slavery. Or, it shouldn't be. As a general rule of thumb, HOWEVER A RELATIONSHIP BEGINS....THAT IS HOW IT WILL CONTINUE AND WHATEVER IS GOING ON, WILL INCREASE. You can take that for personal or business relationships, it doesn't matter. WHY? Because Human Nature is Human Nature. This world is set up as EAT or BE EATEN. My preference is not to EAT and damn sure not gonna be eaten. So if you choose to stand on this plane, be ready to stand your ground on what may seem to be a very small thing. Realize that these people size you up, they look for "over nice-ness", they look deep in your eyes to find any inkling of fear, any inkling that you will subcuumb to their every comman, be it legal or illegal. Realize that these people think THEY ARE GOD. Realize these people have no mercy for you and they get stronger everytime their tactics send you reeling.

FORGET every fake smile they've given you, don't fall for their pats on the back, their "friendliness" because once they suck you in, they know that all you want is yet another smile, yet another pat, and they you will bow to the ground to get another one from them.

You are your own help. I have a boss who is so damn jealous of me its a damn shame. The son of a bitch has craftily taken my work, tries to do other components of my work, tries to make my 8-hr/day job be that of sitting in his office with him so he can be sure I'm not progessing, to give the appearance that I am learning something from him, and simply because people treat him better when I am around. He has cut me out of emails that directly pertain to my work. I have waited to the right time on every issue to say outright to him "well you've taken all my work; well your a manager on that level but you're not happy unless you're doing work on my little level; well I have no information on that account because you've excluded me from all emails." The thing that KILLS this HOPELESS SON OF A BITCH is that I can and do pass an 8hr day without saying a damn thing to him. I can't be punished for assignments he hasn't given me, right? HA! So no matter if I "work" or not, I get paid every 14 days.

Yes the black ass VP was on me, my 2nd line boss was on me, my coworkers were pitted against me to make the bosses happy but yall I STOOD MY GROUND.

"Holding my own" everyday psyched them out! Talking professionally kills them. NOT BEGGING THEM FOR WORK kills them! Again, I can't be penalized for not doing assignments I've not been given! The VP wanted to sleep with me, my 2nd line boss wanted me to be a dumb little black slave, my boss wanted to know how a black girl could be so damn articulate and smart. TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM.

I live in Texas, I got spurs on my feet that dig in their asses everyday. How? By refusing to let them destroy my mind, send me into depression, and most by NOT CONFORMING OR GIVING IN TO THEIR BULLYING.

Sorry folks, except in rare instances, this is the extent of it. But take other's advice about getting an attorney in cases that may warrant one...those attorneys will take your money and your name will still be mud with your company! Is it really worth it?

You can go to the next company, get bullied again and have NO LEGAL chance of filing anything simply because no law was broken.

Open your eyes and realize THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE. This is how Americans REALLY are. Don't attempt to get close to coworkers, be pleasant and move on. Cause no matter what at least 95% of them are actively engaged in work place bullying one way or another and NOT ONE OF THEM is gonna go against their work environment to help you!

markley 4 years ago

I have been working at my job for 8 years. At times we have to write reports. On things that happen at work. I have been writhing reports for 8 years. We got a new Supervisor. I start getting harassed about my reports. He makes me rewright them over. I went to have a meeting with him and he yelled at me. I was in fear for my job. I did nothing about it. I was told after the meeting with him not to tell anybody. Weeks went by I was afraid all the time I did not know who to go to. I desided to go to counseling. Because of my past abuse my counselor said I got triggerd. I was going through, Acute stress disorder. I could not perform my duties at work so I was off on Mental leave. I did go to HR and tell them what had happen. I had all the emails the voice messages he had left me. When I did deside to come back to work I had a meeting with HR and my Supervisor. Nothing was ever said about him yelling at me He told HR he never did that. All that was talked about was the report writing. HR did nothing about it. I feel angry inside. No support from HR. I'm the one who is still going through the past and reliving the abuse. It took years of counseling 20 years ago from the abuse. I got better and I was strong. I never let a man yell at me again. I was not afraid anymore until this all happen. I feel like HR just covered there butts. They did nothing about it. So much for the back up from HR. I'm wondering what he'll do to me now that I'm coming back to work. I have no protection.

Kayla In Texas profile image

Kayla In Texas 4 years ago from Texas

Markley, your protection is you. You have been abused before and some part of you still has that fear of being taken advantage of and not being able to fight back...and win.

It is very important that you begin to do things FIRST, say things FIRST, start a conversation FIRST. It is when you are REACTIONARY that you feel powerless and often it sets up for whoever you are involved with to ALWAYS be "IN CHARGE", "ON TOP". This doesn't have to be so.

Your key is FIRST.

You will go to his office FIRST and make a comment about what you're working on or ASK A QUESTION about the direction he wants you to take on your next writing report. This doesn't take away at all from your 20yrs exp. What this does is 1) removes fear from you of thinking about when he is gonna call or come by or call you in and 2) it lets you and him know that in addition to you having 20yrs exp you are ready and able to tweak your reports in a way that HE will see them as successful.

FIRST is your key. FIRST keeps you from sitting and feeling as a duck who is a target.

FIRST is you asking a question when he says something mean. FIRST is you saying "I heard you "Pete" you don't have to yell". Then repeat back to him what your understanding is of what he said. Say "ok" then exit his office or turn back to work on your assignment.

Yelling isn't a crime. People can do it in the workplace. By him denying says volumes. It says he ISN'T proud of his behavior. It says couldn't control himself so instead yelled at you. So you see, he isn't all powerful nor all confident. He has weaknesses and fears too.

You will win this battle of lifelong abuse by being FIRST.

FIRST to stop by his office when he least expects.

FIRST to dial his extension while he thinks its only he who can dial your extension.


This will empower you. I assure you.

Starlite1965 3 years ago

I have worked as a cleaning supervisor at my work and I was told to go to another site to clean not as a supervisor as they was short staffed but they took me from my site and put a non supervisor at my office and stuck me were I wasn't a supervisor the reason they did this was because the lady didn't want to go to the office they was sending me to as she didn't like it at and this office is 0.4 mile from werei work I don't drive and I had concerns of my saftey as it was dark when I Finnish the other lady drove and wasn't in any danger so I was reluctant to go after all I am a supervisor and to be took from my site as a non supervisor and put her in my position with no training I told them they said I wasn't helpin the company if I went it meant me coming home from there pass trees and not always lit up so I was frightened I went that time then they told me To go again and I refused so I have got a disciplinary for this I have 2 jobs I work from 11am - 3.15 pm I have to walk home or catch bus and the job they want me to cover is 4.30 -7.30 which dosnt give me time plz can you tell me what my rights are as a new year me and my family been out and my husband got viciously assaulted and also I have been followed home from work which there aware of they offered to get me a lift home only when I told them my concerns but they wanted me to get a lift of someone I never met and I don't think it's right as we have a lot of foreign people workin for us comin and goin so u dont no them and I'm very scared of the dark they can't assume someone will take me home and exspect me to go on them terms I needto no I'm deffo getting home safe and now they complaining of standards and I tell them if I'm short staffed we can't do a four man job including detail work as each person as 2 half hours on there floor and they want us to do it all in the same time with 2 or 3 staff for an extra hours pay in short staff a lot

Starlite1965 3 years ago

I have worked as a cleaning supervisor at my work and I was told to go to another site to clean not as a supervisor as they was short staffed but they took me from my site and put a non supervisor at my office and stuck me were I wasn't a supervisor the reason they did this was because the lady didn't want to go to the office they was sending me this office is 0.4 mile from werei work I don't drive and I had concerns of my saftey as it was dark when I Finnish the other lady drove and wasn't in any danger so I was reluctant to go after all I am a supervisor and to be took from my site as a non supervisor and put her in my position with no training I told them they said I wasn't helpin the company if I went it meant me coming home from there pass trees and not always lit up so I was frightened I went that time then they told me Togo again and I refused so I have got a disciplinary for this I have 2 jobs I work from 11am - 3.15 pm I have to walk home or catch bus and the job they want me to cover is 4.30 -7.30 which dosnt give me time plz can you tell me what my rights are

Debra 3 years ago

Im reading these stories well my story is bad, my husband put up with his boss for 36 years verbly abusive to him and all employees my husband was seriously injured we never thought about workmans comp he was badly chemical burn still had to work his boss try to get him to retired at 65 his boss had a lot of things happen to him and my husband was the olny one there for him but he didn't appreciate him at all my husband help him make the canpany is to what it is today his boss spent time in jail my husband ran the copany many times he ran the company on his own now he was force to retired due to illnesses and I work for him and now hes doing the same to me I have to go chase him for my pay check he was gonna fired me twice because he didn't like the way i clean my son helps me but doesn't get paid because he cut my pay so he works for nothinh this guy is the worse human being and the worst part is he's my brother he talk us into many things even moving into his house so he can buy a bigger one for his wife he kick us out of his house after 15 years the house was disgusting broken dish washer he never replaced bought an old stove from another house that had roaches, my kids were healthy till we moved into that house and they all ended up with astma and alergies what can i do i cant pay my rent my electric i have to go to a friends house to get food my house ios cold at times i cant aford oil yet this guy is having his kitchen remolded and hes been going on vacations i feel my husband should be partner he has to companies plus two daycares a beach house an boat an he cries poor.anyone know a good lawyer

nulite 3 years ago

Hello everyone. I am new here and just lookin for any info or suggestions on my particular situation. Recently I was just suspended from work for scheduled sick time. This had been trained to me as an ok business practice thru a prior District Manager. I am now informed that this is not acceptable practice at all. I am extremely upset that I myself may lose my job. My question is that if this DM trained this to avoid weekly over budget on his behalf . . can this be a lawsuit? To me this was ok from the start because the DM represents the company fully. I have been around too many managers that bend the rules or make up their own rules like you were mentioning in your inserts above. Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Spooner2268 3 years ago

Hi Im 62 and I work for a non profit org., for close to 5 years, I was told my position will be terminated in 3 months, but was asked to train the new young kids coming aboard (5 so far , all under 23)to do my job. I was also told at one that there was another position they wanted me to take, I was interviewed, by the mgr of that depart, and my boss and the VP of the whole department, I agreed to accept the position. I was also send an email from the new mgr., letting me know that she wanted to present to position to me formally. I was added in the emails of this new department, I went over the job discrimbtions I was given praise for the good job that I do, and that I will be recogonized for that good work in the new depart. Well 3 weeks ago I was told that I was being terminated, and that the new job was not an offer, and that I was not a good fit, I only had 10 percent of the job, which made no sense to me. I was also told there was not job for me, but I'm expected to train another 3 new employees coming into the company. You see I'm the only black in the department and the oldest, all are white young kids and hispanic. My boss is usually in the office 30 to 40 percent of the time, I have asked thoughout my years for improvements. my perforamces have been very good, but most of the coworkers have been promoted and some have gotten 2 promotions in 6 months, some I have been training in my now terminated position in their new rows. I don't know what to do, Im I being discriminated against? is it my age or color, I'm the only black and oldest. Please help me . Thank you

deedee 2 years ago

I work at a clinic and was sent home by one of the doctors for two week, but i was feeling better and returned in five days. We get 12 sick days and i had already used one. I was called into HR and given a verbal warning b/c my boss chose to view the 5 days as 5 different incidents. I spoke to my union and they said it was fine that she did that. Before this incident i was on disability, when i came back my job title was changed but not my duties. I have also recently found out that the report I have been writing for the department of health since 1997 is not a part of my union contract and I shouldn't be writing them.

We are government funded and are not supposed to turn away patients if they aren't able to pay, but we are instructed to. I try to get all my patients seen by speaking up for them and I think this is a reason I'm being harassed. We had a visit from the Feds and my boss had us put up signs that said patients will be seen even if they can't afford to pay, when the feds left the signs disappeared.

My union wont help me should I go to the department of labor?

cindy 2 years ago

I worked for a company for the last 8yrs. The first year I was suspended for 19days all together. I have also been written up a lot and some stuff was made up. My general manager started hiring in all her family and friends and then she wouldn't speak to me. I got a promotion and then a demotion for no reason just so her friends would be by her side, this happens several times. The last demotion was recent I had no notice until I noticed my general managers nephews girlfriends mother was training for my job. So sense I didn't act mad she cut my hours to two days a week 4 hours a day . today on a Saturday I called to say I'm a little late I'm heading in an girl who is equal to me said on the phone I did a no call no show. Then told another employeeemployee she knew she wasn't allowed to do that and discussed what kind of reaction I had. Who should I call who can help me is this considered favoritism and discrimination, bully boss as well ?

Dan Preece 2 years ago

I am a short person. And I'm picked on in meetings and training classes. I'm tired of being given the but of jokes. Can you please help me

Stephan 2 years ago

Im being targeted now and being retaliated. I went to HR but don't help cause my managers and HR are good friends. All the things I said to HR has gotten to my managers cause they would say it in our meeting as a whole. for example. He/She would say if we have a problem with mgrs. or suprs and how they do things not to go and tell HR but come to use 1st. Even since then ive been targeted of retaliation. they will always console me on the bad that Ive done but when something good I do and even praised by other dept mgrs they don't congratulate me. Instead they find ways to point fingers at me I know cause Ive seen it and document it. Ive also complained to Corporate and have not heard anything yet. I just don't know what to do anymore

Undercover Lawyer profile image

Undercover Lawyer 2 years ago from The Beautiful Northwest, USA Author

Stephan, What happened to you is exactly what I describe in my new book "Prisoners of a Hostile Work Environment." It's on Amazon now, and on sale for the launch period. It has all the info you need, much more than I can write here. You deserve peace at work and to have someone who will stand up for you.

Regina 23 months ago

I am a 22 year old college student and I have been working at a shop near school for the last year, I am the longest working employee, everyone else ends up quitting, I have suffered through many of my boss's abusive rants, have been yelled at, cursed at, and belittled, I have cried and have had anxiety due to this, as have the other employees (some have even been hit by this man) he steals employee wages (we have proof), and I have not quit because I am helping my mom pay for my college tuition along with bills at home so I have been sucking it up, another reason I haven't left is because my boss threatens to withhold my remaining two checks, he has done this to many former employees, he creates new policies and procedures on the spot and makes us sign contracts with the threat that we will not be paid. I have come looking for help because just last night I was told go f**k myself after not being able to stay to cover someone's shift. I was told if I left, that it would be the same thing as me "quitting without notice and I would not receive my pay". I no longer no what to do, nor do I think there is anything I can do. Do you have any suggestions or advice as to what I may do or where I will be able to find further information, thank you.

Carla 20 months ago

So I was put on a PIP by a manager that just started, have never had any kind of write up or coaching, was put in a situation where I was the only Recruiter and had a Recruiting C0ordinator and no feedback at all. I was truly blindsided by this. The Manager that put me on the PIP on a Friday was fired on the following Monday, said Manager was then rehired and still wants to meet for the PIP that she administered before she left, is that at all valid? Also this Manager came in my office and cried to me about 40 minutes before administering the PIP, we were suppose to have follow ups 30, 60, 90 days...she missed the 30 day mark, what gives?

renee 17 months ago

I asked my boss if she could moved from a person on our team because they are very confrontational and offensive and I feel threatened by this person. She later tells me to hang in there and she will move me. To my surprise she did but next to person I have great concern about. I ask her why she said to balance out the team for the seating chart. O ask her again not to sit me by this person, she tells me I'll be okay. I told her that if something happens between me and this person it on them.I beg a pleaded again she said you'll be okay..I'm working in a hospital environment and doesn't care.

Rosie 5 months ago

Hi...58 female who has worked for same aerospace company for 12 years. Working for new GM for 3 years. He has shown an unethical side several times but I try to keep my nose out of it.

He has been picking on me for the past few months going back and forth with different reasons. His lack of consistency in what I do right and wrong and continuously picking on me has put me into a full blown nervous breakdown. I am worried about returning to work that I will either regress or get fired. He sends emails to HR, copies me, in that he falsely accuses me of poor behavior during our meetings and emphasizes petty mistakes I made. Last meeting and email to HR, He twisted the entire conversation. It was extremely hard to read. I've had 12 Master and Excel yearly ratings. I feel the need to protect myself against this email's allegations but I don't want to regress emotionally nor Do I want to be let go.

I have a good team of doctors who have helped me through my treatment and I am feeling much better. I have been on short term disability for about 7 weeks and expect (if I continue to improve) I can go back to work in about 5 weeks. Thank you for your advice.

Frustrated Employee 4 months ago

I've in my Federal Government Agency for 9 yrs. and altogether 25+ years in the Federal government. I've never worked in a place that was very dysfunctional environment to work in. The managers walk pass you like they don't see so do the employees like your invisible. They are rude and treat unfairly. They don't follow the Agency Rules & Regulations. Everything seems like it’s done under the table it seems like they hire whom they know or Military oriented all the time and not Civilians. Since, I worked her since Nov 2007. I found out the grass wasn't greener on the other side. I have had 12 managers come and go and never got a chance to proper gets to know me. I have been harassed, bullied, and threatened here a couple years ago. Nothing still seems to change they do things as they have always done them. After being hired I was supposed to be promoted after 56 weeks but they held my Grade 8 back for 3 years until I told them I was going to file a grievance on them the next day papers were drawn out and got my grade 8 now I'm stuck and can't get out of here. I'm not advancing and there nothing else to learn. Every time, I apply for Program Analyst positions that become available in here I make both Certs list and get an interview but don't get the job. I had numerous people offer me up to fight, jump over my desk and lie on me etc. They constantly harass me on email about my dress code, telephones on the office etc. I'm tired. This place is beginning to affect my personal life outside the work place. I have nightmares starting back up from years ago about what I went through in here. I ask for training and I ask for details but no luck getting out of here. I have run out of options with nowhere to go. I'm a part of the Union I want to get a desk audit because I have down higher levels of work GS-13, 14, and 15 on a GS-8 level. I stay late after work No Comp and No OT. I've seen them bring interns from college in here to work but non-pay once they graduate them hire them but they won't promote me. All I keep hiring when we ask for Front office staff help we are it and we are the help. Four years ago I was almost suspended and fired after an incident occurred in my office because I had a 100 degree temperature I called out for 3 consecutive days after the 3rd you bring in a doctors notice. Since I had trying I came in on the 3rd day with a fever still. I got harassed over something about work email I didn't know about because I don't have a work blackberry and I came to work to clear my desk because they had paid for training for me to be out of the building I knew no one would back my work up. I got harassed and yelled at. I told my manager I was sick of them bullying and harassing me it was going to stop or I'm reporting them. So they lied on me claimed I threw Fed govt. property in my purse when I didn't it was my personal belongings. I had to fight that with the Union and won my case. But my problems are how do I excel and get out of this stressful work place? I can't take it anymore I just had a baby I need more money in which I won't get working here.

Tina M 4 months ago

My boss and his daughter own and run this ag lab. They provide no clear guidance in procedures or priorities. They leave all decisions up to us, the workers until it becomes a problem. Then we're told how stupid we are. They keep the staff short which makes it difficult to take vacations or have Dr. appointments, while they work like 9:30-5:00 and take off for any whim. It's like pulling teeth to get supplies and basic things like lighting and toilet paper. In the employee handbook it says OT is required during busy season which June-August. Yesterday I was told I need to ask for OT. My ultimate question is, who is most responsible for workload? If I was the only person working 14 hours a day, is it my responsibility to ask for help?

Shawn F 4 months ago

Alright so I had held my job for 2 years and went through three new bosses/ head chefs. Well this last one started increasing my work load as well as hiring a new employee who made my work harder by not doing his job right and also not listening to my training, I had complained about this new employee to him several times and as far as I could tell he was nvr punished nor taken off the schedule for his actions at work, like leaving me 45 minutes after he clocked in, and several other angering actions toward me, but I digress on that fact, well come this last payday of mine I had called in 2 days before payday and no called no showed the day before, when I came to pick up my check at front desk a note was left by my name where I sign for my paycheck stating chef has my check and I must get it personally from him, well when I went down to kitchen to grab from him he shoved a rolling table across the kitchen on camera even and told me he wasn't paying me till we had a talk, I not having the time to speak with him had to pay my hotel room for my family else we would lose our place and roof over our head, he still refused to hand it over and began getting in my face screaming at me, he's four times my size so of course I got scared and quickly walked out of the kitchen with him following fast behind me calling me every white racial slur in the book as well as other things I don't want to type here, I have several witnesses who watched him follow me outside while he was acting violent and fuming toward me, well he went back inside and I sat outside to process my own thoughts and give him time to cool off ya know, when I went back in my buddy followed me to make sure he didn't get violent with me, as another employee walked by she asked if I needed chef and that he was busy in the kitchen, I proceed to tell her he was holding my check from me, she had told me that he wasn't allowed to do so and went in the kitchen and sternly asked for my paycheck bless her heart, when he came out into the hall he still refused to give me my pay until we talked about whatever he needed to say to me, once again I reiterated I didn't have the time and needed to go (I was not on the clock nor was scheduled to be in at that time) he then gave me my ultimatum which was either leave without my check or go into his office and write a letter of resignation stating I quit my job and he would give me my check, I told him no I wasn't going to do that and I needed my money, my friend said he was just trying to make it easier for me though so I ended up agreeing and writing my resignation just so I could get my paycheck, being is I felt totally wronged and abused as well as harassed. I looked it up and its a federal offense to withold someone's paycheck as well as unlawful to make someone sign their own resignation, is it to late for me to fight this though or can I do something about it, it's been less than 3 days since then

Byrd 3 months ago

Can a supervisor tell his or her employee to shut up while on the clock

GE 2 months ago

I work in the medical field, my manager is always saying people are saying I am mean to them, that patients are saying that I am mean to them and that I am gossiping about employees and that doctors do not want to work with me. These are all lies, I do not even speak with other employees unless I see them, then I say hi, as I am too busy. Last Friday my boss brought these accusations again, and then said that I was a hard working employee and my performance is outstanding, but this has been brought to my attention before, I could not defend myself as he had one of my accusers who is the main gossiper in the company in the room. I did not feel safe to speak for fear of more repercussions. My boss then said we will meet again in 3 weeks to review. I cannot eat or sleep. Every time my supervisor brought this to my attention, it was proven I was innocent. My company is hiring non certified people to do my job for way cheaper, and I feel they are trying to get rid of me. I feel I am been bullied, I do not sleep or eat because I am so stressed. I live in Ontario Canada. What are my rights.

Helen lukens 2 months ago

please help, need advice! I was bullied by a coworker for seven months. Went to me supervisor, she wrote messages to me to trust in the lord and things will be fine, mind my own business, if I truly believed in God, o would forgive the bully. Went to Pharmacy manager and the owners of the pharmacy. Do I have a case?

Gar 2 months ago

I have an an ex girlfriend whom I lived with for 10 years, I worked for a company for 25 years, she began working for the company and we broke up. She was trying to get me fired by making false harassment claims against me to my employer. The company was sold, downsized and not run very good since the sale. Two different managers had no human resource skills. I had a disagreement with one of the managers that did not have anything to do with my ex, I thought it was resolved but later found out he put something in my personal file without my knowledge. I only found out when my ex quit and took a sexual harassment case against the company and myself and broke into my personal fill coping information out of it. Is this legal? She later stated the the manager who is no longer with the company gave her this info while he was still there. Is it legal for an employer to give information to anyone from my personal file, especially since I was never asked to sign anything they accused me of?

Assaulted & Fired 2 months ago

At my former work place I was sexually assaulted my my coworker, he grabbed be breasts 3-4 times and sang "we're breast friends" I was mortified, this happened right I front of my manager (who laughed hysterically) and I front of another co worker in the room. All 3 men. They all laughed as I stood there like a $1 hooker up for grabs. I said to my manager "do something!" He was too busy turning red and catches his breathe from laughter. Other coworker didn't say anything. In November.

December went by and nothing was done, now I was being complained about on a regular and was having work hours taken away from me, all to anger me / push me into quitting and or to lead up to firing me.

In January I did not return to work, my back had been screaming in pain, the idea of going back to work in this kind of toxic environment transitioned into a back pain so severe that physically I could not go to work. 3 weeks off work I beleive my boss/owner knew of the assault and I beleive he panicked and FIRED me. It was a wrongful dismissal. Not only to get rid of me/the problem but knowing that if I went to authorities to report the assault, he could say l/have the exuse/ reason that I am just a disgruntled employee. Since then everyone from that company has blown me off. And sided with my attacker. Even the females I'm sad to say.

Sholanda Marible 5 weeks ago

I work at a grocery store in the deli. I have been working there for two weeks now. For the first week, the manager had me scheduled to work nine-hour shifts without any lunch breaks. Her reason was, she didn't like scheduling lunch breaks. After a week of this, my body hurt. I had back spasms galore. I went to one of the owners of this grocery store and told him about the lunch break situation. He made it mandatory that everyone working in the deli was required to take a thirty-minute lunch break. Anyway, it got back to her that I reported it. Since then, she has been treating me like crap. She has been doing things towards me underhandedly and she thinks I haven't noticed. She has now started scheduling me to work less than six hours a shift along with closing the deli by myself, which is a two person job. Outside of all of the tasks required to close the deli, she gives me a long list of other things to do. She expects me to have everything completed by the time my shift ends. Which she knows is impossible. This week she hired two new people on Friday. She gave them and two other workers almost 40 hours of work, and only gave me 23. I never get recognized for the good that I do, butI am always reprimanded for minor issues. Things that aren't really worth reprimanding. It's like I can't do anything to please her. I continue to work because I know I need the money. I am risking life and limb just to get to work each day because I have a run down Ford Explorer that is pretty much falling apart. I'm scheduled to work tomorrow, and I have to close the deli alone...again!!! I dread going. And it has only been two weeks. I was happy and ready to work when I first got the job, but now, I'm trying to figure out what I have gotten myself into. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Beth 2 weeks ago

I got called into my mangers office and was told that two weeks ago a customer complained on me and said I was short with my answers so the board of directors had a meeting and someone on the board brought up my complaint and they decided to pull me off the sales floor and said that I'm not allowed to talk to customers and they said if I wanted to take time off I can but I have to use my PTO I said No cause if I get fired I'm going to need that money so my manger told me ok then when you come in tomorrow you are going to be in the back cleaning. I got hired for customer sales and cleaning but I didn't tell them that cause I know they are waiting for me to do something wrong and I just want to do my job and go home. So as of right now I been cleaning and everyday I been going the HR Manager to see if he heard anything but he said no so for the last week I can't sleep I can't keep my food down I'm just so stressed cause I know I'm going to lose my job. I don't think what they are doing to me is fair and no one has took the time to speak with me about the situation.

Betty 2 weeks ago

Yesterday the managing partner said "if you ever do that again I will take you out and personally shoot you"

Hmm working among attorneys---the worst.

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