Hostile Work Environment—10 Things Bully Bosses Do to Cause Lawsuits

Updated on November 1, 2016

Since I’m a defense lawyer by day, I want to offer you the latest legal information from "behind the lines” This article will cover a topic that top employment lawyers cover in seminars for their biggest corporate clients. You, as an employee, can now learn what the most expensive lawyers say to managers about what they should and should not do, in order to avoid getting sued.

Each of the following 10 points starts as a nugget of advice for a manager or a boss about what they should do to avoid being sued by employees. So for each point, not only can you see what your boss should be doing, but you can flip it around in your head and see how you can use the advice to your own advantage.

1. Sloppy Documentation

Most discrimination cases are not won with some kind of smoking gun evidence that proves the entire case. A single E-mail or an audio recording of manager yelling and swearing at an employee rarely carry the day for employees who file suit against their boss. Usually, discrimination cases are proven with circumstantial evidence. Although you may have heard someone on television dismissively say “that’s circumstantial evidence,” circumstantial evidence is still evidence. And it can be very powerful evidence. You can use it in court and you can win a case using only circumstantial evidence.

There's an old lawyers' example: Suppose that you are walking through the woods and find a turtle on top of a tall stump. You don't have any direct evidence that somebody put the turtle on the stump, but you have pretty persuasive circumstantial evidence for it. All of this is to emphasize the importance of documenting the little things as they happen, because all the little things can be powerful circumstantial evidence of something much larger—like a company-wide decision to get rid of older employees.

One very successful employer-side attorney warned a group of managers that when employees sue employers, they often use documents, particularly E-mail, to show the jury that the manager was acting toward the employee with discriminatory intent. So, the attorney advised, “Always speak and write as if your comments will be held up to a jury some day.” This is something that I tell employers and managers all the time as part of my “day job” as employer-side attorney. “If you’re going to write something to an employee, imagine that it’s blown up to poster size, and then set on an easel in front of a jury.

So likewise, as an employee trying to protect yourself from a bully boss, you should also imagine what your written words will look like to a jury when when you are responding to your boss's E-mails. Make sure you use a calm, professional sounding tone. Imagine a jury reading your words and then deciding who is the good guy in this situation: Is it you, or, is it the manager? Way too often people spout off and lose their temper in E-mails. It will only come back and bite them in the courtroom.

2. Not Following the Company's Own Policies and Procedures

Rules aren’t used only to hold you, the employee, accountable. You can often spin the company's own rules around and use them to hold your manager accountable. Also, employee manuals frequently promise more than what the law requires. As a result, you can hold your manager to the personnel policies your company has issued, even if your manager isn't aware of those polices. Courts expect managers to know what your organization’s policies and procedures are. If a manager tells you that the policy is “A” and it's actually “B”, then it will look like your manager is making up rules in order to get you in trouble.

Let's say, for instance, that your manager says you must call in by 7:00 am if you’re going to be late for work. But the policy actually states that employees must call in 30 minutes before their shift starts. If your shift starts at 8:00 am, then a jury is going to view your manager as being purposefully deceitful, not just forgetful. It can make your manager look like he’s out to get you, which he or she probably was. Your manager should review a policy, double check that he or she has it right, and check with HR before taking disciplinary action against you.

If you know, then, that your manager has taken disciplinary action against you that contradicts company policy, then make sure that you carefully document what happened and get a copy of the rule your manager did not follow. You will have a nice piece of evidence.

3. Inflated Employee Appraisals

This happens all the time. A manager spends years avoiding a confrontation with an employee that the manager believes is under-performing. Rather than go through the uncomfortable situation of giving a long-term co-worker a bad appraisal, the manager just gives the employee 4s on a one to five scale—with five being excellent.

The manager might give a few 5s, and even a few 3s, but that is as critical as the manager will be. Now let's say your manager has given you some 3s. On a 1 to 5 scale, 3s are “satisfactory.” When you’re in front of a jury, what does satisfactory mean? It means satisfactory. It means average or meets minimum acceptable levels. It doesn’t mean “needs improvement or will be fired.” On a 1 to 5 scale getting a 3 overall means you’re doing a good enough job.

If your manager consistently gave you a 3, or an appraisal of satisfactory, and then claimed that you were terminated for poor performance or that you were in trouble for poor performance, then your manager was contradicting himself or herself. This will undermine your manager’s credibility. In front of a jury in court your own attorney can say, “Look, here are years and years of positive appraisals that this manager gave my client” [you]. “And sitting here today is the same manager saying that my client has a history of poor performance.” Your attorney probably won't bother drawing the conclusion for the jury, but allow them to draw if for themselves: the manager is now lying to try to justify getting rid of the employee.

If your personnel file is less than all “Excellent” status, don't worry. But do work hard to keep your overall review score at least at a level of 3 or Satisfactory, Average, or whatever is the middle of the road score at your organization. In truth, this should be fairly easy to do with most (but not all) managers. Do it, and you will have another powerful piece of evidence that the “real reason” you are being disciplined or threatened with termination is not your job performance.

4. The “Higher Up” Managers Shrug-off Employee Complaints

If there’s anything that I hear over and over again it’s that an employee complained about a bully boss to a higher level manager, and the higher level manager just shrugs it off, taking no action whatsoever. Defense-side lawyers are trying hard to train managers not to do this, but they do it anyway.

So what does this mean for you as an employee? You should complain to your manager, your HR person, or your boss’ boss. However, expect them not to do much, if anything, about your problem. You should carefully document that you did make these complaints. Send the boss's boss an E-mail confirming that you had a conversation with them. Briefly summarize the key points and blind copy yourself to a personal E-mail address outside the company before you hit send.

This way you will have a copy of the E-mail that shows it was sent to your manager's boss with the date and the time. It will then be the company's burden to show (in court or in front of the EEOC) that it responded to you. Will they have? Probably not. Often a boss responds with comments like “I’m not a babysitter” or “boys will be boys” or “I want everyone here to act like adults.” They think that such a cursory response is enough, but it’s not. Their lack of responsiveness to good faith employee concerns is a big cause of employee lawsuits, and a big reason why employees win those suits later on down the road.

5. Managers Who Change Their Story

Bully bosses change their story. In an organization, sometimes the story of why an employee was terminated changes multiple times. When this happens, the company's credibility is shot.

At first your boss will claim that you are having performance problems and that you face discipline or even termination because of these supposed problems. When, however, you address those performance problems, your boss will change course, and say, “oh well, there are the attendance problems you have been having lately.” Then you address those supposed problems. Then your boss (now probably with H.R. Involved) will say, “Well, we’re laying you off because your position is being eliminated.” Does it look like “layoff” is the real reason you've lost your job, after management proffered all these different reasons, and keeps changing its justifications?

No, it looks like the real reason was some discriminatory motivation and your boss was determined to get rid of you no matter how thoroughly you shot down each performance issue your boss raised. That’s why your bully boss changed his or her story—because he or she was determined to get rid of you no matter what.

So although this can be horribly frustrating to you when it’s going on, take heart in knowing that courts frown upon companies that flip-flop on why an employee was let go. Defense lawyers and companies both know that story-swapping by bullying bosses just causes the company to lose lawsuits. That's why defense lawyers are out in the business world training bosses not to change their story around once they start disciplining an employee with an eye on termination.

If this happens to you, there's no denying that the short term battles with your boss will be agonizing and frustrating. You'll probably feel like you are caught in a cycle where you lose no matter what you do. But you will know that the bully boss is unintentionally giving you the upper hand in the long term. You are the one who is going to win the war.

Did You Bully Boss Suddenly Fill Your File with Mountains of Paper?
Did You Bully Boss Suddenly Fill Your File with Mountains of Paper?

6. “Papering” an Employee's File

The sixth mistake managers make that loses lawsuits is papering an employee’s file. Lots of managers hear the mantra “document, document, document, document everything.” I tell that to supervisors when I provide training about discipline done the right way. And when I leave my day job and advise employees as “the Undercover Lawyer” I also tell the employees to document everything. But some managers seem to be under the impression that if they generate 100 pages of disciplinary actions against an employee then there is little chance the manager will get sued, and zero chance the manager will get sued and lose.

Such a manager could not be more wrong.

You see, despite the constant mantra of “document everything,” it is possible for a manager to over document, especially if you have years of positive performance appraisals in your file. What frequently happens is that an employee receives a steady stream of positive appraisals from one manager. Then that manager retires, is transferred or gets promoted. Then a new manager comes in and is red hot to show the world what a great manager he or she is. Suddenly the new boss is putting a steady stream of documents into your file about every little thing you do the slightest bit differently than what the new boss wants (and the new boss can't explain what he or she wants when you ask). And then, bam, the employee is fired.

A look back on the employee's documented history with the company shows a long paper trail of positive evaluations and no performance problems, followed by an intense burst of negative documentation, and then a sudden termination. This pattern does not look good for the employer or the new manager.

Courts and juries see right through this pattern. It's obvious that the manager can't manage at all, but is just some bully who is determined to get rid of you. This new manager/bully is really just building a case against you by over-documenting trumped-up infractions and sticking every possible negative piece of paper into your file. There are strategies for stopping these gung-ho bully bosses before you lose your job. For the purposes of this article, you should know that “papering your file” is not some foolproof plan a bully manager can use against you. In fact, it's not a smart move at all and will only help you, the employee, prove that the real problem was the new manager and not your (proven over the longer term) ability to do a good job.

7. Being Rude and Mean-Spirited

Yes, being rude and mean actually is a bad thing for bosses. I know it sure doesn't appear that way to many people, who feel like bully bosses get rewarded by company executives for ruining the careers of regular people. But consider this: The bully boss does not come across well in court.

An employer can have the best case in the world, but if on the witness stand a supervisor comes across as a rude, insensitive jerk, then the jury simply will not want to depart from the golden rule. The jury will not do unto you what they would not a jury to do unto them. In other words, the jury is not going to want to bring back a verdict where the jerk wins and the kind, every-day employee loses everything.

Juries will almost always side with the person with the most sympathetic story, who also comes across as being honest and not fake. And it doesn't matter all that much what the law says, and I say that as a lawyer.

I know this happens. The lawyers on both sides know juries act this way. That's why defense lawyers put on seminars for managers and tell the audience “Sure, it's not illegal to be a jerk, but it's not smart. Your employees can't sue you for being rude, but if you are rude it will help them win the discrimination and harassment claims that they can sue you for."

So look at this point and spin it around. An angry, vindictive employee will not get the sympathy of the jury, even if that worker was discriminated against. That’s why it’s so crucial that you always come across as the reasonable, level-headed employee who was trying all along to do the right thing. Even if your boss isn't taking this advice (especially if you boss isn't taking this advice), you should.

8. Careless Statements to EEOC Investigators

The number eight mistake is careless statements to EEOC investigators. Yes, managers get interviewed by EEOC investigators after you file a claim with the EEOC. Managers often will spout off, vent to the investigator, and say all kinds of careless things. You can bet that you can use those against your manager later in court. It’s a great strategy, a way to see what your boss's side of the story is, and get your boss to respond to you before they bring a defense attorney in for help. You will get an unfiltered version of your boss's story and you can use it against him or her later on in court, or immediately in the EEOC case.

This is a secret way to get raw facts out of your employer, and you should use it to your advantage. And again, this trick is so powerful that defense attorneys go around training their clients to be really careful, to not respond to the EEOC on their own, and to always get company's attorneys involved early. If you boss is cocky enough to believe that he or she is always in the right, then your boss may be just the type to make all kinds of statements to an EEOC investigator that having nothing to do with your performance and make it look like you were terminated or retaliated against for nebulous, suspect reasons like “not a team player,” “attitude,” or “not being a good fit for our culture.”

If you were fired with little or no warning, your boss screwed up.
If you were fired with little or no warning, your boss screwed up.

9. Firing Employees Too Fast

This is one mistake that managers often don't realize they are making, even if all the employees can see that it's a mistake as plain as the sun in the summer sky. The boss doesn't try to improve the employee’s performance (in other words, doesn't “manage”) and it makes the boss appear insensitive and potentially discriminatory. Employers who take a long time to try to improve a negative situation with an employee, and who can show gradually increasing discipline over that time period are the ones who will look better in court. Juries like it when it looks like the employer went well beyond the minimum legal requirements and tried everything possible to “save” the employer-employee relationship, but despite the boss's training and coaching the employee just refused to do the work. THAT is the protocol which good defense lawyer train managers to follow. But again, the reason “firing employees too fast” is on this list is because it is one of the things bosses most frequently get wrong.

While “at-will” employment is still the rule (“at-will” meaning it’s not illegal to terminate at any time), firing employees too fast does make employers look bad. So if you’re someone who was fired right away when a new boss came into your department, or you were fired with no real warning, then that will be one strike against the company. You should explore other areas where you might be able to build on that foundation and develop a good case that you termination was not, in fact, legal even under the “at-will” employment rule.

10. Lack of Legal knowledge

Over and over managers, especially the bullying type of bosses who are not close to HR, think they know the law. But actually they don’t. For instance, the ADA changed dramatically as of January 1, 2009. The COBRA laws also changed dramatically. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is another very powerful tool that bosses and even H.R. people don't completely understand.

So if you take the time to learn your workplace rights and master the laws that your boss doesn't understand, then you will be the one who is doing what defense attorneys say the managers should do. It's you, and not your boss, that will be way ahead in the game.

What happens when a bullying boss doesn't know the law? In that situation your attorney will be able to argue to the jury that the company should know the law. The company (meaning your boss) will be held to a high standard, which is why the company's own lawyers are saying “If you don't want to lose in court, you need to learn the law.” Employers should constantly keep up on what the new laws are and how to apply them. This is not unfair, it’s just part of being an employer in America.

If your company or your boss doesn't bother to learn the law and just acts like “I'm the boss and what I say, goes” then the negative effects of making legal mistakes will fall on them, not you. So keep up on the law. Stay a couple of steps ahead of your bullying boss. Hopefully I’ll be able to help you do that in an engaging, straightforward and even sometimes entertaining way that is easy to understand.


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    • profile image

      Need help! 2 days ago

      Im in las vegas. Does anyone know of good attorney i can talk to? Its a few years of things going out of control n im at the end! I cant deal with it any longer. Multiple people have quit because of the stress and everything else involved. My issue i think is to long to post! But im lost! N feel i have no where to turn! Thanks!

    • profile image

      GovermentBulliesInLowsyAlberta 3 days ago

      It's aggravating knowing how many people are bullied at work, myself included. Unfortunately with the #MeToo movement, while it brings more discussion forward, it also creates more and more instances of greedy types being paid to "make this go away" so that bad names are not published. There is NOTHING anyone can do when working for a vindictive boss that has you as their target...NOTHING. They will sabotage your name, your performance, your career, etc. and there is no stopping them. Trust your gut, if it's telling you something is wrong, then something is wrong. Additionally, get ready to go through an emotional roller coaster, especially if and when you work for another bully boss that reminds you of the previous bully boss. I read some comments below, and my heart goes out to all of you going through the unfortunate infested evilness that goes on in workplaces. Bully bosses are everywhere - the more insecure they are, the more they plot. I can only talk from my own experience.

    • profile image

      Nadiazayas 2 weeks ago

      I was terminated after my manager talked about a new policy that was going to be active at a later date but he told me and only me to do that policy that day and when I refused and explained that I would have to prepare for it and that I would do it the date that the policy was supposed to be active do to a medical issue, he made fun of my medical issues and told me to clock out. The next day I received an email saying I was terminated. I’ve tried to call HR but they don’t answer my calls.

      Please help I don’t know what to do ?

    • profile image

      Nadia 2 weeks ago

      I was terminated after my manager said we were going to have have a new policy at a later date, but he asked me and only me to do this policy that day, when I refused and explained that it was due to medical Issue and that I would prepare for it and do it on the day that the policy is supposed to be active. instead he made fun of my condition and told me to clock out.

      Please help I’ve tried to call HR but they don’t answer my calls. What do I do?

    • profile image

      smooth 3 weeks ago

      can a new manager write you up for attendance that the previous manager didnt and give you a final warning

    • profile image

      Me 4 weeks ago

      Can a supervisor talk negative about you to other co-workers?

    • profile image

      Anthony mullins 4 weeks ago

      My supervisor and my human resource manager has for years harassed me and now it has escalated over the last year , for instance yesterday I got written up for something that everyone has done then I was cussed out by my human resource manager and he told me he was going to f-omg fire me, pls help it’s getting out of hand

    • profile image

      Ok 5 weeks ago

      What about when your team doesn't have enough help to keep a folder s empty when manger s tell you were getting you help but never do

    • profile image

      Toya 7 weeks ago

      I called off yesterday from work and my boss told a Manager He will give me less days on the New schedule cause I called off was my boss wrong for saying that what should I do

    • profile image

      adriana 2 months ago

      i work at a assisted living .

      everyday is usually very busy , sundays and monday im usually by my self adminastering meds and i take my break inside the office in case of emergencies. so yesterday i was taking my break and someone came looking for me and since they coukdnt find me my boss ask the concierge to look for me in the cameras to see where i was at. but i had let the concierge know i was taking my break. was this ok coming from my boos?

    • profile image

      Marie 2 months ago

      I don't know where to turn to. My boss has made my life miserable physically taking a toll. I did not know why he hates me other than the fact that I did make a comment to someone when he first came to our department that I thought he was an ass. is not relented for the last 3 years even after having me talk to the superintendent within a half an hour of this comment., my union rep missed the grievance filing date and I do not know where to go or who to turn to. Please help me.... I'm 64 and would like to make it just for one more year.

    • profile image

      Jules 2 months ago

      I am terrified of my supervisor. He pounds his fists on my desk and makes me go tell our staff things that he won't. Recently he came into my office and terrified me again but getting in my personal space and pounding his fists on my desk again, then followed me around and then when i asked for space he stalked my by watching my office as he paced on the opposite wall, i resigned 2 days later because I was terrified of him and what he would do to me. They did nothing and still works there.

    • profile image

      Angel 3 months ago

      The company i work for now just open their branch here, and i get hired recently we are still on our probation period, and i notice that my manager in our department dont really like me, she see all my mistake, even If its not my mistake i get blamed for it, i got yelled from time to time in front of other people. I talk to one under her, to just tell her my concern to please not yell or made me feel like im not doing my job properly, other employee even from different department, always tell me i work hard and i was nice, and honest. I dont understand why she always picking on me. The day after i told my concern, my boss treated me worse. She see me on coridors ouside our department but she lòok up like she didnt see me when i was just infront of her. She was trying to blame me for something that it could caused by the machine not me. And i felt that i will get fired soon, because there are mistake from the cash register, with the amouny that even me, i cant figure out i made that mistake. I was the one who sign the paper before i leave, but there are other people who was on that register too. So the blame was on me again. That day i made that i made a huge shortage at the register is the day that she was so mad at me. I felt that something ia not right and there will be thia kind of event in the future. I already anticipated that that register shortage will happened soon. She cant get rid of me because i was neven been late, never absent and i try to work hard, i even dont take my break sometimes because i felt that they needed me on that time.

    • profile image

      Glen C 3 months ago

      I feel I was terminated from work after an altercation with a Senior Superintendent texted me a message implying that my job was at stake. I wrote a email to the Human resources dept. stating that for the past year there was bullying and harassment at the work place from this senior superintendent and asked to be moved to another job site. In return, when they met with me, they immediately terminated my employment and said I wasn't a good fit. They did not want to hear anything about the Bullying or harassment from the Senior Superintendent at the job site. Is this against the law to constantly Swear, shout , Scream at employees to the point of humiliation? Please advice?

    • profile image

      Nicky Holman 4 months ago

      I've told my employer at 10 am on Feb 1 2018 that I quit I'm in training to drive 18 wheeler now if I was to leave there load it's a case against me but I've been here all day at a truck stop and it 109 am and no one has came yet is it something I can do about tthis

    • profile image

      Curious 4 months ago

      Curious, if have a person with a broken arm and doctors note said may come outside for pe or recess but no participation until further notice and administrators say that person can walk around socialize in a designated area without a parents note overriding the doctors note, and task being followed per administrators, but employee asked because of the changed policy now allowing sick or injured to be designated area to walk around and socialize, since it violated the doctors instruction and no parental notes saying the giving permission to go against doctors orders, employee asked to have a email or printout of copy of change in policy stating this for sick or injured kids can now socialize and walk in a designated place. Administrators said really loud, "No, you'll do as I say because I'm your boss or you can be fired!" Then employee states "I dont feel comfortable going against Doctors orders no participation for recess or pe and the parent hasnt wrote a note to override the doctors note. " Then, escalates, which the administor even misunderstood, the employee goes to head administrator advising that uncomfortability not following the doctors orders and employee needs a copy of policy change staying all kids sick or injured may walk around and socialized in a designated place to cya for recess. Administrator said if administration advises of this change you dont need paper just do it. So then, what? If this child gets more hurt for just walking around.

    • profile image

      Big corporation issues 4 months ago

      My manager and HR did every one of those things not to do. I have a very detailed trail (emails and recordings) of the work sabotage, retaliation, bullying, harassment and hostility that happened to me over the last year up to my termination. How does a top performer with kudos and rave reviews get fired for performance just a month later for performance for the same thing I receive a positive review for? Because it's not illegal to treat people like this, I am having a hard time finding an attorney. Ugh, what to do next???

    • profile image 5 months ago

      Very informative thank you

    • profile image

      Lisa 5 months ago

      Thank you so much for writing this information down. I have a great case.

    • profile image

      BohemePDX 6 months ago

      "Courts and juries see right through this pattern. It's obvious that the manager can't manage at all, but is just some bully who is determined to get rid of you. This new manager/bully is really just building a case against you by over-documenting trumped-up infractions and sticking every possible negative piece of paper into your file. There are strategies for stopping these gung-ho bully bosses before you lose your job."

      What are the strategies for stopping these people before you lose your job?

    • profile image

      Sylvia 6 months ago

      HR Chief and Employee had problems against the white man not liking blacks even though she was married to a white man and used this to achieve success. She caused an employee to commit suicide and got a way with this, use the church to claim she was religious, removed the VA Chaplain out of the Agency and the was never any replacement. She only removed other blacks to destroy them and never followed any ADR agreements. In 2014 she was found not to be doing her job and took a quick relocation to cover the wrong doing up and denied others a relocation and claim not to be doing the job. She allowed the employee to lie, call the individual racial names and the member was a union member the President did not assist in any way because he was busy on his wife's situation. HR alter information and lied every way possible. She also hide the Privacy sector ADR that founded the problem to be the employee in the chief and they used an innocent employee and slander the person reputation in the VA and the community.

      Where is the Justice

    • profile image

      Betty 6 months ago

      Over time, employers or managers get too confident and sloppy and are eventually caught in their poor management practices!

    • profile image

      Isabelle Narayana 7 months ago

      Most employers with a lot of bully managers know the law and know exactly how to fire employees unfairly.

    • profile image

      Tyler 8 months ago

      Last year I worked at a private for-profit post-secondary school. I found the work environment to be very toxic and I was often threatened, talked down to or told I was unprofessional for occasionally being unable to carry out my duties (while the people making these comments were themselves unprofessional for being rude, and at times failed to give me proper training, preparation and support). Eventually a false complaint was made against me, and a member of HR moved me to my bosses campus (I of course had not choice in this). In the last few months I worked there, my boss had suprise performance reviews with me in his claustrophobic office, calling me out for both imaginary employee complaints as well as major, but in reality, minor issues he personally took with my performance while I was alone (he had been voyeuristically watching me on security cameras I soon found out).

      Eventually I was given the choice of probation or being fired without cause with a departing wage package. I was forced to sign a form by the same HR member as before, declaring I could not sue over my negative treatment, which was clearly bullying on part of my bosses almost pychopathic behaviour.

      It is clear they have done this before and will continue to treat their lower level staff this way. Of course, because this was a corrupt private institution, I was unable to file any breach of rights report to a watchdog.

    • profile image

      Diana 8 months ago

      I've worked for a dentist for 23 years. We tell each other personal things. Last week we were talking about my son's wedding. All of a sudden the dentist started screaming at me and smoke was coming out of his ears. My co-worker heard it. He left for lunch and sent me a text saying he was sorry. I haven't returned to work. He was very abusive for no reason. Can I get unemployment?

    • profile image

      Jessica 8 months ago

      I'm curious...I was fired by my boss less than two weeks after filing a workman's comp claim. My boss became instantly hostile towards me after the claim was filed, and then out of nowhere, I was fired. I was told what a great employee I was one moment, and then the next, I was fired. I don't even know who to talk to about this. My boss was always hostile and dishonest, and even has a conviction for fraud on their criminal record (among many other things), and I'm at a loss of what to do. I was in my probationary period still when I was fired, so I don't know what my rights are.

    • profile image

      Richard 9 months ago

      Hi I work for a company where I was hired by the best bosses both now gone, and since the new boss has arrived I'm now being called into the office continually and I'm disabled! Lately I have been yelled at for following store policy on a sign that states, "15 items or about at a self check out machine," and yet my new boss says let people still go through even though the sign is up! Secondly, this new boss stated that he doesn't believe in me, then months later changes his words and says I'm an asset to the company, then months later I try to apply for a lead clerk position but at the time my computer said the application didn't go through then I tried to resubmit the application and then that week my boss pulls me in and says he's disappointed in me for not applying for the position and this time around months later I do and he now chooses another person and tells me that he didn't choose me because I was unprofessional by not helping on go back items and supposedly just standing at my register and that I don't clean at all and yet I do clean every chance that I get! Plus in order to do go backs a manager or customer service has to tell you to shut off your light and go do the go backs but I never get asked to do them! So what can I do about this boss who bully's me and treats me good for a moment then the next brings me down to a low self esteem point to where I can't focus and I just feel like crying?

    • profile image

      John 9 months ago

      I am currently working for a company that i have been with for 11 years consistent it once was a cooperation and now broke off to be a franchise. My General Manager has ben there almost two years he is always drunk and drinks in the bar in front of guests. After we broke off as a franchise there were really no new rules in place its kind of a play it by ear. Get through the shift motto type. Now that this General manager has ran off around 40 employees due to his altered state of mind breaking the code of personal conduct. Not only is he breaking the interity of the company by drinking the alcohol from the bar he is not abiding by the code of ethics in busines. He is careless manager he has ran assistent mangers off through pressure and misconduct. Now he has made two people assistant managers that one has been there two weeks but has lef the company three times before with 5 years of experiance and the other one two years prob deserves it but neighter one has gone thrugh management trainng thats 6 weeks and they both work for tips as a bartender when ever they want. so if you get my flow we have a bunch of mircomanagers that are changing the policies according to there ways. They are so called key managers. I feel as i am in a very hostile work environment and have been harrassed numerous times and i have already addressed the issued in the past once with a manager that has left and everything stopped but now it has started back up again i just feel as so many laws and codes are being broke that they are tring to set people up so they can throw acountability on them. I am working on tape recordings that i have documents for 3 months so far and working on videos

    • profile image

      What should I do 9 months ago

      I got fired today after two weeks ( with notification of any bad behavior ) he started off the conversation by saying he was told I'm a downer ( not bad ) but he said this multiple times and I had to ask who said this bout me .. when he told me my mouth went agape and I was like "are you serious .. you can't be serious" ( I know I shouldn't have but this person has been starting issues behind my back and I explained this to him ) he proceeeded to tell me from that conversation I have a a bad attitude , no bad personality . He continued to vacate me and tell me I wasn't cut out for that job and kept making snips at my personality which from previous conversations he's never had an issue with and in fact couldn't wait for me to start. I apologized for how I reacted about the one lady and he mocked me .. saying what I said in a childish voice and then said that was a bullshit ( his words ) apology ... he again made a comment about how horrible my personality is ( the hr lady in the room knows I'm bipolar and he was egging me on ) and I went wrong by yelling at him as I was leaving .. "are you fucking serious ?fuck you!" And then he made a gesture to my comment in a way that he was saying "see this is my point " kind of thing ... I'm not the first employee he treated like this ... and I'd like to mention he changed the department schedule this morning after I took a picture of the finalized one last night ( which I did have hours on )

    • profile image

      Laura clarke 9 months ago

      My boss slaps or pinches the girls at work all the time most are contract works from other country's

    • profile image

      sarah 10 months ago

      my husband's boss is retaliating and out casting him after he put his 2 weeks notice in after 8 years due to things in the work place. she texted him the same day threatening him to just quit . she also has and continues to breach confidentiality and breaks protocol . advice ?

    • profile image

      Dueene zoller 11 months ago

      Hum that's all very interesting , I actually started a journal back in January , everyday I would come home and write down everything that happened that day, good or bad when I would go to my boss he would tell me I don't wAnt to hear it . He wouldn't do anything I know he was out to get me and he told me he was gonna write down everything I didn't do. He was out to get me for sure no doubt in my Minde. Lost in South Dakota

    • profile image

      Linda 12 months ago

      I work at a dry cleaners as a "team leader" we were hired to tag in clothes and send them to the plant to be cleaned. That was basically it. All of a sudden they are moving presses and washers and dryers in our store and told us we had to wash and clean households (i.e....blankets, sheets,pillows sham,etc). I wasn't trained nor did I ever say I would do this. Now they are telling me I have to that it's a part of my job.

    • profile image

      Shawn 12 months ago

      Hi, I drive a gasoline tanker. The other day one of my hubs blew out and came very close to catching fire. " Under the tanker". I pulled over and hit it with the fire extinguisher Then limped the vehicle to safe location.Then called my boss to tell him what was going on.

      I was immediately put down being called incompetent and every other word in the book. The whole double wheel assembly was wobbling and ready to fall off and the bottom part of the brake was still laying in the road. I took pictures of the damage and sent them to my boss via text. Smoke still comming off the axel he responds" take the load to customer and offload it" I responded i can't move the trailer the wheels are falling off. He responded again for once just do what I SAY. I refused again. Had I would have done this I would be dead right now along with anyone near me when the wheel caught fire and blew up the 10,500 gallon gasoline tanker. I told him if you will not send somone out to take the wheel off and chain the axel up then I will have to drop the trailer where it is now and bobtail back to the yard which was 40 miles away. I received no response. So that is what I did. I find out tomorrow weather I am to be terminated or not for insubordination.

    • profile image

      great snow ball 12 months ago

      Hi! My mother used to work at a Tim Hortons about a year ago, but she quit because her boss was yelling at her and the other employees all the time. Now she works at another Tim Hortons, and gets complaints about where she used to work all the time. Her old boss is quite literally bullying his employees. How can I help her and the employees that work there.

    • profile image

      Denise 13 months ago

      I work alongside 8 others and have been tasked with jobs where 5 of the 8 are doing nothing. My boss won't take anything off my plate and I've been stressed to say the least. I had been trying for 3 years to get pregnant and my boss made a negative statement about my trying to another supervisor. I'm wondering if all this induced stress is their way of trying to keep me from achieving my plans to get pregnant. Another comment made by this same person was "I wish her @$$ would just leave" needless to say, I don't have much lover for this so called "leader".

    • profile image

      Angelica 14 months ago

      Our school principal uses email to shame employees in front of coworkers. She is very calculating when in person and is a constant eye-roller, I thought to myself I should even give her a small basket for christmas to catch them should they completely roll out of her head one day. She is a first time principal with a seemingly long time penchant for highschool clique behavior. Sadly, she earns a healthy six figure income which doesn't equate the obvious lack of real skills. I watch, observe and wait. I believe that later on down the line the universe and Murphy's law will reign down a plethora of troubles that will eventually catch up to her and consumer her and her supposed "career". So to everyone who has a problem with bully bosses, know in your heart that what they have done to you and others will be paid right back to them and tenfold. So you continue on Your path, be strong, move forward and know that the bully is just a speck of dust that you can simply brush off your shoulder...and you, just laugh it off.

    • profile image

      Deborah 14 months ago

      01/15/2017 whie at work, doing the job of 2 people for the past month I might say. I got hurt. The Executive Director has need Retaliating, SHREWD, NASTY, DISRESPECTFUL, CONDESCENDING, talking DOWN to me, VERY SNAPPY as well.

      I have written & protected myself by recording how & what is said to me from not only her, but co-workers. Now I'm being threatened with taking my documents & recourdings to court.

      I answered, o.k. see you in court then.

    • profile image

      DOm 14 months ago

      I have been working for a company for 4 years now. At least 3 times a week i get harassing phone calls about something i did or didn't do. I do my job to the best of my abilities and do what is asked on a daily basis. My boss constantly fines things to scream and swear at me for because of a bad day hes having or his company isnt making the money he would like. I get told that i have a smart Efffing mouth because i say i wont work for free. For example i am told in texts and voicemails that i need to drop the paperwork off an hour away from my work and home every friday when i get out, I have to do it on my own time, use my own vehicle and pay for my own gas. I am not allowed to put down my hours and if i don't do it i get threaten with my job and threaten in general. I get harassing calls on my days off about something that happened at work that doesn't even involve me. I use my own phone for the company which i am expected to answer regardless of what i am doing. If i cant come the phone and i am busy i am told that this company comes first he doesn't give a eff what i have going on that if i don't answer when he calls ... you guess it ill lose my job and so on. I get hours that i work taken off my check every so often and when i ask why i was shorted hours i'm told i'm petty . If i have an emergency i'm not allowed to take a day off or even be late but when i show up to work there is a chance he will short me hours. I am also expected to stay late on certain days for free as well. If i ever stand up for myself i am told that i will get fired and that they will deny my unemployment, there was a lot of cases to where they would fire an employee and then have another employee get on a conference call with the unemployment office and say that the employee quit and was not fired, that this place was a great company to work for and is not hostile at all towards anyone , you might guess that the employee that's willing to lie will get some type of benefit, vacation days, sick days, insurance, a raise . This is a union yard i work for and there is barely anyone in the union here but somehow they get away with it. They expect you to labor and do whatever they want but wont pay union wages, when you call on them to the union BA's it just gets worse for you .They pay someone under the table and nothing is done about it. Instead he will have you sit home and cut your hours enough to the point you cant pay your bills and enough hours you cant get unemployment. If you do file for unemployment they lie and say that they offered you work and you denied it. Is there something i can do? i have been saving timesheets and check stubs as well as voicemails, emails and texts of the owner harassing me. Thank you for reading

    • profile image

      Still going through it 15 months ago

      I've been working for my employer since 2000. In 2012, new staff came in with managerial titles. In 2013, the Associate Director informs my Supervisor that he will be ending my overtime as of March. I was the only person out of about 100 employees that was having their overtime cut due to budget cuts. I had numerous conversations with the Associate Director regarding his decisions and how they were ONLY affecting me. He seem to have a lot to say, one of the few things he said that day that just stood with me was that he noticed that "majority of the staff wasn't educated." Amongst other things. Not to long after that conversation, he was in my office with my Supervisor trying to give me a consult/reprimand for not completing a task. Soon after, you can say I was coming to work to sit in my office for 7 hours, as he removed my access to my files. I went to Labor Relations to see what was going and it ended up being that Labor Relations just entertained the complaint and suggested that he reinstate part of my work duties. Within two weeks, I was sitting in a meeting with the Union, Labor Relations, and Management informing me and my office mate that our positions were being eliminated. They gave us two options 1. Take the severance package or 2. Be placed in an entry level position. Because we have a union and grandfathered into our contract we kept our seniority and salary. Since I am a single mom with two kids, a mortgage, and other obligations, I opted for the entry level position. At the end of that meeting he requested that I hand in all my keys. He stated that we will be escorted by security to gather our belongings and off the premises.

      I would have to say every day since then I was speaking to my delegate and organizer to get me into other positions that I more than qualify for. The only thing my organizer would say is "Go get certified! "Go back to school!" Months went by when management posted a position to assist the Supervisor that took over my position that had been terminated. When I informed the union, management took the posting down. Since then, the Associate Director now the Director created two higher managerial positions. One of his friends received a promotion from supervisor to an assistant and the other position my current supervisor received. I also learned that two people retired from the administrative section and those two positions were given to their assistants.

      In late 2014, I became a delegate again. As we started negotiations for our new contract I started to fill in the new Union reps and attorneys to see if anything could be done about my situation. They responded by telling me that it should have been grieved. Till this day noone has taken any kind of action.

      Moving forward, management has created 6 new positions, I more than qualify for. Those positions considering that a percentage of the duties were part of my terminated position and the other half were duties that I performed in the past. It was no surprise to me that I was overlooked for the positions. To add insult to injury they now have me taking directions from someone who is a level lower than me and hold ZERO of the three certifications that are required or as management is now saying "preferred." To add to all of that my current Supervisor jumps on me every opprotunity she gets. She can't separate delegate issues from regular work. When I started working with her, my coworkers would tell me that if you talk back to her or say something that she doesn't like she "punishes" you by giving you more work. At first I didn't believe it. Now there's no denying it. Its a form of having "control" of her staff. Management wants to keep you from reporting issues at work. For example: One of my coworkers put his hand in another coworkers face and threatened to beat him up. That incident was never reported to HR. It was only reported to another manager that said " If he has to come over there it was going to be with security and not one but, both of the people involved were going to lose their jobs." When I brought this to the attention of the union, nothing was done.

      I received absolutely no help from the union, no involvement from Labor Relations, or Human Resources. I finally had enough and filed complaints outside of the work place and currently awaiting a decision.

      The reason for this post is to see if anyone can tell me if there is anything else that I can do. I didn't include all of the information because there's just to much to write.

    • profile image

      Embarae 16 months ago

      Have a new GM, she came in as a pill popper. She will ask other employees, this includes minors, to get her drugs and then gives them favors in return. Big time favoritism is a role play now. The job is loosing employees cause of her behavior. Like above we have tried the boss above her, but that too is a problem, her boss and her are best friends from childhood. So any complaints stops with her boss. Not sure what to do.

    • profile image

      Shayne 16 months ago

      I had a team leader that kept calling me bud and bub went on for about a week and I finally had enough I was in the middle of stacking a box 500 lbs 5 high and got hung on the pallet wouldnt come off forks he was in my ear telling me what to do while calling by those names I just asked him to do me a favor he said sure I said quite calling me by those names he got mad and turned red so after that the next couple weeks he just yelling at me telling me do my job right ext. Got a point I left work one day early cause of it when I went back in the morning meeting he just stared at me within 30 min of work I was doing my job he asked what I was doing I tried telling him but he wouldn't listen got mad started yelling puffed his chest out and came at me in athreating manner i wnt to talk to his boss that I. Couldn't work with the guy and he followed me in there pointing finger in face yelling cutting me off when I tried to say something so I left went home calmed down called work they let me go instead of him what can I do about that if anything

    • profile image

      Lucy 16 months ago

      Thank you for your article. It is truly one of the best articles i have read, and you hit a lot of the things that are happening to me. This article has really given me hope

    • profile image

      Destiny 16 months ago

      I've been with my company since August 2016. I came in as a cleaner in the maintenance department. After my 90 day probationary period I was due a raise but I also moved into another position as a training operator. I didn't get my raise. I completed training and got all the hours needed and completed the certification process and even drove for a day and a half before my new title was taken away from me for a supervisors mistake. I was asked to wesr another employees uniform, and i refused. When i did so, i was informed by hr rep that if i didnt wesr the uniform than i was have to be off work for a week without pay. I worked the holidays and was told i dont get the time in a half work working it. I was suspended for 7 days when my verification was pulled and then forced back into my old position as a cleaner. Another raise I didn't get. I asked my gm why was I bring punished for something a supervisor did but I never received a response. I am still having trouble getting uniforms for myself, getting any documentation as to me being placed back into my old position. They even forced me from my 9am-6pm time to 11pm -7am. I can't get the gm or the HR Rep to set up a meeting to get answers. We don't have a grievance policy in place and i have ran out of options. What do I do now?

    • profile image

      Jean 16 months ago

      I work for a famous large Chinese company and a lot of discrimination against non Chinese is happening in terms of lack of evolution path, reduced to no bonus despite results, no tolerance for missing guidance with exception to Chinese Americans, ...

      Hard to prove, so thank you for your article as it may be easier to present a bullying case from my manager, instead of a discrimination case. The underlying driver remains discrimination observed during candidate selections, resume triage, ...

      Very useful!

    • profile image

      when will it stop 16 months ago

      All I know is that I've been bullied out of a job that I've been going to for 6 months. My irresponsible manager brought up my medical condition. Is she not supposed to do that?

    • profile image

      FL Work Slave 17 months ago

      My boss will not allow employees to speak to hr our HR rep. If we want to speak to HR it has to go through her. She also will come back and tell us what HR has said, there is no proof she is actually speaking to HR at all. Is this legal and what can we do?

    • profile image

      Sylvia Stewart 17 months ago

      Department of Veterans Affairs allowed HR Officer to blame innocent disabled veteran in order to cover up to main problems in the Office and retaliated, bullying, racial comparison was allowed by the Lead in the Fee Section to obtain a supervisory position and job description was changed to fit the Job. Lead was reported to the EEO and the color comparison was pushed under the carpet because the HR Officer felt the white men did not like black women and the lead felt the Chief, liked the employee and did not blacks as well.

    • profile image

      T Williams 17 months ago

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Terry 17 months ago

      I heard that it is illegal to sue your employer in ny state is this true and if you were fired does that mean you can sue because they are then no longer your employer or how do you get around this

    • profile image

      Tina 17 months ago

      It's hard to find attorneys to take these kind of cases is there any recommendations. I could sure use a good attorney

    • profile image

      To Old for this stuff 17 months ago

      I have recently taken on a job at a local Vet's office. In the initial interview with the owner, and lead Vet, I was verbally told that he didn't like clicks or drama. I assured him and agreed with him on these issues. His wife is a supervisor at the office. On numerous occasions, has cursed employees out, myself included, in front of other co-workers and clients, discussed employee reprimanding with other employees that are not supervisors and intimidates employees. What can be done?

    • profile image

      MsMe 19 months ago

      I feel my boss is harboring a hostile work environment. I have complained about a specific employee for months and months now and others have complained about her too but my boss keeps letting things go on and tells me things such as "stay positive". I caught this employee breaking the law even and my boss wrote me up for ridiculous reasons instead of dealing with my bully co-worker. I'm currently looking for another job because I can't take the stress and hostile environment anymore and I don't feel it is going to get any better and I feel my boss will try to fire me rather than deal with the bully co-worker due to her being bias towards this employee. But I'm afraid to proceed with anything before I get another job because I don't want to get fired for complaining more. I need help and resources.

    • profile image

      Kram036 19 months ago

      I am so glad to find this article. I work for a Federal agency in Washington, DC, and I served as senior advisor to the Director of Civil Rights. I had to filed a complaint because I was sexual harassed (2008) and that attacked with a knife by the aggressor but nothing was done to her. All my witnesses said they saw nothing. Then in 2016, I discovered through another complaint that I filed that management felt that I only complaint about the sexual harassment/assault was to draw attention to the issue. I also discovered that manager engaged in a secret investigation into my management style but would not give any reports on their findings but told me that they had discovered verbally. I had not recourse because nothing was documented for me to response to. I was told to sign an improvement plan, that I refused because I felt it was based on lies. So, since I did not sign the improvement plan, I was reassigned to my present position as senior advisor to the Director of Civil Rights. I have not been given any work in two years and have not received an appraisal during that time. I have then offer an early out. I refused to take that offer.

    • profile image

      mel 19 months ago

      to anyone experiencing bullying in the workplace, keep a diary, get in touch with the workplace relations also. If you feel you have been forced out of a job by bullying and have no option but to quit you can claim that you had to leave because of "constructive dismissal". look up citizens information site to learn more about this. horrible when a boss or supervisor is mean to me and nobody else...try to stay calm but keep the diary and write all your concerns to the manager but keep a diary and stick to the facts and not emotions..good luck to everyone

    • profile image

      Marlee 19 months ago

      Hi, How do I get in touch with the person who wrote this article? I think I am experiencing extreme bullying and sabotage from my manager. I have been complaining for over six months. Talked to management and HR. The bullying is getting worse.

    • profile image

      Laura 20 months ago


      Thank you so much for all of your advice. Great article even though my situation is more complicated. I work for a lawyer so they know their way out of all of this. She is a liar and treats me like garbage with hostility.

    • profile image

      Karol Garley 20 months ago

      LOVED this article!!!!

      Thank You So Much for all this information!!!

    • profile image

      Laying Low 20 months ago

      The US Navy (NAVFAC NW) has already removed 2 of 4 civil service employees for EEO complaints. The first was the gentleman who had an ADA/EEO claim. The second was an 18 year military veteran who tried to help him, the 3rd (that is in the process of being removed NOW) is another 18 year military veteran who gave testimony AGAINST the US Navy in the EEO investigation and the 4th is the Union representative who was also trying to help the other 3. The Union representative was removed from the union and is in the process of being terminated too... a civil service employee with 26 years of flawless service to America. All 3 of these people tried to help or participated in the EEO investigation of another co-worker. The reprisal and retaliation was swift against them in order to make an example of what happens when anyone files EEO complaints. Be careful out there, it's an evil world you enter when dealing with EEO complaints.

    • profile image

      Amanda Brown 21 months ago


      I was just terminated as well as my fiance (we both are females). We were sick and went to the doctors last night for food poisoning and was told not to go back into work for one whole day (24 hours) so I called our hr one hour before our clock in time and explained that we were sick and have doctor excuses but will be returning to work the next day. We have only been there a month and a half and have missed 3 times 2 excused and one not. We have been tardy once. The day I walked into the company to fill out an application because my fiance's dad who/was the line shift leader and referred both of us, the hr came out into the main hall and looked at me and said oh you, if I would have known nelson (line shift supervisor) referred you, I would not have asked you to come in. I told her that it had been over a year since I worked there and even reminded her that I left after a half of a day working there because the job I was wanting called me back for hire. I went to Cynthia (the hr) and told her the situation and boy was she upset. So we left and she called us back the next day and hired the both of us. Keep in mind, we started the day she called us to come in and didn't even fill out an application. We filed out papers but nothing with our addresses on it and was given a badge and ssnt to the floor for our first day of work. Now back to today's termination. After I called and left the message of us being sick and coming in tomorrow with a doctors note (which they do accept) I got a text 2 hours later telling me I was terminated in affect immediately. I asked her why I was being terminated (via text) and she responded back, due to attendance and tardies. Again we have been absent once with no doctors note etc. We were tardy once as well in the month and a half we have been employeed. Futhermore, I responded again through text stating I've never been given a warning verbal nor written and she said she had. I told her my fiance and never signed anything showing any kind of warning and we have never been verbally warned. She said she didn't have to do so, that tennessee is a at will state and that it'd only curtousy. She then said we needed to come in Friday between 3 and 5 to get our last checks and to turn in our badges. I responded that's fine but we will need our termination papers so we can file a claim with the unemoyment office. She then said I was being hostile and I was no longer allowed on property and that she would send our termination papers and checks to our last known address. I asked her how she could do that if we have no address on file. She said she would send it to my last known address which is from my application from a year ago and I responded telling her I no longer I've at that address and that this is dicrimination. She again told me not to show up on the property because of my hostility. I have to turn in my badge or its 100 dollars out of my check which I am now convinced I will not receive because I no longer live at the address she says she has from last year. What can I do? How can the hr manager do this? We need our checks and I HAVE to turn in our badges. Any advice? Please help. I want to file a claim with the unemployment office but she is making it almost impossible because I can't file without my termination paper. I have all of our texts as proof and apparently all my verbal and written warnings are through text which I never recieved. Please help!!

    • profile image

      starbuck 21 months ago

      What if the bully is the EEOC Officer and head of HR?

    • profile image

      Whitney 21 months ago

      I am an employee. I have worked hard for my company for 4 years. When I was hired on it was in the promise of being a night time manager because I already had a day job. The manager that hired me said she had to train me during the day and to get all my work on the website done. I did so and she kept me on day shift while for months my other boss was trying to see when I was coming back. End result i lost my first job. I stayed with my second job which is now my only job. I finished all required computer work plus extra and all paper work to receive my raises and to be able to go above 30 hours a week. With in the last 4 years we have gone through 4 different managers. Now also within these 4 years I have been offered to manage other stores. I always said,"As of right now I only want a store if it is this store." Between all the managers we have had, when we didn't have one I was running the store. 3 different times. Only once, this very last time I ran the store, did I get a little bit of a raise. The first two times I was loaded with all the managerial work with out the manager pay. This last time I was offered the store and I gladly accepted but then I messed up my license and was honest with them about it so I had to step down and let them bring in a manager. Now he is a sweet kid of a manager but he is exactly that, a kid! I have had to baby step him through everything except doing the store count. Recently our regional manager informed us he will no longer have our store and the new one will more than Likely make the manager of the store have 40+ hours BUT that it would not affect my hours. The new regional took over the store. First time meeting her she barley had the interest of even looking at me and mumbling hello. Forget about a hand shake, so I receeded mine. Then I get a text from my manager a couple days later saying the regional changed the schedule (that I myself had just made) and took 10 hours away from me. I have not had one write up, nor demerit, nothing. That is over $100 a paycheck, $400 month taken away from me for no reason, no warning, no conference, no compromise, didn't hire another to have to share some hours. Is this legal? Is there something that can be done? I have done all requirements to earn my 35+ a week.. how can it just be taken away from me without cause?

    • profile image

      me 21 months ago

      so I was told fired by my director then told I still have a job 10 mins later , now I feel threatened and uncomfortable at my job , can I do anything about that

    • profile image

      Kimberly. 21 months ago

      Hi, I have a question. I am a minor, My boss has taken up speaking about me with her son who is the same age as myself, he then brings all of it up at school. Can I do anything about her? He has the same class as I do and often yells about work stuff across the class room and says comments she has made to him that is negative about me. Is there anything I can do about it? She is rude and mean on the job and also saying anything and everything about work to her son. I have recently started looking for a new job because of it. Can I do anything else?

    • profile image

      Angie 21 months ago

      There's a fun thing in Ohio called non comp non disclosure meaning you can't take your patients with you when you change jobs. So if your company is shitty and doesn't provide services they need. They got the right to leave. You're gonna fire me and get in my ass you better make sure that your shits on the up n up . Im a provider I gotta protect myself. You don't have the legal or ethical right to hold clients hostage.

    • profile image

      Mel 22 months ago

      I have a high risk pregnancy with complications which landed me in the hospital twice. I have medical documentation and letters from my doctor requesting acomodations temporarily. It would not cost them anything, I am a school social worker and most of my job I can still perform. My FMLA is running out and it took HR over a month to give me an answer. I qualify for acomodations un the ADA. They turned me down twice without a real explanation. Now I will not have an income and risk losing my home, car, and savings. I can work with minor accomodations. I live in VA. What can I do

    • profile image

      Assaulted & Fired Part2 22 months ago

      can your bully boss force you to sign papers accusing you of slander? Sign it or you can't come back to work I was told. "Just sign it"

      I didn't. So he drafted another version of this paper and would not let me go back to work unless I signed it. My manager then asked me for the original document back. I said I didn't have it, and asked why. My manager responded it was liable in court. He also told me that the document was not supposed to leave the office. (In other words I was not to show or consult with anyone about it) I was also asked does it exist? I said no. instead of being insulted at how stupid they think I am, snd fire back at them, I shut up, and kept my copy of the documents.

      Please advice. I know my boss was in the wrong and conducted business not only in bad faith but illegally.

      Toxic work environment had begun and escalated into me being sexually assaulted and fired.

    • profile image

      Anom 22 months ago

      yesterday my boss told me that he wants to fill me in. Threatened to move me to another department or switch off my sabatacle.

      Where could you stand on that?

    • profile image

      AA 22 months ago

      I have a question my dad has been working for 2 restaurants for 15 years and on one of the restaurants the manager allways has a problem with him like for example my dad asks for a days off one or 2 weeks in advance and the managers allways have a problem with that meaning they dont give him the days because supposibly noone can cover his shift i mean 1 to 2 weeks ahead!!!? when hes sick they have a problem with thay too my dad never misses work and to me i feel like hes getting discriminated (my dad is mexican) other employees miss work they dont bother to call or anything and they r still working there with no problem and my dad asks for his days off and they have a problem with that??? rediculous!!!! oh and my dad has been working there for 15 years and gets paid less then most of the workers that have been there for less then he has.

    • profile image

      Iused2believe 22 months ago

      I appreciate your comments but I have to tell you I have all the circumstantial and written evidence and when you're fighting a big organization you can't win. My situation went so far down the rabbit hole I didn't even know that distance existed. No lawyer would touch the case because it's an at will state. Finally I found out about the EEOC and they actually took my case only to do nothing. The guy at the EEoc really gave me false hope in the fact that they would investigate and do their due diligence only to find out they did absolutely nothing and it was disappointing. I've read several websites each stating what I need to prove which I did but that doesn't really seem to matter. The organization is large so I think it scares people to fight because they don't want to end up blackballed like me. This was my first job and I knew my boss did like me from the get-go but I didn't follow my gut and quite frankly the last four years for me have been really crappy. You know it the real shame of everything is, people tell you to stick up for yourself, to fight for what is right but they don't tell you that it comes at a cost. people wonder why this world is going to Hell but I don't anymore I know why. Being a good and honest person and sticking up for your rights get you absolutely nothing. Now when I apply for jobs I have to explain something that is so ridiculous and then I also have to relive it again. I guess I sort of understand when criminals have to register or sex offenders because what's the difference between me and them?I don't even know why am writing because I know no one really cares. I guess I'm just upset after four years because I thought we live in a better world and then I woke up.

    • profile image

      Duncan Giles Newby-Fraser 23 months ago

      Yesterday I got to work and had seen a summons was served to the company on the door final demand served by the sheriff of the courts that I was working for and we phoned the bargaining council to find out what we must do as our own work equipment we use at work. then we got informed that we must pack our tools in our own car by the manager of the store and to make sure that what we have close on us must stay close to us as we were informed by the manager.Then the one boss arrived at the hair salon and I was informed that I am dismissed and another employer too and I had done nothing wrong and he was a bully towards me in the way he spoke to me. He then informed me that I must go so I phoned the bargaining council and was informed that I must go to the bargaining council and open the case as for unfair dismissal and there had being no written warnings or anything else wrong. I had requested for letter of appointment or contract and I had done what work was required from me to perform and I had almost completed my first month of employment. Then I was informed that they all of a sudden that they had changed their minds and I travel 60km/h from home to work and back and they were only prepared to offer me R4000 and I must go over the target before I start to build my salery and I was unfairly dismissed and then they told this so I said I would go to find out what I must do and then today I was told I am not going to get paid at all. When I had done nothing wrong. No warnings so now I want to know please do I have a chance to win and sue for damages please.

    • profile image

      XXV 23 months ago

      Hi I have a quick question not for me though. Someone I know owns a small business however brings in about 750,000 annually. 1) the employer does not pay overtime. 2). Lies about raising their valuable employees that the employer does not have money to raise however has recently bought a new house out of state for vacation and then buys a empty garage next door to expand thier workspace then Hires thier friend and pay them more due to them just being friends. Etc etc... that's just the basic much much more to say. But Is there anything a employee of that employer can do??

    • profile image

      ThisIsNotRight 23 months ago

      Hello, I just got hired in a home setting. At first I was offered an office chair, now after a few weeks Im told to sit on a chair that is from the bosses bedroom, little cush and sits low. Im a tall person and Im uncomfortable. I mention this ti my boss, he continues to say that he'll get an office chair for me. Its been now over a month. I know this is against the law. So what do I do that I continue to be told to sit on the chair. thank you

    • profile image

      UnjustJustCause 23 months ago

      I was "fired with just cause" many years ago by a very large bank; however, I had 16 years with them - and great performance reviews until my last one. My last position was in a department of a recently acquired company which was more or less separated from the parent company (bank), and the Manager was a bully. She was piling more and more work on me to make mistakes, and I did not have a way to stop this (not safe process to report the situation). How might I approach this very large bank to try and discuss/correct this situation?

    • profile image

      Churchlady 2 years ago

      I work at a church as a receptionist, after retiring from teaching school. My boss loves everyone in the office but me! Everyone takes 2 hr. lunches just about everyday except me, I have to be by the phone so, I take 30 minutes, at my desk. Once, he told me to shut up, when I stopped by his office to tell someone in his office that they had a package. First of all, his door was open, & if it was a private call, why was it on speaker phone? Plus, I whispered to the individual about the package. He got so angry, and told me to shut up & get out! I was humiliated & shortly after, I had my evaluation, then a few weeks later, I was told I was having my hours cut from 29 to 16, just two days a week! He is trying to get me to quit, what should I do?

    • profile image

      Guest 2 years ago

      I was asked if I would be willing to move and open a new warehouse for my company. I was told I would be trained as the inventory & returns manager. I was given roughly a month and a half of training and told the rest we will teach you will your there. After a year my operations manager was demoted and a new ops manager was moved here. He never spoke except to inform me of a new hire coming. He pulled me in for a meeting one day to say "You were put in a bad situation with poor training and I don't think you were equipped properly to run this warehouse. We will make you the Returns manager and train you with a manager from another warehouse that we will be bringing here."When the other manager got here I was demoted and put on a P.I.P. . I asked the new manager if he had a training plan or program to train me, he said no. My new manager took me aside and said he would need me to train him because he only had about 2 months in the inventory department. The new manager told one of my former employees that I was being tested and wont be trained. Employees from other departments would come ask why the ops manager visited and spoke with the new manager so much more than he did with you. I told them I have no idea. During my 1st P.I.P. review every time I tried to speak I was told to stop being disgruntled and stop arguing with a manager in front of a witness. I finally asked are you telling me that no matter what I do I'm going to get fired anyway? I was told yes. This meeting was more of an attack on me with my new manager and the operations manager than a performance review. I was asked to come up with an exit plan and that my "end" date was in less than two months. I came up with an exit plan and was fired 2 hours later for being detrimental to the company.

    • profile image

      Damari Stratford 2 years ago

      Work place bullying, what will he do about it? All bullying needs to stop. What will they do about work place bullies and bullying? I was also the only one he treated like this..All he needed to do was be kind, show kindness. I want to bring more awareness to work place bullying in 2016 to help others not have to deal with bullies for bosses. The laws need to change!!! What will they do about work place bullies and bullying, it needs to stop...I was fired 12 days before Christmas...

      I use to like people but a bully shot me down! Bosses should lead employees not Bully...Yes not from bullies! What about work place bullies?! Remember bullies come in all shapes and sizes....I was bullied by an adult named Jeff Ursino , my manager at Citibank in Carmel, Ca...after he successfully made me sick with nerves and caused my blood pressure to go up he fired me via UPS 12 days before Christmas while I was out on a workers comp pending family will never forget the pain he caused us....and I haven't worked since due to all of this.

      Jeff Ursino once told me that I couldn't wear the hats I'd been wearing to work for almost four years with no problem. He said it was company policy yet there was nothing in writing. I called HR and they said there was nothing in the codes about hats. About six weeks later Jeff Ursino decided to tell me that I could wear hats again but only a couple days a week. I asked him what about the policy and he replied " I'm in control" , it was his way of throwing his weight around, what a bully! He also threatened to fire me for job abandonment if I didn't show up to work on a day I couldn't work, my daughter was ill and he was already fully staffed. He put me on the schedule at the last minute to pressure me into working...a Bully at his finest. He also stated that I hadn't worked on days that I had and I still have a copy of the schedules.

      Bullying needs to end and companies need to properly train manages to be leaders not bullies! What will politicians do about it? Nothing! We need to unite and do something about adult bullying and in the work place!

      I have two boxes of proof and I did document everything. When I realized that there is actually an Awareness month for anti bullying I decided to tell my story again in hopes of finding an organization that I can help bring light to this also very ugly issue!

      What I have mentioned is just a bit of all he did. No one cared or did anything about it. I wrote my leaders, congressmen , senators , mayors, city leaders, the president , attorney general, etc...everyone past the buck. Since then, bullying has come to the forefront and I want to tell my story.

      He is a father of 3 sons, still a " manager" , on the board of trustees for a school district and I can't help but wonder who he is bullying now.

      He had choices and he chose to be unkind, uncaring, not understanding, treated me like crap, ignored what others where doing, focused on me until he ruined me!

      ALL BULLIES NEED TO BE STOPPED!!!!! All companies need Bullying training and the manager isn't always right! Only cowards bully other people! He didn't care what I was wearing he simply wanted to show who was in control and bully me. The hats didn't prevent me from doing my job nor did anyone ever complain about them, in fact I got lots of compliments from customers and a couple of his bosses and someone from HR, it's was great until he showed up as a temporary manager. He just wanted me gone and set out to wrongfully terminate me. He couldn't even write me up correctly and I have the proof. He couldn't even fire me correctly as he broke California Labor codes in the process of firing me. He was simply unkind and heartless to me.

      Please grow up to be a kind, caring person. Never purposely make someone fear their going to loose their job for putting their daughter first, that's what he did to me...and yet he is a father.

      Time to open their eyes and our leaders and change the laws. Speak the truth state the facts and have your evidence ready! One of the reasons I am doing this is because I have proof, my journal, the forms he used to write me up incorrectly. He was in such a hurry to write me up that the first time he wrote me up he used the wrong form, he used the second warning form. He threatened me with job abandonment yet didn't know how that law worked. For some reason the universe, my God or what ever you want to believe, had me keep all the evidence. In my journal I wrote daily of what occurred at work, he singled me out. In four and a half years I loved my job 98 percent of the days then he came and ruined not only me but the spirit of that bank branch. He took away causal Friday and tried to take away cookies on Fridays for our customers. He said we all had to only eat in the break room but yet would eat at his desk and not say anything to the pretty blonde when she ate at her station. He took all my family photos down and claimed it was best for my family but allowed others to have their family photos out! A BULLY!!!!please share my story to bring awareness to work place bullying.

      The more I read the more I realize he was threatened by me. My reviews didn't justify what he did. Several times I was asked if I was the manager as he stood next to me. The hat issue was just him being a bully, he ignored what others did and wouldn't give me credit when it was due to me, he played it down. He snapped his fingers twice, said my name , pointed to the back room and said Damari in the back the very first time he ever addressed me. In the back room he said my reputation precedes me, that upper management had nothing but glowing reports about me. He asked why I thought I do so well and I told him because I love my job. He was a temporary manager, the branch was looking for a full time manager. Jeff Ursino was managing two branches during this process, I was trying to hang in there until we got a new one but he couldn't wait to fire me. I'm understanding more about bullies these days, it doesn't make it right but we need to pray for the bully.

      That's was awesome, thank you for caring and reposting. I use his name and the bank and location to keep it real and honest. I have nothing to hide. I use to tell my kids' if you don't want grammy to know what you did then don't do anything you'd be a shamed of because I will tell grammy the truth' it really helped with their behavior. I once wrote him and asked why he did what he did and I also told him that I hope no one ever treated his family as he had treated mine, but I got no response to my email from him. It's all true so it's not slander. Have an awesome day, thank you very much. So sorry about what you went through, hopefully we can get others to come forth and share their stories. I honestly feel that the bully should be called out, if he/she was so proud of their actions then don't get upset when we share what you've done. Please feel free to share my story to bring awareness to work place bullies and bullying, it needs to stop, the laws need to protect the employees and victims not the bully. Share my story please.

    • profile image

      Manny 2 years ago

      My manager and people in the warehouse are saying"according to them" a drug addict. What can i do about this

    • Lionrhod profile image

      Lionrhod 3 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Please remove this comment once you receive it. It appears this site has stolen your content.

    • profile image

      TheBusRunnithOver 3 years ago

      I need to state that I enjoy the owners of the company I work for. However, they have entrusted a 32 year old with no previous experience with their finances, she rose from a staff accountant (with no CPA) to a Director of Finance in less than 4 years! They have also assigned HR to her role. I am the assistant to the Owners of the company, I also handle things outside of my "assistant" role, such as HR Benefits, Accounts Payable - paying vendors with a company credit card. (I have NEVER been assigned an accounts payable position before in my life! I hate accounting!) Anyway, a year ago, the HR/Director of Finance and I had a heart to heart - I asked her straight out if I could talk with her openly without any repercussion. She agreed! I was tired of hearing for nearly 9 months every single day that the two newest directors were making more money than she was. I advised her to keep track of all the positive things she does, and when it was time for her review to try to justify an increase, however, not to think that her being a director for 8 months vs 20 years of experience would help her get to the same pay they are. I told her I honestly didn't want to hear her complaining about the other directors any more. I support them just as much as her and it made me uncomfortable knowing that she "targeted" the other directors. She even told me she was pissed that the director of sales was becoming the president's favorite, so she had to take him down! Anyway, since then, she has been on a tear to get me fired. She wants me out of the HR benefits field, she has twisted the truth and made me look bad every time she can. We hired a new GM, he believes everything out of her mouth. I have a solid history here, I have won awards, been given praise all throughout - until now. They stated they don't know who to believe. This HR person was not speaking to me at all, would only email me after hours. I didn't respond to one email in 3 years and was pulled into the GM"s office and reprimanded for it. I explained to him that her "only emailing me" was a form of harassment and I wasn't going to take it. I was uncomfortable with her not speaking to me. I wanted it to stop. I finally went to the President, for the 4th time this year, and explained to him that it was making walking into this office extremely uncomfortable. I was out sick yesterday, the HR woman went through my desk and found a bill that I was working on with the company who sent the bill and she took it. Then I found out she has been having my phone line recorded! I have been talking with out Parent Company's HR department about this particular HR person for over a year now - and all along, the HR person here has had access to those calls!!! I am outraged! I specifically asked the President when we put the HR handbook together, that when it stated that lines may be recorded, I asked him if mine was, he said absolutely NOT! Yet, I find out now, that they are! I am nearly 50 years old, I have been an EA to C-Level managers for over 20 years and this 32 year old with no experience and no HR experience at all is going to bully me each day and get away with it?! I don't know what to do! I like my job! It's close to home and the owners are wonderful people - they are just snowed over by her - and I don't know why! Any insight on how I can get this behavior to stop?!

    • profile image

      Robert 3 years ago

      My boss left job applications to Wendy's on everyone desk and lunch room. This is not funny. What to do?

    • profile image

      Employee 4 years ago

      What's the point of proving all this in the court when the company doesn't want you there. It's not illegal to fire an employee. Even the Fair Work Commission, Australia, says, "Do what your boss says". Look at your contracts first, mine said 8 hours a fortnight minimum, so I'm stuck with that because I went to the court against the boss. I was working full time before it all happened.

    • profile image

      Cathy 4 years ago

      I work with men/women and at first everything was good until one employee did a 360 in the office ratting her co-workers out to the boss and then returning to her desk like nothing had happen. The seems to take her side contantly and documents her accusations bout her co-works, its hard to work with a person who is watching your every movement to get her co-workers in trouble. Please tell me what a co-worker to do? Need answers and for the New York State area. Thanks!!

    • profile image

      jcinmaryland 4 years ago

      jcinmaryland 2 weeks ago

      I was reading this article on work place hostile environment and it describes my situation exactly.

      The only exception is that I still have my job for now.

      I am now in a situation that I have daily panic attacks that are keeping me from performing better in my job.

      I work for a fortune 500 company for over 6 years, with an exemplary work record. Six months ago was transferred to another department in the same capacity and have been harassed by my boss at least six to eight times , talked down to and basically called useless many times. and written up and threatened with termination several times.

      My situation is affecting my health and I don't know what to do.

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    • profile image

      jcinmaryland 4 years ago

      I was reading this article on work place hostile environment and it describes my situation exactly.

      The only exception is that I still have my job for now.

      I am now in a situation that I have daily panic attacks that are keeping me from performing better in my job.

      I work for a fortune 500 company for over 6 years, with an exemplary work record. Six months ago was transferred to another department in the same capacity and have been harassed by my boss at least six to eight times , talked down to and basically called useless many times. and written up and threatened with termination several times.

      My situation is affecting my health and I don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      nulite 5 years ago

      Hello everyone. I am new here and just lookin for any info or suggestions on my particular situation. Recently I was just suspended from work for scheduled sick time. This had been trained to me as an ok business practice thru a prior District Manager. I am now informed that this is not acceptable practice at all. I am extremely upset that I myself may lose my job. My question is that if this DM trained this to avoid weekly over budget on his behalf . . can this be a lawsuit? To me this was ok from the start because the DM represents the company fully. I have been around too many managers that bend the rules or make up their own rules like you were mentioning in your inserts above. Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

    • profile image

      rosenberg 5 years ago

      While teaching many of the star female basketball athletes at Rutgers Public Speaking, class which meets once a week, I was sent a communication from the Rutgers President's office stating I should be understanding regarding their absences due to being in the finals. This occurred during the Imus controversy. Showing compassion for these students, I did not penalize them for their absences. When recently told at a meeting that I had to give my students 20%A's, 20% C's and D's, and the remaining grades B's, I refused. A student should get the grade they deserve. I started teaching at Rutgers in 1990 and I believe because I refused the departments instructions on grading I was not rehired. IN my opinion I was bullied and harassed by members of the communications dept. Not only are students bullied but so are teachers, especially non tenured adjuncts as I was.

      Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    • profile image

      rosenberg 5 years ago

      I was deeply moved by the story regarding a former Rutgers student of mine Louisa

      Leal. She was in my public speaking class. She was so inspired by my teaching

      that even though she is not Jewish she asked me to pray for her which I did.I

      went out of my way to help her as I did with many other students who needed

      extra help. I was there to help many athletes get through Rutgers, particularly

      those who had injuries and learning problems including Ray Rice, Jeremy Britt

      and most of the NFL players over the last twenty plus years. Last year I was

      terminated from Rutgers after teaching there since 1990. . My crime was that I was not willing to give 20% A's

      and 20% C's and D's to my students, creating and using my own textbook (not

      unlike other professors) and being unwilling to accept the disrespect given to


      . . A current student at Rutgers told me today that certain professors are curving grades so that if you are one of the unlucky 20% YOU MIGHT GET A D EVEN THOUGH YOU REALLY DESERVED A HIGHER GRADE. There is no way that I would ever do that to a student.

      Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    • profile image

      ROSENBERG 5 years ago

      Regarding the article "Rutgers steps up efforts to go global, attract foreign students " Rutgers has become nothing more than big business. New Jersey residents are not being admitted to Rutgers because the students cannot compete with the grades and SAT scores of the foreign students. Out of state and foreign students pay substantially more tuition than in state students. I taught at Rutgers from 1990 until June of 2012. Even though the Communication dept denies it, I was told to give 20% A's and 20% C's and D's to my students. From my experience the foreign students who took accelerated courses in their native countries did better at Rutgers than NJ Students including some athletes. Obviously the higher grades would have gone to the foreign students in most cases. I refused to comply. I am no longer teaching at Rutgers. Need I say more.

      Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    • profile image

      amy 5 years ago

      i have a boss who is constantly criticizing, standing over me , makes rules as he goes. He even went as far as to fire a bottle rocket at me in a place that is full of explosive chemicals. He has threw bolts and nuts at me. If i I go to the restroom he tapes the outside of the door so when I open it I get a hair full ,face full and body full of tape. Hes even let his wife take the job I was hired to do and moved me to another job w/o even me signing any transfer papers etc. He calls me names , threatens to fire / lay me off. I could go on and on with all the tings hes has done to me in the past 2 1/2 years..My health is declining rapidly ...blood pressure is at a dangerous high number. Can someone please give me some advice. I have mae complaints to HR director / safety direstor. What's my next option?

    • profile image

      smalltown 5 years ago

      I live in a small town where alot of gossip and vendictiveness is in the work place. When a new boss came onboard and her admin wanting to secure a job, they have taken away all of my responsibilities with the exception of answering the phones. I have worked here for three years now and have had multiple hours of training for certain parts of my job to include responsibilities with time sheets, employee files, new hire paperwork, interviews, reports, and a plethera more. The new boss has taken all of these responsibilities away and told me that I had to make a list of my responsibilities that I do now to justify to our new CFO what I do at the company to keep my job. Her admin told her that she was in charge of all the work that I did prior to her taking the responsibilities away from me. Her admin has a rally of friends in the work place that do not like me and have taunted to get me removed from the company. What do I do? What legal recourse do I have? I have spoken to people in the corporate office and mentioned it to HR and spoken with them and they have chosen to support the company. The individuals at the corporate office who trained me are very confused as to why they have taken the responsiblities away from me. The only reason I see that her admin would want me gone is due to the fact that I spoke to our new boss about the breaches of confidentiality that the admin had done. She had gone through personel files and shared those with the office employees while on break. Her admin has gotten into other employees emails and read all the instant messaging and read through emails and used that information against the employees to be moved to a new position. She has had her husband in the office when she was working with payroll issues online and he was looking at the screen. I have no documentation of any of this and do not know if the employees would step up and be a testiment to the things that have happened. Please help. What do I do, I think they are trying to get me fired or make my life so miserable by bullying me that I quit.

    • profile image

      carol ann 5 years ago

      All this I have read on this site seems so real to workplace has such a bullying boss yells and cusses everyday....she makes horrible humilitating comments....Like "What kind of drugs are you on?" talks negative about the other employees when they are not around, after one carrier leaves for their route...she will gather the other workers up and tell them not to talk to her any more. Yells at just out of control.....what should I do.....I am afraid for my job and well being.....thank you for any help

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I am from England, and currently suspended for the second time.

      Until the new manager was appointed about 18 months ago, everything was fine, apart from the usual office niggles.

      Since she was appointed, she has sacked 3 of us, and now this is the 8th suspension amongst workers. She encourages nasty, malicious gossip, and I know she is trying to get rid of me, but even though it is awful working for her, I won't be a victim. Somehow, she has management on her side, and also HR, so we seem to have nowhere to turn.

      My union is very helpful, but all of this is making us feel scared and ill.

      On reading this page, I am shocked to see how many people are going through such pain, fear and hurt. Good luck to you all.

    • profile image

      dr. bernhard rosenberg 5 years ago



      I read over your comments and tried to evaluate them from every possible angle. As you may be aware I had taught at the undergraduate and graduate level for over 53 years with 17 of them as a full time faculty member; Executive Masters Program Director and Department Chairman. I have also been an Adjunct at several UNiversities and know the full spectrum of the position they play with the academic structure.

      That being said as you are aware Adjuncts are the slave labor of the university. In virtually every environment they lack any form of protection in their teaching position. There is no requirement to rehire them on a continual basis and if in fact a full time faculty member desires to teach your course for the first time they are entitled to do so.

      I had been an Adjunct at the University of New Haven Graduate School of Business for 35 years and literally "owned" the courses in which I taught. The curricula was changes and in spite of the fact I was the only person qualified to teach the courses, I was unceremoniously dropped. The program recently restarted and my former courses were renewed, but I was not asked to teach.

      The question then arises in situations such as yourself, are there any grounds upon which you have a sustainable basis for seeking recourse against the institution?

      The discrimination laws do in fact apply to Universities and Colleges. There are several cases involving faculty who have either not been promoted; terminated; not granted tenure based upon race, creed, religion ,sex, and/or national origin. The burden of proof is always upon the complaining faculty. There are virtually no cases involving adjuncts do to the fact they are legally employees at sufferance. Where cases do exist most of them involved the failure to hire initial due to the previously mentioned areas of protection. Where this all gets tricky is when the University uses or creates a "pretext" not to rehire or to terminate.

      It appears that you were in fact set up or at least fell into a confluence of circumstances which played directly into the hands of the powers that be. On the facts you have set forth you have an extremely difficult road to pursue recourse. The complaints against you are being utilized by the University directly related to "competence and qualification." These are traditionally the basis for terminating or not renewing faculty. Your 20 year run as an adjunct certainly is supportive of the fact that the School; Department Chair; Dean and students felt you competent...what has suddenly changed? You indicate is was a new curricula which although you taught it last year with obviously no student complaints, you have to separate yourself form your teaching under the old vis-a-vis the new.


      Just want to share. I will be teaching at another college. However this is the story of adjuncts without tenure. I tried to help others but we are all in the same boat, without tenure adjuncts are the slaves of the university system. I truly believe I was harassed and bullied as are so many other adjuncts, but at least I FOUGHT BACK. The union is worthless as they deal only with pay raises. IF you are an adjunct and have treated this way I feel sad for you, but unless adjuncts unite to fight back this will remain the story . Thank G-d I AM A RABBI AND MAKE A LIVING. Many of my colleagues in academia are starving. BEN ROSENBERG

    • profile image

      annie 5 years ago

      Ok so I wanted to ask some advice. My husband is best friends with his boss's son. Two weeks ago they went bar hopping and took a cab back to our home. When we woke upwe found that the friend had left, gotten a dui. Since it happened my husband hasn't been scheduled to work a single day. He has never been "coached" or writtenup. He called in sick once and has never been late. My husband has only worked there 90 days. Do we have legal rights here?

    • profile image

      DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG 6 years ago

      Please note I only want to continue teaching at Rutgers. My health and teaching was greatly affected by the refusal to answer my questions regarding summer and fall teaching. The answers were either lies or constantly referred to as a 'PERSONNEL matter. This bullying and harassment were obvious and I must reiterate that my concerns of anti-Semitism were never addressed and I feared for my safety. Obviously this was not considered in your determination. The Police Chief of Edison township where I am chaplain does not understand why the administration did not report my complaint to security.

      Dr. Kui returned only one of my emails stating "take me off your list." Dr. Katz has a reputation of allegedly bullying other intstructors which is known. if there were complaints about my teaching, why were they not brought to my attention so I could address them and correct them. Yes, it is true I went to the media because the dept ignored my questions. If any student had a complaint it should have been brought to me by the dept. If I was not following the curriculum, why wasn't I confronted with that? My student and teacher evaluations do not indicate any problems. The one student who complained about me in one evaluation was because the student did not receive an A. I have students who can attest to everything that was taught in class. I would like to appear with about 20 of them before you.

      This was very drawn out; I could not even get an answer to future employment until june. This was very painful emotionally and physically. I told the dept I would always follow the curriculum and correct anything they wanted regarding the new curriculum. I only spoke out in print and video when I was lied to about not being hired for the summer.

      I still would like to resolve this issue without going to court.

      Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


      RE: Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

      Dr. Rosenberg,

      Your issues were thoroughly investigated. I'll respond to you more fully as soon as possible.

      Thank you, Jayne

      I just showed this to my attorney who said this is called a "hostile work enviornment." He does not understand why the issues were not addressed.

      Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

      Today I received the letter from Rutgers University Human Resources, dated June 18 2012.

      Re: discrimination complaint

      The religious discrimination/anti-Semitism complaint you cite in your letter was a side issue to the main original complaint. It was only included because one of my students noted this was happening.

      The reason I went to the office of employment equity was my complaint of harrassment and bullying. I sent all this information several times so I do not understand why this major complaint was not addressed.

      I was called into Dr. Hui-Min Kuo's office and berated, bullied and harrassed regarding the following issues:

      A complaint against me that I used my youtube/video in class and that I sold my book directly to my students instead of the bookstore.

      I teach public speaking and was using mixed media as I was told to do by the department. Since I am a public speaker, reverend, and have been speaking in public for 36 years my youtube was a teaching element. In fact, recently there appeared an article in the Home News stating that twitter and youtube are used in all levels of education facilities. In addition, on June 16th an article appeared in the Star Ledger about a part time instructor (who calls himself professor in the article; Dr. Katz berated me and stated that I cannot call myself professor because I am part time) who shows his youtube on his moustache at Rutgers to great acclaim. I would like to know if this teacher is being disciplined for this.

      Regarding my selling my book , as soon as I was told to sell it through the bookstore, I did.

      The most flagrant part of the harrassment at this meeting involved Dr. Kuo confronting me and asking belligerently if I had taken the anti-discrimination exam at Rutgers. She most certainly knew I took it since it is in my file. This was a blatant form of harrassment and bullying to rile me up.

      I am including a basic summary of the situation. Please read it yourself. This letter did not address my complaint at all and I would like to appear in front of you to state the case. According to our labor attorney I have a strong case of harrassment and bullying which is why I do not understand the content of your letter. The harrassment and bullying has affected me greatly both physically, emotionally and monetarily.

      Please read:

      I have been teaching at Rutgers University, SCILS, Department of Communication as a part time instructor for 24 years. I have always had excellent evaluations and recommendations.

      I am also the only teacher in my department who wears a skullcap.

      In the fall of 2012, after the first day of the semester, I was summoned to the office of the undergraduate department chair, Hui Min Kuo through an email. As a child of survivors of the Holocaust who lost his entire family, and a Holocaust historian myself who is constantly fighting against anti-Semitism, I became frightened by this abrupt email which demanded that I appear immediately without explanation. I called Dr. Hui Min Kuo on the phone and explained my fear and asked that she tell me the problem over the phone. After all I had worked at Rutgers for 24 years and what could be so dire and serious? I literally begged her to tell me so I would not imagine a horrible situation. She refused.

      When I arrived at her office Dr. Nick Linardopoulos, the Public speaking debate Coordinator was sitting there with her. I felt on trial. My thoughts ran wild: Should I have brought a lawyer? Why was she not speaking to me in private? Why was there a witness there?

      Dr. Hui Min Kuo said a student, after the first day of class, complained to the department that I used You Tube and Twitter in class and that I was selling my own book in class. I explained that I had been teaching in this manner for years and did not know that a teacher had to sell his book through the bookstore. In fact, many years ago I showed this book to Dr. Min Kuo; in fact, I had asked her to put a forward in the book which she did not do.

      I felt that these complaints were trivial. I could prove that many educators, as was appearing in articles everywhere including the New Jersey Home News, were using different forms of media to teach. In fact, I was asked to use mixed media by the department this past year which I did . Regarding my book, I told them I would contact the Rutgers book store and arrange to have the book sold through them. I did this that week and the book is now being sold through the bookstore for $15.00 more than when I sold it directly to my students. I also told them I never tell my students buying the book is a requirement; it is an option which I have found is better than the textbook.

      As I said, this was very frightening. Would any one else be brought into this situation for such small mistakes? In today's world where people are accused of accosting women, harrasing and bullying, I had reason to worry. Dr. Min Kuo then asked me if I had taken the required anti-discrimination test at Rutgers. At this point I was even more frightened. Was a student accusing me of touching them improperly? Did I need a lawyer? Was I being falsely accused? My reputation was on the line. (I had taken the test). I tried to diffuse the situation by making a joke. I told Dr. Min Kuo that I had not raped anyone lately. She blew up in my face. I immediately apologized. I was very upset as I felt I was on trial and just blurted that out. She had no understanding of what my Holocaust background meant and how terrifying this was. (I had explained this on the phone to her before the meeting.)j

      Why in the world was she asking me this question? I am a respected clergyman, police chaplain and former prison chaplain. Rutgers has a record of my taking the test so this was pure harrassment. She yelled at me throughout the meeting. She made me feel like a thief over selling the book even tho

    • profile image

      Chuckle 6 years ago

      I have been suspended for 10 months, I work in a care home and on this particular day to service users came to me with serious abuse allegations they each asked me to assist them to complain. On the same day I sent an email to someone saying I had serious concerns and I don't know where to go with these can you help.

      3 days later I over heard my manager talking about e on the phone, he said "I will try and get her a written warning that will shut her up.

      The next day one of the service users I assisted got someone to contact me and tell me to watch my back, because they are after me. I immediately sent an email to a friend / colleague telling him about this.

      2 days after that I was suspended, they would not tell me the reason for my suspension as they said it was a safeguarding.

      They wrote to me asking what my concerns where that I had stated I had in the email. My union advised me to put my concerns in writing. I never heard again from my employer for 6 months, I received a letter it said he was now in a position to tell me why I was suspended it was because I had psychologically abused the service I assisted , they interview me a month later. The interview was crazy, it was like they had no real questions to ask me, I have not heard anymore from them it has been 3 months since I was interviewed . I am on full pay.

    • profile image

      Kanner 6 years ago

      Curious of some feedback from others on some issues.  

      1). Is it a violation for a boss to call someone while on F.M.L.A. and reprimand them to the point they are hysterical?  (Let me toss in, I had warned my boss prior to my leave that any future/further stresses would jeopardize me health condition.  Thus, she was aware of the distress she was inflicting!)

      2). During this phone conversation, I was also threatened to cease contact from select group of others at work while I was on leave.  (Does this violate my freedom of speech...or any other right I may have had?). The phone reprimand was severe, it also violated my contract on how disciplinary action was to be followed.  Threatened  with a meeting upon return regarding my behavior with a union rep.....and allowed due process).  She went from step 0 to highest level of discipline.   REPEATEDLY made remarks I created "horrific' scene (I could go on and on....but I will conclude this part here.)

      This woman, a middle school principal (I, the certified classroom teacher) made me SO EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY ILL,  along with feeling I was an inept and a worthless teacher.....THAT I LEFT ABRUPTLY ON DISABILITY RETIREMENT as I was so deathly scared of losing my job.   I was in complete major depression (still am), having severe panic attacks, I thought I would die if I ever had to step foot in there (school) again.   My LAST COURSE OF calm what I could with my that I would end this life I have....just to make sure I NEVER had to go through that abuse again.

      Now....I have 50% less income, $400 a month insurance, still am frightened of people and how they can inflict such grave harm to another...totally lost my self-worth, kids I loved and a job I loved.  I am nervous all the time, I constantly worry about finance and IF I may ever be declined my disability retirement (I just show medical evidence every 3 years of my health status).  

      NOW, NOW, NOW.....  She, along with some of her colleagues, and students at the school are under a lawsuit.  They allowed a 14 year old boy to be bilked (some even joined in).  He tried to take his life over this (I can relate!).   

      SOOO......  The feelings I was bullied were accurate, but that is so difficult to understand/prove when you are under severe emotional distress (when bullied, you think it is you!). Therefore, I did not pursue legal action.  I just crawled in a hole.  I basically nom longer socialize, drive a car, etc as my nerves are so bad.   Yet, now that this monster has the lit shining on her,i would really like to go forward and get back myself....emotionally and financially.

      Anyone's opinion?   I believe my statue of limitations have run out unless I can utilize the toll provision I was defiantly not mentally capable to do so back then.  Would her being named in this type of lawsuit, perhaps, be considers "new evidence"?   I feel it demonstrates a long trail of hostile workplace environment.

      Any suggestions and opinions would greatly be welcomed here.  D

      I know everyone is here because they have been a victim or witnessed a, my heart goes out to each of you, as I know the damaging effects this has!

      **I'm thinking....

      "Intentional infliction of Emotional Distress" or "Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress" along with possible contact violations and interference of FMLA usage.

      Again....please chime in!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Frustrated76 6 years ago

      I work for the federal government, and had some medical problems that started last year. Because of that I was calling in sick more then the usual amount. My manager didn't seem to have any problems with it but a manger who is not mine did. He went to my manager demanding that was put on leave restriction. My manager did not do this. Then he look up every time I called in sick.

      ( you have to call in 1 hour before for you start time) sent to my manager. The times that were off varied from 1-3 minutes after the call in time. Again my manager was not concerned but past the info to me througth my supervisor. At that point did get FMLA. This had all started after a fellow coworker and myself went to him to discuss some legitimate problems that concerned some of his people. For a while now he has not bothered me. But after having surgery, and needing to call in sick due to some of the after effect of the surgery. He, wants to put me on disciplineary action. I for my part forgot to say that it was FLMA. It was only about 4 or 5 day in a 5 month time span. He even went and got all my call in record from the past 3 and 1/2 years that I have been working there to try to prove I call in alot. I never in all those years I never had any trouble for calling in sick

      . I had to write a statement on my view and have to get a revised FLMA paper work from my Dr. Is this bully or harassment or neither. And is there anything I can do about ?

      Also my manager while talking to a fellow coworker told her she couldn't take the time off she wanted because I was calling in sick too much was going to be put on leave restriction. He told her even before I even found out. And he used my name, so she knew who I was. Was he correct in doing this. Can I do anything about this?

    • profile image

      may19 6 years ago

      My boyfriend was on his 90 days probation detailing cars, one manager fired him for eating a chip that another employe offered him, what should we do?


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