How to Promote Yourself to a Higher Level in Your Company

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Is this happening to you?

  • Your boss talks about deteriorating company earnings.
  • Your particular trade is going through tough economic times.
  • You see no future where you are and you’re concerned for your job.
  • It may just be a matter of time until you get laid off.

Are you the kind of person who always thinks of innovative ways to improve things?

The thing is that you have all these wonderful ideas that can help the company, but it’s not your job title to manage the company. You know your company only too well, but you are the low-man (or woman) on the totem pole and not really in a position to communicate with upper management.

Telling your boss your ideas won’t help. Your boss doesn’t care, or will be threatened by a subordinate coming up with ways to improve the company.

Let’s take a scenario as an example:

You work in a sales company. Your position is liaison for clients who buy your company’s products. You realize that sales are at an alarmingly low level that can’t support the salaries of staff much longer.

From your perspective, you can also see the issues that exist which are causing customers to consider other options. That is a great place to be. Upper management can’t see it. You can, because you’re involved with it.

Upper management just sees sales figures in reports. They don’t have a clue as to why things are not working.

You Have the Power

It’s very important to understand the power that you have and what you can do with it. It’s also important to realize that this power can not only save your job, but it can create a whole new career for you within your existing employment. Without even changing jobs!

You need to have a new frame of mind, one that allows you to recognize your own talents and put them to use. Your talents are a result of your position in the company. It allows you to see what needs to be changed. You can even visualize the changes that need to be done to improve the business. You need to get this information into the proper hands.

That thought of getting this information into the proper hands scares you. You start thinking negatively. You come up with all these reasons why you can’t do it. No one will listen to you. No one will care. Your opinion doesn’t count since you are not a manager, or because you’re not in the product research department.

Control Your Emotions With a Vision

All these thoughts running around in your head bringing out strong emotions. The trick is to overpower that and change your vision. Try to see wonderful things that can come from your actions.

You not only can save help improve your company, but you can show upper management that you are an important entity in the company. You want them to see that your talents are lost where you are right now.

Your ideas may be a better value to your company than you realize. When you know how to share your ideas you may even achieve additional respect and appreciation. It can also mean job security with a potential for a promotion.

You may actually end up creating a new position for yourself, with career advancement.

How to Communicate With Your Boss or With Upper Management

Even though you might have great ideas, you may not really be in a position to communicate with upper management. You need to convey your ideas in such as way that your boss will be convinced to consider them.

Give your boss a feeling of power by asking for his or her opinion. You never want to take that feeling away. Make it work to your advantage.

You can earn respect and appreciation for the ideas that you share.
You can earn respect and appreciation for the ideas that you share. | Source

The most important thing is how to know how to talk with your boss. You need to include your boss in on your ideas, and let him or her bring your idea to upper management.

You can start by discussing the idea with her and ask permission to present you ideas to the head of the company. However, some personality types don’t appreciate someone else bypassing them with better ideas.

You may need to let your boss reap the rewards for bringing your idea to upper management. If you’ve gotten to know your boss well, and you know how he or she functions, you might know that you will still get rewarded indirectly—maybe with a private decision for advancement.

Use an Elevator Pitch

If you find it difficult to get into a meeting with your boss to discuss your ideas, plan to do a presentation when the opportunity arrives.

You’ve heard of the elevator pitch? Well, plan one. Keep it ready in your mind for the time when the opportunity presents itself. This can happen anywhere. You can find many great elevator pitch examples with a Google search.

Pique your boss’s interest with a brief explanation of the problem you’re aware of, and with just a couple of sentences describe your solution that you envision and why it will help.

Creating the Pitch

Write the whole pitch on paper. Review it and rewrite it. Fix the weak spots and review it again. Change it a thousand times if you need to.

Every time you read it and you want to change something, means that you found something you are still not satisfied with. Every change that you make means an improvement. Keep improving until you feel totally satisfied, and comfortable with it.

Discussions With Your Boss to Help Advance Your Career

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and make your ideas known.

All the ideas you share can be very powerful with influencing your boss that you deserve a promotion into a job position where your can better apply your talents.

For this reason, it’s important to always discuss what you’ve been working on. Let your boss know how you fell about the job you have and how you are applying yourself.

Always make it a goal is to give your boss a vision of what you can be doing in a different position.

 Managers talk about you, so give them something to talk about.
Managers talk about you, so give them something to talk about. | Source

Strategies for Career Advancement

If you feel you are in the wrong position and can do more for the company elsewhere, focus on a way to show upper-management that you are an important entity in the company, and that your capabilities and talents are not being applied in your present position.

Make it known that you have useful ideas and the knowledge to implement those ideas to improve certain aspects of the company, be it sales, production, cost savings, or whatever.

Sharing your ideas with your boss about ways to improve the success of the company can have a positive effect on your future promotion within the company.

Presenting your ideas in the proper way could result in a job promotion when your boss realizes you need to be placed in a position where you can bring about those changes.

In any case, you'll stand out as one who cares for the success of the company. Management will respect you for it and appreciate your involvement.

You'll find yourself reaping the rewards.

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