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How to Ask for a Raise and Convince Your Boss You Deserve It

I'm a business strategist with project management and organizational skills from a corporate background. I'll help you with similar success.

Show your boss that you are a visionary.

Show your boss that you are a visionary.

You Deserve to Get That Raise

You’ve been working on the same job for quite some time, and you are wondering when you will be rewarded for your work.

I learned how to move up the ladder while working in two major corporations. I'll explain the methods I used so you'll know what to do to be noticed by management and get that raise.

How to Impress Your Boss

The question is, do you stand out from the crowd, so your boss will be convinced you deserve a promotion?

Keep in mind that you are always competing with other employees, so you need to achieve more than they do, with behaviors that show you are interested in the company's welfare more than in yourself.

It’s easier than you might think, and it will even give you the pleasure of having done more than expected. You can make an impression with three simple actions:

  1. Show how you handle your relationship with coworkers.
  2. Disclose how you envision new ideas that benefit the company.
  3. Make sure management notices the value of how you perform at work.

Below are seven ways to demonstrate your value to your employer and eventually land yourself that promotion.

Seven Ways to Get Noticed at Work

1. Show That You Are a Visionary

When you take it upon yourself to do more than what is expected, your boss will notice your leadership ability. Give your boss a vision of what you can be doing in a different position. Keep the following points in mind:

  • You lead by doing what no one else thinks of doing.
  • Provide a solution to a problem.
  • Offer to improve procedures to enhance workload.
  • Create a new way of looking at an old problem and write about it.
  • Offer to work on other tasks you considered could be beneficial to the company.
  • Show that you understand the issues involved.

2. Show That You Can Work on Your Own

Your career depends on what your manager thinks you’re capable of doing. That can have a significant impact on future advancements.

It's best to avoid asking your boss to help give you a solution to a problem without first giving it some thought on your own. Then, your boss will notice that you can think for yourself and are a problem-solver.

Do some self-studying to improve your knowledge of the company's products. If you don't find material that provides that information, ask for it. Your inquiry demonstrates that you have a desire to learn.

3. Ask for Additional Work

Consider asking your boss to let you work on additional activities that can be helpful to the company. For example, you might notice things that need improvement.

One thing to keep in mind, though: When you put the time into generating your own ideas, don’t let your other responsibilities suffer. Keep working on your assigned tasks, and make sure you stay up to date with schedules.

Your efforts at providing solutions to different problems should only come after you complete your assigned duties.

4. Show That You Know How to Set Priorities

If you have many tasks to finish, you must set priorities to complete the most critical jobs in proper order.

If you need input from your boss about priorities, that's okay. The trick is to avoid complaining about feeling overloaded. Instead, ask for a schedule.

Discuss the importance of each step. That will help your boss recognize that you appreciate their opinion.

Besides, you'll feel less stressed because you'll know where to focus on completing each assignment one at a time–and on time.

5. Propose Ideas That Benefit the Company

Always try to work beyond expectations. Think of things you can do before your next task is assigned. Look around. See what others are doing. Try to find areas that need improvement.

When you get the chance, rouse your boss’s interest with a brief explanation of an idea you have that can benefit the company. Then, describe the concept you envision and how it will help in just a few sentences.

If management is interested, they will reach out to you for more details.

For example, offer a method that you thought of to enhance the working environment. It shows that you care to give back more than others, and you will stand out for having done it.

Act as a team player among the staff.

Act as a team player among the staff.

6. Reach Out to Help New Employees

Some companies don’t have printed material with information to guide personnel. If this is lacking where you work, and if you already know all that stuff, consider writing a training manual for new employees.

That will give them a reference guide they can turn to when they need help understanding how things are done in your company.

Of course, ask your boss first. See what he or she thinks of the idea. I’m sure it will meet with their approval, and it will put another plus mark on your list of achievements.

7. Show That You Are a Team Player

Show that you are a team player by helping other employees succeed. Try to notice others who stand out as promising superstars in the company, and tell your boss about it.

When you show that you care more about the company than yourself, that could make you appear as management material, and it is one step closer to getting there.

  • Show your boss that you understand the company's plans for its future. Prove that you share the same goals and values.
  • Reveal that you are determined to keep the company's main interests as a top priority.
  • Express how you feel about your job and how you are applying yourself.
  • It’s always important to discuss what you’ve been working on and get feedback to ensure you're going in the right direction.

Your boss will trust you to work on more critical tasks that involve delegating to others. That could lead to a more prestigious position, and along with that comes more responsibility. That usually consists of a promotion.

Key Takeaway

When you apply these methods, you won't be forgotten when the time comes for promotion reviews. Your boss will appreciate your efforts and recognize the work you do. That will have a tremendous impact on your career because you'll deserve that promotion and rewarding raise.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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