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How to Get Your Boss to Support Your Ideas

Updated on May 8, 2017
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Over 35 years running a business has given Glenn Stok strategic management skills in organization, planning, logic, and policy development.

Do you have ideas to improve things in your office workplace? Here's how to be recognized for sharing your innovative ideas with your boss.

Are you the kind of person who always thinks of innovative ways to improve things?

  • Would you like to see changes in the company where you work?
  • Do you have ideas for improvements that can be made?
  • Do you feel no one will care to hear your ideas?

Your ideas may be a better value to your company than you realize. When you know how to share your ideas you may even achieve additional respect and appreciation. It can also mean job security with a potential for a promotion.

You may actually end up creating a new position for yourself, with career advancement.

Even though you might have great ideas, you may not really be in a position to communicate with upper management. You need to convey your ideas in such as way that your boss will be convinced to consider them.

You can earn respect and appreciation for the ideas that you share.
You can earn respect and appreciation for the ideas that you share. | Source

What's your ultimate goal?

  • Do you just want to share ideas with your boss because you care about the company?
  • Are you hoping for something more, possibly recognition or advancement.

There may be stumbling blocks in the way that prevent you from making your ideas known. You have useful information, but your boss may not be open to it. Either he or she doesn’t care, or will be threatened by a subordinate coming up with ways to improve the company.

Let’s examine this scenario:

Let’s say that you work in a sales company. Your position is liaison for clients who buy your company’s products. You realize that sales are at an alarmingly low level that can’t support the salaries of the staff.

You might see the issues that are causing the company's customers to consider other options and take their business elsewhere. From your perspective, you might have solutions to the problem. This can be very useful information to share with your boss.

Upper management can’t always see what's happening. The news doesn't always travel to upper corporate managers and they're not aware of the issues affecting the business. However, you see the problem because you're closer to where it's happening.

If you've noticed where there are problems, and the status quo is just not good enough, you can make use of your knowledge by showing your boss how to improve things in your department or in the entire company.

How to Promote Yourself in the Company

It’s very important to understand the power that you have with your knowledge of how the company is functioning from your viewpoint. That gives you the ability to figure out what changes are necessary to improve things.

This information is vital to the success of the company, but many people in leadership are happy with the status quo and they don't think about making changes for the better.

You have a different frame of mind, one that allows you to recognize your own talents and put them to use. If it's not already part of your job description, try to find a way to apply it. Your efforts can enhance your position as well. Remember that it can benefit the company, so don't be afraid to share your ideas.

What's important is that you need to get this information into the proper hands. The only problem is that you start thinking negatively.

You come up with all these reasons why you can’t do that. A little voice in your head says, "No one will listen. No one will care. Your opinion doesn’t count since you are not a manager, or because you are not in the product research department."

All these thoughts on your mind are holding you back. You need to ignore that little voice.

How to Tell Your Boss What You Visualize

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and make your ideas known.

All the ideas you have can bring out great emotions that are very powerful influences on creating a vision. Don't let negative emotions stand in the way. If you feel strongly about it, so will the right people above you. You need to take action.

It may help you to take that action if you try to see the wonderful things that can occur because of your actions. Your vision of the potential results will help you figure out how to present your ideas to your supervisor or maybe even to his or her boss higher up the chain.

If you feel you are in the wrong position and can do more for the company elsewhere, focus on a way to show upper-management that you are an important entity in the company, and that your capabilities and talents are not being applied in your present position.

Make it known that you have useful ideas and the knowledge to implement those ideas to improve certain aspects of the company, be it sales, production, cost savings, or whatever.

As I mentioned earlier, sharing your ideas with your boss about ways to improve the success of the company can have a positive effect on your future promotion within the company. That statement is important enough to stand repeating. Keep that in your mind. Try to imagine it happening.

The next thing you know, someone higher up says...

This fellow down in purchasing has some really good ideas. I like how he presented his ideas to us. I want him promoted. I want him working for me.

— Upper Management Boss
 Managers talk about you, so give them something to talk about.
Managers talk about you, so give them something to talk about. | Source

See what just happened? I helped you visualize a positive outcome for yourself. You need to envision it happening in order to get the courage to even consider taking the first step.

I like to consider this saying that I heard somewhere. You need to shoot for the moon. Then when you come up short, it’s still a lot higher than you ever dreamed.

Help Others Envision Your Solutions

Always be ready to talk to your boss about your ideas. Discuss your understanding of the problem you see and give an account of the solution that you envision. Explain why you think it will help.

Give your boss a feeling of power by asking for his or her opinion. You never want to take that feeling away. Apply it to your advantage.

Presenting your ideas in the proper way could result in a job promotion when your boss realizes you need to be placed in a position where you can bring about those changes more often.

In any case, you'll stand out as one who cares for the success of the company. Management will respect you for it and appreciate your involvement.

You'll find yourself reaping the rewards.

© 2009 Glenn Stok

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