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Updated on October 25, 2017
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As a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post and several other media outlets, Michelle offers up her own insight for other writers.

Start Your Blogging Journey Now
Start Your Blogging Journey Now

Choosing Topics

Every blogger has ideas that they want to express in the most genuine and inspiring way. The dream that others will be truly moved by your words and come back for more is not an impossible aspiration.

One of the biggest challenges for any blogger is being able to combine relatable topics with personal interest. Something that you're passionate about may not be a wildly popular topic at first.

The key to dealing with this potential snag is to start out promoting blogs that will appeal to a wider audience. Once you gain more readers you can then begin to filter in the blogs that mean more to you.

For instance, I have a keen interest in step-parenting because this topic applies personally to me. But this topic is not a hugely popular one, simply because there may not be enough readers that are searching for this topic. I compromised by starting out with general parenting blogs as those are extremely popular in this day and age.

Once I gained more readers who enjoyed my parenting blogs, I began to slip in my other work so that I could reach a larger audience.

Type Your Passion
Type Your Passion

Finding A Niche

You may know exactly what you want to blog about and the category that your work fits into may already be popular.

In this case, your next step is to create excellent content on your site and promote yourself. I'll get to this in a minute.

If you find you're having trouble deciding on your main blogging topic or niche, start out by picking just one topic, putting out a blog on it, and then gauging its popularity. Then switch to another topic to compare what people like more.

Make sure that the topics you're churning out are not too far apart in categories in the beginning or you'll confuse your readers. Readers like to be able to subscribe to specific blog sites. For example: don't put out a blog about gardening and then the next day it randomly switches up to a cooking blog.

Try and find a general theme for your blog site that can fit a few of your interests in. For instance, if you can't decide between gardening, cooking, or DIY, try promoting your blogs as household related so that your readers can expect a variety of topics within that category. This gives you some wiggle room until you figure out what you're best at.

The Art of Promoting Your Blogs

If you blog on a website but have very limited readers, how do you promote your work? Well, this is the difficult problem faced by every blogger who doesn't come into the writing world with a ready-made fanbase.

Obviously, one ideal way to promote your work is by using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc, are fantastic ways to share your work but even on those platforms, you'll need to have a decent amount of followers in order to get anyone clicking and reading your blogs.

One useful tool that can be used for free and also at a price if you want to upgrade is Copromote.

Copromote can be used to connect with other people on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube in order to cross-promote a brand, business, or blog.

For free, you can "boost" your posts using points earned by sharing other people's content and also gain new followers. You can pay to upgrade if you wish.

Unfortunately, Copromote doesn't accommodate Facebook at this time, but you can still use platforms such as Twitter, Vine, YouTube, and Instagram.

Use The Power of Social Media
Use The Power of Social Media

Other than using social media platforms, try networking with other bloggers who are more established on their own sites and have a good fanbase.

Select bloggers who write on subjects similar to yours and try reaching out to them, maybe sharing some of their posts on your social media sites, or e-mailing them introducing your own website.

Not all bloggers will respond or even acknowledge you, but it's definitely worth a shot because even the bloggers who have thousands of followers and great exposure had to start somewhere.

Another way to get your work noticed is to send your blogs to media outlets and publishers that have substantial online readers. Many publishers accept work from unknowns but you'll have to be persistent, pitch your ideas many times, and - most of the time - not expect much in the way of payment.

Blogging Websites

There are a couple of really great website platforms that allow beginners to set up a website for free. Wix and Wordpress are among the best so far.

If you decide that you want to pay for your own personal domain (which generally looks more professional) then you can upgrade on both of these sites and pay for the year.

Usually, when you pay a premium amount it comes with access to apps and features that will enhance both the way your content is exposed and the way it looks.

You can also get signed up with Google Adsense if you aren't already which allows you to place ads on your website for revenue sharing purposes. If you do indeed start getting tons of traffic to your website, you may actually start earning some money after a while.

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Keep The Faith

If you're really passionate about diving into the blogging world, then you'll have to remember that not everyone will engage in what you're putting out. They may not even stop to read a piece that you feel is particularly genius.

In the fast-paced, often fickle world of blogging and technology, you have to keep up with trending content. Getting a blog featured on a large media outlet is a fantastic launcher into other opportunities and will undoubtedly expose you to more readers.

If you're able to combine your interests with extremely readable content and gain even a small following of over 500 readers in your first year of trying - then keep going! If you can get through the first year of your blogging journey and people are reading and sharing some of your stuff, then there's no reason to stop.

In the beginning, you need to keep in mind that it may take years to make any decent money from blogging. But if you're in it for the long haul and enjoy the reaction you get from readers on your work, there's no doubt that making money, in the end, will be just the icing on the cake.

If You Love Blogging, Don't Stop Trying And Learning
If You Love Blogging, Don't Stop Trying And Learning


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    • Farawaytree profile image

      Michelle Zunter 15 months ago from California

      Fantastic!! That made my day. Well, I'm still a newbie too - just be persistent and when you feel like giving up just take a break and try again. If you really love writing you gotta do it!

    • profile image

      chastaki88 15 months ago

      Lately, I have been flirting with the idea of starting my own blog. However, several reasons still hold me back. Your post, though, helped me see things from another (more positive) perspective. Thank you for your very informative and motivational Hub!