Surviving the Dangerous Women That Make the Office a "Mine Field"

Updated on December 31, 2016
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Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.

This is a professional secretary. Her focus is her work. That's it. She knows that if she provides the company a good product with her abilities, she  will be rewarded in time.
This is a professional secretary. Her focus is her work. That's it. She knows that if she provides the company a good product with her abilities, she will be rewarded in time. | Source

I won't pull any punches

about this piece. It is the truth, as I have gathered my facts, checked links, and followed up on stories that I chased down to get my information. And believe me, what is contained in this hub is not meant for reading to children as a bedtime story. Leave that to Goofy, Donald and Minnie.

The office, any office, in the mid-1940s throughout the 1950s was "the" ideal workplace for college students who sought careers in business and to garner a place of authority and prosperity in our workforce. It's still that way in 2016, but there have been cold comparisons to the office of today with names like "mine field," "snake pit" and "boiler room."

These ugly titles just didn't happen. Someone or some groups of people had to do something inside the office to get (the office) saddled with these names. Am I right?

I want to get right to

the point of my hub. Per the stories about office politics and the dangers they pose underneath the cloak of innocence, I can assure that the following personalities, if they are present in your office, are worth your not getting to close to them and not spilling every detail of your life, including your personal opinions about outside areas of the office as well as what you think of the company and your coworkers.

I will just go on the assumption that you are wise (and careful) enough to watch yourself even if you are not "the new kid on the block." The advice in this hub can be applied to you even if you a veteran of over 12 years in the office. So do I have your attention?

for you to watch out for and protect yourself from are these . . .

"The Sponge"

Beware of the super nice employee
Beware of the super nice employee | Source

No. I did not make a mistake in putting this employee's photo first. Look at her. She is attractive, but not so attractive that her looks could pose a danger for you and I am speaking to the males. What I need you to do is look beyond that caring countenance and "concerned" demeanor as she slowly, patiently makes herself known to you if you are a new employee or even a veteran of office work. The danger with this personality, "the sponge," is that she soaks up every detail, big or small, that comes from your lips--on break, lunch and even after work. She projects the image of a caring, helpful employee, but only to gain your confidence so you can share important items with her: items that will help her be promoted when she tells what she has found out. This could mean your termination.

The "Warrior"

Employees who get you to believe that they "have your back" no matter what, are to be respected by you keeping your distance from them
Employees who get you to believe that they "have your back" no matter what, are to be respected by you keeping your distance from them | Source

She looks every bit a strong woman but her main weapon is her insecurity about herself and her place in the office. By angry threats to a few new employees years ago, she has built a stage for herself as an employee who, if she is your friend, "will go to bat" for you. But look out. You, with your college degree that you worked hard, day and night, to achieve, are a threat to her because she chose to not attend college. Her natural people skills helped her when the company was young, and she at one time did fit in, but now she has to intimidate you and all other employees into thinking that she is the "queen of the office." Do not be surprised if one day, you are suddenly fired for saying something about a difficult job and she overheard you.

The "Avenger"

She is upset because you told the truth
She is upset because you told the truth | Source

This girl is as deadly as a Texas Rattler in not having a healthy attitude about others and what they say. One day, your manager calls her and you into her office to discuss a potential problem that this girl, the receptionist, may have caused with her abrasive tone in talking to one of your best clients. It was your duty to inform the manager about how upset the client was in talking to this girl and when you are asked to tell what happened, you told the truth without saying anything negative about this girl's character. Instead of accepting responsibility for the lapse in judgement, this girl fumes with anger and personally vows to get even with you for being scolded by the office manager. Your words, although the truth, can cause friction sometimes, but do not say dark things about your oppressor.

The "Communicators"

Uh, oh! Gossip outside the office
Uh, oh! Gossip outside the office | Source

These two beauties look so happy and for good reason. They both are the "office communicators," or gossips. Yes, if it is juicy, torrid, or about someone's character, sexual preference, or race, they gossip about it. And friend, if you aren't careful, you will be the object of their gossiping that will get back to your boss and you will be called into her office for a few serious questions. Be careful if you speak to the "office communicators" the matter of topic. Never reveal things about anyone although you know it is the truth. In laymen's terms, mind your own affairs and you will be fine.

The "Spy"

Male employees, I beg you to not get too close to this lovely secretary
Male employees, I beg you to not get too close to this lovely secretary | Source

I said it right, spy, to describe this lovely employee. I admit it. She is lovely. I might go as far as calling her pin-up material. But male employees, do not be taken in by her full lips, shapely figure and pretty eyes for she knows well how to use them to achieve her goal: Informing her uncle about what YOU say during office hours and about whom. Why? Simply because your boss, her uncle, and you didn't know this fact about him, is so insecure about his position that he "plants" his gorgeous niece in the office to dig and gather information that he can use to "weed out" malcontents and people who might want his job. She is always nice, quiet, and respectful. She appears to always be working and not socializing with other female employees. But these qualities just show her mastery of deceptive means to gain riches and power herself in her uncle's company.

The "Starlet"

Is she or is she not dangerous?
Is she or is she not dangerous? | Source

She is just using her job as a stepping stone to enable her to get to bigger and better things. Now this is her only flaw. She is always nicely-dressed, courteous, cordial although she is not feeling well, and she is cooperative with employee and bosses. I ask you this question: is she a danger to you or not? The answer to my question is found in a text box somewhere on this hub.

The "Martyr"

"What a day."
"What a day." | Source

A twist to my story in "throwing you a curve" for I do not want anyone to ever think that my hubs are able to get the readers into a rut. This girl is a wonderful person besides being a great employee. But her main weapon is being the "office martyr" when it comes to problems and trouble. She is always the first in the boss' office telling him that whatever trouble was all her fault and for him/her not to fire you or anyone else. She uses sympathy to her advantage being that she is a divorcee raising two children by herself. Sure, she looks great and never gives a hint of inappropriate actions to you on the job or off. She's careful in how she acts, but also watch how you work and what you say, friends. "The office martyr" will bleed her heart to your boss and before long, you are reprimanded for something that you may have forgotten.

Thank you for reading my hubs. And I wish you my very best if you are dreaming of working in an office. But keep the information in this hub handy for you may need it. I hope not. I hope that your working in the office of your choice is one of the best experiences of your life.

Good night, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Answer to My Question About "The Starlet"

No. Absolutely not. She is not a danger to you and your work performance. Just like the text underneath her photo reads, her only focus is using the office for a "stepping stone" to a career in show business, Broadway or something more glitzy.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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      • profile image

        Kenneth Avery 

        2 years ago

        Dearest Sakina :)

        Thank you sincerely for your great comment.

        Made my night.

        Peace to you, Dear Friend and to your entire family.

        Your Friend Forever, Kenneth

      • profile image

        Sakina Nasir 

        2 years ago

        Amazing hub once again! This will surely be handy to those who work in offices or want to at some point. I enjoyed reading it and you have made it so simple, fun and easy to read. Great job buddy! ☺

      • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

        Kenneth Avery 

        2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

        Thanks, RoadMonkey,

        I very much Appreciate Your comments and yes, I should have

        included the Social Climber and the gump as well Thanks for the input.

        Happy New Year and write me anytime.

      • RoadMonkey profile image


        2 years ago

        Very funny. Having worked in offices for many years, there are a number of these around. But you forgot the social climber, who organises all the office events to get himself in the boss's good books and the office "grump" who believes you got the job they wanted, and maybe the "drop in", put in place by head office to "improve" office practices!


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