How To Thrive In Any Workplace

Updated on November 18, 2016

Have you ever struggled with keeping your sanity in the workplace? Do you often wonder how you'd be able to get along with your boss and coworkers while being yourself and not fake? Have you ever wished for the chance to avoid all the workplace drama and be productive? I have, and would like to share what has helped me survive and thrive in many a work environment.

The tips below are useful in any workplace environment. They work in retail, financial institutions, automotive garages, and more. The tips are also simple and common sense, but please don't underestimate the simplicity. If you are willing to put the tips to practice, you too can get through your work days unscathed.

Please continue reading to find out how you can experience a peaceful work life.

Come to work with the mindset that you will do your best.

You go to work to complete duties that allow the company to run more efficient. The workplace isn't a playground or social club. It especially isn't a place to slack off. Approach your job with the intent to be productive. If you become serious about doing an excellent job, you will feel fulfilled. You will also catch the attention of those around you, especially the boss.

Be professional.

You are not at work to make friends. You are there to do a job, and to do it well. So if someone isn't interested in small talk or bonding outside of work related topics, fine. It's for the best.

Now, sometimes friendships do blossom in the workplace. When that happens, let them develop organically. Do not force anything. Do not let the friendship distract you from being productive. Do not get caught in the middle of any workplace drama. Always place getting your work done above making friends.

Be honest and open.

Any concerns that you may have, take them to your supervisor to handle. Do not keep issues and concerns to yourself. Bottling up your frustrations will only cause you to explode later. Do leave your emotions at the front door, though. Your will get more favorable results when you remain composed.

Have integrity.

Perform all job tasks with care. Work like you would if your supervisor were standing right behind you. Don't cheat. Don't do anything that is dishonest. Shady behavior will eventually come back to bite you. Keep your integrity.

Be respectful.

Treat people the way that you want to be treated. Have respect for everyone whether they be the janitor of the building or the CEO of the company.

Be humble and willing to improve.

Do not march around the workplace acting like a know-it-all. You do not know everything. Everyone has room for improvement and can always learn something new.

Listen more. Talk less.

You would be surprised at all the information and knowledge you can glean when you simply listen.

Be helpful.

Everyone could use a helping hand. I'm sure you can even remember a time when you've needed one, too. If a coworker is struggling or has questions, share what you know. Do not take the 'every man for himself' approach in the workplace. Keep in mind that things run smoother when everyone works together. If one person is falling behind, it affects the entire operation. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

Do not get too personal.

Your job isn't the place to tell your life story to anyone that will listen. Have more respect for your own privacy and other people's privacy. Don't ask too many personal questions. That's just plain rude and off-putting. Don't pressure anyone to discuss their business with you. It is of no importance to you what your coworkers do outside of work unless a mutual friendship has formed. Keep personal conversations to a minimum and toward work related topics. To be on the safe side, avoid topics on religion and politics in the workplace.


So now you know the few tips that I have used to thrive in the workplace through my years of working. I know that the tips are quite simple and it might be tempting to disregard them, but they do work. They have worked for me and I hope they will work for you.


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