"Manage Own Performance in a Business Environment," A Personal Statement (For NVQ Business and Administration Exam)

Updated on May 6, 2020
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Livingsta shares her positive experience in business administration, customer service and education.

Problems might occur at work for various reasons. The following types of problems have occurred at my current and previous work places.

  • Difference in opinions
  • Personality clashes
  • Value and goal differences
  • Substandard performance
  • Irritability and frustration
  • Misunderstanding
  • Poor communication
  • Refusal to cooperate
  • Difference in cultural backgrounds
  • Vulnerability, etc

How I Deal With Misunderstandings and Limits

At my workplace, I have witnessed problems arising due to difference in opinions and misunderstandings. When problems like this occur, I stay calm, I sit down with the person, and explain to them what the real situation or fact is, so that the misunderstanding is resolved. I state the problem, facts, and my recommendation. I also make sure that everybody’s opinion or ideas are counted, and everyone is given a chance to voice their opinions and participate in everything in the team. I make sure that nobody is left feeling not taken care of, or feel excluded.

Another problem that happens at my work place is using the "vulnerable." I have made sure I speak to my manager when things go beyond a certain limit, and raise it with my locality manager if it needed be.

Dealing With Delays or Mistakes

When working on a project or on any deadlines I keep my seniors or managers updated of what is going on and how I am progressing. I keep my manager informed of all the reports I look after every week, and all the documents I produce on a weekly and monthly basis. I think it is important to keep people informed about progress because it helps them to know what targets they need to achieve and whether they have achieved them. Also it helps to outline and set out objectives and targets for achievements. It also helps with motivation.

There can be times when the work plans can change, and I have come across similar situations various times in my job. During those times, I look through my schedule to see what has to be done and by when, and then I prioritise my tasks and prepare a timescale for the work to be completed on time with good quality.

I have made mistakes at work. The most important one that I can remember is how not naming a file correctly while saving on the computer, created a big issue. From then on, I made sure, I named the files accordingly according to contents and date so that there is no problem or error while we try to retrieve them for future references or uses.

Following Codes of Practice

Every employee working for a particular organisation has to abide by the codes of practice, guidelines and procedures outlined by the company. They play a key part in regulating the social care workforce and in helping to improve levels of public protection. The reasons why they should be adopted are:

  • The codes provide the first clear and consistent set of guidelines for any individual or employer working at any level.
  • People who use services will know more about the conduct and practice they can expect from employees.
  • The codes set out the standard of practice against which anyone will be assessed.

· In this way, the codes provide the basis for regulating the business. Regulation is essential to increase the protection of people using social care services and to improve the public's confidence in the social care workforce.

There are times at work when I will have to use my own rights or initiatives to achieve certain tasks. For example when processing invoices, any amount below £500 can be processed by myself. There are sometimes instances when I will receive an invoice from a new company, and if my manager is not available, I will have to investigate around to see if that service was actually utilised by our department, and then go ahead and process it. I will have to use my skills and knowledge to make the right decision.

P.S: On a kind note, please do not copy anything submitted here and display it in your file. This has been published here, purely to help you gain an understanding of what they expect you to write and how you have to write. You will have to relate to your own work area and organisation and stick with it while preparing your own files. Thank you for your co-operation.


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    • phamnhatle profile image

      Pham Nhat Le 

      24 months ago from Ha Noi Viet Nam


    • livingsta profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Wow...thank you eHealer. It is exactly 12 midnight here in the UK, and you made my day. Thank you so much for the appreciation and taking time to read my work.

    • eHealer profile image


      8 years ago from Las Vegas

      Hello Livingsta, (cool name), great and informative hub. I have always found, somehow, people with separate views have always found something new or different to the table. If I actually listened to them, as you say, due to misunderstandings, I usually come away from the encounter with a new perspective. Thank you for the great hub, and keep em' coming! Voted Up!


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