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5 Efficient Notion Project Management Templates

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.

Notion is a favourite among productivity-obsessed people.

Notion is a favourite among productivity-obsessed people.

Top 5 Task and Project Management Notion Templates

Notion has become a go-to project management software tool, and for good reason. It offers a lot of flexibility on top of a clean and generally 'great to use' platform in the way it is highly customisable to a lot of different people's needs.

From this, there have been a number of different project management templates that have come about on Notion that can prove very useful to a whole array of project managers as a foundation for planning a project. You can then tweak and evolve the Notion project management templates to suit your specific needs and the way your team moves forward with the project in practice.

Here, we will go over five of the best Notion dashboard templates that create a great foundation for you to build out your workflow and how you use it.

  1. Simple Project Management System
  2. Streamline Project Management With Notion
  3. Default Notion Templates
  4. Task Management Super Template
  5. Slashmint MP

1. Simple Project Management System

You can find the 'Simple Project Management System' Notion template at the aNotioneer website and search under templates. You will come across the template straight away, and as you can probably gather from the name, it's a super simplistic overview where you can see the array of different projects that you have going on.

The dashboard then also displays the timeline view so you can see the different projects and the expected time for those tasks to actually take. Then another board details the tasks that make up the completion of the tasks. As with most project dashboards, it is a little overwhelming at first, but you can quickly start to work out what is actually useful to you and what isn't. Definitely worth checking out for those looking to ease their way into the Notion platform and start to work out what they are missing from it.

2. Streamline Project Management

This template actually also comes with an accompanying blog post that you can find on with the same template name and gives you not only the overview of the template but a backdrop on how this should be used as well. It's incredibly useful to know how to go about using the template rather than just working it out for yourself.

This gives you the opportunity to understand what is really useful to you and what isn't, then also what you need that the template doesn't quite offer you yet. Specifically, they cover what they term the 'Bulletproof' approach, whereby you have a central master database that houses the projects, tasks and resources, as well as how to understand how those tasks are getting undertaken.

3. Default Notion Templates

As this was one of the main purposes that Notion was set up, you will actually find a whole range of templates that are ready to go and to import straight into your workspace.

You can explore these for yourself, literally head into Notion and 'add a page', then head to the 'templates' tab. Then you will see a range of tabs set up on the right. Then you should see one under 'product management', and there they have a list of related templates that could prove useful:

  • Roadmap
  • User Research Database
  • Docs
  • Meeting Notes
  • Product Wiki

Then see all the other related sections that could be useful as well. Getting these templates in place can help you to really customise and set up the templates just how you want them and see where you need to create your own aspects that are missing. There is a range of accompanying videos from Notion themselves as well that you should check out, so you can understand how you can integrate them in a manner that actually suits your workflow.

What can happen is that you may like the sound of a template, but you actually never end up using it. You will find that the template started to evolve, so all you are left with is the core aspects that actually make your template work.

4. Task Management Super Template

This is another one of my all-time favourite project management templates on Notion, and you can find it by simply heading over to Gumroad and going to the discover section and searching for the above template name 'Task Management Super Template', and you will come across Mark Darwin Balaswit's creation.

The idea behind the template is that it is set into three core aspects that are 'Deadline' (when it is due), 'Impact' (what it will actually mean), and 'Difficulty' (is it easy to implement). Setting out these parameters creates a clear-cut system to tell you what is the most effective task to do right at that time. It saves you the time to figure out what you should be doing, and instead, you can spend that time actually doing the task.

5. Slashmint MP

For those looking for a full super solution right out of the box, then you can't go wrong with the offering from Slashmint. This is a template that allows for more than 30 pages, a one-click styled project generator, a range of styles, a Figma asset generator and organised asset folders, and it can be customised to your specific needs. You can find the template by literally just searching for 'Slashmint MP'.

This is for those who are serious about Notion being their go-to software and works perfectly for mini agencies and freelancers alike to get to grips with your workflow and processes to ensure that you can keep track of all the different projects and, more importantly, stay organised. Make sure to check out the video above to explain exactly how it works and the benefits that it can offer you.

How have you got on with it yourself? Does your team like using these templates? Go ahead and leave your comments below.

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