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"Ordering Products and Services": A Personal Statement (for NVQ Business and Administration Exam)

Livingsta shares her positive experience in business administration, customer service, and education.


To run companies and organisation effectively, all products and services have to be in place at the right time. Every company has its own supplier. They gather information about suppliers and products through various sources. Our organisation was using __________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) for ordering stationeries in the past, and have recently moved to _______________ (removed for confidentiality purposes), because they have found it to be more cost effective. Costs of products are compared and an overall quote got from the suppliers. The company that provides the best deal along with quality is chosen for the services.

We ring suppliers, and where possible arrange for a visit to the supplier to have a look at the quality of service they provide. Our company takes services from _____________ (removed for confidentiality purposes). So generally a visit is arranged to check to see if they are compliant with all the policies and procedures, and also if it will be a safer and better place for the client. We also check to see quotes to find the best quality and service.

How We Request Products and Services

After choosing the supplier, we continue to take services from them. Every month orders are placed as per requirements for stationary and everyday for other services. When requesting for a service or product, we make sure that we specify the needs and specifications very clearly. We write down the name of product, a code if available, the quantity and costs. This is possible only if I am aware of the products and services.

When selecting products and services, my office manager liaises with the suppliers and gets quotes from various suppliers. The suppliers also provide sample products for us to check to see the quality. After researching thoroughly through the costs and quality, my office manager decides on which company to go with and receives services from them.

Quality is very important when choosing services and products. It needs to meet the expectations of the clients. Also equally important is how these services will benefit the employees.

Another important thing to keep in mind is buying only the products that we require, keeping in mind the requirements of clients and employees. If not the money spent on unwanted items will become a waste. Clear planning helps save the budget.

When finding suppliers and products, the business manager liaises with the different suppliers to get the best quote. This helps the organisation to save money and stay on top of the budget.

When liaising with suppliers, everyone makes sure they maintain professionalism, and make payments on time, and chase up on orders and deliveries. We make sure that we place the order well ahead in time, and give the supplier enough time to deliver the products or services in time.

Ordering, receiving and everything related to providing and receiving goods and services belong to what is called a supply chain. Supply chain starts from the raw materials used to manufacture the product, through to the delivered product for the consumer, including everyone, like the wholesaler, retailer, etc in between. So everyone included in this chain are responsible for the performance and quality.

When ordering products, I take utmost care to make sure that I provide clear details of the products that I require which include, code, size, colour and other required details. I check to see that all the items on order are necessary, and who needs them. I prioritise the order according to needs and order only the essential ones. I then get them authorised by my manager. I place orders using a system called ____________ (removed for confidentiality purposes). Orders are placed through the supplier’s catalogue that is already available on the system. Once we receive the orders, they are thoroughly checked against the invoice to see we have received all the items as per the invoice, and then the receipt is signed. Also I then goods receipt the order on ____________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) so that it alerts the Payments team that we have received the order. The system generates a purchase order number. I then write down the purchase order number on the invoice and post them to the payments team, who release the payments to the supplier.

Monitoring and Evaluating Orders

Orders when placed are monitored so as to keep track of what is happening. Orders are monitored for prompt delivery and quality to prevent problems from occurring. Orders for ICT equipments are done through our ICT service desk, and every product right from ordering to delivery are tracked.

Orders and services are also evaluated every month to check to see if they comply with the required quality and performance. This will also help improve performances and find ways to improve performances, because it will affect not one individual, but the team and the organisation.

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Once monitoring and evaluation are completed, it can be used to improve the efficiency of the procedures involved. It can be improved by choosing the right company and by using the right system for ordering. I always have a list of items that I need to order. I also email the team asking for their requirements, then collate them and put them on the order. If I do not receive the order on time, I get in touch with my office manager who in turn chases it with the supplier. When order is received, I goods receipt it on the system, so that the supplier is paid on time.

How We Make Sure to Get the Best Value in Services and Products

We work as a team together in getting better value for money for the services we provide and receive. Better value for money is about having the right qualitative product at a cheaper price. In order to achieve this, we will have to negotiate with suppliers or service providers, we avoid unnecessary purchases. We place bulk orders where necessary as it saves time and money. To maintain all this, we maintain a good relationship with the supplier.

I remember liaising with a ____________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) 3 weeks before when trying to ______________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) for a client. The _______________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) informed me that they will not be able to provide the service as they were not sure if someone was requiring that service. I immediately informed them of the loss for our organisation, if that client did not ___________ (removed for confidentiality purposes). Our organisation will be paying money for theservice, with no one has had it, as they are __________ (removed for confidentiality purposes). The lady on the phone had a word with her manager and then agreed to go by what I was asking for. This is one way where money was saved for the organisation.

Employees working for our organisation are not allowed to accept any gifts or hospitality without authorisation or disclosure. The policy states that “___________________ (removed for confidentiality purposes)”. If any employee does not follow the organisation policies and procedures, they will be taken into formal actions and it might even lead to dismissal, because it will be serious misconduct.

We always receive communications from service providers regarding new services they provide. They send us updated leaflets which we give to clients who need them. Any communication that I receive is cascaded with the team and any other departments that I think will require them.

When placing orders, I have ______________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) limit for authorisation. Also when an invoice comes through for a bigger amount or a service, or when an order has to be placed for a higher amount, I look through it and check to see if it is something that we really need and only then proceed with the order.

When ordering products, I check to make sure that we get what we want. For example, when ordering a fax machine, I negotiated with my manager and ICT team, for an expensive machine, because, a cheaper machine consumed too much ink or ribbons, costing more money, whereas an expensive machine consumed less ink. I put forward the argument of spending once and then saving money after that, rather than buying a cheap machine on which we will have to spend money every time.

When ordering products and services, I make sure I follow and abide by the policies and procedures of the organisation. I make sure that the invoices I receive are genuine and original invoices and not copy invoices. I order products only with the companies with which we are contracted to, and allowed to order.

When I liaise with ____________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) for providing service for clients, when there are no ___________ (removed for confidentiality purposes) available, I advise the team to request for ___________ (removed for confidentiality purposes). That way we use the money that we have paid for, not leaving our services unused, thereby not wasting or losing money.

Reviewing and Liaising With Suppliers and Service Providers

When choosing suppliers for stationeries or care services, the managers and seniors meet together and if necessary they arrange for visits to the service providers to see if they are good enough for the clients, and then agree a contract for services. When placing order for stationeries, I agree for products that will fall in my authorisation limit, and I always make sure I am ordering the required products and not unwanted ones. When it exceeds my limit, I take advice from my manager, and explain to her why it is important before I go ahead with the order.

When liaising with service providers, I maintain professionalism. I negotiate on services that we need so that we can do the best for our clients. As explained above, I have spoken to homes to prevent loss of money for our organisation, which lies within my authority.

When services are provided for clients, I send out contracts which are a contract between the service provider, the client and our organisation. We as an organisation make sure that we all abide by what is signed for in the contract. Services provided are always monitored and reviews conducted to make sure they abide by the contracts and laws of the organisations. Any problems that occur are taken to higher management and discussions are made and decisions taken by having urgent meetings.

Reviews are conducted periodically to discuss about service providers. Any problems that occur are taken seriously and services received are temporarily or permanently suspended taking into account the well being of the clients.

P.S: On a kind note, please do not copy anything submitted here and display it in your file. This has been published here, purely to help you gain an idea of what they expect you to write and how you have to write. You will have to relate to your own work area and organisation and stick with it while preparing the files. Thank you for your co-operation.

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