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How to Apply for a Certified True Copy of Your PRC ID or Registration Certificate

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Getting a true certified copy is a long process, so make sure you have all the right paperwork.

Getting a true certified copy is a long process, so make sure you have all the right paperwork.

How to Apply for a Certified True Copy of Your PRC ID or Registration Certificate

Suddenly, I am in that stage of life where I need to get true, certified copies of my credentials—one of which is my Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) Registration Certificate. If you have to do the same, below is what you need to do.

Steps to Applying

  1. Bring the original ID or Registration Certificate.
  2. Bring photocopies of your ID or Registration Certificate.
  3. Go to the PRC office.
  4. Fill out the Action Sheet for Authentication.
  5. Pay for the Documentary Stamps at the Customer Service Center (CSC).
  6. Pay the required amount at the cashier.
  7. Submit everything at Window 5.
  8. Claim your certified true copies at Window 6.

1. Bring the Original ID or Registration Certificate

I thought they would have the original in their database, so when I first went to the PRC office, I just decided to bring a photocopy. However, to avoid the process of looking through their records, they check your original. The employee asked for my original copy, and when I told him that I didn’t bring it, he told me that it was one of the requirements. As a result, I had to return to the PRC office the next day with my original registration certificate in hand.

2. Bring Photocopies of Your ID or Registration Certificate

They are really particular about the photocopy, so make sure the whole image is printed on paper. Mine was cropped on one side, and the guy working the window said it wasn’t acceptable, so check that the whole thing is photocopied.

The photocopy should also be clear. The PRC symbol in the background and the circles around it should be visible. Otherwise, they'll ask you to have it photocopied again at the photocopier inside the compound, which costs three pesos per page.

They also don’t like the image to be reduced. It has to have enough space on the sides for the documentary stamp, and the ID or Certificate should be centered on the paper. It might be better if you just have it photocopied there so that it doesn't get rejected over and over.

What the photocopy should look like

What the photocopy should look like

3. Go to the PRC Office

If you’re walking along the sidewalk, go to the second gate. Most of the time, there are people already lined up. You have to tell the guard why you are there and show them your photocopies as proof—no one without official business to do is allowed inside. If you have someone with you and they don't need anything there, they won't be able to go inside.

Where the PRC office is located

Where the PRC office is located

4. Fill Out the Action Sheet for Authetication

This can be downloaded from the PRC website, or you can also get the form from the office. After you enter the gate, there is a counter with glass window straight ahead. Ask them for the sheet.

Read through the text and fill out the form. Disregard Steps 4 and 5 on the back of the Action Sheet. The form also says how much each copy of the certificate will cost you (75 pesos).

5. Pay for the Documentary Stamps at the Customer Service Center (CSC)

Facing the cashier and the flagpole, the customer service center is the counter with windows on the left side. The stamps cost 25 pesos each, and a customer service agent will attach them to your photocopy. This is where they are really strict about how the photocopy looks, and they are the ones who will tell you to have it photocopied again if it's not good enough. The photocopier is conveniently located within the same compound—just straight ahead after the flagpole area.

6. Pay the Required Amount at the Cashier

The amount you pay will depend on how many copies you need. There is a cashier behind the flagpole area and before the main entrance of the building. There is also a cashier within the building, which is located to the right of Window 4. I found that out after I had already paid outside.

7. Submit Everything at Window 5

Take your Action Sheet, photocopies with the documentary stamps, receipt from the cashier, and your original ID or registration certificate to Window 5. After you enter the main door of the PRC building, Window 5 is at the far right. Since the window is just for authentication, there is a really short line—or no line at all. They process the documents really fast.

At the window, the employee will ask you if your ID is expired yet. However, she luckily didn't ask to see my actual ID because I had left it at home. The employee will circle the date that you claimed the certified true copies on a claim stub and will give it back to you. After two working days, you will be able to claim your certified copies. I went there on a Friday, and I was able to claim my copies on the Wednesday of the following week.

8. Claim Certified True Copies at Window 6

If someone else is going to claim it for you, don’t forget to write a letter of authorization for them. That person should have their ID with them for proper identification.

It's best to go there early. At 9 am or so, there will be fewer people and a shorter line. When I went early, I was done within 20 minutes, and that was after I got delayed because my photocopy was rejected again and I had to have it photocopied in their photocopier.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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May i ask if i can go directly to the PRC Davao main Office to get a Authentication of my PRC LICENSE.

AnnaMD on July 09, 2020:

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May i ask if i can go directly to the PRC main Office to get a Authentication of my PRC LICENSE.

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May I ask if online appointment is needed for certification of COR?


REYNALDO N. LAGUNOY on October 15, 2019:

I passed the civil engineering board exams on year 1986. i have no copy of the original board rating because i submitted it to Civil Service Commission for conversion to RA 1080. Also the copy of my original board certificate was already faded since it was laminated way back year 1986. Can i secure a copies of these documents at PRC for authentication purposes. It is a requirement for promotion by the Civil Service Commission. Thank you.

Maria Theresa on October 04, 2019:

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Anna622 on July 26, 2019:

I was requesting for a copy of my board results as I’ve already lost it. My authorized representative was told that it was only sent once and that PRC doesn’t reissue a new one. Is anyone here lost her copy? May I ask if you are still able to get a new copy and how dis you go about it, please.

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good day sir/maam,

can i authorize my sister to get my certificate registration because i am here in saudi arabia right now? and what are the requirements needed?i passed the board exam last may 2010.

thanks and God bless!

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i passed the penology examination last year 2018 and i am going to PRC ,LEGAZPI to get my authenticated cerficate of eligibility.what will be the requirements?

Jo An on January 30, 2019:

Good Day Ma'am/Sir,

Kailangan ko pa rin ba ng original copy ng document na pina-authenticate kapag i-claim na? Nag apply ako for authentication last week. Pero naiwan ko yung original sa Province at yung claim stub lang at PRC ID yung nadala ko. Hoping na hindi na kailangan yung original

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Mia on January 10, 2019:

^Isha - Yes, you can ask someone to process your docs just prepare an authorization letter stating the specific docs to be processed, another letter when claiming. Usually it takes 3 days before you could claim your docs but there is an "express" where you can get them same day but you must finish the process before lunch break of that day. Hope this helps.

Isha on January 06, 2019:

Second after the process, can I get all the certified true copy of my ID and registration certificate? Or it will it take days ?

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