What Is Laughter Yoga? A Fun Way to Boost Creativity at Work!

Updated on March 23, 2018
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Sally believes the best leaders are those who aren't afraid to show humility or express heartfelt joy and gratitude around others.

Your employees deserve to work in a healthy, happy, and safe environment. If you're interested in strengthening your employees' stress management skills, offering a laughter yoga workshop at your next team building retreat can help boost staff morale and invigorate your office's team spirit!

What have you got planned for your next staff team building retreat?
What have you got planned for your next staff team building retreat?

A Happy Workplace Is Also a Healthy Workplace

Are you looking for a way to reduce office stress, boost employee satisfaction, encourage creativity and increase productivity within your small business or non-profit organization?

Research has shown that levity in the workplace can build community, facilitate problem-solving, reduce tension and diffuse conflict. For people working in high-stress environments, a good chortle now and then can be a breath of fresh air, literally.

Businesses that want to increase productivity and strengthen worker satisfaction should consider adding this light form of exercise to their team-building activities.

Chuckling with Your Peers Can Create a Healthy Workplace Culture

A happy mood is one of the most contagious things you can catch from a co-worker!
A happy mood is one of the most contagious things you can catch from a co-worker!

Stretch Your Team's Funny Muscles

This yoga form is a combination of simulated laughing and yogic breathing. This gentle and fun form of yoga is based on ancient wisdom backed by scientific evidence that shows the mind and body cannot differentiate between simulated giggling and real giggling. In other words, we get the same health benefits from laughing at nothing as we do from laughing at something. That’s why this activity is ideal for small businesses: almost every employee can join in.

No joke-telling experience is required. All it takes to participate is an open mind and an open space (and perhaps a pair of stretchy pants).

Like Other Forms of Yoga, This Alternative Style Also Has Noticeable Health Benefits

Many participants have reported significant health improvements including a reduction in respiratory infections such as colds and flu. Here are more good reasons to chuckle as part of a balanced lifestyle:

  • Improves breathing, lung capacity and oxygen levels
  • It's good exercise; you'll be surprised at how energized you feel after one of these fun yoga session
  • Lowers blood pressure and increases circulation
  • Releases endorphins (a natural pain-killer)
  • Stimulates our internal organs and boosts our immune systems

People who are having fun think more clearly and creatively, opening up a space for those ‘a-ha’ moments that often elude us when we are busy focusing on a big challenge.

The next time your team seems to be stuck in a rut, why not roll out the yoga mats and encourage everyone to ROFL: Roll on the Floor and Laugh for awhile? By making this fun exercise a regular team-building activity, you can create a positive work environment where innovation, creativity, optimism, and enthusiasm flourish.

If this type of traditional yoga doesn't appeal to you, laughter yoga might be a fun alternative for you.
If this type of traditional yoga doesn't appeal to you, laughter yoga might be a fun alternative for you.

Chuckling Helps Take the Weight off Your Shoulders, and Maybe off Your Hips and Waist Too

Laughing burns calories and increases your metabolism. Laughing briskly for as little as 15 minutes a day increases your heart rate. And when you increase your heart rate in a positive way, you tend to burn more calories, increase energy and give your heart a healthy, but not too strenuous workout. Even though you won’t really be able to lose weight by laughter alone, if you burned just 30 calories every time you had a good hearty chuckle, those results could add up over time. Isn’t it fun to know that just by choosing to chortle more, over the course of a year, you could lose a pound or two? You’ve got nothing to lose by letting a few chuckles loose.

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

— Mark Twain

Hey, what are you laughing at? What's so funny?

What are your favorite go-to sources for a good chuckle?

See results

ROFL: Roll on the Floor Laughing!

Do you think you could let yourself really go in a laughter yoga session at work? You'll never know until you try it!
Do you think you could let yourself really go in a laughter yoga session at work? You'll never know until you try it!

What do you think? Can this creative form of yoga provide all of these positive health and wellness benefits?

  • Friendly humor can make us more open-minded and receptive to new perspectives
  • Scientists believe that humor and merriment can act as a natural painkiller by increasing endorphins in our brain
  • It educes stress and strengthens the immune system
  • It increases job satisfaction
  • It improves communication, creativity, and performance at work
  • Laughing (especially at yourself) increases feelings of optimism and self-worth
  • Giggling at yourself and your mistakes makes it easier to forgive yourself and move on from a setback
  • It makes hard work feel worthwhile, while making the time pass by faster
  • It helps you let go of fear and worry about your health, your career and your future
  • It can provide gentle relief and respite when you're grieving or mourning a sudden loss

Do you notice a greater sense of calmness after you’ve had a good giggle fit? Leave a comment and share the positive mental, physical and emotional benefits you’ve felt when you chose to laugh instead of cry.

Important Reminder!

As with any new health and wellness activities and lifestyle changes, always consult your doctor before starting new eating plans and/or exercise programs.

© 2012 Sally Hayes


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  • Johnnyd44 profile image


    8 years ago from Florida


    Great piece! I do HR consulting, so I now have another tool to use in training seminars and company retreats. Don't know why I didn't think of that, but glad that you did and shared it.

    I look forward to reading more of your work.

    All the best,


  • Dr Dan Neundorf profile image

    Dr Dan Neundorf 

    8 years ago from Canada

    I really enjoyed this Hub and learned something I've never heard of - Laughter Yoga. Fantastic and what a great idea.

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 

    8 years ago from New York

    It's about time someone realizes the value of laughter to lighten the heart AND the workplace. Great hub SMD2012!

  • Chris Achilleos profile image

    Chris Achilleos 

    8 years ago

    voted up! Laughter and joy sure are stress relievers :)

  • charmike4 profile image

    Michael Kromwyk 

    8 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

    I agree smd2012 that a happy workplace full of laughter makes for a better work environment and better staff engagement. If you walk into a happy shop you tend to buy more as well.

    Will give your tips to my Contact Centre Manager - I'm sure that we could all benefit from this.

    Cheers Michael


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