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Updated on September 28, 2016

A Review of Moo

Moo? Like a cow?

Yes, like a cow, but this review has nothing to do with cows - it's about the printing company Moo. I'd never even heard of the company until less than two months ago, but now I'm a die hard devotee. The quirky name and slightly higher prices might deter the casual Internet business card shopper, but this side-by-side comparison of Moo business cards with both Staples and Vistaprint cards reveals Moo's high quality and superior ability to help you make a lasting impression.

How Are Moo Business Cards Different?

From top to bottom, these cards were printed by: Moo, Staples, and Vistaprint.
From top to bottom, these cards were printed by: Moo, Staples, and Vistaprint. | Source

Moo's business cards are different from the standard printing options in four main ways:

  • Moo business cards are noticeably higher quality than standard business cards.
  • Moo business cards are not the 'standard' size.
  • Moo gives you, the customer, a great deal of creative control and the ability to customize every single card in your order at no additional charge.
  • Moo business cards cost more than Staples or Vistaprint, the two largest, best-known companies that provide online business card design and ordering services.

Moo Cards Are Higher Quality

The Moo card is noticeably thicker.
The Moo card is noticeably thicker. | Source
My Staples cards have ragged, poorly cut edges.
My Staples cards have ragged, poorly cut edges. | Source

As soon as you see and feel a Moo business card, you can tell it's something special. The standard Moo, 16 point cardstock is noticeably thicker than Staples' or Vistaprint's card stock, and the color printing is more vivid. Most business cards are printed directly on either card stock or a glossy photo card stock (trust me - I used to work at a Staples Copy Center), but Moo actually locks the printing in place with an additional, protective layer. This added film gives the cards UV protection so they don't fade in the sun. The cards are also both acid and lignin free, adding to the cards' longevity. The less bendable paper and protective matte or gloss film mean that Moo cards will outlast the competition. Even if a potential client leaves your card on the car dash in the sun or looses it for a year, the printing will be vivid and legible.

In addition to its outstanding standard paper, Moo also offers recycled and premium options. I've never seen or felt the premium paper - I can't even imagine what it must be like! Moo is so confident its card stock is better than the competition's it will actually let you design and print a sample pack of business cards absolutely free - you don't even pay shipping.

My current Moo business cards were also a promotional giveaway - I got 50 free cards through Etsy. This is why you see an Etsy logo on the back of my cards - this is not standard on orders. Since receiving my cards, I have also ordered (and received) some delightful miniature stickers without an Etsy logo.

Moo Cards Are a Different Size

Moo business cards (on the right) are taller than 'normal.'
Moo business cards (on the right) are taller than 'normal.' | Source
They are also 'shorter.'
They are also 'shorter.' | Source

Moo offers two sizes of business cards - regular cards and MiniCards. The 'regular' cards are 3.30" x 2.16" (84mm x 55mm), which is both shorter and wider than standard American business cards. The MiniCards are about half the size - thin and long, they measure 2.75" x 1.10" (70mm x 28mm). Standard business card size in the US is 3.5" × 2" in (89mm x 51mm). Moo originated in Europe, but has a printing office in America. Consequently, its business cards are the standard UK size, not standard American size.

These different dimensions have pros and cons for Americans.

Pros of Moo's different card sizes:

  • Moo cards stand out from the crowd. The first time I saw a Moo card, it was actually a MiniCard that a friend was showing off. I can attest that the MiniCards make everyone stop and ask "What are those?" in a tone of voice most people never hear when presenting a business card.
  • The slightly different dimensions of Moo's standard cards make you stop and actually take a look; the card's receiver knows it's a business card, but also realizes something isn't quite the same. This additional second of attention could make the difference between landing a client and being forgotten.

Cons of Moo's different card sizes:

  • The biggest drawback of these different sizes is that they don't always fit in standard American business card gear. Wallet-style card holders, desk card holders, Day Runner card holders - none of them will be quite right. If you want the perfect card holder to protect your shiny new cards, you'll have to buy it from Moo, or a European website. Of course, the MiniCards won't fit in anything you can find in the store! Moo does make custom business card products to suit their unique cards (and these holders are just as durable as the cards, themselves), but you may have to buy duplicates of items you already own. Additionally, this means you cannot pick up business card accessories that will work at any regular office supply store.

kilofly Business Card Holder - Flip Style - Charles, with kilofly Mini Gift-for-You Card
kilofly Business Card Holder - Flip Style - Charles, with kilofly Mini Gift-for-You Card

Some American card wallets (including this one) do fit Moo cards. Check the dimensions to make sure.


Moo Gives You Creative Control

Standard backside of a Moo card (bottom) versus other online cards.
Standard backside of a Moo card (bottom) versus other online cards. | Source

I think the absolute coolest thing about Moo is that each and every one of your cards can have a unique full color backside image at no additional charge. Yes - each card can be unique. If you order 50 cards, you can have 50 different reverse images. This presents the perfect opportunity to create a mobile showroom so you can demonstrate to your clients what you do instead of trying to explain in words. Artists can showcase their work, jewelers can display a variety of their wares, and even more traditional business can take advantage of the different backgrounds to create event-specific cards or demonstrate their full array of services.

The ability to personalize every piece in your order holds true for all Moo products. Whether you order business cards, post cards, greeting cards, or stickers, you can use a different image on each and every item at no additional charge. Plus, you don't even have to upload each and every image - you can import photos from your other accounts, including Etsy, Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug.

The ability to customize each card might not be useful for some people. If you're a doctor or a lawyer, for example, this might not convey the professional image you desire. Moo does not make you use a different picture on each card - you may choose to have the same back image on all of your cards, or even no image at all.

Moo also lets you make changes to your cards after placing your order. For three hours after your initial order placement, you are allowed to edit your Moo print job. Neither Staples nor Vistaprint will allow you to edit a single letter after submitting your order. I noticed a typo right after clicking the "I approve" button for my Staples order and ended up getting 250 cards I couldn't use! Yes, I should have proofread more carefully, but the ability to edit the cards is nice.

Moo's Price

Just like with anything else in the world, you get what you pay for. Moo does cost a little more than the other online alternatives.

Cost of Staples, Vistaprint, and Moo Printing

Printing Company
Normal Price for Full Color
Number of Cards for This Price
$19.99 + S&H1
$19.99 + S&H
$19.99 + S&H

As you can see, Moo has the same base price for a fraction of the quantity. However, both Staples and Vistaprint do charge extra for additional color printing on the back, and do not offer the same customization services. Additionally, Moo offers packages for companies with 10 or more employees, bonuses for referring new customers, and some really nice sales.

Having ordered from all three, I know that Moo's customer service is more than a cut above the rest. My Vistaprint cards arrived in some flimsy box that seemed like it, itself, was made out of paper! As soon as you place an order with Moo, you receive an automated confirmation email. Then, you will get an email from an actual Moo team member letting you know the order is being processed. You will also be notified when it's shipped and, finally, you'll get an email about a day after your package should have arrived to make sure everything arrived as expected!

Moo can also be astonishingly fast. After handing out virtually every business card with my information on it at a craft fair, I needed to reorder cards. I ordered the cards on a Sunday evening to take advantage of a free shipping special and I received an email around 4 pm on Monday telling me my order had shipped!

Is Moo Right for You?

I hope my review can help you answer this question for yourself. After trying several different companies, I know I will never stray from Moo - it will get all of my future business card and sticker business. If you're still unsure about Moo's cards, try its option to receive a free sample pack - I'm confident you'll be glad you did.

If you're an Etsy seller, you can still grab 50 free cards from Moo, even if you've ordered from it before! Check it out here.

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      • Natashalh profile image

        Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

        Make sure to sign up for their emails! They have great sales and pretty much the only time them email is with a sales notice - they're not huge spammers.

      • Maren Morgan M-T profile image

        Maren Elizabeth Morgan 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

        I will check out Moo.

      • Natashalh profile image

        Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

        Excellent, thank you! You wouldn't even have trouble finding gear because Moo is based in the UK and its normal car are UK-sized.

      • old albion profile image

        Graham Lee 5 years ago from Lancashire. England.

        Hi Natashalh. Thanks for this helpful review, it looks excellent. I have saved this for future reference.


      • Natashalh profile image

        Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

        Thank you! And I'm glad you found this useful.

      • midget38 profile image

        Michelle Liew 5 years ago from Singapore

        Natasha, this is useful because I'm looking into getting some printed too. Will check out this company & share your review!!

      • Natashalh profile image

        Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

        Me, too! The first time I heard the name, I think I just looked really confusedly at the person who'd said it.

        Thanks for stopping by, teaches.

      • teaches12345 profile image

        Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

        I think the larger size would be an advantage in getting noticed -- good way to brand yourself. Thought I was going to hear about cows -- surprise!

      • Natashalh profile image

        Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

        Did you get on their mailing list? They have some pretty good sales from time to time. Right now they have 30% off. That still makes them more expensive than 'normal,' but a lot less than usual.

      • randomcreative profile image

        Rose Clearfield 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

        I also recently took advantage of the free Etsy offer. I have been pleased with the quality of the cards. As they are higher priced than many alternatives, they aren't something that I'll order frequently, but I can see why they are popular. Thanks for the detailed review.

      • Natashalh profile image

        Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

        I hope you get the chance to try Moo, Mhatter99 and RTalloni, I love everything of the company's I've seen.

        You're right, nifwlseriff, they're perfect for artistic types. Moo has UK and EU offices, too, and they were there before the American office, so I'm not surprised you've seen the cards before. Thanks for stopping by!

      • nifwlseirff profile image

        Kymberly Fergusson 5 years ago from Villingen Schwenningen, Germany

        You are certainly right - Moo's business cards really do stand out! They are perfect for craft or photography businesses. although I have trouble choosing what photos to use, because they let you have a different photo on each card!

      • RTalloni profile image

        RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

        Nice review, and I'm glad to learn about Moo!

      • Mhatter99 profile image

        Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

        Thank you for the review and information.