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Updated on March 23, 2017
Patch Adams
Patch Adams

Standing Out

Yes, you are special. We are all special in our own unique way. For some, a parent may have expressed this to them. Perhaps, it was a teacher, sibling, friend or perhaps no one has told you this. If they have not, know you are. But if we are all special and put into a big glass jar, what makes us more special to be the crème de la crème.

Often times to achieve our goal of having the right opportunity to seize business success, we must stand out from the rest. There are tens of thousands of doctors in the United States. Why do you go to whom you go to? Perhaps they dress as a clown to make you laugh as Patch Adams does.

Friends Who Count

Guys or gals with the fattest paychecks, nicest cars, jewelry and clothes may be no smarter or more diligent than you. Their secret is to know how to stand out amongst the crowd.

Reggie Jackson was a lifetime .244 average hitter. He is not even one of the top all-time home run hitters. He was a liability in the outfield. But he knew how to promote himself. He promoted himself so well he earned a spot in the prestigious baseball Hall of Fame. He knew the art of seizing opportunity and business success. His concept of telling the media how great he was turned into profit.

You too can join the club of standouts. Heck, to succeed in your passion you have no choice.

Friends with whom, matters. Lets face, it nepotism nearly ensures success. But what if your dad is not CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Simple! Be friendly with one.

Playing video games and water-cooler chat with your buddies may be fun, but it will not get you the opportunities you seek to reach your goal. Those who soar are those whose names bounce around when the bigwigs chat. If those are above you on the corporate echelon or the food chain of your world do not know who you are, you will be passed by.

In no way am I suggesting you become a brown-noser. Have some dignity for Pete’s sake! What I’m saying is to hang around the places decision makers hang out. Participate in the same extra-curricular events as those who are higher on the food chain. Shake hands. Rub elbows. Be yourself. Get to know them on a personal level. Do this with those of influence and they will influence others as appropriate on your behalf.

Clean Up Your Brand

Everyone needs a brand to identify your unique story. It is who you are. However, if your name is Eugenia Khaziklcskov, the difficulty of language barriers could be a turn-off. I’m not making this up on the fly either. A group of New Zealand researchers found people are less likely to trust others whose names they cannot pronounce. Trust is a key factor in building any relationship. You could be Mother Teresa herself, but with a name containing twenty-four syllables, not even sainthood will earn others trust of you.

There’s nothing wrong with shortening Eugenia Khazikskov to Gina Khaz. Some positive examples to back me here: Gordon Matthew Thomas Summer uses the name "Sting." Stefani Joanne Angeline German Etta is known as "Lady Gaga." Famed designer Ralph Lifehitz is more popularly known as "Ralph Lauren."

If you do insist on others pronouncing your two hundred-letter names, make sure you have a niche in your business making you an extremely indispensable asset.

Step Up

In business these are top tier players, general players, and players who are just there. Those just there are easily chopped from any equation. General players solve general problems; anyone can do that. Now top their players are something special. They solve specific problems and this makes them indispensable, because when problems arise, they will be specific problems, not general problems. Become a specialist and become indispensable.


When someone asks you what you do, what do you say? “Hi, my name is John Smith and I’m in advertising.” I’ve already forgotten who you are. When someone asks what you do, what he or she are really asking is, “Why do you matter?”

This is your chance to create and work on your elevator speech. “Hi, my name is Jim. I optimize human performance using the most advanced research in the world today". This speaks on conversation. It’s memorable. It’s interesting. I could easily say, “Hi, I’m a chirp actor." By saying that, I’ve already forgotten myself!

When pitching an elevator speech, the idea is to literally explore the scenario of stepping into an elevator with an individual who could help you along your journey in where you want to go. You two have never met. The trip will last only one floor. Your goad is to be memorable and get your foot in the door for longer follow up conversation.

Who are you, and what do you do? Be memorable but concise. Go!

As Reggie Jackson knew how to deliver his message, so must you.


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