Seize the Day: Four Ways to Rock Your Schedule

Updated on February 18, 2017

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Every person is given the same amount of time each day. From the moment we wake up to the second we close eyes at night, our daily clock is ticking. It's often difficult learning how to balance our home, social, and work obligations without neglecting any of them.

If you feel that you're constantly buried beneath an ever-growing pile of responsibilities, rest assured that you're alone! Most if not all people feel they struggle in some area with time management. Clinical psychologist, Sandra Lewis, of Montclair State University explains, "People focus a lot on time management, but I think in terms of personal energy management. If you have enough energy, you make better use of your time."

It takes practice, but it is possible to align all of our responsibilities and goals. Whether trying to stay caught up at the office or planning your next trip to the store, consider these 4 helpful tips to better manage your time.

Write It Down!


There is something unique and special about seeing all of your duties and daily goals laid out on a simple piece of paper. Even the act of writing these down is therapeutic in a way. By taking the time to catalog what we feel we need to accomplish we are simplifying our organization process. A simple notebook or journal works fine. For day-specific tasks, invest in a good planner or calendar.

Writing our responsibilities also prevent anything from slipping through the cracks. We've all been there! We tell ourselves over and over again not to forget a certain task, but several hours later, the whole thing has mysteriously vanished from reality! Save your sanity and write it down--all of it!

Weighing Your Options


After carefully organizing your jobs and responsibilities, take a moment to ponder how much time is actually available for each job. It's easy to get caught up in the pre-job excitement, but attempting to do too much in a limited time frame is a recipe for discouragement.

Every list has certain priorities and "must do's" that cannot be neglected. Rather than bog yourself down with smaller, less important tasks, always first seek out the responsibilities that most require your attention. Even if the smaller jobs remain undone you can still rest easy at the end of the day knowing that your priorities didn't suffer.



Trying to accomplish everything by yourself is foolish and sometimes downright dangerous. There is never any shame in asking a friend or loved one for help.

At work, seek out those who are willing to lend a hand on certain occasions. Everyone benefits from healthy delegation. Delegation in the home is just as important. Before forcing yourself through a backbreaking spring cleaning, arm yourself with your children's energy. Even little ones can offer tremendous help by knocking-out smaller, tedious tasks such as sorting socks, dusting, and picking up toys. No mother should be doing her housework alone! Help is out there!

By reaching out for a helping hand, tasks are completed much faster with far better quality. Delegation also breeds a healthy sense of teamwork and unity between you and your helpers. If you constantly find yourself in situations where the task is honestly too huge, consider building a delegation network for yourself. If you feel you lack the skills, consider these top books on asking and receiving help. Turn your "squad goals" into work goals!



When all is said and done, our personal health should be the biggest priority on our "to-do" list. No one deserves to live life as a nervous wreck! Take time for your schedule and check off your jobs, but keep your health in sight. If you feel yourself slipping up and turning into an achy, hot mess, step back and re-evaluate your goals. Is what you're working for really worth it? What can you do to simplify it?

Invest in healthy meals and lifestyle choices. Find your "detoxing" niche to help melt your stress and keep you sane. Going to the gym, taking a walk, or binging on your favorite Netflix show are great ways to set your work aside. Try to find an outlet that allows you to express your unique creativity; painting, sketching, knitting, and playing an instrument are perfect detoxing outlets.

Regardless of what job or schedule has you bogged down, take a quick step back and evaluate your game plan. With the right mindset and a good "game-face" time management is easily within reach.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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