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How to Choose Software to Ship Your Products

Mark has worked for years in the shipping, supply chain and logistics industries.

Choosing a PC Postage Vendor to Ship Your Product

PC Postage vendors are authorized third-party sellers for package shipping. These companies provide the software and support to print postage from your computer. They often pass on postage discounts to you, especially for USPS (the United States Postal Service).

Some software integrates better with other systems, and some software is more user-friendly. One feature is "rate shopping," which allows you to compare rates between USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Most vendors have a monthly fee. They often offer a free trial lasting at least 30 days.

Three big vendors and many smaller ones are discussed below.


1. USPS Click-N-Ship Business Pro

The postal service offers its own free shipping software: USPS Click-N-Ship Business Pro. This downloadable desktop software takes minutes to sign up. This is USPS shipping for businesses. First, set up an account on Business Customer Gateway, then set up Business Pro.

Business Pro allows you to ship 50 packages or more at once. It has database integration, tracking and reporting tools, and allows shipping First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express package types. Business Pro does not allow rate shopping and you must pay for postage with a checking account.


2. Endicia: Many Options

Endicia is the big kid on the block. They have several platforms under their umbrella, which include Stamps, ShippingEasy, and Shipstation. They have a new customer offer; a free trial. The fee is waived if you spend $500/mo in postage. Good for small to large businesses. Desktop based. Allows rate shopping. Price range is $16-35/mo. Good for Small to large businesses; warehouse shippers; customers with API/Integration Needs. Platinum shipper is one of their most popular options. It captures the info and completes address correction. The system tells you if addresses are residential or rural (helps reduce fees with UPS & FedEx). Endicia can integrate well with other software. It opens a new window that works beside other software. This also avoids address correction fees from UPS & FedEx. Labels are customized, so you can have your logo on them. Free trial offer & you can get a free scale with certain spend. Good for small businesses to medium. Desktop based. Price range is $16-25/mo.

ShipStation is for midsize shippers. They are web-based and claim to be user-friendly. They have free trials. They have over 250 partners that include various partners and platforms. You get a free account with every plan, which has typically only been USPS for shipping. They allow you to print SCAN forms, which enable your service to simplify scanning with a list. You can verify addresses and track inventory. They range from $9/mo (50 shipments) to $159 (unlimited). Good for customers who need simplified CRM (Customer relationship management), Reporting, and rate comparison capabilities. Web-based.

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ShippingEasy is for smaller volume shippers. They have automated email campaigns. They work well with Amazon sellers, including assistance with fulfilling Seller Fulfilled Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon. They also allow DHL Global as an option. It allows tracking of inventory. Integrates with dozens of online shopping systems to allow you to pay for postage. After the trial, ranges from $29 (500/mo) to $149/mo (unlimited). Good for customers with multiple shopping cart integrations (online sellers w/ many stores); easy to use. Web based.

Shipworks-Customers who need simplified CRM, Reporting, and rate comparison capabilities. Web based. $25-200/mo.

3. Pitney-Bowes

Pitney-Bowes allows rate shopping. It offers invoicing, and guarantees shipping by USPS. Price range is $30-125/mo. It has multiple software options and can be web- or desktop-based. The shipping guarantee makes this a great option as USPS does not have guarantees.

4. The Other Guys

Shippo. A multi-carrier platform, which allows USPS and DHL including discounts. They allow fast and easy returns, as well as international shipping. You can set up pickups and track packages from their software. They have dozens of partners that their software works with. 90 day free trial. Ranges from $.05 per label to $125 per month unless you go with their premier option. It is ePostage (is a new USPS® electronic postage payment option which allows USPS to receive payment from one central e-retailer account.), web based. Has address validation, allows printing of scan forms and return labels. You pay as you go-$.05 per label.

Pirateship. Good for small businesses and ecommerce. No markup or monthly fees., a very educational and USPS-centric site, touts this option as the best. This option works to import with Shopify, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce and more. They have automatic address validation and correction. They allow USPS end-of-day scan forms, which your local post office and carrier will appreciate. For companies of any size, works well for ecommerce. Allows rate shopping.

XPS ( Allows rate shopping. They charge a small fee for each label that is printed. They have their own YouTube channel. Good for customers wanting the quickest access to rate shopping and USPS label generation. Software is web based.

Smartshyp. Offer is $10 in free postage or up to 500 for a free account. Web based. Good for customers with multiple shopping cart integrations (online sellers w/ many stores); easy to use. $29-150/mo.

Easypost. Has real time tracking, address verification, Insurance, allows returns, ship reports, and is web based. Offers rate shopping. Has a tech focus. E-commerce is a good fit. Have integration options. -$14.95/mo.

Neoship offers ePostage, rate shopping (multicarrier) and address verification. It costs $33-38/mo plus per-label fees.

Monthly Options

You pay the shipping price per package as well.


USPS Click-N-Ship Business Pro

Free software










Pitney Bowes



$.05 per label


Free software


Per label fee









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