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How to Get Your Social Security Disability Approved Fast

Holle is a retired English and creative writing teacher who writes on a variety of topics.

These tips will help you get your disability claim approved quickly!

These tips will help you get your disability claim approved quickly!

Note: If you're trying to scam the government and get Social Security Disability with a false claim of an injury, illness, or condition, read no further. This article is intended to help people who are legitimately unable to work a full-time job because of a physical, emotional, or mental condition.

You’ve probably heard all the horror stories about how hard it is to get approved for Social Security Disability, also known as SSDI. Many people who claim to have extremely debilitating illnesses and conditions take years to get approved, and some never get approved.

Some have to resort to hiring a disability lawyer to finally get their Social Security Disability Income, and of course they have to share their award with their attorney.

On the other hand, you hear cases in which people claiming dubious illnesses breeze right through the process and get their claims approved quickly—some of which should never have been approved at all.

I was lucky to get my Social Security Disability case approved very quickly. Some people, however, aren't so fortunate. I read everything I could get my hands on about the process, and I talked to numerous people who had gone through it. I learned what to do and what to avoid doing, and I'm sharing it with you here.

The problem is that to the Social Security Administration, you’re just a number. These employees are overworked and underpaid and deal with all sorts of job-related stress.

I’m not trying to sound callous, but it’s a fact. These workers deal with thousands of cases every week. Some applicants have legitimate cases, and some don’t. You have to convince Social Security that you honestly cannot work any longer.

Provide proof: You can start online, but to succeed in your SSDI application, keep a file of documents about your disability.

Provide proof: You can start online, but to succeed in your SSDI application, keep a file of documents about your disability.

Provide Evidence That You Qualify for SSDI

How do you do this? First of all, make sure everything is documented—all the medications you’ve been taking, all your doctor visits, all your trips to the emergency room, all your visits to the chiropractor, all your visits to the massage therapist, all your visits to any sort of counseling, and all your visits to rehab or physical therapy.

When any of these healthcare professionals assess your condition, ask for their findings in writing. Get copies of everything and keep them all together, in a safe place.

It’s also important to find a doctor who believes in you. If you have a condition like fibromyalgia, for example, you can’t prove it with a blood test, an x-ray, or an MRI. Even though Social Security Disability does award payment for such conditions, they’re harder to prove. It’s easier to prove if you’ve been seeing a doctor who specializes in your condition.

When you go to a medical appointment, ask the doctor to document any findings he makes. He might say your condition is debilitating, but if he doesn't write down what he says, it's like he never said it. Many doctors will also write a letter or a narrative for Social Security explaining why you can no longer work a regular job. You will probably have to pay extra for this, but it’s definitely worth the price.

Social Security Disability has “listing level impairments” that they go by. Supposedly, if you have one of these and can prove it, you’re automatically approved. But you don’t have to have one of these exact conditions or illnesses to get approved for Social Security Disability; you might have a combination of lesser impairments that will get you approved.

That’s why it’s so important to list, document, and keep up with all your physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

I had terrible pain, tingling, and numbness in my neck that ran down my left arm. I had the same thing in my lower back than ran down my right leg. After I had an MRI of my neck, it showed bulging discs, but the radiologist reading the report said the bulging was very mild. I knew this would not help me get SSDI.

I requested the discs from the MRI and took them to a doctor who specializes in back problems, and he went over the MRI with me, frame by frame. He pointed out all the nerve damage shown. When I asked him why the radiologist had said the problem was not severe, he explained that many radiologists are not experts in nerve damage or in back problems. That’s why you have to be proactive!

If you really are disabled, and one doctor says you aren't, get a second opinion. I actually got several opinions, and all the rest agreed with me and disagreed with that first radiologist. Don’t give up! As it turned out, I probably wouldn’t have needed those other opinions, anyway.

When I had the MRI of my lower back, there was no disputing the damage there. And I also discovered I had severe carpal tunnel in both hands and no cartilage in my right knee. As a result of my CTS, I have to get my daughter to do almost all of my typing for me.

Make an Honest Case

I think one reason my SSDI was approved so quickly was that I was honest on my questionnaire. I told them I didn’t have terrible pain every day, but I had it often enough to prevent me from working a full-time job.

There are probably days now that I could work for a few hours, but there’s no way I could work eight hours a day, five days a week. And Social Security is all or nothing: if you can work, but the number of hours you’re able to work is less than 40 per week, they consider you disabled.

Here's a catch, however: to get approved for SSDI, you have to be deemed unable to work any job, not just the job you've had in the past. In other words, if you have a job that requires heavy lifting, and you can't perform those duties any longer, Social Security will decide whether or not you have the skills necessary to work a desk job. If you do, you won't be approved for SSDI.

In my quest to get approved for Social Security Disability, I also wrote them a letter explaining how much I loved my job. I’d had the same job as a teacher for almost 20 years. I explained that if I could continue to work, I would. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide that I didn’t want to work any longer.

I also had a letter from my former principal. He explained how much I enjoyed teaching and how many awards I had earned. I think that served as evidence that I was a dedicated employee who really did like her job.

My age also helped me. If you’re 50 or over, SSDI is easier to get. If you’re over 60, it’s even easier to get. Generally speaking, the younger you are, the harder it is to get approved for Social Security Disability.

If you truly are not able to work any longer, do everything you can to make your case stronger. Even things that you don’t consider important can help your case. These might include letters from friends, employers, co-workers, and family members. I also kept a daily journal that described my symptoms on that specific day.

If You Are Approved, You'll Get Paid

Once you get approved for SSDI, you'll get a big check that includes back payments. After that, you'll get a monthly check on a specified day. I chose to have mine directly deposited into my bank account so that I don't have to depend on the postal service. I've never had a late payment—I know that money will be there on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

If You Are Refused, File an Appeal

With SSDI, there are several levels of appeals. Almost everyone gets turned down on the initial application, and many are refused the second time. If you're turned down, go through with the Social Security appeal process. If you continue to get turned down after several appeals, that’s when you need to hire a disability lawyer.

Just make sure you hire a disability attorney who specializes in Social Security Disability claims. These attorneys are experts, and they know how to deal with the agency. If you've done all you can do, seek expert legal help. The disability lawyer will get a chunk of your award, but that's sure better than ending up with nothing. Don't let the Social Security appeal process discourage you!

Note: It's important to read books that will give you a wealth of information about SSDI disability.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: If I sign up for disability at sixty-one, and if I'm not approved by the time I am sixty-two, can I sign up for early retirement while waiting for approval?

Answer: Please reference the SS website for the answer to your question.

Question: What do I do if Social Security sends me to one of their doctors?

Answer: You should go, but if his/her findings differ from your own doctor's findings, make SS aware. Evidence from a doctor who has been treating you for a long period should carry more weight.

Question: Is it wise to go ahead and hire a disability attorney right from the very start, prior to sending even the first application in applying for disability?

Answer: I'd try it on my own for the first step.

Question: I applied for disability. I claimed physical issues: degenerative disc disease, broken wrist pins, plate unable to fully use left hand, recurring skin cancer, surgeries. I said I could only work part-time. I was denied. Three months later, and I've been diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer. Can I get disability?

Answer: I'd think you had a very good chance, but I'm not an attorney.

Question: Are seizures considered a disability?

Answer: I would think so, but I'm not sure. Check the listing level impairments on the SS website.

Question: Should I tell my orthopedic doctor I’m thinking of applying for SSDI?

Answer: Yes, as long as he knows your case well.

Question: Should I tell the doctor I want to apply for SSDI on my first visit?

Answer: I'd wait until he's familiar with your illness.

Question: Why does it take so long to get a social security disability hearing?

Answer: It takes a long time to get a hearing because there are so many cases and not enough workers.


Josh on May 12, 2019:

I feel as if i admit myself to inpatient my case might move a little faster

Brooke s Brown on February 27, 2019:

My psychiatrist wrote me a letter stating.. I treat Brooke Brown and that it is my opinion that she is disabled as regards competitive employment due to ongoing illness. This is after my claim.was denied first round. I did appeal it. Will this letter help my chances of receiving benefits this time. I applealed back in September. Please help me.

Thank you Brooke

Fiona sparks on November 06, 2018:

I should have heard from my claim by now ,this is my first time ,what could be the hold up?

Anthony on July 29, 2018:

Well SSI/SSDI said no again For the 16th time have been to court 5 times and a Board of SSDI here in Texas Said No 6 Times, am i Disabled...Yes 1978 May was Born at 900 Grams(less then 2 pounds) and 3 months early. Had a Brain-Hemrig the 2nd Day i was Born Have C.P. had Both legs worked on 3 times i'm Dislexic Have a Med File going back 39 year even CatScaned and M.R.I you name it they did it. even now on my 3rd Lawyer. even had a Black and Mexican Woman who work at the SSI Office tell me it was cause i was white that they keep Shit Canning my case. and i haven't worked in scents 2010 cause my body is just Fucked from day today. Knee my Feet my back and the doctors i've seen say Yep you should get SSI/SSID they are just stunned even the SSI Doctor who was the Mental health doc was like YOU SHOULD get it and i could beleave the SSI Doc was on my side after 16 year but she said i don't have final say but you should.. i'd go back to my 8 to 12 hour Night security job But my Knees Back and Feet are Fuck From doing jobs like that and make my C. P. worse.... going to Appeal for the 16th/17th time and go to Court for the 7th time in 3 months to 6...or a year.. Texas is Raceist and a scam when Giveing REAL DISABLED People Help. i checked on line and 8 other state i would have got it ,1st time in less then 6 months.

David on June 17, 2018:

Let's start by saying I'm new to this whole process. I'm 47 and my last job was a maintenance man at a mobile home park. I was fired from a job after 19 years of faithful service to a company. I went back to school and got an HVAC license got a job after relocating. I was subsequently fired from this job as well when I injured my back yet again and they saw all the hardware after my fusion and spinal cord stimulator. Anyway I sold my house (so I didn't lose it) and relocated again back to Ohio from Michigan. I filed in Akron with the help of a lawyer. I was denied of coarse and now I am set for a hearing. I'm a vet 40% service connected for my right knee. I filed because of my inability to continue working as pain in my back and constant knee swelling made it impossible to continue. I've had a total of 6 back operations with a right drop foot and a knee on that drop foot with torn ACL,damaged meniscus,joint narrowing, stiffness with bone spurs and loss of range of motion. I have severe atrophy in my right calf and my thigh muscle is deteriorating. I need braces on that leg but still lose my balance when walking. I also have episodes where my knee locks up and one in particular I rolled my ankle and it swelled as I was treated for this. I have chronic pain and never having suffered depression I am now. My lawyer filed for my back, knee and ulcerative colitis. I've always been a hard worker and am ashamed of myself for having to use a food stamp card at the grocery store. The more this drags on the more I feel alone and depressed that I can't function like I use to. Will I get approved? I'm in a financial crises and feel like a leech. Any comments or help would be appreciated. Please only positive comments, I already feel bad enough about my situation. I've never asked for a handout after 31 years of working.

Terri Sanderford on May 19, 2018:

I have been turn down six times in my disability

Christie on May 18, 2018:

I have two impairments listed on the website...Epilepsy and Diabetes. Have had Epilepsy since I was 8 years old and haven't been able to work since '93

Have two Dr. that have agreed to be references X-rays, MRI everything. I filled out online app. Then was sent the paperwork for the appeal. First received SSI deny letter, then SSDI deny letter...Before ever sending in appeal paperwork. I called after a week of not hearing back and they said the SSDI was the deny letter and because I hadn't worked enough they wouldn't even look at my medical history. The next step in the appeals is a hearing but I am not sure what to do next. I called for advice but was told to reapply and make them give me a confirmation letter. Any advice would be welcomed please! The SS office pretty much said since I hadn't worked I had no right to apply at all and they wouldn't even look at my medical records.

Margaret russell on April 12, 2018:

I have copd my bones are thin water bladder problems and depression ya I'm stressed I'm on social asstances my kids are grown up and gone I'm 56yrs old and can't walk am I untitled to it I was a single parent I'm not scamming no one

Corra on April 09, 2018:

I had a brain aneurysm burst 4 years ago. I was an ER nurse and loved it. I can't get released to work. I can't be a nurse anymore. I can't even remember to do basic daily activities like eating. I have been turned down and even had a judge appearance. I remember when I was a nurse all the young people who came into ER for things that should have been seen in dr office and whipped out their disability card and it was covered.

Claudia Lepe Ramos on March 22, 2018:

I have epilepsy, and I been having this since I was 15yrs. old!!

rosebudforglory on March 20, 2018:

Sally J Butler — because you have been a stay at home mom (a big job) but not self employed nor a paying work credit type job - you most likely don’t qualify for SSDI (social security disability insurance). This is only for people who have worked enough to put into the system - the minimum is 40 credit and 20 of those have to have been in the 10 years to the present year you are applying. Now once you reach 62, you can draw social security retirement benefits on your current husband’s work record or if divorced and was married for at least 10 years - you can apply on ex- spouse record. If you are divorced now but was say married 3x at least 10 yrs to each - then you can pick which gives you the best benefits. What you draw doesn’t affect a husband, ex husband, nor his current spouse or children. Go to (social security administration website) and read. Don’t get caught up in all the junk - there is lots of good information on the government page and it’s what counts. However, for your case of medical bills - if you can apply for medicaid meaning your income is below a certain level and your assets (excluding your home, 1 car, personal belongings) are below $2,000, then your county’s social services department can help you get approved and maybe get help with utilities, food and sometimes other services - AGAIN - go the website for the county you live in and read. Social Security Administration for retirement and disability or survivor benefits and your county Social Services Department for medicaid. For medications, there are 109s of charity programs which help you will medications. You have to apply, be approved and jump through hoop - but if you need the meds and you can’t afford them - it’s good. Also, many doctors have samples for the drugs they want you to take and some have coupons. Hope this helps.Sally if she sees it or anyone else.

Also if your husband is a veteran - check the Vetrans Administration to see benefits for him or maybe you depending on his service etc.

Darrell McKeown on March 14, 2018:

How dare someone who has awarded and saw I was disabled pull something that you or I couldn't ever get away with and tell me sorry no more checks and you gotta wait

Sally J Butler on March 13, 2018:

I have been a stay-at-home mom told my life I have been raising three children and now I have grandchildren my husband has been paying all the bills since I've been 17 I am now turning 50 years old this year I have back troubles and I have a lot of inter troubles inside troubles I can't even afford to go to the doctor to get my heart medication

Confused on February 22, 2018:

I've been denied disability because I've been disabled and haven't worked since 2008. I thought I could get better but I've gotten worse. My husband is 79 and he takes care of me and works 6 days a week. How come some people get disability and have never worked at all but I can't? I paid into the system at one time. I was told I couldn't expect to get something for nothing. Both of us have paid into the system, my husband since 1959. what was the point of paying in if you get denied cause you haven't worked in the last five or however many years they have adopted. I didn't know there was a statute of limitations on when you can use what you have paid in or lose it. Help I'm vulnerable! Thx. J

Mary Martinez on February 13, 2018:

Irma have a lawyer but I still don't understand what I'm supposed to do the paper work. I keep getting denied. I need help.

john on January 25, 2018:

due to sloppy record keeping and poor physical health, I do not have a doctor's support of disability. Can I still prove my case? From what I am told doctor's statements are important but they must take into account other evidence.

Been there on January 12, 2018:

Know someone who has been on public assistance of some kind their entire life. They applied for ssi and got approved after 2 years...yet, she does drugs, has fought in the streets several times and gets around like a teenager. Must be based on mental as she hasn't worked more than 5 years her whole life. Seems like a scam.. dr..shops with her Medicaid and Medicare for pills and pain shots.

Jamestulsa on December 07, 2017:

Hi bogey, Gary, stitch!

All the long timers here!!

To all the recent posters, welcome here, please keep fighting hard. And paulc,, include both sets of conditions. The medical problem and the conditions that keep you from working..

Has anyone seen the news about republicans and trump? He said he don’t want to touch social security retirement. But later said social security disability is a seperate program, a welfare entitlement. Any one a little spooked?? I think trump administration is gonna slash benefits praticularily

On ssdi,, they think ssdi is all scammers and fakes. It’s a shame because I only get 1/3 if what I got when I was working. I’d give anything to be able to work again. I hope they don’t slash our lifeline. Does anyone have any thoughts on if they think they’re gonna cut is off?

And new people applying now, I think it will be even harder to get on ssdi now.

I’m sure trump or some of his associates are encouraging judges and field offices to deny more and approve less... any one have thoughts?


David Killebrew on December 06, 2017:

I lost my left foot and my spine was shatered in a dozen places but never repaired all in the same motercycle accident now i have moved to Front Royal Va. and i cannot get my SSI cause im not 62 im only 58 and have no way to go to Winchester Va. to the SSA office to apply and need some kind of help or assistance.

Cinder Bingaman on November 24, 2017:

Would photos be of any help

Rochelle on November 15, 2017:

Used atty first 3 x. Almost 3 yrs later applied on my own, denied again. They understand I have physical issues, however the doctor did not even let me tell him the anxiety level, hearing voices now I am going thru the mental as well. What to do?

Paulc on November 02, 2017:

question. applying for ssdi. should i use every legitimate medical problem in my filing, or just the ones that put me out of work

Sarah palm on October 24, 2017:

I have had a knee replacement, I have had shoulder surgery rerouting my muscles, I have chronic high blood pressure, I have spinal stenosis, I have degenerative disk deterioration, I have had carpal tunnel surgery and my carpal tunnel is coming back and I am currently off work because I got hurt at work an now have some nerve damage In my hand, I'm 54 and I have a hard time even getting out of bed some mornings, so I guess what I'm asking is would I be able to get social security disability.

Nanette on October 12, 2017:

I had a work injury jan 25th 2016. I have three herniated discs in my neck and had surgery to repair them in November (11 months ago) I have no medical insurance to seek a regular dr because i don't qualify for obama care (tax exempt)

I tried medicaid in florida but said i wasn't considered disabled.

I went to a Dr and he referred me to pain management that is coming out of my own pocket. I have a lawyer but nothing seems to get any place. I am wondering if i should hire a separate disability lawyer i truly feel i'm getting discriminated against and stuck without proper care. I'm unable to work at all.

Latimer on October 09, 2017:

We adopted a state special needs child when he was 8 years old. We got a stipend from the state until he turned 18.5 years because he also went to SC Vocational Rehab to try to learn a job. He got one at our local Kroger but they will not give him hardly any hours 4 here, 6 there and if we are lucky 11. That is not enough for him to live on. We have been thru SSDI twice and been denied both times. We were told not to try again until he turns 22 years of age after the last denial. I don't understand if we adopted a special needs child from the state, as an adult shouldn't he be able to get benefits. Makes no sense to me. But anyway to keep him moving forward we are now trying to get him into a Federal program called Job Corp again to learn a trade and become an active citizen, we have had to jump thru hoops because of his disabilities with them. I'm praying hard he gets in this program and gets the opportunity if not I WILL apply again with an attorney to get his SSDI. I'm so confused as to why he wouldn't be accepted beings how we adopted a special needs child from our state??? Please someone explain this to me?

Jimmie ham on October 02, 2017:

So my disability was denied because it was stated that I am a chronic drug user. Which I AM NOT. I used drugs at 19/20 then not again until last year. My diagnosis is Bi Polar Schizo affective, PTSD, Personality Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. The ALJ said my medical records state that I am a drug addict that does not follow medication regimens and I use drugs and it clearly says on the rejection letter that I am an alcoholic and pain pill addict which I AM NOT. I am furious to say the least. My medical records do not back up this claim but they do tell of me admitting to using at the age of 19/20 and then not again until 39 briefly. I said that but my medical records do not say that. He says it does and denied my claim. What can I do. I am beyond upset. It is one thing to be honest about what you are facing. It is an entirely different story to have someone use it in a dishonest context just to deny a claim. He also did not use any of the many other Dr's I have had to see and what they said. I am so mad. It is like being accused of being someone I am not and being a person I am not.

Amy Sasser on August 22, 2017:

I just had another bad few days . I'm only 33 years old and I have not always made the best decisions. That part of my life is over now. I choose to learn the lesson in my bad choice of living the lifestyle that costs me everything and now have accepted it because I cannot change it and instead use it to be a part of the learning process .

Okay so am I wrong to think that because of my past that Society or even the decision on my disability hearing could possibly be based on my history.

I had a MVA with entrapment on July 3, 2015 in which I sustained T.B.I. (traumatic brain injury) which then resulted in a subdural hematoma which is bleeding on the brain and I also broke the major temporal bone in my head and also the maxiallraly sinus fractures in my face. After being blessed enough to survive that and those surgeries I then had to have my left cycle replaced in my left arm. And this was the second car accident after I had changed my life around.

The first car accident was a result of the bad choices now we're making and thank God that my son survived and I didn't hurt anyone else on the road but I did however have major trauma in this accident as well. I had an emergency splenectomy and emergency C-section I broke several ribs my lung collapsed and I was on life support and ICU and was hospitalized then transported to another County miles away from everyone I knew and no medical attention ever salt there or after returning home from rehab answering to the warrants that have led me up to that car accident.

I had a lot of bad checks and as you know unless you have the money to pay those off which I did not you do a lot of time and I did do that about six months worth. My stitches from my chest down to my abdomen had to come out in jail and my blood pressure went down and went to the hospital blah blah blah so on.

Please note this very carefully as soon as I return home I were in survival mode headband the whole time , and although I was willing to work I definitely were not able but when I was there I work my butt off and I love my job took pride and what I did they actually let me go because I was missing too many days going to the doctor so unemployment found it no fought of my own.

So anyways at this point when I lost my job life just seem to be passing me by and I was thinking medical attention for everything so I filed for disability.

After waiting and hearing that they denied me twice I felt like I had to do something more to try at least one more time to see what I could do and I went back to work at the same place. I was there about 3 days before I had that second car accident with the TBI.

So even with the bad choices this is not a choice that I made not this last car accident neither one of them actually but I were not under the influence of anything other than my survival mode and my willingness to do what it took to do the right thing and to eat and to survive.

I've since been to an Oda are hearing which to my surprise both my attorney and my judge we're on teleprompt so the point I'm getting at is I were unable to get paperwork from this hearing at all.

That was July 20th 2017 and I have a civil matter which is not anything that I've done wrong but I am required to pay $3,000 or more or possibly face a year in jail.

This is all while my decision is now being prepared by the administrative law judge in which I don't even remember her name but I do have a paper from her office in St Louis address to me stating that it could take up to 90 days for this decision to be in writing.

My thing is I don't have 90 days and although I am very appreciative of her from another state taking on some of our state's caseloads that's what I was told but I am facing the Civil matter on Thursday of this week which is 2 days from now.

My question is does a federal odar judge already writing up her decision and adopting the first entitlement from devote rehab specialist they clearly states that there is no substantial work that I would be able to do in this economy with my background and or medical history.

I do not have this in writing yet and I have to go to court in 2 days and I'm not sure if the judge will even listen to me try to explain that the odar judge will backdate my disability 2 years which would cover the liability of being unable instead of unwilling to pay the Civil matter of support for the past two years. Being as when I did work I never missed a payment and I didn't ask for this to happen I were usually my past to straighten up my life and trying to get better when the second accident happened.

So now I'm like a Sitting Duck and do not know what to do. On top of the way that I've lost totaling about 55 lb from not being able to eat. The rib cage on my left side has hemaflotating rib that pierce into left chest cavity causing my tachycardia now SVT to make my heart race even more and the lining of my stomach and chess where the exploratory surgeries were in the first car accident has left a lot of scar tissue that causes my gerd to be worst causing me unable to eat certain things which without a proper diet and chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain syndrome it's hard to even explain especially with the headaches from the scars in my head and my left arm which I might add I never got proper physical therapy or medical attention after this car accident either. At this point in my life my family my children are first and if I had the money for health insurance I would first pay what I needed to for my legal obligations so therefore it I don't have the money for health insurance so I didn't see a doctor's two months prior to my hearing. And then only to get there for my lawyer to talk about the chronic pain syndrome and nothing else. But I'm staying positive and praying because what will be will be and it will all be in God's time.

I'm blessed to even still be here answer even be able to talk text this documents so I have a lot to be thankful for it I'm a very humble person now and I use the past to help mold the future and help anyone in the process that I can and earning the love and trust back from everything that I lost and everyone's I lost it from is now my #1 priority but honestly I don't see how me being incarcerated for year would help anything but everything happens for a reason and I trust and ran upstairs he didn't made me this far as only get me this far and because of what I've been through I'm now I'm a humble person and the appreciation of life and don't take one second for granted and try to look at the positive side of things and in the process while hurting are being nauseated or having a headache or a bad attitude I still am number one very very humble and I know where I come from and I'm proud of where I am and have positive outlook on the future.

So that is the lesson I learned from this the in life things will knock you down. Careful to document how many times you fall. You only get so many Second Chances be very very very grateful for any one of them that you are given. Only look back on your past in the rearview mirrors to remember where you been so that when you look in the front windshield you can have a more wider prospect on where you are going. People are responsible for their choices they make and I'm accountable for my own actions God does give us freedom of choice however sometimes we stumble and fall that's okay ask for forgiveness and learn the lesson that God had intended you to if you chose that path dust yourself off get back up and do it again only differently this time taking what you've learned

Marvin lucas on July 16, 2017:

I have fibrmyalgia degenerative disk diease depression anxiety stress can't hold down a job body starts hurting right after I get up I am sick of going out on the streets and buying pills just so I can enjoy life I have no job no doctor can you please tell me what to do I am so confused god please help me I'm going crazy and I can't no longer deal with the pain it's terrible person who has worked there ass of and now I can't get nothing just denied this is making me go insane having to put up with this please help god bless

Danny on March 05, 2017:

Im going through it right now. what i get mad about is when some people think your lying about your problem and you really cant prove it but im just gonna keep trying

Kandice Weaver on March 01, 2017:

I was born 3 months premature and weighed a pound and a half and have Hydrocephalus, slow reaction time slow processing skills and slow motor skills coordination and balance issues, headaches almost to the point of being a migrain, I forget things even if it's written down, if I'm in front of a computer screen for more than 10 minutes my head starts to hurt. I repeat myself\ask the same questions a lot. Been fired from every job I've had due to the issues listed (poor performance) I've been a cashier 04-08, fast food 3 different places for a few months each, gas station a few months, factory worker a few months at 2 different places and hotel breakfast attendant a year each at 2 different hotels. I'm trying to get ssi disability and have a disability advocate helping me with the process. Why does it take so much and so difficult to get disability for Hydrocephalus? It should be easier. On top of all that I broke my tibia back in 2013 and still have pain in my leg especially when it's really cold or I'm really stressed. If I move to fast my leg will give out on me. From the x rays I have it looks like the bone is not completely fused but I'm not a doctor so I don't know for sure. Bottom line can I get ssi disability for one or all of these disabilities\injuries and will a disability advocate helping me help win my case?

Scared to death... well not dead yet on February 13, 2017:

I am so nervous. I have to go to the local office today. After 52 months they finally approved my claim with a fully favorable decision. However, like you said, employees at my local office are overworked and under paid and are very angry that a thirtysomething-year-old is getting SS DI due to my extensive work history. Nobody including my attorney will answer whether or not I qualify for SSI and SSDI. I Live in California and heard that different states have different rules. I am concerned that I will only get 700 a month versus 3800 a month because I used all my assets in a tent to survive these past five years. Is there any documentation I should bring? I only have a pension left which I cannot access regardless of disability until the age of 55 and all other monies in accounts have been taken away for me by my power of attorney. I am bringing a lease and my daughters proof of citizenship as well as mine. However I no longer have paystub's proving I made in excess of six figures a year annually +100% paid benefits including a company car, a company card credit card for males and numerous other trips and benefits that I should have been taxed on and should be used to accumulate my SSDI payment.

So, I guess the biggest questions are is it better to show as much assets as possible or show the least amount possible which is an accurate for trail of my situation but not my fault because they took five years to make a decision. And what exactly should I bring to this meeting where they decide if I qualify for SSI?

Queen Maeve on December 13, 2016:

I have applied for SSDI myself, and was approved in 5 weeks. I have applied for a relative, and she was approved in 6 weeks. I have just helped a friend apply, and he was approved in 13 days. How did we manage this?

You must prepare, prepare, prepare in advance. Gather ALL relevant medical records, scan them as searchable PDFs if they are not already in digital format, and search them for names of doctors, clinics and hospitals, dates of appointments and visits, purpose of each visit and treatment performed at each visit and dates of upcoming appointments, tests ordered by each doctor and the dates of the tests and where done, names of medications prescribed and who prescribed them and what for. Don't leave a single one out.

You must get the full medical terminology for each condition relating to your disability. You must have detailed information about your current job and salary, and previous job and salary, and any sick leave or vacation pay you have received since you became disabled. You can't guess, you have to check pay stubs and be accurate with figures and dates. Gather all personal information for yourself and your spouse, if you have one, including deceased spouses.

Write up a detailed job description that details all the things you did at work which it is obvious you can not do now that you are disabled. Stress those job duties. You can add emphasis to those duties, but do not lie.

It can take a month or more to gather the medical records if you do not live in the town where the treatment was performed. It took me 1 week to gather the records for my friend, because he lives in the town where he had treatment. It took me 4 months to gather my own records, because they went back 20 years and involved multiple medical professionals in 6 different towns in 2 different states. My relative had already gathered her own records.

Once I had all the records in searchable PDF form, I did a copy-and-paste of all the above-mentioned information to a Word document. Then I organized the information in the Word Document by category - Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics, Tests, and Medications. Then I started the SSDI Application and was able to cut-and-paste from the Word document to the online application. This method avoids making any mistakes or typos.

At the end of the application they suggest that you gather all the medical records and supporting documents together and mail them, or hand-deliver them, to the nearest SS office. I delivered them the very day after I submitted each application, in person, to my local SS office. I gave them ALL the medical records, including DVDs of radiology images, and a copy of the person's job description, and any official information related to the disability, such as an accident report or Worker's Compensation report.

If you have prepared thoroughly and use the correct terminology and don't leave out a single doctor or or hospital or test or medication, and get all the dates and diagnoses correct, and provide SS with all the supporting documentation immediately, then you should be approved in less than 2 months. It may be slower in some cities because they have a larger case load, but you have no control over this.

If you wait for SS to request the medical records themselves, you can wait months for approval, because it takes time for SS to request and then receive and process those records.

My experience with the online application is that the average person CAN NOT do it successfully because they have not done the prep work. It is a long application, occasionally confusing, and most people do not have their medical records available or know how to review them. Many people do not have good computer skills and get confused by the online application.

It took me a total of 32 hours or document review to prepare in advance for my friend's application, and 4 hours over 2 days to fill in the online application, review it and submit it. And 13 days later he was approved.

You can, of course, hire a lawyer to do this. They could not do it any faster than I did it, and if they charge $200 an hour, then they would have to charge $8000 to do what I did for free.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason why so many people are initially denied is because the online application is so complicated and lengthy and asks for so much medical and personal detail that people do not know and might not understand. They are not prepared. They are overwhelmed. They may be sick and on medications that cause fatigue and confusion. They may not be highly literate. They may be computer illiterate. The online application is almost designed to get the average person denied.

Amber Gardner on December 06, 2016:

If you do not have insurance you can't go to all of these doctors and get all of these tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Tesler on November 28, 2016:

Thanks for the tip to have everything that you need documented. More specifically, you included your medications, doctors visits, etc. I think it's a good idea to choose a social security lawyer that makes you feel comfortable and confident about your case.

Dorothy on November 21, 2016:

This is good information, I've been fighting for 5 years 4 months and getting ready to go to court for the 3rd time. I've worked since the age of 15 they acknowledged that I had more then enough quarters to receive SSD. I've had a discectomy in my neck, ulnar nerve transposition in both area, corprotunnel in both hand still trying to work with back pain also. June 15, 2011 I lost control of my bowel and urine this is called I believe I'm spelling it correctly incontance and had to have emergency surgery anterior and posterior lumbar fusion. I live with chronic pain everyday and haven't been able to work for 5 1/2 years. Shortly after my surgery my job insurance still covered me so I had home health but when that ran out home health got cut off. I have neuropathy and disc degenerative disease. Sometime in 2013 I had a mild stroke that effects small things but that same year I lost complete function of my primary right hand I have to use a cane for short distance and a walker with a seat for longer distances. I battle with depression and anxiety and mood swings. I have had lawyers that I never met until court and had. One that specializes is SSD and the judge told me to not speak and the lawyer never spoke only when asked a question. Here recently I contacted Congress to intervene on the direction of my doctor, I've gotten all my own medical records with the help of my son and letters from my doctors deeming me unable to ever work and my lawyer wrote a letter of dare need along with other issues I've gone thru during this process. I've lost my home and anything of value along with my credit. I'm going to court next month for the 3rd time and still feel unsure of my faith. Please if you can offer any advice I would be so grateful.


Anna on November 10, 2016:

I got diagnosed with RA 3 yrs ago and I have been on an injection 1 time a week for it, it helps but you still have flair ups at any given time, my joints in my knees are shot and I have had 2 surgeries on my neck for ruptured discs and one on each shoulder for torn rotator cuffs and slap tares and arthritis in the pockets that they cleaned out and has returned which limits me to reaching overhead lifting anything with any heavy weight to it, I cant stand long periods of time nor can I sit long periods due to the stiffness it brings I can mostly lay flat to stretch out my legs and my arms wont allow me to do anything that takes any time they just get so tired and start to hurt, I have been with a lawyer now almost 8 mths and am waiting on hearing which they told me Tuesday that it is a 15 mth wait on that so looking like Dec of next year before I even get to go to court not worked in 2 yrs next month and no income coming in losing my insurance and if I dont have it I cannot go to the RA dr to stay on my medicine due to the cost is around 500.00 a visit and with all this I will have to sale my house due to not being able to make the pymts on it any longer when what little money I have runs out. I will try and use this information from you to get this a little quicker but they told me to get any help financially I would have to get a foreclosure letter on my house and a discconnect on my lights and water, seriously, I cant understand how some can walk in and get it the first time and people like you and I that are in dire straights and have a legit health issue have to lose everything they own while waiting for them to do something and still dont know if you will get approved its sickens me that people can get free health care and a check to pay their bills every month and Im gonna lose everything I worked all these years for, and now in a shape I cant work, I came from a job working for $24 dollars an hour and I would still be there if I could work, I cannot work a full time job would do well to work part time with out pain daily from being on my feet!! Its not fair and its not right! So sorry for venting but it just makes me ill think about it!!!

Crystal Mobley on November 07, 2016:

I just found this today, and it really taught me a lot. I am disabled, and gave found that my experience has thus far been very much like everyone else's. Its actually quite reassuring. And after reading all of the comments, I must say I feel like I know you all!

I have diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, myofasciitis, myositis, ADHD, bipolar, asperger's, migraines, neuropathy and anxiety. I have been fighting for SSI for about two years now, and have been waiting almost half that time on a court date for my third appeal.

For a long time I felt bad for applying, since I am well educated, bright, young, and creatively talented. But I also have had pain, numbness, tingling, depression, concentration problems, anxiety, asthma and other issues most of my life.

I am tired and weak much of the time, and so hopeless that I feel literally ill from the emotionaland physical pain. I am only 35, but I was diagnosed with depression, high blood pressure, degenerative joint disease- all by the time I was 15.

I just hope that I can manage to get some income, because nothing I have ever tried has ended well. I was forced into quitting my one job because of my health and absences.

But I really appreciate all of the comments I have read and am so joyful that many of you got help that you deserved.

BlondiegirlDG on September 01, 2016:

Robin M.-It takes time unfortunetly. It took me almost three years to get my SSDI. You have to jump through a bunch of hoops first. You can go online and check the status of your claim.

Tibit-Congratulations! Yes, it took me almost 3 years to get my SSDI.

Tibit on September 01, 2016:

Hi Everyone! After 3 long years of going back an forth to the doctors an fighting for my disability, im happy to say that i received a fully favorable on August 18th

Robin M. on August 31, 2016:

I applied for disability in December 2015. I had applied over the phone, which turned out to be not the right kind of phone. I have had 2 strokes and a slight heart attack. My blood pressure runs on a daily basis 200/100 everyday, no matter what. Even when I take 8 different pills a day. Even when I am in the hospital for a week almost. When the doctors stick medicine in the IV. When they do try to get it to normal I have fainting spells and I throw up. I have constant chest pains every night, some very sever then others. I have pain in my right arm sometimes, and I have very blurry vision. I have been seen by 2 specialist, a cardiac specialist and a hypertension specialist. My PCP says I have chronic hypertension and chronic high blood pressure. I have every test it seems to me known to man. They doctor's say they don't know what can be wrong, they are puzzled. I don't know what I applied for when I applied for it over the computer in December. And all 3 of the hospitals have over 1000 pages on me when I am hospitalized no matter how long. Now they say my blood pressure is MALIGNANT HYPERTENSION CRISIS. Why do they take so long to establish if a claimant is actually truly telling the truth. My doctors and the Medical Examiner they assigned me to is all saying to the SSA that my health is in crisis. The doctors say I am prone to attacks no matter which one, either strokes or heart attacks. I have a family to take care, my daughter and I am married. I am separated from my husband for over 9 years now. I have no income, just waiting on them to at least say something. I can't work, even when I do work I have attacks, and the EMT'S come and escort me to the hospital where I stay more then a week. The 2 times they did get it to their normal, I started having convulsions and throwing up and almost fainted. If anyone out there has any suggestions let me know. My email address is And I am 52 years old. Let me know something, and is there complaints against the SSA?

mary on October 06, 2015:

Hi everyone Its been awhile since I have been on here to say anything or even read we just got our internet back again after over a year without it.. I'm still hangin in there waiting I've been to court twice and denied both times by the same judge. I just got my letter for my 3rd hearing and will be going to court on Nov. 4th and with everything crossed this will be the last time I have to go..

Since my last appeal at the age of 49 now 50, I have been diagnosed with with Congestive Heart failure, I have several other health issues but none this serious. I hope and pray this will be my last time I have to go because I don't think I really have much more fight to continue this with SS.

I found a new Lawyer this one will be the 4th law firm I have been to.

I know SS tries to wear you down so that you will drop it and not keep trying to get SS I think that they have won with me I'm not sure I can keep doing this with them. I think after this hearing I'm going to start focusing my fight elsewhere I know we tell each other not to stop and don't give up but I'm just tired,

If you guys would send crossed fingers, positive thoughts, and prayers my way so that on Nov 4th they will finally approve me I would very much appreciate it

Jamestulsa on April 28, 2015:

Hello everyone still keep you all in prayers. Good luck to you

sierra on January 13, 2015:

Thank you so much Bogey for this information

Bogey on January 13, 2015:

Sierra Social Security pays your kid first then your attorney if you used one and lastly you. If you used an attorney call his or her office to see if they have been paid. After they are paid you will receive your check within a few days. It just they way they do it. Hope this helps.

Sierra on January 09, 2015:

I just have a quick question I was approved for ssdi and I am confused and to why my kids got there backpay and I am still waiting but when I called social security they said it just takes some time to go through the system to make sure I dont owe the irs or gov any money. If this is true does anyone know how long it takes for this due to they are always giving me wrong information no matter what it seems like just to rush you off the phone

Bogey on December 21, 2014:

Stitch everyone gets reviewed. It's usually forms your doctor fills out and SSD reviews the papers. Social Security does this to make sure you continue with medical treatment and to see if your condition changes. My feeling is eventhough the judge recommended it, social security is so backed up it will take longer. My review is every 3-5 years. Just keep a file and copy everything. Good luck.

stitch29968 on December 19, 2014:

Hello everybody,

Saw the Alj on 11/20/2014 decision letter was generated 11/21/2014. Received 12/05/14 outcome Fully Favorable, I saw it and said " were going to sizzler......." From the movie White man can't jump. The onset was change to my last day work, nice. They had me 8/2012 now it's from 7/30/2010. The only bad thing at the end the judge put a remark to Consequently, a continuing disability review is recommended in 24 months. The workers compensation offset provisions may be applicable. A-hole, in a way he got me.

josiee katt on December 08, 2014:

Hi. I was denied 6x. Now i am hiring a lawyer. I have been to several doctors and no one can tell me,why i continue to have CHRONIC PAINS.

ALL i think about is SUICIDE !!!

stitch29968 on November 25, 2014:

@ Everyone

Sorry I been gone for 11 months from the hub. I had a second hearning in April this year I went but the judge reschedule because there was no doctor available.

Third time is a charm. 11/20/2014 my attorney said don't worry this should take no more than 15 minutes. Hearing date judge was very rude to my attorney well SS doctor was video conference. Judge ask him what where my impermanents? Doctor said I was a failed back neck problems and would require to have further treatments in the future. I'm no rocket scientist but I was like yes. The judge ask the doctor about five times was he sure of his findings. I was saying what in my head. Now he ask him I had an onset date of 7/30/10 did he think that was the date I became disabled. Doctor replied yes and the judge ask him again are you sure. After he replied he was sure. The judge said to stop the recording. The judge gave me a look like you S.O.B you got it.

People don't give up fight for your benefits, I hope all have a great Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

Paul Davidson on November 02, 2014:

BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a “Form W2” ,I found a blank form here This site also has some tutorials on how to fill it out and a few contract documents.

Al on October 21, 2014:

Lucky you. That's you probably cause your fat .

jacque on July 12, 2014:

Anyone able to help ?

Bogey on June 13, 2014:

@James. I've had to do one as well. SS told me it is to update my file. I truly believe it's to find a way to throw you of SSD. I made copies of everything because I was informed they check every three to five years. Mine was around five years after my approval. If you contine with your doctor or doctors and continue with your medication you should be fine. I also think the younger you are the more they check. Bottom line see your doctors on a constant basis. I feel I'm not going to have any issues since I have a life long disability and disease. My health is never going to improve and I'm not getting any younger. Good luck to all.

fred on June 12, 2014:

Good info here=

Jamestulsa on June 11, 2014:

@bogey and everyone else

Hello all! So nice to see all of you still here, sorry I have not been in touch, I've had new ad worsening health problems, deaths in family and moved twice in the last 2 years. I hope everyone is doing okay, and I still think of this hub often and pray for the people here.. Well I have a big update.. My roommate received his first continuing disability review, and now I have just received mine two years after the date of first being disabled, it is a very stressful process to say the least, my roommates process is all finished and has benefits were continued. Mine is just starting however it's a very long process where you fill out tons and tons of paperwork questions disability packets daily function reports it's very odd... Basically, it's like reapplying all over again... It really sucks.. It's just that it's a lot easier to pass compared to initially getting approved the first time. They have contacted all of my doctors and specifically asked them if I am being seen regularly , if I have improved and in their opinion could I do any type of work with my impairments.. So be forewarned!! It is a very nosy and thorough process and you can not slack off on going to doctors or taking meds. They even requested pharmacy records to see how often and regularly I fill all of my prescriptions to see if I take them per doctors orders.. However, I have nothing to worry about, I go to all my doctors at least every month and follow all treatment orders. Just so you know it is bout a 4 month process and longer if your doctors don't respond to medical records requests. They tried to send my roomate to a consultative exam and we called and asked why and it was because his mental health dr office wouldn't send records so we had to go pick them up and submit them directly and then they called us and cancelled the exam.. Anyways be prepared. Write down every time you see a doctor , record the date and what you were seen for, they wanted all this information. They also sent huge question packets asking what are your hobbies how do you cook ? What is your day like? Can you vacuum? Can you lift 5 pounds? How long can you sit stand walk between rest periods? And also, your continuing disability review is done by your local disability determination services.. The se ones who deny initial applications, but it is easier to pass reviews than initial applications supposedly.. Another thing that is not good is, major news stories went across the tv last night.. Google it. They said social security judges are coming under intense fire for having too high approval rating percentages on their cases. They singled out 6 judges and made them go to congress and testify why their approvals were over 90 percent of their cases for the last several years. They complained about judges awarding benefits too easily and wasting taxpayer dollars.. They never seem to remember or want to mention that people who are on ssdi worked for their benefits.. So now I do see judges getting more tough unfortunately. They are scared and they feel pressure to keep their approval ratings lower or risk being singled out in the media as being too loose with approvals. I think it's terrible. They shouldn't even keep approval rate records. Every case is different, the judge should be able to decide freely without worrying if they have approved too many cases that week and not they wanna deny a couple to keep their approval denial rate close to 50/50. It's sad that people's lives will have to be ruined over judges getting pressured to not approve so many cases. If it's a solid case with good evidence, the person needs their disability. I can't stand the fakers who are Ruining it for the truly disabled. I wish the system could figure out a better way to root out the fakers early in the process so that they can't even make it to the hearing stage and backlog the system. However, I will keep you all updated on the continuing disability review process ! It's very stressful. At first I couldn't sleep and I worried all the time. Now I just hand it to The Lord and wait and see. But I go to dr care so much I can't imagine being cut off. Another thing they send several letters saying things like we are reviewing your disability case, we are required to review all cases by law from time to time. We will pull all your medical records, get medical opinions from your treating physicians and our own doctors, and if we feel your condition has improved your benefits and Medicare will stop. You will recieve a letter notifying you that you have 60 days left of benefits to arrange other means to support yourself. Once we make our determination about your current disability status we will inform you by mail. I'm sure this is all standard wording and standard letters however the wording in the way it is written makes me very nervous it's very scary the way they bluntly talk about cutting off your benefits. And as the letters and question packets keep coming it just becomes more stressful they talk about how they find you not disabled before your review started you could even owe them money back to the date they found you no longer disabled. So please make sure if you're disabled you're staying in regular treatment seeing your doctor monthly taking and filling all your medications monthly make sure your doctor knows you and is on the same page with you and agrees that you are still fully disabled and unable to work. Luckily this is the case for me I've had the same doctors for the last five years we have good strong relationships I see them monthly Thry know my limitations they know my impairments and I don't feel I will have anything to worry about in the review process. Stay strong everyone and I'll keep you updated also please comment back and let me know what you think look up the new story about the judges also please tell me if any of you have gotten the review yet or have gotten any continuing disability review letters also the particular office in my area is supposedly making an effort to catch up on all backlog continuing disability reviews I expect this trend to continue and other places because the system is severely backlogged on continuing disability reviews and that's another thing that Congress and tax payers are complaining about that people are sitting on disability and not getting reviewed on time and it's wasting their money. I wish everyone the best and I'll be in touch!

Sierra178 on June 06, 2014:

I am just trying to find out if I have lost at the appeals council review and even though my lawyers felt I had a strong case and the vocational expert at the hearing even said I could not hold a job due to my conditions but judge still denied then I just got letter back from the appeals council denying my request for review so I am trying to see If I should start over or file a civil suit and due to not having no money how can I pay for a lawyer? I have not spoke with my lawyer yet due to office is closed I hope someone can please help me

Tena on April 07, 2014:

Hello Everyone! I have read over this thread and have found it very enlightening and even somewhat comforting and I would first of all like to thank you all for taking the time to contribute your knowledge. I will be 50 in a week. I broke my hip on 07/17/2012, I filed my SSDI claim 10/12. I have been denied twice now and am scheduled for a hearing before an ALJ on 04/22/14. I do have a degree,I was an Aviation Maintenance Technician and before that was a Rural Letter Carrier for USPS. I am not able to work now and suffer from chronic pain. They repaired my hip using two rods and many screws. Since I was injured, I found out I had COPD, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome which is basically a varicose vein in the pelvic area which allows blood to flow both ways because of the weakening of the wall of the vein, this condition also causes chronic constant pain which is aggravated by standing/walking. I get sick all the time now with Bronchitis and Sinus Infections and have had Pneumonia several times just within the last two years. I also have guardianship of my eight year old Granddaughter, and I am single. I have lost my home and everything of any value I have ever had. I have exhausted my 401k to live until that finally ran out and now I have NOTHING except the $326. dollars a month I get because I am raising a grandchild and I get a SNAP card for food in the amount of $317. I am now seeing a therapist because I am so depressed some days it has become hard to even take care of my daily norm. I am just looking for any advice or encouragement that anyone has to offer. I am so afraid that I will be denied again at the hearing level, and am now having trouble sleeping (hence the 5am post) and the stress I am feeling at this point is almost unbearable. When I fell and broke my hip I was in great shape, it has ruined my life not just physically but mentally as well. Thank you for reading my story. I wish you all many blessings and feel for everyone who has ever had to suffer through this nightmare.

Tena on April 07, 2014:


Lisa Hartman from Shreve, Ohio on April 02, 2014:

I have been fighting for my social security for almost 10 years!! I had a doctor tell me I couldn't work no more!! I had medical and went to doctors and ended up on 22 pills a day!! Yes I think it was to many pills but that is what doctor put me on!! I have fibromyalgia and all the stuff that goes with it!! My symptoms are bad!! I also DDD Spine!! I have nerve damage of the top part of my spine and now my left are hurts all the time and my left hand and fingers are numb in spots!! I also have a pinched sciatic nerve it affects!! I am in pain everyday!! My feet swell very bad!! I have asthma!! I lost my medical!! I have been to court twice but have been turned down about 5 times!! I got Binder and Binder attorneys!! They are not worth a crap so please dont use them!! I am in the process of finding new lawyers!! Thanks for the post and all the feed back!!

Sierra178 on March 04, 2014:

I come to this site alot and ask questions and I found this site about social security and it is a good link for anyone that wants to read more about it and it talks about the mistrust and the run arounds that they put you through to deny you hoping you will just die

Bogey on February 22, 2014:

Be honest and humble. Also, leave your jewelry at home. Make sure what you say is what's documented about you and your condition.

Tiff31 from Carlsbad, California on February 19, 2014:


Thanks, I totally understand that, I hate when I see people that are messing it up for people like me and I am assuming all of you in the hub. I live in unbearable pain most of the time and get judged or "guilty until proven innocent" or even outright rudeness from doctors sometimes because of those people. Not so much anymore but it is still hard to find a good doctor. I look normal during part of the day, after waking up in horrible pain and taking usually about three hours to "feel alive" or not "feel like I'm dying" at least. Unlike most of you, I haven't worked all my life. I tried. I either was fired or quit. I was beaten/abused/traumatized as a child broken collarbone at 3 and broken wrist twice by the time I was 6 a huge scar from a glass plate on my chin I got at 5 things like that and other injuries since, and I wanted and tried so much to be like "everyone else" but have had back problems since a child as well as severe anxiety, sometimes I have to force myself to leave the house. It's kinda upsetting because I'm pretty smart. I'm overweight now because I can barely walk a block without having to sit and stretch my back and probably turn around. I did work once as a personal trainer, aerobics and pilates coach for about a year and worked out for about 3 or 4 it helped the pain and kept me fit and feeling good about myself, and after I had my daughter is when the horrible pain started. That was in 2006. It's been a journey. I tried making my hobby, photography, a business, and can't do too many jobs, enough to make much money because I pay for all the moving around for about a week in bad pain that even my meds wont take away, and it hurts to sit too long and edit. I've applied before and been turned down, and a lawyer wouldn't accept my case in 2009 but now a lawyer accepted my case, a good one I have heard anyway, and they said it looked good for me but it would take a while and just keep up on the paperwork. Anyway I just wanted to thank you guys this site was very helpful, and I was just wondering about appearance, because I won't fake a limp and that would be stupid, everything in my application is exactly what is going on the best I can explain it, I do have quite a few doctors that gave reports in my favor, (my favor for ssi or ssdi not life, obviously) but I don't want to be turned down because at the time I "look normal". That's all. Thanks for responding to me. Good luck to everyone that is still working on it, and please keep me in your thoughts, I need some aspects of disability so much to give my daughter a better life than I had. I haven't been able to be the great mom I was for 5 years. She's almost 8 now, and since she was about 5 I have been on a painful, emotional rollercoaster and she's had to ride along with me. I've done the best to be with her but it's hard when you're trying to just be numb or are in too much pain to play with her. I want to be able to at least do photography part time when I can but know I have a reliable income for her and can save up for her car, and college. I need good medical help. I just want to want to wake up again. Thanks for listening, no one else really understands. I am keeping my head up and I hope you all are too! I know this sounded kind of depressing but I do love what my life can be. I am getting there and looking forward to it. But in the meantime, sometimes it's unbearable. That's all.

Sierra178 on February 19, 2014:

Thank you so much Bogey for your help

Sierra178 on February 19, 2014:

Thanks kevin , I will say it again "Due to" I don't need you trying to correct me for saying what I feel

Bogey on February 19, 2014:

@Tiffani. If you read my post carefully you would have seen where I posted seeing people going into the building in a wheel chair and leave pushing the wheel chair. Women running in high heels and dressed like they just came from a night club. My point is a big delay in the system is people trying to get disability when they are not disabled. I'm no expert but the day of my hearing I saw some fakers and because of them the truly disabled suffer and wait. I realize every condition is different and we all have good days and bad days. That being said if an attorney is taking a case before a hearing judge he or she better have strong medical evidence. Otherwise these weak cases just back log the system for real disabled people. That was the point I wanted to express. Where I live people want free everything and they try anything.

Tiff31 from Carlsbad, California on February 18, 2014:

Ok, that was my post above, I did not mean to post twice. I signed up for hubpages so I could follow this hub and hopefully find some answers and maybe bring my hope level back up, as I am dying inside and don't even remember who I am sometimes (not literally) I mean I look in the mirror and wonder who I am looking at. And I also wasn't trying to be rude when I asked what does disabled look like to you, It was a sincere question @Bogey99, so If you are still around this page, I really was looking for an answer. I have struggled with this for years, lost friends, tried and failed at business ventures and I am at the point where the only reason I even bother to get out of bed instead of just laying there dying is because of my daughter. When I had her I promised myself she would have a chance at life, and I was going to break the cycle. And here I am, 31, and in my opinion, haven't been there for her enough since she was about 4. That's three years, and don't get me wrong, I love her with all my heart and push myself to do things for her that a normal mom should be able to do. It's... whats a word for something that makes you feel worthless and 1000x more than sad than a normal sad, it's just baffling to me how I can look at my life and wonder what happened to the best mom ever, or the happy girl I once looked back at in the mirror. And I am so young compared to most in these situations most people don't understand.

Tiffani on February 18, 2014:

Hi, this is for Bogey99 - I read your post from about three years ago, congratulations and I am glad that they finally helped you. I am only 31, and have been applying for about 3 or 4 years. My question is about your comment about people in there not even "looking disabled". What does disabled look like? I do not "look disabled" except for in the mornings for a few hours and sometimes here and there only because of the painful way I am walking etc. But I am wondering if they are going to judge me for not "looking disabled" and was wondering by that what do you mean? I was abused severely as a child, and had my collarbone broken at 3 and my left wrist and arm broken and sprained a few times before I was 6. I have had paranoia/anxiety all of my life, and could never keep a job. I finally did hard labor because it was all I could find, and some cocktail waitressing. I was in several abusive relationships and as a teenager tried drugs to numb the pain, which i didnt know thats what i was doing at the time. My lumbar spine has numerous problems, I have fibromyalgia, which people think is made up and i can assure you it is not, and I have problems communicating with people, from anxiety and lack of concentration from pain or paranoia. I had a mild heart attack 6 months ago from stress and whatever else and my heart is only pumping at 43%. I am bi-polar which means half the time i am severely depressed and half the time I am full of energy, but cant do anything because of the pain in my back. When I had my daughter, things got progressively worse. I sucked it up and decided to take control of my mind and body before I got pregnant, and was a personal trainer for 2 years. I could never lift weights besides the 5 or 10's, did cardio, and tried to stay healthy, but after labor, I couldn't do it anymore. I thought I would use my hobby as a job, photography, because I am really good at it, but can't make it a full time job because of all the hours needed sitting to edit the photos. So really my question is, what does a disabled person look like, and do the judges "judge the book by it's cover as well?" There is no way I could make it to the hearing with out taking my pain medication, and anxiety meds i could wait but then might not be able to answer questions correctly, and look nervous. So what exactly does "not looking disabled" mean? Thanks a lot.

Tiffani on February 18, 2014:

Hi, this is for Bogey99 - I read your post from about three years ago, congratulations and I am glad that they finally helped you. I am only 31, and have been applying for about 3 or 4 years. My question is about your comment about people in there not even "looking disabled". What does disabled look like? I do not "look disabled" except for in the mornings for a few hours and sometimes here and there only because of the painful way I am walking etc. But I am wondering if they are going to judge me for not "looking disabled" and was wondering by that what do you mean? I was abused severely as a child, and had my collarbone broken at 3 and my left wrist and arm broken and sprained a few times before I was 6. I have had paranoia/anxiety all of my life, and could never keep a job. I finally did hard labor because it was all I could find, and some cocktail waitressing. I was in several abusive relationships and as a teenager tried drugs to numb the pain, which i didnt know thats what i was doing at the time. My lumbar spine has numerous problems, I have fibromyalgia, which people think is made up and i can assure you it is not, and I have problems communicating with people, from anxiety and lack of concentration from pain or paranoia. I had a mild heart attack 6 months ago from stress and whatever else and my heart is only pumping at 43%. I am bi-polar which means half the time i am severely depressed and half the time I am full of energy, but cant do anything because of the pain in my back. When I had my daughter, things got progressively worse. I sucked it up and decided to take control of my mind and body before I got pregnant, and was a personal trainer for 2 years. I could never lift weights besides the 5 or 10's, did cardio, and tried to stay healthy, but after labor, I couldn't do it anymore. I thought I would use my hobby as a job, photography, because I am really good at it, but can't make it a full time job because of all the hours needed sitting to edit the photos. So really my question is, what does a disabled person look like, and do the judges "judge the book by it's cover as well?" There is no way I could make it to the hearing with out taking my pain medication, and anxiety meds i could wait but then might not be able to answer questions correctly, and look nervous. So what exactly does "not looking disabled" mean? Thanks a lot.

Kevin on February 18, 2014:

@sierra,please stop saying "due to"

Bogey on February 18, 2014:

@Jacquelyn. It's a very slow process. Just call social security and ask to speak with the person handling your file. Just ask for the status. Don't tell them anything about your condition unless they ask and write it down. The case worker will act like your friend but they only want to finish processing cases. @Sierra. Do not file another request for SSD. You need to wait for your appeal to finish. If you file a new claim you will start from the beginning. @EK. The social security disability system and process is a cluster .... The federal system is different in every state and city. Then if you add the judges or gods it's just a disaster. I know how you feel. I waited over 3 years. Denied twice, yet I won at my hearing. Same injuries. It's a shame. Just try to stay strong.

ek555 on February 17, 2014:

@Bogey.. Thanks for the info.. Have basically heard familiar from the attorneys ... Of course being worried and not working all this time you have pleanty of time to bite your remaining finger nails.. At times the SSA seems heartless.. I can see being 35 or 45 them scutinizing me but, at 55 .. Hell if I waite a few more years they'll have to give me regular social security anyhow.. Just seems strange at times? I did'nt leave work because I wanted to.. I had to.


Jacquelyn S. Merritt on February 16, 2014:

i'm 61 and recently had a stroke and applied for ssdi and file my claim around November 2013 and cannot hear anything from social security and I don't understand. I worked for over 36 years with almost a perfect attendance record for majority of my work years, just want to hear something from the administration office

sierra178 on February 16, 2014:

I am a little confused while I am waiting on the appeals council due to administratvie law judge denied and I am in Virginia I heard that you can put in another application for ssi or ssdi while the appeals council is reviewing your claim but I heard that you cannot do this you have to wait and I am wondering which is true and I am about to contact my lawyer due to he never mentioned this to me

josh mcdonald on February 14, 2014:

total bull shit. you have to be a foreigner, a minority or a scammer to get ssi fast. I am disabled since birth, applied for disability in 2009 and lost the case just this past year. ssi and disability is a scam and a waste. any attorney out there want to take someone on that binder and binder dropped? unless you're as incompetent as they are.

Bogey on February 12, 2014:

@Ek. The one thing you need your doctors to write in your medical file is even though you can do sedentary work, you can't do eight hours a day five days a week. Also list the number of breaks you'll need plus time away from work each month because of your pain. Last thing. A list of all your medication and how they affect your day. Your case looks very good from a medical stand point it's the vocational expert, VE opinion now. If they think you can sit and work they will tell the judge. The way around them is tell the truth. Yes I can sit and do desk work but not eight hours a day five days a week. Your attorney will know how to put an end to the VE. Good luck. @Sierra. I don't know much about the credits but I'm sure your attorney can deal with that if you're denied. Remember, everything goes back to the day you became disabled minus six months. Call your attorney so he or she can explain the credit portion.

Sierra178 on February 07, 2014:

Thanks Bogey the reason I asked due to finding out that most of the time the appeals deny you but my lawyer said he went and filed it due to I have a strong case which is why. My concern is that the appeals take anywhere from 12 to 18 months and my credits expire Dec 2015 meaning that If the appeals fail and then if I file a new application and win my credits would not apply due to it taking the appeals from 12 to 18 months

ek555 on February 07, 2014:

@Bogey.. Hi, maybe you can give me an answer I'm similar to you I believe. Last year this time to the day almost I applied for social security disability. I am currently 54 and will be 55 in March of this year. I have worked my entire life since about 17 years of age or for 35/36 years. I left work about one year ago under two of my doctors care. It was but 2 years ago I found out my left shoulder was un-repairable and will require a replacement when the pain is to bad. History.. My right shoulder was operated on years ago and my orthopedic surgeon says I can only do sedentary work same as the my left shoulder surgeon. My back has degenerative disc disease and at this time requires surgery with fusion/bar screws etc. I’m putting that off. Had my back operated on in 1999 and that was horrible, so you can see why. I am 60% disabled with asthmatic condition through the VA. Add Sleep Apnea with CPAC and Anxiety issues without getting into it. Before information was provided to the SSA about my back surgery the SSA denied my claim.. So I am now since last late spring or so in an appeals waiting process.. However they/SSA said “we believe you can no longer do your job as a police officer“..

No college, only high school grad and No other than police and security work I Have Ever Done.. Left Shoulder Surgeon. Right Shoulder Surgeon and Back Surgeon only recommend sedentary work. Back Surgeon say’s No bending, crawling, stooping, sitting for prolonged periods of time as well as standing to long. Take pain medications as needed ie; Vik/800 IB etc.. Anxiety meds and muscle relaxers.. Have three separate sets of attorneys..

My wife and I are adopting two little girls 1 and 3 years old.. I have been at home since last February.. Like you being at home isn’t all that fun at times and many time I wish I could just go back to work.. I cant operate firearms left handed any longer let alone police work which I’m sure you can understand. Thanks if you can add anything..

Bogey on February 07, 2014:

Appeal. Why start over? If you lose your appeal then file a new application.

Sierra178 on February 06, 2014:

I am asking if anyone can help me with this due to my lawyer is wanting to appeal my case after the judge denied it and he said my case is very strong. My question is to anyone is it best to start a new one due to just reading and it seems like if you appeal you are not likey to win and they want to appeal also due to the vocational expert that was there agreed with my doctors that I could not do any of my past jobs and the 3 that she named said that with my conditions I would not even do those 3 and I would be fired so some other things my lawyer feels like it is strong but just reading it seems like if you appeal they may not even here this anyway and still just agree with the judge

Sierra178 on February 01, 2014:

Thanks Bogey I did and they are checking on this due to when I contacted my lawyers assistant she said that is true because at times way up it can hurt your chances and that is messed up due I am already in debt and have to rely on family and friends and all my brother was doing was trying to help so he can stop providing for me but again the assistant said this to me word for word when she also emailed me back and this is not fair to me

The only thing I can think of regarding why you were denied -- and to be perfectly honest with you, the judge probably did not like the fact that your brother contacted politicians to try to move this forward in your favor and so the judge decided to try to find anything that he could to deny the case

which I find ridiculous but the problem here is that the judge has too much discretion -- meaning that he has the power to decide the case anyway that he wants to do so and he basically decided to show your brother that fact. Also, FYI, there was a big scandal in the midwest just a few months ago about SS judges and attorneys and local politicians all being in on a scam together to give benefits to people who would not generally qualify for them -- several people were arrested and many more lost their positions. And so, if your judge received a call from a politician, he was probably LESS likely to give you a favorable decision because of the recent scandals. The Judge does not want to be accused of playing political favorites. I am sorry that you were caught up in this, but that is what it seems like in your case.

However, it seems that your vocational rehab specialist pretty much backed up what you and your lawyer told the judge

Bogey on February 01, 2014:

@Sierra. I'm sorry for your denial. The only advise I can give you is have your attorney file an appeal. If the appeal finds the judge was wrong in making his or her decision your case will be heard by a judge again. It's sad to say this but it's a fine line when going over judges heads. They think they are gods. If your attorney can prove the judge was out of line you will win. Remember the judge now has to explain the decision to other judges and they have to support the decision. I wish you luck during this process. The bottom line is let your attorney know everything about contacting a senator. I'd probably send your denial letter to the senator but check with your attorney first.

sierra178 on January 30, 2014:

Just to add on to this to let you know more about this that I think the judge was upset over Senator calling because in decision of unfavoriable he went on to say even though the vocational expert said that even though I have a college degree I could not do any of my past jobs and the 3 that she found I could do said that with my medical conditions I would not be able to do those 3 and would be fired. So on the letter this is what he said After carful consideration of the entire record the undersigned finds that the claimant has the residual functional capacity to perform work at all exertional leverls provided the workd does not involve more than occasional contact with coworkers, supervisors, or the genral puplic due to limitations. Now I am so confused because the vocational experet even said that I could not do the 3 that she found so I am confused as to why the judge even went against her and the only think is that the senator called him and he got pissed off and rushed my decsion so I am wondering if my lawyer appeals this will they listen to the tapes and the vocational expert who said I cannot work the 3 jobs and will they listen to him not even asking me nothing when he listed me as not being crediable and he did not ask me anything except my address? Please help and advice I am so depressed on this

Sierra178 on January 30, 2014:

Sorry Bogey I meant to capitilize your name

sierra178 on January 30, 2014:

Hello bogey or anyone can you please help or advise me on this issue it is long so bear with me I had my hearing on Dec 11 with Adminstrative law judge and he did not ask me any questions except my address well my lawyer was thrilled due to after hearing he said it went so well that the only thing the judge will do is to so start onset at a certain date and the vocational judge told the judge that I could not do any of my previous jobs in the past and the 3 that she went over said that with my conditions I could not even do them I would be fired so she said I could not even work. Well my date was dec 11 and I got a notice dec 24 and this was due to since I have not worked since 2010 but my brother filed ssdi for me in 2012 due to me being in denial but I have been seeing my psychiates and doctors and my doctor even on letter that judge ruled she said I was not able to work at all. But my lawyer said I would get a decision in about 3 to 6 months but I guess I was just finding out that due to my brother whom has been supporting me financially and my kids in order to get things speeded up he had wrote letters to senators that speeded things up and get this the senator wrote and emailed my brother saying he contacted the judge and showed it and said he will be back in contact with him. Well from my brother talking to some of his friends and one that is a lawyer he said my brother should not of contacted senator due to it pissed the judge off due to my case was great and I have even the judge put it on paper I have a long history of treatment with my doctors well he ruled unfavoriable and I think this was due to senator calling and it takes a while to get a decison back and my date was dec 11 and I got a letter dec 24 with his decision and the judge said alot of lies in this which he said I was not creditable and he did not even ask me any questions which was so confusing and then he said I have a long history and it seems like he did not even care what my experieced doctors had to say they said I could not even work and even the vocational judge ruled in my favor so all my brothers friendds was saying to him that he pissed the judge off and that is why he did what he did when I called my lawyers they were even shocked they were like really are you sure which they had not got the papers yet but they were also shocked that the decision was also so quick so now they are writing up something to either repramand or appeal now I am more depressed due to I am reading on how even if it goes to appeal they can deny it And I am just lost can someone please help due to my brothers friend was like I can later or my brother can file something against the judge due to the vocational judge said I cannot work the jobs and my doctors said I cannot work I am just so burned out and lost and would hate to start all over due to my credits expire I found out dec 2015

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on January 30, 2014:

Hi, Bogey and gang! Maybe things are looking up and SS is getting faster. A friend of mine was recently approved in just 3 months. She has macular degeneration and was declared legally blind.

Bogey on January 30, 2014:

@divadjam. You need to get a new qualified social security attorney. All you need to do is send a certified letter to your previous attorney requesting a release from your attorney. Once you do this you can talk with a new attorney and explain your situation. Because a certain laws an attorney can't talk to you or assist you until you send a letter requesting a release. I had a simular situation and changed attorneys during my case. @Sierra. It sounds good. If the doctor at your hearing didn't dispute your injuries the only other person who can damage your case is the VE. It sounds like the judge didn't give the VE a chance to hurt your case. That's very good! My judge never allowed my VE to speak. You should be fine. As far as the two voodoo claims, this is a hub page for injured people not morons. Good luck to all.

divadjam on January 13, 2014:

I initially applied fout the SSD 11- 11. Feel like my attorney should have gone through my records and found this problemsand knew it would make me sound like a fool. I took for granted she would do her job and fight for. She Did nothing. Se said nothing in the hearing. After she said he liked my case and if all else failed we could appeal to the appeals board. Well after the denial she called and said their was no need ti appeal because we would get the same decision. Well i went to another specialist. He took xrays and said the fusion had not healed at all after 2yrs ant the previous surgeon lied. Not only that but it has put so much pressure on the last disc and joint it had collapsed causing my spine to be unstable. If the lawyer had suggested a second opinion long ago Iwould have had corroborated evidence since she knew the previous doctor said everything was good. I had no idea. I initially assumed he was writing the tru instead of giving himself glowing reports. No wwondepage after page the judge found me UNCREDABLE thin casewere do i go from here??

divadjam on January 13, 2014:

Please help me. I'm in tears. All comments and advice is greatly appreciated as I am at my wits end.

I applied for SSD on

I have been denied at every level including the hearing with the judge on, denied on Nov 27, 2013. I have to appeal by Jan 27 which is 2was away. My attorney said there was no reason to appeal as the judge said I was unreliable regarding everything I said mainly because my orthopedic spine specialist would not fill out the paperwork and did not say in any of his notes that I had any problems. Consequently my primary doctor of 15yrs said he will fill out the papers only if the surgeon did.

The decision stated I have severe Degeneration Disc Diease, Degeneration Vertebrale Diease, Left elbow and knee arthritis and depression.

I gave all medical records including all films and reports showing the MRIs, CTs, XRAYs showing the progression of what shape my back is in since 2006 I didn't know the surgeon was lying minimizing my injuries writing, "some" of the problems and even less of the severe pain I was having...all of the disabling problems. He did a 3 level lumber fusion, L2,3,4,5 replacing those disc adding five screws and plates. I found he wrote very follow up visit he said my pain was much better, fusion was doing "great" and that I said I was "pleased". I continued to have debilitating pain which he said it would take time to heal and fuse and to just wait and walk. It did not get much better... then I had a second L5-S1 laminectomy a year later. Of course I still have spinal stenosis, formanial stenosis and nerves are still pinched with pain still going down both my legs even since the second surgery. During the hearing the judge cited those things and the glowing report of the SSD doctor I saw for 15min saying I could walk 4hrs and sit 4hrs, lift 40lbs, ect. Please help me. I'm in tears. All comments and advice is greatly appreciated as I am at my wits end.

I applied for SSD on

I have been denied at every level including the hearing with the judge on, denied on Nov 27, 2013. I have to appeal by Jan 27 which is 2was away. My attorney said there was no reason to appeal as the judge said I was unreliable regarding everything I said mainly because my orthopedic spine specialist would not fill out the paperwork and did not say in any of his notes that I had any problems. Consequently my primary doctor of 15yrs said he will fill out the papers only if the surgeon did.

The decision stated I have severe Degeneration Disc Diease, Degeneration Vertebrale Diease, Left elbow and knee arthritis and depression.

I gave all medical records including all films and reports showing the MRIs, CTs, XRAYs showing the progression of what shape my back is in since 2006 I didn't know the surgeon was lying minimizing my injuries writing, "some" of the problems and even less of the severe pain I was having...all of the disabling problems. He did a 3 level lumber fusion, L2,3,4,5 replacing those disc adding five screws and plates. I found he wrote very follow up visit he said my pain was much better, fusion was doing "great" and that I said I was "pleased". I continued to have debilitating pain which he said it would take time to heal and fuse and to just wait and walk. It did not get much better... then I had a second L5-S1 laminectomy a year later. Of course I still have spinal stenosis, formanial stenosis and nerves are still pinched with pain still going down both my legs even since the second surgery. During the hearing the judge cited those things and the glowing report of the SSD doctor I saw for 15min saying I could walk 4hrs and sit 4hrs, lift 40lbs, ect.

Sierra178 on January 01, 2014:

Can anyone who is familiar with social security can help me out due to I had my hearing on Dec 9th and the judge had the vocational person there but it lasted for less than 15 minutes my lawyer did not have to say anything he said it went well due to judge asked vocational about 2 questions first could I do any of my prior jobs she said no and due to all my problems and condtions he said were there any other jobs I could do she listed 2 meaning they were very heavy jobs which I cannot due but then he asked with the conditions and so farth could I miss around 2 or 3 days a month she said no so he then asked so could she do them she said with my taking off and breaks no so after that it was over and my lawyer did not have to say anything at all he said due to he said it went well but I am a nervous wreck due to staying with friends and family due to my kids and now is this a good sign or what I called social secuirty this week for a question and they said the decision has already been mailed which was Dec 26 but she could not see it so I am trying to find out is this may be a good sign due to all my medical records that judge had and he did not really ask me only a few questions meaning do I drive alot which I dont

Gary Rogers on December 27, 2013:

Hello all, it has been a while since I have been on this page. I was approved for my ssi/disability 10 months ago, after a long 2 1/2 year wait. My health is somewhat stable, so that new liver can wait a while.Bogey, thank you for all of the good advice you have given me and others. I did lose just about everything, but when I got my lump sum, I put it away and started to live within the means of my ssi benefit. If you are still waiting, be patient (hard to do!), stick by your guns, and never give up. now I am rebuilding a new life... God bless you all!

Kevin DeJu on December 15, 2013:

@cyndi ym.Did you get a think mental conditions are alot easier to determine your disabled.I know several people with bipolar that have been approved.

Kevin DeJu on December 15, 2013:

Thank God,went to the ss office,and they said my earnings qualified me.took me fifteen minutes to convince her she was wrong about why I was turned down,wouldnt listen to me,treated me like an idiot,kept telling me i did not qualify because of earning,when the paper I handed her said i did.ignorant.

Cindi Mangus from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on December 14, 2013:

to add to the above coversation,recently been diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis,cannot drive ,only walk 35-45 ft cannot bend over to evenreach in to get clothes out of dryer or washer have to use a bath chair to shower cant stand or bend that lenght ,i use awheelchair at all time when i leave my house,i went back to college late and got my c.d.a. to teach early ed. i had no intention of leaving my employer ,i loved my class ,cant enjoy my grandsons my depression is 3 times worse now than before my accident which was not my fault i sure didnt ask for this this has been going on since july,5,2011, will appreciate any advice you can offer thank you sincerly cymangus

cindi ym on December 14, 2013:

i have been denied twice for the 5 lower disc were severly damaged in a car accident ,had so many test mri"s catscans xrays injections discograms,seen to neurologist one is a surgeon ,been told no surgery is safe,injury too severe,this time been waiting 9months almost 10 months just to get my see the judge,i alsohave an attorney,now im to the point of being losing where im staying, iwill be homeless i am also 58 yrs old.anything that can help me,anywhere i can go person paying for meds can no longer do so,i will be in constant tremendous pain ,im real close to giving up nothing left for me ,also field on major mental health issues,bipolar,depression, panic attacks,{ have been hospitalized} OCD

Sierra178us on December 14, 2013:

Hello I am wondering can anyone whom has been in front of an adminstrative law judge and I had a vocational expert there and also my lawyer and it went quick like 30 minutes I am not sure if this was due to all of my doctor evidence due to going every 2 weeks for over 3 years but the judge asked the vocatonal expert about jobs that I did which I have a college degree and she said with all of the jobs that I did in the past I can no longer due and then she listed the jobs I could do which were about 2 and they were unskilled and required heavy lifting and when the judge asked could I do because of all of my conditions and pain he asked her could I miss 2 days and take some breaks at time she said no I would be fired so he said so with the 2 you named she could not due she said correct and then it went quick the judge just asked my lawyer if he had any questions he said no and we left my lawyer told me after we left it went great and very easy I was just so nervous due to all the pressure I guess and never had to go through this before my question is I was thinking from reading this that my lawyer was suppose to argue with the vocational expert but I guess not if she agreed that with the 2 jobs I could do I really could not do with my long list of condtions so my question is have anyone went through something like this and how long before a decision is made even though my lawyer said it went well this is just nerve racking to me due to waiting over 3 years and my life is on the line and I am just a reck due to having kids and family is helping

Bogey on December 13, 2013:

@Kevin. It sounds like you have plenty of medical issues to support your disability claim. It's just the luck of the draw. If you get a social security case worker that's good your process will run smooth. Also, your age is 48. That's on your side. Less crap a vocational expert, VE can place you into. Just stay strong.

sierra178 on December 12, 2013:

Thank you so much for your help Stitch I do hope everything goes well for me and others also and happy holidays to you as well just tired of the waiting. But that is all I can do

stitch29968 on December 11, 2013:

@ Sierra178

I had the same thing say to me during my hearing, the outcome was the judge said i could work based on the VW. After she said with my injuries and restrictions i wouldn't have a job local nor national. I appeal it and the Appeal council found that the judge made a mistake and resend my case back to them. I'm still waiting for the hearing date or they told me they will just make a decision based on all the evidence that have. I'm not being cocky but i know i got it this time. I truly hope this doesn't happen to you. I hope you get a favorable decision. Happy holidays to you and everyone standing there grounds with Social Security never give up.

Sierra178 on December 11, 2013:

Hello can anyone tell me what this means meaning at a hearing the vocational witness they read the jobs you can no longer do and the jobs you can do which are about 3 or 4 other jobs with unskilled but due to the conditions and say that if you do those and with the condtions you have and the breaks meaning if you were to do and be absent sometimes for 2 days or more they would fire you. I am just waiting on the decision my lawyer said it went well but not sure why the vocational expert said this. And it takes he said sometimes 2 months for a response which seems like a long time again which I have waited close to 2 years

Kevin DeJu on December 11, 2013:

bogey,thanks. gonna consult a disability lawyer .have not had surgery yet,they want to fuse two vertebrae in my neck, do to herniated disc, cervical spondylosis with mylapathy they say there is nothing they(surgeon) can do about deg.disc.disease in l4 and 5,even said there is no medicine i can take for pain!!! wth?

spinal stenosis,spondylosis with mylapathy,vertebrae show up white on mri all the way through( osteoarthritis pretty bad)gonna have ruemetoid arthritis test done too.mostley worried about work credits.I have a business to get up and running,maybe I can hire someone to work for me so I can pay some taxes for a few years.never got unemployment either.