Thank-You Notes and Appreciation Messages for a Colleague

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Oyewole Folarin loves writing greeting card messages and helping others find the words they need for life's special moments.

Thank-you message for a colleague
Thank-you message for a colleague

What to Write in a Thank-You Card or Note

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words of appreciation to say to colleagues or coworkers. You want to show gratitude, for example, for a gift, for their help and support, for a job well done, or when you're leaving the company. Here is a collection of appreciation messages and sayings you can write in a letter, note, blank card, email, or text to colleagues and senior colleagues in the workplace who have helped you in one way or the other.

A handwritten note of thanks is a great way to show your heartfelt gratitude for all the good things your colleague or teammate has done to make the workplace a comfortable place to work and have fun. Get ideas for wording your card or note from the list below and then write your own unique message to express your gratitude for their support and encouragement.

To maintain good and healthy working relationships all the time, we need to put some effort into learning how to say thank you to office-mates.

Thanks for always making work fun.

Sample Appreciation Messages to a Colleague or Teammate Who Helped You

1. You are the most awesome co-worker I have ever known. Your help has made my job very much easier and more fun. I really appreciate your time and effort.

2. I say a big “thank you” to you for the favor you did for me. Indeed, you are not only the seed of hope for our company but our inspiration. Thanks for being one of the secrets to my promotion. You are the best staff.

3. You are a great asset not only to the company but to me. Your help has really brought out the potential in me. I am very satisfied with my job and always eager to work harder to excel in my career. Thank you for making me smile again.

4. Thank you for caring and supporting me wholeheartedly. The great role you have been playing in my life is immeasurable. I’m grateful for all your help and continued support.

5. Dear mate, your help has really made my body and mind both feel healthy. Thanks for your kindly assistance.

6. Even though we have had many differences and I don't always agree with you, I would like to thank you for being an open-minded staff. I count myself lucky working with you. You are the best colleague to work with that I can imagine.

7. There are no better words to describe my feelings for you than these: “Thanks a lot for making the workplace a fun place to be.”

8. Working with you and being close to you made me realize the sincerity and loyalty in you. Thanks for making me feel better. You are the best co-worker!

9. I would like to thank you for being there for me always. You are the best office-mate I have ever worked with.

10. Thanks for always being on my side. You are not only my workmate; you are my best friend and my mentor. My heart just keeps thanking you for everything that I have learned from you.

Thanks for making me feel better.

11. Your contributions to my success at work will forever remain in my heart. Many thanks for your support, guidance, and encouragement. I enjoyed working with you.

12. I would like to thank you for your kindly support. I’m so happy to see that someone is thinking about my well-being and career. This I promise you: I will never forget all the things you have done to make me happy.

13. My new assignment is so much easier and more fun. Thanks for your kind assistance, it really helped me get the job done better and always on time.

14. If my all other colleagues could be as good as you are, work would be easier and more enjoyable. I appreciate your can-do spirit and your belief in teamwork.

15. Thanks for encouraging me and inspiring me to always get things done better. You are one of the secrets of my many achievements. You are the best office-mate.

16. This note goes to my dearest co-worker. Every time I’m in the office, I always feel comfortable and blessed just because I know that the right man to work with is always by my side. Thanks for your loyalty and patience.

17. To my dear colleagues: I count myself lucky working in an office where employees care so much for one another. Thanks for being the most interesting colleagues to work with. You are all the best.

18. From being my schoolmate to being my workmate, I have never regretted meeting you for a second. You are the best mate to work with. Thanks for making my day.

19. You are not just my colleague at work, but my best friend ever. I appreciate your time, support and cooperation.

20. Your approach to getting things done the way they should be is unbeatable. Much of our team success is due to your skill and hard work. We really appreciate all your time and everything that you have done openly and behind the scenes to keep the company in business. You are the reason for this sudden pay raise.

Thank You Messages for Colleagues When Leaving a Job

21. Your decision-making skills are widely acknowledged. Your level of reasoning is highly respected. I hope to see you continue with all the good deeds you are known for. As we move to another chapter, accept my sincerest gratitude.

22. Thank you for being our advocate in the workplace. As part of the management team, you made important decisions that were not just in your own interest but in your co-workers’ interest as well. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

23. Thank you for encouraging me not to give up or slack off on my efforts. You have been an inspiration and a blessing in my life. My achievement in my career is due to your encouragement and support. Indeed, you are awesome. I appreciate your help and time in guiding me. Goodbye mates!

24. I am lucky to have had an opportunity to work with an intelligent staff person like you. Sharing an office with you has really prepared me for the great task ahead in my career. Thanks for building my own confidence in myself.

25. Words are not enough to show appreciation to someone who has given so much of his time and cooperation to shape my career. Your thoughtfulness will remain in my heart forever.

26. Dear Office-mates, I couldn’t have achieved great success without your kindly support and help. Thank you for influencing my life and helping me become a better and more skilled employee. Goodbye and have a blessed day!

27. Let me use this note to appreciate the honest effort that you have demonstrated. Your dedication to work is an attribute that always inspires us to do well on the job. Work in the office would be easy and fun if we could have more co-workers like you around us. Thank you for having my back!

28. You are the most interesting office-mate to work with. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for your understanding and support during this difficult time. Thank you for being a great co-worker!

29. All your kindly support and cooperation in the workplace has really made me a better staff. Many thanks for making me something out of nothing. I hope that our friendship will continue and last forever!

30. Thanks for instilling in me the spirit of courage, discipline, and tolerance. I will be grateful to you forever and your thoughtfulness will last in my heart all the time. And I hope that we'll continue to enjoy cordial relationship after parting ways!

Many thanks for your support and encouragement. You are the best co-worker.

For Senior Colleagues

31. I would like to thank all my senior colleagues for their unflinching support and encouragement and for bringing out the potential in me. I really appreciate all the good times we shared together in the workplace. You are all the best.

32. Thank you for developing the “can-do” spirit in me. I have always been lucky to have good office-mates to work with everywhere I find myself.

33. I appreciate you for being the first person to believe in my abilities. Also, I appreciate your encouragement when I was thinking of quitting the job. These I will never forget even for a second.

34. I am proud to work with a team of achievers who continue to deliver excellent results. I have learned a lot from your wealth of experience, more than you can ever guess. Thanks for the support and friendship.

35. I am happy to say that in spite of the challenges at work, I met and surpassed the targets given to me by my supervisor. My appreciation goes to all my senior colleagues for their continued trust and support.

Thank-You Messages to Colleagues for a Gift

1. I never ever knew that someone could be so magnanimous to me. The timing and choice of the gift surpassed my expectations. Thanks once again for the fabulous gift and thank you for being a great colleague.

2. You are such an amazing gift giver. You knew exactly what new couples deserve to have. In fact, we couldn't believe what we saw when we removed the gift from its wrappings. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

3. The fantastic gift that you gave to me means a lot to me. It tells me that my hard work is noticed and rewarded beyond my imagination. Thank you for being the greatest colleague to work with.

4. What an amazing gift that brings back the memories of past times shared! You will never know how this gift brightens my day and keeps my heart warm all the time. I can never thank you enough for the kind gesture. Thanks for being thoughtful!

5. I was pleasantly surprised by your gift. Indeed, you had the right idea of what I really wanted for a present. You must have gone through my CV to find out what my hobbies and interests are. I hope I can return the kind gesture sometime in the future. Once again, thank you for rewarding my hard work.

6. I am very appreciative of your support and your thoughtful gift. They really mean so much to me. Thank you for recognizing and rewarding my contributions at work. I cannot express how blessed I am to have you as my colleagues at the workplace. Once again, thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Sample Thank-You Notes to Coworkers for a Birthday Gift

Sample Letter #1


I wanted to write you to thank you again for putting a lot of thought into this special gift you gave to me as a birthday present. Your thoughtful gift added lots of fun to my day and I was touched beyond words.

Accept my heartfelt gratitude, my fellow colleagues at work. I just hope I can return the favor to you sometime in the future. I appreciate you all!


[Your name]

Sample Letter #2


Thank you so much for being part of my special day and for the wonderful birthday present. What a thoughtful gift anyone would love to have.

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and for taking time out of your tight schedule to attend my big event. Thanks once again for your lovely gift and for coming.

Best regards,

[Your name]

Sample Thank-You Notes to Coworkers for a Wedding Gift

Sample Letter #1

Dear ____,

My [wife/husband] and I thank you very much for taking the time to know our likes and picking out the best wedding gift for our special day. Indeed, that was very thoughtful of you to give us something we were hoping to get some time in the future.

I’m so glad to have amazing coworkers being part of the big event. Thanks once again. I love you all!

Sincere thanks

[Your name]

Sample Letter #2

Dear _____,

I was overwhelmed with the present. Thank you for making our wedding memorable with your thoughtful gift. I’m very happy and it warms my heart each time I take a look at this special present from a very special friend and coworker.

You really made my day more memorable than I could ever imagine. I really appreciate your generosity. Thank you!

With warmest regards,

[Your name]

Sample Letters of Appreciation

For a Co-Worker or Colleague

Sample Letter #1


I have sincerely enjoyed the time that I have spent working with you. It is hard for me to tell you that I am leaving. But I must sincerely thank you for all the guidance, support and encouragement that you have shown to me over the years.

Really, I will miss you, but let me assure you that I will be keeping in touch with you from time to time. Once again, thank you for making the workplace a comfortable zone for me to work.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Sample Letter #2


I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the support, encouragement and cooperation you have shown to me in my career pursuit. Your help indeed opened my eyes to many opportunities I never thought of.

In spite of our many differences, you went an extra mile to help me attain this new position. Thank you for forgiving me all my past mistakes and for being passionate about my career advancement. I look forward to maintaining an open and honest relationship with you for many years.

My deepest thanks,

[Your Name]

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    • profile image

      Beth 8 months ago

      Most of these "Thank You" notes are very sender-centric. They would only be good if you were trying to be insincere and self-centered.

    • profile image

      Sitaram 8 months ago

      Very good, well guided


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