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Can You Fire Your Workers' Comp Attorney? I Did: My Story

I share my experience with workers' compensation cases in order to help others avoid my mistakes.

Read about my personal experience with a workers' compensation case, why I fired my lawyer, and why I wish I'd done so sooner.

Read about my personal experience with a workers' compensation case, why I fired my lawyer, and why I wish I'd done so sooner.

My Workers' Compensation Lessons in a Nutshell

Read on below to hear in detail about my workers' compensation case and how it all panned out. However, here are the main nuggets that you should be picking up from my story if you're involved in your own workers' compensation dispute:

  • Settling a workers' compensation case without an attorney is possible. Make sure you do the proper research early on.
  • Ask the right questions! Know about apportionment and getting lump sum payments based on financial hardship.
  • If you decide to hire an attorney, make sure that you shop around carefully for one.

Want to know my story? Read on.

My Workers' Comp Story: How and Why I Fired My Attorney

It’s been nearly a year since my workers’ compensation case resolution, and I’m sad to say, I still don’t feel like I have closure. I realized early in life the therapeutic value of journaling, and since I can’t afford therapy, this is my way of attempting to process the events that transpired in my life. I came up with the idea to write this article last year and made a post just to test the waters. Unfortunately, even though I’m a former journalism major and have written on a business level, I’ve never been one for discipline.

Since then, I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that if I don’t commit to blogging, I’m going to need to be committed! So here I am, spilling my guts.

Summary of What Happened to Me

I was previously engaged in a long, drawn-out workers’ compensation claim that I’d been fighting ever since July 2003. Although the primary part of my case settled fairly early on (with a less than happy outcome), the other issues that remained kept me engrossed in litigation until December 2007! In addition to that, at one point, it became necessary to fire my attorney and represent myself during the proceedings.

Oddly enough, when I began representing myself, I won as many battles as I had lost. I wish I had done the legwork that I ultimately ended up doing myself earlier on in my case. If I had known half the information I eventually learned, I would have never hired a lawyer in the first place! In fact, as far as my particular case went, having an attorney is what first got me screwed!

I’ll start at the beginning, but I promise to make it short and sweet.

How I Sustained My Injury

I worked for the County of Los Angeles Children and Family Services Department. Having been a product of the foster care system as a child myself, I knew firsthand what the consequences of doing your job poorly could mean to a child’s life. A simple piece of misfiled paperwork could actually mean the difference in a child receiving foster care placement. It might represent a voucher for school clothing, or a crucial court date, or a number of other equally important things. That is why I always performed my work efficiently and with pride.

For some time, I worked alone in a large room full of case files. My job required me to receive, update, and maintain boxes and boxes of files on a daily basis. Many county employees viewed the job as grunt work, and my supervisor had been having a lot of trouble keeping someone in the position before I came. Although it was a laborious job, and I could have later transferred to something less physical, I stayed and did the job that no one else wanted to do.

Hardly a day went by that someone didn’t commend me for the new appearance of the file room, thanks to me (no more unsightly boxes all over the floors and tables). I made things run much more smoothly for myself and my coworkers. I personally created an organized system for storing the files that required temporary housing, and my former department uses that system to this day.

I shared the above paragraphs with you only to show that my diligence and dedication to my job were something that I put a high value on. My only crime was approaching my job with more energy and enthusiasm than the former employees, but unfortunately, that is what led directly to my work-related injuries. The daily packing up and breaking down of boxes, coupled with the bundling, taping, lifting, and carrying of cases, eventually took a toll on me physically.

I also did data entry, so that meant even more repetitious work, which didn’t help my condition any. At age 45, I ended up with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome of the right wrist and Median Epicondylitis of the right elbow.

How My Claim Process Went

In the beginning, I didn’t have a clue about what to expect from the claim process. I hired an attorney and filed a worker’s compensation claim after a physician diagnosed my symptoms. The doctor took me off work, and my employer honored my claim with no dispute. Even though my attorney had a tendency to evade answering some of my direct questions, either verbally or written, I thought the case was progressing okay, and there would be a decent financial outcome.

While portions of the worker’s compensation case did go relatively smoothly, there were some snags along the way. The doctors concurred on the type of surgery that I needed but did not agree on the medical rating with reference to the percentage of disability. Both the attorneys negotiated and came to a compromise.

The only problem was that by the time the primary part of the case had actually settled (September 2004), there was nothing left of the funds that my attorney had negotiated for me. It had been eaten up when I was paid small monthly checks by the insurance company over the course of time. These meager payments had been sucked up as my living expenses while the case was pending! Imagine my disappointment to find that there would be no lump sum payment, even though the case had been settled.

To make matters worse, two new areas of dispute arose:

  1. The issue of vocational rehabilitation
  2. Available modified or alternative job position.

How My Attorney Screwed Me Over

Keep in mind that I am stating very simply the events that occurred, as I now understand them. However, at the time, I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Why? Because I was kept in the dark. My attorney told me only what he wanted me to know while withholding vital information that I should have been privy to. For example:

  • Apportionment. A primary issue regarding the medical rating had to do with apportionment or how much of my condition was attributed to the job. Both doctors agreed that the condition was solely job-related. If my attorney had not continually rejected my choice to have a hearing on the matter, I believe I would have received a higher rating. Instead, he shrugged me off and managed to manipulate paperwork and get around my decision not to settle.
  • Lump sum available. While he was representing me, there came the point when I was so financially strapped that I was in danger of having my car repossessed. My doctor had already determined my condition to be at a Permanent and Stationary stage (which meant no future change in my condition was expected, so a rating could be determined).

    This would mean a transition in the type of benefits to be paid. I started receiving small permanent disability payments. However, they weren’t enough to save my car from being repossessed. If my attorney had informed me that I could have requested a lump sum of my permanent disability, based on my financial hardship, instead of small monthly stipends, I wouldn’t have lost my car!

That situation, as well as others, began to make my blood boil. You would think that at the top of the list of my grievances would be the ruthless insurance company. Actually, not so. Given the nature of insurance companies, plus the fact that they’re representing the opposing party, it’s almost understandable that they would behave in the way that they do. What’s not understandable and makes me sick to my stomach is the fact that I got screwed not just by someone that I trusted but by someone I actually paid to help me.

In the End

I know now that I should have followed my instincts about my attorney and dropped him sooner. I fault myself for that. I’ll never forgive myself for being so blind and totally relying on someone else to look out for my best interest. Represented or not, it pays to know as much about a situation as you possibly can. At the very least, learning the right questions to ask can mean a world of difference!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Mario on September 17, 2019:

Well i got injured at work back in 2010 with 1 Emergency knee surgery 2 weeks after my injury and 3 back surgeries that followed im still in alot of pain insurance pretty much denies what ever meds i need and has and been denying my pain meds in whitch 8ve been paying outta pocket myself now these past few years. Ive ask my lawyer evey every month if there has been any luck settling and i get the same answer all the time saying that the insurance company hasnt offered or any settlement offer yet and now its been 9 years since my accident at work here in California any ideas on why it could be taking so dam or anything that i can and should do to speed it up. Thanks

William Dorsey on December 01, 2018:

Well I was let go of being accused of being sleep on the work place and I was not sleep at all and lost my job and became homeless and on Nov 13th on my third appeal from the state of NJ said that my misconduct had nothing with me getting let go so I feel as sought I won my appeal I should get my job back

F.B on November 29, 2018:

I got hurt on the job, with a back injury, 01/2018, I did receive Workman comp, check weekly but not much. Treatment was very slow and refusing some treatment by the the insurance company. I got upset and hire a lawyer, the lawyer started pushing for settlement, which wasn’t looking right for me.I told my lawyer that iam still taking treatment, but she insisted that my dr said that surgery was off the table. Look injury workers out there, be aware of bad lawyers who are just there to take advantage of distress and pain and frustrated workers. As I said this money grabber lawyer took my case, and mess me up, just for little money. The injury left me depression and stress pain and confuse and this lawyer took advantage of me signed for settlement that doesn’t have any medical to continue my treatments. I never knew that what she agrees to until I came home with the paper work, and call her after two days she call back and said yes that what I signed for. Look this lawyer will get a very bad hit in her life if she continues doing this kind evil to injury hard working workers. She will meet the wrong one down the road. I am left with no medical treatment and for my injury and little settlement. Iam a father of four little children to take care off, and don’t know what to do, still in pain daily and frustrated and depressed. Can someone give me some advice.

A.S on September 25, 2018:

I believe they need to take away the workman's comp claim & return to suing our employer due too them treating the claim like a personal injury claim. Its supposed to be a bargain between employer & employee, but its just an insurance scam.

Josh on August 23, 2018:

I am living a very similar situation in that my attorney originally told me almost nothing when my case was settled. He DID assure me I would have lifetime future medical coverage, and the agreement does show that (a simple check box), but he didn't tell me that every time I needed that coverage, the insurance company would block it. Had I known, I would never have accepted my deal. In fact, neither the employer, nor my attorney told me I had was allowed to retain the right to file civil claim against my employer, and waive Workers Compensation.

If claimants knew that every time they need to utilize future medical coverage from a "future medicals" settlement, they would likely fight many, many months, to get medical treatment they need immediately. In my case I fought for over 15 months before an Administrative Law Judge would hear my complaint, and luckily they sided with me, and I got treatment. However, my original attorney (who also promised to help me in the future) refused, because he wasn't allowed charge a fee after his original fee was paid.

Now I am 20 years post injury, and again need treatment. I have tried in vain for nearly four months to get the the insurer to approve treatment, yet they still scheme to find grounds to refuse treatment. The Workers Compensation /Labor Department of my state is a flippin' joke.

So here's the issue: Attorneys will tell you anything to make a quick down and dirty fee from Workers Compensation claims. Insurance companies will fight you at every stage for future medical coverage, even when they lack any evidence of further injury to your original injury. State legislatures will do absolutely nothing with reform WC to be equitable for the injured claimant. And, the Labor authority presiding over Workers Compensation in your state, will do nothing to assist the claimant, nor to compel crooked insurance companies to cover claims as agreed upon.

In the end, the injured/claimant looses. If you are being offered a WC claim, my advice would be to hire a personal injury attorney to file a civil claim. It is the closest you will ever get to anything resembling an equitable settlement, and you can get treatment as needed, without theses corrupt insurance companies dleaying medical relief for months or even years.

Joyce on August 09, 2018:

I can relate but i still have attorney and still fighting for a settlement after 8 yrs i had 3 surgerys and i need help

Kabotchnik on August 01, 2018:

It's unbelievable that 4 out of 5 'comments' on this blog- can't even spell correctly in a basic way ( from too much 'texting' using slang and super short abbreviations! ).. No wonder this country is split in half voting wise! People write the way they think... Obviously with a huge amount of sheer ignorance. Aside from that, your story was just hat. A 'story' that offered no real idea's to help others...

Richard Doucet Jr on July 06, 2018:

I got hurt in 2002 I had five back surgeries and two neck surgeries in 2006 lwcc filed for second injury fund relief with out my knowledge. So I had only 30 days to appeal it but I had no attorney at the time so they don't bother to tell you that's what there doing so I was put into second injury fund and now they don't even talk to you about settling my case so it's now 17 years old no help in sight to get out of debt they can care less if you have to live in the street. So I don't want to discourage all these people out there but it doesn't get better

Rosa Coutino on May 29, 2018:

My husband got hurt at work 2008 year and we got attorney and my husband died April 20014 so work compensation and my husband attorney drop case he said that my husband died so we didn't get nothing not his job too I need help what I need to do

Elmer Suveges on May 15, 2018:

Glad i listened to what a High School Auto teacher said Someone injury you on the job Ljnch him kn the face ,Be just wrecked your life.

ollie jefferson on May 03, 2018:

Fell your pain, I am going through the same thing right now. Since dealing with the workers comp bureau I have learned the workers comp system has so many flaws, the system and or laws that was put in place over a decade ago is not working. The way the system works is CLEARLY for the employers. Injured workers are VICTIMIZED TWICE, (1) when employers ignores or tries to completely dismiss the on the job illnesses or injury. (2) A system where there is a 95% failure rate for injured workers, and the 95% failure rate is not because injured workers did not get injured on the job , it is simply because the injured worker have no clue about the laws, have to TRY and FIND a Lawyer who will really WORK on the injured workers behalf and a workers comp system that says injured worker is GUILTY until PROVEN innocent a fact that the employer, employer's insurance , and employer's attorneys are banking on. The worker's comp system was created to level the playing field but as an injured worker The system is FLAWED and very much TILTED

Eve on April 26, 2018:

How do u get a respond. For the questions I asked about my case.

Blanca on September 21, 2017:

I can sympathize with you because I'm going through a similar case myself, except for the fact that my Journey, began in 2005, and has just been close this past March, 2017, with my attorney playing God with my checks!

Jeff on June 19, 2017:

I think educating yourself asking questions and always following your gut insticts when dealing with any law based entitys is your best defence if You dont stay proactive and involved closely with your attorney Your leaving yourself open to get screwed , also if your attorney tells you half of it you wobt understand , Fire Then on the spot A good attorney is on your side or not do your diligence before you choose one its one of the most important choices you will make and in the intrests of seeking fair justice for a case its your responsibility ! Look for a Law Firm thats not sold out to the insurance companys your suing , Before You even discuss the details of Your case just because they made a vow to practice Law ethicly doesnt meen they Do ! And first and formost seek justice for your case with conviction that Your case is worth fighting for , because so many sue happy people flood our courts and waste our tax payers Money and Make a mockery of our courts and judges , this is key to winning your case , seek justice with equity in fairness and you will find the right people to represent You with the same common intrests as you , You can talk all you want about high profile exspensive attorneys but the common intrests in seeking whats right should be a deciding factor in choosing the right Group for Your case ! Choose Wisely . Do your research ! Do your research ! Do your research ! I myself would recomend common core belief's and princapals politicly, religiously , and all spectrums of like minded beliefs , The Rutheford Institute is a great orginization offering Leagel representation to us common Folks , with a Team of relentless passionate profesionels as honest as they come ! I hope i could help someone gain some insight on where to start when seeking to fight a personel injury case or any other type of Case seeking Justice and unbias representation ! If its worth Fighting For thier the only Leagal Christian organization i would trust to Fight for our Rights ! Thats " THE RUTHEFORD INTITUTE ! " DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH ! "

Tuwanna on March 30, 2017:

2.6 years ago I wrecked the school bus, broke T12&T11 fractured w/a bone fragment penitrating my spinal column& issues w/ lower back. Dr sent me for MRI 17days after wreck and when leaving a car tapped us from behind at a stop sign, just a scratch on bumper. 6months ago wc said I could go back to light duty, I went 3 days but lower back pain only got worse. WC stopped my check and refuses to do surgery on lower back. I hired a lawyer but he never returns calls.. I am firing him but what should I do after that?? I still have to wear support 24/7 and need surgery before I can think about working again.. The fragment the doctor claims will never move so no surgery needed... Help

lisa on November 23, 2016:

The problem being with the extended care is that the WC adjusters will consistently deny treatment regardless if you have a lifetime medical authorization. To actually help an injured worker recover and be able to renter the workforce what they need to do is to do the needed medical care in a timely manner.When medical care is delayed the chances of a full recovery become slimmer with time. The cost of lawsuits and the extended care would be reduced if this process happened in a timely manner with out all the ridiculous delays.

lj on November 15, 2016:

My experience I had a workmans comp lawyer I finally found out his only need was to see how much money he could make and as fast as he could get it but was not worried about my future medical needs I did not notice it at first so I signed the papers with him I kept telling him that I was in pain he wasn't listening he was just trying to settle so I had enough of this I kept calling him tell him I need to see a doctor about my pain he. kept ignoring me so finally I went to see another lawyer he took my case knowing I had this other lawyer so he took care of everything I want it and no I did not have to pay the other lawyer because he was not living up to his part of the deal he wanted money. So I would tell everybody else to keep your structural lump sums separated from your medical so with this lawyer I got one lump sum and plus continuous medical now they want to settle on this 4 years later so if you're not happy with your lawyer and he's not living up to his obligations get another lawyer if he takes your case you know you're in good hands constantly tell your lawyer you need Extended Medical Services for your pain and workman's comp will have to pay and you still get your lump sum of money if you lost a finger broke your ankle it doesn't matter telling me you're in pain and you need to see another doctor even if it's pain management insist on this with your lawyer that's not doing his job if he doesn't ask him tell him you're recording this to let him know he's not doing his job so you'll get another lawyer I hope this helps somebody out there it did me

lisa on November 14, 2016:

I was a former state employee/VA nurse. I had been injured once on the job had surgery (fusion in neck) returned to work promptly 30 days after. I was fine for 2.5 years until CNA on duty refused to do hospice care I had to help an untrained employee lift a 233lb patient. The fabulous AME stated it was back spain!! LOL no such thing. I continued to work and when close a year later i could no longer stand the pain i begged for my MD to take me off duty. I have half a dozen discs bulging and annular tears,4 herniations in Lumbar and thoracic!!! Thoracic being the key factor here. There is no surgery for them until they become life threatening. THANK YOU AME from hell telling them I could continue to work. Iam ,just a nurse mind you but I can certainly read an MRI report!!! have fought after seeing and paying for 2nd opinions for the last 3 years and guess what? I still have not been paid a penny!!! I have been bankrupt homeless and jobless thanks to this. I will be going to my 7th AME appointment this week. Another nightmare with no end in sight. Attorneys from hell all about getting theirs but no concern for the once gainfully employed who is now destitute

I feel ya folks believe me.

Marilyn on November 10, 2016:

I want to add to my comment concerning my son. He received some pay when he won his case(before their extra appeal that they suddenly got). When a new judge over turned it months later my son was left with all the medical bills for treatment. He got no surgery, still has a fracture. I would think since he was covered when the bills were injured, they should pay them. Most importantly he LOST his job (COMPANY has hired a lot more people. He got shafted. The lawyer noted on the case court records, my son Has never met?????? That lawyer also appears on several other open cases that were not won. HMMM? BIGGEST thing is my son was a union employee, that is a joke. he got no representation or assistance from them at all. Yet the same Union fought for an employee who got two DUI's (reduced to a lesser charge) in the same night and his job requires a CDL.

All doctors except the TRAVELING MEDICAL DR.( I use that term loosley) agreed the injury was the result of a work related injury as well as the first Judge, who obviously was a decent human being. Their so called traveling Dr. Was a joke in court.

I believe my son was unrepresented and I he is going to get a lawyer when we get all our documentation comp,teed. My suggestion is to file a civil suit.

Where is the justice in this, he was denied not because he wasn't injured, it was about the date he received the letter to appear for their special new appeal. HE WAS INJURED! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS SYSTEM'!!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn on November 09, 2016:

My son is a veteran and he also experienced a similar problem with his workers comp attorney. He won his first case hands down and suddenly they got another hearings when they were out of Appeals. My son did not get any phone call no email you got a letter after the hearing was over. They brought in a new judge and he was not allowed to speak at the hearing and the lawyer basically do to him giving a date when my son receive the letter my son lost his case. He has a fractured shoulder no job no money and one dumbass lawyer that didn't do his job. I started doing some research and this particular lawyer in Ohio has been the lawyer for several clients against the same company and lost his cases. I am going to continue to do my own investigations of this company and the workers that have been injured. Irontiger Logistics is not a safe place to work they do not maintain their equipment they do not fix broken equipment and they don't give a s*** about their employees. It's time for someone to stand up against these employers who do not people who are actually injured

808screwed on September 07, 2016:

My attorney keeps dodging my question about worker comp shorting me $6,000. And when I told him the IME report, the doctor mentions reports and notes from a doctor I have never seen... he said," that's nothing." EXCUSE ME!!! It is not nothing! Thats fraud, identity theft, impersonation a medical examiner, in the Least! And when the pharmacy gave me the wrong medication, he said ,"that's stupid". How do I fire him??!!

relief on September 17, 2015:

Hey work compensation osbudsman they might can help,they usually can help u get what u desearve from the messed up screwed up lawyers system no, they are not lawyers but they are better than one. Or have you tried the workers compensation appeals board (WCAB) has employees designated "information assistant officers" they are not attorney's neither bugt are well versed in worker compensation law. Also a claims adminstrator or adjustor is requiered to conduct a "good faith" investigation.

aj on January 06, 2015:

I broke my left elbow an right wrist witch was dislocated an torr ligaments in it. I did this as a over the road driver. I fell out my trailer both arms went behind me. An yes ouch. Well I went through treatment for about 3 months ,after the surgery an being lied to by my surgeon. Dr. Swan go. I was still having problems with not being able to straighten my left arm an other wrist couldn't use my hand well. They said it could take a year before I would be well enough to work. Then he told me the elbow wasnt worth his time . I complained an he was going to send me to get another opinion. But not so much. That's when I lost my tpd .I got a lawyer an told him I never had MRI to see if my elbow had something wrong still .I still can't straiten my arm an I have trouble using my right hand an lots of pain in both. My wca told me I might want to get unemployment so I did. Well I didn't lie I told them I was still employed but was unable to do that job. So now I am going down hill fast an ask him where we were. He still didn't have papers from a Dr. Who checks you're ratting. Over a month I had to call a get the Dr. To send it .then he said you might want to consider taking the ofer that was low. Or he said you could find a lesser job.

I am still waiting for him to get with it. But its Ben over a year an he has dropped the ball more then once. But I got all the papers from the people I saw not him an he is still not moving. I waited two months to see this Dr. ...

I'm so frustrated. I do feel for all of you who went through this an are still going through this. I'm at my wits end. I want to fire him but don't want too get screws to many times over this. .....

Injured worker on January 02, 2015:

In regards to wc adjuster's evil, unsympathetic, comments above now I fully understand why people go "postal" in this country. I just hope the next time it happens you are involved as you fully deserve it.

Marie on November 15, 2014:

Hi I injured my back my case went on for many years. When we settled it was agreed lump sum to me and lump sum Medicare set aside payment. They somehow are paying lifetime medical after signing settlement agreement for lump sum on Medicare set aside amount. I did not agree to lifetime medical and specifically said no when my attorney told me they could try but wouldn't be able to. So how are they getting by with backing out on papers they signed? The adjustor constantly delays me getting procedures and.medications. I wish I could sue them. I stay stressed all the time from them. I wanted the lump sum to be.done with dealing with workers comp adjustor's they don't give a crap how you hurt.

CACompromised on September 24, 2014:

Hello People

I am "That American " a baby boomer you know us as the ones with a work ethic and responsible social mentality and so on.

While we have been living and doing the things our lives entail , corporations , insurance companies and large block concerns have been undermining bit by bit the assurances worked out by good government of the past. Fast forward to today.

California is the most compromised of all states having 1/5 of the US population made them that target.

Workmans compensation has had so many modifications (caps ) put on it that you cannot afford to hire a lawyer no matter how serious your injury. Besides That "You " will end up doing all the actual foot work yourself. and being limited each case is only worth so much money period and if you take too long to conclude the case you will have absorbed the money allotted to your injury prior to settling and the 1/3 the lawyer is gaffing is the very amount that might help you.

the only loop hole is to deal with it your self to keep every shred of paper that you get and have the receptionist sign a log (visitation log you carry ) and to not go into the visitation room before this is done.

it should contain the date and time what the visit is for the time you arrived and the number of miles you traveled to get there. the last is very important as most people leave a large sum of money (over a year or two ) on the table as the ins carrier is required to reimburse you travel expenses based on distance.

To think this as nothing is to live as though gas is 60 cents per gallon. and while we all expect in our minds that it will not take long before we are well, I have found that anywhere from 2 to 6 visits per month are required to deal with monthly needs. doctors , physical therapy , pharmacies, even lawyer (god help you if you have one). In one year I with dr's pharmacies and physical therapies that I had 40 visits at 5 $ per each (taking public transportation) I had collected every report and receipt kept every payment stub . By visiting the state website and library I found all relevant laws . $200 dollars in money put out actually paid back $450 as the distance was used not the mode of transportation.

You should push (in CA to get it over as fast as you can) they have limits on their liability and after 2 and a half years my case had reached a point where there was not enough money left to get , for another lawyer to take over my case being unhappy with both the lack of work and availability of the previous lawyer. they devote prime time to signing new cases and once done put you on the back burner and even claim not to be in .

I had a friend call and say they needed to sign a lawyer on a back injury and to please have a call by the lawyer before 4 hours as some one was being signed immediately. He got return attention in under 2 hrs by the person i so desperatly needed to have help from. I had not gotten my Check it had been skipped or lost and I needed immediate attention by him which had worked before to get the check 3 days later. My call came the next day around noon. I never properly finished the claim once i ended with that lawyer. I would have been better off by 8,000 dollars never to have hired the money grubber.

Lawyers are feeders on your panic and lack of knowledge of a situation

they are after the part of your legally due money and do very little to get it. you can visit any states site and in some 20 hours of research know what you need to do. it is the lack of confidence we have and that we did not pre learn the information.

I wish that every high school student would know two basic things in general before being stamped ready to enter the work force.

1, That they know what to do and how to file and settle their own injury

case should they be hurt. (the state runs the schools and the compensation department.)

2 They should know in general what will happen to them should they break the Law . What they are expected to experience should they be arrested.

"lack of preparation is said to make for Piss poor performance"

we need to learn the right things in school which is to prepare us to go out and get work.

Getting a lawyer to take 1/3 of your funds and not take any of the pain or losses of car housing even relationships is ridiculous once you are already screwed . only two ways around it Pre exposure or post exposure and believe me anytime you learn to do for yourself you are better off . collect and keep everything and look up the process you are in as injured party before you make a move . as hiring a lawyer is a move not help . 1/3 of your injury is gone and you still have to go through it.

Pharmb625 on August 23, 2014:

Very nice site!

Johne111 on August 19, 2014:

Yeah bookmaking this wasn't a risky conclusion outstanding post! dffegdcdddck

Allost on July 20, 2014:

It's criminal what is happening. Adjusters can overrule doctors and deny emergency surgeries. Then the new injuries because it was an emergency for a reason.

They strip you of every dignity and basic human right. They deploy every tactic conceivable and many that are not to systemically destroy everything that matters to you. They hold checks, you borrow from the last friend you haven't already used up, then can't pay it back because bills don't stop and you're not making enough to live. So now you are alone and can't even clean or dress fully. Utilities are threatening constantly or get cut off and you've sold everything not nailed down. Your health deteriorates because you are injured so badly and have not had a doctors exam in 6 months and have been told nothing. If a doctor dares to defy the adjuster that's easy to fix- get another. Then you finally might get an examination which will show destruction and damage that can't be fixed and surgery is still denied. You try to refuse injections that cannot possibly help and you are screaming and in tears, asking what this is for and still saying no- then the needle is jammed in you anyway. Instead of explanation you get yelled at. The doctor will never tell you another thing but faithfully gives your diagnosis to the adjuster calling the shots. The pain and sleeplessness has you psychotic and you know it. You've begged for any relieve so then you get Tylenol instead of narcotics. You finally get surgery, at least you think, but have no clue what was fixed or what couldn't be. Then within 3 months when you are not healed and so depressed demoralized despondent and destroyed you are released without a word or xray. You can't work. You have such serious mental deficits from a year of abuse, pain and inability to even know what is or has happened. You don't leave the house you haven't cleaned in a year and even though you might physically be able to do some, you don't care. Your so changed the career you left is no longer an option. Your disability appeal sits a foot away and you are paralyzed and it expires, as does your attempt to get insurane. You have no money coming in and there's no way to get any and you just sit and watch. And during all this your lawyer has done nothing but prove she has no idea what the law says, has no clue why you might be distressed and causes you such stress by ignoring deadlines and not communicating. You have lost it all and there is no one who cares or understands. Then you are overcome with rage. Rage asking why? 3 months I should have been back to work and been spared this inhumane abuse. The cost to my now fort employer at least 5x more because that adjuster knew more than the doctors and risked my life. This is clearly criminal and the rage that everyone just accepts it takes over. Your only crime was a split second accident that wasn't for a moment questionable of severity or compensibility. You are accused, even though you're not getting a cent, of malingering and raising the costs. No one seems to care the insurance adjuster is the one who did this- not you. They seem to somehow believe you can be confined to your house, barely able move from couch to bed, and it should not affect your cardio or muscles and should just jump right back to a life you know is gone forever. If you intentionally hurt someone or knowingly put a persons life at risk with no regard, you are prosecuted. And sued. If a doctor forces treatment you did not consent to, refuses to address you and treats you with contempt and like an inatimate object, does not give you the medical care he knows is needed and sits by idly watching the damages pile on, it's a clear malpractice. Or when you are sent to the Er for emergency surgery with dr order in hand and the doctor opens the door and just says go home, that's a federal offense called patient dumping. This is acceptable to treat workers who got hurt and only wanted to be fixed ASAP. These crimes are not punishable in any manner and the adjuster is protected so well if you even contact her you will go to jail. And why not? You're crazy and full of rage so you would have no credibility. Looking back at your life before seems like someone else's life. You wins you'd have just known how this goes so you could have chosen an easier path- death.

It didn't used to be like this 20 years ago. You didn't get much money but you were given the care the dr believed was needed. I think they should disclose that you can file but you will be sorry. It's sad that lawmakers know and allow this. I will never find peace until someone is held accountable. I contacted my employer to tell them the adjuster wasted about 300,000 and cost them a good employee and they should ask why. I am contacting every human rights orgsnization, every civil rights, every health or human service dept, and I will find a crack and somehow just make enough noise. I didn't know this was happening so I know Other people don't either. It can't be criminal in normal life and be okay simply because where you were hurt. Why am I the only one who thinks this? What has happened to civility and compassion and righteousness? I do not want to live in a world like this but will keep fighting to find that crack until I die.

Screwed By WC on May 13, 2014:

Ok how can these insurance companies do this to people?!!!??? I just called to get my meds refilled and the pharmacy will not fill it because they say my case is closed!!! I have been on these meds for years and now all the sudden I can't get them????!!!! I just don't understand???!!!!!??

Glen on May 07, 2014:

fact is we all of the sad story but until we organize and fight back like getting in touch with your public representatives and writing letters nothing is going to change. workers comp is back alley justice at best. insurance companies are known for leaving out information misleading information to denied benefits. our government has taken away the rights of every injured worker in the United Statess screwing those who are down on your luck has become our nation's gross national product. flight back

Tammy on April 24, 2014:

Hi, my husband got electrocuted on the job 3 years ago at no fault of his. We have a lawsuit against a big entity and were recently told by our attorney that there is no win against this entity. My husband has major issues and is still seeing about 10 doctors and has to have 2 surgeries in the near future. The workers comp company all of a sudden wants to put up an outrageous amount of money to settle, our lawyer is trying to make us take the offer by telling us that if we don't and stay on workers comp we will have to pay workers comp back for everything they put out. We think that the comp carrier knows that by the time my husbands injuries are resolved (if ever) they will have put out way more than they have offered. Can they bully us into doing this ?

help on April 10, 2014:

Add Your Comment..hi, I have a question I saw my doctor today which did my hand surgery a month ago I also had shoulder surgery 7 moths ago and I'm still in so much pain I explained all of that to him and he didn't tell me anything but on the paper he gave me he put all the medication I'm taking and he wrote I can return to work with modified work(can't use left hand or upper extremities) I can't even sleep with this pain what can I do ??.

Lineman on February 21, 2014:

all of these comments scare me to death! I do not trust my attorney, my employer, my employers insurer, or the system! I injured my back over 15 years ago. I have endured multiple epidurals for pain management but have continued to go back to work. I asked my employer to place me in a less physical job and they placed me on WC. I never knew that by being on WC that I am actually screwed. The irony is I want to work, I am able to work but the employer and WC insurer are trying to force me into accepting lump sum settlement. I served in Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan yet feel that our government and it's laws concerning WC are nothing but lobbyist driven!

Hmmmmm on February 19, 2014:

Hurt 2weeks ago. Workcomp was denied. Met a lawyer today. He said if I commit to this and let him run my life he would get me all he can. So now I have to decide if this is worth the fight. My wife and I just had a big fight. She says just try n get diff job or jobs to make the most I can. I want to fight for what is owed to me. I made good money but worked hard physically. If I go get new job it would hv to be some non physical job due to back pain. I think it's best to try for workcomp but wife still says no! ???? What am I gunna do??? I'm gunna either be fightn or cryn. Really hurt n depressed. My employer really screwed me and I wanna make them pay. Wife says walk away n try n start over new carrier. I'm 42 with a hurt back. Mad at wife. I'm going crazy. Money was already tight. Wife is hard headed and close minded. I wanna show her I'm rite to fight for WComp. I always worked hard and always brought money home. Now what. I have a hurt back, wife don't care bout me just money, and afraid ill lose her if I fight this. I think I should fight to get WComp then start new carrier.

Will it be worth it even if I win.??? Lawyer said he can't answer that cuz he dont have a crystal ball. What? Does that mean its wirth it for him but maybe not me??? What will I do???

Charles on February 01, 2014:

I was injured in 1992, I settled my claim with future medical, I work fulltime, on Friday I received a call from my Dr's office saying that my work comp company has agreed to only pay for half of my treatments I get first time this has happen. There is a UR agent that has to authorize everything and there has never been a problem before. Can anyone out there that has experienced this let me know if this is normal, to me it sounds like the INS CO maybe playing games again.

maries49 on January 09, 2014:

I did not know you could ask for a lum sum of your disability checks if your having hardship. I just had to refile bankruptcy again to save our vehicles and home. I'd like to soeak to you more about this private because of the way my case was and is still being handled. And how the adjuster denys me procedures all the time which leaves me in bed with pain. please email me at I need advice. Thank you and Bless you for this blog.

sharon on January 04, 2014:

I too was working for los angeles county and was injured while delivering computers to a site only I was injured because a student hit me as I was bent over. this is 2009 I am a single mom and have been denied ssdi and told my job cannot accommodate me fast forward exhausted all benefits but have no medical 3 heart attacks between 09 and 13 no income lost home not eligible for welfare so I settled with attnys rep lacoe in may jun13. wcmsa sent and approved 2 months ago still no word on my lump sum and still homeless and getting worse . attny cannot seem to understand im homeless no car no income what can I do

TheOne on December 29, 2013:

I was injured on my job 12/23/07 I didn't get a attorney beign that they are crooks. I remembered the old story that the dying old man made his last request before dying to call his attorney and tax prepare man and his wife asked why and he stated that he wanted to die like Jesus did between to thief's .so to say that I was blessed handling my claim researching my own case and giving it to God I was BLESSED and Highly FAVORED BY GOD , so people stop being lazy and research your own case and remember to never trust Man they will FAIL YOU EVERY TIME WHEN YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN AMEN♥♥♥♥

mr thomson on December 03, 2013:

i was awarded 3500 my lawyer has only gave me 1500 and said i will get the rest when she gets paid from the insurets i was given free legal aid and told i dont have to pay my lawyer nothing but she doesent no when i will get my other 2000

josh on December 02, 2013:

ah yes...the terrible issues from being a human...i guess someone should be blamed, right?

injuried worker on November 17, 2013:

i was injured on the job earlier this year. from the day i got injured at work. everything is going smoothly on workers comp. i do have lawyer whos been helping me. my workers comp case will open and shut in 8 months total. i had surgery and workers comp authorized my surgery within 10 days.never had bad luck.

Keith Partin on November 16, 2013:

By a grinder

Gypeexperne on November 08, 2013:

Thank you for this article. I will also like to say that it can often be hard if you are in school and starting out to initiate a long credit history. There are many students who are simply just trying to make it and have a lengthy or favourable credit history are often a difficult thing to have.


Guest on October 11, 2013:

I do not like how you demonized the attorney in your story. You claim your attorney kept you in the dark--fact is that the attorney probably tried to explain it to you in a way you can understand which you probably failed to do off the bat. Obviously, the attorney is not going to give you a treatise on "Workers' Compensation Law"; he or she will only present to you the best strategies in your case and work as your advocate. There is a tremendous amount of leg work required by an attorney in these types of cases and more often than not, they are grossly underpaid given the amount of work that needs to be done. What I do know, is that in Workers' Compensation, whether it be state or federal, to fight these claims without an attorney is to settle for a lot less and a lot more aggravation than you otherwise would need to. Something else to understand, is that you cant always opt for a "lump sum payment" immediately--the attorney was only giving you the options available at the time, and given the fact that you were strapped for cash, getting those installment payments was actually a good thing...

Meeks on October 08, 2013:

I was having a problem with my family, but i contacted priest gbenga and he was eager to help me right away with my requests. He was very reliable always called and emailed throughout the process. He even gave me extra protection that I will always prosper. you can contact him

farris on September 17, 2013:

In a letter tell him he will no longer represent you in the case and a copy to the workers comp. He done.......

Lisa on September 10, 2013:

I want to know how hard it is to get a job after filing a workers comp claim. I think my employer is trying to find a way to fire me because of my claim. I've already been set up once. I think my days are numbered. Must I disclose my claim to a potential employer before I get hired?

angry on July 27, 2013:

this has nothing related to workers comp ...but does relate to child services my brother was incarcerated for a crime he did not commit.. but children's services pursued the case and took the case to trial knowing that the persons who made the statements were all in on it !!!! So my brother is doing 6 yrs in prison while the wife and child and sister in law along with mother in-law are all out and living their lives like nothing ever happened. I strongly believe my sister in law used my brother to become a US citizen. then dump him, but since my brother is so in love with her he believed that he committed the crime because she told him he did it and she was scared to got to jail he took the blame for what she had done. What I don't get is why child services didn't catch on to this . I read all the statements made by each one of them even I a person who has no law degree can see this was a set up. why didn't they do something about it. Or was it cause this would become a lawsuit against them for charging a person for a crime he did not commit.


Comp can Kiss my ASS! on March 18, 2013:

Well here is my story... I was injured 12-2011. I was a Certified Nursing Assistant and still in the super slow process of settling with the insurance company. I injured my neck and had to have a 2 Level neck fusion done last summer. People surgery does not cure all! My injury traumatically changed my life I am having a problem finding a job that will consider my restrictions. I am not allowed to lift more that 20 lbs no sitting no standing for long periods of time blah blah blah. Anyways My Neurosurgeon gave me an impairment rating of 19% LOL "THEIR" Neurosurgeon gave me a impairment rating of 19 and now they are denying that my impairment rating is that high . Look everyone these peoples jobs are to make you look like a terrible person, liar, drug addict and so on and so forth. They wanted me to settle my entire case for 60 k without future medicals? My attorney and I are still laughing. I don't know about you all but how important is your back to you? Or Neck? Or Leg? Or whatever? Look they will come up with anyway to get out of paying you that is their job. But.... Lets say a "Workman's Comp Adjustor got hurt on the job hum.. Lets say one day he was so busy and was late for a meeting and the elevator was jammed up so he decided to take the stairs and fell down two flight of stairs. Then he has to file a claim. Pretty funny huh... Well the adjustor fell and broke his cervical vertebra c3-c6. He has surgery get it fixed and want to return back to work. But now he has permanent work restrictions. NO SITTING NO STANDING NO LIFTING...BLAH BLAH. THIS GUY WORKED FOR THIS COMPANY FOR 35 YEARS. WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO? TASTE PIES IN A PIE FACTORY? Well as you know a workman's comp adjustor has a very hard job doing nothing all day long while other people suffer in pain. Wait a minute crunch numbers all day while they stare at the computer googling whatever. And ignoring their phone calls. Now back to the injured insurance adjustor who hurt his neck.. Now remember he has been a WC adjustor for 35 years and probly has no other experience in nothing else goes back to work for 3 day just to find out that his precious job has let him go! Now what does he do? He has a mortgage of about 1000 dollar a month on his house college funds and a wife and 2 children to care for because his wife stays at home. OH GOD NOW WHAT? WELL I GUESS THE MERCEDES WILL HAVE TO GO BACK AND NOW BIG ADJUSTOR YOUR GOING IN DEBT WHILE WAITING FOR THE COMPANIE YOU HELPED SAVE MONEY SCREWS YOUR ASS! THIS POST IS FOR THE ADJUSTOR!

Do not look down on people for what they do for a living. At least they was working. Every person that works that has a job makes a difference in this country. If it wasn't for the people that do the hard work you would no eat or have electric or a home to live in. In my case you would have someone to take care of your mother or father because you are to sorry to help the to the bathroom or help them eat or get dressed. NOT ALL ADJUSTORS ARE ASSES mine was just fine until he hire an attorney that lied to us at the BRC. So now its time to just sit back and relax until the thing either settles or we go to court.

ANother note People do not trust your nurse case manger they will stab you in the back in a heartbeat!

someone in columbus ohio on February 17, 2013:

Listen I have at been royally screwed myself..they took away temporary total from me and gave me ssd,, and I am still being treated for the issue,, but no payment,,, not they say that they want to give me a dietician but my attorneys is screwing with me royally they are not looking out for my best intrest,,, at all.. they won't even fight for me I feel stupid,,, in this case I need to talk to someone,,,, so I ask is it ok to

go on and apply for unemployment benefits and they said ok,,,but I feel something not right about it,....I just don't know whats whats ,..I tell you this is an organization from hell...oh may there was someone who really abused the system and they just started cracking down on everyone ..even those who really needs the program,,,,hummmm aint that nothing?

debbra d collins on February 03, 2013:

I got hurt 7yr ago i trained race horses . Went to breading farm to make extra money cause the babys i had where mine and needed to pay bills. I got on 20 aday only was suppose to ride 13 but i loved what i did so i never said no. I was there 3weeks when a horse go me off she bucked on my leg and came down on my stumick twice . I went in surgery to have my intestines repaired and then surgery on back. I tryed to get doctor to see me on stumick she wouldn't. my lawyer and her where friends and never did anything to her. I went to lsu to get a hurnia fixed cause my gut was coming threw her ins. Finelly got set aside for medicare and now have to wait for farm to ok settlement.Ha! Iget weekly check just enough to keep my neck above water lost my car. Lawyer promised a month it would be settled we will see. they wont front no money makes me fill they arent very comfedent in what's going on they cant even tell me what tonexspect what's the secreat. I AM TYERED OF ALL THIS.

jmm on December 12, 2012:

what??? The insurance companies are not out top screw anybody! If the claimants would be HONEST and only stick with the injuries they sustained instead of adding every other thing that becom0es wrong with them, they would be fine. when you are able to return to work, do so, even if it is with restrictions. at least you will get paid. And stop looking for that "lump sum payment"! people always wanting something for nothing. I was an adjuster for 35 years and I have seen it all!

Jules on December 10, 2012:

If you need a good WC firm I highly recommend Boxer and Gerson. They are all over the US and are great. My attorney, John Harrigan, is wonderful and while my case hasn't been resolved it's not for his lack of trying. Great firm and great representation.

forever gone on November 29, 2012:

Well her is my step dads story he was injured about 9 years ago. He was a forman on a construction site and broke 3 disks in his spine. He filed workers comp. and hired an attorney, all seemed to be going okay he received 1 surgery and it was still not right so 4 years and a new lawyer finally gets him his second surgery. All the waiting time spent on temp diability and pain pills to help with pain. then depression from not being able to do anything. Well second surgery works great. He starts rehabilitation and at the 5yr. mark it looks good he is slowly getting off pain meds. then all of a sudden the pain is back . . this time bone growth on the disk they emergency and get the bone growth. but now he needs another surgery to replace the disk that had the growth. Lawyers stall and my step dad begging for surgery so he can go back to work and get off pills by this time they have him on over 8 different narcotics and anti depressents . . .needless to say on Sept. 28 2011 My step dad was found by my mother dead in his bed. He was still waiting on surgery or settlement. He went to the doctor the morning he died and came home took his perscribed amount of pills along with astool softener (side effect of pills) and something went wrong corner said death due to complication drug interaction. NOW the lawyers tell my mom well the settlement died with my step dad because it was over the 5 yr. limit from the date of injury til now. The wont return calls and refused to pick up wrongful death on his behalf.

kimrreves on November 29, 2012:

hello here is some of my story... i was working with a road crew and ended up riding a trailer without a truck pulling it...i went through a barbwire fence..the fence went through my face ,arms and eye...some of the doctors i had says i can go to work some doctors say workers comp (after 2 years) is done...i am now HOMELESS and HUNGRY no hope..i cant even go outside without problems..what to do where to find help..i have a lawyer but it dont seem to be working...HOW DOES ANYONE PAY THERE RENT WIHTOUT A JOB.......................................................................................this was the owners fault not mine they did not have safety for there workers... and first day on job....and w c still have income rate wrong...but im at mmi HELP PLEASE

I AM on November 27, 2012:

I just had to share this with you all; after my posts the insurance company change my claim rep. Now I have a claim rep or adjuster with the same last name as my lawyer; talk about lawyers working from both side of the table; this could be his daughter. IAfter this case is over I think I might sue my attorney for malpractice; I should have had (9TTD) 3 1/2 years ago because both physicians said I had RESTRICTION and I could not lift 5 pounds. At that point my attorney should have request (TTD) and appealde the Judges (TPD). If you have RESTRECTION and cvant go back to your old job this is (TTD).

I AM on November 24, 2012:

Lastly; I just want to add; I should have on (TTD) from 2009 this is day one. My doctor told the Judge that I cant go back to my old Job, but I can do some kind of work, however, he did not make it clear tht I had (restricted) work, but he did say I could not sit for long times and I could not lift no mor then 5 pounds. On the other hand the insurance doctors said about the same thing, however, he said I need to break every ten or fifteen minuts. I don't know if these statements would mean (restricted) but I will make sure he make it plain this time. My lawyer should have worked with these statements, but he did not. So, for 3 years 1/2 I have been looking for work under (TPD) with a neck bulgg and annular ters, hernation low L-5 low back s1 nerve root, R-L shoulder impement. On 09/07/2011 I was on my way from physical therapy when a car hit my car from the rear now I have worson Workers Compensation injuries and new injuries, however, at the time of the accident I did not know what to do. I tried to tell my doctor that has been treating me in my worker compensation cas, but he said "I don't want to know about any more injuries just your workers com injuries. So, after he has milked the workers compensation for as much as he could he did not want any more accidents that may not pay him for his services. In this accident I received a hernation in my neck, 3 disc location in my mid back, rotta cuff tear in my right shoulder, and worson my low back injurise also nerve injuries neurpathy and carptunal sydrom, knees are injuried, hands ankles and wrists. At the time of the accident I also tried to tell it to my lawyer; SHOUTED AT ME AND SAID "I don't want to hear any thing about you accident only this one. At the same time I have a order from the court to look for work. I could not hardly, I could not use my hands, my back or my neck. So, I was told by the LORD to keep seeing my neru doctor for all of my injuries and stay with the old doctors with my old injuries so I did what MY MASTER TOLD ME TO DO. About seven months later I saw a lawyer for my no fault injuries; I explained to him that I AM getting workers compensation for some of the injuries and some of the injuries are new injuries. This lawyer said to me you can and should claime CONSEQUIENTL injuries; this spelling may not be correct, however, he tome that ALL of my injuries by law must go under Workers Compensation and it would not effeect my no-fault claim. So, I did just that I told all of my treating doctors to bill workers compensation as a matter of law and they did. In the mean time my new lawyer for no-fault contactact my workers comp lawyer and told him what he must do. So, now I have all all of my new injuries in my workers case as well as my law suit against the person that hit my car on the highway while I was stopped. This was a tough thing to go through, but from the way the LORD has worked it out I will get my (TTD) now which I should have gotton in the first place and I will get more money from the insurance company that hit me. I say all of this because when I say THE LORD FIGHTS MY battles HE do do. In fact befor the car accident the workers compensation doctors had stopped my (PT) and my lawyer di nothing about it; the only they could not cut me off completely is because I had a left shoulder surgey was approved, but I can't have it now because I have high blood pressure so I waite until it is under control. My lawyer should have taken the insurance deniel of (PT) to the Judge because this was denial if established cirtes which only my doctor was to say whether or not they should go on. In the letter from the insurance doctor he to the insurance company he told them that as soon as I get the left shoulder sugery give me the time allowed and cut me off of workers comepesation. I should have not seeen the insurance company doctors because they had time to appeal but they did not and I was only to be seee as to whether I should drive my car at any time. Therefore, I feeel that the lawyer in in with the insurance company and he is getting paid from both side of the table. So, at this point I must keep him in check with the POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST (THE LORD) and use him as a pupit at all times; however, I must stay calim and not SHOUT OR SCREAM in the court or in the Judge chambers this will get me barred fro my case and a Judge will appiont the lawyer to stay on my case or it will not be hear; this is what my lawyer wants. I tried to fire him many times by phone and in writing, but he said he will not leave until another lawyer send him a letter. I just found out that I could have him dismissed of my case at any hearing by the Judge, but I don't feel that this would be wise because it seems that this move would make the Judge uncomfortable even if I had another lawyer; this lawyer seem to be the Judges pet; in other words you don't know how important you great to is until you lose it; they all work together. As long as the fact is on the table and the Judge hears my case then I will do good. The Judge can't rule in your favor if he don't have ALL of the true facts, clear cut medical records and ALL information that is helful in your case. So, i leave you now with this thought; Are you to meet THE LORD IN PEACE; JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING AND IF YOU ARE NOT A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN IN CHRIST JESUS THE devil and his angle will have the victory over you all the time. Why because GOD ALMIGHTY created hime to destory you if you are evil. And after that the lake of hell and fire to burn for ever and ever with the devil his angles his evil people and his evil lawyers;


czinn on November 04, 2012:

I need help finding an honest workers comp attorney in GA, I was attacked by a dog while working as a meter reader, I have nerve damage in my knee, I need rotator cuff surgery, I’m in so much pain at night I can’t sleep, I’m about to go crazy from the stress and pain, the company terminated me because I could not return the field because I’m terrified of dogs. I had an attorney who sold me out from the very beginning, he promised to get me medical treatment and then wanted me to settle for a small amount without any medical treatment and live in pain. I’ve been promised the same by other Attorney’s, but at this point, I do not trust any of them because I think they are all working together just for that 25% at the end of the settlement.

Angela B. on October 31, 2012:

I was injure in SC and I have the same injury you have except I have Ulnar Nerve entrapment at the elbow. Our scenario's are almost identical except I have not hired a lawyer yet. I spoke with one and he told me to wait until the doctor gives me a disability rating. If I were to hire him before then he would be entitled to 3% of my settlement, If I wait then there would only be a small fee. I guess what I would like to ask is a what point do you hire a lawyer, what type of rating should I expect for this type of injury, and what would be a fare settlement. I don't feel that the doctor has ever lied to me about my injury. When I was diagnosed and he saw my nerve study I was surgery with in two weeks. The insurance company is very cooperative . Is there going to be a change of attitude after I get my rating. I've been reading all these blogs and everyone seems to be major issues with their claims.

maynard spearman on October 30, 2012:

Not worker comp per-say is a fraud rather insurance companies are. Just thought I had to correct myself. They will and do anything possible not to give you what do to you and their nothing that seem can be done to stop them. Like said I am going through a similar ordeal. My suggest is not to give up that's what they want you to to do. I have been fighting for what is do to me after all you are the on that as to deal with pain not them. I write or email worker comp at least once every two month until someone talk to me. Just a suggest.

Maynard on October 30, 2012:

I can relate to your blog , case was not as simular as your but it was close to it.Workers Comp is Fraud.

kevin4900 on September 29, 2012:

Hello. I am in the process of trying to get surgery for three vertrabe's that I injuried in a fall at work. I paid out of my pocket for a Neurosurgical evaluation to help me get it. I was told because I didn't use the MPN assigned doctor for this evaluation that I could get reimburished for this. I have also been told that I can not use this surgeon. How do I force the w/c carrier to do my bidding. What reference law should I be looking for. Would really some help and if anyone can point me in the right direction.. This w/c case started in southern California so yes the w/c stae agency is messed up. But doesn't the bill of rights give me the right to decide who cuts on me and what rights do I have to make the insurance company pay. Now they, the insurance company has broken the law by never responding to request for service. Some they did but they took 30 days and 47 days to do this and as I read the law it gives them 14 days from the moment they receive said request, other request to see certain doctors they just never answered.. Since they have broken the rules of engagement how can I fight back. I am learning and need some advice.. I wonder what case law would help me? If anyone anywhere out there can help, I would greatly be in your debt.. Kevin

Tool Maker on September 03, 2012:

Well I have to say if you are injured while working in Oklahoma just be ready to loose everything even your dignity. The cards are stacked against you, the insurance companies have the Workmans Comp atornies and the judges in their pockets. I worked for Baker Oil Tools for a number of years as a CNC Machinest until I worked my way up to the Tool Makers Position. Had a slip and fall on some Hydrolic Fluid that someone didn't care to clean up. I was carrying a 70lb fixture that I had just completed which struck me in my right kidney when I landed. Broke my tailbone to a 45 degree angle started passing blood 2 days after. The accident was reported at once to my supervisor and documented. The insurance company sent a bird dog to my doctors appointment which dictated what medical procedures would be done. The first thing that happened was she said that she wanted an Epidurial Steriod Enjection done to releive the pain that I was having from the broken tailbone. And she stated that it was the law that I receive it and if I refused it would mean my job. well with a wife and two children I did not want to loose the position that I worked long and hard for. My gut told me not to but the pressure that the bird dog put on me and advising me that it was harmless and that they did it everyday I agreed to it. Bad mistake. They did the epidurial without using "Floroscopy" in which I knew nothing at the time about how they were supose to do them. To make a long story short the man that did it ran the needle into my spinal cord which the pain that I felt at that time is indecribable. It felt like someone had shot me in the back or worse. The pain went down my right leg like electricity and has never left. I could not walk to the car, my wife had to help me hop on one leg to the back seat. Before getting home the pain was so intence that I made her turn around and take me to the ER. They admited me and I was on a morphine drip for 4 days and that did not even take away all of the pain, just made me not even know my name. when I got out of the hospital I was called in for a followup. In the meantime my wife was calling the insurance company and doctor everyday because she thought I was going to overdose on pain pills. I started having seziures because the pain was so great. I had seziures everyday for 5 or 6 years. After getting home from the hospital finally the birddog returned my wifes call and said that we were to meat her back at the doctors office so we went. When we got in the doctors office, I was walking with a cane because I couldn't use my right leg. The first thing that the bird dog said was that she wanted to have the doctor do another Eidurial. I thought she was crazy. I tried to explain how the first one had left me but she used the excuse that another doctor would do this one and he was better at it. And still holding my job over my head if I refused. At that point I was ready to do anything to get some releif so I said Ok you are the doctors do it. Well that one did not even hurt but it did not releive the pain that the first one had put me in either. I was sent home. the next week I got a call from the bird dog and she said that they were going to try a different approch to get me out of the pain. I was to meet her at a pain management doctor the following day. I went not knowing what they had in mind. Whe I arrived she told me that they were going to do 4 nerve blocks to get me out of pain. I was worried and afraid but she said the same thing, if you refuse medical treatment it will mean your job. I agreed to the proceedure. They straped me to a table where I could not move on my left side. And with a machine they ran 8 inch long needles from my side all the way to my backbone and one all the way to my right hip joint. this was dont without even a local, no pain medication what soever except for what I had taken on the way to the appointment. They could hear me screaming all the way out in the lobby. I have lived in pain for 19 years now. It took from April 4 1993 to July 1999 just to get them to court. I had already been thru the social security system and to a Federal Judge and put on SSA 2 years before getting them to court. Because they kept having the judges changed around. After getting them to court they still tried to denie that I was even injured but was taken back to the judges chambers and cursed by the judge. We could hear him in the courtroom. They came back out and he ask their lawyers again if they accepted responsibility for my injuries and they said yes. I did not get to say anything in court. I knew that I had won but I did not know what until we got out of the courtroom. then the lawyer told me and my wife the settelment was for 20,000 and they had to pay for my pain management and pricriptions. It was like a slap in the face. That was about a third of what I was making working for a year. And I had already lost two homes and all my cars and trucks and was fired via courier for insubordination, not medical which took my 401K. since they have cut off my doctor twice and I have had to find an attorney both times to get it started again. The second time I retainded an attorney that would not return one phone call nor an email for 3 years and setteled the Bad Faith case without even calling me for a little bit of nothing. The workmans Comp case was set for mediation in which I was promiced a certain amount for a set-aside arrangment so I did not have to deal with the insurance company again. Well it came back about 10% of what I was told it would be. I have filed a grievence against the attorney with the Oklahoma Bar and he wont even return their letter to say why he did these things. It has been three months still no word from him, I just called the Bar again to see if he had responded, NO he had not. which I had to go to court last week without an attorney. the judge ask me if I would accept the offer to settle and I said no because it was not what I was told it would be. He said it would be held over for trial and told me to get another attorny. I tried to explain that I had tried to and could not get one to represent me. It did not seem to register with him because he just said I would be getting a letter on when to show up. Man I tell you, I really dont know what to do. I have been lied to by all of the attornies and screwed around so much by the insurance company. I should have listened to my gut and told the bird dog to stick that Epidurial up her ass. I could have gotten another job with all of the experience that I had programing CNC equipment and machining aircraft parts. I machined all of the thread guages for Baker Oil tools and machined all of the tables for there new mills. they would by a new mill and have me to make the table for it because the table alone would have cost them 10,000 and I could make one in a couple of weeks along with all the other things I had to do. Holding tolorances of .0003. Just imagine a human hair will measure about .003 of an inch, devide that by 3 then devide that by 10. That is how close the fixtures had to be. What ever tolorence the machinest in the shop got for a part I got a fourth for the fixture that the part was mounted on for them to machine it. If you are looking for justice in the Workmans comp system you are in for a big supprise. You are not going to get it. Well I am divorced now after a 32 year marriage because of the stress that it has placed on my family. The only hope I have is that Jesus will return and judge those that have wronged me. And I have studied the Word of God in detail, not just the King James but the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Manuchripts as well. It is not going to be long folks, the signs are all coming together, from Israel becoming a Nation again in 1948 to the new President of Egypt, who is a member of the Musilum Brotherhood, and declaired in his first TV speech that his first agenda was to make Israel their capital or die trying. There are other things that have happened as well. 9/11 was a warning, Tom Daschle quoting Isaiah "The bricks have fallen" on the senate floor, John Edwards doing the same not speaking of turning back to God.

scilliangirl on August 24, 2012:

I too had an attorney whom I dismissed. I was watching late nite TV and clicking channels, and lo and behold, my attorney(always difficult to reach)was on chinese tv spewing her legal profession, real estate. Funny she never told me workers comp was not her legal forte, maybe when she relocated to a two story walkup (no elevator in sight)I would have clued in. I guess chronic pain makes you blind too.

deborah jack on August 21, 2012:

the stories are distressing and they make me very angry. I may not

come out of this on top; but, I'm looking to God to bring me through. . I have no confidence in my attorney. I really do appreciate reading these experiences and knowing I'm not the only one.

thank you for this site, it is helpful.

Mary Rose on August 14, 2012:

I was hurt in the state of Maryland in December 2011. I had a 200 pound file cabinet fall on my back, neck, and arms while I was puttine a file in a desk drawer. I caught myself with my knees and hands and have several injuries with MRIs to show it.

I have an attorney and am not sure about anything right now. I had surgery a week ago Monday and WC stopped paying me. I am in drastic pain and cannot walk. I have back and neck injuries and the IME that examined me is ignoring the evidence.

I called my attorney and asked if they could stop paying me and he said they can do whatever they want. This is impossible.

Any suggestions on what I should do? I need help.

brett on August 07, 2012:

i also got screwed by my attorneys and by my comp doctor.... its been fours years since the accident and 3 years since my last shoulder surgery and since i had to have a comp doc do the surgery i just underwent surgery for the second time a week ago and am now out of work again.. comp cases suck and everyone gets screwed and they take forever.. good luck everyone!!! oh my question is ive had two shoulder surgeries.. my MMI before this last surgery was 13% if i get a little higher MMI rating now will i be eligible for disability??

Alfredo C. on July 15, 2012:

In California, the only winners are the Doctors and Lawyers. Everyone else is a VICTIM of the system. As hard as it sounds, it is best never to get a lawyer because once you get one, they add body parts to increase their profit, allowing the doctors to treat for such parts and also gain from their work. Unfortunately, once you start looking for a job and the employer you are applying for a job with finds out you have past WC claims, you will never get hired. Sad but TRUE!!!

There are legitimate injured workers whom should never hire a lawyer but follow the system with the I&A. This way they just get treated for the injured body parts and never have to give a porcentage to the lawyer.

scilliangirl on July 13, 2012:

OMG! My name could be at the end of this letter. My circumstances are almost identical. I too was lied too, manipulated, coerced, tricked by doctors, my lawyers staff, the QME and the defense lawyer. The WCAB was totally useless also. I would go in to get some information or feedback and the only thing I got was vague answers and attitudes. I only recently learned you can make an appointment with your representative at the WCAB (I did not know I even had someone assigned till this year, I have been on WC since 2002). When I called to make the appointment this guy acted like I was interrupting him and discouraged me from making an appointment.

A few months later, again I tried to make an appointment, trying to get some assistance again, I left a message but my call was never returned.

So much for WCAB appeals Board Information and Assistance, it just ain't so. I disputed my QME report over a year ago, to date I have not received a response. I have multiple injuries, am in chronic, unbearable pain and have started to have additonal problems and pain in my other joints through compensation (putting stress and use on the opposite joint or body part). I have not received any monetary benefits since 2007. We mean nothing to these people, they do not care what effect all this has on our lives, our family, our future.

After all its their job they do it everyday, are pros at it, and we are only the injured worker and their only goal is to see how much the can SCREW us in each and every way. I too am sick and tired of it, complaining does not work cause nobody listens or cares. I think the way we are treated is disgusting and unbelievable. Perhaps if we could somehow band together and protest against it something's gotta give. Make it public, make ourselves noticed by getting noticed by the media. It a thought. Good luck to all my fellow CA linjured workers, especially those who work for the city, or state.

Dragonflyer on June 10, 2012:

It has been 7 years now since I was first crushed at work by a 350 lb patient at the nursing home I was employed at.

It took 1 1/2 years before they would do surgery on my right shoulder. It took 2 surgeries to fix it.

I had to have neck surgery and the nerve openings drilled out at 3 levels on the left side of my neck. As my neck began to heal I could feel that my left shoulder had problems too. It took 3 surgery's in all to fix it.

I had numerous painful procedures prior to the surgeries. Disco Gram on my neck where they put huge needles threw my neck and into my discs to pressure them up to see if they hurt or not. Also they shot me up with Sodium Pentothal so that they knew I was telling them the truth. I have had so much cortisone shot into my body. I became suicidal and felt hopeless that I would never be normal again. The doctors kept me on mood elevators, muscle relaxers, pain killers. I still don't sleep through the night waking up every few hours because of pain in my right shoulder, then the left shoulder, then my on it goes. I have pulled my self off of the medications that were making me sick to my stomach.

I live in Washington State and my lawyer has been doing everything so far correctly. I will be looking into the rating of my injury's so as to know for fact what is going to be happening to my case as it moves into the final stages of closing. I have been told that I am a chronic pain patient and that I will never get any better than that. They are wanting to send me to Vocational Rehabilitation and the Doctors are telling me to get petitioned out.

How do I know which way to go so I don't get screwed by the system. I have already almost lost my house, my car, my marriage, my self.

I have put so much effort in healing and putting forth my own money to continue to get alternative healing work done so that I can maintain some kind of a better existence than being on medication and all messed up in the head.

Do you have any advice for me?

JOE on June 05, 2012:


I have a question maybe someone can help me with..?

I was injured 5 years ago i broke my hand with a hair line fracture I had 2 surgeries and for years my hand has been aching pretty bad, But when it rained it would get worse So i asked the doctor from a MRI and he would laugh and say what for Your Bones look well lined on the x ray while the therapist next door (BUDDIES TO DOCTOR)

would tell me that i was milking it Then for years my doctor im sure thought i was faking it So 5 years later after my attorney asking him to look Me over good he does an X ray that hes never done before they moved the x ray light thing about an inch or less. There they found a Ganglion Cyst deep and Under my tissue on the bone that was fractured So now workers comp is now saying my issues should have been resolved 5 years ago And the bones are well healed..WTH How can they fight me on something that i been pleading with them for so long and what will happen has anyone else gone through such a thing?? It's like beating your head against a wall trying to get them to believe anything you say, Because all they wanna do is put a band aid on you and kick you out the door. And they say they care for the injured worker BIGGEST JOKE OF MY LIFE!! And now my doctor is saying that i have nerve and ligament damage carpal tunnel. But why after this long after thinking i was lying i don't get these people So i have a hearing coming up soon so imma talk to the judge and ask him to please cut my arm off just to get ride of the pain that is now shooting up my arm. I know that may sound strange to many but as long as the pain goes away my mind will be at peace. Thanks

Carol on May 31, 2012:

Well, I don't live in America, I am in Australia and going through the workcover thing here. My problem is that I actually worked for the insurance company that handles the workcover claims and therefore, instead of being supportive after my accident, my company is using me as an example to all other employees Not to make a claim against them or you will be put through the wringer. My lawyer doesn't think it important to contact me and let me know the result of meetings she has had and while I get the occasional email which tells me nothing, she always puts at the end To call her if I have any questions BUT she never answers her phone or returns my calls!

Adam wilson on May 13, 2012:

1-760-418-9153 ho im Adam i need to talk to some one about my case to see when i can get asisance for what i feel i :-( sadly need help please give me a chance to share my feelings why i deserve the help i had it befor and a lot fo time whent by i need assisanct now please can you help me my e-mail is adam_wilson2122YAHOO.COM THANK YOU AV,W

guest on January 18, 2012:

The link above doesn't take one to a guide, just a list of other links.

We fired our lawyer because we feel she messed up a mandatory settlement conference (the other side had sent a letter to my husband months before that said they were going to agree with the AME). But after she met with the other side's attorney, she came out and said the case was going to trial. Her manic behavior and contradictions she said during that brief (maybe 15 minute period) made us decide to fire her. I filed the proper paperwork found on the Cal WC website and served it per instructions. She followed that with a substitution of lawyers making my husband pro per. She sent my husband's file (which she was supposed to do at this point) and I went through it and found that the other side had made an offer (albeit low) months before the MSC. She was supposed to give any written offers to my husband. So we're sending a letter to the other side's attorney as to this fact and plan to complain to the state bar. She had also failed to give the official transcript of the deposition to my husband to review, revised and sign. That was also wrong.

Leonard on January 16, 2012:

Well i just got my doctors rating from knee surgery I had from a job injury last year. He put me at 20%. Is that good or bad if I had acl reconstruction? Should I take the money they are offering and cover my knee for two years or should take the monney to close it out?

Guest of honor on December 29, 2011:


Claimant Used Fake ID To File False Injury Claims12/6/2011

On December 6th, 2011 the Special Investigative Unit of R.J.N. Investigations, Inc., was notified by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office that they secured a conviction in the case of People of California vs R. Ogata. This case originated based upon the detection of significant red flag indicators by the claims examiner and the Risk Management Department of the .99 Cent Only Stores. The case was then assigned to the RJN SIU for investigation. Utilizing subpoenaed records, evidence was discovered that indicated that the claimant was receiving additional sources of income from another claim that the claimant had filed under an AKA. The claimant was not truthful regarding this additional claim or income to either the treating doctors or in her deposition taken under penalty of perjury. While working with investigators with Medi-Cal, the Department of Health Services, California DMV and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the SIU investigation was able to confirm the claimant’s true identify as well as documenting the material misrepresentations regarding the secondary claim. The investigation also revealed that the claimant used additional false identification to file fraudulent claims with the US Social Security Administration. The claimant was arrested and booked into Los Angeles County Jail after being charged with nine felony counts. After attending several criminal hearings, the claimant pled guilty to one felony count of 550(b) (3) and was sentenced to time served in county jail, 5 years probation term, 300 hours of community service and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $64,573.00.


Formed in 1996, the SIU Division was created to assist California employers, small size insurance carriers and TPA firms in securing professional assistance so as to detect, investigate and prosecute insurance fraud. To date, the unit has trained well over 1,500 examiners and the documented referrals by this unit have resulted in over 95 convictions for workers’ compensation insurance fraud in California.


From the first store opened in 1982, 99 Cent Only Stores had expanded to 281 stores with about 75% in California and the rest in Texas, Arizona and Nevada. The stores open at least a year generated average net sales per estimated sellable square foot of $289 and average net sales per store of 4.8 million, which the company believes are the highest in the dollar store industry.

Tony Castillon on July 05, 2011:

I have 2 cases, i went to see the ame for one case, but he saw me for the 2 cases. Is this a legal procedure? Can anyone out there advise me?

housetracy26 on June 16, 2011:

nO ONE knows what you go through, no one listens, no one cares, I don't think my lawyer is bad, but i haven't had much experience in dealing with them. When I call them or her, She responds. its a hard road and if I knew then what I knew now, I probably would have kept my mouth shut and continued on working being hurt....

housetracy26 on June 16, 2011:

CON'T .They did an MRI DID A TENS TEST, THE ENTIRE NINE YARDS, WHEN MY RESULTS CAME BACK THAT i HAD A PARTIAL thickness tear to the left rotaters cuff, buldging dicks in my cervical spine and an inpinged nerve, I thought Iwas going to loose my mind, there was an injury. I was off work for 3 years. workers comp kept denying any surgeries until 2009. I had the surgery on my left shoulder, but not my neck, I went back to work that same year only to be discriminated against written up for things that I didn't do, was accussed of doing things I would never do, was harassed then finally was asked to resign, or get fired and I would never work in a state facility in California again.We have lost everything, our home money friends and I was a single mother of 4 kids I wasen't able to give my kids 2 of my sons left home so they wouldn't be a burden. my oldest son just couldn't deal with my depression, I HAVE MY DAUGHTER WITH ME but we can't afford to have our own place so we live with someone. for the past month I have not received any money that was granted from my 2 AME's my lawyer has been ok, I have a hearing next month and don't know what to expect. I want to settle.. When you are injured and cannot work, when you want to work it depresses you, takes away who you are and no one can understand that unless they have been through it. I had 3 depositions, I broke down at 2 of them because the wc lawyer was being rediculous with her statements about my appearance B

Tracy House on June 16, 2011:

I was injured in 2006, My coworkers ran ,locked themselves in locked rooms while I dealt with a combative patient. I went to my employers doctor, who just medicated me did one x-ray, and sent me to physical therapy.My first few treatments I kept complaining that I couldn't lift my arm above my head and that I was having really bad headaches. My therapist said I was non compliant with treatment I was doing my best but the pain was just too much for me. So the Doctor gave me more meds told me to be compliant with treatment,and gave me another 3 days off. When I tried to tell him that something was wrong, he dismissed me totally, that's when I got a lawyer. The lawyers office sent someone to my house to take my statement, the next week I was sent to their doctor. I complained of my symptoms, gave them a history of my work and how I got injured. T

PureTired on April 29, 2011:

I have been on workers comp for two years now and told that my money is done. In California it is two years only. Now what do I do? They injured me and I am supposed to lose everthing. My only choice is suicide so my family can pay the bills. If anyone can help me or knows how I can get an extention please help me. I have not seen a doctor in 10 months its as if I have already been burried. Im at a lose!

pakino on April 23, 2011:

Those are the kind of lawyers that needs to be sued for legal malpractice,lose their license and together with everybody in their law firm eventually file for bankruptcy.

sio on March 07, 2011:

Yeah, Im going through the same problem. I am now doing my own study of how to get back at my lawyer. There are lawyer complaint forms through OSHA and Lawyer bars that states of lawyer investigation that can take there license away. I havnt went through the process yet but would rather do some studing before I start. Any body out there have any kind of info on this that would help me. In San Diego there is a help info on my situation on every Fridays at the end of the month through OSHA, I will keep ya posted. There is a solution to every problems but the system finds ways to screw you and make things hard to accomplish.

java1764 on March 02, 2011:

I was injured in 2003. actually it was 2002 but I stuck it out, driving to work, lining up my meds, my heat pack, my ice pack. After 3 months of rolling onto myface, and lifting my head up with my hands,(two cervical fusions, 1 at a time, two different dr's after years of being "experimented on" and my daughter learning to drive by taking me to the er, I could not take it anymore. NOW, I have to go to a depo. The ame, stated, I am a qualified injured worker, he said that I should get shots, meds, therapy, etc. The insurance company denied everything except the meds. the last surgery, did not fuse, and now the surgeon wants to wire my cervical spine due to to slippage above and below the surgical site. Went back to the AME, he said, YES, it is 50/50 chance it will work. Before he left the room, I was in tears and asked him, as a dr. what was his opinion, he stated, if it were me or my wife, I would do it. OK, that was over a year ago. My attorney has done NOTHING. NOW, both my surgeon, and my primary ie, pain management dr, have been taken off the mpn. My attoreny was notified in December, I went to the Dr on thursday, and they told me this information, the dr not my attorney. I paid cash (which I found out, is not legal). But what was I suppose to do on a thursday, at the last minute, and my attorney does not RESPOND. He gave me a list of surgeons to call to get "no they will not see me, so he could go to court to keep surgeon", well, I lost the list, I sent a letter pleading, begging for help. All I got in the mail was the new mpn list, no note, nothing. AND they are the WRONG type of Dr's. I need a neuro surgeon, he gave me orthopedics. I went on the insurance company's site, I found both the dr. and the surgewon on the mpn. I called the insurance company, and they stated, I could pick anyone on the list. There is a drop down menu, of blue cross, and two others. But the insurance company I could pick from anyone. The ame, well over a year ago, told me that the attorney has to go to court. Well, he never did, he never returns calls, he never responds to faxes, e-mails. I am so freaking sick of being ignored. I am in PAIN, all the time. I wanted the surgery, but he did nothing. IF he had gone to court, expidied hearing, and showed the judge that the ame agreed, then I would have had the surgery, I assume. Well, now the insurance companhy has hired an outside attoreny, I have to go to a depo, I have paid out of my pocket for shots that the ame said, I should get. With the outside attorneys involved, who has more power? The ame? Or the attorneys? I don't know what to do. I cant get in touch with my attorney. My depo is Friday, I have to see him for an hour, then the depo. I can't handle the longevity, of sitting, for that amount of time, unless I get a shot for pain. Which has to be preapproved, even though the AME stated that I get them. So, what should I do, what am I to expect in the depo, what questions should I be asking the attorney before the depo? I can't afford to pay out of pocket to see the drs. Should my attorney be in trouble for not notifying me hat my dr's have been removed from the mpn, and that if I go to them, I have to pay myself including medication? I was NEVER told this information. If someone can help me TODAY, as the depo is on Friday, and I don't know why I am having severe anxiety over this. Why did they wait so long? anyway, thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you very soon....


java1764 on March 02, 2011:

I was injured in 2003. actually it was 2002 but I stuck it out, driving to work, lining up my meds, my heat pack, my ice pack. After 3 months of rolling onto myface, and lifting my head up with my hands,(two cervical fusions, 1 at a time, two different dr's after years of being "experimented on" and my daughter learning to drive by taking me to the er, I could not take it anymore. NOW, I have to go to a depo. The ame, stated, I am a qualified injured worker, he said that I should get shots, meds, therapy, etc. The insurance company denied everything except the meds. the last surgery, did not fuse, and now the surgeon wants to wire my cervical spine due to to slippage above and below the surgical site. Went back to the AME, he said, YES, it is 50/50 chance it will work. Before he left the room, I was in tears and asked him, as a dr. what was his opinion, he stated, if it were me or my wife, I would do it. OK, that was over a year ago. My attorney has done NOTHING. NOW, both my surgeon, and my primary ie, pain management dr, have been taken off the mpn. My attoreny was notified in December, I went to the Dr on thursday, and they told me this information, the dr not my attorney. I paid cash (which I found out, is not legal). But what was I suppose to do on a thursday, at the last minute, and my attorney does not RESPOND. He gave me a list of surgeons to call to get "no they will not see me, so he could go to court to keep surgeon", well, I lost the list, I sent a letter pleading, begging for help. All I got in the mail was the new mpn list, no note, nothing. AND they are the WRONG type of Dr's. I need a neuro surgeon, he gave me orthopedics. I went on the insurance company's site, I found both the dr. and the surgewon on the mpn. I called the insurance company, and they stated, I could pick anyone on the list. There is a drop down menu, of blue cross, and two others. But the insurance company I could pick from anyone. The ame, well over a year ago, told me that the attorney has to go to court. Well, he never did, he never returns calls, he never responds to faxes, e-mails. I am so freaking sick of being ignored. I am in PAIN, all the time. I wanted the surgery, but he did nothing. IF he had gone to court, expidied hearing, and showed the judge that the ame agreed, then I would have had the surgery, I assume. Well, now the insurance companhy has hired an outside attoreny, I have to go to a depo, I have paid out of my pocket for shots that the ame said, I should get. With the outside attorneys involved, who has more power? The ame? Or the attorneys? I don't know what to do. I cant get in touch with my attorney. My depo is Friday, I have to see him for an hour, then the depo. I can't handle the longevity, of sitting, for that amount of time, unless I get a shot for pain. Which has to be preapproved, even though the AME stated that I get them. So, what should I do, what am I to expect in the depo, what questions should I be asking the attorney before the depo? I can't afford to pay out of pocket to see the drs. Should my attorney be in trouble for not notifying me hat my dr's have been removed from the mpn, and that if I go to them, I have to pay myself including medication? I was NEVER told this information. If someone can help me TODAY, as the depo is on Friday, and I don't know why I am having severe anxiety over this. Why did they wait so long? anyway, thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you very soon....

deb on February 17, 2011:

I was injured on the job and hurt my back,hip and siatic nerve. I am from RI and have an attorney. I'm on w/c and have been for about 2 yrs. I've had to fight w/c right up to the point to having an ime done by the court who had sided with my dr. my attorney wants me to put in a claim for ssdi and is it the right thing to do i am 53 yrs old

kurt reinhard on February 05, 2011:

I live in new york i amputated my left hand with a saw and was labled permanent partialy disabled i was told i could earn some money when i did i was arressted and charged with grand larceny .the only crime is how you are treated if you get hurt on the job.its been three years since i was arrested and still the case has no disposition and i haven't gotten a dollar since my arrest date

no_victim on February 05, 2011:

Reading your posts makes me feel sad and angry (again).

Red alert: You need a lawyer or you will definitely get screwed.

After you get a lawyer, then you need to watch what your lawyer and doctors are doing at all times. I've found that instead of me being the client, the lawyer was his own client first and the doctor was his own patient first. In other words they were looking out for their wallets before looking out for me. So do your research about your injury and the w/c system online.

I went through a w/c nightmare. But I know that one can succeed in winning benefits if he/she familiarizes themselves with the system and knows about the way the system works. For example, most w/c attorneys make more money by dealing in volume of clients rather than by merits of the case.

My 1st atty wanted to settle my case right away and move on to the next injured worker/client. But, I knew I was PTD because I have a medical background. I realized that no other insurance company would ever insure me for my injury in the future. I would probably die. So, on one occasion, I went to one of the legal firms founding senior partners, in another city, and I complained to him. I wrote letters to him keep him informed. He didn't ask me to write. I just wrote. The purpose of doing this was to let my lawyers know that I was not merely a bystander in my quest for a fair and favorable w/c decision. I was partnering with them and needed all the information about my case on an ongoing basis.

You must advocate for yourself in a w/c situation. Remember that your injury is a money mill for the doctors and lawyers. The play book is already written. You only walk into it. Then you become the piece of meat that this system of drs/attys/others feed from. You need to work your case with that knowledge kept in your mind. Always remember about the huge egos of drs and lawyers. So don't make them mad at you. Make them like you. This doesn't mean do everything they tell you. Ask questions. Be an informed client.

ALWAYS attend your hearings even though your attorney sends you a letter saying that "the hearing is routine and you need not attend". Let him know you're there at the hearing and for him not to do anything without telling you first and you agreeing to it. Repeat this to him before each hearing.

Always tell the truth. Never do any physical activity or attend any classes because the W/C company will have a surveillance camera in an empty car parked on your street. Stick it out. My case took about 6 or 7 years to finish. But now I have the best of all worlds for the injured worker. I hope all of you can get the same.

Others don't know how difficult life becomes for the injured worker. We're often looked upon by others as possible fakers and cheats. The 'system' works us over in our sick, injured, depressed states. It may sound cynical, but it's true. The system always takes away from the weakest citizens ... the injured, the disabled, the old, the children, the jobless, the uninsured, etc. all of whom are the least able to advocate for themselves.

charles ruddy on February 03, 2011:

i got a real good caring attourny who has helped me out a great bit and only charges 25 percent of your winnings if you win i am with opner thomas and permar they are great service here in nc. try them they can help you out if they can. they will be real and sincere i recommend them toanyone here in nc

Svawr on February 01, 2011:

I'm on worker comp now been reiving temporary total disability for well over a year now. I have ptsd from a robbery that happen on job. panel dr is not going to release to go back to work he said i not able. counselors, pych, other doctors are all agreeing no change in condition. I'm on various meds for depression and axiety and sleep. My nerves is so bad I started pulling my hair out and other problem errupted. Opposing atty want settle. What can I do? I get this feeling that being on the worker's comp system is just a constant reminder of the incident and this is making things worst instead of better. I need the meds and the thearpy but, im sometimes forgetful its just too much!

Player on January 10, 2011:

I never knew that you could be screwed like this.

Had an injury in 2006,no supervisor on site. Injury date was November 2006 on a Saterday so I went to an emergency room on my own had exrays taking spent the weekend with my leg elevated and iced .when I went back to work i reported the injury to supervisor who took me to the jobs clinic. the clinic said that it was a sprain and gave me physical therapy for about 6 weeks then the supervisor gave me the workman comp form that was dated December 16,2006 ,i just didn't know my rights. I was afraid of losing my job so I went along with the game. after therapy i was fired for attendance reasons they say. so three years later they said that they found my claim form in their file and that it was not reported to the insurance company,they sent me to the Dr. who said that I had a fracture but now they are saying that I am committing fraud and sent me to a deposition and then to an AME who told me to settle before he gives his report. He didn't even check my foot, Talking about being screwed Wow!

I pray to God that they dont get away with this UHHH!

JoDee on December 22, 2010:

Think I have the best case. Not me actually a family member who drives for a living. While on the job he fell from his vehicle and incurred a severe tramatic brain injury. According to the travel status doctrine - accidents incurred in the travels of your job are indeed workmans comp. The doctors, insurance, fellow employees - everybody but of course - workmans comp - see this as heir responsibility. Hired one lawyer - actually advertises on this sight. What a joke that has been - as you say part of the system. Wanted to fire him, but it would have nearly cost me what I will have to pay him to begin with and then would still need another lawyer. SO hired another lawyer and THEY are working together. Not sure that was the brightest but they are splitting the fee. Need them though because my husbands 24/7 monitoring and care is all on me - I have no help and because we are only getting half of the amount of what was my husbands paycheck through ssdi - I can't afford to higher help. We agreed to a ridiculously low amount in August because "they" were supposed to pay all the medical expenses - yet I am now getting collection calls from the hospital bills still unpaid by them. In the end Workmans comp wants us to sign a statement saying that the case was never workmans comp - just an injury unrelated to work. So basically they want you to lie to let them off the hook, to hurt yourself and meanwhile they hang you out to dry all over the place. At my wits end, but financially am hanging on. I can't beleive these people get away with all this over and over and over. Would talk to a reporter to blow this out of the water if there were one brave enough to make a big noise about this in public. All those workers out there who think they are going to be looked out for because their employer cares enough to carry workmans comp insurance for them need to know when the sh8@ hits the fan - none of them from your company to the insurance to your high and mighty unions are anywhere to be seen. Am looking for advice on next steps.

allhaverights on November 16, 2010:

young or old everyone gets hurt and everyone has the right to the programs that are available for us to use. It is not for us to judge.

Johnbouy on November 13, 2010:

It's people like you that has caused the WC program to be so difficult to deal with by filing frivolous claims.

You were not injured, you're getting OLD.

You are a sorry sap for milking the system and making things harder for those truly injured.

beentheredonethat on October 25, 2010:

well, I had no idea just how many folks out there were getting the Job from their attorneys. and, I for one am just another poor slob to get mopped up with the cleaning water. Thank God, and I mean that literally that someday they will reap what they sowed. thats about all I can say that will bring even a small amount of comfort to those who are being pushed around by the deceptive system we all live in. that bit of information won't pay the bills, or bring you any immediate relief from your injuries, but neither will this website or the blogs posted on it. At least what I am saying is sure to have success and will without fail come true.

" Like sheep skinned and thrown about " thats what Jesus saw when he looked about at mankind, and what was his purpose here...... it was to expose the false religious leaders for defrauding the people and to make known his fathers purpose for mankind... Rev 21: 1-5 and death and mourning and outcry and pain will be no more, the former things have passed away.

Just hang in there, its just around the corner.

The meek shall inherit the earth, and reside forever upon it...... not the attorneys, not the judges, not the insurance adjusters, not those who exploit others for profit, not liars, not stealers, not those who will do anything for a dollar, not those who deliberately withhold aid from others when it is in the power of their hand to bring comfort...

Just hang in there, and oh yeah, don't forget to pray and thank God when it happens.

S.Best on September 25, 2010:

I got hurt on the job in 2007. I hurt my back and shoulder. I have had surgery for my shoulder and the back doctor said he can not do surgery on my back. I have perm restion on back and shoulder. I have to get cortiozon shots in my shoulder at least 1 time a year.w/c has paid all my medicatal bill and surgery and I recive a weekly check. Because I was working 3 jobs at the time of my injury my income droped from 3,000.00 a mouth to less then 1,000.00 a mouth. Because of the loss of income my car was reprossed. Now my credit is shot and the car company want me to pay 10,000.00 out of my settlement. plus the lawyer want's his 1/3. w/c offered a settelment of 20,000.00 by the time every body got there part I would be left with less then 10,000,00 so I said no. The lawyer said I did not have to settle I could keep on getting my check until retirment age or life. now voc Rehab is trying to find me work for the last 4 years with no luck. Now they what to send me to a temp agenice and if I refuse to go to work for the temp job I am in non complyince and they can stop my check. If I take the temp job and the job ends and it will because it is a temp job I can not get my worker comp check reinsated because I did not lose my job due to my injury but because the job ended. My lawyer will not do anything to stop this. I don't understand this because he dose not get paided unless I settle.I have been trying for 2 years to get my lawyer to make w/c send me to school. w/c said no it will cost them to much money.What can I do?

brian on September 16, 2010:

Let me point out something: as a citizen of These Sovereign United States of America, you have the undeniable right to appeal for a jury trial. You must learn how to exercise that right. Forget lawyers as they are, well... lawyers and as has been correctly stated here by many... are NOT out for your best interest. You will fare better in front of a judge if your case is real and he sees that you are trying to get all of your ducks in a row. Do NOT be tempted by lawyers words unless they are immediate family. Even then.... caution. Know your stuff and give em' hell!

SDMA on July 25, 2010:

i injured my back at work 2009 my doctor keep sending me to work.she keep requesting for different injection this next one will be facet.i would like a referral for a surgen and she just keep making suggestion for other injection what do i need to do ,how do i get her to take me out for a few week i hurt all the time migr.head are killing me i see neur on 9/18.

keith on June 10, 2010:

my workers comp horror story happened in michigan, and i know the law's are different in every state, but it is rediculous what they are allowed to do to severly injured workers!!! before i was injured, i wasn't rich by any means, but i did live a pretty comfortable life. in the year and a half it took to finally force me to take their pathetic offer, i had absolutely no income and went through my entire savings & checking accounts, ran up all of my credit cards over their limits, took out loans and borrowed money from family and friends. if it wouldn't have been for the fact that i was married at the time and i was about to lose my house and my lawyer seemed to be on the side of workers comp and just wanted his cut of my money and seemed to say anything to get me to settle eventhough i didn't want too, i would have NEVER settled!!!!! i was 34 at the time and permently disabled with very serious knee and back problems, and i settled for about $72,000 of which i received around $52,000 of it. so here i am at 34, not able to work anymore because of lear corp's incompitance & negligence getting a whopping $52,000 after losing my savings & checking accounts, running up my credit cards,taking out loans and borrowing money from family & friends all of which totaled more than $200,000! along with the whopping $52,000 that was supposed to last the rest of my life, i had to sign that i would not be able to sue lear corp ever again for anything else, never try to apply for a job from them again (well since they made it that i could never work again, this one was no big deal!) and lost my very good health coverage i had from them, among all the bs i had to waive my rights too. this law that is supposed to be there to help hard working americans who are injured at work does nothing more than devistate you!!! republican govenor john engler saw it fit to help his rich buddies that own all the companies that michigan people work for change this law years back so that injured workers would get screwed instead of getting a fair settlement. as usual this was done because others in the past let frivalous law suits go through the courts and they were paid out crazy ammounts of money, instead of doing their jobs and making sure these people were actually hurt and injured, they will simply make future people, such as me, pay for their laziness and incompitance and allow companies now to basically do anything they wish, no matter how dangerous it might be to workers because the only consequence they face is this pathetic, money bought law!!! if there is anyone out there that knows of anything i can do or any lawyers that know any loop holes around this law, please contact me at keiths because i would love to hear from you! i am barley scrapping by and it pisses me off that i'm forced to live like this because of someone elses negligence&incompitance!