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5 Powerful Notion Business Templates

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.


When you run a business, it is absolutely imperative that you can take full control of your business activities. From controlling costs and cutting expenditures to planning out client interactions, supply chains, and customer support, you have so much to try and focus on. Naturally, with so much to do, you might find yourself running a little short on patience. To help you keep things moving along smoothly, here are some excellent Notion business templates.

Notion is one of the best tools you could have in your arsenal for productivity, accountability, and staying on track in general. With that in mind, you should focus heavily on using the right templates. A template can give you a great basis for storing all of the business details that you could need in one easy-to-view location. To help you make the right choice, then, we highly recommend that you check out the following business templates for Notion.

Each one offers you something useful in terms of the layout, the structure, and the type(s) of data that could be stored at any one time. Try it out and see for yourself why so many people today choose Notion.

Here we are going to cover the following Notion business templates:

  1. Weekly Agenda
  2. The Product Launch Kit
  3. Burnout Detection
  4. Job Board
  5. Daily Journal

1. Weekly Agenda

A fine starting place for most business owners using Notion would be the Weekly Agenda (on Notion) template. This works well as it can be easily set up to help you run every aspect of the business week to week. From making notes about things like staff meetings to supply chain interactions, you can make sure you always have every task you need to cover noted down and prepared accordingly.

Over time, this can give you all of the help that you need to go about creating a template that makes each week easier to prepare for. Now, you can better understand where your money is going and where your time is being invested. Then, you can make more decisive goals over what – if anything – needs to change if you want to get moving in the right direction.

Progress is tough in business, but this template makes consistent progress achievable.

2. The Product Launch Kit

If your business is set to release a new project in the near future, then we highly recommend The Product Launch Kit (on Protition). This is a tremendous choice for just about anyone who is looking for something a little bit different. Not only is this filled to the rim with easy ways to keep an eye on your product launch, but it means that you can simplify and streamline the whole process.

Once you launch one product, you can use this template to help you make sure you are always setting the right goals for its success. You can also include key metrics that showcase progress or failure for each product launch, making sure you are always learning.

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Your business can be much better at launching a product with this strategy, budget, and promotional aide. It can take out much of the stress you might have expected to deal with moving forward.

3. Burnout Detection

However, another useful way to try and keep your business running well is to focus on the signs of burnout. If you worry that you and your staff are going to the well too often, you need to find a way of avoiding burnout. The Burnout Detection (on Prototion) tool will give you everything you are looking for moving forward. This gives you useful information that you can use to help you better understand the issues you might be facing with regards to burnout.

This gives you some very useful metrics to keep an eye on; fill this out on a regular basis, and you can more comfortably spot the signs of burnout. Then, you can take more appropriate action to avoid your staff having to feel like they are doing too much with too little. A great Notion template to run to help keep staff productive and positive.

4. Job Board

The Job Board (on Notion) template is a fine choice for just about anyone looking to help bring in new employees to their company. This allows for you to easily include key data such as any open positions in your company, as well as showcase the company vision and culture for any employee who might be looking to get involved in your company.

You can then share this with your HR team, or even hand out a read-only version to potential employees. This makes a great place to store all of the most crucial details about the positions opening up in your company. Now, you can keep people who are looking to either change positions or join your company up-to-date with the latest details regarding positions opening up.

This is a very useful tool for making sure you can see meaningful and consistent progress moving forward.

5. Daily Journal

To wrap up, this basic but effective entry is just what you could use for your daily business activities. The Daily Journal (on Notion) works well because it is such an easy-to-use template. While it might be better for sole traders and the self-employed as opposed to a full business, it offers you enough space to keep easy track of all of your most important factors.

This allows you to easily and effectively build up a journal that is designed to store all of your key business details. Day-to-day business journaling can be useful for chronicling things that have been done, things to do, and things to think about for future development and growth.

So, make sure you think about using this journal to help make sure you can keep a better eye on how your business is performing day-to-day.

Building a business is tough, and having as many tools at your disposal as you can have is very important. With that in mind, you might wish to take a closer look at this range of Notion business templates. Each one could help you to organise a key part of your business for the weeks, months, and years to come.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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