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5 Professional Notion Invoice Templates

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.

Looking for a Notion invoice template? Here are five professional invoice templates for your perusal.

Looking for a Notion invoice template? Here are five professional invoice templates for your perusal.

The Best Notion Invoice Templates

What most don't realise about Notion is that it can actually be pretty practical; you can start to incorporate a lot more of your business processes and activities within the software, which can help streamline and make your overall business more efficient. And a great way to do that is used through the use of invoicing. You can utilize Notion to create invoices, create automatically regenerating invoices and get sent to your customers, and then record whether they have interacted with it.

Save Time and Costs With Notion Templates

This can be particularly effective for time-saving purposes and even potentially cost if you have signed up for some specific accounting software that you are solely using for the invoicing process. Although it might need to be quite as sophisticated as some invoicing software, it can do a pretty thorough job for you, especially if you are only wanting it for the basic sort of means.

Here we are going to explore the main Notion invoice templates you can check out and modify to your own specific needs.

6 Notion Invoice Templates

  1. Minimal Invoice Template
  3. Invoice Manager
  4. Botion
  5. Notion Invoice Template

1. Minimal Invoice Template

As a bit of a minimalist in general, at least an aspiring one, this invoice template is one that resonates with me the most. It only has the very essentials of the invoice. Really, that's all you need.

To find the invoice template for Notion, you can simply head over to Gumroad and search for "Notion Invoice Template" with the creator being Easlo, and you can basically just quickly generate an invoice through the platform and then print it as a PDF, then send it to your client how you would like.

You can see it clearly lists all the necessary information such as your company name, invoice number, date of issuance, the respective client name, and their address as well. Then lists the type of services and products offered. This is the template that I would certainly start off looking at.

2. Beautiful PDF Invoices for Notion

Now, if you are wanting something a bit more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing, then there is actually a dedicated site for Notion invoice templates that is worth checking out. Find it by searching for, and you should be able to come up with the site, which hosts a wide range of different templates that you can then go on to utilise effectively.

What is a bit more unique about these templates than the minimalist one above is that they integrate a payment button, so you can easily get paid via Stripe, Paypal, and other payment methods. Then once the payment has been made, you can get an email alert letting you know when it has gone through. Then everything automatically syncs up with Notion as well, so you know what's happening.

3. Invoice Manager for Notion

What's unique about this template is that it not only allows you to generate invoices but also provides you with a dashboard overview, so you can quickly scan what's overdue, what's been issued today, what's the revenue for the month, and the year. You can see the recent transactions and so on.

Find the template by searching for "Invoice Manager" on Gumroad, and you will see it has all the functionality that you will want from a process-style template. Definitely worth checking out for those who want to take one step beyond just the invoice template itself.

4. Botion

This is a rather unique template from Botion, and you can see the corresponding video above, demonstrating exactly how the system works. It's an invoice mechanism that allows you to optimise the invoices via the database which is pretty clever.

You can simply select all the variable options to what you need, and it automatically generates the invoice for you, and you can adjust the due date. Then once you're ready for the invoice to be sent, change the status to 'open', and the invoice gets fired across to them.

Certainly a great template for those who are looking to generate their invoices in a fast manner; rather than going into every invoice as a dedicated page in itself, you can simply shift along the tables and select the relevant criteria.

5. Notion Invoice Template

You can find the template by heading over to Gumroad and looking for "Notion Invoice Template" by Notion Dad, and you should come across the template you're after. It's again a bit of a minimalistic design but is meant as an alternative for those who just want something that is a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

It's basic enough for you to design over and redesign it how you like, and then you can simply send off the invoice once you're happy with it. It's downloadable for free as well and includes payment details for PayPal and Stripe too.

It contains all the structure of an invoice that you would want, such as the company details (filling in your address for the company), the client details (the address for the client you're invoicing), the dates (when you have issued the invoice), the overall breakdown (the different services and products that you have charged for) then payment (this includes the links specified above as well as if someone wanted to pay via BACS or IBAN for example).

Find What Works For You

Hopefully, the above list of Notion invoice templates will give you a good idea of what you need and how you can integrate it into a workflow that specifically suits you. As with all templates, they go through a few stages of evolution as you find what works best for you. This will likely apply more to the invoice management system, so you can get a clear idea of where you are in terms of chasing up payment where needed and what you can do to optimise that in a better manner.

If there are any invoice templates that you think should have been included on the list but are missing, we'd love to hear about them in the comments section (that you can just find below) and if we really like them after checking them out, we will make sure to add it to the above list.

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