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6 Productive Notion Weekly Planner Templates

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.

Notion weekly planner templates can help you organize your current week and get ready for the next.

Notion weekly planner templates can help you organize your current week and get ready for the next.

Get Ahead Week by Week with Notion Weekly Planner Templates

If you're looking for a Notion weekly template to help keep yourself organised and always on the ball so you don't forget anything, these weekly templates are definitely for you. Whether you are looking for something quite minimalist or something more complicated that takes your days, weeks and months and comprises a one-year plan, these are the templates for you.

Here we are going to discuss the following templates specifically:

  1. The Notion Weekly Planner
  2. Every Week with Notion
  3. Plan Your Year
  4. Student Dashboard
  5. Notion Planners
  6. Weekly Agenda

All these weekly templates are meant to act as a foundation that you can modify to how you like to work. Plus, you will see that some templates are more appealing to you than others, depending on whether you just like to visualise tasks in a certain way, want it decorated in an aesthetic look, or are after a more minimalist template.

1. The Notion Weekly Planner

The Danny Hatcher blog post, "How to Make a Notion Weekly Planner", gives you an array of six different styles of weekly planners that you can opt for. They are the following very minimalist and basic templates:

  • The Block Design
  • Board View
  • Calendar View
  • Board and Calendar Combined
  • Timeline View

Personally, the board view is the template that I use to organise my weekly template, and it just has a few adjustments, but this is a great foundation that you can modify and add to as well as take away aspects that you don't need.

For instance, I like to also assign an importance level of "Must", "Should" and "Would be nice" so I get a better overall level of each task and where it should be allocated during the week.

2. Every Week With Notion

Another blog-style template from The Millennial Maven, who titles their post "How to Plan Your Week with Notion", offers a narrow overview of a simplistic yet more streamlined "to-do list"-style weekly template agenda.

You can see right away what you have to do that week; at the same time, each task can be broken down into separate aspects by themselves that can get more intricate if needed. There is also a section on "pre-populated recurring tasks" that's there for the tasks that keep coming up week after week, and you don't have to keep making them.

Each task type is differentiated, so you know what task needs to be done and when. This is a really nice weekly Notion template that is good for the intermediate Notion user and for those who want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing as well.

3. Plan Your Year

This is a template for those who are really wanting to invest in the Notion app and want their whole year organised. If that sounds like the case for you, you're going to want to check out "Notion Planning Templates" which can be found on Gumroad.

There is a whole guide in the YouTube video below, and you can see specific sections that allow you to focus on a day-by-day overview to a week-by-week overview (specifically with the 'Weekly Review' as well as the 'Win the Week' pages) and how that all fits into the month and consequently the year. This is a really great planner template for those who are serious about getting themselves organised.

4. Student Dashboard

For those who are students and want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing, as well as more oriented around academics, the "Aesthetic Student Dashboard" that you can find on Gumroad is perfect. It's built-in with your grades in mind, organising your classes, and basically allows you to be on top of all your assignments at all times.

This is a template that can be customised to suit your needs and is extremely popular, so it is worth checking out and seeing what you think. It does have a dedicated weekly section; you can really get to grips with ensuring that you're organising your time and effort in a way that's in tune with your studies.

5. Notion Planners

This is actually my preferred template from the range of templates available. It's a really simple, minimalistic overview of how your life can be organised into the following areas:

  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner

You can find the template on Gumroad; simply search for "Notion Planners by Monospace", and you can download the template and fill in all the different aspects that make up your week. It's also worth checking out their other templates, such as the "Get Productive Planners".

6. Weekly Agenda

Then you have Notion's very own weekly template called the "Weekly Agenda", which is a super simple template that you can utilise to organise your week, with a visual portrayal of all the different tasks that you need to do for the week.

What's a little unique about this template is the archive option, so you can see all the tasks that you have completed previously and reference them in the future if needed. It's worth setting a reminder via Notion as well to ensure that you actually go on the weekly template to either set up specific tasks or just review what needs to be done that week and make sure you have everything prepared and get things ready for the following week.

It's nice not to have a whole range of different things that need doing at different times, and it takes the weight of those thoughts off your head and down in Notion, where you have access to it on your phone, tablet and computer.

Other Notion Weekly Template Ideas?

If you have other Notion weekly templates that you think we should be featured in the list above, let us know in the comments section; we will be more than happy to take a look, and if it is good, we will make sure it gets featured above.

Let us know your experiences as well; how are you getting on with Notion? Do you have your own weekly planner template that you have set up? Have you been inspired by someone else?

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