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10 Different Types of Speeches

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For anyone looking to take part in a speech, it can be hard to work out what kind of speech you should give. If you are looking to become a bit more eloquent and powerful in your delivery, it pays to pick the right ‘type’ of speech. Yes, that is right; speeches come in different types. That might be your first problem!

The speech that you give to your football team at half-time is totally different to the speech you give to your colleagues. That speech, too, will differ from one you give at a wedding, which would differ from what you would say if you achieved political office. It’s all about making sure you can pick out a speech style that suits the mood, the moment, and the method. That can be hard to know about, so we want to try and break down the most effective types of speech for you to think about.

If you want to make sure you can put on a brilliant speech—for whatever purpose—pick one of these types. You might need to refine your speech to fit in and work with a certain type of speech, however.

That being said, you should really find that this speech is one of the best situations for you. It would go a long way to making sure you can enjoy the experience of putting together a speech rather than worrying it won’t sound right. Often, the main problem with your speech isn’t so much the content – it’s that the type of speech does not match the moment.

So, let’s take a look together and try to find a speech that is going to fit with the message you want to send. What, then, are the most popular types of speeches?

10 Types of Speeches

  1. Emotional Speech
  2. Explanation Speech
  3. Oratory Speech
  4. Motivational Speech
  5. Funny Speech
  6. Factual Speech
  7. Selling Speech
  8. Special Occassion Speech
  9. Debates
  10. Goodbye

#1 Emotional Speech

Probably the first starting point for anyone who is looking to throw a speech would be the emotional speech. Speeches are often a point where you are expected to showcase your fun and your love of all things that are involved in the speech. It’s a moment where you can convince the audience that you care, and that you know what you are talking about.

For many people, this is the best kind of speech to put together. Pulling from the heart rather than the head can feel easy in comparison. This lets you make your point and make it clearly and easily. For that reason, emotional speeches are among the most popular.

#2 Explanation Speech

The second type of speech we tend to find are most common would be that of an explanation speech. These are the kind of speeches that one would use to demonstrate their power and knowledge. It’s a fine way to help give your audience a chance to learn from you, and make sure that there is the opportunity to build and grow.

It would give you a chance to really let the audience know that you understand what you are talking about. It builds authority, it showcases your understanding of a tough topic, and it goes a long, long way to making sure you can get more done. For those who want to put on a speech that wins, go for an explanation speech.

#3 Oratory Speech

A good type of speech to get used to delivering is that of an oratory speech. These are among the most popular types of speech one will ever have to give. With an oratory speech, you are expected to use your power of emotive language and swift delivery to encourage the audience that what you are saying is 100% worth listening to.

This is usually put together for something like a major event such as a business launch, or a political event. They are great for using strong, emotive language to convince people to listen and to stick around. Hard to deliver, such speeches are often about trying to address issues and put to bed certain problems. It requires empathy, control of the facts, and knowledge.

#4 Motivational Speech

One way to help build the room up into a fervour is to deliver a rich and strong motivational speech. While they can be hard to get right, if you put in enough effort it can make the whole experience simpler. A motivational speech is a fun way for you to help give people access to the facts that they need whilst helping to uplift the mood of the room.

A good motivational speech will end with lots of applause, but more importantly it will end with people taking action. If you see people actively going to sign up or take part in whatever you have been motivating them to do, then you can safely say that your speech was a success!

#5 Funny Speech

A good way to help build a clear idea of what you are looking to do with a speech is to utilise comedy. An entertaining speech is often the hardest one to write, though, as you need to know your audience. What will they find funny? How formal or informal can you be? How can you be with risk in terms of trying to tell a joke that might be a bit “too far” in some circumstances?

Entertaining speeches are fun, but they should never be too long. It’s better to leave the audience wanting more than wishing you would hurry up and get to the punchline. So, keep that in mind as you continue to grow.

#6 Factual Speech

A good kind of speech to have in your locker is a factual speech. They are great for breaking down facts in a timely manner for the audience. For example, if you were doing a policy launch or the launch of a charity you would want to have all the figures that you could have in front of you. That would allow you to easily throw together a speech that really gives out information that the audience can use.

These speeches need to be built around the information rather than your delivery, though. They are tough to get right, but if you get used to making the facts relevant to the main point, you can really land your delivery.

#7 Selling Speech

Another popular speech type would be that of a selling speech. These are used to try and persuade people to look at you in a certain way or listen to what you have to say. Politicians use them all the time to punt policies. They are the most effective solution possible for you to make a positive choice about selling something.

It’s often about trying to show the pros and mask the cons. However, the key of a good selling speech is recognising the reality. Don’t make it sound like your idea is perfect or that it’s going to be easy to put in place. Recognise the inherent challenges, and people will come back time and time again.

#8 Special Speech

When you are asked to give a speech at a major occasion, it can be hard to say the right words. A special speech—such as a Best Man speech at a wedding—can be very worrying. You will be scared about what to say as you don’t want to insult or scare off anyone in the audience. Special speeches are often at their most effective if you plan it out properly.

This means putting in place a simple, effective solution for building something a bit more emotive. It often means knowing the people and the audience well, but it can be timeless if you deliver it well enough.

#9 Debates

While not always a speech in itself, a debate is one of the most popular forms of speech we can watch. Why? Because a debate is always actively taking on one idea or the other. With the help of such debates, you can sit back and enjoy learning in a way that you simply cannot normally. Speeches are usually good for rousing attention and making people want to take action. Debates, though, are designed to help inform the audience and help them to pick a side.

That’s why debates are among the most effective tools that you have. When used correctly, debates go a long way to building consensus and trust in what you have to say.

#10 Goodbye Speech

The last kind of speech we want to look at is a leaving speech. Whether you are stepping down from political office, leaving your sports club, moving onto a new job, retiring, or anything else, you should look to give a speech as often as you can.

A goodbye speech is often built around emotion and thanking people. It’s for that reason that we look to make sure you can go through with making the speech personal as well as personable. Is it hard? Yes. Is it impossible? Not at all; you just need to know where to start.

So, what should you do if you want to make a speech? Consider the types of speeches above and see which one will suit your needs the best!

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