Top 5 Future Careers That Don't Exist Yet

Updated on February 24, 2020
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I recently attended a seminar on Artificial Intelligence & The Future Job Market and thought I'd share my findings.

Every scientific or technological advancement ever made revolutionizes our civilization, including our career choices.

  • Just a few decades ago, smartphones & AI were nothing more than science fiction. Now, they're a common part of almost every household. And Robots & AI are a few years shy from following the same trajectory.
  • When that happens, jobs that require manual labor (like the job of a construction worker) will become less common.
  • However, this revolution will also create new career paths, possibly ones that'll require more creativity and less labor.

With that in mind, here are 5 future jobs that don't exist yet.

1. Drone Manager

Military drones were already in use by countries like the USA, China, Russia and the UK for defense, weapons and surveillance. But now, they're being used for more public affairs like transport, delivery and entertainment.

Unsurprisingly, this trend will continue in the future, and drone technology will become a big part of our lives. And that's where the role of a Drone Manager comes into play.

  • A Drone Manager's job would be to control the traffic of drones used by various companies.
  • Drone Managers would be hired by private organizations & companies to regulate their drone fleets.
  • In order to become a Drone Manager in the future, you'll at least need experience as a Fleet Manager today.

2. Medical Mentor

The field of Health & Medicine has seen many technological, cultural & ethical changes during this decade.

Subjects like mental health, diet & hereditary disorders have gained a lot more public attention. And because of this, psychologists, nutritionists & health advisers are in much greater demand than before.

One potential future career choice is that of a Medical Mentor.

  • A Medical Mentor would follow up on patients' appointments to ensure they follow their doctor's recommendations.
  • Mentors could also provide a track record of their patient's activity, which could help doctors make a more accurate diagnosis.
  • If you want to become a Medical Mentor, you'll likely need experience as a Health Coach or a Patient Advocate.

3. Personal Data Broker

We can't talk about technological advancements without mentioning Social Media. Of course, we can't talk about Social Media without mentioning user privacy.

Most companies that run social media platforms or online apps follow strict guidelines to protect their user's private data. But that doesn't stop some companies from illegally selling & re-selling personal data to third parties. One such example is the Facebook Data Leak Scandal of 2019.

What most people don't realize is how profitable their private data can be. And how it can be legally used to earn a profit. This is where a Personal Data Broker comes into the picture.

  • A Personal Data Broker would regulate & trade private data based on their client's approval
  • Based on bidding & data exchanges, they would advise their clients which organizations they should sell their data to.
  • For those interested in this career path, you'll at least need a degree or certificate in Research and Data systems.

4. 3D-Printed Food Technician

Another game-changing creation of this century is the 3D Printer, which can print anything from a guitar or a camera lens to actual organic products like food items. You simply feed raw materials into the printer, which then molds a 3D model of your desired product based on the information you provide.

Due to this fact, a 3D-Printed Food Technician could prove a great career choice.

  • Technicians would generate 3D Printed foods like steaks from raw organic materials.
  • Business-wise, this could be quite profitable. 3D Printed foods are already seen as a good potential approach for fighting world hunger.
  • As for what type of experience you need, it's a little difficult to say at the time, but you'll at least need a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Fine Arts, or Computer Science to pursue this career

5. Memory Surgeon

With advancements in neuroscience, comes the possibility of digital brain implants. Which means that in just a few years, we might be able to transplant digital memory chips inside a human brain.

So for our final entry, let's talk about what's arguably one of the most awe inspiring future career options, Memory Surgeons.

  • Memory surgeons could implant digital chips inside a person's brain treating a variety of neurological & psychological disorders like Alzheimer's, paralysis & PTSD.
  • These chips could either store memory in the form of digital data or even delete traumatic events from a person's memory.
  • Despite its alien concept, many researchers have already developed silicon chips that mimic the brain's neurological activity. So, the idea isn't too far fetched.
  • If you're daring enough to pursue this career, you'll at least need specialization in Neuroscience or Biomedical Engineering


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      Good idea


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