Available Jobs in the Philippines During this Pandemic

Updated on July 2, 2020

The Current Labor Market

I would be highly understating the situation if I said that this coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected the labor market. And it’s not just the labor market of a developing country like the Philippines which has seen available jobs drastically reduced. This depression in the labor market is happening all over the world, the same way the virus spread.

It’s easy to blame lockdowns for the loss of jobs in the Philippines during this pandemic. Several types of businesses were not allowed to operate, especially during enhanced community quarantine. The whole country is still slowly getting back up its knees in terms of economy and job availability.

Before, the problem we had when it came to job availability was that there were too many graduates but a lack of suitable jobs for these graduates. The sad pre-pandemic reality was that the call center services industry was where most hard-to-match graduates ended up, despite these graduates having Master’s degrees in whichever social science. Now, graduates (and everyone else) will take whatever job there is available. Better having a paying job than applying for social amelioration.

So how can we find our next job during this pandemic? Lucky for all of us, job sites are still around to help us. Get your Linkedin, Mynimo and Jobstreet profiles updated because we’re going to do a few simple job searches.

Jobs needing no experience

Let’s do a simple search on Mynimo.com. This search was made on July 2, 2020.

Sales Representative for TeleTech, Cebu IT Park. According to the job posting, it pays at least 15,000 pesos. I’d say that’s decent for a starting job. Back in 2015 and just fresh off graduation, I was hired as a maintenance engineer which paid 12,000 pesos in basic salary. The only asterisk on this job posting is that it’s a home-based job that has high-speed internet demands for the worker. So if you don’t have good internet connection at home, this might not be the job for you.

Graphic Designer for TimeRiverDesign Inc. This job is available at Mandaue City, which is just beside Cebu. There’s no posting on how much it pays, but reading the benefits, I’d say it’s a pretty solid starting job with perks for a graphic designer. And it’s on the day shift!

Healthcare Associates for Wipro. This job is located very near to the Ayala Center. Pre-pandemic, that fact would have been all I needed to run and apply for this job. This posting also doesn’t say about the pay scale, but I like how they simplified the key responsibilities for the employee. They were able to summarize the job in four short sentences – I love how straightforward they are about it.

QA Officer for LBP Service Corporation. Here’s another one in the Mandaue area. This one is located at the Oakridge Business Park, and if you’re an engineering graduate, this might be the job for you since the first qualification they have is ‘Graduate of any Engineering course.’ However, there isn’t much information on the job posting, so if I were applying to this position, I would probably try to get in touch with the email address posted and inquire further.

Jobs needing at least a year of experience

Okay, so maybe you’re one of those who were unfortunately laid off on your first 1-2 years on the job. Or maybe you’ve realized during this pandemic that your life’s not worth wasting anymore with the job you currently have. Let’s again consult Mynimo.com for available jobs.

This was searched on July 2, 2020.

Production Engineer for Toyoflex Cebu Corporation. If you’re engineering graduate with at least a year of experience, and with a license, this might be a good fit for you. This job requires a working knowledge on quality management systems. They placed at the bottom of the qualifications ‘fresh graduate is welcome to apply’ so they must be a bit flexible on the experience requirements. The company probably needs to fill this position urgently. Toyoflex is manufacturing company, and I know a few classmates who are in the same industry. A job at a manufacturing firm can be quite demanding.

Paraplanners for VBP Back Office Solutions Inc. As of this writing, their posting says they have 10 available positions to fill for this job. What’s great is that they’re looking for graduates in either accounting, engineering, finance or commerce – and I know there are a lot these in the labor market right now. The job posting is also friendly in that it says on its skill requirements, “Understanding of Word and Excel software.” Now that’s something you definitely at least opened back in college, if you didn’t use it much. The job posting also talks about doing compliance checks, so my impression is you’ll be doing some audit work.

Virtual Assistant for Supporting Enterprises Inc. There are numerous virtual assistant jobs out there, because Filipino labor is cheap. At the same time, our time zone here also lines up well with Australia. This job posting says that the company is Australian, and by the sound of the responsibilities, it seems like the coolest VA job out there. You get to write Podcast show notes. How cool is it that you get to listen to Podcasts for a living? I didn’t know a job like this existed.

College Instructor for Benedicto College. Looks like there are still job postings out there for the education sector despite there being no physical classes yet. The job posting doesn’t say much about the job and it might be looking for a host of instructors from various backgrounds like Accounting, Engineering, English, Information Technology and Management.

Jobs paying at least 20,000 pesos

So let’s say work experience isn’t the main issue for you, but it’s that you have a monthly overhead that requires you to get at least 20,000 pesos monthly to keep afloat. Let’s use JobStreet.com this time and see what we find.

This search was made on July 2, 2020.

Engineering Head for the Lake Hotel Tagaytay, Inc. Unlike the postings I cited above, this one’s more specialized. This one’s looking for either a civil, electrical or electronic engineer. Furthermore, it’s a management position (which you can also infer from the job title). It requires four years of experience and specialization in the hotel industry or equivalent. When I read ‘hotel industry’ in the job posting I always assume it’s a six-day work-week job. And it is. It says in the job description, ‘willing to work 6 days a week including weekend and holidays.’ That already sends me red flags, but in this time, who are we to be picky? Plus, you get to work in Tagaytay. I’d say that’s pretty cool.

Medical Care Agent for Sykes. How often do you see a job posting in the Philippines with a signing bonus? Not much. But for this one, they offer 20,000 pesos upfront. Plus, the interview is online and the job offer is, too. Like other big BPOs in the country, the job lists a lot of perks.

General Accountant for Oakridge Realty Development Corporation. This one’s pretty specific in that you need to be a certified public accountant with at least 2 years of experience. It also says you’ll be assisting the Finance Manager, so it’s great to know you won’t be alone in doing the job. If you’re a CPA with 2 years under your belt and living near Mandaue, this might be a good fit for you.

Facilities Engineer for Pro-Excel Property Managers Inc. This one requires you to be a licensed civil, mechanical, electrical or electronic engineer. I found it a little funny (but also impressive) that they placed on the required skills ‘negotiation skills.’ I had a similar job a few years back, and indeed you need to know how to deal with people and make compromises while working this type of job. The company seems to be in the real estate management sector, so you’re going to deal with tenants in this job.

Jobs paying at least 40,000 pesos

Lost your job during the pandemic but still have a new car to pay off, and on top of the mortgage on your condo? Let’s look for a 40,000-peso job on JobStreet.com.

This search was made on July 2, 2020.

Delivery Manager for LBC Express. This one’s for a professional with 8-10 years of working experience in a similar field. I’d say there are still jobs out there which pay a lot more for the amount of experience required. The job posting sounds like an area manager with revenue goal responsibilities. Sounds like a lot of pressure.

Company Physician for Fast Autoworld Philippines Corp. – Mitsubishi. This company doctor job posting needs one with at least 5 years of experience. Great thing about these company doctor jobs is the flexibility you get, and this posting has a 3-day workweek with 2 hours per day. The difficult part is that we live in a pandemic world where anyone can be a virus carrier. Still beats working at a hospital where you get exposed to possible virus carriers on a regular basis.

IT Security Analyst for Optum. UnitedHealth is huge and has high standards, so I’m not surprised they’d be looking for an ISMS Auditor for a lot of money. Might not be as much money as you’d get abroad, but still a solid paycheck. Also, the job posting only requires 2-3 years of I.T. experience, so I bet there are a lot of interested people out there.

Data Scientist for Viventis Search Asia. A Data Scientist job is a dream job for many these days. I’m not surprised that this pays at least 40,000 pesos and I wouldn’t be surprised if it paid twice that amount. Data Scientists are paid 80,000 US dollars abroad and foreign companies are lucky they can find cheaper alternatives here.

Jobs paying 100,000 pesos or more

And now for the finale. If you’re new to job searching, you might be surprised that there are actual jobs here in the Philippines that pay six figures per month. Converting that to dollars, you’d be near the median salary for some cities in the United States. With that salary here, you’re probably one of those with a new car every year and live in an overlooking house. Let’s get to it and search JobStreet.com one more time.

This search was made on July 2, 2020.

Tech Leader for Nabepero Philippines, Inc. The job posting even has it paying as much as 120K a month. Developers get a huge piece of the pie in our digital economy. And unlike the LBC job I cited a few paragraphs ago, this one only requires 5 years of experience. So picture this – you graduate Computer Science at age 21, get five years of experience, and you land this job. You’re 26 years old and you already earn six figures a month! Some licensed professionals reach 60 and never get to six figures monthly.

Site Manager for Fluence Energy Inc. The pay scale for this one actually makes more sense than the first 100K job we found. This one requires 10 years of experience. I’d say that the pressure and expertise required for the job is commensurate to the paycheck. But there are probably people out there earning 200,000 pesos a month with the same job description.

Senior Salesforce Developer for Go Virtual Assistants Inc. I’d like to close this article out with another digital economy job. This one actually has a minimum pay of 90,000 pesos – but it pays as much as 100,000 pesos. Great thing about it though is it is a fixed day shift job. And again, just five years of experience is required (another insult to management jobs that pay less than 50,000 but require a decade of experience).


There you have it, some available jobs as of today, the 2nd of July 2020. I hope this article was helpful in some way. And if it doesn’t lead you to your next job, I hope it’s inspiring enough for you to either continue on your current career path or make a pivot.


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