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Common Call Center Interview Questions in the Philippines

Updated on September 27, 2016

During a job interview, the interviewer’s goal is to find out whether the applicant is qualified for the position and can represent the company. They want to know whether the applicant has the qualifications that the company needs to perform the job.

Some of most important qualities that interviewers for call center jobs are looking for are:

  • Ability to communicate in English spontaneously. This doesn’t mean fluency in English. It means both fluency and comfort speaking English in unpredictable conversations.
  • Character plays a big role in every employment application. Answer all questions honestly. Giving any false information about yourself or your work experience can lead to termination of your application or worse, being black-listed by the company.

Common Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself.
In answering this question, don’t repeat details from your resume. This is the most common mistake applicants make. What the interviewer would like to see is your spontaneity when answering a question and the kinds of interests you have that relate to the job. Because this is the initial question, try to give an answer that will leave a positive impression.

Do Your Research

Find out what makes this company worth working for. What makes them different from other call center firms? When the interviewer asks you why you want to work there, you'll be able to tell them.

2. Why did you leave your last job?
Try to answer this question as honestly as you can without bad-mouthing your last employer. Of course we all have complaints about the company we just left, right? But the interview does not want to see that you back-stab other companies, even if they are competitors. This is where your research pays off. What you need to do is focus on the positive points of the company you are applying to work for. Tell them that as an applicant you want to join the best firm in the industry.
3. Why apply for this call center job?
Don’t give a sugar-coated answer to this one. Just give the most honest answer you can. It is practical to work at a call center. You get benefits like HMO medical coverage, night differential wages, allowances, and a high salary.
4. What are your weaknesses?
When answering this question, turn your weakness into a strength or at least something positive. The most common answer is to say that you are a perfectionist. But this can also be seen as a a weakness, because as a perfectionist you may be so particular about the quality of your own work, that it takes you forever time to finish a task. This example is also a little cheesy and obvious, so try to think of your own “weakness.”

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5. How do you provide excellent customer service?
We all know that customer service means addressing the client’s concern. Excellent customer service means providing additional service above and beyond addressing the client’s inquiry. At the end of the day, the client was pleased about the service provided. Exerting every effort and empathizing with the client, as if we ourselves were in need of assistance, is required for excellent customer service.
6. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Now, don’t go saying you plan to be in abroad at that time (even if it is the truth). The last thing an interviewer wants is a new employee who has no intention of staying with the company. Tell them that by that time you hope to be one of the big bosses, either manager, supervisor, or in a different department. Tell them that you are serious about this job application and you plan to stay for a long time.
7. How would you describe the color red to a blind person?
This question is a little tricky. The interviewer is testing your spontaneity to see how you think. We all know we have five different senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. A blind person is missing sight, so in order to describe the color red you will need to use the other senses. For example, the color red is like a loud noise. It is a very loud color.

Have Questions About the Job

Think ahead of time about the job and any questions you have about it or the company. Is upward mobility possible? Will you be part of a team? Curiosity about the company shows that you are serious about your application.

8. Do you have any questions for me?
This is usually the last question in an interview. Even still, you want to leave a great impression on the interviewer by asking for more information about the company or even about the next process in the application process. This will show that you are sincere in your application.


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