Find the Best Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

Updated on August 5, 2019
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How to Find the Best Part-Time Job with Benefits

The search for a part-time job that includes benefits is getting more common. And understandably so given the growing cost of health insurance and increase in temporary work.

Check out the list below of large companies that offer part-time positions with benefits. But beyond just applying to those positions there's a lot you need to know about selecting the best job if health coverage or access to a 401k is what you're after. Learn how to avoid common mistakes people make in seeking out jobs just for the benefits.

And if none of the places in the list appeal to you scroll to the bottom to find more help on your search in less obvious roles. You'll get more ideas of where to look and how to find the best positions.

How to find the best part-time job with benefits and not get screwed.
How to find the best part-time job with benefits and not get screwed.

Companies with Benefits for Part-Time Employees

First let's get to the list. Here are companies that advertise their career benefits for less than full-time employees, sorted by industry:


  • PNC Banks
  • Chase

Grocery/Food Industry

  • Whole Foods
  • Wegmans
  • Starbucks


  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Land's End
  • REI
  • Nike

Part-Time Workers Need Benefits Too

Throughout the course of your life it’s very possible you’ll find yourself needing benefits but can’t work a full 40 hour week. In 2018, 17.5% of all workers were employed less than full-time according to the BLS.

It's easy to find yourself as a part of the 17.5% but still needing benefits. Parents that need to spend most of their time at home but want health coverage for their family can be helped a lot by finding a role with a flexible schedule that still includes benefits.

If your spouse has a full-time job that doesn’t offer benefits you could find yourself trying to find a side job that will get you access to health insurance.

More and more people are reaching retirement age without a completely funded investment account. If that's you staying in the workforce but at half time with a company that will also cover your health insurance is an excellent way to put off withdrawing from your nest egg.

Qualifications and Limitations

Sometimes the terms can sound great in the job posting but not be available to you at all.

Make sure you read the fine print on any job offer. Part-time jobs often come with certain requirements you have to meet or limitations on their insurance plans.

Expect a minimum number of hours per week you have to work to secure the benefits. Usually this is 20 hours but could be higher or lower.

Be aware that a company with a 20 hour minimum limitation can keep you from that by only scheduling you for 19 hours. Most are not this devious but it’s worth asking about scheduling during the hiring process.

Waiting Periods

Some packages have a length of time you have to wait before your coverage kicks in. Waiting periods are baked into packages to help ensure you’re actually going to stick around before they spend additional resources on you. It’s usually not a bad thing if you’re a dedicated employee, this means the company is spending less on short-term help and values the people that stick around.

These might be as short as a few months or as long as one year.

Your Benefits

What is the most important job benefit for you?

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Without health coverage, medical bills can be impossible to cover on a part-time job.
Without health coverage, medical bills can be impossible to cover on a part-time job.

Avoid Surprises

When to Talk About Benefits

Every company is different and the needs of every employee is different. So you might have a lot of questions that need to be cleared up about their policies. Ask those as soon as is polite in the interview. And keep seeking information from their Human Resource afterwards as you need it.

Be clear that the benefits are an important part of compensation to you. This indicates to hiring managers that you're more likely to stick around and make it worth the time to train you.

Questions to Ask About Benefits

Be informed about your employment situation. Be sure to ask your current or prospective employer these questions:

  • Is there a minimum number of hours I need to work to get benefits? How can I ensure I’m always scheduled for those hours?

  • Is there a waiting period before my eligibility kicks in?

  • Ask if they offer these additional benefits:

    • Commuter compensation

    • Tuition assistance

    • Paid time off

    • Life insurance

Comparing Benefit Packages

If you have multiple job prospects, comparing benefit packages can be a daunting task. But getting a clear picture will really pay out in letting you make the best decision.

Other Areas to Try

If the list of part-time places above doesn't appeal to you there are other options out there. Here are some places to start your search:

  • Libraries

  • Local Government

  • Credit Unions

  • Schools and Universities

High Demand Positions

Often, you can arrange a role with benefits on less than full-time if your skillset is in really high demand.

One way to transition into this is to go to your current company while still employed full-time. Talk to them about an arrangement where you work less hours and still retain your benefits. This might even require a pay cut. But if your qualifications are in high enough demand they’ll have no problem accommodating you and keeping your hourly rate the same.

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