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15 Little-Known High-Paying Jobs in India That Earn a Six-Figure Salary

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Any job has a potential to earn you good money if you work tirelessly for years to see success. But there are certain jobs, relatively unknown, in which many are earning a six-figure salary.

This list of cool careers will surely surprise you. You will see here jobs like private tutors, fitness experts, writers, marriage planners, and even online selling.

1. Private Tutors

Coaching institutes in the recent past have witnessed massive growth. So much so that, for some institutes, the profits are more than 100 percent on a yearly basis. You can join a teaching institute or start your own tutoring classes at home. Once you have a few years of experience and make a name for yourself, you can also do training online.

Education: Any Graduate.

Skills Required: Thorough knowledge of the teaching subject. Subject matter expertise and in-depth information with practical and theoretical insights.

Income: They jobs are usually paid on an hourly basis, anywhere between 1500-5000/hour based on experience. On an average, they can earn between 75000 to upwards of 3-4 lakhs per month.

2. Actuarial Analysts

If you are good at math and number crunching, then this is for you. Actuarial analysts are professionals who help companies designing products reduce their cost by analyzing various pros and cons. They mainly work in insurance, finance, and related industries.

Education: B.Sc in Math and Statistics. A certification from the Institute of Actuaries of India will be of immense help.

Skills Required: Excellent mathematical ability, working knowledge of MS Excel, and proficient knowledge of insurance/finance industry.

Income: Anywhere between 35,000 to upwards of 1.5 lakh per month

3. Writers, Bloggers, and Webmasters

So you always wanted to write a book, but somehow never figured out how to start. You can start by writing a blog. As you become good at it, you will have a better probability of publishing your book.

Education: No specific education is required.

Skills Required: Excellent written communication with the ability to put your thoughts on paper with clarity. To write well, you should read, read, and read. Reading is as important as writing.

Your creativity will help in writing fiction books. To write non-fiction, become an expert at what you are doing. To earn from blogging, write consistently and engage with your readers.

Income: Book writers get royalties from publishers. Established fiction writers get millions of dollars. Prominent bloggers earn thousands of dollars a month. I know many bloggers who earn at least 200-500 dollars every month just as a part-time income.

4. Bakers and Pastry Chefs

Are you the one with a sweet tooth?

Do you like cakes and pastries?

Have you ever received a compliment that the cakes you make are very tasty?

If your answers were yes, then you can start your cake and pastry shop or do a side business just operating from home. I know some of my acquaintances do this and have had tremendous success.

Education: Hotel Management degree (only required if you want to join a hotel as a chef).

Skills Required: Interest in baking and connoisseur of all things sweet.

Income: The starting salary will be low, but once you are experienced it goes up significantly. If you start your own business then it all depends on how you market yourself. Some earn 40k per month whereas chefs at four or five-star hotels earn a six-figure salary.

5. Ethical Hackers

Ethical hackers help businesses safeguard their websites and data from hacking. These professionals find bugs in software and apps and eliminate them. There have been so many cases of organized hacking of major establishments all over the world. Big online and software companies hire ethical hackers as cyber-security experts to prevent hacking.

Education: Any graduate/computer engineering degree. Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council.

Skills Required: Should love to write code and know software/application testing and computer networking concepts.

Income: Ethical hackers earn as much as 1 lakh per month as a starting salary.

6. Wedding Planners

Marriages in India are big and fat. People spend money crazily on a wedding. Hence the term big fat wedding. A wedding is like a festival; people want this major event of their life a day to be remembered for generations. So, wedding planners will organize every nitty-gritty from renting a venue to food to buying clothes for the bride and groom to managing every other small matter.

Education: No specific education requirement.

Skills Required: Event organizing skills. Good contacts in every aspect of wedding planning.

Income: Depends on the clients that you cater.

7. Customs Clearing Agent

Did you know that foreign trade or international business accounts for more than 48 percent of India's GDP?

The apples that you ate last night may have come from the USA. Or the wall clock hanging at your home or office might have been imported from China. International trade is one the biggest industries in this interconnected world, and it is not going to stop anytime. So the opportunities are plenty. You can learn the trade and become a customs clearing agent.

Education: Graduation or Diploma in Customs Clearance. There are exams held, such as for G card and F card holder.

Skills Required: Understanding of the trade industry, import/export, and other international business terms.

Income: This totally depends on the certification and license that you have. You can work independently or with an organization and earn a handsome package. Professionals who work on their own charge anywhere between 3000-5000 per consignment. Let's do the math: if you are clearing 50 shipments, then it comes to around 1.5-2.5 lakhs per month.

8. Astrologers/Panditji

Now, this listing cannot be contested. Just take a look around your locality; there are many Panditjis and no one is out of work.

Education: No education required.

Skills Required: To perform puja, well versed with various shlokas and religious information.

Income: To give a vivid example, my Panditji lives in a bigger flat than me. These people earn handsomely. They are busy all around the year, be it a housewarming puja or Ganesh festival or after death rituals. They are always in demand. For as little as 15 minutes of performing a puja, they charge Rs. 500 or more.

9. Disc Jockeys (DJs)

At any function or a party, music is a must. Therein comes the role of a DJ. Nowadays they are also called Music Jockeys. They play music appropriate to the setting and make the place lively and happening. So if you like to spin some discs, then the field of DJ will be awesome. You can operate on your own or join a nightclub or a disco.

Education: No formal course is required. However, a DJ course from a music school would be good.

Skills Required: Musically sound.

Income: With all the right equipment and stereo systems, a DJ charges about 3000-5000 per hour. And this is just a low estimate.

10. BPO Managers

BPOs or call centers are one of the major employers in metro cities. Since companies invest a lot in outsourcing, they need good managers to run operations smoothly. And for that they pay big. Jobs are plenty in this field as India is the world's largest provider of outsourcing services.

Education: Graduation/MBA

Skills Required: Good communication skills, multi-tasking, ability to manage a complex business process.

Income: Anywhere from 50,000 to 1 lakh or more per month.

11. Tattoo Artists

If you think tattoos are a recent fashion, then you are wrong. These have been there for centuries. Became a tattoo artist starting your own studio and earn as much as a doctor/engineer.

Education: No formal degree required. You can join a tattoo artist as an intern and learn the techniques.

Skills Required: Good designing abilities.

Income: Most tattooists work on their own and handle clients. The amount of money charged depends on the experience and the market goodwill. High-end artists charge more than Rs. 5000 for a single sitting for a small design.

Did You Know?

The oldest tattoos were discovered in 2018 on two mummies from Egypt which are known to be from the years 3351 and 3017 BCE.

12. Therapists and Counselors

Therapists and counselors are professionals who help patients in coping with stress, anxiety, mental health, behavioral problems, etc. Some specialize in treating alcohol/drug de-addiction. These people work at mental health facilities, schools, or government centers, or work on their own setting up a clinic.

Education: Masters in Psychology or related field.

Skills Required: Problem-solving, judgment and decision making, active listening, service orientation.

Income: After some years of experience, one can expect Rs. 50,000 and above per month.

13. Online Store Owners

Global online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart are dependent on various online shop owners. Like virtual shopping malls, they provide online spaces and customer to vendors and business owners. You too can set up your store and sell products.

Education: No education requirements.

Skills Required: Product know-how, market research about your product domain, and competitive pricing strategy.

Income: The sky is the limit here. Totally depends on the scale of your business and how many products you sell. If you can keep up a margin of Rs. 50 per product, then by completing 1000 orders a month you can generate a profit of Rs. 50000.


14. Dietitians and Nutritionists

Dietitians are professionals who treat patients by promoting good dietary habits. They provide health advice and make special diet plans based on the patient's disease.

So if a dietician works with people who are ill, then a nutritionist works with people who are healthy. A nutritionist's job is to provide special diet plans and advice about healthy eating habits.

Education: Degree in Nutrition or Dietetics

Skills Required: Good communication, collaborating with other health professionals, understanding of human physiology.

Income: With some experience and good contacts one can expect 60,000 plus per month.

15. Yoga Teachers/Fitness Trainers

Fitness is a basic rule for living life happily, be it running in the park, going to the gym, or doing yoga. Pick any form of exercise and it will be extremely beneficial.

To get those benefits, people seek the services of fitness instructors. These instructors help achieve results by training, making diet plans, and motivating their clients.

Education: Fitness courses for gym instructors. Also, there are courses for yoga instructors.

Skills Required: Good fitness level and knowledge about various fitness techniques. Making diet plans.

Income: This is is a type of profession where you will earn better only if you work independently. A single client may pay a fitness trainer from Rs. 3000 per month up to as much as 20,000 per month. Earnings depend on the number of clients that you have. Trainers also earn commissions by recommending fitness supplements. Yoga teachers charge about 3000-6000 per month per client.

So here they are, some of the best paying jobs that you can choose to make good money.

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