How to Apply to Be a Public School Teacher in the Philippines

Updated on May 8, 2020
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Loren has gone through the public-school application process and enjoys sharing her experience to help others on their career journey.

Do you want to be a public-school teacher in the Philippines? This article will guide you through the entire application process, from filling out the form to the final acceptance call.
Do you want to be a public-school teacher in the Philippines? This article will guide you through the entire application process, from filling out the form to the final acceptance call. | Source

The Benefits of Working in Public Schools

There is no denying that teaching in a public school provides job security. You become an employee of the government, so you are entitled to tenure. Barring any legal actions or unfortunate circumstances that may cause you to be removed or retired from teaching, you are likely to be a public school teacher until the time of your retirement. When it comes to salary, the public school system often offers more benefit packages than the private school system. This is why more graduates are competing for public school jobs.

If you are looking to take your career in a new direction, teaching in the Philippines may be just what you need. Working as a public school teacher offers you the opportunity to meet new people and gain valuable resume-building skills while feeling secure in your position.

How to Get a Teaching Job in the Philippines

The following steps are culled from the collective experiences of my sister, best friend, and I when we applied for public school positions in the Philippines. I also researched the hiring guidelines of the Department of Education.

7 Steps to Becoming a Public School Teacher

So, here are the steps to apply as a public school teacher in the Philippines:

  1. Gather Your Application Materials
  2. Submit Your Application
  3. Prepare for Your Interview
  4. Demo a Lesson Plan
  5. Take the English Proficiency Exam
  6. Wait for Your Results
  7. Follow Up

By following these easy steps, you'll be even closer to starting your new life. Aside from outlining the application process, I will also break down the teacher ranking system so you can better understand why you received the ranking you did.

Deadline to Be Aware Of

Please note that recruitment for teaching positions takes place from January to April of every year. This includes everything from receiving applications to evaluating, ranking, and ultimately hiring the successful applicants.

1. Gather Your Application Materials

Before you get ahead of yourself preparing for interviews and English exams, you'll need to submit an application first! Here are the required materials:

  1. Application Form
  2. Civil Service Commission Form 212: You'll need two copies of this and your latest 2x2 ID pictures. When you fill out the CSC Form 212, don’t leave any blank space. Write N/A if you have nothing to write for a certain question or if the data which you are going to enter is not applicable. For instance, there is a particular space for writing "Jr.”. If you aren't a "Junior," then write N/A.
  3. LET Results: You will receive your results after taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Submit a certified photocopy. A certified photocopy includes the certifying officers' signature.
  4. School Transcripts: Include a photocopy of your transcript or records from the college/university where you graduated; this should also be a certified photocopy.
  5. Teaching Experience Records: If you have teaching experience, you should include your records, performance rating, and clearance from the school where you previously taught.
  6. Other Records: Include any certificates that demonstrate specialized training.

Application Tips

  • Make sure that there are no erasures or errors in the documents that you submit.
  • Make your photocopies as clear as possible.
  • All the entries will be verified later when you are being interviewed, so strive to make them as accurate and truthful as possible. It is your responsibility as an applicant not to misrepresent yourself in your application papers.
  • In my experience, I used only an ordinary long folder and placed all the pertinent papers in it. I labeled it properly and made it as simple, clear, and clean as I could. Make it professional-looking and easy to read. Don’t overstuff it with unnecessary papers.
  • Submit only what is required.

2. Submit Your Application

You can apply to the district office or the division office, but the standard procedure is to apply directly to the head of the public school where you would like to teach. This was what I did when I applied.

If you are applying to a public elementary or high school, it is required that you apply to the school nearest to your place of residence. Public schools in the Philippines follow the provisions of R.A No. 8190, also known as the Localization Law. This law requires that you are assigned to the closest school.

During an interview, it is important to look your best! Dress professionally and don't forget to practice proper hygiene.
During an interview, it is important to look your best! Dress professionally and don't forget to practice proper hygiene. | Source

3. Prepare for Your Interview

If the school is interested in setting up an interview, they will contact you to schedule a day and time. Do some research and prepare your answers for some of the most common questions. It is also important to come up with a few to ask the recruiter. This shows your interest and enthusiasm. On the day of your interview, dress appropriately and demonstrate your professionalism.

Interview Tip

If you are asked a question in English during your interview, answer in the same language. Of course, you should have a good command of grammar.

4. Demo a Lesson Plan

A well-prepared and well-executed lesson plan demonstration can earn you extra points. Prepare clean and engaging visual aids. Construct your demonstration around the subject that you are most familiar with.

If you get the position, you will be teaching a big class, so the evaluators are looking for someone who can create a lesson plan that keeps all of the students engaged. Usually, the evaluators or selection committee is composed of principals, school heads, and master teachers. When we presented our demonstrations, I noticed that the evaluators tend to chat with each other if they find it boring. So, just by observing them, you will know if you are doing well.

5. Take the English Proficiency Exam

This test is required for all applicants. You and the other applicants in your division will be scheduled to take this test simultaneously. Prepare by reviewing your English spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension.

6. Wait for Your Results

The results will be posted in a bulletin board of the division office. You get a chance of being hired immediately if you sit in the top 10 or so. They hire according to the ranking provided in the list, so it is very important to rank well.

Don't be afraid to follow up with the district or division office. They'll appreciate your interest in the position!
Don't be afraid to follow up with the district or division office. They'll appreciate your interest in the position! | Source

7. Follow Up

If you get a high ranking, you will most likely receive a phone call asking you to report in the district or division office. If you haven’t gotten a call, you can follow up about your application by calling them.

Note: Don't forget to get the phone number of the school, district, and division office where you are applying.

What Is It Like to Be a Public School Teacher?

Ranking System

Now, you may wonder how teacher-applicants are ranked. Here is the criteria the selection committee uses to evaluate you:

Education: 25%

The committee will evaluate your academic achievement in college. This is done by computing the general average of your schooling with their corresponding units. You get 25 points, which is the highest score, if your general weighted average is 99-100%, or a 1.00. If it is 97.75–98.75, or 1.10. you get 24 points, etc.

For those who graduated with a non-education degree but wish to apply as a public school teacher, your ranking in this category will be decided by your college GWA. This will be combined with the GWA of your 18 education units. This means to say that you can apply only if you have taken 18 units in education. A corresponding transmutation table will be provided for those who have a grading system other than the ones mentioned earlier.

Demonstration Teaching: 20%

As I mentioned earlier, prepare a well-written lesson plan. Show that you can manage a classroom. Deliver the lesson in such a way that every student will be engrossed and retain the information. The evaluators will likely give you a higher score if your "students" get a 100% mastery level during your demonstration teaching.

Communication Skills: 15%

You are given points here based on the result of your English proficiency test.

Teaching Experience: 10%

You will be given one point for every year that you taught, from preschool to secondary school. However, if you have already taught for 15 years, it will still be counted as 10 points.

Interview: 10%

Your personality and potential are measured here. Be alert, self-confident, and poised throughout the interview. Take note of your appearance and voice projection. The committee will take notes on how you present ideas and make decisions. To show that you are not easily stressed, try not to be rattled when you are asked a barrage of questions.

Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Rating: 10%

If your LET rating is 87% or higher, you get the maximum 10 points. If it is in the range of 85%–86%, you get 9 points, and so on.

Experiential Learning Course: 5%

This includes field study or practice teaching. You can receive up to 5 points.

Specialized Training and Skills: 5%

This should be supported with documents. If you have specialized training in sports, music, journalism, theater arts, and communication technology, then you will get the points, provided that the training lasted for more than one week. You will also be asked to demonstrate that particular skill.

Good Luck!

If you have been wanting to apply for a public school teaching position in the Philippines, there is no better time but the present to start the application process. I hope this article was useful in cementing your decision, and that it will guide you through the necessary steps towards your new career.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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  • Fidelyn Sales profile image

    Fidelyn Gomez Sales 

    12 months ago from Baliuag, Bulacan

    good day po ask ko lang kung how many points ang macrecredit ko pag nagtake ako ng masteral's degree? pasado na ako sa LET exam this march 2019, but wala akong teaching experience and NC. Makakapasok pa rin ba ako sa ranking nun?

  • profile image

    Jeanette Reyes 

    13 months ago

    Pwede po ba magpa rank kahit wala pang license? Nc2 pa lang? At ilang NC2 ang kailangan para makapagpa rank?

  • profile image

    margenex largo 

    2 years ago

    Is it necessary to have an online registration before proceeding to the public school you wish to apply for?

  • profile image

    Maricel Canete 

    3 years ago


    I hope this site is still active as of this time,I graduated last 2012 as BEED, a licensed teache since 2013 however I just taught ESL for 8 months on the same year which I know it won't be credited as a teaching experience,for the rest of the year, I worked as a call center agent in Cebu,by the age of 25 Iwas planning to apply however I have time difficulty with my current work and now I am 27 yrs old with one son and I am residing in Cebu City,I am planning to apply in Argao where my partner lived however someone advised me that for me to apply in Argao public school I have to change my voter's address first since my permanent address is in Zamboanga Del Norte,however I cannot change my voter's address immediatel since they said changing it will occur during election,Pls advise me what to do.Thank you

  • Chrishu247 profile image


    3 years ago

    Good day. May I request for the sample of CV, resume and application letter for teacher. Thanks a lot.

  • Diane Kintao profile image

    Diane Kintao 

    3 years ago

    Hi po ask ko lang, i'm planning to shift careers po...My major in university was BA Psychology and I'm planning to take 18 education units para mag qualify to take LET.

    First question ko po, I'm already 38 years old by the time I finished everything nasa 40 or 41 years old na ako, ano po ba age limit mag apply sa private and public schools?

    Second, pag non-education major po required din mag practice teaching?

    Third, anong mga specialized trainings po ba ang pwede kong kunin para ma boost yung specs ko?

    Lastly, ang experience ko lang po sa teaching is online teaching which I believe will be accorded no credits, pano po ba ma offset ang lack of experience?

    My MA din po ako sa public administration makakadagdag po ba sa puntos sa ranking yun?

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  • courtneyrhed profile image


    3 years ago

    pwede po ba magpasa ng maraming pertinent papers sa lahat ng 4 na public high schools sa municipalities namin? mas malaki po ba ang chance?

  • profile image


    3 years ago

    good day..... mahirap kapag fresh graduate.......tpos parang d ko po maabot ung points na need sa ranking kasi wala po akong xperience...

  • profile image

    Ricky Pagulayan 

    3 years ago

    Good day Ma'am,

    LET passer po ako last 2014. Until now hindi pa ako nakiki ranking dahil behind na behind na po ako. May worlk po kasi ako till now, pero need ko narin makapag turo para nman magamit ko yung natapos ko. ask ko lang po kelangan ko po ba kumuha ng units ulit?

    thank you ma'am.

  • Jaser Batayola profile image

    Jaser Batayola 

    4 years ago

    Good day po Ma'am,

    Board Passer po ako ng LET noong 2004. Since pumasa po ako ay di ko pa po nakuha/nai-process ang license ko. After po kasi ng board exam ay nagtrabaho po ako in different field of work in Dubai. Pwede ko pa po ba mai-process ang license ko? wala po bang expiry ang pagpasa ng board exam? 12 years na po kasi ang nakalipas. pwede po bang pahingi ng advise kung ano ang dapat kong gawin?

  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Good Day Ma'am,

    I am a registered Civil Engineer working here in Saudi Arabia. Interested to be a teacher in College or H.S. in Philippines in any school, just want to ask what should I do or what requirements to be a teacher. Do I still need to enroll or study so I can be a teacher?

    Thank You

  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Goodmorning Ma'am,

    I am a BSN graduate and took up methods of teaching. I passed the LET last March 2015 and applied at DepEd since August last year. I am currently taking up my training for NC II. I also have applications to both public and private shools. But just recently, I discovered that I am pregnant. I am very confused and stressed with my situation. Will this affect my application as a new teacher? Di na po ba ako maha-hire just because I am pregnant? Or is it okay as long as I present a marriage certificate? I just want an immediate and honest reply. Please help me.

    Thank you.

  • profile image

    Maritoni cawaling 

    4 years ago

    Good morning ma'am.

    Ask ko lng po kung kelan ang deadline ng applcation ngaung january 2016.thanks

  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Hi Ma'am Loren

    I'm Jerick Sazon, an IT student and will get my bachelor degree next year (2016). I'm planning to apply as SHS teacher in the school where I graduated in high school.

    I would like to ask for some advice for me to get hired coz I really want to teach any computer-related subjects or is there a chance for me to get hired?

    Thank you in advanced, ma'am!


  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Hi mam Loren, I graduated 2004 and passed the LET last march examination. I want to ask if I need to take a refresher course since it was 11 years now from my graduaation. I am TLE major, can I teach even without NC2?, please help me mam Loren, nahihirapan ako preparing my papers kasi wala akong adviser. Thank you so much.

  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Hi ma'am

    ask ko lang po kung may additional point na binibigay kapag civil service passer... .nakapasa po ako sa LET last september, gusto ko po sanang magtake ng csc exam... .advantage po ba un sa mga magpaparank ngaun? :)

  • profile image


    4 years ago

    I hope you notice my comment. Please take your time to respond. BEED LET passer po ako. But I don't have the heart to teach in elementary. I'm planning to take BSED Major in General Science so I can teach in high school. Wala po ba ibang route? Kailangan ko po uli mag-LET this time for BSED? I'm not in the teaching industry now. I don't have anyone else I can talk to about this. I really appreciate you and this article.

  • profile image

    malitbog Gurl 

    4 years ago

    Hello Admin,

    Good morning!

    Let passer po ako for Elementary. Can you please email me the new complete sets of ranking requirements for teachers and where to get those needed one.

    I heard online application, kahit sa province online na din ba? I supposed to apply in Bohol or it could be Masbate.

    Thank you

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    good day, I would like to ask if an unwed mother (let passer) can still apply to teach in public school?

  • profile image

    Sho Dy Estreber 

    5 years ago

    Hi po!

    Graduate po ako year 2011 same year po ngwork ako but in different field til now, then year 2012 I take the LET fortunately po nkapasa naman. ask ko lng po if pwede mgparanking sa public next year khit wala pa ko teaching experience.

  • profile image


    5 years ago


    Tanong ko lang po kung anong pwedeng Certifications or Specialized trainings or skills ang pwede niyong marecommend kung English major? Kasi ngayon, 10 pts na ang specialized skills and training pag magpaparanking ka...

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    hello po, graduate po ako BSED major in Math last 2004. nakapasa po ako sa LET last 2014 in Elementary. gusto ko po sana mag apply for teaching..ok lang po ba BSED grad ako tapos Elementary ung license ko? mag apply po sana ako sa Elementary..nag volunteer teacher po ako ng isang taon last 2006-2007. please give me some guides and advise..Salamat

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Hi ma'am Loren ask lang po ako nag graduate po ako ng 2008 pa po ngayung lang ako nakapasa 2015 lang, wala po ako teaching experience aside from practicum teaching ng 5 months,ask ko lng po if pede po ako mag pa rank kahit d pa po ako kumukuha ng refresher course.

    Sana matulungan nyu pi ako ma'am.. thank you....

  • scarlet218 profile image


    5 years ago from Makati

    ask ko lang po kung anong universities or colleges may refresher course for teachers

  • profile image

    Karen Baloso 

    5 years ago

    hanggang kailan po kaya pwede magpasa ng requirements sa public school....meron po kaya ng april??? hindi po kase ako nakahabol ng january........

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Good Day Ms Loren;

    I am 49 years old a month ago, and i am willing to proceed my study and shift into BEED, i think 3 more years before i can finish my BEED. My question Ma'am what age limit for applying a Public school teacher.

    Anticipating from your kind reply....thank you

  • profile image

    Jhed Cullen 

    5 years ago

    Good day po Ask ko lang po I'm a Let Passer last Jan 2014 with CPE Units BS Psychology Graduate no teaching experience. 1) Okay lang po bang mag parank ng walang teaching experience? 2) Im planning on moving out to another barangay and apply there but my docs manifests my barangay address paano po rere medyohan yung docs.? and 3) BSE Units po ung natapos ko pero Psychology Grad po w/ early childhood units ok lang po bang elementary applayan ko? Please need help malapit na po deadline kasi i was planning on meeting the deadline before Mar 3. Thank you your answers wil be a much help and appreciated. Thank you.

  • HappyMamaOfTwo profile image


    5 years ago

    Good day Ms. Loren

    Hi, po pwede pa po ba, mahire at magturo kahit 4o years old na yun kahit kagagraduate lang from college.

  • Rc Bangcaya profile image

    Rc Bangcaya 

    5 years ago

    Hi. I've been a permanent teacher in Deped Makati for 7 yrs then I resigned I work abroad for 5 yrs. I'm here in the Philippines and I am applying again as a Teacher particularly here in Negros Occidental. Is there any chance to work again as a teacher?

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    hi. can i still apply in public high school in manila if i am 53 years old? and also i vote in malolos city bulacan.

    thank you very much.

  • Marlita Yurong profile image

    Marlita Yurong 

    5 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    Hi ms. Loren, itatanong ko lng kng ma credit ba sa teaching experience ko ang pagtuturo ko sa foundation?I've been teaching there for 5 yrs, wla pa akong comelec card pero nkpagpa register na ako nung october 2014, pd ba ako mag pa rank this 2015 khit wla pang comelec card?

  • Vivian Madla profile image

    Vivian Madla 

    5 years ago

    ask q lang po..kc six years n po aq grad.ngaung year p lng po aq nkpasa.wala po aq experience s pagturo.ano po mppyo nyo sken.dpt n po b aq magpublic o mgprivate muna for experience?..bka po kc mbaba ang rating kpg wala experience..

  • profile image

    Jessica Narra 

    5 years ago

    Hi. Magandang araw po. I'm a Bachelor of Secondary Education graduate and LET passer na po ako netong August 2014 lang. Wala pa po akong teaching experience maliban sa Practice Teaching ko po. Gusto ko po sana magapply muna as Elementary teacher sa isang public school na malapit sa amin. Pwede po kaya yun?

  • Analyn Mabini profile image

    Analyn Mabini 

    5 years ago from Guiguinto, Bulacan

    Hi Ms. Loren! Just wanna ask if I could apply as a public school teacher though I don't have any Teaching experience. My only teaching experience is during my OJT in a public school. I am already a let passer last 2013 but I am 29 yrs old. Would it be possible for my age?

    By the way, your article was very informative. More power!

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Where can I get the CSC form 212? Thanks

  • profile image

    ruel flores 

    5 years ago

    Hello po.....your Hub is very informative!

    ask ko lang po, i am presently teaching in a private school from 2010 to the present, i am teaching science in grade 7, grade 9, and physics in 4th year students. Mga 5 years na po experienced ko sa private school. I passed the LET last August this year 2014. Pwede pa ba ako sa public even if i'm already 44 yrs old? Anyway, im still physically fit naman.

    Thanks. Here's my email:

  • Pam Villanueva profile image

    Pam Villanueva 

    5 years ago

    Good day !

    Need your help regarding this concern:

    BSED graduates are not allowed to submit an application in elementary public school unless he can provide a supporting document like DepEd order that indicates/allows a secondary teacher graduate to teach in Elementary School.

    Is this true? Got very much frustrated hearing such words when in fact I'm a BS Secondary education graduate and LET passer. Most of my experience po kasi is sa elementary.and I enjoyed and preffered to teach grade schools than high school.

    What subjects or ilang units po ang kailangan ko itake for me to qualify to teach in elementary, your response will be very much appreciated. Email me at

    Thanks !

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    hi maam, I graduated last march 2013 and already passed the LET. I am about to apply as public school teacher this January. I am a single parent. Is it fine.?

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Good morning Ma'am Loren. BEED graduate po ako last 2008 pa and passed the LET last 2012. No teaching experience po aq since grumadweyt aq. Pin aka experience ko lang po talaga is yong practicum ko aside from that wala na. Pwede po ba ako mag.apply as public school teacher even without refresher course? Balak ko po mag.apply next year 2015... Pwede din po kaya ako mag.apply dito Laguna kung saan ako nakatira ngayon kahit Hindi ako registered voter dito. Four years na po ako dito pero hindi ako nakapag register last election... Wait po ako sa reply nyo. Salamat po.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    good day po! im a graduate student of bs computer science may subject ba or course na pede ako makapagtake ng LET exam? sana po masagot nyo tnx!

  • noelyn profile image


    5 years ago

    hello ma'am good day ! im a BEED grad. last 2013 then got the chance to work as full time teacher to last year up to april this year at nagresign din po ako. I passed the LET exam last september 2013 and got the rating of 76. something..tanong ko lang po with that rating possible po ba na matanggap ako sa public? kaya po ako nag resign sa school na tinuruan ko kasi kinasal ako at my husband want me to rest muna pero plano ko na po sana na mag aply by this october ang problem lang i get preggy ... kung mag aply po ba ako sa January next year tatanggapin po ba nila yung application ko kahit pregy ako? by april po ang due . ko available naman po ako to start sa june ... i hope you give chance to answer all my question .. mejo kinakabahan din po kasi ako kung matatanggap ako o hindi eh .. una kasi i have that rating na mababa .. salamat po ! i'll wait for your answer.. god bless!

  • profile image

    marty marty 

    5 years ago

    Hello ma'am, good afternoon,, tanong q lang po if its real n priority ng DepEd ang mga returning ofw n gustong magturo at qng totoo nga po pwede po bang malaman ang mga hakbang para sa formal na application.. salamat po hihintayin q ang kasagutan nyo..Godbless &more power,,,

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Ask ko lng po maam. Dun po sa certified photocopy, sino po yun certifying officer? Pwede po bang pgkaphotocopy eh diretso ma po agd sa public notary? And kelan po kya ang tapos ng pagpapass para sa ranking? Thanks in advance.

  • Jasper Lustre profile image

    Jasper Lustre 

    5 years ago

    hi ma'am graduate po aq ng BSCommerce Management Accounting Major.. eh nagbabalak po aq kumuha ng BEED ng Inquire n po aq and it will took me 3 years pra mtpos.. I'll be 35 years na pagktpos pwede p po b aq mag apply despite of my age? kung CSC Professional Passer po may advantage po b un? sna po matulungan nyo po aq sa querries q.. tnx

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    ano po ang rank ko po jan sa Q.C Divition?? kilan po ako possible na matawag?? thank you po... God Bless... its Jovito M. Austria email me...

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    hello po sa inyong lahat! tanong ko lang po, kapag pasado po ba sa LET Elementary Education, hindi na po ba pwedeng mag-aral ulit ng Secondary Education at kumuha ulit ng LET Secondary Education? if ever mkapasa, may case na po bang ganun na my license sa Elementary at Secondary Education? Elementary Education po kasi ako at mas prefer po ng mga schools dito sa province namin yung Secondary Education.At isa pa po, medyo huli ko na narealize na hindi pala ako mahilig sa mga bata. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako. Maraming Salamat!

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Hi po. I passed po the LET exam last 2008. ask ko lng po kung pwede na po na hindi ako mgtake ng refresher course instead mag gain na lng po ng experience if i want to apply sa public school nxt yr?

  • sheryledambiray profile image


    5 years ago

    Ma'am Loren:

    I hope u could help me with this because I really can't make a good decision if the facts arent clear. I am a licensed teacher and passed the civil service exam too.But after graduation I worked in an ESL school for two years.Do the schools honor that as a teaching experience? After that, I went to Thailand and its my third year now working as a regular English teacher(not ESL) in an international school.Im planning to go home for good this january 2015 and do you know if the schools accept certificates from my previous thai schools as part of my teaching experience? What kind of certificate from foreign school/ employer is accepted?I really hope you could help me because i need to get this sorted before finally packing my bags and goin home for good.

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Hi Ms. Loren

    I graduated last 2004 and haven't got the chance to practice teaching ever since. Now I'm decided to pursue teaching and I am clueless how the hiring process works. Is it true that I need to take a refresher course or take at least 18 units before application? I don't have any slightest idea, pls help.

  • Rizel Brua profile image

    Rizel Brua 

    5 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City

    hello Ms. Loren!

    i just want to ask, if i can apply in misamis oriental even i am not a registered voter in the province. I am from cagayan de oro bt we had properties in mis.oriental and so we decided to stay from that place ds year. is it necessary for me to be registered? or i can apply even without the voter certification?

    thank you!!

  • Ddj Soinluv profile image

    Jhoann Reyes 

    6 years ago from Baguio City

    Walang ginagawang hakbang ang HR pra iff up o bgyan man lng ng panibagong copy ung mga principals..nplitan nga nya ung contact numbr ko pro s copy lng nya at hndi s mga copies ng mga principal..ano pa po pwdeng gawin hakbang po.salamat

  • Ddj Soinluv profile image

    Jhoann Reyes 

    6 years ago from Baguio City

    Talaga ba sadyang principal's empowerment ang masusunod s pgkuha ng mga teachers? Grabe dito s amin.imagine sinadya nilang imali ang contact number ko pra d ako matawagan..

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hello Ms. Loren! Can I have you email address? Marami po sana ako gusto itanong regarding teaching. I studied 4 year course. B.S. Psych in particular. Batch 2002 po ako and currently working in a private firm. Gusto ko sana pursue teaching but i don't know where to start.

    Thank you.

  • Ddj Soinluv profile image

    Jhoann Reyes 

    6 years ago from Baguio City

    Hello po. Ask ko lang po regarding ung Local School Board teacher. Parehas rin po ba ng mga national public school po? bagong school plng po kc ito at nsa ibang municipality po. Just in case po nkuha po ako tpos after po may mabakante sa ibng public school po sa municipality po namin pwede po ba ako mgrequest ng transfer?

    salamat po

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hello po, mam loren ,Iam 49 yrs old ,nag graduate po ako ng BSEED at mula noon hindi naka pag apply dahil nag aasawa at nag kaanak.

    Ang tanong ko po ay : 1. Ano po ba ang age limit para mag apply as a teacher? allowed po ba na dalawa ang citizenship?

    Thank u so much and I really appreciate it if u can give me the answer to my questions.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    elo po mam lorren hingi lng po sana ng suggestions kung san me pwede magenroll ng refresher course ung kaya po sa budget im from laspinas po 2000 pa po ako graduate and passed the LET exam 2001 nagturo napo ako pero 1 year lang and that was 2001 last feb po ngparank po ako dito sa laspinas and sad to say im in rank 143 ngaun po gusto ko sana mgenroll ng refresher course para kung mgparank uli me next year mdagdagan ung points ko or pag try ko magapply sa private at least kahit papano updated po ako ....isa pa pong concern ko pwede po ba un n nagrank n ang d.o then suddenly pinalitan daw po ung ranking kc may nagreklamo daw po na d xnama ung result ng exam and ang sabi po before 50 passing rate tas ngaun binago daw po 55 na daw po after po nilabas ung ranking result para po kcng may mali kami naman teacher appliant kahit na malayo umaasa padin ....salamat po

  • Zac Guieb Yuji profile image

    Zac Guieb Yuji 

    6 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

    Good Day po..ask ko lang po if pwede pa po mag pasa ng requirements sa division of city school..nahuli po kasi ako sa nagbabaka sakali lang po.may possibility po kaya na pag sa school mismo nagpass ng requirements eh makapagturo padin kahit na po ongoing na yung pasukan this 2014-2015? Thank you po..

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Good evening po... I'm a board passer last January 2014 and I don't have experience in teaching but I graduated 12 years ago. I volunteered in a public school without allowance my purpose is to earn experience but the school I applied is in nearby municipality not on the school nearby to our'am can I use my experience if I apply in the school nearer to us.? Thus the span of my experience is an additional points to my application as a public school teacher? Thus they will honor ma'am?

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    hi ma'am i'm an A.B psych graduate and only took 9units of eduation as prc assessed the only units i'm lacking of.then i recently passed the LET last jan 2014 with values ed as my major.i am planning to apply as teacher in public but the question that i would like to consult to you is that " paano at sang school ko dapat kunin ang GWA ko considering that I only took 9units from the other school And the rest of the units is already included in my baccalaureate course? all in all i have 24 units earned.pls. do help me ma'am by replying me.i really need your advice.thanks

  • Mako Moo profile image

    Mako Moo 

    6 years ago

    good afternoon po.. may i ask kn nagtatanggap pa ba sila ng applicant khit on going na ung pasukan ngaun?

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    i am turning 57 this coming aug.pwde p po b akong mag apply sa public

    May 20 years n po akong nagtuturo sa private.thanks and god bless

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi,tanong ko Lang din poh pwede pa po ba mag apply sa deped ang 45 years old na taZ wala pang experience?

  • phercing profile image


    6 years ago from Pasig

    hello po, ms. loren,, ako naman po,,, nagpa-rank sa mandaluyong,, luckily rank 7 ako,, wala pa akong teaching experience kaso po,, dahil sa mga pakulo ng deped,, indi pa ako matawagan dahil sa localization law,, pasig po kc ung address na nagamit ko po,, peru cnabi ko nman po sa personnel nila na willing akong magpa-transfer at mag-rent dun maka-in lang,, grabe,, ang hirap na keang maghanap ng trabaho ngaun,, my pag-asa pa kea? ung sa pasig naman,, nasa regisrty d ako,, napag-initan pa kc ako ng principal

  • Myla Rocio profile image

    Myla Rocio 

    6 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

    Good day cher Loren. I belong to Registry C for this year's ranking . What do you think is my possibility to be hired? Or I will just try in private schools first though my family says I'll have to wait?

  • Istine Carl profile image

    Istine Carl 

    6 years ago from Cavite City, Philippines

    hi,tatanong lng if pano ba malalaman kung tanggap ka? kasi the dep head told me n sure n tanggap ako pero until now wla p din result. ssbhin din b nila kung tanggap ka or hindi? pra kung hindi makapg apply pa sana sa ibang school. and pano kung wlang nakalagay sa bulletin ng divisions office?

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi,good day! I have read your article and it's indeed informative..However, I have few questions..

    It says there that the computation in ranking the applicants includes the EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING COURSE which is 5%. That is our practicum during college,right? So how are they going to measure that? Is it through the portfolio and field study we made? What if we can't pass the FS at all since in our school, we'd just photocopied the answer sheets instead of buying books. and because of that the compilation of those were impossible already since some were not returned. Does that mean that we won’t have a point in the said criteria?

    One more thing, I’ve been alarmed with the hearsays that there will be FREEZE HIRING in the SY 2014-2015. Because of this, I feel like I’ve made a wrong decision in reapplying in my current private school. I just want to know if that is true.

    I’m expecting for your positive response...:)


  • profile image


    6 years ago

    hello po sa inyo, sino po dito may alam sa DepEd Memo na a teacher who is a single mother can still continue her service o yun pong nabuntis xah tapos hindi kasal sa partner nya? gusto ko lng po kasi mabasa yung memo na yun kc nacurious po aq. thanks po

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi Ms. Loren & Everyone,

    Just like the sentiment/question of users benz0213 , msos & franzgie

    I have the same problem, a few weeks ago I was asked by a common friend to submit an application folder to the ranking committee of our local high school so I did made my letter of application and everything and submitted to the school principal then after a few days I got a call from the “in-charge” of the ranking committee telling me I’m not qualified since my education and license is both Elementary!

    But as a backgrounder I’m a second courser and while still thinking of my future I decided to enroll for the PRC mandated professional units so I can take the exam in short I enrolled and finished the professional education (18 units) needed and took the SECONDARY exam unfortunately I failed!

    Again during that long and winding road of desperation I again enrolled under the elementary education and finish it (GRADUATE!) and took again my chance at the hand of the PRC and luckily I passed last September 2013.

    Just last week I took my application folder with a heavy heart from the ranking committee, then one committee member whispered that I can actually have PRC re-evaluate my papers & license so they can issue (me) a certification (or a new license for secondary?) so that I can now be able to teach in secondary?! (Public)

    My question is, is there such thing/procedure? If so how can I?

    Please help! it’s really hard studying and taking the examination but more harder waiting for the job you applied!

  • profile image

    spoiled bratz 

    6 years ago

    Pwede na p0 ba ak0ng mgpachange status kc married na p0 ak0, eh ung nkalgay p0 sa PRC ID k0 is single parin? para p0 bg0 mgparank nkachange status nk0? sa PRC po b mgpapachange status?

  • Cleigh Martin profile image

    Cleigh Martin 

    6 years ago from Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

    tapos ko na po ang BS industrial Technology Major In Automotive may Units po ako sa Education ng 18 units at Naka NC II na po ako tanong kolng po pwede po ba akong mag toro sa high school kht dpa ako naka pagtest sa LET.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    @spoiled bratz

    downloaded po ung csc form.. just go to your school division website.. and ung ranking nxt year, it depends sa school division.. hindi po kse sabay sabay..

  • profile image

    spoiled bratz 

    6 years ago

    Good Day p0! san p0 ba nkukuha ung CSC f0rm?? saka what m0nth p0 nxtyir ung ranking? thanks p0 GBU!

    Pwede na p0 ba ak0ng mgpachange status kc married na p0 ak0, eh ung nkalgay p0 sa PRC ID k0 is single parin? para p0 bg0 mgparank nkachange status nk0

  • jenie Gutang profile image

    jenie Gutang 

    6 years ago from Jalandhar, India

    Good day po,!! maam im just asking if i can apply for ranking even though i only acquired 18 units of education? and doesn't have practice teaching and field study subjects.... thanks po

  • byterslair profile image

    TM Selbor 

    6 years ago from Earth

    I was employed as College Instructor for 7 years. I have been teaching subjects in line with the major I take in LET. The school I have been teaching are both recognize by TESDA and CHED. Would my teaching experience in college will be credited when i apply in public school.

    Thank you in advance. God Bless po. :D

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    good evening po!

    hi Ms.Loren...dati po akong ofw for 8 years,and now po gusto ko sana mag apply for secondary teacher in public school,nakapagturo na po ako dati after i graduated,2 years sa pre school..and i already passed the licensure exam for teacher after ko maka graduate.. tanong ko lang po ay same with bry728, kung totoo po ba na kung ang teacher ay nabakante ng 5 years sa pagtuturo eh need pa ba mag take ng 12 units which is they said a "refresher course"? thanks po and GODBLESS! wait ko po reply nyo:-)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    good evening po!

    hi Ms.Loren...dati po akong ofw for 8 years,and now po gusto ko sana mag apply for secondary teacher in public school,nakapagturo na po ako dati after i graduated,2 years sa pre school..and i already passed the licensure exam for teacher after ko maka graduate.. tanong ko lang po ay same with bry728, kung totoo po ba na kung ang teacher ay nabakante ng 5 years sa pagtuturo eh need pa ba nya mag take ng 12 units

  • Rosselle Perez profile image

    Rosselle Perez 

    6 years ago

    good day po!

    ask ko lng po 2001 pa po ako graduate ng educ almost 1 yr pa lng po ako ngkaron ng experience sa teaching. now lng po ako ngtake ng let(jan.26,2014). salamat sa Diyos nakapasa po ako.

    ask ko lng po pwede na po ba ako mag apply sa public school kahit wala ako ganun experience?

    and until when po pede pa mag apply?

    thanks & God bless!

  • Joakim Caligner profile image

    Joakim Caligner 

    6 years ago from Saint-Tropez

    Hi Ms. Loren and Everyone,

    Pwede mag tanong? pwede ba mag apply ng public school teacher yung friend ko na may anak na tapos hindi married? sana may maka sagot. Salamat!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    hello Ms. Loren, my bachelor degree po is a BS in Computer Science graduated last 1997. June 1997 -2002 I became a college instructor. 2003-2010 naging production head po ako sa isang companya. Dahil gusto pong magturo sa public school, I enrolled Diploma in Professional Education, Natapos ko din po ang field study at practicum. I pass the LET last January 2014. I just want to ask some questions:

    1. Can I apply in public school even I don't have teaching experience in secondary level?

    2. Credited po ba 'yung experience ko as college instructor eh matagal na po 'yun.

    3. Where can I get the CSC form?

    4. Hanggang kailan po sila tumatanggap ng applicant?

    Thank you so much. Your hub is very informative.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi! I would like to ask for an advise regarding my applications for public schools located in one city. 3 out of 5 schools informed me that I will have my demos and interviews for this month. But one school (w/c is my priority school because its very near where I live) told me that I must prioritize what school I want to be with since I asked her for the scheduled time because I also have an exact date for an interview in another school. I was surprised to know when she informed me that she did know where other schools I also applied. She also asked me not to appear from those scheduled demos from another schools esp na 1 division lng dw ang mga schools na pinagpasahan ko and after telling her that this school is my priority. Now I am confused whether I will go to other demos aside from this school of my choice? Paano po if makapasa ako dun for example dun sa sa isang school, ipapasa ba agad un sa division office? Will it not affect my application dun sa priority school n gusto ko? Pls. englighten me. The demos and interview will be this monday nxtweek then ung priority choice ko po is tuesday nxt week. Thank u very much. God bless!

  • fanandfiction profile image

    Princess Mae Follosco 

    6 years ago from Philippines

    Hello Ma'am!

    Thank for this post. It's very informative.

    Isa po akong nurse-midwife (fresh graduate) with PRC licenses in both professions. Nagmemethods po ako ngayon (18 units). I'll be finishing the course this March 2014 and I'm planning to take the LET on July.

    I have no experience in teaching, not even practice teaching. However, I have already finished an English Proficiency Program class. I am also a certified Medical Transcriptionist. I have also taken a Photoshop class. I am fascinated with computers so I enrolled in an online course offered by TESDA (HTML5 and CSS3).

    Currently, I'm a freelance writer online.

    Basically, all I want to ask is... Is there a chance for me to get hired even if I don't have any related teaching experience?

    I also have several skills that I am proud of namely my affiliation with computer, graphic designing, and my writing skills, but I'm also a graduate of Midwifery and Nursing. If I get hired, is it imperative for me to teach Science subjects because of my college degree? Or is it also probable that I'd be assigned to teach other subject areas (related to my skills) as well?

    I'd be waiting for your response. Thank you so much! :)

  • bry728 profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi Miss Loren and all the readers,

    I already submitted my pertinent papers to the public elementary school nearest to my place. Recently, i was able to do a demo teaching (I'm glad I did well). Im just patiently waiting for my interview though there wasn't a schedule yet. They told me to wait for the interview schedule. You see, it's been 9 long years since I last taught elementary. I did some readings regarding the requirement for teacher applicants. I read somewhere that - if an applicant hasn't practiced for more than 5 years, he/she will be required to study 12 units, pedagogical and education subjects. But when I asked the school regarding this, they said "chika lang yun,... as long as your'e a board passer, ok na yun"..... Now, i'm wondering if what they said was true. It's really confusing. I would really appreciate it a lot if you could give me some good advice regarding this one. I really want to go back to my teaching career. And one more thing, do you have any idea on what they could possibly ask during the interview? You see, I haven't taught for 9 years. Hypothetical and personal questions would be no trouble for me but I'm also wondering if they might also ask for facts? At least I would be a bit ready just in case.. Please, I need a good advice. You can email me at

    Again thank you so much!

  • profile image

    armi davila 

    6 years ago

    Ma'am, wala po akong voter's ID to present.Deactivated na daw po ang aking record. What is my chances of being hired in the public school?

  • phercing profile image


    6 years ago from Pasig

    maam,, ,,nagpasa po kasi ako ng requirements ko po sa school kung saan po ako nag-high school, hinihintay na lamang po namin ung demo, e bigla pong nag-text iyong school na pinag-OJT-han po namin, pinag-demo po kami at ininteview e indi pa po kami nagpapasa ng requirements ,, iyong principal po na na pinagpasahan ko po talaga ng resume sa skul ko po dati,,, siya po ung nag-observe sa akin,,, panu po ito,, magde-demo pa po ba ako sa skul na pinagpasahan ko ng mga requirements talaga,,,? reply po maam

  • izahdadea143 profile image


    6 years ago from Koronadal, South Cotabato

    Good day sir/madam:

    I'm izah po from mindanao. i just want to ask if pwede po ba ang isang teacher applicant ay pwede mag-apply ng sabay sa secondary school at sa elementary school? (i know that it sounds too selfish pero kailangan po magsipag sa paghahanap ng trabaho.) thank you in advance:) GODBLESS!

  • jonatumayao profile image


    6 years ago

    good day po i would like to ask lang po kung anung mga units ang need ko po i enrol as refresher course,because kakatapos lng po ng demo and interview skin s isang public school here in manila last friday and they advice me to take refresher course while under going s ranking, because i graduated 12 yrs ago and i do not have working experience when it comes to teaching..balak ko n po mg enrol sana this summer but i want to know what subjects in particular and kung san po school pwede,,i live here along PUP sta. mesa and balak ko sana dun mag enrol...can you help me po...thank you very much...

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hello po! Ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba magparank sa dalawang magkaibang division? Marami na po kasing nagparank dito sa aminpwede rin po bang magparank sa ibang division?

    Thanks po! :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi... This post is very informative... I am Raymond, currently working as a Secretary here in Jeddah, KSA... I am also a part-time Physics and Chemistry teacher in a Phil skul here... I will be finishing my contract this July and I am planning to stay in the Phils for good and teach in a public skul... Before coming here in 2008, I worked as a teacher in a private skul for 7 years (2001-2008). My questions:

    1. Since I am just a part-time teacher here, will my three years of teaching will be counted as 3 points?

    2. I finished my BSED and taught for 7 years in Bulacan but we already moved in Manila and my plan is to teach there (I finished HS in manila, btw), will this affect my application?

    3. Since I went abroad, I was not able to process my prc license but it is being processed now by my sister. But I have my certificate of board rating with me, can I apply even if I don't have my license yet?

    I will appreciate your reply.

    Thank you.


  • profile image

    Melany Canales 

    6 years ago

    hello mam, ask ko lang po, how to compute ang weighted grade average isa po kc yan sa requirements, I am a graduate of BS Clinical Psychology and kumuha po ako g 18 units, my school gave me the WGA separately. i heard po kc dapat iisahin na lang po. thanks po..i hope you could help me.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    hi ma'am, a blissful day! I juz took 36 units of education last 2012 and passed LET last year (september 2013) under BSED po with a specialization of biological science. i am wondering po if i am allowed to apply as public elementary teacher. may PT and FS po ay sa elementary. the school po where i enrolled educ units made me choose BSED or BEED. gusto ko po tlaga magturo sa elementary kaya I chose BEED. upon registration sa LET, i was not allowed sa PRC to take LET under BEED. dahil daw sa new memorandum na second coursers are only allowed to take LET under BSED with a specialization related to the prior course..wala pong idea ang school about this kaya pinalitan po yung transcript ko ng BSED..moreover po as a beginner po with no teaching experience, how can i make my application letter appealing po. pwede po bang humingi ng sample application letter? please po need your help. hoping po for reply. thank you so much! (my email po:

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi Ms. Loren.tnx sa very useful blog. Ask q lng po, san kukunin ung cert of rating? Shall I wait for the snail mail from prc? Also, is there a template po for the application letter and kanino iaaddress?

  • Carla Tolentino profile image

    Carla Tolentino 

    6 years ago

    Good day po Ma'am. Ask ko lang po if kanino iaaddress ung application letter? sa pricipal po ba ng school na pag-aaplyan ko? This will be my first time po kasi na mg-aapply sa public and hindi ko pa po alam kung paano ung process since kakapasa ko lang din po ng board exam last sept. 2013. if u have time to answer po my question, u can contact mo at my email number.

    Marami pong salamat. and godbless.

  • makaviel21 profile image


    6 years ago from Philippines

    Good day Ms Loren.

    I just want to ask po about this:

    [ c. Rating obtained from taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Submit a certified photocopy. Certified photocopy means that you present the original rating and then the certifying officer will attach his/her signature on the photocopy of the said rating.

    d. A photocopy of your transcript or records from the college/university where you graduated –this should also be a certified photocopy.]

    Sino po ang tumatayong "CERTIFYING OFFICER" ?

    Thank you so much!! :)

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi MS.Loren,

    I want to know if I can still submit requirements and apply in the public school even without taking the so called refresher course. I graduated my Bachelor degree in Secondary Education year 1998 pa and passed the LET sa parehong taon. Nakapagturo po ako s private school rightafter graduation kaya lng after that napasok naman ako sa ibang kumpanya bilang interviewer for 10 years. Balak ko sana sa summer of 2014 n ako kukuha ng refresher course. Possible ba un eh pasahan na ng requirements dito s amin s january 15. Please give me your advice. Thank po email add ko. God bless]!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi! Ms. Loren,

    I just want to ask about the demo teaching during hiring. Do they assigned the topic that you want to teach or the applicant will choose the topic that he/she want to teach? Thank you. God Bless.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi. I'm planning to apply in a public post. I have my Transcript of Records here but there is a Note: For PRC purposes only. Do I need to get another TOR with the Note: For Employment purposes? Please give me some idea. Thanks.

  • Khryz profile image


    6 years ago

    hi ms. loren

    i just want to ask about the sched of application. Im planning to try my luck in public. may update na po ba? Thank u so much! ^___^

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Good day!

    Ms Loren i'm currently residing sa Cebu and got married when the let result was released. Ang husband ko po taga Mindanao and we are planning to reside doon. Pwede po ba ako makaparanking doon kahit 1 month pa po aq nakatira sa kanila? ano po ang dapat kung gawin. Thank you so much... May teaching experience po 1 year sa homebased esl and 1 sem part time instructorn sa college,- credited po ba? ...thank you so much

  • Han Dollison profile image

    Han Dollison 

    6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    Gud pm Ms Loren,

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede mag apply s public kahit na connected pa ko s private school na tinuturuan ko at present,thanx and God bless.

    Thank you for the tips ..They are very helpful and informative..

    Thank you and Godbless

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Good day!

    I spent three years in BS Applied Mathematics and graduated under BA Multimedia Studies. I have also earned a master's degree in Development Communication. I have obtained 18 units of professional teaching certification, too. As you can see, hindi talaga vertically aligned yung mga kinuha ko. I want to take LET, however, I am not sure kung ano ang magiging major ko, whether English or Math. I believe malaki ang chance ko sa math kasi yung Multimedia Studies ay may programming subjects din. But I cannot disregard English kasi marami din namang communication subjects ang Multimedia Studies (lalo na if PRC would consider my master's degree, Development Communication).

    When I made an inquiry sa DepED division office dito sa amin, they said, they need more teachers whose major is social studies. I just wonder if taking a diploma in social studies will make me eligible/ be considered as Social Studies major when I take the LET. (Diploma in Social Studies Education is a 2-year postgraduate degree with 18 units).I have a decent job na as a government employee pero gusto ko talaga magturo.

    I hope you can answer my question.

    Thank you.


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