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Jobs and Careers for ISTJs: Five Tips to Find Your Perfect Fit

Deidre has a Masters in applied linguistics and translation for her 20 years overseas. She's worked as a certified provider of the MBTI®.

Looking for a new job? Read on to find out which jobs suite your ISTJ personality!

Looking for a new job? Read on to find out which jobs suite your ISTJ personality!

Calling ISTJs!

ISTJs favor the two mental functions of sensing and thinking. As an ST (sensing-thinking), you want to get it right! Let's find the perfect job for this personality.

What Do ISTJs Look for in a Job?

You want a job where you are regularly challenged to get things right. Not only is it hard to find a job, but it can also be hard to know what job or career to look for and how to get started on your search. Personality type provides a way to understand how to approach job hunting, helpful even for those more driven—seemingly impatient and obsessive—ISTJ types.

ISTJs dutifully meet all responsibilities.

ISTJs dutifully meet all responsibilities.

Two Favorite Mental Functions

As one of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types, you use your favored S-T mental functions in a unique way.

These favorite mental functions are therefore a must for job choice, because of how our personality type is motivated and energized.

Most Attractive Occupations for ISTJs

  • Manager (small business, factory)
  • Accountant
  • Manager (executive)
  • Law enforcement
  • School principal
  • School bus driver
  • Purchasing agent
  • Computer professional
  • Dentist
  • Steelworker

1. Job Types

Jobs that fit best the ISTJ personality type are those that require:

  • INCLINATION: A task-oriented, decisive approach
  • INCLINATION: Base decisions on facts and experience
  • SKILL: A calm thoroughness and stick-to-itiveness that is straightforward, loyal, and committed

Occupational areas with these kinds of jobs tend to be:

  • Management or administrative positions
  • Law enforcement and accounting

Main qualities of the ISTJ

2. Job Environment

A good job match for an ISTJ will include these elements:

  • Logically outlined plans that are congruent with your skills
  • Tasks to complete and things to make happen
  • Current realities to adapt to future goals
  • Making a good impression is not necessary to get things done.

3. Information to Gather

  • What people actually doing the job like and dislike most.
  • What the long-term outlook is for the job.

4. Making Contacts

  • Ask close friends about any job opportunities they may know about, and then gradually widen the network.
  • Practice interviews: Role-play speaking up and "selling" your strong points, and also prepare for hypothetical interview questions.
  • When interviewed by an iNtuition type, don't overwhelm him or her with too many details.
  • Establish some personal contact with the interviewers.

5. Making Decisions

  • Consider also what is truly important to you or others, and not just what makes sense by logical criteria.
  • Set a deadline for deciding, posting it, or announcing it to friends.

This article combines some information from the two following books, as well as from a seminar I attended.

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  • Introduction to Type and Emotional Intelligence
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