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Fastest Growing Jobs in Ohio

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Need a job in Ohio? Many are available.

Need a job in Ohio? Many are available.

Jobs Boom After Shutdown

After COVID-19 shutdowns were lifted across Ohio in May 2020, the state's largest hiring companies listed numbers of new job postings that eclipsed those of previous months and the year 2019.

While some smaller companies remained closed, other companies opened online work opportunities, especially in education, Amazon delivery services, and shipping and delivery options at major grocery chains and restaurants. Healthcare postings increased, including telehealth options.

  • By June 2020, over 115,000 jobs in the public and private sectors were listed.
  • In mid-August 2020, over 129,000 jobs in public and private sectors were listed.

Top 15 Largest Employers Hiring the Most Workers

The companies on this list of the largest employers in Ohio maintain between 32,000 to 440,000 individuals in any given pay period (stats from January 2019 - May 2020). They consistently create new jobs. This information is accumulated regularly by the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce and the Office of the Secretary of State.

Largest Employers in Ohio

  1. Kroger Company: This company governs over a dozen grocery store chains. It has instituted many options like curbside pickup, delivery, shipping to homes; and has been hiring many new workers since March 2020. Company officials expect to expand hiring efforts as they open additional in-store clinics and provide drive-thru COVID-19 testing at increasing numbers of locations.
  2. Watson's: This company is the largest Health/Beauty Supply chain globally.
  3. Proctor and Gamble
  4. National Machinery
  5. Goodyear Tire and Rubber
  6. First Student/First Transport: Student transportation services.
  7. Parker Hannifin: Motion and control technologies, part of the NASA Commercial Crew network.
  8. Cardinal Health System
  9. Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth Cleveland, Cleveland University Hospital
  10. The Ohio State University and University Hospitals
  11. Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton and Fairborn
  12. General Electric: Consumer goods and government contractor projects that include aerospace via the NASA Commercial Crew..
  13. Children's Hospital of Cincinnati
  14. Honda of America Manufacturing in several Ohio cities. Quite often since 1995, Honda has bused employees from and to Columbus, Ohio daily to fill job slots. Large bonuses are paid for good attendance on the job. Production and hiring began again in May 2020 after the COVID-19 shutdown ended.
  15. Nationwide Insurance Enterprise, HQ in Columbus

Aside from these job leaders, Ohio supports over 1,200 aerospace industry-related companies, with several additional related businesses that opened from 2016 through 2019. The $500-billion drone industry is surging in the Ohio Space Corridor (Greater Cincinnati - Dayton - Columbus areas), where colleges are offering additional courses and certificates in flight technologies.

Highest In-Demand Jobs/Median Salaries, 2020

  1. Registered Nurses with RN, BSN, MSN, or NP degrees: $66K
  2. Drivers: Trucks, all types: $31K to $45K. This cluster of jobs involves the top four hiring companies in Ohio: Hogan Transportation, Gordon Trucking, Cross Country TravCorps, C.R. England, and McLeod Express.
  3. Laborers and freight/stock/material movers: $30k. This includes jobs at Amazon, which opened an additional 6,000 openings in June 2020.
  4. Medical Secretaries: $35k
  5. Software Developers: $93
  6. Medical Assistants: $33K
  7. Market Research Analysts and Specialists: $62K
  8. Construction Laborers and Helpers: $41K
  9. Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses: $44K
  10. General Managers and Operations Managers: $99K

Note: Of over 10,000 available job postings during the first week of June 2020, over 69,000 were for healthcare workers, and approximately 8,000 involved truck driving.

Other Growing In-Demand Jobs

  • Engineers and related IT Interns—All fields, especially IT and Aerospace Industries. The Ohio Space Corridor is upping the number of jobs available from Cincinnati through Dayton to Columbus. These jobs include new tech jobs in aviation and aerospace endeavors as well as unmanned drone flight.
  • The Ohio Farm Bureau expects Ohio agricultural concerns to offer 18,000 new jobs during the summer and fall of 2020.


Location of Most Jobs Advertised in Ohio

  1. Columbus: State Capitol and the Ohio Space Corridor
  2. Cincinnati: Ohio Space Corridor
  3. Cleveland: Home of NASA's John Glenn Center
  4. Dayton: Center of the Ohio Space Corridor. The UTC Aerospace Systems company is hiring just north of this city, in Troy.
  5. Toledo
  6. Akron-Canton Metro Area, southeast of Cleveland
  7. Dublin, a northwestern suburb of Columbus
  8. Youngstown
  9. West Chester, near Cincinnati
  10. Mentor, near Cleveland.
  11. Springfield, northeast of Dayton and growing economically since 2000 with a new major hospital complex and influx of new businesses that replaced the decaying downtown area.
  12. Lima Metro Area
U.S. space shuttle training vehicle

U.S. space shuttle training vehicle

Ohio Air and Space

By 2017, the Buckeye State was home to over 1,200 aerospace companies. Ohio is the home of aviation and space flight, with the Wright Brothers' history on display in Dayton, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the rest of the Space Corridor. Ohio astronauts like John Glenn have made a difference in the workforce. Space Shuttle technology and experimental aircraft and spacecraft have long been a focus in the Ohio Space Corridor.

Top 10 Jobs With the Most Openings, 2026

  1. Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Occupations: RN Nurses, LPN Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Medical Assistants.
  2. Healthcare Support: Patient Care Aides and technicians.
  3. Food Prep & Service Jobs
  4. Transportation & Material Moving
  5. Education, Training, & Library
  6. Computer & Mathematical Careers, including aerospace engineering and technologies.
  7. Construction & Extraction, especially energy related.
  8. Business & Financial Positions
  9. Retail and Wholesale Sales & Related Jobs
  10. Home Health Aides

Changing Job Market

In Ohio through 2026, individuals with more extensive education and training will have the best job opportunities. Occupations that require on-the-job training only are forecast to grow the most slowly.

All job categories that require at least post-secondary training are expected to grow faster than the average growth for jobs overall. This means that people will likely need at least some college, if not a college degree, in order to get a job in Ohio (for at least 45% of job openings through the end of 2019).

Future Jobs

Ohio's aerospace and aviation industry is growing in all of its areas, including electronic instrument production, manufacture of aerospace equipment, air transportation—aviation, unmanned flight, and aerospace flight - and satellite telecommunications. Thus, a greater percentage of the state's total employment is going to aerospace and aviation annually.

Best Expanding Industries Through 2026

  1. Healthcare, Public Health, and Social Service Occupations
  2. Professional and Technical Services, including aviation and aerospace as well as telehealth
  3. Educational Services, especially online instruction
  4. Retail Sales
  5. Transportation and Warehousing, including rising home grocery and medical delivery services as well as Amazon products
  6. Administrative and Waste Services, including recycling
  7. Construction Jobs
  8. Finance and Insurance
Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio


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