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How to Handle Job Search Rejection, Silence, and Stress

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Colleen is an administrative assistant/office worker who is always working on bettering their skills to snag a better career in the field.

Learn how to unwind In the face of rejection, silence, and stress.

Learn how to unwind In the face of rejection, silence, and stress.

Job Searching

Applications: we've all been there. If I had to make a rough guess, I'd say that I have applied for over 4,000 jobs in the past few years. I don't know the exact number, but I know that something needs to change about the system. What exactly? I always thought it was the applicant who needed to change to fit the mold, but I think the recruiting system needs to change.

I have had a few successful interviews in the past couple of years, but however no offers. I think I am doing the right thing, because I interviewed in front of six people and didn't feel nervous at all. I've improved in handling public speaking and commanding an audience at my jobs. Working with my staffing agency has really helped me, despite the fact that I haven't had much luck landing a job on my own.

What do I do for a living? I work as a temp worker for an office staffing agency. I wait for calls, and then I take the offer depending on if it fits my criteria. The longest assignment I've had at a staffing agency is eight months, and it was a great experience for me to gain referrals, build my resume, and craft new and old skills.

Job searching does stress me out, but it's gotten easier to tell people what I ultimately what to do. However, it does feel hopeless sometimes when I am doing all I can within my power and still cannot get a job.

Sometimes it can feel like an endless game you don't know the rules to.

Sometimes it can feel like an endless game you don't know the rules to.

Recognize Small Wins

I like to focus on the wins that are small rather than big, it helps me stay grounded when job searching gets to be too much. I recently scored 26/30 on an Excel assessment test with my staffing agency. Although I am not an expert at Excel, to me that's something to celebrate. It means that I may be able to take on bigger roles at my staffing agency, and I can be able to learn new things. Maybe the whole process of learning Excel isn't impossible for me at all, maybe I can achieve what I want to. I'll take the small success over the big one. What would the larger win be? Obviously getting a permanent job within my field, which will eventually happen. But for now, I focus on the fact that I've improved my resume, stayed true to what I want to do, and learned new skills to help myself in the meantime.

I've spent hours searching jobs to just reduce stress, only to make it worse.

I've spent hours searching jobs to just reduce stress, only to make it worse.

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Sometimes I just unplug from applying when I know I can't find anything new. I used to spend hours and hours on Indeed, just searching and searching for what I couldn't find only to find the same things. I learned to just embrace relaxation, to unwind, and unplug from the computer. It does get harder sometimes to do this, but I try to at least look once a day for jobs and then carry on with my life.

One time I was stressed about finding a job and tons of opportunities hit me in the face the next minute. I got a new assignment with my staffing agency, or an interview possibility . . . The list goes on. Sometimes when we let our guard down, the amazing happens.

Embrace relaxation!

Embrace relaxation!

Relax Your Mind

I've gotten better at handling applying to jobs, rejection, and the whole process of career searching in the past few years. What I can attribute to my success is being able to know what's successful in my life and knowing when to relax. Sometimes I just can relax easier if I know I've at least tried my best and call it a day on job searching. Other times I find myself conflicted because I have so much time on my hands. But the important thing is to create a balance of relaxation and knowing you've done your best.

I am going to try my hardest to continue that path, and find new ways to improve my stress and processes. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on the small successes and happiness in my life that outweigh the negative.

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Laura Smith from Pittsburgh, PA on August 09, 2017:

This is so relevant to what has been going on with me and several people I know this week. My mom, looking for a job in the dietary department of a hospital, just went on an interview for one job only to find out that it technically doesn't exist in the way it was described on the phone to her. My sister, a recent college graduate, went for an interview today only to find that the person that she was looking for in the building that she was sent to did not exist. I have nine years of administrative experience and a writing degree and cannot get a call for an interview to save my life. So, when you have three people with three different experience levels and education not being able to get a job, it feels like the job interview process is what needs to change, and the fact that you can't do anything about the process itself (you just have to keep playing their game and hope you strike gold), is so frustrating, especially when your career and security are at stake. Thanks for reminding us to breathe and keep at it.

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