Top 10 Summer Jobs for Adults and College Students

Updated on April 25, 2016
Find a good summer job with a little help.
Find a good summer job with a little help. | Source

Summer, Seasonal, and Full-Time Jobs Increase

The Unemployment Rates in many states and metropolitan areas of America is relatively low after recovery from the Great Recession, translating into the fact that there are probably a lot of jobs open that are not being filled. This is particularly true of Texas.

Business and job growth is high in many regions and will continue to increase through 2015 and beyond. A 5.0% Unemployment Rate is considered by analysts to be "Full Employment." If there are then jobs available despite this rate, America likely does not have any health workers left to do them:

  • In March 1999 Electronic Recruiting News reported that from 2000 - 2015, the number of 25-to-44 year old workers in the US economy would be lower than in 1999. This has proven largely true.
  • According to Wirthlin Worldwide , US business CEOs worry more over shortages in skilled labor than about global competition or economic recession.

Walking & Singing to Work in the Summer of 1967. Watts/LA.
Walking & Singing to Work in the Summer of 1967. Watts/LA. | Source

Not only are there increasing numbers of jobs available, but despite some corporate downsizing, the Baby Boom Retirement era is leaving some jobs vacant as well. In addition this, Summer Jobs become available, as do other seasonal occupations. Over all, there are many job openings, and since the US federal minimum wage increased in latter part of the first decade of the 21st century, pay in this summer jobs is better than previously.

High school and college youth are not the only groups looking for Summer and Seasonal Employment in the 21st century. Teachers often are off for the summer and work a seasonal job, if they are not already working a second part-time job year around. Some single parents or stay at home moms work during the summer when their children are in summer day camps. Many adults work an extra job during the summer, and retirees sometimes work during the months of May - August as well.

The Job 10 Jobs for Adults and Youth combined are in hospitality, dining, food preparation, and tourism. Many cities and counties have summer youth work and learn programs for young people ages 14 - 18 or 14 - 21, and these programs need adult workers of many types as well.

Summer Fun Jobs

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West End Amusement Park, New Orleans.Seasonal work at Tall Ships festivals.
West End Amusement Park, New Orleans.
West End Amusement Park, New Orleans. | Source
Seasonal work at Tall Ships festivals.
Seasonal work at Tall Ships festivals. | Source

Top 10 Summer Jobs for Adults and College Students

  • Hotels, Resorts, and connecting Dining and Shopping Plazas - various positions, including retail sales
  • Summer Day Camps and Overnight Camps, Childcare, and Eldercare
  • Fast food, Pizza, Casual dining, Fine dining, and Taverns
  • Summer Paid Interships - college level
  • Vacation Resorts and Tourist Attractions
  • Various Green Business projects and programs
  • Airport and other Concessions and Retail
  • City, County, State and Federal Summer Youth Programs
  • Movie Theaters
  • Landscaping, construction, etc.

Many hospitals and clinics may have job openings that can lead to permanent employment, considereing the shortage of healthcare workers to be evident through the mid-21st century.


Travel and Resorts
Travel and Resorts

Summer and Seasonal Employment Sites

These following links provide access to employment search engine that specialize in summer and seasonal jobs or have a seasonal component in addition to other job services:




This major conglomerate now offers not only seasonal employment, but Work Readiness Classes, Resume Preparation help, Career Planning, and college level classes for which credit may be taken. Instructors are all college educated and degreed, many having MBA degrees. Focus is on business and how to be a success in the business world, but in America and Internationally.

All levels of college students may apply to Disney, including grad students. Directions and applications are available on the website, along with several pages of programs and activities for college level and permanent employees. The Disney based learning center is a computerized lab with online as well as classroom based instruction and numerous other resources are attached.

During a paid summer internship at Disney, student workers receive:

  • Paid internships that will boost the strength of a resume.
  • Opportunities to work with global experts in leadership skills and training to gain vital transferable skills. This is the perfect first step toward Career Assessment and getting your Dream Job of the future.
  • An Individualized Study Plan in a custom-designed curriculum that offers college credit.
  • Numerous benefits and discounts.
  • Living arrangements in a gated community with 24-hour security.

The College Program Educator Relations and New Market Development Specialist, Kent Phillips, received the Cooperative Education and Internship Association's Charles F. Kettering Award for 2008. The award honors companies with the best leadership and commitment to Cooperative Education and Internship in America. Mr. Phillips founded the College Program in 1981 and nearly 50,000 students have participated.

College level credit courses award a certificate and are referred to the ACE - American Council on Education - for college credit. Non-college level courses award a Certificate of Completion that is also a good accompaniment to a resume.

Working at Disney

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Mackinac Island resorts, hotels, attractions, and dining places.I stayed at this campground on a visit to the island and saw the bridge every day.
Mackinac Island resorts, hotels, attractions, and dining places.
Mackinac Island resorts, hotels, attractions, and dining places. | Source
I stayed at this campground on a visit to the island and saw the bridge every day.
I stayed at this campground on a visit to the island and saw the bridge every day. | Source

Mackinac Island Resorts

Since 1887, Grand Hotel has welcomed guests to Mackinac Island, Michigan. An overnight stay includes a full breakfast and five-course dinner daily.

Built in 1858, the fully renovated Lake View Hotel is conveniently located on Main Street in the historic downtown of Mackinac Island, Michigan. We offer 85 air-conditioned guest rooms, large flat panel HDTVs, an indoor heated pool, three restaurants

The Chippewa Hotel, Mackinac Island Michigan, A Victorian style waterfront hotel perfect for Mackinac Island vacations. Make your online hotel reservations here for Mackinac Island accommodations or lodging.

Cruise ship jobs can be fun.
Cruise ship jobs can be fun. | Source

An Outstanding Job Site

PJ Scout - Jobs by E-mail at

This is an extremely fast Job Search Engine that pulls up jobs instantly in permanent full-time positions as well as for part-time and seasonal work. Punching in my own Zip Code and a 25 mile radius search parameter into the search Box, I saw that 120 jobs popped up immediately. I have not see a faster search engine.

On the site, search results come up displayed in alphabetical order with a link for each job. Click on a link and you will receive a full job description and an addition link for applying for the job right there online.

You can also set up a Job Search Agent very quickly and request related jobs to be emailed to you.

This site was begun in 1988 by Human Resources and Technology professionals to save their clients money by connecting them with qualified job applicants quickly. In addition to all this, the NationJob Community Job Network is rates the best community-based Internet Recruitment Program in America.

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      Another idea is studying abroad for the summer and/or get an internship overseas!

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      Vacation resorts are probably the most fun work environment you're gonna find. Another good jobsite is

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      mikeking, thanks for that input - it helpos a lot to know which kind of jobs really do pan out and create a success for the job seeker. Great that you stopped by to post!

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      Hotel, and Casino seems like a good place to work. I have worked part-time one time at a golf resort, great experience for the summer break.

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      I was actuallly kind of surprised that so many older people are working at Disneyland, but I think it could be a lot of fun as a second career after retirement.

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      Grea hub. The one picture of "Travel and Resorts" makes you want a resort job.

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