Top 10 Jobs for Parents With School Aged Children

Updated on January 4, 2018
renegadetory profile image

Carolyn is a stay at home mom of 5 and knows the struggles of trying to make money while still being able to be there for your children.

Me and my little guy
Me and my little guy | Source

The difficulty of finding a job that can accommodate parents with kids in school can be overwhelming, especially if you have limited employment skills and only a high school diploma, I know because I've been there. Sometimes it can seem hopeless.

There are jobs out there that can allow you to work 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday, especially if you don't have a degree. When I was a single parent I had a heck of a time finding a job that would pay enough to cover rent, bills and groceries AND allow me to be there in the morning when my daughter went to school and be there to pick her up when she got out of school.


  • 9 am- 3 pm - No weekends
  • No University degree required
  • Flexibility so you can stay home when your child is ill or has a day off school


Get To Know Your Neighbourhood

The first piece of advice I can offer for parents wanting to work while their children are at school is to get familiar with what's in your neighbourhood. Maybe you live downtown like me, or in the suburbs. Are there any local businesses close by that are hiring? Are there places you shop in regularly that you could ask if they are looking for help? (many jobs are not advertised).

Next time you take your kids to the park or for a walk, look around and make a list of places you would like to ask if they are hiring.

The school your child is attending may have a position available too. My daughter's school paid parents to supervise kids at lunchtime and so forth. Check with your child's school or other schools close by if they have any positions open.

I lived within walking distance of many shops and businesses. My job hunting started there. I knew that even with a car I didn't want a job that required too much travel time, so that I would always make it on time to pick up my daughter from school.


Top 5 Blue Collar Jobs

If you're not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get busy, these jobs might be for you:

  1. House cleaning- with a company such as Molly Maid or offer your services as a private maid. Some house cleaning companies make you work weekends, others do not.

    The benefits of house cleaning privately are:
    you set the pay, what you are willing to clean (laundry included?) your time schedule and where you are willing to work.

  2. Home Care- you do not require any sort of degree if you wish to work in home care as a support worker. This job requires you to do light house cleaning, shopping and cooking, for example. The pay is decent (especially if you apply through your provincial government) and you can specify which shifts you are willing to work. Be careful which company you choose to work for as some expect you to be available evenings and weekends and do much more than light cleaning or cooking.
  3. Home Day Care or Before & After School Care- I would recommend that you have CPR training and adequate space if you want to watch children during the day or before and after school. Your home MUST be child-proof and safe for children. You can advertise online, in the newspaper and through your local schools.
  4. School Bus Driver- There is a big demand for school bus drivers here in Canada and they offer FREE training, the pay is good and the hours you work are during school hours.
  5. McDonalds/Tim Hortons- Both companies state on their websites that they are flexible in their hours. Both also offer training and health benefits which are valuable when you have little ones. If you really need to find work, don't overlook your local McDonalds or Tim Hortons, at least until you can find a job you would enjoy more.

Make extra money as a driver for ride-sharing companies like Uber.
Make extra money as a driver for ride-sharing companies like Uber. | Source

New Job Update

There is another job I want to list here and that is making money as a driver for Uber.

Now, this is probably best for the Dads out there, but anyone can do it. You do need a car and you should double check insurance restrictions/limitations as well (you will need to provide documentation for this as part of your application process online).

My husband and I know people that drive for Uber and they would do it as a second job on weekends and usually make around $300 a weekend driving for a few hours. Depending on where you live and your availability this might be a really good option as it allows for great flexibility and the pay is pretty good.


Top 5 Office Jobs

Here are some office jobs that do not require a degree and are within the Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm time frame:

  1. Customer/Client Service Representative at a Bank- This is the one position that does not require a degree, you simply must have good people skills and organization skills. These jobs can be applied for through the bank's website such RBC, TD Canada Trust and so forth. Just enter the criteria and check out the job openings. You can submit your resume and cover letter through their website as well. (Some branches are open Saturday, make sure the position you apply for is for Monday to Friday only).
  2. Administrative Assistant/Receptionist position- Depending on where you apply, some businesses want you to work Saturdays or evenings, make sure to check the listing to make sure it is a Monday to Friday position only. Most administrative jobs do not require a degree, but a few years experience, or at least computer and telephone skills. **

    My first administrative job was at a Member of Parliament's constituency office. It was Monday to Friday 9-3 and I had benefits. Check your local MP's office, your MPP/MLA office or even your city counselor office for openings. They are not usually advertised so it's worth it to ask as they pay more than private business.
  3. Data Entry position- There are plenty of these positions that do not require any kind of degree that pay reasonably well and it is possible to find one that does not require evenings or weekends. I recently went to the Service Canada website and typed in the keywords "Data Entry" and found positions on the first page for my area that did not require evenings or weekends, so these jobs are out there.

    (My data entry job was for a political organization and did not require me to work evenings or weekends, in fact they were very flexible with regard to being a single parent).
  4. Sales Representative for RESPs- A popular RESP company here in Canada that offer flexible self-employment opportunities selling RESPs is Heritage Education Funds. The downside to this position is that it is very hard to do if you don't have a car. However, if it's something that you would enjoy doing because you like people and are outgoing, there are always ways to get around regardless.
  5. Financial Advisor- various companies essentially let you work for yourself and set your own hours. You will most likely need a car if your city does not have good public transportation. Some courses may be required for you to take before you can start selling financial products. Edward Jones is just one example of a company that will pay to train you and where you essentially work your own hours.

Job Update #2: Working for Shopify

I have come across another office job that is suitable for mothers or fathers if you have good reading and writing skills, have some customer service experience, a computer with internet access and a willingness to learn new things.

What I really like about this job is that you get hands on training before you begin. By this I mean that they want you to build a site, use all their tools and set it up as if you were a customer so that you can get first-hand experience of what it's like setting up an online store. This way you will be better able to help customers set up their stores or answer any questions they might have. Pretty awesome.

This is a remote job so you basically work from home in your pj's if you so desire.

The job is Customer Service Guru for Shopify.

They hire these gurus from Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Quebec. Or if you speak fluent Spanish you can live anywhere in Canada or Ireland.

Personal Note:

Nobody in my family works for them but living in Ottawa where their headquarters are located my husband knows a few people that have worked there or just recently got hired for them (as in just yesterday). They are a really cool company to work for. I personally am really impressed by their website and word of mouth is very positive where they are concerned (also important).

They have many other positions across the country but this particular position is specifically remote. The only other positions they offer as remote jobs (work from home) is for Plus Merchant Success. You must live in British Columbia or Ontario for this particular position though.

Here is the link for the Customer Service Guru job description.

Here is the link for the Shopify Career Site.

Last Word of Advice

Be creative, think outside the box and do your research! This is the best advice I can give any parent with school aged children. Many jobs are not advertised, and many jobs are right in your own neighbourhood, you just have to sniff them out.

Make full use of the Internet and check job boards such as, as well as Service Canada Job Bank, and the classified section of your newspapers for openings.

Let friends and family know you are looking for a job and wish to work only while your children are at school. Sometimes it can make a difference if you know people that can help you. Many businesses prefer to hire someone that a current employee recommends rather than hiring someone off the street. So speak up!

Questions & Answers

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      • Moon Daisy profile image

        Moon Daisy 

        9 months ago from London

        It's often hard to find a job right away. I would recommend doing some voluntary work to start with to give you the confidence to get back in the workplace, to really make a difference to your community and feel useful, and to get valuable experience that you can carry through to your next job.

        Volunteering helped me tremendously to get used to the whole working environment after a big break, to the time commitment and to having colleagues again. Each voluntary post acted as a stepping stone to the next, and then to my first paid job. And then to the next one! They built up my experience, and helped me to realise that I could do it!

      • profile image

        Terese louis 

        3 years ago

        Need to find a job.i have a degree as a realestate.

      • SharonBallantine profile image


        3 years ago

        I encourage anyone who is looking for employment to be clear on the experience that they want to have. This will include things like the flexibility to be home for your children in the mornings, afternoons, and weekends.

        Be clear on your goals, but don't limit yourself either. Is it a requirement that you be able to be home before and after school? What if the job has a daycare center or after school program that would be awesome for your child.

      • VVanNess profile image

        Victoria Van Ness 

        5 years ago from Fountain, CO

        What great ideas! It's already extremely difficult to find work in this current economy, even four years after the start of the recession. Especially for a single parent, finding work and also being able to be available and present for your kids is a challenge.

        Good luck to everyone looking for work! I'm there with you!

      • renegadetory profile imageAUTHOR

        Carolyn Dahl 

        5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario

        Great ideas Bronterae, I think that if you have any skills you should consider a way to make money from them if you can.

      • Bronterae profile image


        5 years ago from Nor Cal

        Great hub. I would like to add some ideas. If you have educational skills like music or English, you can teach/tutor from home. As a mediocre violinist, I started as a volunteer music teacher at school and it has grown into a full schedule of 15 privates at $15-20 for a half hour plus another school job, 2 hours a week at $50 hr. I started taking lessons again to stay ahead of my children. :) Get to know a music store owner/librarian/book store owner/the teachers if you have kids etc.. to get clients.

      • renegadetory profile imageAUTHOR

        Carolyn Dahl 

        5 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario

        It is difficult to try and make money from home, I hope my suggestions can be of great help for you!

      • jkang219 profile image


        5 years ago from California

        Thank you! I've been looking for a hub like this... It's been challenging figuring out how to be a stay at home parent and still make a little money on the side. I'll have to look into some of these suggestions.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        I think your idea about before/after school is a great one! It is also improtant to have the proper licensing required in your area. I know in my state you must be a licensed child care provider to watch children in your home regularly. Another option would be working in a school or center-based after-school program which your child could attend. I know that when I worked in an after school program some of my co-workers had school age children who would attend the program at their site, and this worked very well for them.

      • Moon Daisy profile image

        Moon Daisy 

        6 years ago from London

        Nice hub, and some good suggestions here.

      • barbergirl28 profile image

        Stacy Harris 

        7 years ago from Hemet, Ca

        Good advice. I know it seems almost impossible these days to work and still be somewhat of a stay at home parent. I have struggled with that for years. I might have to check out some of these solutions.


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