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Unicru Personality Test Answer Key: Read This, Get Hired

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Use this Unicru answer key to ace your pre-employment questionnaire and learn more about why personality tests are used for candidate selection.

Use this Unicru answer key to ace your pre-employment questionnaire and learn more about why personality tests are used for candidate selection.

What Is the Unicru Personality Test?

The Unicru personality test is a tool that psychologists developed to help businesses find good employees. The test's content is owned and maintained by Kronos, a popular workforce-management company whose tools are used by a wide variety of small and large businesses.

The Unicru test is a mandatory component of the job application process for many major employers, including Best Buy, CVS, Walmart, Kroger, Lowe's, Marriott, Starbucks, and others. They use the questionnaire as a method of screening potential employees for undesirable characteristics that, in theory, might affect their work.

What Is the Test Like?

Unicru is nothing more than a personality test designed to find suitable applicants for jobs in retail and other customer-facing industries. Despite this, many who have taken the test find it confusing, stressful, or even offensive.

For one, the questionnaire asks candidates for their birthdates, which some sources claim is illegal according to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Additionally, many of the questions seem like they could have more than one "right" answer. Most level-headed people would assume that a lot of the test's content is really up for interpretation. In reality, however, there is only one "correct" answer choice for each question.

It seems like many of the questions should give rational folks mixed feelings, but responding in a lukewarm manner (i.e., selecting "agree" or "disagree" instead of "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree") will result in an answer being marked incorrect (or at least less correct).

How Does It Work?

Many of the questions on the Unicru test seem pointless, but in reality, they are designed specifically to select for individuals with a particular set of traits that researchers have decided are desirable in employees who deal with customers and coworkers on a regular basis.

When Kronos receives a test, they give the applicant a score (which the applicant is unable to see) and forward that score to the company to which the applicant applied. The company is only given contact information for the highest scorers, however.

No contact information is provided for those who didn't score as well; they are ruled out entirely. This helps large companies that receive many applications save time by automatically eliminating candidates with traits that workplace psychologists have deemed undesirable.

Unicru Answer Key

The test may change over time. Some of these questions may not be used anymore, and others may have been added. Study the questions and answers here and learn to recognize what sorts of responses are deemed appropriate.

Strongly Agree QuestionsStrongly Disagree Questions

Any trouble you have is your own fault: SA

You've done your share of troublemaking: SD

It is easy for you to feel what others are feeling: SA

Your stuff is often kind of messy: SD

It is fun to go to events with big crowds: SA

You'd rather not compete very much: SD

It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free: SA

You would rather not get involved in other people's problems: SD

When someone treats you badly, you ignore it: SA

You swear when you argue: SD

When you are done with your work, you look for more to do: SA

You sometimes thought seriously about quitting high school: SD

When you go someplace, you are never late: SA

You show it when you are in a bad mood: SD

When your friends need help, they call you first: SA

You say whatever is on your mind: SD

You agree with people more often than you argue: SA

People's feelings are sometimes hurt by what you say: SD

You always try not to hurt people's feelings: SA

You look back and feel bad about things you've done: SD

You are a friendly person: SA

You like to take frequent breaks when working on something difficult: SD

You are always cheerful: SA

You are somewhat a of a thrill-seeker: SD

You are careful not to offend people: SA

It bothers you a long time when someone is unfair to you: SD

You are proud of the work you do at school or on a job: SA

You like to be alone: SD

Your moods are steady from day to day: SA

It bothers you when you have to obey a lot of rules: SD

You avoid arguments as much as possible: SA

It is hard to really care about work when the job is boring: SD

You can wait patiently for a long time: SA

Right now, you care more about having fun than being serious at school or work: SD

You chat with people you don't know: SA

You ignore people you don't like: SD

You could describe yourself as tidy: SA

You have to give up on some things that you start: SD

You do not fake being polite: SA

You have friends, but don't like them to be too close: SD

You do things carefully so you don't make mistakes: SA

You get mad at yourself when you make mistakes: SD

You finish your work no matter what: SA

You get angry more often that nervous: SD

You give direct criticism when you need to: SA

You don't worry about making a good impression: SD

You got mostly good grades in high school: SA

You don't work hard because it doesn't pay off anyway: SD

You hate to give up if you can't solve a hard problem: SA

You don't care what people think of you: SD

You have always had good behavior in school or work: SA

You don't care if you offend people: SD

You have confidence in yourself: SA

You don't believe a lot of what people say: SD

You have no big regrets about your past: SA

You don't act polite when you don't want to: SD

You have no big worries: SA

You do what you want, no matter what others think: SD

You ignore people's small mistakes: SA

You do some things that upset people: SD

You keep calm when under stress: SA

You do not like to take orders: SD

You know when someone is in a bad mood, even if they don't show it: SA

You do not like to meet new people: SD

You like to be in the middle of a big crowd: SA

You do not like small talk: SD

You like to plan things before you do them: SA

You criticize people when they deserve it: SD

You like to talk a lot: SA

You could not deal with difficult people all day: SD

You love to be with people: SA

You change from felling happy to sad without any reason: SD

You love to listen to people talk about themselves: SA

You are unsure of yourself with new people: SD

You make more sensible choices than careless ones: SA

You are unsure of what to say when you meet someone: SD

You rarely act without thinking: SA

You are not interested in your friends' problems: SD

You think of yourself as being very sensible: SA

You are not afraid to tell someone off: SD

You try to sense what others are thinking and feeling: SA

You are more relaxed than strict about finishing things on time >> SD

You were absent very few days from high school: SA

You are a fairly private person: SD

You work best at a slow but steady speed: SA

When you need to, you take it easy at work: SD

You would rather work on a team than by yourself: SA

When you are annoyed with something, you say so: SD

Your friends and family approve of the things you do: SA

When people make mistakes, you correct them: SD

There's no use having close friends; they always let you down: SD

There are some people you really can't stand: SD

Slow people make you impatient: SD

Many people cannot be trusted: SD

Other people's feelings are their own business: SD

People are often mean to you: SD

People do a lot of annoying things: SD

People do a lot of things that make you angry: SD

People who talk all the time are annoying: SD

My Criticism of the Unicru Test

Applying for jobs can be stressful and time-consuming, and now—thanks to Unicru—the process has become even more tedious. After applying for several jobs that included the test, I have learned to avoid openings at businesses that use Unicru. Why?

It Promotes Lying

Do the companies that use this tool really believe that the highest scorers will be the best employees? To me, the idea of a person who would get a perfect score on the test without lying sounds too good to be true. I have the integrity to not lie on the Unicru application, and because of that, I've been excluded from consideration for multiple jobs. If this sounds backward to you, you're not alone!

It Damages Workplace Diversity

In my opinion, it's wrong to use a personality test to determine whether or not a person is even eligible for consideration for a job. Do companies not want diversity? Do they all just want multiple copies of the same person? Why don't they just hire robots? Diversity makes things fun and healthy in a work environment. It allows employees to understand different points of view, which ultimately leads to better customer service.

It Doesn't Work

I've personally experienced poor customer service from employees at companies that use this test as a way to weed out candidates. Best Buy, in particular, comes to mind. Is the test broken, or is this how customer service is supposed to be?

The Takeaway

This candidate-selection method is not only tedious for the potential employee but also immoral, borderline illegal, and a great way to get a person to lie. This is why I've published some of the questions and answers here—to highlight the unfairness of using personality tests to exclude candidates who have enough integrity to respond honestly to a questionnaire.

What if you're a good worker and just have a few personal flaws (like everyone does)? If you were put up against the Unicru test and are hurt and confused about why you didn't get the job, try a different line of thinking. Do you want to work for a company that wants to hire a homogenous fleet of clones that lack individuality?

Let's think about the word Unicru:

Uni = one
Cru = crew
Unicru = one crew

"One crew" sounds like a bunch of conformist yes-people. That can't be good.

More About Pre-Employment Testing

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do I answer "too much planning on the job can get in the way of enjoying things."?

Answer: For this question, I would put "strongly disagree."

Question: In the Unicru interview test, what should I put for, "Would you set your work aside to assist coworkers with their work?"

Answer: I wouldn't put "strongly agree."

Question: What is the best response to Unicru's hiring question: "I am not a very adventurous person on the job"?

Answer: I would answer this with "agree." An employer isn't going to want to hire someone who often takes big risks, but they won't want someone who is afraid to try a new technique to get the job done.

Question: In the Unicru test, how would I answer “I obey the law more often if there’s a chance I get caught”?

Answer: This is a tough one. Your best bet would be to answer honestly. My answer would be no. Getting caught does not prevent me from breaking the law, the fact that it's a law prevents me from breaking it.

Question: When asked "Are you more effective when you don’t have too many things happen at once?" on the Unicru application test, how should I answer?

Answer: Answer this as "strongly disagree."

Question: How should I answer, "I have never tried to get back at someone who has hurt me on the job" from the Unicru test?

Answer: Your best bet would be "true" or "strongly agree." I would hope that this would actually be the case, too. If you are having trouble with a fellow employee, you should contact the manager and not take the problem into your own hands.

Question: How do I answer, "I say what needs to be said in work meetings even if it is unpopular," on the Unicru job application?

Answer: That's a really tricky one. In case of these really tricky ones, your best bet it to be honest.

Question: On the Unicru test, what is the best answer for, "Are potential gains are worth potential losses?"?

Answer: I would put "disagree."

Question: How should I respond to the Unicru prompt, "I set my work aside to assist coworkers with their work?"

Answer: This is difficult. On one hand, you don't want to sound like someone who doesn't complete their own work. On the other hand, you want to be helpful to others. However, I feel that companies want someone who is going to prioritize the work that is given to them.

Question: How should I answer: I need opportunities to advance in the company?

Answer: This is one of those questions where you should be honest.

Question: When asked "It is useless to try to control what will happen in the future" on the Unicru application test, how should I answer?

Answer: Answer this with "strongly disagree."

Question: On the Unicru test, when asked, “I prefer to work on familiar work tasks”, how should I answer?

Answer: I would put "agree."

Question: On the Unicru test, how do I answer, “at work, many people are up to no good"?

Answer: I would put "disagree."

Question: What should I put for the Unicru prompt: "You like to be around people most of the time"?

Answer: The employer is likely looking for someone who likes to be around people most of the time.

Question: From the Unicru test, how should I answer this: "What statement do I agree more strongly with? "I dislike myself" or "I dislike others"?"

Answer: Perhaps you could say you agree more strongly with, "I dislike myself."

Question: How does it make you feel to do poor quality work?

Answer: Doing poor quality work should make you feel disappointed and thus you should always strive to do your best.

Question: How should I answer the question, "It doesn't matter to me if people like me?"

Answer: Answer with "strongly disagree." A good employee will be amiable and easy to get along with.

Question: How should I address this statement on the Unicru personality test?: "If my work is not perfect, I am not satisfied."

Answer: Put "agree" or "disagree", but I wouldn't say that you strongly agree or disagree.

Question: How should I answer this question from the Unicru test? "When I fail at something, I want to try again immediately."

Answer: Answer "false" or "strongly disagree." Your best bet is to evaluate why you failed, and attempt to rectify why you failed before trying again.

Question: What is the best response for Unicru's question, "You are never late for work?"

Answer: "Strongly agree" should be the answer to this one. An employee should make the best effort possible to be to work on time.

Question: When asked "I have difficulty matching the pace set by my coworkers" on the Unicru application test, how should I answer?

Answer: You should answer "strongly disagree."

Question: What is the best response to Unicru's hiring question: I see myself as someone who is reserved?

Answer: I would put "disagree." A good employee will be outgoing and amiable, but not to an extreme.

Question: How do I answer, "most supervisors accept that you cannot always call in an absence?"

Answer: You should answer "strongly disagree." No supervisor should be expected to accept a no call, no show.

Question: How should I answer the question: In comparison to co-workers or friends, how well do you adapt to new circumstances?

Answer: For this question, you would want to answer it in such a way that makes it so that you're very adaptable. Employers often look for someone who copes well with change.

© 2009 Melanie Palen

What Do You Think?

FLMez on February 27, 2020:

Please skip the petition I posted. I'm going to go after my congressman because I don't think this kind of petition will work. I don't believe these tests should be used, but I believe there's a better way to make a case. For those who say you can't fight city hall, that's what they said in the late 1980's when they outlawed the use of polygraph tests. It can be done, but after thinking about this, I don't think a petition is exactly the way to go about it.

FLMez on February 18, 2020:

There's a petition on the White House's website - sign and pass it on. Make these pre-employment and psych tests illegal in the hiring process.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on November 19, 2019:

One thing these tests can never assess is the ability of an individual to change. That's why such tests are only useful for "snapshots" of a person at any given moment and therefore useless. Besides, adding in the fact some of the questions are illegal indicates a lot about an employer who would want to conduct such testing. Great job, Ms. Palin. Love your writing.

Mike on October 01, 2018:

These assessment tests are just nonsense. They do not depict your workforce behavior in any way. Everybody should read the history of Myers Briggs which these assessments are based on. CEO and companies just do not want to hire a full time HR department anymore. I survived 5 bank mergers during Clinton’s administration that should not have merged in the first-place laying thousands of workers off. And now Bernie and many democrats want to break up banks. No wonder why they lost the last election. What we need is for businesses to hire qualified people instead of businesses looking for the next government bailout. Not sure which is worse corporate welfare or personal welfare. But there are a lot of people that want to work and these assessments are not helping.

Janet on February 06, 2018:

I believe these test should be banned along with the financial questions some of these employer's/staffing agencies ask, such as, "are you now or have you within the last 6 months received unemployment pay, food stamps, snap, TANT or Chip?" REALLY ? I'm looking for a job, not a hand out; I'm not applying to jobs or going for interviews to be embarrassed by their line of questioning, leaving me, along with the feeling of embarrassment, violated and humiliated.

I am looking for a job that I can contribute my work experience in an effort to become part of a team, and help progress a business's growth in return for a paycheck.

I was termed by my employer due to a "reduction in workforce"; I'm in my 6th month of unemployment and I find being in my late 50's with a minor disability is enough restraint on my job search without having to complete insufficient test/questionnaire forms.

I will continue my search, knowing through my faith in God and submitting to his will, that He will lead and direct me to where he chooses and there "truly" won't be no wrong answers on his test.

Melanie on January 26, 2018:

These tests put both parties in a position of lying at the outset. The employer says "There are no wrong answers"

The potential employee is in a position to tell them what they want to hear. No one hears the real truth. Who does that benefit?

Juls on June 23, 2017:

I do not agree with any personality tests. Take this question"You would rather not get involved in other people's problems" I don't feel it is any of my business to get involved in co-workers personal business (they should leave that at home) so I would say SA. However the answer key says SD.

Take a deployment and one of the questions, "You look back and feel bad about things you've done." HELL YEA!!! of course that would be SA well their answer key is SD. Ever been around someone who talks a lot and you are trying to meet a deadline? They can be annoying. The answer key says SD to me it would be SA. Guess I just failed and no longer qualify for the job.

I do not feel these tests should be based on employment. It is the persons experience, skills and employment history. Also calling their prior employer should be good enough.

B.Thompson on October 27, 2016:

Let corrupt corporate America continue to practice this type of discrimination and America will have 75% Donald Trump followers instead of 45%.Perhaps that's the goal to dismantle democracy. Corporate controlled media won't dare to publish some of the real reasons about high unemployment. l am not surprised at these immoral behaviors.

Rich on June 27, 2016:

The answer is simple. A worker's revolt.

Crystal on April 12, 2016:

My life is relatively slow and easy going

Agree or Disagree

Rose on December 09, 2015:

My comment to this BS is. I have taken more than a few of theses so called assessment test and all I have failed. When I look at the persons working for theses companies I've applied for, I started to see a pattern. My concenceses is, without decrimination, that most people I saw working at the place were in my eyes low income receipents and with that note I'm not against for helping people of that status but I too and many like in my situation are desperately seeking employment. My answers are as honest I'll ever be with great care for people and businesses and still I can't seem to pass these test. I've done research on what exacatly these test are all about. Reading this article has help me some what thank you for reading my comment on this new way of weeding out great potential employees.

Melissa Goldsborough on June 22, 2015:

Why are we okay with this in society. It's causing high unemployment rates when people give up trying and trying and trying trying.

Our president doesn't take such test to become the leader of our country and any person applying to be president would think this was absurd. Doctors, lawyers, Teachers, manufacturing companies and plenty of other normal people who are truly doing their jobs don't rely on such BS. After carefully reading the application or resume and taking the time to interview and talk to and get the feel for the invidules who are applying. Would you trust a computer to identify a serial killer verses a person who devoted their lives to helping others, No. I don't trust this CRAP to tell me if this person is going to be a good hard devoted worker. Just Saying.

Sometimes people get tired of being asked about 100 questions about CRAP that has nothing to due with if they are willing and capable of getting up and coming to work every single day on time.

Since most of these retail jobs are moving product boxes from one location to another and putting the merchandise out to the floor for the customer what does the questions about how someone views their self about how stargers, friends, family and the stray cats opinion got to do with the individual performs simple job duties?

thoughtful on June 17, 2015:

@sickoftests - uh, if you say, "I raise my voice", then you are saying, "I talk loud, usually because I'm angry". And even if you spoke loud because you were exuberant or happy or just neutral, you are saying you typically talk loud, which repels most people, and makes them feel uneasy, or probably offended because they feel you are shouting at them rather than talking to them.

Raymond Kovach on April 02, 2014:

For what it is worth, there is company in misery - I have been getting incredibly frustrated with these tests. Not sure I have passed any - and I am not low IQ, many years of business experience, managed employees. The answers are beyond the usual trap interview questions. There is no way to answer many of the questions in a proper way. In fact, they seem designed to weed out smarter people. And perhaps that is the real value to these idiotic companies. They are so afraid of hiring someone who will quit when a better opportunity comes along, they would rather have a dumb, docile, robot. How this would be better than getting the benefit of experienced people, even if for a short time, I cannot fathom. Especially when you think about the average longevity of a teenager (whom I assume is what they are shooting for). That's the only explanation I can come up with. You have companies hiring HR people that are fresh out of college, where they were fed a steady diet of psycho babble and bought into it, and have convinced the stuffed shirt, bean counting MBA's that this will help the hiring process. If you read the questions you come to the obvious conclusion - answering honestly will not pass and answering with common sense with what you think the right answer is will also not pass. There is some sort of alien they are looking for and obviously I don't fit the bill. Which I guess is a compliment of sorts. In the words of Groucho Marx: " I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member."

Bluebeach on March 27, 2014:

@ Personnel:

I took the test for Staples and I believe its crap and a garbage test to interview people. I have good work ethic and experience. I was applying for tech support at Staples. I was wondering why I never heard a call and I see why. I never knew I was scored on these test. But I'm happy now because I got hired by RHT for IT support and making lot more than Staples would ever pay me and I did not have to take a Unicru BS test. However, I had to take a test to validate my skills with computers and networking and passed. Oh by the way the Unicru test needs to add a math component to the test because I ran into a Unicru test person at Office Depot, and this woman could not do simple arithmetic math. I was buying items that total of $ 5.60 and I have her a $ 10.00. We she got stuck because the cashier was not adding or subtracting. I said lady I have you 10 bucks and the item cost $ 5.60, so that means you give me back $ 4.40. Then she called the manager and he was no better because he came with a pen and calculator. I said my change would be $ 4.40. After about 15 minutes holding up the line they actually figured out it was $ 4.40 when I done the calculation in my head. If the Unicru is helping to hire people who cannot do simple math then I feel sorry for this society in the labor force of retail.

Personnel on March 15, 2014:

I figure this post will get lost among the many, but I will try to help.

As someone who has hired and fired thousands of people I can give you some insight into these tests. What it boils down to is this: not everyone is cut out to do every job. Certain jobs need introverts, aggressive, strong personalities and other jobs require empathy, caring and social skills. If you are taking tests and getting denied due to the results of these tests, what that tells you is you are applying for the wrong type of job. There are many very good sites out there that let you test for free. What you want to do is take these tests and they will recommend the types of jobs that are best suited for your personality. Then when you take such tests, your personal characteristics will help you, not hurt you.

One other thing, as someone who has interviewed thousands of people over my career and used tests almost all during this time I would look out for 'honesty' and 'integrity' tests. While some may be valid, many are not. We have tested our own employees not to test the employees, but test the tests. We have found some are not very accurate. When you give a key to an employee for 5 years and never have a theft problem and the tests come back indicating a problem with honesty or dependability, those tests are just BS.

But personality assessment tests seem to be very valid. If you are "failing" them, the are telling you something that is very valuable: You should be looking for a different kind of job.

Mickey Mixon on February 09, 2014:

Evidently, the risks of pre-employment screening which is not done thoroughly are not a new story for most of us. Along with other things, such careless and incomplete pre-employment screening opens a dodge which the wrong people can have access in the organization as employees.

Stryk on November 11, 2013:

The test was a Wonderlic test. Their website says that they are not allowed to release results to the test takers and to contact the employers. So I asked them if they take introverts into consideration, they sent me an email saying they can't release results. With a signature line that says "We care about everyone"

Stryk on November 07, 2013:

I recently applied at a company for a job I know I am more than qualified for and would really improve my life.

I'm shamed to admit that I didn't catch what test it was, but it had a lot of the questions mentioned above.

I naively thought that no human was perfect and they would have to look past people who answered perfectly.

I answered honestly and at the end I confidently told the HR person I was done she did some work on the computer then printed out my score.

She told me I failed, she flipped through the printout quickly to show me. I wasn't satisfied with it so I motioned to look at the printout myself but she wouldn't let me.

The one thing I was able to pick up was a really low stability score.

I was stunned, that I could fail at that. I have worked at my current job for two years, I ****ing hate it, and yet I carry on and do my best. If that isn't considered stable I don't know what is.

I looked into her worried eyes, thanked her then left. Now all I can think about is why was she worried? I'm no brute, I made no aggressive moves, and she had nothing to worry about from me.

Now I wonder if these tests can be manipulated by the companies themselves.

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on July 28, 2013:

Melbel: Thank you for writing a very interesting article. Voted up for awesome and interesting. I, myself have taken this test for a national chain beauty supplier store opening a new store and I believe I did not pass it. I consider myself honest and answered how I felt, not how I thought they wanted me to answer. I believe some companies are looking for drones, someone who doesn't challenge them, even when something is not right. I believe these tests are not an accurate way on judging personalities, sometimes you don't find out how a person really is until they are put to the test, even then nobody is perfect. Again thank you for bringing this into light. :) Have a great weekend :)

Elizabeth Parker from Las Vegas, NV on July 09, 2013:

I've never taken one of these, however, I don't think that you can hire someone based on these types of tests alone. Some people are great test takers and others panic with any test. In addition, there are some gray areas with these types of questions. Some may require explanation, but there is no place to add any more information.

Mandersanders on July 05, 2013:

There's a new personality test making its' way through Texas and I can't find the answers to it anywhere... My sis is a possible sociopath so she was trying to talk me through it but the time limit ran out. Has anyone seen / heard a test with questions like:

"I get so nervous I can hardly function"

"I am pessimistic"

"I like to work"

"I like to work with numbers"

"I am lucky"

and the answers are "Always true", "Mostly true", "Sometimes true and sometimes false", "Mostly false", "Mostly true"

Unemployed on June 22, 2013:

I hate these tests! I used to be a special ed teacher but I resigned due to stress. I'm trying to get a retail job to get me out of the house, but I can't because of these stupid tests. I hate how it asks "how many days were you absent from work in the last year?" I've been answering 0, because the days I did miss were excused with doctor's notes, plus I got paid sick time so I don't feel those count. I also hate how they ask what a manager would say about me if they contacted them with multiple choice answers. WHY CAN'T A HUMAN JUST CALL MY PAST BOSSES AND FIND OUT??? They also word stuff so ridiculously so that you can't win. Like when it asks if you work more slowly, more quickly, or about the same as everyone else. It means you either are an egomaniac who is better than everyone or a slacker that can't keep up. It really pisses me off that I have held down a career professional job for 6 years and hold a bachelor's degree and did my job well, while being on time with good attendance, and obviously I'm good with people if I taught kids, but I can't get an $8/hr retail job because of a "test." Ridiculous.

dalaimama1960 on June 21, 2013:

These test do nothing except make people lie. Really when can you ever say NEVER or ALWAYS. We are humans we have emotions, bad, days, good day. I wish there was a petition or something. I would follow and join a fight against these dumb tests. But I say I'm a leader for the test lol.

sickoftests on May 29, 2013:

Turns out Kronos is defaming peoples' character with their summary and giving what amounts to a bad reference. Which IS ILLEGAL. Also they REFUSE to give you your test scores and summary, as I just tried via Facebook and was immediately blocked for asking for that information, so they KNOW what they're doing is illegal.

Go ahead, ask for your test score and summary, see what happens.

Leezy on April 22, 2013:

I hate these test with a passion! So far the only one I passed and i guess once is enough cause I keep getting called for an interview is Target and Baby's R Us.

I could put little to know effort in those test and I get an interview same week BUT still never get hired cause I have no retail work experience or whatever crap the give me, mostly cause they don't want to train me. I am almost 25 and all I have is 5 years off and on with a security temp service.

Enough is Enough!

CeCe on April 16, 2013:

good grief i couldn't even get hired at a half assed dunkin donut shop because of this asinine test. OMG!!!

Anon on January 29, 2013:

In addition to being stupid and pointless, some of these questions are abhorrent.

"Any trouble you have is your own fault" Yes, all of it. Anything the company does to me is insignificant. ALL of the trouble that happens is my own fault. Ridiculous.

"It is easy for you to feel what others are feeling" Yes. I use the Force and sense their feelings. I can sense their anger.

"It is fun to go to events with big crowds" What is wrong with hating being crammed between fat, sweaty morons? Why am I supposed to "strongly agree" with this?

"It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free" I don't care. It doesn't affect my life or your life in any way. What's wrong with not caring? Why is there not a "neutral" option on this?

"When someone treats you badly, you ignore it" Is this a desired quality? I realize you have to take a lot when you're working, but if someone legitimately wrongs me, I will take action.

"Your moods are steady from day to day" Am I supposed to be an inhuman robot? People have bad days!

"You do not fake being polite" So what if I am? EVERYONE DOES! It's human nature. Especially at work. All you need to know is that I will at least PRETEND to be polite to the customers. It doesn't matter if it's genuine or not, because a lot of the time, it isn't.

"You have no big regrets about your past" Every human being since the beginning of time has had big regrets. Whatever kind of person you're looking for Unicru, I can guarantee does not exist.

"You have no big worries" Am I not supposed to worry about things, like money!? Because if I didn't have any big worries, I wouldn't be applying for a job! And who cares if I have any worries? That's my life, which is none of your concern and doesn't affect my job in the least!

"You know when someone is in a bad mood, even if they don't show it" So in addition to everything else, I'm supposed to add "Force-sensitive" on my resume? Why does it matter if I can "sense people's feelings?" If I tried to make them feel better, I would be in trouble for not doing my work!

"You like to talk a lot" What if I don't? Why is that a problem? I have work to do! I can't waste time talking. You'd think not talking would be an asset.

"You love to listen to people talk about themselves" Even though I actually do, I don't have time. Why is this an asset?

"You try to sense what others are thinking and feeling" Are you trying to hire a Jedi?

"You would rather work on a team than by yourself" So what if I don't?

"You'd rather not compete very much" Wait, what? How is not being competitive a bad thing? I'm trying to do work! I thought competition with other employees ruined the whole "team spirit" shlock?

"You say whatever is on your mind" Wow. So I'm supposed to talk a lot, while completely lying through my teeth because I'm not supposed to say what's on my mind. This personality test is horrible and should be abolished.

"You would rather not get involved in other people's problems" Why on Earth is this a bad thing?

"You like to be alone" And if I do?

"You don't believe a lot of what people say" I don't. Am I supposed to? Because it won't change the fact that I don't believe you.

"You give direct criticism when you need to"/"You criticize people when they deserve it" Which is it? These two contradict each other. I'm supposed to agree with one and disagree with the other. Am I supposed to criticize people or not?

"You could not deal with difficult people all day" Who could?

"You are a fairly private person" WHAT?! I am allowed to be a private person. In fact, if a job ever attempted to get involved in my personal life, I would instantly quit. So would you. So would ANYONE! Am I supposed to get my work involved in my life? Because if so I would rather be a homeless vagrant. It is absolutely ridiculous that they expect this from you. No one in all of human history has ever worked at a job because they wanted to meet people and have something to do. No one. If that was the case, jobs wouldn't pay anything and we'd gladly work 16 hours a day. The reason we don't is because every human being only works because we're forced to. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Get it through your head! I am here ONLY because I have to be! Give me my money and get out of my life!

"When people make mistakes, you correct them" How is this even remotely bad? I WANT you to correct me when I make mistakes and I do the same for them. It helps you improve on the job site because that's what you're supposed to do!

"There are some people you really can't stand" Yeah, like the imbeciles who made this abortion of a personality test.

"Many people cannot be trusted" They can't. That's why we have cameras. That's why we don't leave our cash register open. That's why we lock the doors at night. That's why we don't give people products and tell them to just pay us later. People can't be trusted!

"Other people's feelings are their own business" They are! And if you attempt to tell me differently, I'll punch you square on the nose!

"People who talk all the time are annoying" And yet I'm supposed to talk a lot? At least be consistent.

This personality test is horrible not just because it's pointless and can prevent you from getting a job, but because the questions they ask are immoral and are specifically engineered to force you to lie. Jesus himself wouldn't meet the qualifications for this job.

sickoftests on January 16, 2013:

Jake, it seems they blacklist you permanently. I know PeopleAnswers does, and judging by the number of people I've talked to who have tried, tried and tried again to get into a company that uses Kronos it seems they blacklist applicants also, probably by the SSN. Every time someone questions Kronos as to why they need the SSN they say it's "how the client set the program up". Well, I haven't seen a Unicru/Kronos app that didn't ask for your SSN yet.

There is no information I can find that says this test is valid. Kronos is NOT licensed as psychologists, yet they force upon the population a test that is psychological and says people are certain "types". And even if there is someone inside Kronos who is a licensed shrink, he/she is not licensed in all 50 states, yet basically practices in all 50 states forcing this garbage down out throats.

The best thing to do is call out the company you applied at out, go back after you apply and don't get a call, ask them if you're being considered and inquire about the test. Then if they tell you you're a red, ask them how can you fail, the test states there are no right or wrong answers and ask to see proof of validity, ask the psychologists name and state license number. In short, make a fuss...they'll either blow you off, ask you to leave or hire you to shut you up. I've actually heard of people questioning this test and getting hired on the spot whether they passed or failed it.

Jake on January 14, 2013:

If you fail the test at a given company, does that rule you out forever or can you pass it again later?

I feel like the answer will be you are ruled out for life and I'm being hopeful for even asking.

Fae on November 09, 2012:

I've been a stay at home mom for 18 years, long since out of the workforce. So I was very surprised and disturbed to discover this new trend in hiring processes. The first one was from Target, which I apparently failed being that I received a rejection email from them. Other ones I've taken now were from CVS and Lowes. I was blown away by some of the bizarre questions...I mean, I was applying to be a cashier and they were asking me questions about politics and whether or not I was popular in high school. I was very disturbed by it all and found it to be completely irrelevant to the job I was applying for. I'm in complete agreement that these types of psyche tests should be illegal. Basically, if you are not a super positive robot who will do 10 times the inhuman amount of work that you can, and take a load of abuse and crap from upper management with a big smile on your face, then you are not worthy of employment in this country. This is seriously messed up. I agree that it does remind me of THX1138 or 1984. They are only looking for humans who behave like compliant robots no matter what the situation throws at them.

Sam on September 13, 2012:

I used to be a hiring manager for a company that used unicru. The test basically has two possible outcomes: A)this person is dependable and B) this person is not dependable. Based on the answers you provide it gives you a percentage on both sides. When you are done testing, based off the percentage of dependability that the employer has specified, you either get thrown in the list of qualified candidates, or your name goes into a "pool" which is only visible to the hiring manager if they manually go in there and look for someone. People in the pool can still be hired, and their applications are visible however, usually the only time it is seen is if that candidate calls inquiring about their status or the amount of responding candidates is so poor the employer is forced to weed through the "rejects".

sickoftests on September 04, 2012:

Totally agree, Job Seeker...america has sunk to new lows all in the name of profit at the expense of the people. Rightfully the EEOC should put a stop to this, but they're pretty useless and our congress could step in and do something but they're useless also...

Job Seeker on September 02, 2012:

Everybody uses these tests. I've spoken with an ex-walmart employee who told me if you fail the test, your application never even gets sent to the establishment. So technically, it's like you never even applied to begin with. That should be illegal!

What happened America? How could you sink this low? How?

Dawn on September 01, 2012:

What if I didn't receive a chance to take this quiz on my application? Does that mean i am not able to get an interview?

ooooooo on September 01, 2012:

Just answer Strongly Disagree if the question doesn't make sense. It's not lying, it's just not answering.

Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on August 30, 2012:

Taleo and Unicru are not the same. Unfortunately, I do not have the answers for the Taleo assessment test at this time.

Janc on August 30, 2012:

Do you have the answers for Taleo Assement tests ,is Unicru and Taleo the same?

FightingMegaFoo on August 12, 2012:

So basically they don't live in the real world. I know from experience that you sometimes have to pretend to like someone or agree with them. Everybody who's ever had a job dealing with the public has had to fake it every now and then.

Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on August 12, 2012:

The trick is in the word "fake." You shouldn't have to fake it, politeness should come naturally.

FightingMegaFoo on August 12, 2012:

Some of these answers are baffling to me. Before seeing these answers I would've answered wrong every single time. "You do not fake being polite - SA" Really??? What would they rather I do instead, call a customer an idiot or punch them in the face?

ksinll on July 07, 2012:

I have taken a poll during the application process that I think was more of a personality test. While I can see the reasoning behind these tests I think that it takes different types of people for a successful team. Administering tests like this fosters the mind-set that certain people are wrong in having the personality that they do and should change. For example, if you are naturally quiet and thoughtful you need to be the opposite. It's not healthy as I believe each personality type has a unique contribution to offer the workplace.

sickoftests on June 30, 2012:

Fact: a Home Depot employee kills his wife with a baseball bat while she's sleeping, then returns to work as if nothing happened.

Fact: PeopleAnswers (another test company) has problems with it's own employee retention. And that they say the test is all about employee retention, yet Trugreen has one of the highest employee turnover rates.

Fact: I was told that companies that use the tests to kick out low scores are breaking the law, as that is illegal and was also told these tests are only for informational purposes.

Fact: These tests do nothing but make it harder to apply, provide stores with no better customer service, no better retention and serve no other purpose than to eliminate applicants from the system because of these subjective questions.

Allan on June 09, 2012:

Are those answers correct? I put in answers with agree/disagree. How can I tell if I passed the Kronos test?

Can people comment if the answers helped them get the job?

Pete on June 03, 2012:

I too applied for a position at Lowe's using the handy dandy psycho-babble personality test. I submitted the application/test at 5:30 PM and got a rejection email less than 7 hours later at 12:15 (Saturday). So it is obvious a real person never even looked at my actual resume. I'd feel better if they at least waited a few days to send the canned email least they could give the "appearance" that they actually take the time to read your application. The crazy thing is that you don't realize you have to take this sill assessment test until AFTER you have given them your social, date of birth, sex, race etc. Is this even legal??

people's problems on May 26, 2012:

people's problems

KNOTemployed on May 22, 2012:

Wake up and smell the coffee. Personality tests have nothing to do with personality. There is always at least one question to which there is NO RIGHT ANSWER. That way, they have an excuse not to hire someone that they don't want to hire. Suppose the manager is black and he doesn't want to hire white people. That's illegal, so he says that you didn't pass the personality test, and that's not only legal, that's the latest "in" thing for weeding out undesirables!

Eddo on May 11, 2012:

I have been unemployed for 4 months now. I have to fill this survey out daily! I have been trying to develop an automated system for it and so far it works pretty well.. Thank you Lastpass for the auto fill feature!

Jobseeker on April 23, 2012:

@ sickoftests Could you send me the answer key to the Kenexa test? o_o;

Peter Awax on April 15, 2012:

I'm exactly in the same boat that you are guys, I applied for Lowe's seasonal job and because of my honest personality answers they denied my application because I didn't pass the so-called "Assessment Test" that demands you to lie to all SA or SD questions. OK, is this the standard that a huge corporate company finds it's employees? No wonder that sometimes when you go to retail stores and ask a question about a product, most of the time you don't get the right answer, because the person in not fully knowledgeable employee, he just got the position simply he passed the assessment test. This system must be changed.

unemployed guy on April 13, 2012:

yes its me again.isn't kronos the name of the greek god of anarkie?

Amber on April 12, 2012:

I just got off the phone with the hiring manager for a store that genuinely seemed interested in hiring me. The manager, I'll call her Rosie, said that although she had looked at my resume and I seemed like a good candidate for the job, she couldn't hire me because my personality score was lower than the minimum. Frustrated, I looked online and found this wonderfully disturbing article of yours.

Now I know why I didn't get the job: I answered honestly.

These tests should be banned. They screen for sociopathic, egotistical liars and give them full points, instead of looking for honest people who naturally wouldn't always Strongly Agree or Strongly Disagree because they are human.

I am going to reapply to that same job in a month with these cheat answers and see if I get the job.

This is bullshit.

Steve on April 12, 2012:

I find the Marriott questions frustrating, "Do you do your job much better than other employees, not as well as other employees, about the same, etc... It seems like these questions are worded to make the applicant look egotistical or like a total slacker.

jay on April 06, 2012:

I am now into my second year of unemployment due I think largely in part to these types of test. I have 9 1\2 years experience in a grocery store, a good reputation, and well liked by virtually everyone I worked with both manager employee. Basically an Ideal candidate for any grocery position I might try for. I moved and had to leave the company. I applied at another grocery store but because I "failed" the assessment I was told "unfortunately you do not match our qualifications" The worst part for me is that you cant just retake the test the following week. One company that I tried said I have to wait 6 months (Winn Dixie) before I can retake the test. Another (dollar general) said I have to wait an entire year to retake. And these are just the two that got back to me and informed me that I didn't passed. Others haven't even notified me if I passed or not.

Miche on April 04, 2012:

I despise these tests. They should be banned Several years ago, I worked at Circuit City during summer break from college. I had to take a polygraph (yes, a lie detector test) and passed. During Christmas break, I went back to work for them, and they used the personality test, since lie detector tests were made illegal. I passed the test and worked that Christmas. I went back during the summer and had to reapply and take the same test. That time I failed and wasn't rehired, even though the manager and everyone there knew me and I had a good work record! Ironically, Circuit City went out of business, along with Borders, who used the Kronos test. I worked for them, but didn't have to do that silly test at the time. After college, I went into the Air Force (everyone going in has to have a background check from the Feds). BTW, I was honorably discharged. I now regret not staying in. So, how can a person pass a polygraph test, a personality test, a background check for the armed forces, work for the US Census Bureau (again, fed background check) and not get hired for a retail job that pays peanuts on the basis of passing nebulous questions on a ridiculous "personality" survey? The companies that sell these tests to corporate retailers are raking in the money, while the stores are getting shafted of good hard working people. The corporations that buy into this crap are the suckers and are ultimately losing and they deserve it for believing in this testing garbage.

A father of two who need a Job on March 30, 2012:

the best way to qualify a person and his/her personality is by interviewing him/her. They is not way a written test will determine the way that person is. Myself, as the author of this article (which is very interesting and helpful) said, I don't like lying and I will say what I really am. Also, some of the question if you read it well can have several meanings and depends on the way you interpreted the question you will answer. By answering those questions, nobody will find out if I can steal or not. I can guaranteed the hard and good worker I am, but as others, I don't get a job by answering these question. That's a SHAME.

lookingforajob on March 15, 2012:

I have taken too many of these tests. I find them unethical and think they should be outlawed. I am both sad and glad to see that I am not the only one out there who has so much trouble with these tests. Sad that these test have caused so much grief and glad that I'm more normal than I thought.

I am on the high functioning end of the autistic spectrum and some of the questions I have encountered on Unicru and other similar tests target my symptoms. Fact is: I don't do well in crowds, I say what's on my mind, I don't read people well... I know I am capable of a retail job, I just can't honestly say I am on the test and when I lie to pass a personality test I get confused to what kind of person they are looking for.

I have pretty much boycotted the test and been only applying to stores that give paper applications or quit the application online once the test starts.

Tevatoes on March 01, 2012:

I'm a 47 year old pretty successful self-employed woman with 4 grown kids. Years ago, I first encountered this crazy 'test' when my oldest daughter, then 18, was trying to get a job...I was just absolutely flabbergasted! I thought, "This has to be a joke!". Sadly, it isn't. "We" managed to pass that test, and now years later, she's faced with it again - what a horrible, self-esteem killing test for a lot of great people who won't get hired because of this crap. My youngest daughter's very intelligent boyfriend recently applied at some place and was faced with this craziness, she was helping him, she was calling me and I was helping him (before finding this site)...he failed! He is one of the most awesome young men I know! He's a sophomore in college, doing very well, and felt so dumb that he couldn't pass this test. Sites such as these will at least validate everyone out there whom are reluctant to apply to these places. Talk about another job killer!!!

dog on February 25, 2012:

These tests are unfair to ability or competence. The real sad thing is how many good qualified people are being screened out of these jobs. With the economy the way it is the last thing we need is another completely arbituary wall set up these "personality" tests.

sickoftests on February 16, 2012:

And these tests actually discriminate against vets, many of the questions are geared towards crowds, asking things like "It's fun to be in large crowds" well, if a vet has PTSD he/she may have a hard time being in such environment, but deserves the chance to work and get back into society and heal. There are many positions in companies that don't put employees right in the middle of the busiest time or area. I'm amazed the military hasn't spoken out against these tests, these tests are against the very freedoms the armed forces fight for, these tests are 100% communism.

JM on February 16, 2012:

You would think Psychologists would be the first people in line advocating human beings. They, of all people, should know different people have different family backgrounds, life experiences and principals of ethics and standards. These psychologists must have just come out of college with no other job experience working with people... after getting roughed up by frat boys for 8 years, they came out with a textbook for a best friend. Let's see them use this personality test towards their thousands of patients to diagnose their problems. I consider myself a good person who takes pride in his work. I work hard, have strong family values, value other peoples valid opinions, and am as honest as I can be. It seems I fail these tests every time. After 11 years in the military, I've had great evaluations and multiple awards for work above and beyond most standards. It seems my only fault for not being hired through one of these tests is honesty. Ridiculous.

zumpie on February 09, 2012:

Hey, really enjoying everyone's diss on this. While I was unemployed, not only did I have to take this test, but a variety of others. Many of these tests asked questions that were, in fact, blatantly illegal.

For example, one repeatedly wanted to know if I was awaiting trial or out on bail (under the guise of schedule availability). Now you can certainly ask if an applicant has potential upcoming conflicts (for example, an out of state wedding or already paid for vacation)---but you can't ask about arrests. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

They also asked for graduation dates (illegal since it can give away age) and a host of other illegal questions. I'm also immensely annoyed at online applications that demand my social security number and that I agree to a credit check (now semi-illegal in my state, anyway).

I personally think it's intrusive to run a credit check to begin with, plus I know they'll only do this sort of screening on their final candidate(s), so they don't need that information when they haven't even met me yet!

I think the most hilarious was an employment agency (who, of course, didn't actually HAVE any positions, anyway): they had a lengthy questionairre that asked over and over and over and over again if my use of crack and heroin heavily impacted my job performance?

Ummmm, if someone's really so stoned that they can't answer THAT question correctly, then I can't imagine WHO (besides their dealer so they can pay off their drug debt) would EVER hire them.

talfonso from Tampa Bay, FL on January 24, 2012:

I applied to several job openings with those doofy questions and guess what - NONE OF THEM CALLED ME. Not for an interview, or to notify me that I got the job. How ridiculous for those companies to put up those doofy personality tests to glean out those not fit, especially high-functioning-autistic-but-verbal folks like me.

Thank goodness I don't work with those doofusses!

sickoftests on January 21, 2012:

I happen to believe if you fail you're blacklisted. I've tried time and again changing answers and have read about others who have applied many times (one person as many as 200 apps) and got nowhere, so i think these things blacklist reds. Not sure at different businesses, problem is this crap is so secretive no one knows much of anything. And of course our wonderful government has seen fit to ignore this issue.

Tammy from North Carolina on January 21, 2012:

These lists really arent fair because they don't consider the person's age. I don't understand how these work in places like Target. Target is known for not hiring people over the age of 35. They claim this test is what screens their employees. However, most teens that work on Target are probably going to score poorly on these tests. If I am filling out an application and something like this pops up, I don't even bother filling it out anymore. Great detailed hub!

Desperate4AJob on January 19, 2012:

Hey everybody! Just wondering if anybody has recently taken a personality test with this cheat sheet? And did it get you a call for an interview...

Also, I have already taken the personality test when I applied at Target and Macys and I received an e-mail from both that I did not "fit" what they were looking for. Does anyone know if you've already taken and failed the test if it blacklists you when you apply at different businesses???

Timewarp1 on January 18, 2012:

Replying once more again in thanks.

I already mention to you everything I had thought about this process in an email and a link to my blog. Note:I just started my own thing so no i'm not famous in the least.

I would just like to say in addition, i'm really looking forward to trying at these questions again. Not to get a job mind you and i'm unemployed. but when and if I finally can get a face to face interview I will lay such rant to that poor unfortunate soul that I hope not only to deter them but anyone else who happens to be there at the time. If they feel they can waste my time at my own expense, I have no trouble returning the favor.

B on January 12, 2012:

Thank you for posting this!

I have always felt that I might as well NOT take the test whenever there was one, because I would probably fail it anyway. You can't always tell which answer is the right one, and some of them seem like they are trick questions or to trick you into giving an answer that contradicts a previous one. I have never felt that it was fair considering it is completely impersonal and I believe it can not tell a person if they are a good worker regardless of personality flaws.

How do you know these answers are accurate? I don't want you to reveal your source if it could compromise your source, or the accuracy of the answers.

Cat on December 01, 2011:

Employers have to rely on something esp. if they had poor judgement in the past- they do not actually care what affects you over their hiring needs. These tests are ridiculous and unreliable. I have a Masters degree and I am good at analytical work but I may not be working in that field for surviving purposes, so my 'go' is to tell them what they want to hear, then get on. You are all trying to fight the system and even if you do they will find another way around it. In the US we fight and fight and then we cannot get on with what is important in our lives. Discrimination will always be there- is it worth the grey hair and time in the end..... In Europe they are keen in having a persons pic on their resume or "CV" as they call it but here in the good old US people say a pic can be used for discriminatory practices- hey does it really matter- actually it will save you time because if someone sees you are brown for instance and the are racists they won't take up your time for an interview. In the US the corps have the right to do as they want and they always will because they are the superpowers of money- you want out of the system then start your own business and stop working for those creeps who are into games and power. BTW if you want out move to another country who is not so extreme about stuff- Australia, UK, etc...

Ryan on November 15, 2011:

I heard that Unicru is part of a global scale 'naughty or nice' reporting scheme and that all information is transferred directly to the North Pole. At first I was skeptical, but then I thought... how is Santa keeping up those lists with so many people on earth and the numbers growing so quickly... Unicru.

sickoftests on November 09, 2011:

I emailed my congressman about Unicru/Kronos and received a call from his staff in DC. They said they are going to look into this, that they hadn't heard anything about these personality tests before. He also said to keep spreading the word about the test. I URGE everyone sick of Unicru/Kronos to email his/her congressman about this immediately.

Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on November 02, 2011:


Thank you for letting me know. I'll have to look into it and make sure my signature is still on there. Also, let others know. If you want, you can share this article on Facebook, twitter, or Google+ and hopefully that will spread the word. Thanks for keeping an eye out. :)

NWO on November 02, 2011:

The petition got messed up, apparently petitiononline merged/was taken over by another company, in the process the petition lost about 40 signatures.

sickoftests on October 26, 2011:

I've actually sent emails to 2 senators and 3-4 congressmen or more in VA and TN, a few to the state psychology boards where Unicru has companies at about the Unicru/Kronos test and it's discrimination. If anyone wants my letter as a reference to send to their congresspersons or senators, I'm an admin on the Workers and Employers Against Unicru facebook group. There's also a link to a forum to tell your Unicru stories on.

This is what we need to do, constantly send messages to our leaders until they realize this is a problem and is discriminatory, illegal, wrong and socialist, truly a company that tells someone whether they're ALLOWED to work based on a subjective, silly test is socialist and if Kronos gets it's app process into every job (as they are trying to do) then they can pick and choose who they allow to work. There's a memo by Scarborough himself where he admits this test hurts minorities. The EEOC sought to find out the depth of this discrimination but their investigation was hampered by a judge. So please, it takes no time to write an email explaining you've been red flagged (unhireable) by Unicru/Kronos because of a subjective psychological test that DOES diagnose people as "unfit" to work.

Also it seems if you failed the test you're blacklisted, which is why you can put in a dozen apps at different places that use Unicru using different answers and never get a single call. They may perform a credit check on you without your consent as well. The more I dig around on the net the more I find out, such as in a single year (around 2005) they processed more than 11 MILLION applications, resulting in less than 6% (550,000) hired. Imagine the scope of identity theft if their database was hacked!

One woman's daughter was trying to get on as a bagger at a grocery store, she was told to 'redo' the test, then was told to 'redo' the test a 2nd time, then a third-changing answers each time to try to get it, her mother said she gave up after the third try. This is just plain wrong and an unacceptable to do business in a free country.

Finally, if we can prove they're 'diagnosing' people they would be shut down as they seem to be unlicensed as psychologists. Every test has answers, since it's a psych test there is a diagnosis.

Melanie Palen (author) from Midwest, USA on October 25, 2011:

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far! I really can't stand unicru, it's one of the things that is wrong with our country. A test like this should be (and probably actually is) illegal. Share this with other people, get others to sign the petition. Keep commenting, I would love to hear how people are working to get rid of the unicru test and other employment tests like it!

nikki on October 17, 2011:

All of you guys are complaining about the damn test, have any of you signed the petition for it? How many of you are working n a lawsuit against it? Don't talk about it, be about it. I have sign the petition and I am working on a lawsuit on it. You know you can actually file a civil suite and win some money damages for being discriminated upon. Make it happen guys. Don't sit around talking about how much you hate the test. Lets help others get this test out of here so that every one can get back to work.

once again on October 16, 2011:

The motto of companies that force applicants to pass this test in order to get interviewed. "Any trouble you have (with this test) are your own fault".

me again on October 15, 2011:

By the way, "Any trouble you have is your own fault" also seems to be the attitude that companies that use this test as an employment requirement use towards customers who have trouble with their products. "Any trouble you have (with our products) is your own fault".

Mary on October 15, 2011:

It seems to me that the only people who get weeded out by such statements are those who actually have a personality. And a statement like "Any trouble you have is your own fault" defies it's own logic because it's phrased in terms of an absolute. There's no way anyone can answer that truthfully and pass. I know the point is to determine whether you are likely to blame others for your misfortunes but even if you don't do that, it assumes that you can personally control everything around you. And there's a lot on this planet and in this universe no one can control.

Mary Sue on October 15, 2011:

It seems to me that the only people such "personality tests" weed out are those who actually have personalities.

Mary Sue on October 15, 2011:

Is there actually a living, breathing human being that would actually fit the description of the answers above and not a pre-programmed robot?

death*to*unicru on October 04, 2011: is a new one, these places keep popping up everyday, just a money making scheme and the companies are TOO STUPID to realize it!

sickoftests on October 02, 2011:

SD, they don't want you hanging off the rafters like a monkey, getting hurt and using the insurance you pay for, being out because of said injury or getting killed (then they'd have to find another person who passed/cheated the test). So leave your parachute, skis, dirt bike, whatever at HOME.

You are NOT a thrill seeker, you do everything you're told, NEVER talk back, cuss, let anything bother you or seem to have a mind of your own. You're friendly, like to talk/listen to people ramble on about their 7th son, make small talk, big talk, hand signals all to help sell whatever crap they want you to sell. You were an 'A' student, never missed a day, never thought of quitting. Everything wrong in your life is your fault, you have no worries or regrets, your family is proud or everything you've done. You sense those around you, can read their minds and feel/share their pain/sorrow/happiness. You're never in a bad mood no matter what. You can handle difficult people all day, are infinitely patient, like to get involved in other people's problems, avoid arguments, never make mistakes...on and other words, you're boring, live for the job, love the job, are nosy, never shut up, unrealistically happy, everything is great...

Which other cheat sheet says SA?

bigsexy on October 01, 2011:

ok. this cheat sheet says somewhat of a thrill seeker SD, another one says SA... Which is it, SD or SA???

sickoftests on September 30, 2011:

Lowe's has Kenexa, they have a nifty copyright thing to try to deter us from helping each other. If you're not afraid of it I'll post the stupid SA/SD questions, the others were ACTUALLY job related, almost gave me a heart attack, then the stupid crap began.

Took the better part of an hour to navigate all the application crap.

  on September 22, 2011:

Its funny,not to mention disturbing,low and nasty,how they show a disclaimer-type page that says "[Insert company name] is an Equal Opportunity Employer.[Insert company name] does not discriminate...",yet they are using this blantant discrimination tool?.Sorry,no thanks.Impedence to work is a crime.Just that alone is good enough for a lawsuit.Any company using unicru,or similar tests will sees no business from moi.

  on September 22, 2011:

Kronos,I hope your company tanks in the stock market.Have good day.

tested out on September 17, 2011:

It seems if you pass the test they will call you, but I wonder if they keep your name in the database and toss out all your additional apps if you faied before. In fact I read somewhere that a manager with one of the companies that uses Uniscru said that he didn't want anyone who failed re-applying and passing so who knows?

I'd say if you're putting the app in for the first time and pass you're good, but if you keep trying I bet they just throw out any new apps. I tried kroger using the cheats and got no calls but I've applied there many times before so I bet I'm (name and SSN) in Uniscru's data base and my apps get tossed. I don't believe it's their right to get your SSN anyway, the risk of identity theft or some other use (such as a list of non-robots) could be made with it. With nazis like Unicru around we don't need emenies, we have them on our own shores.

Also just to add, I've heard Kroger is a "who you know who you..."(it rhymes) type place and without inside help even applying and passing is a waste of time.

Everyone who puts apps in needs to email the main office of the companies and ask why they're discriminating against you, ask them why they call themselves American while bowing to a fascist like scarbogough, ask them if the CEOs passed the test, ask them why they're testing you without identifying it as a test, why they lie about that fact. Probably won't get you anywhere but it'll let them know you're on to them. Also ask them that since you're not good enough to be an employee that means they don't want you as a customer. Hit them in the pocket book, boycott the stores that use uniscru!

C Jones on September 08, 2011:

Does the cheat sheet actually work?

Former Unicru Employee on August 30, 2011:

I used to work at Unicru in the engineering department that made up the tests and developed the sites. I will tell you those people truly were a bunch of @ssholes to work with, that is why I quit. Oh, and I never had to take a Unicru test to get hired by Unicru. That should tell you something.

mike e. on August 26, 2011:

we have got to do something about this! this is so blatently illeagle !

jolee on August 15, 2011:

It would be great to have some lawmakers apply for jobs that require this test and see how well they do. I would bet that none of them would be able to pass it either. After they were "red flagged" for a job at Walmart or Best Buy, I think they might have a different view of the fairness of the tests and on banning the use of them.

sickoftests on August 13, 2011:

I have a question maybe someone can answer, I dropped out of high school and got my GED. Am I supposed to lie or tell the truth and answer SD? Can I file a discrimination suit against unicru/kronos and the employers who use this system? We all know telling the truth kicks my app out of the system so in fact, uniscru is discriminating against me and anyone else who quit school for whatever reason. And another thing, has anyone who ever took this 'test' given his/her consent to this psyche exam? It tells you there are no right or wrong answers and doesn't ask your consent to being graded/tested at all. Surely there are loopholes in the law somewhere to hit this so-called shrink Scarborough and crew where it hurts-in the hip pocket, bankrupt them.

dan-1 from Tampa, FL on August 09, 2011:

I don't believe I have ever gotten a job after taking this type of test.

sickoftests on July 30, 2011:

I emailed the EEOE about unicru and was told that the questions must be "relevant" to the job. I'm going to contact them again and ask them if these questions are "relevant". And maybe contact to the ACLU to file a lawsuit against unicrap as my CIVIL RIGHTS are being violated.

Mark on July 27, 2011:

The unicru test is cheating you out of a job, so use the damn cheat sheet!

sickoftests on July 22, 2011:

I once talked to the manager of a petsmart (they use a test, probably unicru, so mentioning them here does them no more harm then they do to themselves using unicrap)anyway, the manager was telling me the test results are green, yellow and red. He said he was looking over applications that were red, one question for a potential employee was "you raise your voice often" which the person answered "strongly agree". Well, it turns out the person in question was a former DRILL SERGEANT!!! So our troops give their lives to protect "freedom" and get treated like this when they return? If these companies don't think our armed forces are good enough to be employees they deserve no employees nor any business.

Unicru, its' test and the companies that use Unicru are UNAMERICAN!

Anonymous on July 22, 2011:

I can't even begin to count how many times I've had to go through the Unicru test. I've always found it long and pointless, not only that but I sit there and get about ten questions in and start thinking, wait didn't I already answer this question? I honestly don't see how these are helpful. If you want to get an idea of how a person is how about you interview them yourself. I mean honestly, I see no point to a test that weeds out people that don't pass it.

I also don't find the whole reading skills and what not reason a good one. If someone couldn't read well or understand many things then they wouldn't be able to fill out an application in the first place. Hell, most applications have a lot of things they ask for, if you don't read well you'll be sitting there scratching your head, wondering what to do.

These tests are completely bias and just a way for managers to bypass most of the work they should be doing because the test weeds the people with low scores out. Just because someone has a low score doesn't mean they suck at working.

My husband has filled out a lot of applications through the unicru system and failed. The man couldn't be nicer, harder working, and more reliable, not to mention he understands almost anything and reads extremely well. Yet, he's not considered for a job or even called in for an interview because he fails some personality test.

"I'm going through the whole process right now. I'm a college student looking for summer work. I actually took the time to drive around my hometown and went into stores to see if they were hiring. Even if they were, nobody has applications in the stores anymore. That's what I want. A real piece of paper that I can fill out in the store and hand directly to a manager.

To make these Unicru applications even more annoying, they actually pre-screen your results. Applying doesn't mean that anybody actually sees that you applied. Apparently, I answered the personality questions "wrong" on several apps, and I got instant auto-denial emails, saying that I didn't fit what the company was looking for.

Another problem with these online applications, is that they assume that your previous work experience paid hourly or yearly. My only job experience has been helping out my tennis coach with summer clinics, and I got $100 a week. Take it down to hourly pay, and it's about $15 per hour. I can't put on an application that I'm currently making that rate. It's deceiving.

T_T on July 22, 2011:

Unicru sucks! i hate it. I didn't know it was timed.

Anonymous on July 22, 2011:

I dislike the Unicru application, too, and I'd like proof that industrial psychologists can find the best applicants. I spent 45 minutes filling one out for a dog bather position!

I'd like to say I will never fill out another one, but I am headed toward desperate, so I might have to...