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8 Volunteer Activities That Look Good on a Resume


Why Volunteer?

High school and college students who volunteer get to hone their existing skills and acquire new ones. Furthermore, they get to demonstrate their abilities and competence, become productive, and are thought of as individuals that show concern for their respective communities.

Even professionals will benefit from volunteering, albeit unpaid. People hone their ability to think critically and solve problems when exposed to different environments.

Also, working alongside others helps develop interpersonal and communication skills, which are assets in any workplace.

While almost any type of volunteer experience can be relevant, the following activities can be worded to lend weight to any student or job applicant's resume:

1. Mentoring or Tutoring

If you're an ace in math, chemistry, or English composition writing, you can offer to mentor or tutor students after school hours or during weekends. A C student might eventually get to be among the top of his class, all because of your good grasp of certain subjects.

And your knowledge or expertise need not be limited to academics. If you're a decent artist or musician, you can introduce basic concepts of drawing or painting or reading notes to pre-school children. If you're athletic, you can coach a team.

2. Spending Time at an Orphanage or Nursing Home

You can make a difference by reading storybooks to children, initiating games like Simon Says or Telephone, or teaching simple arts and crafts projects.

You can play a game of chess or checkers with a senior citizen or make suggestions on prizes for the next Bingo social.


3. Caring for Pets

Volunteering at an animal shelter may involve feeding stray cats and dogs and cleaning kennels. You may also need to carry or move around sacks or bags of pet food and scoop them into containers. This would require efficient use of your time.

4. Gathering Donations

You can get together with a few of your friends and gather donations like used or second-hand books and magazines, clothes, toys, and even furniture, like an old chest of drawers, dinner table, or dresser.

You may need to prepare huge cardboard boxes or eco-friendly bags. Get in touch with your local community centers and see if they need anything.

5. Acting/Performing in Community Theater

Getting involved in community or amateur theater will help you beat stage fright and develop your confidence.

You don't even need to be the main lead. Your talent in piano playing might earn you a spot as an accompanist, or an understudy, in musical productions.

If you're more laid back and you prefer something that will put you in the spotlight less often, you can still get involved by taking on supporting roles or bit parts.

If you're handsy, you can design and sew costumes or take care of props or stage lighting.

6. Being a Library Assistant

This is a good opportunity for introverts and bookworms. But if you dismiss tasks like shelving books as mundane, have you ever thought that your local library might need someone who has computer skills to input data like titles of books and their respective authors, categories, publisher, etc.?


7. Data Entry

Again, this is an excellent volunteer opportunity if you're proficient with computers, typing, the internet, and research. Ideally, this is something that must be done during the summer months or to fill an unexpectedly prolonged period of unemployment.

Look for a non-profit organization that needs volunteers to take care of its administrative tasks. You may even get paid as a volunteer.

If you were elected treasurer of your high school or university student government, you may have kept receipts on file and entered the breakdown of your group's monthly or quarterly expenses on Microsoft Excel.

If you have written reports using Microsoft Word and converted them to PDF or Google Docs, rest assured that there will be no shortage of demand for these skills.

8. Raising Awareness

If you can edit images and fonts using design software, you can create professional-looking posters that can be displayed on a storefront, a dentist or doctor's clinic, or an office.

You may feel strongly about minimizing or preventing the spread of COVID-19. Come up with illustrations about how wearing a mask, washing one's hands often, and getting vaccinated can help.

If you understand the positive effects of infotainment (informative messages presented in an entertaining way), you can help bloggers, since blogs tend to thrive when there are short video clips or info messages embedded to break the monotony of plain text.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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