What Happens at a Coles Group Interview

Updated on April 25, 2016

Why I Made This Hub

I recently attended a Coles group interview and, curious as to what a group interview entailed, I searched the web for answers. Unfortunately, I didn't find too many reliable sources (nothing but a couple of Yahoo Answers posts), and had to learn first-hand what the interview was all about. I'm going to comment at length about the interview process, and I hope that you find some comfort in reading about the workings of the group interview. Hopefully, this might help to boost your confidence, and might also give you the edge over your fellow interviewees.

Preparing For The Interview

When I received an email from Coles telling me that I had been successful in obtaining a group interview, I was thrilled, and duly noted the time of the interview, and that I should bring a copy of my birth certificate, and a copy of some photo identification. With these grasped tightly in my sweaty palms, I headed over to the customer service desk, and was asked to sign against my name. I took my position outside of the store with the other nervous applicants and about 15 minutes later (15 minutes after the supposed interview time) the forty or so of us were escorted to a large room containing five round tables. We lined up and were asked for our name by the store manager, and were told to sit at a particular table. After a brief introduction by the store manager and each of the five managers in attendance, the fun and games really began.

Introducing Ourselves To Our Group

First, we were told to introduce ourselves to the group. We took turns to doing so in an anti-clockwise manner. This took about two minutes. After this we were directed to fill out our application sheets, which contained questions similar in style to the ones I had answered when I had initially applied on the Internet. They asked for your first and last name, the date, the time, the hours that you would like to work, how many hours you would like to work, the departments that you would like to work in (dairy, produce, night-fill, checkout etc) and whether or not you could lift heavy objects. This was filled out quickly and quietly by my fellow applicants, it was obvious that there was still some nervous energy present. I must add, that during this process the store manager was briefing us on each question, so it was probably unwise of me to rush ahead and complete the application because some points were made that caused me to alter my answers. We were allocated a fair amount of time for this, and then we started group activities.

Group Activities

The group activity consisted of a number of events consisted of a rather odd scenario. We had to take the position of a team member within the supermarket, and position ourselves in the middle of this situation:

  1. A bottle of oil has been accidentally dropped in front of you, making it dangerous for you to bypass
  2. It is time for you to take a 15 minutes break
  3. The stock you are looking for has run out
  4. A customer has approached you and asked you to assist them to find the batteries
  5. You have 3 additional boxes of stock in a different aisle to be packed away
  6. A manager is telling a story to your fellow team members that is not work related but humorous
  7. You notice a fellow team member putting some stock in his/her pocket
  8. A small child is wandering in your aisle, crying and is obviously lost

After considering each of these events, we had to prioritise the points in order of what we would do first to what we would do last individually. We had two minutes to complete this, then after that we had to discuss and attempt to priorities our points as a group for the remaining eight minutes. After we had organised our group preferences, the store manager asked each group what their preferences were. This took another 10 or so minutes. Finally, around 40 minutes after entering the interview room, we were asked if we had any questions and then thanked for coming to the interview. Unfortunately, as we left the interview we were not given any indication of whether we were successful or not. Once again I hope this article helped to ease your nerves and I wish you the best of luck in getting the job.


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      Stella 2 months ago

      Thank you so much for input I feel a little at ease now

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      juggle 11 months ago

      thank you so much it defiantly helped me

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      Amanda 21 months ago

      Thank you for sharing that, I have a group interview next week tuesday and I am really nervous I was curious are there different group activities they give?

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      Hetal 2 years ago

      Thank you for sharing it out and that surly did helped to bring nervousness down!

    • profile image

      Bhasi479 2 years ago

      Hi Alcinda, how did your interview go, can you share your experience about the group activities you had to perform. Thanks Bhaskar

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      Bhaskar 2 years ago

      Hi Husni, how did your interview go, can you share your experience about the group activities you had to perform. Thanks Bhaskar

    • profile image

      Husni 2 years ago

      Thanks a lot mate this actually is very helpful also boost up my confidence. Also i have my Coles interview coming up on friday hopefully everything goes well. Thanks mate

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      kb 2 years ago

      thanks mate

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      Alcinda 2 years ago

      Thanks for the info. Got my interview tomorrow and I'm confident about it.

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      Bk bLA 2 years ago

      Thanx so much i Got my Job Interview Tommorrow.


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      Saide 3 years ago

      Thank you for your consideration, It was informative.

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      benny 4 years ago

      thanks my interview is today at 2 30 haha at coles.

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      Joy 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for posting this!!

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      I just finished the interview. All r group activities (3 nos). selling a product, discussion about team woking and customer care. You have to introduce ur self first. selection results will be in three weeks.


    • profile image

      sam 5 years ago

      This is very informative thanks...

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      Nayan 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot..you are very generous..great mate

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      Rafsan 5 years ago

      Your a legend mate

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      Sanjana 5 years ago

      This made me feel so much better, thank you so much for sharing!

      My interview is in a couple of days and i'm not really the extroverted type, but at least i'm not going in blindly anymore :)

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      Marley 6 years ago

      That really helped I'm not so nervous anymore and I'm more confident for this interview this afternoon

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      Shaz 6 years ago

      I have my group interview next week and your post is really helpful. Thanks!!

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      acki 6 years ago

      tomorrow is my group interview.. hoping to pass it,thanks for the tips

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      Sam 6 years ago

      I went for a Coles group interview today and this was EXACTLY the process that we were presented with right down to the exact prioritisation examples...thanks for the heads up!

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      Leon_x3 6 years ago


      This has helped me heaps and allows me to expect what i am walking into.

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      Abhi 6 years ago

      Very good advice from you Benjamin :)

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      abrar 6 years ago

      thanks a lot

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      sherry 6 years ago

      thanks a lot for guiding us step by step ,i hope this will really help me out.

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      Ann 6 years ago

      Thanks Benjamin. Good to read the step by step process. Very interesting. Did you get through to the next round?

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      jo 6 years ago

      thank you that was really helpful! :)

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      thanx for sharing the hole situation..

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      Ellie 7 years ago

      Thank you for sharing Benjamin. I hope you got this job.

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      Jess 7 years ago

      Hi Benjamin,thanks so much for this description of your interview,it is very informative.I am now more confident about my interview next week.

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      brutz 7 years ago

      Thanks for that man really informative Cheers :)