7 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired at Walmart

Updated on April 22, 2016

With the unemployment rate at 9% or above the last three or four years, finding a steady job has gotten pretty hard. As you may already know, the retail giant Walmart does really well through good times and bad times. If you've never thought about applying at Walmart, you might want to reconsider.
If you decide to give Walmart a try, here is some advice to increase your chance of getting hired.

1 Apply For More Than One Store

When filling out the application you are given an option of which store or stores you are applying for. So you can apply for any Walmarts, Sam's Clubs, Neighborhood Markets, and Distribution Centers in your area and beyond. You just have to decide for yourself how far you are willing to drive on a day to day basis.

2 Your Availability

When applying you will increase your chances of getting hired if you are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will help you get in the door. I've seen more qualified people get passed over for less qualified people because they put restraints on their available days and hours. Sometimes it's more beneficial to them to be able to schedule an inexperienced stock person with an "open" availability then it is to schedule a 10 year experienced stock person who can only work weekday mornings.

3 As Many Jobs as You Can

Walmart can train you for any job they offer. So apply for all the positions you can. Don't limit yourself. The more jobs you apply for the better your chances. If you do have limitations like not wanting to work around hot grease, don't apply for a deli job. But keep your limitations to a minimum.

4 The Assessment Test

Right after you're done filling out the application you will be redirected to a 65 question multiple choice assessment test. This test, depending on your answers, will place you in a "Tier 1" or "Tier 2". Walmart's Human Resource Department will only consider you for employment if you are in the "Tier 1".
In order to get in the "Tier 1", make sure your answers are positive answers (honesty is good, showing up on time is good). Some of your answer choices will be "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree" with choices in the middle. Never choose any answers in the middle! Always choose "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree". Walmart doesn't want to hire anybody that rides the fence. And when one of your answer options says something like, "speak with a manager", this is what you want to choose.

5 Get Your Application on Top of the Pile

The next thing you want to do is "network". Go in the store, talk to the managers, talk to the cashiers, the cart pushers, stockers. Talk to anybody that might help you get a step above all the other applicants. Anyone that can get your application on top of the "pile". A good word from a good employee can do wonders. And if you talk to a manager, they can pull your application and put it on top. Literally.

6 Persistence

Now you want to periodically call the Human Resource manager to find out if they've looked at your application and if they are hiring any positions. You need to be persistent, so it's good to find out from your "network" how often you should call Human Resources. Each HR manager is different so getting a feel for this is good.

7 The Interviews

If Walmart calls you for an interview you want to be prepared. You are one of three people they are interviewing for a position. That's right, Walmart interviews three people for every job opening. But hopefully with this information you'll have the advantage.
You'll be interviewed by three people at the same time. Usually two assistant managers and a department manager. Each manager will take turns asking you a question. And each of these questions are sometimes multi-part questions. Example- "Have you ever worked with a difficult person? What did you do about it? What was the outcome?"
These are the types of questions you may be asked, so be prepared!
If you are called for a second interview this basically means you are hired but they want to put you through the interview process one more time. It may even be the same interviewers and the same questions. But if you made it through the first interview you should make it through the second interview with no problems.
Good Luck!


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    • profile image

      Lornell Felder Jr 5 months ago

      I used to go in Goodwill Int and stadium at the baseball of the Orioles to make money go to College.

    • profile image

      Cedric 7 months ago

      I applied to a wal-mart in my city online called and talked to HR and they took my name and I was told they were hiring for a certain position a couple days later I was called in for a interview an the hiring manager told me I was hired just start the background check process which is done thru email and tracked online a couple days later my status said eligible for hire waited a few days an called HR an was told I would get a call when there was a orientation class set up from job application to now it's been about 2weeks with no call is that the norm?

    • profile image

      angel hammons 8 months ago

      hey my name is angel hammons i got an interview with walmart this thuresday at 2:30pm what do i do to get the job on the spot

    • profile image

      Michael 16 months ago

      The assistant and Co-Managers do the hiring. Just make sure you pass the assessment and then follow up with a manager.

    • profile image

      Keith Greene 17 months ago

      Retired Military man still trying to get a Walmart job in Winter Haven, FL. I've taken 2 assessment test and applied for 7 jobs. I've called the HR department 4 times to be told 'we will call you". I have two Walmart Super-centers less than 2 miles from where i live and a distribution center 20 minutes away. I went to both stores to be again told the same. This would be a great opportunity for me to work hard for a company that I frequently love to shop at. When i log into Walmart careers, the HR status is "under considered" for 5 positions in the distribution center, 2 are "no longer considered". Does anyone know any other way to get a job interview which is the next step. Email: kwallyg@gmail.com

    • profile image

      Lynne 18 months ago

      How long after you take the assessment test does it take to know if you pass it? Thanks and good luck to all that are seeking employment.

    • profile image

      Bob 20 months ago

      What kind of drug test do they do at walmart?

    • profile image

      jake 21 months ago

      If you didn't get the assessment test it was because you already did it once!

    • profile image

      Brady 22 months ago

      Yea me too didn't get a test

    • profile image

      Jules 23 months ago

      What happens if you never got the assessment at the end of the application?

    • profile image

      Lydia 2 years ago

      Just filled out application for Walmart. The position i feel i am more then qualified for, my hours are completely flexible and guess what????

      I failed the assessment test!!! Didnt realize that was a pass or fail test. Most questions i felt could have went more then one way.

      I worked at a factory for 19 years but probably wont get hired on at walmart!!

    • profile image

      Matt(Walmart Customer Services) 2 years ago

      @Jeff, here at Walmart we cannot stress enough that discrimination towards an individual regardless of their criminal record, race, religion, gender, personal preferences. Is by no means acceptable, depending on the severity of your Misdemeanor theft, you stand as much of a chance as any other applicant we recieve. A word of advice is to let the interviewers know ahead of time and if true, express how you've moved forward from that time.

    • profile image

      Jeff 2 years ago

      I have interview i feel ill do super good im confident.what is bothering me is a misdemeanor theft on my record.

    • profile image

      zeke 2 years ago

      I think maybe he was just giving an example of how you should speak to a walmart manager

    • profile image

      Robert Josephson 5 years ago

      Hi,my name is Robert Josephson went into your Walmart store a few times in the center road store.filled out the application on line,also spoke to a manager to see if i can give my resume to her,she said i had to fill out the application on line first,which i did.Then i went back in and spoke to valerie a representative there and said i needed to speak to Stacy the hiring manager.I am very interested in working at your store in any positions available,i am very flexible in hours and any day of the week.also interested in working night work stocking. please reply .Thank you for your time, my number is 302-287-2899

      or you can call 302-565-7579 again thank you