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6 Signs a Zoom Interview Went Well

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Here are six signs that your Zoom interview went well!

Here are six signs that your Zoom interview went well!

How to Tell If a Zoom Interview Went Well

Video interviews are more common than ever since they are more practical for both the interviewer and interviewee. That said, it is a pretty new format of interviewing. In the past, interviews typically took place either over the phone or in person. You may need to do an in-person interview at a later date. However, more and more jobs are getting filled by applicants submitting their resumes and then having a Zoom or other video-conferencing call to learn more about each other.

In this article, we explore several signs that you might be able to pick up on during the Zoom interview to determine whether or not it was successful.

6 Signs That You Will Get the Job After a Zoom Interview

  1. The interviewer led you to believe there is a next step.
  2. The video interview went on longer than you expected.
  3. The interviewer was engaged and curious about you on a personal level.
  4. You feel like you asked good questions that weren't necessarily rehearsed.
  5. You made a genuine connection with the interviewer or interviewers.
  6. The interviewer wanted to "sell" you the job.

1. The Interviewer Led You to Believe There Is a Next Step

This has to be one of the best signs and general impressions you can get during an interview. If the interviewer is informing you about the next step in the process or using words that indicate there is a "future" and is actively covering the topic, this is a great sign that they are very interested in you as a candidate.

They would avoid the topic or not give as much detail if they weren't considering you seriously as a candidate. This can be a difficult sign to pick up, especially if there are several interviewers, but it's an important one to look for and even to pry into a bit with questions of your own.

2. The Video Interview Went on Longer Than Expected

This is another fantastic sign that you did really well during the Zoom interview. Typically, if there is a candidate the interviewer is interested in, they are going to allocate them more time. If you are a candidate who seems like a good fit, the interviewer wants to make sure they are right in their decision to recommend you.

What you actually find happens is that you're both enjoying the interview, and the time flies by. In the end, you find it becomes more of a general conversation between the two of you, asking questions back and forth, rather than a structured interview (which is very well how it may start). Generally, a good sign is if their body language relaxes (and yours does, too).

3. The Interviewer Was Engaged and Curious About You on a Personal Level

Engagement is generally a good sign, and it's easier to tell during a video interview as you can see them as opposed to a phone interview, where the interviewer's engagement level is much more difficult to determine. Do they seem curious about what you have to say? Likewise, are you actually interested in what they have to say?

Do you find yourself interested in the interviewer on a personal level? If you do, chances are they are feeling the same way. Mutual engagement is a great indicator that the person they hire (i.e., you) will contribute positively to the company culture.

Did the tone feel conversational instead of forced? If so, that's a good sign!

Did the tone feel conversational instead of forced? If so, that's a good sign!

4. You Feel Like You Asked Good Questions That Weren't Necessarily Rehearsed

There is a lot of emphasis put on making sure that you ask the right questions during an interview, and there is no harm in making sure that you are prepared so that you have something to fall back on—questions such as "what does a successful person look like in this job role?" and so on.

However, I prefer to ask a question that builds on what the interviewer is saying, accentuates your understanding of their thesis, and gets them to elaborate more. This allows the interview to flow more naturally than an otherwise scripted one, which can come off as robotic and a bit unnatural.

5. You Made a Genuine Connection With the Interviewer or Interviewers

If the overall sentiment of the interview didn't feel "cold" and "stiff," but instead, the conversation flowed nicely with the discussion going back and forth across the different themes discussed during the interview, this is a good sign. If there were no sudden or long, suspenseful pauses, then that's a good indication that this is a job for you, and you are a good candidate for them.

Remember, it is not just about you finding a job; it's a two-way street—are they right for you? If they made you feel uncomfortable during the interview, what do you think it is going to be like working there? Chances are you're going to want to work at a company that made a good first impression, not a bad one.

6. The Interviewer Wanted to "Sell" You the Job

If the interview concludes with them trying to sell you the job, this is a fantastic indicator that you have done well on your Zoom interview. This can come in the form of describing unofficial perks, including flexible scheduling, or they may even describe your potential career path with the company, discussing where you might end up after a few years in the role.

If they didn't think you were a strong candidate that they wanted, they certainly wouldn't be telling you how "good" the job is and describing the opportunities available.

Good Luck!

Remember that the above six signs are exactly that—they are only signs; you don't really know if you have the job until you receive a formal offer. The signs above are just meant to be used as an indication of how to tell if your Zoom interview went.

Good luck; hopefully, you will receive a call soon!

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