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10 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Updated on March 2, 2015
Crying at work? This may be a sign that it's time to leave your job.
Crying at work? This may be a sign that it's time to leave your job.

Does Your Job Make You Cry? Know When to Jump Ship Before the Ship Sinks

We've all faced the tough decision of deciding whether or not we should quit our jobs. I know I've Googled " Should I quit my job?" recently, as you may have. This article will go over some reasons that may indicate you should leave your job.

Keep in mind that quitting your job is definitely something you should think long and hard about. If you do decide to quit your job, leave your company the right way.

For those experiencing that daunting feeling that you might need to quit your job because your boss might can you or maybe you're so miserable that it's starting to do a poor job, I suggest job hunting immediately, on the down low. This way, you can keep your options open, and potentially find a new job, before you get the pink slip.

10 Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job

Below are 10 signs that, in my personal experience, tell you it's time to quit your job and start looking for a new one.

  1. You're so stressed out at work that you are turning into an emotional employee. This is a huge sign that your current job is not working for you—your emotions and body know best, so if you're feeling the urge to cry or actually are crying at work, take this as a serious sign. I recently burst into tears at work, in front of my manager, and now I regret it. Before you get to your breaking point, be aware of your stress levels, if they become unmanageable. Look for a new job ASAP, before your emotions get the best of you and you get fired for being unprofessional one too many times on the job.
  2. Time drags. Hopefully all of you have experienced working in a position where time just flew by, either because you had so much fun doing your job or because you had enough work that was important enough, in your eyes, to keep you busy. If you find yourself bored at work and are constantly checking the clock, this is a huge sign that your career has turned into " just a job" and not the right career or gig for you.
  3. You get pigeonholed into a few tasks that you do really well at. This has happened to me before, and I've seen this happen to co-workers. When you get labeled a "specialist" or an "expert" in something, you're always the first up for those tasks you're known for being good at. This may seem flattering at first, but can quickly go sour. When you become the go to person for only a certain task(s), your boss and co-workers will fail to see that you're competent at doing anything else. Thus, the scope of your job becomes mundane and you are deprived of developing new skills and getting new projects to show off your abilities.
  4. You've become angry and bitter towards your job. For one reason or another, you just don't view your job, your boss, or a few of your not-so-favorite co-workers (or all of the above) favorably. This may come across in your humor and people will start to notice. Believe me, I can think of at least one co-worker who fully admits to being very sarcastic, and has even said she notices people think she's being serious, when she's really just being bitter. Either way, people have started to talk about her in a negative manner, even though her skill set is above and beyond the other co-worker in her group. Before you end up getting complained about, realize that even when you're being sarcastic, and some might find it funny, others are taking it seriously. I've found that having a sense of humor in the work place, especially a more cynical or negative one, is not worth it. It may be telling of something more.
  5. The entire office knows about a conflict that you're involved in. Maybe you've had a spat with a co-worker that escalated into more of a fight and the entire company knows. This has happened to me and even though we were both in the wrong, I seemed to be more blameworthy because of my defensiveness. Years later, I still hear about it, and I was lucky I wasn't fired. Maybe your conflict with a coworker isn't as severe, but if you had to have a manager mediate the conflict, it's probably a good sign you should start job hunting. You may not experience any immediate consequences, but trust me, it will be remembered—in a bad way. However, little disagreements that turn into small spats are normal and should be worked through. This is common and easily fixable. Be professional and do whatever you have to in order to put the small fires out. It's the bigger ones that may be a cause for concern.
  6. You're having a difficult time financially. First things first, realize that we're all there when it comes to money being tight, so you can't feel bad for yourself. The economy is tough and it's hard for all of us. However, also keep in mind that no matter how much you make, it will never feel like enough. If you have spent time revising your budget, have tried to get small side jobs, feel that a second job is impossible, and you are still having trouble making ends meet, I suggest you start looking for a higher-paying position. Money isn't everything, but when you're consistently stressing out about it, action is needed.
  7. You've caught whim of a "reorganization." Maybe you've heard of a large budget cut happening, or your company has recently been bought or sold. The above aren't necessarily immediate signs that you should jump ship. Rather, they signs that there are going to be big changes ahead. In turn, if you feel that these changes are going to affect you or your position in a negative way though, I would recommend looking for jobs in your spare time to be prepared in case the axe falls.
  8. Your co-workers are have been acting differently around you. At one point, you may have had a good amount of office friends but lately, you've had the feeling you're being avoided—people seem less patient with you, no one goes out of their way to chat with you, and so on. This could be a sign that there is office gossip going on about you, or that you did something to someone to make them aggravated. This won't immediately be anything other than puzzling and annoying, but if your co-workers start to dislike you, they could start to hate you and it could fester into something much larger. In fact, don't be surprised if your boss writes that you "aren't a team player" on your next review. If you feel as though you haven't wronged in this position, this may be a sign that you need to look for a new team to play in.
  9. Your boss has been acting differently around you. Be cautious in assessing your boss or supervisor's behavior—it may not be an indicator something is wrong and could be something that doesn't concern you, like higher ups giving them a hard time. Or, they could be dealing with their own personal stress. I always advise people to not take their boss' behavior towards them personally. However, there are some obvious signs that you're in deep doodoo with your boss. For example, if your boss is all of a sudden on your case, micromanaging almost to the point where your workload is unmanageable, you're faced with unreasonable deadlines and you feel like you're getting set up for failure. If your boss has chewed you out about seemingly trivial things, recently and frequently, this is a sign that the eagle eye is focused on you. Your boss pulling you aside into their office beyond your regular weekly time is usually not a good sign. Finally, if you're getting assigned mostly busy work, and unchallenging projects, your boss may have lost faith in you.
  10. You have a gut feeling that you might need to quit for one reason or another. Trust your instincts if you're feeling uncomfortable at work. If you feel like your position has been tarnished beyond repair, or if you have been sensing something bad is going to happen at work, that feeling isn't paranoia, it's your gut feeling that it's time to move on, and you should listen. Simply put, if you're just plain unhappy at work, don't ignore that sign.

If It's Time for You to Leave Your Job

If you're feeling undecided about whether or not to quit your job, I can't say it enough, start job hunting quietly right now. That way, if something does happen at work, you'll have options. There is nothing worse than staying in a rocky position for too long, and having to leave on your employers terms and not by your own better judgement.

Keep your head up and good luck.


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    • John Chancellor profile image

      John Chancellor 9 years ago from Tennessee

      Lady, I would urge everyone to read #6 again. Our desire to be right can cause us lots of problems in all parts of our lives - not just on the job. We all would be well advised to give up our right to be right.

      I have often been asked to help someone decide if they should quit their job. Over the years I have developed a definition of a good job. It is quite simple. If you wake up in the morning and can't wait to get to work, you have a good job. The more you dislike going to work, the more you need to examine your feelings and probably start looking.

      Studies have shown that something like 80% of employees are not happy with their job. So everyone should study this carefully and start looking. As you look, be careful that you don't leave a bad job for a worse job. Learn what is imporant to you and your goals. Companies and managers rarely change. Employment is a relationship. Make sure that the job you take will fit your long term goals.

    • Inspirepub profile image

      Inspirepub 9 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      And remember that a traditional "job" doesn't actually suit all that many people. You may need to look at starting a business on the side, or developing a portfolio career, where you havea lot more control over your time and your surroundings, and a much greater sense of self-reliance.

    • John Chancellor profile image

      John Chancellor 9 years ago from Tennessee

      Good point, Inspire. I totally agree.

    • Lissie profile image

      Elisabeth Sowerbutts 9 years ago from New Zealand

      I used to wake up on Sunday - sad that tomorrow Id have to go back to work! I knew it was time to leave! Crying on the way TO work was another low point too!

    • Jykeith Comal profile image

      Jykeith Comal 9 years ago from Cincinnati OH

      I saw your comment. Cant we play nice miss lady.... :) o yeah, I bought my laptop, I'm baaaaaaaaaack. I still got love for you though........

    • profile image

      GG 8 years ago

      I wish I had read this before I lost my last job. I HATED it and I was miserable even though I kept being commended on a great job performance from our grant holders. I wanted to quit, but wasn't sure that I should. I had a bad feeling about the place and I was soon blind sided by my boss who got into major trouble. She lied on me, set me up and got me fired. I should have listened to my gut. I knew something bad was going to happen. I just never thought it would happen to me.

    • profile image

      gutsy 8 years ago

      I am in this kind of situation right now, I am only in the first year of my job and really loved what I'm doing, I made a lot of friends and they loved me well, unfortunately, I have a master's degree and most of the people who works in the company even they have been more senior in the company had only bachelor's (even my boss). A few people however were noted to be distant and does nothing but gossips other people. Someone tried to spot a small pin and destroyed my credibility to my boss. Almost every week, my boss would call me in her office and I would always receive constant criticism instead of positive remarks. I know I am doing well in my work and for the many many years Ive been in this career, this was the first time something really hit me like this....I am currently seeking better opportunity, and even though my heart cries out for leaving the kind of work I do, I won't still regret it.

    • ontheway profile image

      ontheway 8 years ago


      very good, I support you, come on , welcome to my hub!

    • profile image

      sarah 8 years ago

      Just what I needed to read. My current job situation falls within all the above mentioned except for 6, 4 and 3. I thought maybe I was being a little too dramatic and making things worse than they really are but when you cry going to work and cry leaving work, develop medical issues and put on medication due to stress and anxiety, then it's time to go. No job and no amount of money is worth ruining your health. The economy and job market might be bad but right now, I wouldn't mind flipping burgers if it meant mental and physical improvement.

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      I quit a job 2 yrs ago. By ur guidelines I was yes only to 10,9, and 8. I liked the boss, he was a rare good boss. I got along with nearly everyone and there were plenty of reorgs even then but our group was tagged indispensible but I just absolutely HATED it pure and simple.

    • emievil profile image

      emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

      I quit my first job ten years ago because I got so stressed out and emotional that I cry for no reason at all. Fortunately, I just cried in front of my then boyfriend, not my boss or officemates. But I was really unhappy with my job. Seven months after my first day on that job, I quit. But, I returned after a year and a half because I felt I was more mature to take it on and I wanted to see if I can make another go for it. The second time was a lot better, I stayed for 8 years =) and I only left because I had to (family problems and all), not because I wanted to.

    • profile image

      Scott 7 years ago

      I got about 5 of the 10....

    • profile image

      Kristin 7 years ago

      NO job is worth your happiness. Pack it up, try something new. It doesn't matter how much time or effort you've put into a job, if it makes you unhappy. It just means you've worked harder and longer than most people at making your own life miserable. Walk away! You'll feel 100% better.

    • profile image

      samiksha 7 years ago

      good one i noted this 10 reason & now i confirm i need to leave my stupid boaring job.

      thanks for this blog.

    • profile image

      pam 7 years ago

      I currently work for a company that is under going organizational changes. When I first started to work there I loved it. The atmosphere was friendly, easy going, and they worked at keeping the employee content as well as doing a good job on behalf of their clients. I also loved my job there.

      That has all changed. I actually sat and cried my eyes out at work the other day. I am not an emotional person and for me to cry at all is unheard of.

      The overall management of the group that I work for changed from a placid easy going manager who got along with everyone to someone who does not grade work performance based upon the work that you do and your knowledge but upon your ability to brown nose. I am no brown noser and because I literally just have nothing to say to her or a few of the others I have become an outcast that she cannot get rid of soon enough. This has also happened to several other people.

      I have given my notice because I knew she was going to look for any opportunity to have me fired. But I know now that I am not going to even finish out the term of the notice. I simply cannot make myself go back in there again. Just thinking about it makes me tear up and start to fall apart.

      I am just scared that I will not find something else in time to prevent complete financial ruin and possibly ending up homeless.

    • profile image

      Kelly G. 7 years ago

      If you DREAD going to work, then that is a sure sign that you should QUIT. Believe me, I'm that same boat.

    • profile image

      sarahbeenyisgreat 7 years ago

      I have been in my job for 5 years and have been saying I hate it all this time. It was mainly all down to a bad boss who really set out to make me feel like I was crap at my job and that he wanted me to quit. I got so low I would cry about it most days after work and would get tearful on Sunday nights about going into work on Monday. I am lucky that I have had my dad to talk to about all this and on his advice I eventually reported by bosses unfair behaviour. Things have since improved, his attitude towards me is the same as he treats everyone else - but obvious cos he was told to be fair etc. I have been looking quietly for a job for the last year or so. I have now been offered a totally different job that I applied for. I have said I will take the job, but have yet to hand in my notice..need to do this this week. But for some strange reason I have mixed feelings now about changing jobs! Perhaps I am institutionalised! I know it makes sense to leave for how unhappy my job has made me in the past, but I feel afraid of starting a new one! I have since lost my dad so dont have him to talk to now. I think you just have to give it a go and no matter how scared you feel about changing jobs, just do it.

    • profile image

      Mand 6 years ago

      I've been in my job 5 years now and it's making me really unhappy and I'm currently on depression tablets because I can't handle the stress of my job, people I work with don't talk to me, my boss never speaks to me unless there's something wrong, and they all look down on me like I'm rubbish and I go home most nights and just cry to my boyfriend, I've tried looking for another job but there's nothing out there and I can't afford to quit, it's making me sick and don't no what to do.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      My old printing job underwent some reorganization changes in april. The company had it own courier fleet and wanted to create a new job role called a printer/courier. I was selected for redundancy as i was employed soley as a printer. I was offered temporary employment to cover for maternity leave until december.

      To see this new person doing what was my old job was like a kick in the teeth. I felt like an outsider looking in. Tried my best to get on with this person, however she behaved like the cat that got the cream, very smug.

      I tried my best to show the boss that i was worth keeping on, i was never assured once. Even recommended to start looking for new work.

      When i did found work with one of our competitors doing the same job, i handed in my notice immediatley.

      During my exit interview my boss told me that had i stayed for a week longer i MAY have been taken on permanently. Fancy saying that to me when i've just handed in my notice!!

      I LOVED doing my old job, it hurts me to leave, i want to stay but know i have to move on and go. Life just isn't fair at times.

    • profile image

      HatesHisJob 6 years ago

      4 months ago, I took a job, because it was a GREAT stepping stone for my resume. It was something I had been working towards for almost 4 years since I had been out of college.

      Before I even stepped foot in this position, I had a feeling that this was going to be bad. This position had 6 directors in the position over the course of 5 years. Do the math. It was at that point I should have turned around.

      I figured...I'm 25 years old, and was grasping for something to make my resume stand out even more than it already does for being 25 years old.

      Well, here I sit. Miserable, sick to my stomach at any given moment, lost, confused, and having panic attacks at least once every other week. It was baptism by fire, there was no solid training offered, and I was thrown to the sharks from day 1. I have been set up for failure in a company that has no idea what they're doing. I've been SCREAMED at, for things that were suddenly my responsibility but were not outlined in my job responsibilities. I'm fed up.

      I'm happy to say that I'm writing this entry on the eve before the day I'm putting in my 2 weeks.

      I'm scared shitless. I do have a back-up, thank God, but it's nothing in my field. I need to just take sometime, and figure things out. I know that even though I'm not staying in my field, it's only temporary. MY HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IS NOT WORTH A GOOD TITLE ON MY RESUME.

      My advice...stay foolish, stay hungry, and stay happy. DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT. IF IT ISN'T MAKING YOU HAPPY, JUMP SHIP! Whether it's 2 months, 4 months, or 6 years. You know yourself.

      Wish me luck.

    • profile image

      The Corporate Life Sucks 6 years ago

      Kudos to you, HatesHisJob. I can totally relate and wish I had the same courage to do what you're doing. I'm 24 and in my 2nd job since I started working last year. A relatively high position, with better pay than my last company, but the pressure is enormous. I came into the job with literally no formal training (I'm an English Lit major and in an assistant marketing manager position) but was promised the required support I needed to grow into the job. Long story short, the training they promised was NOT what I expected it to be - a combined day's worth of question and answer sessions and that was it. Not to mention, my boss was a total bitch in the beginning, her policy being "if I teach you once, don't ask me to teach it to you again" so I asked my fellow employees for help. To which she said "you keep asking other people and it's obviously not helping you, so ask me." And then I ask her and she gets pissed. To top it all off, the company I entered was undergoing Lady Luck's #4, Reorganization, at the time I entered, so it was not just a matter of learning the old systems and processes but also all the new systems. My position being what it is, I felt that a lot of people (my manager included) were scrutinizing me from day 1 to see if I could hack the responsibilities. The stress was horrible (and in a way, still is - although I feel I'm a fast enough learner and feel comfortable enough with what I'm doing now). But what makes the office unbearable more than anything is my immediate manager's intimidating personality. No use standing up for myself or explaining to her when she already believes I've done wrong. My 1st week on the job, she was already on my case and ready to flip out. In the beginning I took it all in because I was new and didn't know what I was doing. Now, I am seriously pissed off. We recently had a run-in about a file she told me to send to her on a specified date, which suddenly became earlier because I didn't have the "foresight" to see that the specified date was too late. Of course, it is my fault for not reading her mind. Still assessing the potential education I can receive from this company so I don't want to leave just yet. But this article is seriously making me re-think.

    • profile image

      Jobber 6 years ago

      I'm reading these articles in hopes that I might gain some good information to pass on to my daughter who suffers from the treatment that she receives from bullying co-workers and a boss who has sided with them due to the stories they have told. A good manager, from my perspective, should maintain an open door policy and listen to anyone who wants to talk then take that information and conduct their own investigation to determine what is truly going on. All too often, they take the word of the first person to complain and by not assessing the situation properly, inevitably someone ends up falsely accused and hurt. When they try to defend themselves, they are suddenly tagged as a trouble-maker who has a personality problem and can't get along. My daughter has incredible work ethics with a strong personal belief that you'll reap your rewards by doing your very best. She has always gone way over-and-above what is expected of her and takes the initiative to come up with more effective methods to improve job performance. She's completely reliable, on time and will work on her own time to assure that all of the daily requirements or any other assigned tasks have been accomplished or just to get that much ahead for the next work day. Her problem is that she is too kind and that is considered a weakness in the eyes of some people. Hard as she might try to get along with everyone, she has been met with those types who love to intimidate her and make her life a living hell. When it festered to the point that she had taken enough and she let it be known, she was forced to undergo counseling or resign. Her boss wouldn't listen to anything she had to say. After a few sessions, her counselor submitted that she was working in a hostile environment. The boss had to counsel and write up all of the other co-workers on their behavior. For a month or so, they treated my daughter with respect and life was good but soon they were indiscreetly retaliating and continue to do so. Feeling that it is her word against their's and simply too mentally and physically exhausted to put herself through any further humiliation, my daughter has put in her two weeks notice with her last day being next Friday. She has had to be put on depression medication and treatment for insomnia but neither of them work. She will be married in December and her fiancé, bless his heart, has urged her to not return to any employment for a while. He makes a fairly good income and wants her to just get happy. She worries still about the job although they will be replacing her with two people...what does that say about her performance? They have succeeded and she just wants to scream out "Why? What did I do to you to make you want to torment me and ruin my life. How can you be so self centered and mean. How do you sleep at night knowing what kind of people you are?" Managers need to do a better job at paying attention to what is going on in the workplace. They should know better than to believe everything they hear, they should manage their people by personal observation and make clear choices on who the bad performers really are. When the workplace reaches the point where tensions are high, employees are unhappy, and it becomes a negative and hostile environment, management should be reprimanded for allowing it to get that way. Obviously they are not doing their job properly and should be replaced. Your health and happiness takes precedence over a bad work environment. If you are not happy, it may be difficult for a while, but move on.

    • profile image

      Kim L 6 years ago

      The past few months i've dreaded coming to work. Partly because I was forced to take something as I was unemployed.

      I'm higher qualified than what the job requires but somehow admin is not my thing. I am a PA now and will admit that I'm not the best PA but I do what I can do - sometimes things may slip through but generally not.

      In the past month I've had 2 clients send me to tears - for something that was not my fault. It was an error on their part and it became a whole mess. Now that everything is sorted they think they can just click their fingers and I need to jump.

      I can take quite a bit and sulk about it for a while but for someone to make you cry like someone just died is just not right.

      Not sure if its the job thats stressing me or what. But my gut tells me I don't belong here then on the other hand I cant afford to quit either

    • profile image

      Heather 6 years ago

      Hi everyone,

      I just have to say "thank you" for sharing your stories. Particularly Jobber, your daughter is not alone. Although I'm no softy, I just got out of a hostile environment where I was ostracized for being a favorite of the boss. Unfortunately, I switched jobs and now I'm in way over my head. I have a constant headache from tension and am crying and flipping out at home. My husband is wonderful and can take care of us but we will be strapped for cash and I'm nervous I'll be miserable at home and will never find another job. I just don't know what to do but my happiness is definitely in jeopardy. I am normally a very outgoing and funny person and I just completely changed into a very emotionally disturbed young lady. This is not what I want for myself.

    • profile image

      TimeToLeaveMyJob 6 years ago

      Sweet Jesus, I found that it is easier to say what I did not do wrong.

      I found out in this job that personal feelings trump actual abilities to do the job. One guy has a VERY BAD rep as being impossible to work with anddoesnto know what he is doing, yet when I called him on these things the VP of our division backed him up as they are old friends. WHAT!?!?!? This idiot does not know whathe is doing and is wasting thousands of dollars yet he is complimented and I am thrown out with the garbage.

      So in looking over the list, #1, 2, 3 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 apply to me.

      YET the good news is I had a great interview this past week, so I am hoping I can getout of this crap-job into a job that hasgood people, but peiople who repsect me.

    • profile image

      CanHardlyBreathe 6 years ago

      I happen to be working in a country where the labor law sucks. I am an expat working at a sinking company. Delayed salaries, incompetent boss, stupid management. It's a small firm with no HR to answer to employee complaints. If I resign I get to have a labor ban for 6 months. If I get fired, I still will have a 6-month labor ban. It is so miserable. I have been trying to be patient looking for other jobs in a freezone area where the ban wouldn't apply but it's been months now and nothing seems to come up. My boss is a total jerk who seems to be waiting for my biggest failure. No respect at all. I am in a lose-lose situation and it makes me sick to my stomach. I have a family member with cancer and I cannot quit even if I myself seems to be suffering from anxiety and depression. I want to leave now but I can't. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm wasting my time and talents staying here but I can't make the decision to take the leap because of the financial aspect. They always say in an economy like this, you're lucky to still have a job. Delayed salary is better than nothing at all. But I am really miserable. I need a good insight.

    • profile image

      katie 6 years ago

      im also feeling the same way now..i just have this gut feeling now that i just need to quit my job. i'm not really happy days are wasted thinking and thinking about my job..i don't have social life anymore..whenever im home, i always want to relax and do nothing because i feel exhausted and stress whenever im at work..i already have a family and they were affected..i hate mondays..

    • profile image

      alvergs 6 years ago

      great forum here. I am starting on the job training for this job, but I felt unhappy the first time I started there. I feel miserable when I am waking up and going to work, i simply just want out, but I haven't found another job yet. I don't want to get stuck on a job that doesn't fit me, any advice on what should I do?

    • profile image

      Ann 6 years ago

      You don't always have to be right, but don't forget your rights. For example, you do not have to be discriminated against. So remember there are times when standing your ground is appropriate.

    • profile image

      Dawn 6 years ago

      Our Boss was having an affair with two co workers at the same time...he actually told select staff members that they would be fired if it got back to his wife he also hid the fact that bones remains were under the floor of his landmark business when digging and again told the staff to shut up. Then his manager covered up a raope charge for the guy. His manager was caught as well hiding things from his wife at this place of business. The managers wife left him when she found out and the Employer's wife stayed by his side. The manager and Employer are know under suspician of burning down the old watering hole. So the staff that remained put up with all that stress because of hard economic times and stay for the paycheque it is tough to leave when there are limited jobs right now. Those that remained and shut up just got burnt out litterally and physically out of a job. Those that knew jumped ship a month before the place burnt down how convenient.

    • profile image

      Katelyn 6 years ago

      Wow am i in this same situation right now or wat!!! I've been at my job for some time now. And i find my boss running me around like a crazy person trying to get these impossible tasks done in the time that he wants it done. And when i forget to do one thing i'm yelled at. Everyone sees how he acts toward me and how he talks to me. I am one of his best employees yet he treats me like im nothing. I cry about work dread going there everyday and when i am there time seems to be going soo slow. I cant do it anymore and this post really helped me see that i do need to leave this job asap. Thanks!!!

    • profile image

      myjobsucks 6 years ago

      I just recently turned 18, and I work at tim hortons part time, started about 2 months ago and ALREADY hate my job. I dread going there EVERY single time i'm scheduled to work. I stress out the night before my shift begins and I just feel miserable when I go in for work. Basically when you work in this field, customers treat you like absolute scum, they think of you as literally nothing, and speak to you however they feel like speaking to you. At this moment I have more important things in life to worry about such as my last few months of high school making sure my grades are good to get accepted into universities. This job is making me worry about it, when literally there are far more important things for me to think about. There's nothing else I can say, except for that this job is making me miserable when i'm way too young to be worrying about a job like this, and this weekend I will try to find a new job and quit this current job ASAP before it gets even worse.

    • profile image

      PigbitinMad 6 years ago

      I have experienced every single one of these things repeatedly. I was set up to fail in the hopes that I would quit and when I didn't I was finally "laid off." Problem is I know I was a better worker but could not stand the micromanaging patriarch (who did nothing but criticize, but who got everything wrong himself); the incompetent shipping clerk that was foisted on me to be my helper (when I didn't ask for ANY EFFIN' help and could have done everything myself better). Then there was my boss who spent $40,000 for a publicist to pitch CNN on a story nobody in their right mind would care about let alone a national news organization. He wasted tons of money on a PIPE DREAM and also to keep his incompetent college kid brother on the pay roll (the one who would stroll in at noon and leave at 5:00). I had to choke back the desire to strangle them all every day. Maybe I am not perfect, but they are IDIOTS and should have listened to me. Oh, and my boss was going to spend thousands of dollars to fix a mistake that our computer consultant made (another college kid who couldn't do anything). When I said that our Web host could just restore it from a back up, he refused to believe me and called me an idiot. However, it turned out I WAS RIGHT and I got absolutely zero credit for this.

      And you wonder why a year later my anger has not abated it has grown exponentially like a mushroom cloud until I doubt I will ever be able to work again. I just hate all employers so much and I assume any place I ever work will end up exactly the same. If I ever get another job I will start from day one amassing everything I need to destroy the company if they ever burn me like this again.

      Thanks for nothing.

    • profile image

      MsK 6 years ago

      I need to leave my job too, i have only been there for a month oh stomach starting to get sick on sat thinking less than two more days later is work again. I am currently applying for more jobs which will work out for me. I pray for GOD please help me and response to my prayer, I need OTHER opportunities, not what I currently have!!

    • profile image

      ConfusedOne 6 years ago

      Hi, stumbled upon this page while trying to figure our whether I should quit my job too~ Thanks, It really helps put the issues in perspective. I joined my current company straight out of graduation. It's a big, but friendly company. I'm an easy going person, and so are my coworkers and superiors, so while the work load and hours are tough, for a long while, I felt like I could handle it. But by an ill stroke of fate, probably because I didn't excelt in production aspect of the job, I got pushed to the client coordination aspect, which ill suited my personality. The project itself also became a low priority job, because it wasn't earning the company money. It was a horrible viscious cycle -- There was low manpower, so the product was of low quality, because the product was low quality, the client kept wanting new options, which we were ill equipped to do, because we have low manpower. And all during which, the client kept sending angry correspondances to me for issues I have no control over. I cried more than once at work, and I discovered to my horror that I have gotten cynical about the work. When once I aspired to be a great designer, now I just disdain and say it is not my fate. The school me would have looked at me and called my a sell out. Probably with a very rude adverb lol.

      Wow, now that I actually typed out my story, I could already see that I should have quit eons ago.

    • profile image

      Pigbitin Mad 6 years ago

      Sounds like they are setting you up to fail by putting you in siberia. In my case, the money was so mismanaged that they owed publishers a lot of money. When I couldn't fill the orders it became my fault. I basically said we shouldn't even be responding to RFQs if we cannot fill the order within a few days. Shortly after that I got fired (sorry the word they used was "Layed off"). However, I want to see my old employer in a vat of boiling oil....and then maybe run over with a jeep a few times, then doused with gasoline and set on fire. I can dream can't I. Strange thing is, they seem to have gone through several employees in the last year once they realized that they could not keep up the workload with such short staff. It is hard to tell, but their other good employee seems to have left. So I do hope they fail miserably.

    • profile image

      opal 6 years ago

      I am over 50 and hate my well-paying job. I'm convinced this is the end of my 20 year career and I may not find a job, any job, that pays even half what I make now. I am single and have a mortgage.

      My boss is an incredible jerk, nice on the outside but skewers me in front of others, doesn't listen, breaks promises, plays games, is manipulative and generally treats us like dirt. His boss is even worse, and so it goes up the corporate ladder. My coworkers are not team players. One wears revealing clothes to impress the boss and the other talks about us behind our back. They are angry and scared too. I am isolated. I have nightmares every night.

      I read what people say that no job is worth sacrificing self for. That is the truth. I pray for the courage to leave and pursue meaningful work, however scary that might be.

    • profile image

      Pigbitin Mad 6 years ago

      @opal. Sounds like my old boss to a T. Incredibly overwhelming faith in himself against all reason and wasted a lot of money on a boondoggle. Anyway, since you are 50 years old, I might hold on to the pay check as long as you possibly can. I am younger than you, and I doubt I will ever find another job again. This job market is too terrible and it can't possibly get better with all the outsourcing and refusal to hire ANYONE out of work more than 12 weeks. I mean, it is bull because I really believe I am better than at least 85% of the people who have jobs. I mean, I am not a calculus wizard or a rocket scientist, but I am able to use my brain to figure things out that most people would never figure out. (Oh, and you can say that all you want on a job interview, but no one will ever believe it if you are a woman over 50....they think you are delusional).

      I think what we should do is form an underground resistance. We need to stop buying things. We need to stop supporting overpriced training schools (for what? They taught me nothing at all, and if it is anything specialized, you will forget it all, because you will never use it, because there aare no jobs!!). Boycott everything manufactured overseas (everything) and only shop at mom and pop stores that sell food products made either in Europe or the United States (or anything that is supposed to be made in Woks)

      You are only employable from the age of 22-38. So everyone else better get with it or die.

    • profile image

      jvglynnjr 6 years ago

      It's very distracting and discouraging to read a post like this that is riddled with spelling errors.

    • profile image

      MyTwoCents 6 years ago

      I hate don't know how many happy work situations of mine have been destroyed by the big reorg announcement that I know have a new boss in another location and I'm now doing different job duties... Nothing makes me want to quit a a company more than when they do that to me...and I have (after finding another job somewhere else first of course).

    • profile image

      NightmaresEverySundayNite 6 years ago

      I have recently woken up to the realization that I am the target of a bully at work. I have tried to make it work, and met with my supervisor and my coworker who complains about me about the most trivial things, and twists stories into lies about my performance at work. She is a Dr.Jekel and Mr.Hyde depending on what suits her needs at the moment. I have been off work, very sick with sinus and throat infections following a period of stress at work related to her bullying. Now I can see clearly what is happening. I know I can either fight this situation further, or look for a new job. The thing that is determining my decision is that I absolutely hate my job, even without the presence of my bully coworker. I have been working hard, doing the work of two people, hardly ever take my breaks because I don't have time to, while my co-workers have gossip parties at each others' desks, I am helping customers one after the other. I can't take it anymore. I have a Masters degree and all my coworkers only have H.S.Diplomas. I feel they have made it their goal to demean me and humiliate me. My Supervisor acts like she cares about my well-being, but doesn't follow through because the bully intimidates her too! I am considering going into Insurance Sales where I can work independently with my clients and get paid for my customer services and abilities to relate to people and their financial needs.

    • BabyCheetah profile image

      BabyCheetah 6 years ago from Melbourne

      Great hub, I'm quitting my job next month actually and it's due to some of those things and I don't like the company and their penny pinching ways :o

      But I'm gong overseas instead for a long break to think about what I want to do :)

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      Leave and don't look back! I had put up with so much stress working for this jerk of a Mechanical Engineering Company and put up with a bully for a VP. Now I have no stress, harmony in my life, and better pay. Now these itiots have targeted my pay check deductions, and now if not resolved, I will contact the Labor Board!

    • profile image

      Surrayah 5 years ago

      Ditto what Pam said....I'm right there with you!

    • profile image

      shanno. 5 years ago

      Everyone is struggling so "you can't feel bad" is condescending and banal. Some of your points are valid but overall it just says "baaaa."

    • profile image

      Lillian 5 years ago

      This article was so helpful. Im in a job right now where I sit in the parking lot before work and wonder if I even want to go in that day. Definitely time for a change.

    • profile image

      TylerMartin 5 years ago

      Like everyone else here, I hate my job. It was never great but used to be tolerable. Now they give us more work than 3 people could do per person and cut back staff. Managers do nothing but criticize you for failing to do the impossible but refuse to lift a finger to help. I can't quit because I've quit other lousy jobs so my wife wants me to stay with this one but I really don't care anymore if I get fired or not. Looking for something else but no call backs. I can identify with Lillian. I sit in the parking lot everyday pondering whether to go in or go back home. Boss jumped me today while I was busy doing something to tell me I didn't do something else (he was standing there-he could have done it easily but didn't) so I just asked, "Am I the only one who works here?" He gave some lame excuse why he couldn't do it but I bit my tongue to keep from calling him a lazy, worthless waste of flesh. I know I am going to get fired if I don't quit but I can't quit. I guess I'll stay long as I can hold out but if he jumps my case, I just go right back at him. I don't care anymore. Yelling back at him solves nothing and is not something I recommend but it helps me get through the day. Two wrongs don't make a right but it's a start.

    • profile image

      GeishaMedSchool 5 years ago

      @TylerMartin: The same happens here. My supervisor gives me a workload of crap to do, knowing she can help lift the burden off of me. She does nothing but sits and eats in front of the computer all day. I do EVERYONE’s work and I am sick of it. I'm sick of the rat race, I am sick of hearing old hags complain all day long ( I am 25), sick of being on the bottom at every job, tired of my needs being pushed aside, and I am tired of being cheated. I cannot wait until next year, running my own clinic.

    • profile image

      Todd 5 years ago

      A female coworker doesn't masturbate as often at her desk as she did in the past. My desk was facing hers and I had to watch her orgasam every day.

    • profile image

      Cherie 5 years ago

      I know how some of you feel. I worked in a nursing home in West Tennessee for two years and during the first year, I loved working there. I got along with everyone, everyone liked me. I was probably one of the most liked employees there because I did my job well and believed in treating everyone how I wanted to be treated. But I didn't kiss butt and I refused to take any crap off anyone so most of them respected me for my refusal to be subservient or walked on. Then during the second year, right after I started my second semester in college, there was a group of about 4 woman who considered me a threat because I stood up to her when she called me a very ugly name. Without cursing or yelling, I told her what I thought then walked away and it snowballed from there. The next day, a few people started acting different toward me and it was said that I was being watched very closely. Still I managed to have more friends than I did enemies and my boss and quite a few other coworkers were behind me 100% and watched out for me, keeping me informed on what they were hearing and what people were doing to try and get rid of me. And that really pissed the 4 women and their associates off bigtime and they would try even harder to have me fired. It started with simple complaints that I wasn't stocking the linen closets and emptying all of the barrels. Naturally, I began using my cell phone to take photos of the closets after I stocked them and of all the empty barrels so that I would have evidence that I was doing my job. It worked. But it even further pissed off the complainers and they started literally picking arguments with me and mobbing me in the bathroom, catching me in the halls and the parking lot to pick a shouting and cursing match and even threatening to do me bodily harm. After the second time, I pushed record on my cell phone which was hidden in my pocket and got everything that woman said to me. The profanity, the threats, everything and took it to my boss. By then, I was emotionally exhausted from all of the drama and I was almost to a point to where I wanted to knock somebody's block off. But still, I kept my composure. My boss listened to the recording and then went to bat for me when the same woman went to admin and filed a false report against me. After that, things really got bad and they started picking fights with my boss for sticking up for me. Two weeks later, he found a better job in Nashville and submitted his two weeks notice. That's when I knew that it was time for me to "get the hell out of Dodge". Having just found a second job to fall back on, I put in my two week notice a few days after my boss, who had been my biggest ally, put in his. It didn't take long for word to get around that he was leaving and it got back to me that certain ones had already had plans to use the new supervisor to have me terminated. When word had gotten around that I too had put in my notice, it was mentioned that they had to hurry up and terminate me before I had a chance to leave on my own. Needless to say, it never happened and I left on my own terms, not theirs. After I quit, they still harassed me with phone calls and bashed me on the internet. I simply told them to do whatever, that I was done and no longer had to deal with them before hanging up the phone. After a short time even that ceased. It was such a relief! I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders! I felt free like a bird out of a cage. My second part time job became my full time job and I am still loving my job, working in home health. I am also about to graduate college next spring! I am so happy now and so many wonderful and exciting opportunities have come my way. I am truly blessed!

    • profile image

      anamika 5 years ago

      I am facing currently a situation where I feel I should quit my job.I wish to do it in the next 6 months time. I am 45 and my financial position at home is ok as of now. I cannot prdict what it would be later. Even if I don't get a very well paying job, I would want myself to be engaged with some work even if I don't get what I am getting now.Where should I start with and how do I start.

    • profile image

      Buzz Killington 5 years ago

      I left a job of 10 years because I thought I needed a change.. move up the corp ladder, etc. Well I certainly got what I wished for. I am now working 100% more for a 15% increase in pay vs. my old job. I have turned into an emotional basket case, and have moments throughout the day where I have to consciously fight the urge to cry or have a breakdown. Other times something very ordinary will make me laugh uncontrollably, some kind of mental release valve I suppose.

      I have started showing my frustration in meetings with coworkers and now I am alienating the few people I like at my job. I sound like Gordon Ramsey during conference calls now. My home life is miserable because I no longer have the desire to do anything. Work is always on my mind. I drink to get drunk and now started smoking.. and I am 40 and have never smoked before. WTF.

      Do I quit my job after 10 weeks or try to stick it out a year so it looks better on my resume? Is it this dreadful because I am new; will the workload become manageable as I figure more things out? Or, as I suspect, have I parachuted aboard the Titanic a few hours before it sinks? We are going to lose the customer account I am on, unless I can turn it around. I just can't do it alone. I want my old job back.

    • profile image

      not9-5 5 years ago

      I recently went back to college after graduating 14 years ago from college, wanted a career change. I work in healthcare so its NOT 9-5 m-f, its everything. Morale is rock bottom, management doesn't listen there aren't staff meetings (guessing fear of hearing the truth). We have 20 employees and I know of at least 25% ready to leave. All I can say is have a back-up plan, NO job is worth the stress and strain on your health, your relationships at home or work.

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I just want to thank you all for your stories as I have been following them for the past year. Literally, this icon link was on my desktop labeled "cathartic". I was in a job that I despised. I took it and then bait and switch I am in over my head with a completely different job description.

      I had so many health problems this year, hospitalized twice, several infections but I wouldn't let myself quit and then one day I woke up and wanted my life back. My last day is tomorrow.

      I realize that not everyone has the option to quit (I have a husband who can provide) but after all that I experienced and my body literally killing itself from the stress, I can vouch that NOTHING is worth your health. NOTHING.

      I wish you all the very best. And for the person who is feeling what I felt 2 weeks after getting into this job a year ago listen up: If you can financially, get out. Don't let a year go by while you're treading water. Live your life and be happy.

      If we get desperate for money I'll just work at the olive garden.

    • profile image

      Nigel 5 years ago

      It's good to know there are people on the same boat.

      Since uni it has taken me years to fall into a respectable adult job, where I can stand shoulder to shoulder with my successful friends and not feel inadequate. I have done summer jobs, given up hope on my degree chosen path, tried the military, taken the wrong routes just because I was unemployed and needed a job. Finally, 5 months ago I was handed a professional job on a plate. Too good to turn down! I looked at the salary and thought my time has finally arrived. I didn't care what the nature of the job involved.

      5 months on and I struggle to get out of bed.

      I'm lost in a high pressure job where I have no training, or indeed no interest to develop. Office life makes me miserable. I have no confidence to represent my department in meetings and regret accepting this job. I don't sleep, my girlfriend is sick of my misery but I feel trapped because it's taken me ages to socially fit in and be successful!

      I know im avoiding the inevitable by not quiting now. Im a shadow of my former self and through all this you end up bullying yourself.

      My advice, find something you love even if you don't earn as much as your mates. Because it's what you do everyday for the rest of your life that counts.

    • profile image

      Goinginsane 5 years ago

      I pretty much fit into 10/10 of those things. I cracked the other day and quit spontaneously. Apparently, I still have a job, as long as I "watch my moods"

      The day I quit I was being blamed because something hadn't been done, even though another co-worker said (to the boss) that they were going to do it. Me getting Calls from the boss Going off at me for something that's not even my fault is not unsual, but that set me right off!

      I'm a uni student, so I really don't need the added stress! But I also need the money!! What am I supposed to do?? There isn't any other jobs going around that will fit into my uni schedule. I was a manager and generally picked my own hours. I'm at a loss as to what to do

    • profile image

      KM 5 years ago

      How to say in interview when you quit a job because of co-woker or work environment

    • profile image

      Can't stand it anymore 5 years ago

      LOL. When I read these how do you you know it's time to quit list, I get almost every single one. Yet EVERYBODY is urging me to stay. I want to get another job lined up first but I'm starting to think my coworker is a real nutjob. She would randomly laugh nastily when there's NOTHING to laugh at and she's acting more and more wacky. She told me few weeks ago that she felt closer to me than her own husband and now that I'm avoiding her, she's desperate to get my attention.

    • profile image

      Tkeya speaks 5 years ago

      I have recently been falsely accused at my most recent job and placed on suspension. So i could'nt take anymore of their crap so i took matters into my own hands and put in my two weeks notice. Did i do the right thing? will this effect me finding another job now? Please help.

    • profile image

      uknowit 5 years ago

      if you are not happy look for job opportunities quietly then once you found something new...quit! make a grand exit...

    • profile image

      JS 5 years ago

      I googled a sight about quitting jobs and came upon this website. So many of the signs posted were exactly what happened to me. I was told I was not a team player, I had a spat with another co-worker who so lazy and yet I was told that my behaviour was unacceptable. I tried even going to HR and even they turned on me. I was even threatened that I would be fired if my actions did not change. Without finding another job, I quit and have been screwed without employment in this tough economic times. If I had to do it all over again, I would have tried to control my anger against the other co-worker because I really regret my decision. But what I find that angers me the most is what do these people get out of it by causing drama for others? Do they get some satisfaction out of it? This is one thing I will never understand. Why cant people do there jobs and go home without sticking there noses in other people's business.

    • profile image

      Senior 5 years ago

      I'm looking for another job at 61. I'd love my job if I wasn't on call 24-7. I can't really get away from my job

      The employees mgr hired aren't flexable - so I'm getting tired of being the one that will take care of everything.

      I wish all of you good luck. I pray a lot that this will pass and I know it will it's just hard hanging in there till it does. Thank God for my friends - but they are - I'm sure - sick of hearing my woes. Thanks for this site to know I'm not alone..........

    • profile image

      tired 5 years ago

      after 6 years of lieing, fabricating numbers and just plain sick of the "mind games" I WANT OUT !!! If I dont quit ill either go to jail for my part of the fabrication or go crazy from the stress of it all... TIME TO BAIL !!!

    • profile image

      timetogo 5 years ago

      I knew it was time to levave about a 18 months ago and I have been looking for a new job since then. My boss is horrible. He is so serious and cold and criticising. I took out a valid complaint and he has managed to turn this round on me and tried to rubbish my good name and uin me professionally. I won't be put down and will be suing the company. All of a sudden the world seems much brighter, just dont have to go there anymore and that is great! I worked there for 8 years and it was always great and so much fun. I became overworked, overloaded and there was no support. I was the manager and even my team made me feel paranoid. I started crying at work and at home every night and just didn't sleep. Every day people looked at me as if to say, are you still here. My new motto is...If work doesn't make you happy and it doesn't make you smile, don't bother getting up for it!

    • profile image

      STX 5 years ago

      2months ago I quit my position in a company which I worked for over 6 years. The job was OK and I make friends with a lot of co-wokers. The relationship with my boss is great , the only reason I quite is that the income is quite poor. I got an offer at that time which is almost twice as much as what I had. I took the job without muching thinking. Given the salary I though it didn't matter what I do. 2 months later, I realized I was totally wrong. My life was messed up. I had to work 13-14 hours a day and yet you have to take the work to home at weekend.The work is boring. The stess is overwhelming and the boss is picky. Everthing feels not right. I don't think I can take it any more. Just not sure if I shall quit right away.

    • profile image

      SadPanda 5 years ago

      I have worked in my current position for 4 years, just recently my colleque who is also a very good friend of mine is moving onto a new job, i havn't slept since he told me he was leaving due to the realisation of the amount of pressure i'm going to be under having to help train 2 new staff whilst managing umpteen other things & not getting paid extra, the stress im feeling is unreal i wish i didn't have so much debt problems, otherwise I could walk away and be happy I know my husband is very supportive of me but right now we would never survive with only one income. Not enjoying life right now

    • profile image

      AC 5 years ago

      I relate.

      I jumped boat at my previous job, the bully lady is in jail now for six years. She made my work life horrible turned my managers and team against me. This all whilst she was helping herself to the company money. Before i warned my manager but he only believed her and she turned him and my team against me. They accused me of micro managing and not giving them space ; she helped her self to almost a half a million. Nobody appoligized and it was revealed in my notice month. Thishowever didn't hrlp since she tarnished my rep in and outside our industry. My old and new manager didn't stand up for m cause they wanted me out. My last day my manager did not come and greet me and the HR lady thought im leaving because i was involved in the fraud .

      I started my own business as a supplier to the same industry ; it seemed no one wanted to do business with me. Blackballed, jobs didn't come through also. I helped out at church at this time. I was depressed and my previous employer knew this. I wandered what was told to reference calls.

      I got a new job, thanks to God, but...It was in the same industry , different co.

      Lies spread about me ,people thinking i was involved with fraud since that ladymade sure before she whent to jail she burned everyone , she was in jail but hey she was set up helping herself.

      Im in a lowerpost now but my manager and her 2ic wants me out since day one. No real training. Hostile work enviroment, slandering my name evenfurther. I lodged a grievance , our regional manager supported my but in the hearing sheturned on me . I know my righs and drew up legal docs. The company did not send HR but an outside Company, the grievance officer was a lawyer, i wonder why.

      This woman bullied, abused, slandered , ridiculed me and many more but the grievance officer sayd my manager is a strong woman ! I was told to understand her. Almost like walk it off...

      i dont feel like fighting. All i do is lurk at work, apply for other jobs , and go home and watch movies till late till i fall asleep. My wife is pregnant and she also has a meen bossthats making her work nine days. Straight . Why do these people seem to get away with it. Why are they promoted when they start trouble. Why is all i allow myself to think, then i switch on the tv.

    • profile image

      Charlotte 5 years ago

      I work for a dentist. I have been there for almost 8 yrs and do a great job. Recently a coworker verbally threatened me and I went to our office manager about this. The doctor got involved and he called an office meeting to DISCUSS this issue! He did not support me and made a comment that I doubt she would have carried out these threats. He called both of us immature and the situation STUPID! The office manager lied at the meeting saying she never heard any of the threats and she was 1 foot away. I was the one that looked stupid and disrespected. It would have been better if I had said nothing. Is that a sign of bad management and a bad boss whenever you cannot go to them about office bullying?

      I have to make myself go to work and be professional. I cry before and after work. I do not want to be there. I am amazed that my doctor did not support me and was not concerned for my well being. What is going on? I work my ass off for this office and go above and beyond. He just does NOT want any conflict in the office. He hopes it will just GO away. I feel like I have lost respect for other coworkers after his comments at the meeting. This makes it even MORE difficult to go to work and act like nothing is wrong. I am miserable, but I need the money. I am currently looking for another job because this office does not deserve me.

    • profile image

      Timy 5 years ago

      At my current wokrk place i feel as though i have no choice but to be here because of my current financial situation.i have been place from one department to another, i have no career direction what so ever, favouritism is the is the word here, if you are not liked by the power that be than you are dumed. managers make the most poorest decisions, Directors are greedy and dodgy,nepotism is the order of the day and our HR manager is redefines incompetentcy

    • profile image

      Heak 5 years ago

      I don't know should I leave my job.

      I was set up to work in my uncle share company. I not yet graduate. I know I come to learn from that job. My boss never talk to me about what I going to do and when I can be full employee in company. I just stay quiet and work with whatever they provide. My desk don't have computer( he don't care). I just try to be silent. Now he accept new employee and give my desk to that new and don't tell me where should I sit or work. I don't know what to do . Should I stop going to work?

    • profile image

      Disillusioned 5 years ago

      Help me.

      This July I will have worked within the same company for six years. I applied for a position as "Tool Maker", however at that time my employer did not necessarily need another "Tool Maker". So they had me work a mundane position for a few months until one of the existing tool makers left.

      A significant drop in production, and four years later, my supervisor pulls me into his office one day, asking me if I'd like to leave my current position and fill a highly responsible and respectable position due to another employee up and leaving. My supervisor did not want me to make the change, but due to my knowledge of engineering and programming I had been chosen and the proposal was forced upon him by upper management. I said OK, because this would look great on my resume and it would be another great skill to hone. A year later.. no new contracts and production is still slow, so a handful of employees were laid off. Immediately after this layoff, I had been forced to take on the position of one of those unfortunate employees, as well as maintaining and executing my existing job duties. I never said anything because at the time I felt sympathetic for my employer and fellow employees. Nothing has changed for several months so now I am stuck with the responsibilities of two different people.

      I had a review four months ago, of which, my new supervisor ONLY acknowledged the position I CHOSE to fill, not the one I adopted, for lack of better words. My supervisor also added that I would receive zero flexibility points towards my bonus. So I asked him, "Well are you going to mention anything about so and so's job duties that I have somehow acquired, and are you going to fill out a 'Training Job Skills Checklist' that is specific to that position as well?" My supervisor responded by saying, "Oh I'm not sure if we have one." I stared at him blankly, he started shuffling through a folder "Oh yes, we do but I'll have to find out if it is up to date, and I'll have to talk to the plant manager about the flexibility points because I'm unsure of how that works." he added. So I said, "Please and thank you." Eventually he did get back to me and did have these checklists in hand, for BOTH of the positions that I am now held accountable for and both are signed off as fully competent, however I still received zero flexibility points. My supervisors explanation for this was "Even though these are two different positions, they are within the same department, so that is not considered flexible."

      Unfortunately "due to the economy" pay raises had been terminated about two years after I had been hired. I am very young and have worked extremely hard to where I am now. However I feel I have been taken advantage of and my employer sugar coats it if you will, by saying that even though the compensation may not be fair I will be able to add some great skills to my resume towards future plans. I have seen several shady instances throughout my employment within this company many of which I have no business sharing with anyone, but how is it justifiable to replace two people of different positions with one (is this even legal?) and then tell me I am not flexible??

    • profile image

      Just my opinion 5 years ago

      i most of these are not good reasons to quit your job, every one has bad days or slow days or even a week or two that go by real slow, i work in a machine shop and i have to wait for the machines to get done running all the time and that makes time go by slow because i just sit there. easy money though. i think some good reasons to leave your job is if you deserve a raise but haven't got one in along time, and sounds like you wont be getting one. another reason is because you are just unhappy and its dragging you down in and out of work. not trying to argue or offend anyone but thats the way i look at it

    • profile image

      Tony 5 years ago

      I hate my retail job; I have been there for 5 years and I truly hate it. It's so hard to quit because I'm so use to the chunk change that I receive every 2 weeks now I want to put in my 2 weeks. I have no job lined up but I'm strong considering taking the plunge. I'm going to quit later on this year probably around summertime; this gives me time to recoroperate ( I can't even spell because of the stress from the job). In the fall I'll take college classes to keep myself busy along with searching for a new job. Wish me luck.

    • profile image

      SmartEnoughToKnowImStupid 5 years ago

      Here's something to think about... Who are you, what are your needs/desires, and what are you willing to do to attain those needs/desires? The list is just a list... But you are you, and you know what you'd be willing to do in order to attain those needs. If you're not willing to do it, then it's no trade. Quitting can be a big deal, so think before you do it, and think of some ideas of what you're willing to do versus what you're not.

      Those who hate your jobs... I know what you mean. If you can afford to, then go ahead. But I'm not gonna lie. You're working for money/benefits/pride. If you enjoy your work, that's a plus. The idea that you can "do what you love, and love what you do," applies only up to a certain point. There's a lot of us who either work/don't work/are looking for a new job.

      From personal experience... the percentage of jobs available versus jobs you'll actually LOVE isn't high and high. It's high and low, and now it's true that it's actually low and low (not very many available jobs and not very many that you'll probably love). But that's why I decided to write here. After reading your responses, I can totally relate to... well, to mostly all of you. I wanted to remind you that we're stronger than we think. Crying on the way to work, bullied, etc... hell, it's all economics. The point:

      What are you willing to do about it, and is what you're willing to do going to make things better or worse?

    • profile image

      Desperate Boyfriend trying to be supportive 5 years ago

      My girlfriend recently got hired doing the job she dreamed of doing...police woman. To take this job she had to quit a higher paying job, take money out of her saving to buy the equipment needed (to our surprise she had to buy most of everything from gun to handcuffs etc), had to accept crazy work hours (rotating shifts), accept a cut in pay, not to mention all the dangers associated with this line of work, and now she's having to deal with this is a MANS WORLD work environment. She's had multiple breakdowns and the stress is eating her alive. From what she says it’s not so much the stress of work, but the stress of putting up with so much crap not necessarily work related. For a group little kids once looked up too, these men are some of the most cussingest, highly disrespectful coworkers she has ever worked with. It's only been 3 months...I can’t imagine 30 years. My suggestions have been to stand up and not allow any disrespect of any kind as this only opens the door to this bastards to take a mile. They mask the cussing and bullying as getting you ready for the streets, but I don’t agree. I think that is BS and just their way of justifying their actions. I don’t want to tell her quit because this is what she wanted, but as of last week she was ready to turn in her resignation papers and all I kept telling her is do it because you decided this is not for you, not because of some idiots.

    • profile image

      kingj79 5 years ago

      I have recently been hired at a construction co. I know all to well what it is to work with jealous, insecure, and bitter....oh and did i mention that these are grown men?....yes these guys are some of the most unbelievable bunch of creeps! I get along with people well, and i do my best to stay out of others boundaries . I am having trouble with one individual (coworker) , who carries negative energy like its normal..... he makes racial remarks, he talks about everyone else .....including the owner .....i am so sick of this idiot. just a hurtful person all around....I know he is just a big ass hater !!!! I hope that i don't have to quit my job cause of him....I do like my job. I don't know how to handle this chump.

    • profile image

      SmartEnoughToKnowImStupid 5 years ago


      Think of yourself as an ocean. You're a good guy, annoyed with someone with negative energy. You're bright and shiny. In fact, whether you know it or not, you're so shiny that people feel it. So think of yourself as an ocean, and that negative guy is a drop of water, utterly insignificant.

    • profile image

      Kitty 5 years ago

      "if your boss is all of a sudden on your case, micromanaging almost to the point where your workload is unmanageable"

      I worked at a place where this was normal. Once he got off my case, I understood that my career there was over. Having in mind I wanted to go, run, fly- do anything to get out of the place (if anybody only knew how much was wrong with it), I wasn't too sad.

    • profile image

      jn 5 years ago

      iam respiratory therapist at local community hospital.2 days back my boss to the home and asked not to come to the work unleess so called isssues need to be settled. i shared this to one of the coworker i trusted most and guess what she sail to my supervisor now i am thinking and worring what will happen next?

      life is just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Sonal 5 years ago

      Fact that you guys are reading this page indicates that u want to leave ur job

    • profile image

      tracy 5 years ago

      i have just had to leave my job today - i was forced out by a bullying boss who believed gossip about me. Other co-workers would gossip about the boss and business in the shop where i worked, unfortunatley the gossip got back to the boss who decided i was responsible (the co-workers blamed me) even though i could prove i wasn't there - the boss wouldn't listen and went off at a tangent and started talking about something else. I decided that working for a boss who wouldn't listen and with co-workers who 'did the dirty on me' was not good for my health and well being.

      I know this is not an unusual problem in the work place but this happened in the voluntary sector! I was not being paid but the boss and one of the co-workers was. The paid co-worker didn't want to lose their pay so i was a convenient scape-goat. I left confident in the knowledge that the co-workers would be found out in the end as their capacity for malicious gossip was unlimited. As for me i am sure i will find other paid/non paid work. But i hope the next job has a happier environment

    • profile image

      Mike Canada 5 years ago

      Today I gave my 2weeks.

      Bitter sweet.Lousy low paying job... Not a career.

      Bitter, because the bosses where so nice.

      I have no employment lined up at the moment.

      I feel like if I don't leave now I never will.

      You are the product of you're environment.

      Doing things makes things happen.

      Still, feelings of ambivalence echo around. 

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      This hub is very inspirational with some great points. I especially like number 6 - this one is so true. Numbers 2 and 10 make me immediately think of my friend who recently went through a really hard time at work due to extreme stress. My hub regarding work and stress was inspired by her, and I only hope our message gets across to more people! Great article :)

    • profile image

      Neverending 5 years ago

      I'm glad I found your post today. I nodded to so many things you said.

      I literally found out a few hours ago that my boss has been talking behind my back. I'm a starting new straight-from-college engineer.

      My boss literally gives me no work to do. He invites me to go to meetings, but that's it (I believe to show everyone else I do something). He has shown no initiative and no interest in me at all. Everyday I pretty much half-play on my phone (without them knowing) and half-study by my own decision. I ask plenty of questions about certain things and try to better myself by studying, but you can only do so much for the company when no one even talks to you at all.

      Anyway, today I found out from a senior engineer that my boss said I don't ask any questions and he expects me to go to the field more (essentially to learn what low-pay technicians do). This is exactly what I did back in my last job I quit, expecting to better myself, I fell in the same exact hole. (Note: both jobs are in the same company but different units in the plant)

      This boss is super-passive. Doesn't talk to me, doesn't ask me even one question. Heck, today, I don't think he said one word to me when we were in the same room for pretty much the whole day. This guy pays me so much money to be an engineer, yet he doesn't feel like he needs to get me on the right path by saying something? It's so frustrating. And then, he has the nerve to talk behind my back.

      Honestly, I envy people with strict, mean bosses. At least you get feedback, and understand what is right and wrong. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT MY JOB IS!!

      I seriously can't stand all these hillbillies and their fishing and hunting talk. A guy that came in a few weeks later than me that has these hobbies has become more friendlier to them than me. Don't get me wrong, I've been receptive to their hobbies and listening to what they do and try to talk in; but when I explain what I do and what I love, they literally turn the other way and ignore me. (I play games competitively and am more of an internet guy. I love technology.)

      For the original article, I can agree to:

      (10) Especially today, my eyes got wet 3 times when I talked with the senior engineer, explaining how difficult and frustrating it was working with my boss.

      (9) I definitely am bored. Time only doesn't drag when I'm playing on my phone, and it's because I have nothing to do that I do play on my phone.

      (8) Yep. They give me small pathetic work every now and then. What's funny is the senior engineer says "we don't know what you know, so we can't properly judge you". I would expect this if I had like years under my belt. I literally got out of college 6 months ago and you say this to me? Throw projects at me! Give me something to do! How hard is this to do?!?!

      They also call me the "Computer Guru". All I did was build my own computer. If this makes me a guru, I can already understand how low the knowledge level is in this company.

      (7) Because my co-workers and employer are hillbillies, and ignore my interests. I can only hate them. Did you know, they dared asked me about my personal love life? They know I'm only 22 and I'm obviously a skinny asian nerd that loves games. Yet, the start asking me "Are you married?" "Do you have kids?" "Do you have a girlfriend?" "ARE YOU A VIRGIN?". They purposely asked me these questions to spite me. This may only be my second job, but I'm pretty sure talks like these are frowned upon. Yeah, I HATE them all.

      (3) Yeah, they at first welcomed me with open arms, but after that things fell quickly once they learned who I was and what I do. I get a "Hi" every now and then, and they throw a "What are you doing this weekend?" every now and then when it's SO OBVIOUS that they don't care.

      (2) This is what I fear. Learning about what my boss is really like today (I didn't know before cause I didn't talk with him), it seems like he really wants to get rid of me. Purposely talking negatively about me behind my back instead of telling me upfront so that I don't have a chance to improve myself can only mean he wants me to fail.

      (1) Yep as described in all the reasons above. I always knew I was going to leave, but today was a huge change for me. As of now, I'm searching for a job elsewhere. I have a few places in mind where I want to work, and hopefully take my competitive gaming to the next level.

      If I was my boss, I'd be trying to show me how cool engineering is and talk about it and neat things, more communication. Ask me about what I've done before or in college. Nope, my boss wants nothing to do with me. Only reason he ever comes to my unit is to chat with his hillbilly friends or just relax and enjoy the rest of his day. He does NOTHING!

      Thanks for reading it all if you did :) Needed to get it off my chest.


      My boss and co-workers are hillbillies, no one talks to me. They look down on my interests in technology and competitive gaming. Boss is super-passive, gives me no work to do, and then uses this to talk negatively behind my back.

    • profile image

      Dhanalakshmi Kannan 5 years ago

      More than the post, i was reading the last comment by Never-ending :)

      Wish you all the best, there is a lots of good jobs out there, you def can find one ... My Wishes..,

    • profile image

      Pankaj 5 years ago

      Today my boss told me that I have to work on whatever task he assigns to me. I am seriously thinking to quit my job since the tasks he assigned are not at all related to my skills.

    • profile image

      Bare Grylls 5 years ago

      'Bare in mind' means naked in your head....just a heads up

    • profile image

      TheChief 5 years ago

      Get on with the job without complaint...collate everything that is done by people to piss you off especially when it goes against employment procedures. Then once you have the dirt, share a little of the details over time, just mention in dead pan when conversing with the chatty people and it will spread that you've got the measure of folk and People will back off in fear of you being smart, strong and able to make their lives very difficult with all these things that you can remember if they forced you. Nobody has to know you have it all noted but that can be your safety net should you get shafted by the company. Show them a tear and they will make you cry oceans to keep you down. Show them that the devil lurks and they will tread carefully to avoid getting burned !For the most part these bullies can be unravelled and deflated with some clever tactics because the bullying, the abuse is just terror tactics because they fear your brains. Observe them, figure them and if they deserve that they are down the pecking order on the intelligence scale. If its the bosses that are thick, the business is doomed anyway so get smart and get working where the bosses are genuine mentors and idols instead of plonkas. Another option is to get in with the other offices within the organisation. If you make good connections, you may get a transfer if it appeals or at least open their eyes to the state of affairs in your place !

    • profile image

      Sheri 5 years ago

      I work in home health and had a dream job for five years

      as a nurse. Our director who was wonderful, quit, and

      thus the owner became a walking nightmare. He hired and

      fired people right and left. He hired inexperienced directors to cut costs, and the staffers and employers

      under her were telling her what to do. We had four directors within one year, and one of which was not even

      licensed. One of the directors was vey competent, but

      naturally had a backload from the previous employer. He

      decreased her hours from five days to four because she didn't know about billing, which was definitely not anywhere near her job description. A biller is a separate entity in home health. I wish Medicare could

      close agencies like this. Receptionists were fired on a

      regular basis as well as supervisors. Every three months

      or so around benefits time. EVIL

    • profile image

      BC 5 years ago

      'I've found that having a sense of humor in the work place is not worth it'...... hmmm maybe think about changing your career path. no wonder you hate your job!

    • Stephen Crowley profile image

      Stephen Crowley 5 years ago from Wales, UK

      ha... i felt all those points just before i simply had to quit 5 years ago. Its been rocky, but had to be done.

    • profile image

      A Happy Worker 5 years ago

      Every place I have worked I have seen many people that are not happy with there jobs.

      I think the main reason (not the only but the majority) is they have been at the same place for too long. Ad they have been there so long (say 3 years and more) - they become a little institutionalised.

      The longer they stay the harder it is to leave psychologically and also they lack skills set. They lack skill set because they have been too busy moaning about there jobs and also there attitude has become so bad its noticed at job interviews.

      Further these people need to make it a better place to work instead of moaning. if there is something that you don't I bet there are many others with the same problem. People don't speak up - but they should share ans resolve these issues.

      Go to work and instead of moaning in your little group of people - get together and fix the problem. That why you wont have to leave for another job which will have likely the same problems.

    • profile image

      Nightmare situation 5 years ago

      I have been working for my boyfriends dad for 7 years in a small retail shop. I say small because I am the only person working there. I do the cleaning, the sales, purchasing and the accounts. In 7 years I have never been granted leave, sick leave, never been paid double for public holidays. I work 6 days a week, 9 hours a day. I have not even received a letter of appointment from him.... I want to leave this job now, but because I live in South Africa, it's very difficult to find a job. I have been sending my CV to every job that's been advertised. I also ask people that I know to let me know if they know of a job somewhere.......Most of the jobs is Affirmative Action, or BEE. Anyway my boyfriend supports me about my decision to leave and he says that he will support me, but I have always worked and don't want to be depended on him. I have asked his dad on numerous occasions, about the situation, but he always have to leave or are too busy. He will also tell me, that the shop is not doing well and blah blah blah. I am so frustrated, irritated, emotional, and moods that's one moment up and the next down. Anyway just thought I put my post on this site, maybe I will get a more clear thinking of what to do...

    • profile image

      Angela 5 years ago

      I just recently quit a job I was at for 7 months (a long term temp assignment which could have lasted another year) because I hated every minute of every day being there. We were micro-managed to the extreme, and even though I learned new tasks and requested to learn more, I was stuck doing the same thing everyday.

      We had meetings everyday which felt like a cattle call. The meetings consisted of looking at spreadsheets of our numbers and giving us instructions about cleaning up after ourselves and such. Every desk had instructions on it for how to keep the desk neat, we couldn't decorate the desks at all though we sat there every day. Walking into the office you wouldn't be able to tell anyone had ever sat at one because all of the cubes and desks looked the same. According to our sign: No more than 2 beverages, nothing personal on the desks, bags and purses under the desk on the nasty dusty floor, always clean up after yourself, and always change your "andon". We had a little flip thing at each desk called an andon that we had to change whenever we went on break or lunch or if we were away from our desks for any reason. We also tracked this on our computers and were measured on time away from our workstations and it all was accounted for on our happy weekly meeting spreadsheets as adherence to our schedules.

      My friends (who kept leaving for better things before I finally did) and I all called the office kindergarten. I related to most of the things on this list. I made sure to find a new job before leaving (for slightly less pay but a shorter commute) and just started it on Monday. What a difference! One of the first things I was told is "I don't micromanage here, you go on breaks and lunches whenever you want..." that was one thing that I really wanted and didn't have at the job that I loathed. I worked at a big bank working on mortgage loans, doing data entry, and we had assigned breaks and lunches and had to account for every single thing we did. Even people in other departments said the same thing about being micromanaged.

      If you feel miserable at work like I did, and dreaded going everyday and found yourself depressed because of it, look for something else as much as you can and just LEAVE. Get out! The difference in my amount of happiness is amazing. For the first time in a long time, my day flew by. It's great being treated like an adult. I wish the place I worked at before realized that people who are treated like adults act like it. I love my new job and the new office I work in and am so happy I took the cut in pay, and the risk, to find something I will enjoy doing. And who knows, this job is a contract to hire opportunity and I may end up making more than I did at my previous job once hired on. Good luck to everyone who hates their jobs like I did and I hope you can all find something better that you will like and be happy. :)

    • profile image

      my 1st week 5 years ago

      Am I being over sensitive? This is my first week on my new career as a Medical Assistant for a great company and its closer to home, the office is like a mini hospital. One of the PA (physician assistant), I call them want to be doctor. He complains that I am too slow getting his patients to the room. I have to walk a long way to the front, and then take the patient to the triage center. Hopefully no one is in there , or I have to move to the next one. Then take the patient back to our hub which has 4 rooms. 2 for the real doctor, 2 for the (PA) want to be doctor. The PA stated to me in front of his nurse, and the doctor’s nurse. The PA stated “I am too slow bring his patient’s to his room”. Then he went to the administration and stated to them I am too slow. I know, because I saw him around the corner talking to them. So, I went in to the administration and told them that I am trying to get his patient’s to him in timely manner, but I have to use other triage centers to do vitals.. I started to cry.... The administration lady told me that this is my first week, and not to worry.. I only need to worry about the Doctor if he complains. She stated to me that “she told me that this is a fast pace doctor”... I do understand.. But, it’s not the doctor, it’s the PA (physician assistant)..By the way who sits at the counter waiting and tapping his pen and stares at me. I tried to fit in and talk to him and the other nurses who work there in the small section of the min clinic. Only the doctor's nurse is helpful and shows me what I need to do ,and what procedures that I need to perform. Mind that I have just got out of school, and at this job I was not even shown the computer system until Tuesday including, and then told not to get to used to the computer system. The company is changing over the system.. Now I feel like an idiot crying.. I have never cried at a job before. Oh, I did have several people say to me this week, glad to see your back, as if people don’t come back. That was confirmed by the administrators who hired me. Some people do not come back. Am I being so sensitive that I am taking things to seriously? I do know that on Monday I will bring his patients to him faster, to the point, this will make his schedule back up, and I will hear him complain that I am bring them back too fast, just like he did on Tuesday. I am not going to let this little man rune my career. He sits at his high chair talking about his party for his wife this weekend and invites the nurses sitting next to me and wants to make sure that they will arrive early. That is rude!!! I would have not gone to his party anyway… Nevertheless, at least have some tack about manners. he could have said “ I know you are new, but however I am having a party this weekend for my wife., And I have already have sent out the invitations’..I will invite you for my next party”…I would not go anyways… Now that I have written this out.. I feel better.

      I would like suggestions on how to handle this.

    • profile image

      frustrated 5 years ago

      I was a senior in my office, i had 12 number of staff under me and treated them fairly cos they were my responsibilities. Long story short, one of my staff was cheated by the management and been accused for something he didn't do. I stood for him and confronted with my boss but surprisingly, my boss took the management side and even asked me to just close my eyes and asked me to let him go. I decided to leave my job of ten years the next day and now am doing business on my own.

    • sayus2884 profile image

      sayus2884 5 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

      Hi. I'm still a student but I would like to know why would other employees stick to their jobs when they know that it has low pay? How do you persuade them to quit?

    • profile image

      Orchid 5 years ago

      Sayus, for some people, it's not all about money. Some stay for experience and some just happy the way it is cos the environment is good. You must ask where your heart is, which one is more important. I know someone who got heart attack in his office bcos of workstress. It's just not worth it. You will understand when you go to work one day.

    • sayus2884 profile image

      sayus2884 5 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

      Sorry, I didn't emphasize the kind of people I'm talking about. I understand the parts where others love the environment and want to gain experience but those people are not the people I'm talking about. I'm talking about those people who wants to earn money but they're choosing a job which they know that it can't produce enough salary to sustain them and their family.

    • profile image

      DaveYoung 5 years ago

      Wow!! Mr/ms frustrated, are you for real..quit for others? Didn't you love your old job? After 10 years? Really? So, hows your business? Tell you one thing I dont think I could do what you did especially at the time like this?

    • profile image

      my 1st week 5 years ago

      To Sayuss:

      I must say in most jobs it’s not for the money, I have chosen my employment, due to the compassion I have for the ill. I worked in home health and took care of hospice patients. I became very attached to my patients and their famililies. Then I decided to become a Medical Assistant and to work in a Doctors officehte pay is only $2.oo difference. Sure, my pay is low, but the rewards of helping people, out way the money.

    • profile image

      depressed in the maritimes! 5 years ago

      In every position I have ever had I have always been labeled as an excellent employee. I have never quit nor have I ever been fired! I have a strong work ethic and personality! And none of these qualities have ever clashed with a manager or co worker until now! In general, I am not a confident person. However, when it comes to my work ethic I know that I do my best! I have a feeling that my current manager is threatened by my strength and knowledge in the industry and that is why she is making it unbelievably difficult for me at work. She began taking things I say out of context, making false accusations and gossiping with co workers about me. The worst thing though has to be that one month ago I personally noticed that product was missing off the shelves. I immediately told the manager about my findings and told her that she should contact head office to go thru the camera evidence. Come to find out now, she blamed me, basically calling me a thief, thank god there is a camera system to prove me innocent! However, I am to the point now that enough is enough! I am 7 months pregnant and all I want to do is quit! But If I do that I will not be able to get maternity leave and who is going to hire a pregnant woman! I despise going into work, I am not sleeping and I find myself bursting into tears for no reason! I keep saying that tomorrow will be better but it just gets worse and worse. What are my options? I know the stress is not good for the baby but neither is no imcome! I feel so alone!

    • sayus2884 profile image

      sayus2884 5 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

      Usually, when your boss gives you tougher jobs it means you're on your way in a promotion. It's what we sometimes call tough love. But when your boss does more harm than good, I suggest telling the higher ups or find another job(if all else fails). For depressed in the maritimes, try working in an online job. Here is a link that you might get interested in

    • profile image

      Estella 5 years ago

      Sayus, that home package only for those who stay in US only? How about Thailand? How to ask if i dont have credit card can i pay thru cash deposit?

    • sayus2884 profile image

      sayus2884 5 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

      it's not limited only in US because you can see the 'country' drop list and i haven't actually tried it but i'm planning to. and i think you can use paypal to pay for the package.

    • profile image

      my1st wee 5 years ago

      TO: Depressed in the maritimes:

      Hang in there, don't let your job effect you or your baby..

      Keep a note book of everything that has happened. If you are fired,, seek and attorney. I did when I was 3 months expecting.. and this was 25 years ago. My hours got cut so I was told it was not worth my drive to to work. I showed them. Just keep looking a head to you new baby and take a deep breath, and a long exhale when someone say's something to you. God Bless and take care

    • profile image

      Depressed in the Maritimes 5 years ago

      I just wanted to say thank you to those who answered my plee. I was really feeling down which is really unlike me! I am usually one of those really annoying 'glass is always half full people.' If I was not pregnant, I know that I wouldn't let people walk all over me, but when you're not just thinking of yourself, it is amazing how differently you process situations. Another work day has gone by and as predicted, 'worse and worse!' I am very tempted to jump in with both feet for the online job opportunity, but I am a little skeptical. If anyone has tried this personally or know someone who has, I would love to hear about it.And thank you again!

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      I just recently got promoted 2 months ago and took a position where I had to move 200 miles away from my family. I love the job and with the promotion I felt happy. It's been 3 weeks since I have taken over my group of employees since the other supervisor has been handling my group until I got trained. My peer who is another supervisor is giving me wrong so I can mess up at work. My peer is suppose to be my trainer until I get familiar with all the protocols of the position.

      Employees under his supervision and mine have made accusations that I am being confrontational and that I want to change the work environment which are all false. I have only managed them for 3 weeks and have had only 1 staff meeting with them. My peer is constantly telling me he can't lose his job. My employees are telling me how they do not respect the other supervisor and are always saying that they are glad I am there.

      I just got a phone call from my regional manager who was the one who promoted me and he stated that I needed to lay low otherwise I will get fired. He has told me that everyone is against me at the work site and that I need to build an alliance otherwise I will be gone. I felt so terrible and cried when he told me this. My regional manager knows me and is aware that I have never been confrontational with no one as I have worked under his supervision for over two years.

      I am so disappointed and feel as if I have no option but to leave on good terms or get fired. I love the job itself but feel as if the other supervisor is threatened by me and somehow the employees don't want me there and are doing everything in their power to get me out.

      My gut tells me to just quit. But I feel as everyone will think I couldn't handle the job and quite honestly I am embarrassed to go back home jobless.

    • profile image

      my 1st week, kimberly 5 years ago


      Dont give up. That is what they want you to do. Just stay low and dont say anything to anyone or agree about anything. Keep your distance until things blow over. In the the end the company will see who is causing the trouble. If all else fails there are plenty of other companies who would glad to have your experience. God Bless and you are in my prayers.

    • profile image

      Meg 5 years ago

      My boss met with me and a colleague who has the same position. He told us the head of our company thinks out jobs could be a 1person job. To prove her wrong he wants us to write a job description and include the amount of time each task takes. I feel this is ridiculous!!! We work very hard and now have to prove it. So many people in our office do nothing. Needless to say I have started looking for another job. If the person who signs my checks thinks I'm worthless what's the point of staying.

    • profile image

      Craig Guet 5 years ago

      If you have made decision to quit and if it turns out you feel more stress than before, just keep in mind. When things get thougher, it doesn't mean you have made a wrong decision. Learn to make decision as an adult and deal with it likewise. Be positive, there must be a blessing in disguise. Dont give up and let yourself down, there must be a good job for you somewhere. Take it as a hard test for you to build up a better career. Dont waste your time, whining and complaining, if the job doesn't suit you, just pack your things and move on! Live healthy!

    • profile image

      ATL in Big 4 5 years ago

      I am a typical Type An overachiever, and have worked in stressful work environments my entire career--trading, consulting, etc... For the first time in my career I work for a Director I don't trust and who has a very bad history with firing managers. Recently, my instincts have been telling me to look elsewhere---which I am acting on. I have two final round interviews this week. Good thing I listen to my instinct---I sas a job posting for my position today! Glad I am one step ahead of my ruthless director! What a horrible work experience.

    • profile image

      Dome Cap 5 years ago

      I just got set up at my job, but the set back fired it was all lies and now i am afriad to give a 2 week notice fear they will do something to make me look bad. As I have many things they have done to me and I think they are worry I will get a lawyer. Get me before I get them. Plus I told them something they needed to do, because it was the law and they did not like that.

    • profile image

      I Love Peace 5 years ago

      I feel for all those who are not happy in their jobs. The one thing that I haven't seen a post on yet is working for a family run company. I've currently employed by a family run company, left my last position in order to take this job. Two days before my start date, my boss had me sign not one, but three versions stating that we live in a "right to work" state and that he can terminate me at anytime without cause. I knew by my third day on the job that I had made a huge mistake coming to work her. I sit next to a family member who is in his 50's and is mentally challenged. The problem that this causes is that he has the mental capacity of a very young boy. He talks loudly and incessantly every single second of the day about cartoons and the things he did at summer camp as a boy. He talks on Face Book and text messages constantly. If I ask him to let me concentrate on my work, he will divert his attention to talking to himself or just making noises with his mouth. I'm under the gun to get assignments done that he doesn't have the mental capacity to complete. I am the fourth employee within the last four years. Once a non-family member, such as myself, complains or asks for advice or assistance from the owner, they get canned. To make matters worse, I found out that this individual makes a whole lot more than I do.

    • profile image

      Dome Cap 5 years ago

      I Love Peace - you need to start looking for a new job. You will not make it at this job you will never be right or understood. Go with the flow and get out as fast as you can. At my job it back fired they lied on me but forgot if you make up a lie you have to back it. That was the big red flag for me when it did not work and that they went that low to make me look bad so i would not be able to do the work i do. What you worte is clear you can not stay there and it is not worth your fight.

    • profile image

      I Love Peace 5 years ago

      Dome Cap - Thank you for your kind response. I'm currently in the process of moving about 1 hour from where I live now. Moving to a newer suburb of the city that I'm in and fortunately it looks positive for new jobs there. God works in mysterious ways. Will try hard make the most of my stay at my current job and work to develop a stronger sense of tolerance and humility. Best wishes to you DC.

    • profile image

      Dome Cap 5 years ago

      Thanks - I love peace. Yes you are right God works in mysterious way and I know a door will open for you.As god was there for me and made sure I kept my job aftyer the lie,because something bigger is coming. I am happy you are looking at the postive:)it is also nice to talk to other who feel confused or unhappy at their job I am not alone as i can see.

      "What we THINK about and THANK about… we BRING about."

    • profile image

      nazza 5 years ago

      Hiya. To everyone who is not happy in ur job, trust me LEAVE. you will be so happy you did. no job is worth ur health. i was in a job where i got so stressed i nearly killed myself bc my linemanger was such a bastard! i am so glad i left it was the best thing i did... good luck all xxx

    • profile image

      beans 5 years ago

      Last Friday was my last day of my "new job" I was there three months and after 2 weeks I felt like I made a mistake and I did. I came in with energy and enthusiasm and ideas and didn't realize that in the culture of the company that came across as irritating and implying that the way they had been doing things wasn't optimal. I basically then shut up and didn't offer anything and just focused on my job but I was very nervous. I had typos and made some stupid mistakes due to stress and trying to do things too fast. I had a co-worker who was the worst communicator and instead of asking me things would email from 3 feet away cc'ing my boss for anything. Not to mention that my boss was not in this state. After making a few more mistakes and being told that they "had concerns" I gave my notice. I expected 2 weeks and was out of there in 2 days. It was a great location, campus and good pay but I was not a fit there. I worry it will hurt my career but the culture, team and me didn't work. I felt like if the quality of my work was better things would have worked but I was so nervous and defensive that it was a vicious cycle and I quit. Now that Monday is looming I feel stressed and worried and bored and all that. I'm very lucky my husband has a great income but I feel like a quitter and a little kid which I most definitely am not. I think I should of stayed and at least if fired would get unemployment but what's done is done. I was miserable for over 2 months feeling stigmatized and unliked by my group and under a microscope which made me crazy. The director of my group actually said this "We were very surprised to see someone with a MA have a typo." Really? I know Phd's with the occasional typo. Yes, I have issues with run on sentences and comma neglect :) Arrghhh! On the positive side I'll have time with my 2 and 4 year olds and they are awesome in the right amount! My rant is done.

    • profile image

      prakhar srivastava 5 years ago

      i want to become actor but i haven't got money

    • profile image

      Clark 5 years ago

      I have had many different jobs in the past 35 years of working, and I yet to find a job that I'm really happy with. I have become addicted to career searching and this seems to be my life purpose. Maybe once I can finally retire I'll have it all figured out. Ha, Ha,

    • profile image

      righttoworkgirl 5 years ago

      God help us in these right to work states. Been working since I was 18 and boy are things different from up North.

    • profile image

      kev 5 years ago

      Hi, I too am not happy and thinking of quitting right away. There have been some changes at work recently and the store manager was let go for some reason. I've been at this job for 5 and a half years and have seen some people come and go. I used to have a descent schedule where mostly I was working during the week which was great then I could see some of my family and friends on the weekends. Occasionally, not too often I would have to work a saturday or sunday. I was happy then, now that there are new and different managers I'm not sure what to think. Plus now they seem to schedule me a lot on the weekends. So it's hard to see any of my friends and family. I have other desires and whatnot but never feel like I have the time to really pursue them which would make me happy because of this boring job. I like to be a hard worker and I try my best but none of the managers ever say you are doing a good job. They say nothing and it makes me feel bad. Like I'm not doing something right or they think everything is easy or something. I don't know really. I have mentioned to them in the past that I've had learning disabilities and was in special ed before but they don't seem to care. I feel and know that I'm a hard worker and just like to go to work and do my job but some of the managers always have something to say. What one of them said to me the other day in a way kind of upset me because she said you need to step up. What does that even mean really?? The way she said it and the way she looked at me I got this bad vibe for some reason. As I'm writing this, or actually typing, lol, I think it's time for me to move on. What do you think?

    • profile image

      have had enough 5 years ago

      I am currently in a middle management position where I have been expected for over 6 months to do a higher managerial role, I have not signed a contract dictating anything about this but as my line manager got an extended role mine also became moreso. I have been assured that this will be recognised and a bonus paid in a couple of months time. But I am not sure if i can stick it that long, another employee lost out to the original job when it was offered to me she has made my life a misery spoadically for the last 4 years, I am a trusting hardworking and honest person, I am not confrontaional but I am on the verge of wrecking the place to be honest I am a strong person I have had to be but today I left work for the first time ever in tears, to the point where people in the street thought I was a lunatic sobbing in public, I could not control it.

      Do i try and see out the next couple of months in the hope that I get this bonus or do I cut my losses and lower my risk of a heart attack, everything is suffering, my marriage, relationships with friends, its crazy I love the job with all my heart but I cannot carry on like this for much longer. Help people what would you do ?? PS It's all gonna kick off tomorrow if there is anyone out there I'd really appreciate some advice.

    • profile image

      Hardworker123 5 years ago

      Hi everyone. I m a lead on my job .Everytime we hired someone my manager would interview first then she would send the person to my office and I would interview also.This time we both interview a person but she hired him behind my back.I heard later the person was an X boyfriend of one of the doctors . They didn't give anyone a chance to interview or apply.I confronted the chief of staff and let him know how upset I felt about how it was handled .later I was called to the office and met with my manager and director. They advise me that the doctor told them he did not like my tone of voice.Get this he said I also put a patients life in jeopardy by not checking the equipment. I believe he setme up to get fired .I believe he punctured a hole in a bag that supplied oxygen to the patient. Why I believe he did it is that every morning when I check my machine I'm required to inflate it for 10 seconds and if it doesn't it's defective.if it passes then I proceed to calibrate the machine .If the bag has a hole the machine will say fail and not let you proceed.I check 11 machines every morning for the past 19 years and never had this problem.I went back to the machine with the bag the doctor had and it failed the leak test.I put a new one and it passed. I checked that machine this morning and it passed. I believe he tore a hole in it to get me fired .I have plenty of evidence.What would you do?

    • profile image

      my 1st week, kimberly 5 years ago

      Bull..Sh..!, or people will think that they can get away with it. Due to the stress and illness of the hostel environment, I am seeking an attorney. I had to see a doctor due to the hostile environment and prescribed meds for panic attach. So, let us see who gets hostel now, you so called doctor. (Physician assistant) What's even more disturbing, the doctor kept asking me if I am ok, after this physician assistant yells at me. I told him NO!, I will not put up with the tyrant of anyone at this doctor practice. I am one person, but I have lots of friends and lots of business acquaintances that I know who will not use their medical practice. Let’s see who income drops now!!

    • profile image

      cigarman 5 years ago

      Just lost my job of 2 months a few days ago. The place was insane. I did 128 service calls in a 2 month period!The stress was just unbelievable! Was bad mouthed by the owner to fellow employees, and he didn't relize that I could hear him. When it came to his attention that I was hearing him in the next room, no apology ever came from his lips. The next day he was proved to be a fool, 3 weeks later, I was terminated. It'll be rough, but there is no way I could've lasted there.

    • profile image

      Sadand confused me 57 5 years ago

      I don't understand how things can change so quickly at work , the boss said to me , hope you stay I will get a key cut for you all was well. Cos I have a confidence problem with my self and certain things I m not a quick learner either. I am over a certain age and finds new tasks hard to grasp at first. Now I get odd comments and sarcastic remarks from the boss. Have I got two heads or something. Why can't people be honest and explain why they change their idea about someone . Ii try and be pleasant and take her comments, not answer back but maybe I should .

      Why o why do some people in authority take a dis like to me , don't get me wrong m I have many friends and seem popular with the others, it's just there is atmosphere when she is

    • profile image

      confounded 5 years ago

      our new administrator just told me that she can't afford to pay my usual wage. I teach part time at a private school and love what I do. i've seen 3 different directors come and go in my 12yr.s. I gave an rate when I was hired to teach more hr.s and it was accepted. Every year I get a small percentage i make more than some of the full time instructors. This director wants to drop my hourly wage by 50%. I would then make less than i did12yrs. ago. She has asked me to think about it. I need to work! what should I do?

    • profile image

      Zack 5 years ago

      I have applied for a job at a higher grade internally(as advertised) in the company at Jhb to replace someone who left. I had gone through the interview process(for 5 months) and in a strange situation. The company is interested to hire me for the position but are not considering to give the grade until i work for sometime in that role and prove myself.(Currently i am fulfilling that role for the 5 months). Has anyone of you been in a similar situation and any suggestions on the options we have at this stage as an employee.

    • profile image

      A good read 5 years ago

      This was excellent to read because I knew after a month something isn't right and my gut was telling me they were not honest during the interview and the two people I met during the interview are his good friends! All above fit except money and reorganization. I love what I do and have been told I have done more in 3 months then my boss has seen in the past 5 years. I've been here 6 months and now looking elsewhere, the time goes by slow and when I asked where the business is headed, where to focus next I get a bland answer. I am under utilized and hang out for more than half my day and told I can't work on anything else?!?! I do what I can for the project but there is so much lag time I can do other things! Unfortunately the atmosphere is high school and a person that started with me concurs so it's not just me. I was also told by HR the concerns I have are the same as the person before me and he hated the boss and company! So another impact to justify my gut. I think my questions for a future employer will be better than last time. Live and learn, move on and nobody wants to be a job hopper, but when it's not working what do you do? I wonder if the future with longevity in professional positions will become less and less? I go to work as most of us to do a good job and see results, and enjoy working on different areas.

    • profile image

      Tiredofnonsense 5 years ago

      There's nothing worst than to work in a place where the HR Director favors race and blames it at head quarters there's no budget available to get you compensated properly. No matter how hard you work during the year, you will always face this racial wall when it's time for your annual review. The work environment is great. A lot of wonderful people, but ultimately when there's a lot of red tape involved they will screw you either way. They always have a way to bend the labor rules no matter what. That's why I'm quitting my job. I'm tired of their nonsense.

    • profile image

      eugene 5 years ago

      I have made a job change, because of certain reasons. One reason is stress is an sob. Sometimes I think a pay cut is ok if your new job is less stress. It is important to be happy when you get home. When you dream about work or loose sleep; the work place status quo is not working for you.

    • profile image

      my 1st week, kimberly 5 years ago

      Just an update, the EEOC is looking in to my case.

      The Equal Employment Opportunity Employment Commission.

      They are investigating the treatment I had at my work place. Now, lets see who gets stressed!!

    • profile image

      mechanic not miracleworker 5 years ago

      I think sometimes I work for the worst boss in the world...

      I work as a mechanic for a small truck fleet, and every day the boss/owner changes the priorities (fix this versus that)and then wants explanations as to why the original project is not completed. His other employees (hereinafter refered to as the buttmonkeys) talk about this guy like he is god or something. I am in my 40's and there are times when I think I am one more stupid comment away from bursting into tears or losing my cool.

      This guy's idea of emploee morale improvement is posting ads on craigslist listing my position and then lying to me about it.

      Paranoid, possibly bi polar, and frankly i suspect some drug use on his part.

      God help me.

    • profile image

      kingforaslave 5 years ago

      I agree with the one who said ,"If you wake up and realize that you are reluctant to get out of bed for work then,your job is not worth it".A healthy job is one you enjoy even if you are not paid (there are even volunteer jobs around which bring sheer happiness).But if you apply for a job you enjoy and you feel you need a salary commensurate with it and you are justified that the organization you are working for has the capacity to meet your demands ,go ahead and ask for it.And If asking for it can get you fired then,fix your house first,make a contingency plan and then make a swift exit.You need happiness,food and air to breathe and not a job.As of me currently, I am on this job,I have no pressure at all,I know my stuff and am good in delivering results in exchange of zero appreciation,people here appear to be good on the outside,wear golden plastic smiles,and sometimes send you nasty emails which you feel the urge to detonate bombs in reply to show that you are not a rag doll type.But I put that surge of adrenalin to good use by thinking positive.The salary I get is meager,only enough for decent meals and a monthly DSTV subscription(to watch Zone reality,national geographic and discovery to be specific),a decent flat share in an upmarket suburb(am still single by the way), which would be a wish for someone homeless and destitute but no way near my aspirations. Not worth enough to buy myself a car or enough buy me a single one way ticket to the World Cup in 2014.Not enough to help the ones who are oppressed and don't have the voice to speak fearing to burn their fingernails.

      The best employer who can treat you well and pay you enough is yourself. For any sucking job you are in right now,use that opportunity to see how things are done,get the necessary experience required and use all the negativity you get to make you stronger.Set deadlines to achieve realistic goals of with the little resources you have and if it is time to go,its time to go no looking back, even when at the time you are leaving, the employer then promises to treat you like a diamond and promises to pay you 100 times more.The world we are living right now is a scary place,you complain for a salary increase or better treatment and another guy who has been grounded for ' say two years', will be ready to take your place at 3 times less than what you are currently getting(which would ignite an evil grin on your employers face).You can get a five digit salary a month which will turn you into a walking lifeless zombie.I have personal friends of mine who now breathe work,eat work ,think work and sleep work and the amazing thing is that is 3/4 of their salary will go to their medication due to stress.I marvel when I see a guy cleaning the streets or the the public toilets,humming melodious tunes but with happiness radiating in his/her eyes.Isn't that sweet!!!!!

      Applying for a job in this world is like you are saying

      I am applying to be a slave for your company and I know this is a tough call as I will be in an endless battle with you my Master.God was there when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt,he was there when He rescued them out of bondage and He is still there!!!

    • profile image

      Hungry4success. 5 years ago

      I suffered from depression and stress for so many years through my journey of dealing with countless difficult people at previous jobs. I even received painful injections on my head to treat alopecia areata due to so much stress. It wasn't until I met an honest dermatologist who gave me the best prescription of the world. She said no medication can cure stress. The solution was very simple... She prescribed me to go back to school and learn new skills and to stop worrying about things that were out of my control. She asked me to stop demanding so much from me looking for that perfect job. She said that no matter I would go, I would always feel the same emptiness if I don't change my perception. That was the best prescription that I ever received from a doctor. At this moment, I don't have the perfect job but I am working obtaining a degree. It is uncertain if I would ever find that perfect job, but one thing for sure that I learned after painful injections is the fact that life is too short and I don't want to miss out a bit of it. Yeah my job stinks, but it is not my family's fault. I go back and think how much I missed out with my family and the wonderful things that I could've done instead of whining and complaining about my reality. Life is full of options. A job is a must-have, but we were not born to work. There's another world after 5 pm. If you're not happy with your job, don't let it dominate your life. Work towards solutions to improve your skills so no one can say you're worthless. Define your goals and don't waste time looking for that perfect job. Go up to the mountain and mentally prepare yourself like those ninja movies. Your current job is not your final destination. And remember, stop demanding for so many expectations. Do what you can and learn to enjoy life.

    • profile image

      tommy 5 years ago

      HI,i have been to canada 7years ,but i still working at the fast food restaurant ,and i felt not really enjoy my job everyday,and i have english preboms ,does anyone knows what should i do ? go to school learn some skills ?then be a technicain or business man ?or keep looking new job position? but i dont didn't finished my college education life allways let me thinking about life ....

    • profile image

      my 1st week, kimberly 5 years ago

      To Tommy, an education is a plus..It seems you have a great plan. Stick to your plan and attend college. I have been in school all my life and worked since I was 14 years old. I am 51 years old now and just finished my fourth career. I have my associates in Nursing.

      You should always look ahead. Never stop dreaming.

      Your world is like a apple, Take a bite and enjoy life.

    • profile image

      Junebug 5 years ago

      I have been in the medical billing field for the past 15 years, when I started there wasn't any certifications. I am working for an ortho surg. Up until this job I had no problems bringing in money, but with this guy, it has been a battle. He likes to code the highest level but doesnot document to support it. He waives co-pays and balances for people (nurses, ect) that he worked with many years ago. He doesn't seem to realize that effects his bottom line and he complains constantly that the collections are low. His office mgr. has been with him for 10 yrs, she spends most of her day on her cell either texting, or on personal calls. She hired a friend from her church for the front desk, someone who has never worked in doctors office and doesn't know anything about health ins. and such. Whenever our boss has a meeting with the office manager, when she comes out she immediately gets the front desk person and the go out shopping, or lunch. They ask me to cover the phones. I have been with this office 3.5 years and last week my boss asked for a breakdown of collections from jan. 2011 to april 2012. According to him once he looks at his numbers he will make a decision on whether he or not I will keep my job. I have taken training but do not have a degree. My office coworker and boss do not speak to me. My co-worker and boss spend a great deal of time surfing the net, watching videos and texting. I am usually a very calm person, but I have become a nervous wreck. I am looking for employment but have not been successful, I think at this point I will try to get a job out of my field while I decide which direction I will go as far as going back to school.

    • profile image

      my 1st week, kimberly 5 years ago


      Sorry about that problem. But, You just might have to go back to school and receive an associate degree in your field. There are a lot of billing and coders out there with certificates. If you live in Fl try, Southern Technical During your time in school, the career advisor will be able to help you get a job of the same nature. It’s a try. Good luck.

    • profile image

      Pip 5 years ago

      My first day of work was today and my boss introduced himself by saying I'm the third person he's hired in the last year for my position and the last one left crying....should I run?! (Should also probably mention that its a two man office, so just me, the boss, and one other guy. No real direction, kinda trial by fire.)

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I'm handing my notice in tomorrow best feeling ever!!!!!

    • profile image

      FedUp&Hurt 5 years ago

      These stories are all very heartbreaking as I am going through some of the same things pretty much ever since I started working at my present job. I am 25 and working in a very small office of people who are all over the age of 50. There is one woman in particular that has been trying to hurt me since day one. I remember coming in for an interview and her looking at me with the worst look of hate and talking about me under her breathe. I ignored that and took the job because why give up a potentially great job for someone who doesn't even know me and is so quick to pass judgement. I have been here a year now and I can say I have done all I can to try and be friendly towards her and everyone else. No one else has any issues with me, just her. She criticizes me for everything from my handwriting (which is actually very legible even though I am a lefty), to the way I cut my hair, to the clothes and accessories I wear, to how I do my job (which is very well and efficient and completely unlike her), the way I speak, if I am quiet some days she calls me weird and says I have issues, when I feel upbeat she says things like "What has gotten into this one? Who does she think she is?". It's all very hurtful. Even when I am sick she never believes me and always makes fun of my situation to my face once I come back to work. I don't have health insurance and she knows that, yet she always asks how come I don't go see a doctor and get better already. I had tried once before to talk to her and make peace in a professional manner. She accepted but continued with her harassment. I never went to my boss because I didn't want to be the bad one trying to start trouble with someone who has been in this company since day one. A few days ago a huge fight broke out in the office because she started screaming at me for being a few minutes late. That was the breaking point. I told her off. Then we both got called into my boss' office on separate occasions to try and resolve the issues. I agreed to be the better person and apologize first. All she did was ask my boss to get rid of me. I did apologize to her and she screamed at me again and said she will never accept it or talk to me again. I asked her to be civil so that we can work together in a peaceful atmosphere but she wouldn't have it. Now my boss is actually considering firing me because he obviously prefers her over me in terms of seniority. I do like my job, my boss, and everyone I work with with the exception of her. She has been the only reason I have felt the need to just walk out and never come back. I started looking and applying to other jobs in hopes that I will get a call-back and be able to say goodbye to this miserable woman. I dread coming in when she is here (everyday unless she takes a day off.) When she isn't here my workload automatically feels lighter, my spirits are higher, and I generally feel happier. I never knew that one horrible person could ruin an entire work experience. I am very sad at this point to leave my job, but I do not want to get fired because of her. I am torn apart and don't really know what else to do but quit. I need some words of encouragement and advice. Someone please help me out.

    • profile image

      Thethere'snothingtodojob 5 years ago

      I think that 9/10 of the jobs in the economy suck my soul out and leave me with a meaningless meek existence whereby I go to my grave never having lived a creative, happy life. Some idiot thinks that I should take up roofing, ooooh doesn't that sound like fun! (the last carpentry-like job I had paid only $6.00/hr.) I don't even have a car or any tools how am I supposed to be a roofer? And the fact that that's my only prospect is in and of itself telling of the absurdity we live in today. Gosh if I could I think I would be a street musician. But I think with that I would make just enough to buy a pack of cigarettes.

    • profile image

      my 1st week, kimberly 5 years ago

      Dear Fed up and Hurt,

      I hope you are keeping a log of dates and comments of what she has said to you. If this continues, you should contact the EEOC The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and file a complaint if you are fired.

      You did the right thing in avoiding her. However, the argument of yelling did not due you any justice. I would go to work and feel sorry for her, she must be having a terrible life and needs to vent at someone.

      Have a meeting with your boss and explain to her or him the situation and that you will not tolerate any form of intimidation or harassment of her. However, you love your job and do not want to be fired, but if you are fired. You would have to seek legal advice regarding her comments and suggestion, including the violent yelling at you in front of colleagues.

      I went through the same thing with a physician assistant at a medical practice from the very first day. I went to the EEOC and now the company has to pay me for the sick days due to the panic attacks and including the company has to post on the employee board what has happened regarding the EEOC. I also received the 3-day pay that I missed due to the illness of this man. The EEOC is filing charges regarding the statements from this person saying I am dyslexic and slow.

      So, I do understand how you feel. You are the better person in this situation and don’t lower yourself to her standards. Go to work and put on the smiling face and if she does say anything to you. Tell her if she continues then you will have to seek legal advice. Tell her that when no one is around to hear you. She will not have a witness to back her up.

      Explain to her that you are a professional and you do not have to tolerate any violent out burst or intimidation from any one. Good Luck… Keep Positive!

    • profile image

      Dunsie 5 years ago

      I walked out from my job yesterday after almost 6.5 years!! Now I have no money and I am not getting this month's pay check! I was practically dying on the dire amount of workload and kept getting panic attacks. Should have left many years ago but the anxiety and stress that built up over the years was the last straw. I was a top notch PA working for a financial advisor. My ex boss is an absolute jerk, he paid me a really good salary BUT he never allowed me any time to focus on MY work, I even had to reply to the emails HE got from HIS clients. He would interrupt me, call me into his office or phone me about 100 a day! No I am no joking! I would even get 2-3 voicemails if I visit the ladies room or pick up stuff from the shared office printer. He’s insane! One time he called me at 8pm – I was at a party and he wanted me to go home and find something on the internet for him, he's so incapabble of doing things on his own. He even needs me to put a piece of paper into his draw in his desk! Me and my ex colleague (she's left 2 years ago) spent 2 hours one morning on a presentation for a client and when we finished he told us he changed his mind and didn't need it anymore!!! All his previous assistants left after a few months, I still can't understand why I stayed so long, it must have been the incredible pay but I only just realised my health and my sanity comes first. Screw the money, I'll just eat bread and water for a few months until I land myself a much better job. I AM SO ELATED RIGHT NOW AND I CAN BREATHE...............

      So you guys out there who are thinking of leaving just GO and let destiny bring happiness back into your life!

    • profile image

      HopingforTHEjob 5 years ago


      I always say that a boss can make or break your job. No money in the world is worth having anxiety attacks over. It seems like your boss is extremely high maintenance and until he hires the employee who will NOT be at his beckon call 24/7, yet performs her tasks well during working hours, this little privilege bully will continue to treat his employees like dirt.

      The market is getting better, fix up your resume, start networking and never loose faith. God wont leave you high and dry,,,,, trust me (been there done that - walked out when I had zero savings!) and I'm still standing. :-).

      You'll be fine!

    • profile image

      Viv 5 years ago

      Ever since i joined my company 8 months ago its been a day@work full of stress, excess workload n poor pay! I come from a country where getting a job is imposible and in a way a miracle and after years of job searchng i got a job n thought that was the end of my stress, bt no its not, its so stressing, i got sick just because of stress. Im definetly handing in my resignation next week, il be jobless in a place where jobs are got in order of who do you know, but i trust that, I know God will help me get another job but the thought of starting over again is demental. No matter how hard times get, dont stay on a job thats pushing you to a sick reck!, so long as we are alive and healthy we can make it..

    • profile image

      slapmesilly 5 years ago

      I too have the privilege of working for douche bags at this very moment:) after ten good years the company i work for has been sold and "Re-structured" ahem! i work in manufacturing and am very good at what i do, some would say amazing lol! but seriously i used to enjoy going to work until they shut that part of the company off. Not because it wasn't making any money but simply because it was cheaper making these products somewhere else.. i was upset at first (naturally) but as the months went by and now that im a circus monkey in another part of the business it made me laugh to hear that, that overseas company just can't do what we did to replicate the quality in what we have produced Haha! now our client wants to sue for lost productivity lolol! although i must admit i do not enjoy the indentured labor i now endure;) but i can't help but scream inside IN YOUR FACE BIATCH LMFAO! ahh! i am still thankful that i do have a job and the second job is yet to be desired but im getting a pretty good deal for it. and now im just on the look out for something new to learn and earn from. what i have realised for myself is that no matter how dark it may get, keep searching for that light in the darkness and have faith that what you hope for comes to be! so take a deep breath and have a crap lol! but most of all my friends find something that does not detach you from your happiness!! Good luck and God bless;)

    • profile image

      Cher 5 years ago

      I have been in the same company for 11 years. I have taken a position that I hate just for 1 year to cover another persons maternity. I would like to go back to my previous position. I have only been covering for 2 months,but the boss is sending me for more training and is forcing my hand to do so.

    • profile image

      Trapped101 5 years ago

      I recently started a new job and thought it would be great because it was good hours and slightly more pay than the one I left. Since being there my confidence has nose dived, I finish work on Friday afternoons for the weekend and dread the thought of Monday, I am anxious to the point I shake and stutter when I have to talk to someone. I am so afraid of making mistakes because I feel my job is in jeopardy. I got very upset at work due to everything getting too much and rather than showing sympathy I was warned I could lose my job. My boss ignores me entirely yet talks to colleagues. If anyone else makes a mistake she is quite reasonable. If I make a mistake I am looked at and spoken to like I'm stupid. I suffer with social anxiety but my job makes it a thousand times worse. Don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      donna lopez 5 years ago

      am working for a good boss but since a problem in the family arose, my boss has changed, seldom goes to work and off late i lost some benefits i used to get feigning better benefits . still got increase though . Is this a sign of letting go,

    • profile image

      Neicy 5 years ago

      Oh my god I see myself in some many of the articles. I have hated my job for years, if you have a problem their you cant go to management because they are in on yrs ago I had a supervisor that was best friends maybe even a relative of HR lotta good it did me when I had a problem with her they are both gone now but I still have problems. THe reason I havent quit by now is my husband doesnt make that much money so I stayed and I suffered but now Im feeling like I cant take much more, I really feel like Im going to have a stroke, the last straw for me was something very personal happenend in my life that got to the job somehow involving one of my relatives, do I know where it got started from yes I do, but the worse part is everytime I had to be out as a result of this everybody knew my every move I dont like that, even the supervisor was in on it. I stopped scheduling my days off just randolmly called out, didnt matter they still knew my business. And to those wondering did I trust someone an accidently tell, no not at all, I beleive it was some kind of report for my county that comes out periodically or a police officer related to a person at my job or something to that effect but it went viral, for a person that tries to remain so private that pissed me off that people get some much joy out of other peoples pain

    • profile image

      Marisa 5 years ago

      I would like to add to the list if you have slept with or made out with a coworker or boss it is also time to move on ;o

    • profile image

      Marisa 5 years ago

      Also, unfortunately I can say yes to more than half the items on the list. I was unemployed for 3 years and then got this job that wasn't my dream job, but I would have taken almost any job at this time. The job pays pretty good, and I do have healthcare benefits which I really need due to preexisting conditions. Now all these issues is coming up at work (items 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10). Poor me! ;)

    • profile image

      Marisa 5 years ago

      I thought everyone felt like this at work (at least at times) but this article has made me wonder..

    • profile image

      Audriana 5 years ago

      I'm currently working for IHG (Holiday Inn) at the reservations office, basically a call center. It is my first full time job (I'm 21 by the way). When I got hired everyone in upper management said that there was so much promise for growth. I've been working here for 2 years and have applied for several positions within the center to try to grow my career. I've been shot down for all of the positions that I have applied for and the employees that got those positions weren't anymore qualified than myself. I decided that I would just do the job that I have and to it to the best of my ability. I've gotten better stats at work and improved my ranking in the center however no promotions. My manager tells me if you apply for more positions then you wouldn't have being operating the phones this long. I just want to slap her for telling me that because I have applied for all the jobs that I'm qualified to do. My job has no freedom, I have to maintain a certain percentage of compliance, meaning I have to super glue my behind to the seat if I want to get my commission. I HATE my job!!! I have applied to other jobs in my area hopefully I'll get one of those. But even without a job offer in the near future, I'm still putting in my two week notice.

    • profile image

      hermes birkin 5 years ago

      can you give us some tips on how you did to make your blog so popular?I find the website-- hermes birkin is so wonderful

    • profile image

      me 4 years ago

      I feel like I need to quit my job. It's only part time (my first job aged 20) but I hate every minute I'm there. I don't feel I use my brain at all, the managers are useless and I feel that whenever they need staff to cover they come straight to me (they used to just rota me in without asking.) If I'm asked to work extra I fall into the "say's only 2 more hours..or only 1 whole day" and I regret that every single time. I decided I didn't like it there on day 1. I'm still there 8 months later. I want to leave but don't feel I can until I have another job to go to (which is proving hard to get).

    • profile image

      sabrina 4 years ago

      There's this guy at my job and something is a little off about him mentally. He is so weird and stares and to be honest he grosses me out. There are 5 employees in the place i work we are forced to share a bathroom with him the bathroom is 10 ft away from my desk and everyone can hear him take an explosive diarrhea crap at least 2 times a day. He is so disgusting he leaves crap splaters in the toilet and sometimes there is some on the floor i can not go into the bathroom it is very disgusting i have to hold it all day from 9-5 or in extreme cases i have to put atleast 3 seat covers on the toilet. This makes me feel so uncomfortable I can not even feel safe at work he is beyond disgusting the other girls in the office do not even feel safe staying in the office bythemselves with him. I got a uti from holding it in for so long. What can I do about this?

    • carozy profile image

      carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Excellent article. You should be careful about spammy comments.

    • liesl5858 profile image

      Linda Bryen 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      What an interesting hub, good job. Voted up and shared.

    • profile image

      Amethyst 3 years ago

      What do you do when you have over half these signs, but can't quit because you're getting back to school money from the company? I have had a couple of interviews for other jobs within the company and not much luck. Can't afford to move, either.

      Used to love my job but due to office politics, our old dept. was dissolved, my old manager took another job in the company, and the new manager is the micromanager from hell. The manager will not listen to any of us. He plays so many office politics, he is too well-protected. None of us who were in the old dept. like the new dept. or him.

    • profile image

      Eric 2 years ago

      Interesting article..Here's my situation. I get paid well. My job sucks. I can't quit because I have no other skills that would allow me to get a job that pays as well. My kids and wife are happy where we live,which is BFE!,and they don't want to move. I can afford my mortgage now but moving would not only make me have to buy a crap house in some crap neighborhood with a huge crappy new mortgage but I would also have to somehow try to sell my current home. I am totally screwed! I drink heavily now and have picked up smoking...again! And if that isn't enough, I have tried every antidepressant on the market. Seriously. You name it, I have tried it. NO PILL can make you love your job! Period! Now you tell me,what are my options! Zero. Just 13 more years of B.S. If this author was able to make a move then God bless her. She is one of the lucky ones. I believe that my story could be written by millions of others. I am not alone and yes I drank lots of alcohol before I wrote this!

    • profile image

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    • profile image

      Mike 2 years ago

      You know, sometimes, its not always the job or the coworkers who cause us to be stressed out. Sometimes its the boss. I mean, let's face it. There are people who work as managers, or supervisors, (personally I don't really see the difference between the two), but there are some people who have no business in that type of position. They abuse their power and make employees want to just throw in the towel and quit. Why? because some people don't know how to, or just can't manage people. As to showing emotion at work, hey, we're humans. It's a natural emotion to act that way when we're stressed. At least for some people. I'm not saying you should go overboard and take it out on everyone in the office, no, don't do that. All I'm trying to say is, if the job starts to get you down, maybe you should leave and look into the possibility of working for yourself. Working under the iron fist of Corporate America is certainly not for everyone. Yes, you do have to work and earn a living, but there's no law that says that we have to work for a boss.

    • profile image

      ejj 2 years ago

      I have two horrible superiors at work and I can relate to this post so badly. This is not the first time I have felt like this in a job and I am sick of it. If I didn't need the money I would have already quit. I have been crying and disruptive at work, arguing particularly with my management. I feel foolish but justified and sometimes wish they would just shoot me down but it never happens. I am sick of moving from job to job and feeling like a loser. I am a competent and intelligent person but I feel like I am going crazy.

    • profile image

      Leftandhappy 11 months ago

      To be honest, I have left my old job since the manager who was doing a great job found something better and had to leave the project. My SV since then, turned into a complete arrogant and smug person. People with very little experience were advanced in TS positions, work performance was done if you were a nose brown, abide to anything she said. The environment turned into something so negative that people were stressed to the point of not being able to remain calm at any point. Mistakes were done due to being overly tired, stressed and pressured. My colleagues started to be divided, there were a lot of backstabbing, lies etc To top it off, the SV made a huge mistake that almost costs us our jobs. She is so arrogant that couldn't even recognize and apologise for this mistake that almost left 80 people jobless. She just required to everyone doing extra hours , in order for the situation to be remedied it and lied saying it's a backlog in the work. Only very few of us, realized what happened, the rest were like a herd abiding blindly to what she ordered. I decided I had enough, when my monthly performance was downgraded so low that endangered my position. I went and spoke to her directly, and she stared me in the eyes lying to me saying I'm wrong,smiling at me like nothing is wrong. How can I be wrong, when I have more experience than you in the field?

      I took the matter in my own hands, and required assistance from two other SV's who agreed with me. Of course she found out, and started witch hunting me, setting me up for failure, stating that due to my performance she's considering if I am good enough for this job or not. I had thought about leaving the job, long before all that happened and applied for a new position for a whole 2 months now. All the recent events, made me realize my gut feeling was right and I had to get out as fast as I could. Luckily, I received an approval for a new job. And just like in the article, I felt sad that I was leaving, spending 3 years of my life there, meeting some great people but who also eventually left. At my new job, even if the schedule is a bit tough, even if I make 2 hours to get to work, I feel calm, happy. That's how I realized, there's no point in staying at a job just for the people, the ones who cares will keep in touch.

    • profile image

      khioko23 10 months ago

      I had two jobs before and after I graduated from college. The first job that I had, I worked as an ESL educator-trainee to Korean students. I cried on the second day when I was going home from work for no reason at all. I just kept crying and crying so my parents told me to quit my job and so I did that the next day. And the second job was when I was a sales associate in a hotel. My former job was very far from what I learned in college since I took International studies as my course. My mom got me that job since she's friends with the officers there and I just agreed to it because it made my mom and dad happy. I had a hard time adjusting, I'm always bored and feeling sad since the people who were supposed to train me weren't even around so I was always stuck in the office with no one to talk to. Then one day, when I just finished texting my friend, I looked to the clock in the room then I just started crying again for no reason. I immediately went to the locker room and locked myself there to keep myself calm. Then I called my mom to come pick me up at the hotel since I'm not feeling good anymore. After that my parents and I decided that I quit my job there since that was the second time it happened. I realized that I have to stop letting the negative thoughts and opinions of my coworkers influence me because it affects my mental and emotional state big time. So now I'm currently working as a home-based tutor. I'm doing what I like without the worry of some negative coworkers surrounding me and my job keeps me happy.

    • profile image

      Nikijoe9 10 months ago

      I was approached by the director of my current Company to see if I was available for work (I contract) The job he was offering was PA and office manager as well as looking after HR (they have an HR consultant). The job is just what I'm after at the moment and everyone is lovely here. The but is the bosses wife and here friend that she has just got a job for within the Company. The friend is hopeless at her job and has made numerous mistakes and isn't well liked by other member of Company at all her manner is awful. The bosses wife is having secret HR meetings with the HR consultant and she also keeps telling me to do things that I know aren't right but it's her way or no way. This is only a very small company and she has visions of grandeur and it's just not working things are impossible. The friend has recently decided to just work when ever and it would appear that this is OK because she is the bosses friend. It doesn't seem to matter that I am the office manager and I don't know what is going on in my own office. I know you must think speak to your boss, but his wife very much wears the trousers and that isn't an option

    • profile image

      joseph 10 months ago



    • profile image

      Isaac ssembatya 10 months ago

      i have worked with bosses for five years. my bosses act as facilitators because they do not working permits, but they perform my responsibilities. something that make uncomfortable to the extent feeling that my be am not proactive but iam, they are good at listening to rumours and belive in them. fun enough they have decided to sponsor me for my master's degree what does that indicates and now i have been residing at place of work with my co-workers but what they decided is to make me stay out of place of work. Is it that they are sending away indirectly or they are tired of me ? for any advise i will be very greatful

    • profile image

      John 10 months ago

      I was at a job for five years and was treated like dirt. I was ran down by a co-worker and the manager liked him, so he joined in and ran me down to despite me being in the right. Many times, the work environment all comes down to who is the best buttkisser and skill goes out the window. The job itself was very stressful, and the fact that the workplace became hostile only added to it...i ended up quitting that job, though i hated it soon after i began working there. Im mad at myself for staying there for five years in a job that didnt appreciate me or my time. All I can add is that for anyone who truely hates their job, its best to find another job first but if you cant and can afford to do so...Either quit OR suck it up and take a deep breath and fight back. If you get fired you can file for unemployment atleast. But staying in a nasty atmosphere just drains energy from YOU and gives it to whoever is causing you grief.

    • profile image

      stressedout 9 months ago

      I have been working in the same company for over 15 years. I have gone through many changes at this company, many changes in management..some good some bad. I have thought of quitting a few times but things turned around. I love the team I work with. A little over a year ago we got a new upper manager. Since then things have gone completely downhill. This person takes every opportunity to make you feel stupid. They say one thing and then when you attempt to do what they asked they tell you that is not what they told you. sometimes this person will totally contradict themselves. you are set up to fail. getting reprimanded and belittled in front of your peers has a horrible impact on your self esteem. I have started looking but haven't found anything I want yet. I hate to leave my pension plan and benefits because of this one person but have started having health issues and crying on the way home and dreading having to return to this job each day is no way to live.

    • profile image

      DukeChestnut 8 months ago

      I have two part time jobs, one I do from home, the other is a tutoring gig at Sylvan. I absolutely hate the Sylvan job. The kids are fine but the pay is a joke, the hours are lame and I can't stand my boss. I've looked on and off for a different part time job but I can't find much that suits my career goals. I totally understand how some of the other posters feel - there are so many times I wish I could just walk in and give my two weeks notice but the small pittance I earn feels like the only way I can get any money. Ack. So frustrating.

    • profile image

      Thandeka 8 months ago

      I have been working at his job for more than five years now. and my bosses had no complaints. I got a new supervisor a month before I went on maternity leave. Before I left we got a recommendation from some1 from an external laboratory who came to give training and some advice that I should be made senior technician, my supervisor then said that she will make me senior technician when I got back from maternity leave. When I got back from maternity leave I was told that I had to compete with my junior for the senior tech post, so we were going to take turns as the senior tech and she would then decide who she gives the post to. She started giving training to the other guy, but when my turn came she said she has to go on maternity leave then after that she will train me. Now she's back from maternity leave she want to permanently place the other guy as a senior tech without having given me a chance to prove my self. I have more experience than this guy ( 5 years and he has 1 year ) I am more educated than him, and I taught him all the ropes of the job. Now all I want to do is quit I just hate my job. the only reason I am still here is that I have financial problems, I have kids, I am a single parent and I have bills to pay.

    • profile image

      SJ76 8 months ago

      I can't stand my job, its too boring, I was hired on as an IT Intern, and no one is teaching me anything, what a joke this job turned out to be, never again will I accept such a low pay job, regardless of the times. I was happier driving for Lyft, at least I had my own schedule and could sleep in if I needed.

    • profile image

      8 months ago

      Totally agree know when to give up. I was like a dog with a bone came across conflict didn't deal with it asked to be moved but aren't any happier as I never resolved the situation. I ran from it instead too many negative thoughts became so miserable and the worst of it, is I never took a new job opportunity so feeling stuck again. To Eric you need to watch out you don't flip out I totally did, not thinking of the mortgage etc. Feel like I have gone crazy over my job and should have jumped ship no idea why I didn't maybe fear but can assure you staying is probably worse as I feel like I am dying everyday. In my heart I know I need a change and not doing the job justice.

    • profile image

      half life 7 months ago

      I just dont see the point.The slave and master bullshit is alive and well - only you get a few pennies for the daily 10 or 11 hours of crap you endure every day. Jump through hoops to impress a suit for money which isnt enough to survive on, just to impress another suit for a stupid house with 5 fiths of NOTHING for yourself. Who's bloody life is this!?

    • profile image

      Barbara 7 months ago

      I love the part about "go find a higher paying job." If I could find a higher paying job that easily, do you think I'd be working in this hell-hole?

    • profile image

      prettypenny22 4 months ago

      Hello. I am a first time blogger. I have been at the same company for 27 years and in the same office position for 18 years. I have shared the same position with 1 coworker for the last 18 yrs as well. I hate my job and everyday I scream in my car as I drive away. Not the job per say as much as the office politics and bullshit. I know now at age 53 if I had just went to school for an education I would not hate my life so bad. Everyday I come home and look for a job online that would pay equivalent but I know it is impossible. I am only talking about the 50K range but without the education nothing will match. I am so depressed. My coworker is a horrible human being most days. I have always taken the high road and the final knife in my back happened yesterday when she received employee of the month for doing the same job as me. If it had come from my boss I would have been okay with that but it was from another supervisor who is not even involved with our team. I am so damn angry over the favoritism. I cant get past my anger.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 4 weeks ago

      Unless if you are deaf, It's much harder than you think to have a job. If managers don't care about you, like managers don't talk to you or check on you but tell you to have to get a job done before deadline. Also managers don't provide you more training to learn new skills but just do one position on a job, nothing else to do something else.. That is so bad.. Quit your job and go home and collect government check every month and you will never get rich or able to go on vacation at all. Stay home and watch TV till you die. Life is doomed.

    • profile image

      Jim 11 days ago

      I am currently in a job that cares for the elderly and I am 63 yrs old ! I am finding that I get very little support to carry out my duties and I am being agitated to look bad in the eys of my superiors who I feel are behind it as they do not give me any time to talk to them about it ?

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