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6 Interview-Landing Notion Resume Templates

I'm obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you organise your life. I share my tips on how to get even more out of it.


There are a whole host of benefits that Notion brings over a traditional resume. For instance, it is indexable in search engines, so potential employers can actually find you, especially if you tailor the page to actually get found for a specific keyword in the line of work you carry out.

You can, of course, then use that link to share with whoever you are applying for a job with, and they can share it with their colleagues as well. Plus, through tracking and analytics, you will be able to see in real-time your resume getting reviewed.

The nature of Notion ensures that your resume template will come across neat and clean with a responsive layout as well; whether they are on their computer, iPad or even mobile, you know that Notion will do your resume justice. Plus, you will be able to richly embed content and work you have done previously in a nice-to-view format. These are just some of the reasons that allow you to stand out from other applicants when applying for a job on Notion.

So let's take a look at the different Notion resume templates below for you to work from and modify to how you see fit. Here we are going to review the following:

  1. Digital Resume
  2. Interactive Digital Resume
  3. Resume
  4. Online CV
  5. Notion CV
  6. Coolest Resume CV

1. Digital Resume

For those who want to come across as a bit more creative with their Notion resume template, I definitely have to point you in the direction of the "Digital Resume" by The Notion Bar (you can find the template on their site).

It's a beautifully designed and simple layout with minimalist touches that helps bring what can often be quite bland Notion pages to life. It has dedicated sections to all the user different aspects you would expect from education, work experience as well as skills and projects that you have worked on.

The viewer can jump around the different areas to see what you have been doing. Of course, with it being Notion as well you can easily edit the resume to your own specific details.

2. Interactive Digital Resume

This is one of my favourite resume templates in Notion; you can find the video below that actually talks you through it. Plus, there's an accompanying blog post that you can find on Maray AI; just search for "How to Create an Awesome Digital Resume in Notion" there, and you will find the template that you need as well that you can download pretty simply.

On first look, you should be able to see that the resume is nice and clean and breaks your page up into clear sections where you can see the Bio that includes social links as well as their own website, what they do currently and an opening personal statement.

From there, you can see the education section with the respective achievements achieved, the varying projects that have been carried out, and the overall professional experience that has led to where you are now. Another section that I think is unique is the Articles section allowing you to demonstrate your expertise, especially if you were able to land these articles on well-respected publications.

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Finally, you have the range of software as well as languages that you can speak. Overall, you can see it is a well-thought-out and consequently laid-out resume that places the most valuable information at the top; it's specific and overall minimalist, giving the resume viewer exactly what they need.

3. Resume

This is a great basic free Notion resume template which you can find on the Notion website under their templates section. If you simply search for "Resume", you can see a basic set-up here that offers you everything you need from a foundational perspective, from your contact information to your work experience, education and much more.

It's certainly worth taking a look and having a bit of a play about with it so you can at least start to get a feel of what it is like to produce a resume on Notion.

4. Online CV

The main idea behind the "Online CV" that you can find on Red Gregory with the accompanying blog post of "Free Notion Template Online CV (Database and Non-Database) is a landing page with an overall sleek user interface. The primary goal of the template is to ensure that you have a base template to work from with the following different sections:

  • Work experience
  • Educational background
  • Languages
  • Skills
  • External links

From there, you can see that it is fully laid out with a star system to rate skills, and from that post, you can copy and paste it to where you would like. There is also more of a database perspective that is allocated into tables.

5. Notion CV

Notion CV is actually a little different from all the templates listed as it is actually a website in itself that has a host of different templates you can select from. Where you can "turn your boring CV into an impressive, professional website".

Simply take a look at the different templates that you like the look of, choose your favourite, then duplicate the template and then get to work on making it work for you.

6. Coolest Resume CV

This is a CV that offers a certain level of aesthetic design and can be easily viewed all at once, with your work experience and education immediately available. The benefit of going with this option is that you also get a Notion style Avatar generated as well of yourself that you can include in your resume.

To find it, simply head over to Notion Everything and then look for the "Coolest Resume CV", then you will see it produced with the tagline of "A simple Notion template for the cool kids". From there, you can just go right ahead and duplicate the resume template.

Notion Is a Great Tool for Updating Your Resume or CV

Of course, make sure to let us know if there are any other Notion resume and CV templates out there that we should be checking out. Get in touch with us in the comments section below, and we will be sure to list them in the list above if we like them enough. Also, if you have any unique experiences with regards to Notion resume templates, we would love to hear them too.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Russel Garret

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