How to Stockpile Products When You Don't Have Space

Updated on April 28, 2020
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I take bargain hunting seriously. Here are the things I've learned about how to make room for storing all those deals I couldn't pass up.

Whether you need space to stockpile items because you want to maximize coupon deals and save money or are building an emergency food supply the issue for most people is space. If you don't have a dedicated garage space or extra bedroom you can use these ten tips and tricks to get more storage out of the space you have already.

1. Have a Dedicated Space

One of the best tips to finding more space is to be committed, and dedicate a space for stockpiling. A great place to find that space is in the laundry room or linen closet. Organize and dedicate a space to stockpiling laundry and bathroom items.

If you don't have either of those spaces or they are just too small consider an over the toilet organizer shelf and use that as stockpiling space.

2. Install Storage Bins Under Sinks

Under the sinks are typically underutilized spaces and can be a great space for stockpiling items. Head over to the dollar store for some storage bins and stack them under the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen and you will be amazed at how much you can stockpile in that space.

This is a great way to keep organized and utilize space most of us forget or use as a catch-all but with smart stacking and a little planning you can double or triple the amount of products you can stockpile.

3. Label Things to Avoid Chaos

Get yourself a good label maker and label everything to avoid chaos and clutter. Put labels on storage bins to keep stockpiles organized and easier to find what you need. It took me some time to actually believe that labelling was important but it saves you a lot of time.

When your bins and boxes are labelled you can easily find the right bin or box without hunting for the product and I have found that it is also easier for others to help me put away purchased items because it is clear where they need to be stored. Labels are also great for kitchen and pantry containers and storage bins.

I use the label maker from Dymo linked below and have loved using it as an easy to use and is a reliable label maker that doesn't cost a lot either.

4. Use Chains & Clips to Hang Things

Those bags of chips and other bagged snack foods can take up a lot of valuable shelf space so instead grab some inexpensive plastic chain from the home store and add some curtain clips or other clips you can find at the home store and create a chip chain.

Hang these chains of snacks and you will be shocked at how much space you just cleared up on the shelves and you will also easily see what snacks you have on hand. This is a great way for kids, both big and small, to find the snack they want without rummaging around in the pantry.

5. Use Pegboards and Hooks

This is one of my favorite ways to save space and stay organized! Attach pegboards to walls or even the back of doors and then add hooks and/or baskets to store items. This is a great way to keep track of your items and it saves a ton of space as well.

Pegboard is easily available at the home store and the hooks and baskets are easy to find as well and when you can hang all those items it keeps your stockpile organized, neat and easy to find what you need.

6. Organize Cans Strategially (Here Are Two Smart Ways)

Canned food and soups are a great item to stockpile but keeping them organized and not falling over can be a headache. There are two tricks that I use to help me stay organized and can easily find what I need without a long search.

The first trick is to strategically place stacked cans. I use 3 high in the back row, 2 high in the middle and 1 in the front. This way I can easily find what I need (always store with labels forward!) and know how many I have left in the pantry.

The next trick I use is to recycle soda boxes as storage. You can make them look nice by covering them to coordinate with your kitchen or just leave them the way they are, but these are a great way to store cans and a label or clip with tag on the front and you will know which box you need. This is an easy way to store a lot of cans without having to worry about a potential can avalanche occurring!

7. Store Items Without Their Bulky Packaging

Whenever you have items that are individually packaged you can save a lot of space by removing them from the outer packaging. You can easily store these items in bins or boxes and fit a lot more in than you will with the outer box. This works especially well for hygiene products and razors for that under the sink storage bin and no surprises about how many of any item you have on hand.

8. Lay Boxes Instead of Standing

This is a simple trick to save more space in the pantry or shelf storage. Lay down boxed foods on their sides and stack. You will be able to fit a lot boxes this way than trying to stack standing up. This works for all boxed food items and with the label facing out you can stay neat and organized and find the box you need quickly. Give this idea a try and you will be surprised how much more you can fit on the same shelf!

9. Use Shoe Organizers!

This inexpensive organizer is a stable in my house. There may not be a door that doesn't have an organizer in the house! Of course they are great for shoes (and sock!) organizing but don't stop there these organizers are fantastic for freeing up a lot of space for stockpiling.

I use these pockets for envelopes of gravy and spice mixes as well as for gelatin, puddings, yeast envelopes, snack cups and fruit snacks. Almost anything small enough to fit I store in these pockets in the kitchen. This is also a great way to add storage in the bathroom with pockets for everything you need in easy view and quick to grab.

Buy a few extra you will surprise yourself with all the creative ways you can use these organizers!

10. Store Things Under the bed

The space under the bed (or beds) is often a forgotten space that can be great for stockpiling storage. You can buy, or re-purpose cardboard boxes, to create organized storage under the bed. This is a great place for soaps, cleaners, body washes and shampoos. Just be sure to label the boxes and you will be able to stay organized and have that extra space you need.

Organization is the real key to making room to stockpile foods and household essentials. The peace of mind knowing that you have that food stockpile is a great feeling and making the space for that is important. Take a little time and rethink your current use of space and see how these tips and tricks could be used to help you get organized and make more space to stockpile.


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    • patchofearth profile image

      Rebecca Long 

      3 years ago from somewhere in the appalachian foothills

      These are really great tips. I'm going to have to keep them in mind.


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