10 Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

Updated on February 15, 2017

Don't Throw Away Those Dryer Sheets!

It was laundry day and I was buried under jeans, shirts, towels and sheets. If you have a big family, every day is laundry day and you eventually go through the motions like a robot. Stuff the clothes in the washer, add detergent, turn it on. Transfer the wet clothes to the dryer, add a dryer sheet, turn it on. Pull out the dry clothes, fish out the dryer sheet and throw away. Repeat.

Well, the other day I was gathering up the garbage because I could hear the garbage truck coming down the street and I didn't want to miss it. I grabbed the garbage in the laundry room and was about to dump it into my big bag when I paused. I fished out the used dryer sheets and smoothed them out. They still smelled like dryer sheets and weren't shredded or anything. Hmmmm. Bet I could come up with things to do with these to extend their lives and use them up completely before I discard them. Here's what I came up with:

1. Dust Rags. These actually make great dust rags, especially for electronics. They aren't wet, but they pick up the dust great. Since they are made to deter static, they de-static your tv or computer. It's amazing how well they pick up dust, and the used sheets don't have enough fabric softener on them to smear. I even thought if I had the time, I would sew them into pockets to slide over my "Swiffer" duster. Or make Swiffer-like dusters by tearing them into strips and sewing onto a pocket. Now, I haven't actually had the time to do it, but maybe someday!

2. Drawers. I have an old dresser and sometimes it is musty. Plus, our weather changes so rapidly around here I have tank tops and long sleeved t-shirts in the same drawer and sometimes don't wear them for a while. Slip a couple used dryer sheets under the bottom layer of clothes to keep the drawer smelling nice.

3. In the garbage can. Sometimes I don't change the garbage as often as I'd like. Putting a used dryer sheet inside the can under the liner will keep it smelling, perhaps a bit better? Hmmm. Don't know how effective this will be, but it's worth a shot.

4. As dryer sheets. In the past I have actually collected four or five dryer sheets as they come out of the laundry, and reused the four or five in one load. There's enough fabric softener left on them to dry another load. I probably wouldn't dry something that is super prone to static this way, but for tshirts and jeans, they work just fine. Might as well get as much use out of them as you can!

5. In a closet. Same as with the drawer, sometimes the closet smells musty. Put a slit in a used dryer sheet and loop over hangers here and there. Keeps the closet and your clothes smelling good!

6. Shoes. You can stuff a couple used dryer sheets inside your shoes to keep them a little less stinky. If you are really ambitious, fold a used dryer sheet in half and sew up two sides to create a pocket. Fill with 1/2 cup or so of plain kitty litter and sew shut. Keep these inside your shoes to absorb moisture and odors. I was telling my daughter this idea and she said, "But your feet won't fit, then." Take them out when you want to wear the shoes, dope.

7. In the linen closet. When I launder sheets, I always put the set of sheets inside one of the pillow cases so I they don't get lost or separated. I don't know, I like a neat and tidy linen closet. A used dryer sheet tucked inside with the sheets will keep them smelling laundry-day fresh until you put them on the bed!

8. Luggage. Throw a couple used dryer sheets inside your suitcase when you pack it away until your next trip. It will smell nice the next time you use it. Do the same with purses.

9. In the car. Tuck a few used dryer sheets inside pockets and here and there in your car. Maybe that sweaty football equipment won't stink up the car so bad. I think dryer sheets smell better than those "air fresheners" you hang from the rear-view mirror. Those are so strong they make my eyes water.

10. Deer and rabbit deterrent. Now, I've not actually tried this, but I have heard deer and rabbits don't like the smell of dryer sheets. I know they don't like human hair. You could make up pouches of hair whenever you get yours cut and put out in the garden to keep the beasties out. I'd be curious to hear from anyone if this actually works. I don't have deer in my garden, but someday I may live where I do and I want to be ready!

Think of new and unusual things to do with everday items before you throw them away. You never know what you can come up with that saves you money and a corner of a landfill!


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